The following resources provide information for legislators, legislative staff, and the public in response to the public health emergency caused by COVID-19. These resources include information about how the three branches of State government are responding to COVID-19.



Joint Statement Announcing the Plan to Return to Legislative Session – Released May 14, 2020

Joint Memo to Legislators from President Pro Tem and Speaker Announcing Return to Legislative Session – Released May 14, 2020 

Joint Statement Postponing Legislative Session – Released March 12, 2020

Joint Statement Extending Postponement of Legislative Session – Released March 18, 2020

Contact Information

If you have a COVID-19 related question for your Senator or Representative, communicate with them using the contact information on their legislator homepage:

For Senators
For Representatives 

If you do not know your Senator or Representative, use “Who is My Legislator?” on our homepage.

For general questions, the Division of Research may be reached by phone at (302) 744-4114 or by e-mail.