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146th General Assembly
House Bill # 58

Primary Sponsor: Keeley Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Kowalko & Rep. Gilligan & Rep. Ramone & Rep. Briggs King & Sen. Hall-Long
CoSponsors: Reps. Blakey, Bolden, Brady, Heffernan, Hocker, Jaques, Kenton, Longhurst, Miro, Mitchell, Mulrooney, Peterman, Schooley, B. Short, D. Short, Wilson; Sens. Booth, Ennis, McDowell, Sokola
Introduced on : 03/23/2011
Synopsis:This Bill regulates conduct related to foreclosures in Delaware.

Section 1 establishes the Automatic Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program in order to ensure homeowners have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with lender representatives and mediate both retention and non-retention options before a judgment is entered or a sheriff’s sale occurs. This Section codifies an expanded version of the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program currently run by the Superior Court under its Administrative Directive 2011-2, as first established under the Superior Court’s Administrative Directive 2009-3. The Automatic Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program established by Section 1 expands access to mediation to all homeowners of owner-occupied residential one-to-four family properties and eliminates financial qualification rules set forth in the existing mediation program. This will ensure that mediation can bring all homeowners facing foreclosure on their residence together in face-to-face meetings with representatives of their lender to address not just possible loan modifications, but other mutually agreeable resolutions short of a sheriff’s sale. Section 1 also requires that plaintiffs pay a court-determined mediation fee in foreclosure actions for which mediation will occur; this fee is to be set by the court in an amount to defray the costs of the mediation program.

Section 2 sets out certain requirements for the filing of a complaint or summons in a mortgage foreclosure action, including that the filing be accompanied by certain documentation related to the notices. Section 2 also extends the period for a defendant to file an answer in mortgage foreclosure actions that are subject to the mediation program established under Section 1 until the date of any scheduled mediation conference.

Section 3 is a technical amendment to Title 10.
Current Status: Substituted   On   05/03/2011
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Fiscal Notes/Fee Impact:Not Required
Amendments: HA 1 to HB 58 - PWB
HA 2 to HB 58 - PWB
Substituted Legislation for Bill :
Substitute bill ------->Substitutes
Committee Reports:
House Committee Report 04/13/11 F=0 M=10 U=0---->Committee Report
Actions History:
Sep 21, 2011 - Signed by Governor
Jun 30, 2011 - HS 1 for HB 58 - Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 20 YES 1 NO 0 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 15, 2011 - HS 1 FOR HB 58 - Reported Out of Committee (BANKING) in Senate with 4 On Its Merits
May 31, 2011 - HS 1 for HB 58 - Assigned to Banking Committee in Senate
May 10, 2011 - HS 1 for HB 58 - Passed by House of Representatives. Votes: Passed 40 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 1 ABSENT 0 VACANT
May 04, 2011 - HS 1 for HB 58 - Reported Out of Committee (JUDICIARY) in House with 7 On Its Merits
May 03, 2011 - HS 1 for HB 58 - Assigned to Judiciary
May 03, 2011 - Substituted by HS 1 for HB 58
Apr 13, 2011 - Reported Out of Committee (JUDICIARY) in House with 10 On Its Merits
Apr 13, 2011 - Amendment HA 2 - Introduced and Placed With Bill
Apr 13, 2011 - Amendment HA 1 - Introduced and Placed With Bill
Mar 23, 2011 - Introduced and Assigned to Judiciary Committee in House
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