Senate Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 52

152nd General Assembly (Present)

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Stricken 4/6/23

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This amendment limits the number of needle and syringe units that can be distributed to a participant during a particular visit to the program. The overarching purpose of the Sterile Needle and Syringe Exchange Program for the Prevention of AIDS and Other Diseases is to support the health and wellbeing of participants and by extension, all members of the public. One of the ways that this goal is effectuated is through providing information and support or service access for participants when they have interactions with the program staff, pursuant to Chapter 79 of Title 29, Sections 7992(5) and 7992(6). One of the effects of Senate Bill 52 as proposed would be to permit the unlimited distribution of needle and syringe units, which would have the effect of reducing opportunities for a participant to have interactions with the program's staff and consequently reduce opportunities to access important services. Placing a limit on the number of syringes and units that may be distributed to a participant in this manner would provide for more opportunities for participants to access services and would be consistent with the purpose of the Program, while at the same time providing increased flexibility for participants beyond the "1 for 1" regime currently in place.

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