Daily Report for 4/23/2021

Governor's Actions

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New Legislation Introduced

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HA 1 to HB 198PassedDorsey WalkerThis Amendment does the following: (1) Adds whereas clauses to express the General Assembly’s intention that development of curricula is up to the school districts and charter schools, and that the General Assembly is identifying material that must be included in the curricula only in this special circumstance. (2) Removes language from § 4142(a)(1), which added ambiguity to the section. (3) Requires that the Black History curricula be age appropriate. (4) Replaces the word "instruction" with the word "curricula" to clarify that Black History education, as a whole, must include the topics required in § 4142(a)(3) and be designed to do what is required by § 4142(c), but that not every instance of instruction must include every item listed in those paragraphs. 

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