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144th General Assembly
House Bill # 377 w/HA 1 + SA 1

Primary Sponsor: Maier Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Henry
CoSponsors: Reps. Spence, Hudson, Lavelle, Wagner, Kowalko; Sens. Copeland, Simpson
Introduced on : 04/23/2008
Synopsis:This Bill provides for the licensing of professional acupuncturists in the State of Delaware. The purpose of this Bill is to protect the public and provide a defined scope of practice for those individuals qualified to practice as licensed acupuncture practitioners. The Bill sets out the standards that are needed to become a Licensed Acupuncturist and establishes an Acupuncture Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is comprised of four acupuncturists, one physician member of the Board of Medical Practices and one ex officio member that is a Delaware physician with expertise in acupuncture.
The Bill also requires that needles used in the practice of acupuncture shall only be pre-packaged, single use, sterile acupuncture needles. These needles shall only be used on an individual patient in a single treatment session and disposed of according to federal standards for biohazard waste.
A grandfathering clause exists for those who have been practicing in Delaware within the 12 months prior to the enactment date. Nothing in this Bill limits, precludes, or otherwise interferes with the professional activities of other individuals and healthcare providers who are allowed to perform acupuncture. This includes chiropractic, medical and osteopathic physicians.

Current Status: Signed   On   06/27/2008
Volume Chapter76:261
Fiscal Note:
Not Required
Date Governor acted:06/27/2008
Full text of Legislation:
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Amendments: HA 1 to HB 377 - Passed
SA 1 to HB 377 - Passed
Committee Reports:
House Committee Report 05/07/08 F=0 M=3 U=0---->Committee Report
Senate Committee report 06/04/08 F=0 M=4 U=0----->Committee Report
Voting Reports:
House vote: () Passed 5/13/08 5:14:19 PM------->Voting Record
Senate vote: () Passed 6/12/08 3:33:17 PM------->Voting Record
House vote: () Passed 6/17/08 6:30:56 PM------->Voting Record
Engrossed Version:
Actions History:
Jun 27, 2008 - Signed by Governor
Jun 17, 2008 - Passed by House of Representatives. Votes: Passed 39 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 2 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 12, 2008 - Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 21 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 12, 2008 - Amendment SA 1 - Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 21 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 12, 2008 - Amendment SA 1 - Introduced in Senate
Jun 04, 2008 - Reported Out of Committee (HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES) in Senate with 4 On Its Merits
May 14, 2008 - Assigned to Health & Social Services Committee in Senate
May 13, 2008 - Passed by House of Representatives. Votes: 39 YES 0 NO 0 NOT VOTING 2 ABSENT
May 13, 2008 - Amendment HA 1 - Passed in House by Voice Vote
May 13, 2008 - Amendment HA 1 - Introduced in House
May 07, 2008 - Reported Out of Committee (POLICY ANALYSIS & GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY) in House with 3 On Its Merits
Apr 23, 2008 - Introduced and Assigned to Policy Analysis & Government Accountability Committee in House
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