Notice: The Grant-In-Aid application starting for Fiscal Year 2018 will be converted to an online only application. Please check back in July/August for additional details.

Grant-in-Aid is an appropriation made by the General Assembly to support the activities of non-profit organizations which provide services to the citizens of Delaware. The purpose of this funding is to provide supplemental funding to service agencies and should not be construed as a sole source of funding.

To qualify for Grant-in-Aid, an agency must:

• Be an incorporated, non-profit (or under umbrella of parent organization which is an incorporated, non-profit) for at least two years prior applying;
• Have By-laws that clearly state the purpose of the corporation and include definition of duties for Board of Directors;
• Have an active, community-representative, volunteer Board of Directors;
• Have personnel policies;
• Keep funds in a separate bank account;
• Not pay any part of an elected official’s salary;
• Have competent executives, staffing, and reasonable facilities;
• Practice non-discrimination;
• Have accounting (budget) procedures
• Have an audit completed within the past three years by a Certified Public Accountant or a Public Accountant;
• Use funds in accordance with the application
• Demonstrate community support; and
• Request funds only for a program which does not receive full funding from other sources of revenue.

Applications are mailed on July 1 or the first business day of July and due in the Office of the Controller General by the close of business on November 1 or the first business day of November.

Grant-in-Aid applications for fiscal year 2017 are now being accepted. Applications are due no later than November 2, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. Agencies must submit the original application and a copy of the application.

Each Grant-in-Aid category is assigned a team of legislators from the
Joint Finance Committee. The teams review the applications assigned to that group and make funding recommendations to the full Committee. Decisions regarding Grant-in-Aid are made by the Joint Finance Committee in late June. Historically, the Grant-in-Aid bill is the final appropriations bill enacted by the legislature on June 30th.

Grant-in-Aid categories:

Overall Grant-In-Aid Coordinator – Kimberly Reinagel-Nietubicz

Aging/Senior Centers/Fire Companies /Veterans
Kimberly Reinagel-Nietubicz
Phone: 302-744-4200

Michael Jackson
Phone: 302-744-4200

Health/Disabled and Labor
Jackie Griffith
Phone: 302-744-4200

Family and Youth Services
Arthur Jenkins
Phone: 302-744-4200

Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Spencer Price
Phone: 302-744-4200

Neighborhood and Community Services
(American Red Cross to Kingswood)
Arthur Jenkins
Phone: 302-744-4200

Neighborhood and Community Services
(La Esperanza to YWCA)
Jackie Griffith
Phone: 302-744-4200

Notification of Joint Finance Committee meetings to discuss Grant-in-Aid are posted on the internet and provided to the media. Meetings are open to the public. Please check the Joint Finance Committee Public Hearing page to view the schedule.

Workshop Information

The Office of the Controller General conducts a workshop in September for participants to assist them in completing the application.

GIA Workshop Powerpoint - FY 17.pdfGIA Workshop Powerpoint - FY 17.pdf

FY17 Grant-In-Aid Instructions
Instructions FY 17.docxInstructions FY 17.docx
Instructions FY 17.pdfInstructions FY 17.pdf

FY17 Grant-In-Aid Application
Application  - FY 17.docApplication - FY 17.doc
Application  - FY 17.pdfApplication - FY 17.pdf

FY17 Veterans Grant-In-Aid Application

Veterans FY17 GIA Application.docxVeterans FY17 GIA Application.docx

FY17 Senior Center Grant-In-Aid Application

Senior Center FY17 GIA Application.doc

Senior Center FY17 GIA Application.pdf