Daily Report for 1/11/2022

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BillCurrent StatusSponsorSynopsisTitle
SCR 64PassedPettyjohnThis Concurrent Resolution recognizes January 9, 2022, as "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day" in Delaware.RECOGNIZING JANUARY 9, 2022, AS "LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION DAY" IN DELAWARE.
SB 211CommitteeMantzavinosThis Act prohibits employers from requesting or requiring that an applicant for employment disclose the applicant’s age, date of birth, or dates of attendance or graduation from an educational institution in an initial application for employment, unless the employer is requesting the information because of a bona fide occupational qualification or to comply with state or federal law. AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 19 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES.
HA 1 to HB 77PWBKowalkoThis Amendment does all of the following: 1. Makes this Act consistent with California law by clarifying that for adult mattresses, the restrictions on the flame retardant chemicals and organohalogens only apply to foam. 2. Exempts used mattresses. 3. Provides a blanket exception that allows mattresses or upholstered furniture that can be sold in California to be sold in Delaware. 4. Corrects spelling and terminology. 5. Changes the effective date to July 1, 2023.  
HB 283CommitteeK. WilliamsThis Act funds the Human Trafficking Interagency Coordinating Council by disbursing to the Council $100,000 each fiscal year from the Fund to Combat Violent Crimes. Under § 4101(h) of Title 11, the Fund to Combat Violent Crimes is funded by a $15 penalty imposed on and collected from defendants for certain crimes or civil violations. The money within the Fund is divided between the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and local law-enforcement agencies for use in connection with initiatives to combat violent crime. No more than $4,250,000 may be deposited into the Fund. Any amount more than $4,250,000 reverts to the General Fund. In recent fiscal years, the Fund to Combat Violent Crimes has reverted excess funds to the General Fund. Because of the new disbursement of $100,000 to the Human Trafficking Interagency Coordinating Council, this Act also increases the maximum amount of money that may be deposited into the Fund to Combat Violent Crimes by $100,000 to $4,350,000. This Act also adds to existing reporting requirements for the Human Trafficking Interagency Coordinating Council that the Council document how it spends disbursements from the Fund to Combat Violent Crimes. The Council must also provide the report to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services. This Act also makes technical corrections to conform existing law to the standards of the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual.AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 11 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO DISBURSING MONEY IN THE FUND TO COMBAT VIOLENT CRIMES TO THE HUMAN TRAFFICKING INTERAGENCY COORDINATING COUNCIL.
HA 2 to HB 183PWBHensleyThis amendment makes technical corrections. 
SCR 65PassedLockmanThis Senate Concurrent Resolution honors and recognizes the leadership, achievements, and sacrifices of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and urges all citizens of the First State to participate fittingly in the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 17, 2022.HONORING THE LIFE AND WORK OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. ON THE OCCASION OF “DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY".
SCR 66PassedSokolaThis concurrent resolution remembers and recognizes the life and service of former Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner.HONORING THE MEMORY AND SERVICE OF THE HONORABLE RUTH ANN MINNER, FORMER GOVERNOR OF DELAWARE.
SR 23PassedTownsendThis resolution honors the life and legacy of former Delaware State Senator Robert L. Venables, Sr.SENATE RESOLUTION HONORING THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF DELAWARE STATE SENATOR ROBERT L. VENABLES, SR.
SA 1 to SB 203PassedTownsendThis Amendment makes a technical correction.  
SA 1 to SB 198PWBPooreThis amendment clarifies language at lines 37 to 42 of Senate Bill No. 198, for example, by specifying that the Office of Child Care Licensing is responsible for exercising general control and supervision to license, register, and monitor all residential and nonresidential child care facilities. In addition, the amendment specifies that the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families is responsible for licensing foster homes. The amendment also corrects inadvertent errors in the language of Senate Bill No. 198.  

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