Delaware General Assembly




WHEREAS, Howard S. Abbott, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. S. Johnson Refrigeration Company, Abco, Inc., Abe Sachs, Inc., Abram E. Stern Company, Incorporated, Accounting Services, Inc., Ace Beverage Company, Inc., Ace Sales & Service, Inc., Acme Oil & Gas Corporation, Acousticon-Orrison Co., Adele Shops, Inc., Adequate Housing Inc., Aero Company, Inc., Aeromotive Services, Inc., Affiliated Liquidating Corporation, Agee Engineering Company, Ahtram Corporation, Air Industries, Incorporated, Air-Stop Storm Sash Company, Air Technical Services, Inc., Air Time Research Institute of America, Air Transport Corporation, Airborne Products, Inc., Aircraft & Diesel Equipment Corporation, Airline Equipment Corporation, Airports-Airways-Associates Incorporated, Alamill Oil Corp., Alamo Mining and Development Corporation, The, Alan, Inc., Albion Mining Co., Inc., Alcania Timber Syndicate, Inc., Alcon Restaurant, Inc., Aldoroco, Inc., All-America Stores, Inc., Allen Howe Electronics Corp., Allied Petroleum Corporation, Allied Waterproofing Co., Inc., Aloupis Company, Incorporated, Alta Mines, Inc., Amalgamated Copper Corporation, Amasia Industrial Trade Institute, Inc., Amer - Ind Inc., America-JapanHonshu Co. Inc., American-African Corporation, The, American Asiatic Medical and Dental Supply Co., Inc., American Bowling Distributing Corp., American Brazilian Company, American and Brazilian Food Products, Inc., American Buyers Service, Inc., American Ceramics Sales Company, American Chrome and Magnesium Industries, Inc., American Distributing Company, American Dominion Oil Corporation, American Engineering Specialties, Inc., American Extension University, Ltd., American Industrial Engineers, Inc., American Institute of Radionics, Inc., American-Mayan Corp., American Monac Corporation, American Newspictures, Inc., American Plan Discount Corporation, American Quarter Horse Association, Inc., American Resources Company, American Students and Veterans Aid, A Non-Profit, Charitable Corporation, American Superior Products Corporation, American Trade Associates Export-Import Co., Inc., American Veterans' Housing Co-Operative of Delaware, Inc., American Veterans PX Stores, Inc., American World Trades Export-Import, Inc., American Yachting Association, Amphac Laboratories, Inc., Anderson-Mock, Inc., Anglo-American Corporation, Anselm and Company, Inc., Ansonia Clock Manufacturing Corporation, The, Anton Koerber, Inc., Apex Finance Company, Apex Radio & Television Co., Apple Fruit Corporation of America, Ardesey Corporation, Ariston, Incorporated, Arnold Supply Company, Art Gift Shop, Inc., The, Art-craft Rubber Products, Inc., Associated American Industries, Inc., Associated Contractors Inc. of Washington, D. C., Associated Home Towns, Inc., Associated Industries Inc., Associated Publishers, Inc., Associated Service Stores of America, Inc., Associated Services, Inc., Atlantic & Pacific Industries, Ltd., Atlas-Brooke Steel Corporation, Atlas Motor Sales, Inc., Atwood Manufacturing Co., Autodrink Corporation, Automatic Guns, Inc., Automobile Accessories, Inc., Automotive Safety Mechanics of Delaware, Inc., Avery Land and Mining Corporation.

B. E. Cubbage, Inc., B & H Engineering Associates, Inc., Bagnoli, Stovall Co., Inc., Bailey Drug Co., Inc., Bam Mining Co., Inc., The, Bar M Ranch, Inc., Bardick Corp., Beacon Hotels, Inc., Beauty, Inc., Beauty * Research, Incorporated, Beaver Dam Branch Drainage Company, The, Beaver Dam, Incorporated, Bee-C-Bee Music Corporation, Bee-Jay Corporation, The, Bell Cab, Inc., Belle Haven Lodge, Inc., Bellefonte Drug Co, Benham Corporation, The, Benjamin Topol, Inc., Bennett Design & Engineering Co., Betsy Ross Foods, Incorporated, Bettendorf Metal, Inc., Beverage Laboratories, Inc., The, Big State Oil and Distributing Company, Inc., Bilicke & Servino, Inc., Bing's Mailing Service, Inc., Bivins Karlson Corporation, Black's Cigar Stores, Inc., Blanchart Corporation, Blue Banner Sales, Inc., Blue Bell Development Corporation, Bob White's, Inc., Bobb Construction Company.

