Daily Report for 1/10/2019

Governor's Actions

No legislation is Signed by Governor Today

New Legislation Introduced

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
HB 37CommitteeRamoneThis act restores the $500 senior real property tax credit.AN ACT TO AMEND VOLUME 81, CHAPTER 58, SECTION 97 OF THE LAWS OF DELAWARE RELATING TO THE SENIOR REAL PROPERTY TAX CREDIT.

Legislation Passed By Senate

No Legislation Passed By Senate

Legislation Passed By House of Representatives

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
SCR 2PassedMcBrideThis Concurrent Resolution provides for a Joint Session of the Senate and the House of Representatives to be convened for the purpose of hearing an address by the Honorable John C. Carney, Jr., Governor of the State of Delaware.PROVIDING FOR A JOINT SESSION OF THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TO BE CONVENED FOR THE PURPOSE OF HEARING AN ADDRESS BY THE HONORABLE JOHN C. CARNEY, JR., GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE.

Senate Committee Assignments

Elections, Govt. & Community Affairs

House Committee Assignments

Housing & Community Affairs

Senate Committee Report

No Senate Committee Report

House Committee Report

No House Committee Report

Senate Defeated Legislation

No Senate Defeated Legislation

House Defeated Legislation

No House Defeated Legislation

Nominations Enacted upon by the Senate

No Records