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147th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 48
  (Tabled in Committee)  

Primary Sponsor: Blevins Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Baumbach Sens. McBride Townsend Rep. Kowalko
CoSponsors: Sens. Bushweller, Ennis, Hall-Long, Henry, Peterson, Sokola, Venables, Reps. Barbieri, Bennett, Bolden, Keeley, Osienski, K. Williams, Walker, Potter, Scott, Jaques, Brady, B. Short
Introduced on : 04/18/2013
Synopsis of Orginal Bill:
(without Amendments)
This bill will create a process to have an eleven-member Commission appointed every ten years to redistrict the Senate and House of Representatives of the Delaware General Assembly.  “The Redistricting Commission for the State of Delaware” will consist of ten members appointed by the leadership of the House  and Senate majority and minority parties.  The ten voting members would then elect a voting Chairperson.  The bill requires the Commission to “conduct an open and transparent redistricting process enabling full public consideration of and comment on the drawing of district lines….” No member of the Commission could be the holder of an elective office, a registered lobbyist within a year prior to appointment or selection, or an elected state official within two years of appointment or selection. 

The bill contains a timetable for completing the redistricting process.  The process would culminate in the submission of a Commission-approved Final Redistricting Plan to the General Assembly for enactment into law.  The bill allows for the further submission of a modified plan, if the General Assembly fails to approve the Final Plan by a majority of both Houses.  If the General Assembly fails to enact redistricting legislation by September 30 of the year preceding the next election year, the bill calls for the creation of a two-person judicial panel consisting of the Chancellor of the State of Delaware and a Superior Court Judge appointed by the President Judge of the Superior Court.  The judicial panel would be charged with issuing a final and binding redistricting plan for the Senate and the House of Representatives.   The Chancellor and the Superior Court Judge assigned to the panel would have to be from separate political parties. 

Among other things, the Commission is required to:  1. Create a website for review by the public which would contain comprehensive information about the work of the Commission, including the names of the Commissioners, the rules of the Commission, notice of public meetings, district maps for existing districts, any plan approved by the Commission, Census data, and demographic data;  2.  Hold four public meetings, one in each county and one in the City of Wilmington;  3.  Prepare rules to govern the Commission’s proceedings;  4. Abide by the State Freedom of Information Act;  5.  Approve and issue for public consideration and comment a Preliminary Redistricting Plan and Report, 6.  Approve and submit to the General Assembly a Final Redistricting Plan and Report; and 7. Before concluding its business, prepare and submit a written report to the General Assembly with recommendations for improvements to the redistricting process.   After the Commission’s work is completed, its records are to be maintained by the State Commissioner of Elections for a period of at least twenty years. 
Author: Senator Blevins
Current Status: House House Administration Committee   On   06/11/2013
  (Tabled in Committee)  
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Fiscal Notes/Fee Impact:Not Required
Amendments: SA 1 to SB 48 - Defeated
HA 1 to SB 48 - PWB
HA 2 to SB 48 - PWB
Committee Reports:
Senate Committee report 05/08/13 F=0 M=5 U=0----->Committee Report
Voting Reports:
Senate vote: () Passed 6/6/2013 4:41:06 PM------->Voting Record
Actions History:
Mar 13, 2014 - Amendment HA 2 - Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jun 27, 2013 - Amendment HA 1 - Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jun 11, 2013 - Introduced and Assigned to House Administration Committee in House
Jun 06, 2013 - Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 13 YES 7 NO 0 NOT VOTING 1 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 06, 2013 - Amendment SA 1 - Defeated by Senate. Votes: Defeated 8 YES 12 NO 0 NOT VOTING 1 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 06, 2013 - Amendment SA 1 defeated
Jun 06, 2013 - Amendment SA 1 - Introduced in Senate
May 08, 2013 - Reported Out of Committee (EXECUTIVE) in Senate with 5 On Its Merits
Apr 18, 2013 - Assigned to Executive Committee in Senate
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