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144th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 19 w/HA 1

Primary Sponsor: McDowell Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Blevins & Sen. Copeland & Sen. Simpson & Rep. Thornburg & Rep. Lofink & Rep. Hall-Long & Rep. Schooley & Rep. Kowalko
CoSponsors: Sens. Bunting, Sokola & Reps. Brady, Keeley, McWilliams, Plant, Spence & Valihura
Introduced on : 04/26/2007
Synopsis:This bill will amend existing law by increasing the required minimum percentage of electrical energy sales to Delaware end-use customers from renewable energy resources through the year 2019. This increase will bring Delaware’s renewable energy portfolio standard closer to those in nearby states, including New Jersey (which has a goal of 22.5% by 2021) and New York (which has a goal of 24% by 2013). This Bill will help protect Delaware’s consumers by transitioning the state towards homegrown energy sources that are more secure, less vulnerable to price fluctuations, and less damaging to the environment.
The bill also requires that between 2009 and 2019, the minimum percentage of sales from solar photovoltaics shall increase from 0.03% to 2%. The Bill also sets a solar annual compliance payment and allows it to be adjusted by the Delaware Energy Office at an amount higher than, but not more than 20% higher than, the estimated competitive market cost for purchasing RECs.
By increasing the renewable portfolio standard, creating a solar set-aside, and increasing the alternative compliance payment, Delaware citizens will be able to sell solar RECs, thus increasing the value of solar photovoltaics.

Current Status: Signed   On   07/24/2007
Volume Chapter76:165
Fiscal Note:
Not Required
Date Governor acted:07/24/2007
Full text of Legislation:
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Amendments: HA 1 to SB 19 - Passed
Committee Reports:
Senate Committee report 05/03/07 F=1 M=5 U=0----->Committee Report
House Committee Report 06/20/07 F=0 M=7 U=0---->Committee Report
Voting Reports:
Senate vote: () Passed 6/7/07 3:08:39 PM------->Voting Record
House vote: () Passed 7/1/07 1:32:15 AM------->Voting Record
Senate vote: () Passed 7/1/07 1:50:16 AM------->Voting Record
Engrossed Version:
Actions History:
Jul 24, 2007 - Signed by Governor
Jul 01, 2007 - Passed by Senate. Votes: 19 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 2 ABSENT
Jul 01, 2007 - Necessary rules are suspended in Senate
Jul 01, 2007 - Introduced in Senate
Jul 01, 2007 - Passed by House of Representatives. Votes: 40 YES 0 NO 1 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT
Jul 01, 2007 - Amendment HA 1 - Passed in House by Voice Vote
Jul 01, 2007 - Amendment HA 1 - Introduced in House
Jun 20, 2007 - Reported Out of Committee (ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES) in House with 7 On Its Merits
Jun 12, 2007 - Introduced and Assigned to Energy and Natural Resources Committee in House
Jun 07, 2007 - Passed by Senate. Votes: 19 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 2 ABSENT
May 03, 2007 - Reported Out of Committee (ENERGY & TRANSIT) in Senate with 1 Favorable, 5 On Its Merits
Apr 26, 2007 - Assigned to Energy & Transit Committee in Senate
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