Daily Report for 5/26/2020

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HCR 85PassedSchwartzkopfThis Concurrent Resolution accepts and approves the May 14, 2020, actions of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (“President Pro Tempore”) and the Speaker of the House of Representatives (“Speaker”), declares an emergency under § 5, Article II and § 1, Article XVII of the Delaware Constitution, and adopts rules of procedure for conducting virtual meetings of the General Assembly and its legislative committees during an emergency. Specifically, this Concurrent Resolution: (1) Authorizes the Senate or House of Representatives or a legislative committee to convene and conduct a virtual meeting if the President Pro Tempore and the Speaker issue a public notice that the Senate or House of Representatives or a legislative committee is authorized to convene and conduct a virtual meeting due to an emergency. (2) Provides protections to ensure the integrity of the legislative process and public access and transparency for meetings held virtually. (3) Requires legislation considered at a virtual meeting be first be placed on an agenda, consent agenda, or consent calendar by the President Pro Tempore under Senate Rules or the Speaker under House Rules. (4) Notwithstanding § 1711 of Title 29 of the Delaware Code, makes clear that the method of convening the General Assembly and the limitations on the length of legislative session are as provided under the Delaware Constitution and the rules of the Senate or House of Representatives adopted under § 9, Article II of the Delaware Constitution. ACCEPTING AND APPROVING THE MAY 14, 2020, ACTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE OF THE STATE SENATE AND THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, DECLARING AN EMERGENCY UNDER § 5, ARTICLE II AND § 1, ARTICLE XVII OF THE DELAWARE CONSTITUTION, AND ADOPTING RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR CONDUCTING VIRTUAL MEETINGS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND ITS LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEES DURING AN EMERGENCY.

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