Daily Report for 1/24/2018

Governor's Actions

No legislation is Signed by Governor Today

New Legislation Introduced

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
SA 2 to SB 113PassedLavelleThis amendment clarifies that any lien that is properly recorded against a property prior to a benefit assessment must provide written consent for a superior lien prior to any improvements being financed or made. 
HA 1 to HB 278PWBBaumbachThis Amendment changes the applicability of this Act from elections held on or after January 1, 2018, to elections held 90 days or more after the enactment of this Act. 
SA 3 to SB 113StrickenLavelleThis amendment adds a 3/5 vote requirement which is required by the constitution.  
HA 1 to HB 239PassedRamoneThis amends the bill to authorize the Governor to appoint an acting County Executive instead of the County Chief Administrative Officer automatically becoming the acting County Executive. 
SA 3 to SB 10PassedMarshallThis amendment deletes the proposed minimum wage increases in Senate Bill No. 10, including the cost of living adjustments. Instead, the amendment creates a two-step increase in the minimum wage from $8.25 per hour to $8.75 per hour effective October 1, 2018, and to $9.25 per hour effective October 1, 2019.  

Legislation Passed By Senate

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
HB 97 w/ HA 1SignedJ. JohnsonThis Bill modifies the impact of criminal history on an applicant's eligibility for licensure. It gives the Board discretion to grant waivers for a felony convictions for crimes committed against a person where more than 3 years have elapsed, and more than 2 years have elapsed for other felonies. The Board is precluded from considering a conviction where more than 10 years have elapsed since date of conviction. The Bill authorizes the Delaware Department of Correction to establish prison barbering training programs. These programs will provide a means for inmates to satisfy licensure requirements while incarcerated and help with employment opportunities upon release.AN ACT TO AMEND CHAPTER 51 OF TITLE 24 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO COSMETOLOGY AND BARBERING
HB 132SignedKeeleyThis bill corrects the duration of revocation to match § 4177C(d)(2) and will make it possible for all applicants who are required to participate in the Ignition Interlock Device program to be eligible to submit an application for an indigent plan. This bill also changes the required offender reporting to IID service providers to a monthly basis allowing for early intervention of repeat violators.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 21 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO THE IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE.
HB 172 w/ HA 2SignedB. ShortThis Bill limits a health insurer’s right to overpayment recovery to two years from the date of the original payment. The time limit does not apply where there is fraud or other intentional misconduct, when overpayment recovery is initiated by a self-insured plan, or where required by a federal or state plan. The bill also requires 30 days’ notice to healthcare providers regarding an attempt to recover overpayment as well as requiring insurers to have policies and procedures allowing challenge to the alleged overpayment. This bill affects all lines of health insurance including both individual and group policies.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 18 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO HEALTH INSURANCE.
HB 231 w/ SA 1SignedSpiegelmanThis bill creates an Abandoned Cultural Property Act. The act allows museums to establish title to property that has been donated or left with the museum after any loan period has terminated and the lender cannot be found. Currently such assets drain the museum resources by taking up space and having to be cared for. Museums need a process by which they can establish clear title to abandoned, unclaimed, or unsolicited property. This law will allow more efficient use of museum funds and will assist museums to conserve, display, and ethically dispose of abandoned, unclaimed, or unsolicited property. This bill is modeled after Indiana's law. Delaware is 1 of only 4 states that has no law relating to Abandoned Cultural Property.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 6 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO ABANDONED, UNCLAIMED, OR UNSOLICITED CULTURAL PROPERTY.
HCR 56PassedLonghurstThis concurrent resolution designates the week of February 11-17, 2018, as “Children of Alcoholics Week” and calls upon Delawareans to break the silence and talk to their family and friends about alcoholism. DESIGNATING THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 11-17, 2018 AS “CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS WEEK”.
HCR 58PassedBriggs KingThis resolution proclaims January 21 through 27, 2018 as National School Choice Week.PROCLAIMING JANUARY 21 THROUGH 27, 2018 AS NATIONAL SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK.
HCR 60PassedSpiegelmanThis resolution recognizes January 27, 2018, as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.RECOGNIZING JANUARY 27, 2018, AS THE ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY.
SA 1 to HB 231PassedPettyjohnThe purpose of this amendment is to clarify the 60 day period in this notice and make it uniform with the similar notice listed on lines 84 through 88 and 100 through 104. 

Legislation Passed By House of Representatives

No Legislation Passed By House

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Nominations Enacted upon by the Senate

Cade, CerronConfirmedSecretary of the Department of LaborNew
Lukoff, SamanthaConfirmedCommissioner of Family CourtNew
McFassel, LexieConfirmedPublic GuardianReappointment