Rep. Neal & Rep. Harris & Rep. Heffernan & Rep. Morrison & Sen. S. McBride & Sen. Pinkney & Sen. Poore & Sen. Sokola

Rep. Baumbach; Sens. Gay, Hansen, Hoffner, Huxtable, Lockman, Paradee, Townsend





WHEREAS, International Transgender Day of Visibility was first observed in 2009 to honor the achievements and contributions of the transgender community; and

WHEREAS; International Transgender Day of Visibility is designed to be encompassing of a large community of diverse individuals; and

WHEREAS; International Transgender Day of Visibility is a time to celebrate the lives and achievements of transgender individuals around the world and to recognize the bravery it takes to live openly and authentically; and

WHEREAS; International Transgender Day of Visibility is also a time to raise awareness of the discrimination and violence that the transgender community still faces, which make it difficult and even unsafe or fatal for many transgender individuals to be visible; and

WHEREAS; the transgender community has suffered oppression disproportionately in many ways, including through:

(1) discrimination in employment and in the workplace

(2) discrimination in educational institutions

(3) violence; and

WHEREAS; forms of transgender oppression are exacerbated for transgender individuals of color, individuals with limited resources, immigrants, individuals living with disabilities, justice-involved individuals, and transgender youth; and

WHEREAS; a record number of anti-transgender bills have been introduced across the country in recent years, including more than 700 anti-transgender bills during the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, targeting areas including:

(1) Education, including bans on books and curricula relating to gender identity ,

(2) Health care ,

(3) Identification documents, including restrictions on realignment or correction of birth certificates and

other forms of identification documents; and

WHEREAS; the transgender community has made it clear that transgender individuals will not be erased and deserve to be accorded all the rights and opportunities made available to all; and

WHEREAS; before the creation of the United States, Indigenous two-spirit, transgender individuals existed across North America in many Native American communities, with specific terms in their own languages for these individuals and the social and spiritual roles they fulfilled in their communities, and, while many traditions were lost or actively suppressed by the efforts of missionaries, government agents, boarding schools, and settlers, these traditions have experienced a revival in recent decades; and

WHEREAS; transgender individuals continue to tell their stories and push for full equity under the law; and

WHEREAS; the civil rights struggle has been strengthened and inspired by the leadership of the transgender community; and

WHEREAS; transgender individuals in the United States have made significant strides in elected office and political representation; and

WHEREAS; more transgender individuals are appearing in movies, on television, and in all forms of media, raising awareness of their experiences and the importance of living authentically; and

WHEREAS; transgender individuals have created culture and history as artists, musicians, organizers, and leaders; and

WHEREAS; International Transgender Day of Visibility is a time to celebrate the transgender community here in Delaware and around the world.


BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Representatives of the 152nd General Assembly, the Senate concurring therein:

(1) Recognizes International Transgender Day of Visibility ,

(2) Encourages the people of Delaware to observe International Transgender Day of Visibility with appropriate ceremonies, programs, and activities ,

(3) Celebrates the accomplishments and leadership of transgender individuals ,

(4) Recognizes the bravery of the transgender community as it fights for equal dignity and respect .


This concurrent resolution commemorates March 31st as International Transgender Day of Visibility.