House Bill 167

148th General Assembly (2015 - 2016)

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Out of Committee 6/30/16
The General Assembly has ended, the current status is the final status.

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Sen. Henry
This Act improves the enforcement mechanisms related to Delaware’s campaign finance disclosure laws in four ways. First, this Act amends § 8040, Title 15 to require that the Superior Court may not grant a certificate of election to a successful candidate for office until the candidate has paid all fines assessed by the Commissioner of Elections (“Commissioner”) for the candidate’s wilful failure to file a required campaign finance report. And, this Act specifically requires the Commissioner to provide the Superior Court with the information necessary for the Court to perform its function. Second, this Act further amends § 8040, Title 15 to prohibit an individual from being a candidate in a future election until all previous campaign finance reports are filed and all previously assessed fines assessed by the Commissioner are paid. Third, this Act clarifies the timeframe in which the Commissioner must notify a candidate that a report is incomplete or tardy and decreases the time in which a candidate may appeal the Commissioner’s decision to issue a fine for a tardy or incomplete report. Fourth, this Act amends § 8044, Title 15 to require the Commissioner to publish, on the Department of Elections website, the name of any candidate who has (1) wilfully neglected to file a campaign finance report, (2) been assessed a fine by the Commissioner for wilfully neglecting to file a campaign finance report, or (3) been reported to the Office of the Attorney General by the Commissioner. Additionally, this Act amends § 8044(c), Title 15 in keeping with the style and formatting guidelines of the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual.
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