House Bill 198

152nd General Assembly (Present)

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Signed 10/13/23
Becomes effective upon date of signature of the Governor or upon date specified

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Sen. Hoffner
This Act is a comprehensive amendment of the Town Charter for the Town of Clayton. It sets forth detailed basis for removal from office of Mayor and Town Council and process for filling any vacancies on Town Council. The Amendment allows the Mayor and members of Town Council to participate and vote in Council meetings by remote electronic means, when unavoidable circumstances prohibit in person attendance, so long as all members can hear and speak with one another. The Act allows the Town to borrow up to an amount not to exceed 20% of the assessed value of assessable and taxable real property within the Town limits. The Act also allows the Town to purchase general obligation bonds not to exceed 20% of the assessed value of all real estate subject to taxation within the Town. The Act establishes the Town’s power to regulate orderly growth and development including subdivisions and site plans and procedures for securing financial guarantees to ensure satisfactory completion of new land development. The Act also allows the Town to adopt the assessment of Kent County in lieu of making its own independent assessment and valuation for purposes of levying town taxes. The Act specifies the Town Manager is the Town Tax Collector. The Act allows the Council, by ordinance, to impose impact fees and the purpose for such impact fees. The Act specifies the duties of the Police Chief and Town Manager. The Act specifies all appointments and promotions of Town employees shall be under the direction of the Mayor and the Town Council including hiring, termination, promotion or discipline of all employees. The Act specifies use of Town money by Town Council. The Act sets forth new election procedures, including voter qualifications, voter registration, and conduct of elections for Town elections.
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