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    Section 1. Purpose:

    • To enhance the General Assembly’s ability to disseminate information to the general public.
    • Provide general guidelines for the content of web pages, use of web pages and general design of web pages for members and their staff.
    • To make members and staff of the General Assembly aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding the Internet site.

    Section 2. Acceptable Use:

    • It is acceptable to use a web page to:
    • Disseminate public information about the Senate and House of Representatives as well as the Office of the Controller General and Division of Research.
    • Provide the public with the means to contact officials and staff.

    Section 3. Prohibited Use:

    • Members and staff shall not use the website for political, personal or promotional reasons.
        1. Political use includes but is not limited to:
        • Campaign pro or con against any individual, party.
        • Language which supports or is adverse to the candidacy of any candidate for office, incumbent official or ballot issue.
          2. Personal use includes but is not limited to:
          • Purely personal and unrelated to official business activities and duties.
          • Any comments about other elected officials made on purely political or personal basis rather than on the basis of performance of official duties.
          • Harassment or other harmful activities towards others.
            3. Promotional use includes but is not limited to:
            • Solicitation for funds or other financial benefit for any purpose by legislator, staff or other person(s).
            • Placement of logos, links, banners, commercial links or banners, political symbols or other forms of advertisement.

          Section 4. Design

              1. General Assembly individual legislator web pages shall follow the following design:

                  A. Each legislator is entitled to one (1) web page.

                  B. Photographs:
                  1. No more than two (2) photos per legislator.
                  2. No images depicting members’ families, commercial logos, or other promotional advertisement.

                  C. Page content:
                  1. Design should be consistent with other legislative pages.

                  D. Pages may include:
                  1. Short biographical sketch provided by member following the guidelines set forth in Section of this policy.
                  2. Committee assignments
                  3. Leadership positions (if applicable).
                  4. Mailing address(es)
                  5. Phone and FAX number(s).
                  6. E-mail address(es)
                  7. Photograph(s) provided by individual legislator.
                  8. Press releases.
                  9. Newsletters.
                  10. Speeches.
                  11. Audio and video files.
                  12. Other pertinent information.
                  13. One (1) link, will be provided to a privately-run website of the elected legislator when requested by the legislator and providing, a full Internet address.

              2. General Assembly individual caucus web pages shall follow the following design:

                A. Each caucus is entitled to one (1) web page.
                B. Graphics:
                  1. Graphics that comply with the acceptable use policy are permitted on individual caucus web pages.

                C. Page content:
                  1. Design should be consistent with other legislative pages.
                  2. Pages may include the following information in accordance with Section 3 of this policy and subject to the approval of the leader of each caucus:
                  3. Press releases.
                  4. Newsletters.
                  5. Speeches.
                  6. Audio and video files.
                  7. Other pertinent information.
                  8. Phone and FAX number(s).
                  9. Providing one (1) link to a privately-run website of the caucus when requested by the caucus with full Internet address provided.
                  10. Each caucus shall identify one individual who will be responsible for the caucus and individual web pages and to act as liaison between the caucus and the Division of Research webmasters.

            Section 5. Enforcement

            • Ultimate responsibility for the proper use of the legislative site lies with Legislative Council.
            • Reasonable efforts will be made to inform members and their staff of this Internet Use policy.
            • Copies of this Internet Use Policy shall be available from the Legislative Council, Division of Research upon request.
            • This policy shall be posted on the General Assembly website in a conspicuous manner.
            • Member requests to alter the content, design of individual legislator web pages beyond those items authorized in Section 4 of this document shall be done in writing and must be approved by Legislative Council.
            • Content, design, additions to and alterations of other pages on the General Assembly website are the responsibility of Director of the Division of Research, Legislative Council or designee.