Joint Finance Committee (JFC)

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is responsible for writing the annual appropriations and grant-in-aid acts. The JFC is made up of the 6 members of the House Appropriations Committee and the 6 members of the Senate Finance Committee.

The Committee meets jointly in February and March for public hearings on State agency budget requests. The Committee also meets in late May and June to prepare the actual bills for introduction.

Assisting the JFC is the Office of the Controller General.

Upcoming Meetings

February 20, 2018

Health & Social Services

10:30 Orientation
11:30 Administration
12:30 Visually Impaired
  1:00 State Service Center
  1:30 Aging & Adults w/Physical Disabilities

February 21, 2018

Health & Social Services

10:30 Orientation
11:30 Long Term Care
12:30 Public Health
  1:30 Social Services
  2:30 Medicaid & Medical Assistance

February 22, 2018

 Health & Social Services

10:00 Orientation
11:00 Developmental Disabilities Services
12:30 Public Speakers – Developmental Disabilities Services
  2:00 Child Support Enforcement
  3:00 Substance Abuse & Mental Health

Base Budget Review Summaries

CJIC release FINAL 3 22 17

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