Rep. Osienski & Sen. Walsh

Reps. Lambert, Lynn, Mitchell, Morrison, K. Williams; Sens. Brown, Ennis, Lockman, Mantzavinos, S. McBride, Sokola, Townsend






Section 1. Amend Chapter 34, Title 19 of the Delaware Code by making deletions as shown by strike through and insertions as shown by underline as follows:

§ 3404. Elevate Delaware.

(a) This section establishes Elevate Delaware within the Division of Employment and Training. Elevate Delaware provides tuition for an eligible individual to attend an approved non-degree credit certificate program that provides industry-accepted skill training and certification.

(b) An individual must provide proof of all of the following to be eligible for Elevate Delaware:

(1) That the individual is a resident of Delaware.

(2) That the individual has attained any of the following:

a. A diploma from a Delaware public, charter, or nonpublic high school, or homeschool.

b. A Diploma of Alternate Achievement Standards under § 152 of Title 14.

c. A Delaware secondary credential under Regulation 910 of Title 14 of the Delaware Administrative Code.

(3) If employed, a statement from the individual’s employer providing the amount of financial assistance the employer paid toward tuition for the non-degree credit certificate program.

(c)(1) The Workforce Development Board, or its successor, shall maintain a list of non-degree credit certificate programs approved for Elevate Delaware.

a. The Workforce Development Board may utilize the Eligible Training Provider List as all or part of the certificate programs approved for Elevate Delaware.

b. The list of non-degree credit certificate programs approved for Elevate Delaware must be updated annually.

(2) The Workforce Development Board must include the following criteria in the decision to approve a non-degree credit certificate program for Elevate Delaware:

a. The skill requirements of employers in the State, including the skill needs of an in-demand industry sector or occupation in the State.

b. An employer’s intent to hire an individual upon the individual’s completion of a program.

c. The job placement rate for graduates.

(d)(1) If funds are available, an individual may receive an Elevate Delaware reimbursement under this section of not more than $10,000.

(2) The Elevate Delaware payment cannot exceed the difference between the full amount of tuition charged by the non-degree credit certificate program and any financial assistance the individual received.

(e) The Department of Labor may provide Elevate Delaware payments to individuals who receive an Elevate Delaware tuition reimbursement to assist with basic living expenses while the individual attends the non-degree credit certificate program and for no more than 90 days following completion of the certificate program if the individual is in the job search process.

(1) The amount that an individual receives for basic living expenses may not exceed the difference between the amount of the tuition reimbursement that the individual receives and the maximum reimbursement amount under paragraph (d)(1) of this section.

(2) Basic living expenses include any of the following:

a. Monthly rent or mortgage payments.

b. Utility bills.

c. Monthly auto loan payments.

d. Healthcare expenses, including treatment and medical purchases.

e. Food.

f. Child care.

g. Insurance premiums.

h. Transportation.

(f)(1) Elevate Delaware reimbursements and payments must be paid on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible individuals.

(2) Elevate Delaware is subject to the availability of funds appropriated for this specific purpose. This subsection does not create a right or entitlement in an individual to receive a reimbursement or payment under this section.

(g) The Department of Labor may adopt policies and procedures to implement this section.

Section 2. This Act is effective upon enactment and is to be implemented the earlier of the following:

(1) 1 year from the date of the Act’s enactment.

(2) Notice by the Secretary of the Division of Labor published in the Registrar of Regulations that the final regulations to implement this Act have been promulgated.

Section 3. This Act is subject to review by the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee 2 years after its implementation.

Section 4. The money appropriated to implement this Act, not to exceed $1.5 million, shall be paid by the State Treasurer out of funds in the General Fund of the State of Delaware not otherwise appropriated.


This Act establishes the Elevate Delaware Program. Elevate Delaware will provide tuition, up to $10,000, to Delaware residents who have obtained a high school diploma, Diploma of Alternate Achievement Standards, or a Delaware secondary credential, which includes earning a GED, and have enrolled in an approved non-degree credit certificate program. The Workforce Development Board will create a list of non-degree credit certificate programs approved for the Elevate Delaware program.

This Act also allows the Department of Labor to provide participants in the Elevate Delaware Program payments to cover basic living expenses while attending the training program and for a 90-day job search period after completion of the training program.