Daily Report for 4/26/2021

Governor's Actions

No legislation is Signed by Governor Today

New Legislation Introduced

BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
HA 1 to HB 155PassedK. JohnsonThis amendment clarifies the definition of “sexual orientation”. 
HA 4 to HB 82PassedD. ShortThis amendment adds a new Enactment Clause with a 3/5 vote requirement required when new fees are being authorized. This amendment clarifies that the Executive Director position created by the act will be an exempt position and will become effective 30 days after enactment of the act. Additionally the fees for certain certifications are required to be based upon actual costs unless the fee is otherwise specifically authorized by other provisions of the title. Finally the Commission is authorized to impose civil penalties or fines that are authorized under Chapters 66 and 67 Title 16. 
HA 1 to HS 1 for HB 134PassedSpiegelmanThis amendment removes the granting of internet services from the bill as there is a federal pre-emption that prevents any town from granting these service areas.  

Legislation Passed By Senate

No Legislation Passed By Senate

Legislation Passed By House of Representatives

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Senate Committee Assignments

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House Committee Assignments

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Senate Committee Report

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House Committee Report

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Senate Defeated Legislation

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House Defeated Legislation

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Nominations Enacted upon by the Senate

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