House Bill 379

149th General Assembly (2017 - 2018)

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Signed 7/1/18
The General Assembly has ended, the current status is the final status.

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Sen. Bonini
Section 1 clarifies the Town’s nuisance and dangerous building abatement powers and requires property owners to pay for the abatement costs. This section further clarifies the Town’s ability to grant franchises, licenses, and permits, and impose fees for the same. It authorizes the Town to impose a realty transfer tax, and it increases the maximum penalty for a code violation to $500.00. Section 2 authorizes the Town to annex property and creates procedures for the annexation of property. Section 3 reduces the number of members on the Town Council from seven to five and eliminates the elected positions of secretary, treasurer, and tax collector. This section prohibits individuals convicted of a felony from running for Mayor or Council. This section establishes procedures for holding municipal elections, including the conduct of elections, election notices, voting procedures, and the establishment of the elections board. This section requires voters to be United States citizens. Section 4 establishes the term of office for Mayor and Council as two years, and outlines how the Town Council will transition from seven to five council members. Section 5 clarifies the Council’s ability to fill a vacancy on Council regardless of how that vacancy occurred, and it makes other changes to create consistency with the re-organization of the structure of the Town Council. Section 6 creates an organizational meeting at which a council secretary and treasurer are appointed each year. Section 7 clarifies who can be appointed as the Tax Collector and authorizes the Council to employ other individuals as needed by the Town. This section clarifies when regular meetings are held and allows electronic communication to be used to notify the Mayor and Council of special meetings. Section 8 authorizes the Town to have the same tax collection powers as Kent County and authorizes the Town to recover expenses incurred to collect taxes through legal proceedings. This section authorizes a court or administrative body to award the Town its costs of prosecution when the Town is the prevailing party in a legal proceeding to enforce an ordinance or collect an amount owed to the Town.
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