Grant in Aid

Grant-in-Aid is an appropriation made by the General Assembly to support the activities of non-profit organizations which provide services to the citizens of Delaware. The purpose of this funding is to provide supplemental funding to service agencies and should not be construed as a sole source of funding.

To qualify for Grant-in-Aid, an agency must:

  • Be an incorporated non-profit (or under the umbrella of a parent organization which is also an incorporated non-profit) and operating for two years before applying for Grant-In-Aid;
  • Have bylaws that clearly state the purpose of the agency and include a definition of duties of the Board of Directors;
  • Have an active, community-represented, volunteer Board of Directors that sets policies, goals, and objectives and maintains minutes of regularly scheduled meetings and any special meetings;
  • Have programs that are unduplicated by other state-supported agencies and satisfy unmet human needs of the community;
  • Have personnel policies including job descriptions and classifications;
  • Have competent executives, competent staffing, and reasonable facilities;
  • Practice non-discrimination;
  • Have accounting (budget) procedures;
  • Have an audit completed within the past three years by a Certified Public Accountant or a Public Accountant;
  • Use funds in accordance with the application;
  • Demonstrate community support;
  • Request funds only for a program which does not receive full funding from other sources of revenue;
  • Submit an online application no later than the due date.  To see this year's due date, click here.

To submit an application, go to

Grant-in-Aid funding cannot be used for:

  • Providing child daycare;
  • The purchase of capital equipment;
  • The relocation, rehabilitation, renovation or purchase of buildings;
  • The payment of any part of an elected official's salary or benefits;
  • A political campaign or for partisan political purposes;
  • The hiring of lobbyists or other lobbying services; and
  • Activities, programs, or services that benefit individuals that do not reside in Delaware.

Grant-in-Aid Categories and Contacts

Each Grant-in-Aid category is assigned a team of legislators from the Joint Finance Committee. The teams review the applications assigned to that group and make funding recommendations to the full Committee. Decisions regarding Grant-in-Aid are made by the Joint Finance Committee in late June. Historically, the Grant-in-Aid bill is the final appropriations bill enacted by the legislature on June 30th.

Overall Grant-In-Aid Coordinator –Jason Smith

Aging/Senior Centers/Fire Companies/Veterans

Jason Smith


Robert Scoglietti


Nicole Polite

Family and Youth Services

Victoria Brennan

Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Nicole Polite

Neighborhood and Community Services

Julie Fedele

Notification of Joint Finance Committee meetings to discuss Grant-in-Aid are posted on the internet and provided to the media. Meetings are open to the public. Please check the Joint Finance Committee Public Hearing page to view the schedule.