Daily Report for 3/4/2021

Governor's Actions

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New Legislation Introduced

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SA 1 to SB 24PWBHansenThis Amendment provides delayed enforcement for individuals who violate the prohibition of littering with 1 to 4 balloons or the mass release of balloons on or before April 30, 2022. Persons who are not individuals, such as organizations, are subject to the penalties under this Act immediately upon the effective date of this Act. This Amendment also makes a technical correction that was missed in the original Senate Bill No. 24. 
HB 10CommitteeKowalkoThis Act adopts the Agreement to Phase-Out Corporate Giveaways, under which member states are prohibited from offering or providing company-specific tax incentives or grants to an entity as inducement for the entity to physically relocate to the state from a location in a member state. Corporate incentives are among the least effective uses of taxpayer dollars to create and maintain jobs and governments should attract and retain companies based on general conditions, not based on a specific grant for a particular company. The Agreement to Phase-Out Corporate Giveaways creates a level playing field for all employers. This Act takes effect upon the adoption of the Agreement to Phase-Out Corporate Giveaways by 2 or more states. This Act is known as the “Agreement to Phase-Out Corporate Giveaways”.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 29 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO THE AGREEMENT TO PHASE-OUT CORPORATE GIVEAWAYS ACT.
SA 1 to SB 44PassedSturgeonThis Amendment removes the word "all" from the current law. Currently, the Drug Overdose Fatality Review Commission ("Commission") uses a sampling method since there are so many overdose deaths to review each year. The removal of "all" allows the Commission to review every death if resources allow, but also reflects the current process that reviews a sample of the deaths.  

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