Daily Report for 3/29/2019

Governor's Actions

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HB 34SignedSchwartzkopf This Act amends the Charter of the City of Rehoboth Beach to make Sections 3 through 7 gender-neutral, to provide travel reimbursement at the Internal Revenue Service rate rather than the Sussex County Sheriff’s rate, to reduce the ownership requirement for non-resident freeholders for voter eligibility from six months to thirty days, to make the City’s process to purge individuals from the Books of Registered Voters consistent with the State’s process at 15 Del. C §1704(g), to allow for voter registration up to thirty days prior to the Annual Municipal Election, to amend the definition of real property to include condominiums created under the Delaware Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act, to reduce the durational residency requirement for voter eligibility from six months to thirty days, to define “domicile,” and to clarify that all voting provisions in the City Charter (including annual municipal elections, annexation elections and borrowing and bond issuance elections) shall be construed in accordance with the principle of “one person, one vote,” and removes any form of artificial entity voting from annexation elections and borrowing and bond issuance elections.AN ACT TO AMEND THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF REHOBOTH BEACH RELATING TO MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS AND VOTING.
SB 22SignedTownsendAct enacts the National Popular Vote compact, which changes the Electoral College from an institution that reflects the voters’ state-by-state choices into a body that reflects the voters’ nationwide choice. Currently, state statutes require that electoral votes are controlled by the plurality of the voters in the state but this system is not required by the U.S. Constitution or federal law. The National Popular Vote compact requires that each member state award its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who received the largest number of popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The National Popular Vote compact becomes effective when it is enacted by states collectively possessing a majority of the electoral votes. When the National Popular Vote compact takes effect, the presidential candidate receiving the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia would be guaranteed enough electoral votes in the Electoral College to be elected to the Presidency. Specifically, this Act does the following: Section 1. Adopts The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote ("National Popular Vote compact") and provides for notice regarding when the National Popular Vote compact is in effect and governs a presidential election. Section 2. Revises the wording of § 4303(b) so that it correctly addresses how electors must vote in any presidential election. This is not a substantive change to current law, which governs when the National Popular Vote compact is not applicable to an election, because the electors nominated by the political party that received the plurality of vote of the voters of this State are the electors who are appointed. Section 3. Corrects a typographical error in § 5711. Section 4. Revises § 5711 to govern when the National Popular Vote compact governs a presidential election. Both versions of § 5711 will appear in the Delaware Code with a note at the top of each version stating if that version governs the next presidential election. Section 5. Revises § 7704 of Title 15 regarding the election of delegates to a state constitutional convention to ratify proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution so that it remains unchanged by the National Popular Vote compact. The statute currently provides that delegates are elected "in the same manner as in the case of the election for electors for President and Vice President." Because the National Popular Vote compact changes how electors are selected, § 7704 is revised so that delegates to a national constitutional convention are nominated and elected in the current manner, regardless of whether the National Popular Vote compact governs the next presidential election. Section 6. Clarifies the effective date of this Act and when Section 1 of this Act governs a presidential election. AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING THE AGREEMENT AMONG THE STATES TO ELECT THE PRESIDENT BY NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE.
HJR 2SignedLynnThis Joint Resolution recognizes the many contributions of Hattie Bernice Dabney Mishoe, the "First Lady" of Delaware State University, and encourages the University to name a building on campus after her.RECOGNIZING THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF HATTIE BERNICE DABNEY MISHOE, THE "FIRST LADY" OF DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY.

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