Daily Report for 3/28/2018

Governor's Actions

No legislation is Signed by Governor Today

New Legislation Introduced

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
SB 6CommitteeMcDowellThis Act increases the state employees' pension plan burial benefit from $7,000 to $10,000 effective July 1, 2016. This benefit has not been changed since July 2001.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 29 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO STATE EMPLOYEES' PENSION PLAN BURIAL BENEFITS.
SCR 49PassedHenryThis Senate Concurrent Resolution recognizes April 2018 as “Autism Awareness Month” and Autism Delaware's 20 years of service to the people of Delaware.RECOGNIZING APRIL 2018 AS “AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH” AND RECOGNIZING AUTISM DELAWARE’S 20 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF DELAWARE.
SCR 50PassedCloutierThis Resolution recognizes April 2018 as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Delaware.RECOGNIZING APRIL 2018 AS CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH IN DELAWARE
SA 1 to SB 153StrickenHansenThis amendment clarifies that a member of the Commission may be removed if the member misses 3 successive meetings without just cause and creates a Vice Chair of the Commission. 
HB 358CommitteeHudsonIn 2016, according to the Division of Forensic Science, 308 people died from overdoses in Delaware. To address the devastating effects that the opioid epidemic has had on the citizens and families of the state of Delaware, this Act will: 1.) Impose a tax on the first sale of opioids in the State at a rate of 10% of the purchase price. Revenue generated from the tax will be used to support opioid addiction treatment options in Delaware, including residential programs, as well as to educate the public on the dangers of opioid addiction and available treatment options in Delaware; 2.) Direct civil legal settlement proceeds resulting from matters related to opioids be deposited to the Opiate Stewardship Fund; 3.) Authorize the Governor to appoint and fund the position of the newly-created Policy Advisor. The full-time Policy Advisor will serve at the pleasure of the Governor and will be tasked with addressing only opioid addiction-related matters; and 4.) Establish the Opiate Stewardship Advisory Council. The council will be charged with prioritizing where revenue generated from the opioid tax is best spent in order to assist those who are addicted, as well as their families. This council – building on the progress made by the Behavioral Health Consortium and other related medical and state agency committees – will be a separate entity that is responsible solely for advising in the treatment-related tasks of the newly-created Policy Advisor. AN ACT TO AMEND TITLES 30 AND 16 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO OPIOID TAX, OPIATE STEWARDSHIP FUND, OPIATE ADVISORY COUNCIL, AND OPIATE SETTLEMENT PROCEEDS.
HB 359CommitteeHudsonThis bill adds bump stocks and trigger crank devices to the list of firearms that may be safely removed from the community.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 16 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO THE COMMUNITY FIREARM RECOVERY PROGRAM.
HA 1 to HB 326PassedK. WilliamsThis amendment makes a technical change to delete redundant language. 
HA 1 to HB 331PassedKowalkoThis amendment provides a new definition of “Non- benzodiazepine hypnotic”. Additionally, the amendment restores current authority of the Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security. Lastly, it provides an exception for parental consent in the case of emergency treatment. 
HA 2 to HB 317PWBSpiegelmanThis amendment does the following: (1) adds and defines "food fish" and "eels" to the term wild game. (2) removes a provision relating to selling the donated wild game. (3) allows a butcher to donate wild game even if that butcher receives payment from the State for their services as a butcher. 

Legislation Passed By Senate

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
HCR 68PassedParadeeThis House Concurrent Resolution designates the 21st day of the Month of March, 2018 as “Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day” and celebrates the beauty and contributions that people with Down syndrome make in Delaware. RECOGNIZING MARCH 21, 2018 "ROCK YOUR SOCKS FOR WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY."
HCR 65PassedBaumbachThis House Concurrent Resolution recognizes March 28, 2018, as "Rare Disease Day" in Delaware.DESIGNATING MARCH 28, 2018, AS "RARE DISEASE DAY" IN THE STATE OF DELAWARE.

Legislation Passed By House of Representatives

No Legislation Passed By House

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Senate Defeated Legislation

No Senate Defeated Legislation

House Defeated Legislation

No House Defeated Legislation

Nominations Enacted upon by the Senate

Baker, DesmondConfirmedWater Infrastructure Advisory CouncilReappointment
Baker, RobertConfirmedState Coastal Zone Industrial Control BoardNew
Booker, ShamekaConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Carter, A. TempleConfirmedDelaware Solid Waste AuthorityNew
Chandler, LeahConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Collazo, MirtaConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Dorsey-Walker, SherryConfirmedBoard of ParoleNew
Gelzeiler, MichaelConfirmedUniversity of Delaware Board of TrusteesReappointment
Gregory, DonaldConfirmedDeputy Alderman of the City of NewarkReappointment
Harmer, MichaelConfirmedWater Infrastructure Advisory CouncilReappointment
Heaton, DeborahConfirmedDelaware Natural Areas Advisory CouncilReappointment
Hester, CatherineConfirmedAlderman of the Town of DeweyReappointment
Hicks, JamieConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Manus, AndrewConfirmedState Public Integrity CommissionNew
Martin, PeterConfirmedDelaware Natural Areas Advisory CouncilReappointment
Naugle, Mary EllenConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Perez-Chambers, MariaConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Peterson, AlexanderConfirmedJustice of the PeaceNew
Riddle, W. JackConfirmedDelaware Solid Waste AuthorityNew
Sears, FrederickConfirmedDiamond State Port CorporationReappointment
Skelley, DavidConfirmedJustice of the PeaceReappointment
Whalen, MariettaConfirmedDiamond State Port CorporationReappointment