House Amendment 1 to House Bill 127

152nd General Assembly (Present)

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Passed 4/16/24

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This Amendment revises House Bill No. 127 to make ambulance service providers who are recipients of a Grant-in-Aid eligible for money collected from a county’s fire protection fee. There are currently 3 volunteer ambulance service providers that are not operated by fire companies but are treated in the same manner as fire companies for certification, audits, and all receive a Grant-in-Aid in the section of the annual Grant-in-Aid bill for fire companies. Under HB 127, “fire protection” includes ambulances and basic life support, but only fire companies who are a recipient of a Grant-in-Aid and provide fire protection outside the City of Wilmington can receive money from a county’s fire protection fee. This Amendment revises HB 127 to define “ambulance service provider” as a organization that is a recipient of a Grant-in-Aid for the operation and maintenance of ambulances and groups ambulance service providers with fire companies under the term “fire protection provider” so that all organizations that receive a Grant-in-Aid and provide ambulance services in the county, outside of the City of Wilmington, are eligible to receive money collected under a county fire protection fee and if these funds are received, the organization must include that money in the annual audit required under current law.

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