Division of Research Staff

Lori Christiansen - Director

Mark Cutrona - Deputy Director


Joint Legislative Oversight                         Vacant
and Sunset Analyst

Bethany Fiske                                                744-4068
Assistant Registrar of Regulations            bethany.fiske@state.de.us

Deborah Gottschalk                                       744-4114
Legislative Attorney                                    deborah.gottschalk@state.de.us

Robert Lupo                                                   744-4118
Print Shop Technician IV                             robert.lupo@state.de.us

Colinda Marker                                              744-4114
Executive Assistant                                     colinda.marker@state.de.us

Kathleen Morris                                              744-4114
Office Manager                                             kathy.morris@state.de.us

Nathan Poore                                                744-4118
Graphics and Printing Tech I                      nathan.poore@state.de.us

Vicki Schultes                                                744-4068
Administrative Specialist II                         vicki.schultes@state.de.us

Donald Sellers                                               744-4118
Graphic and Printing Supervisor               donald.sellers@state.de.us

Yvette Smallwood                                          744-4068
Registrar of Regulations                             yvette.smallwood@state.de.us 

Holly Vaughn Wagner                                    744-4114
Legislative Attorney                                     holly.vaughn-wagner@state.de.us

Natalie White                                                  744-4114
Administrative Specialist II                          natalie.white@state.de.us 

Sara Zimmerman                                            744-4114
Legislative Librarian                                     sara.zimmerman@state.de.us