Legislative Notifications

The State of Delaware provides the Delaware Notification Service, which allows the public to subscribe to information updates provided by State agencies through e-mail. The General Assembly participates in this service, providing the following notifications:

  • Notification of legislation impacting the Delaware Constitution, the Laws of Delaware, the Delaware Code (by individual title of the Code), and municipal charters.
  • Notification of legislation that has been introduced or has passed the House or Senate.
  • Notification when the Governor signs legislation.
  • Notification when the Delaware Code Online is updated with the latest laws.
  • Notification of special legislation, which includes the Budget Bill, Bond Bill, and Grants-in-Aid Bill.
  • Notification of the daily agenda and daily legislative action sheet.
  • Notification of the publishing of regulations, by department and broken down by each division in the department.

The public can receive access to this information by signing up for an account with the Delaware Notification Service. Instructions for signing up for the Delaware Notification Service are available here.