Boehm & Young, Inc., Boise Pine Mills, Inc., Bolivian International Mining Corporation, Bonded Warehouse & Storage Company, Bonwill House, Inc., Boxwood, Incorporated, Bradley-Mansfield Construction Company, Incorporated, Bradly Clothes, Inc., Brandeis Foundation, Inc., The, Brandywine Associates, Inc., Bray-Scarff & Co., Brill's, Incorporated, Broad Arcade Bowling Academies, Inc., Broadcast Enterprises, Inc., Brookwall Realty Co., Brown & Degarmo Auto Sales, Inc., Bru Power Corporation, Buck Creek Coal Mining Company, Budget Finance Company, Burka Bros., Inc., Bush's Gun Club, Bushard Properties, Inc., Busman's Holiday, Inc., Butacet Corporation, The, Butler's Liquors, Inc., Bys Corporation.

C. B. C. Corporation, C. B. Sales, Inc., C. E. J. Holding Company, C. P. Whitney Industries, Inc., C. W. Cain Tailoring Company, Cab Ads, Inc., Cairo Catering, Inc., Cal-Agg, Incorporated, Calendar Corp., Callite Tungsten Corporation, Camramatic Corporation, The, Caneel Bay Corporation, Canler Corporation, Canteen Distributors, Inc., Capital City Boating Corporation, Capital Marine Supplies, Incorporated, Capitol Apparel Manufacturing Co., Inc., Capitol Marine Works, Inc., Capitol Sales, Inc., Carbon, Inc., Cardon Corporation, Carib Fruit Corporation, Caribbean Corporation, The, Carlton Construction Corporation, Carlyle Sheet & Tube Corporation, Carolina Linen and Laundry Service, Inc., Carolina Utilities Company, Carroll & Miller Corporation, The, Carrville Gold Company, Carsmith Realty Co., Carter Trucking Company, Casten's, Inc., Cathay-Grand Corporation, Catlin Lumber Co., Inc., Cattell and Company, Inc.

Celebrities, Incorporated, Cellutin Corporation, The, Centerville Clay Products Company, Central Conditioning Corporation, Central Engineering & Trading Co. Inc., Central State Corporation of Industries, Central Trading Corporation, Central Warehouse and Refrigeration Company, The, Century Discount Corporation, Ceylon Spice Company, Inc., Chaard, Incorporated, Chain Club, The, Chalmers Co., Inc., Chapman & Stockfeld Incorporated, Charles K. Dunn, Incorporated, Chemical Formulas, Inc., Chemical Processes, Inc., Cherokee Oil Well Cementing Co., Inc., Chevy Chase Transfer & Storage Co., Inc., Chi-Am Trading Co., Inc., China Clipper, Inc., China Land & Investment Company, Ltd., China Motor Corporation, China Press, Incorporated, The, Chloride Mining Corporation, Cia Minera La Loma, S. A. Corporation, Cimarron Petroleum & Exploration Company, Cinnco Broadcasting Company, Ciro Hosiery Corporation, Ciroalo and Vassallo, Inc., City Center Realty Corporation.

Clark-Hutchison, Inc., Claymont Hills Corporation, Clean-'NWax Company, The, Cleary Company, Cleervue Television Corporation, Club 1101, Inc., Club 3238, Coast Line Corporation, Coastal Marine Repair, Inc., Coffee Concentrate Corporation, Coleman Realty Company, Inc., Colonial Shops, Inc., The, Color-Craft, Inc., Columbia Development Corporation, Columbia Equipment Corporation, Columbia International Trade Corporation, Columbia Trading Corp., Columbian International Associates, Inc., Columbian Steel Tank Company, Combs-Monorail Company, Comfort Products Corporation, Commemoration Associates Inc., Commercial Lumber Company, Commercial Travel Credit System, Inc., Commonwealth Aviation Corporation, Concrete Products, Inc., Connector Industries, Inc., Consolidated American Promotion Corporation, Consolidated Contracting Company, Consolidated Photographic Industries, Inc., Consolidated Services, Inc., Consolidated Skidmaster Corporation of America.

Consumers League of Delaware, Inc., Continental Air Express, Inc., Continental Commercial Co., Inc., Continental Gauge Corporation, Continental Service Corporation, Contract Haulers, Inc., Contractors Equipment Sales & Service Corporation, Coral Theatre Corporation, Corner Stores, Inc., The, Corporation Maintenance & Service Company, Cottage Construction Co., The, Courtley Cartoons, Inc., Courtley Music Corporation, Cragood Company, Creative Management Services, Incorporated, Crisconi Brothers, Inc., Crosbie Company of Washington, Inc., The, Cross Corporation, Crusaders Theological Seminary Inc., The, Cugat Music Corporation, Culpepper Lumber, Inc., Custom. Kitchens, Inc., Cutler Motor Corporation, Cyclic Inc., Cyclic Oil Corporation, Cyclops Export Industries Corp.

D. C. Blake, Inc., D. E. Corporation, D. E. M., Inc., D. L. B. Inc., D & L, Inc., D & M Poultry Co., Dad's Root Beer Bottling Company of Baltimore, Daisey L. Reed, Inc., Daniel Metal Products, Inc., Daughters of The British Empire In The State of Delaware, Inc., Davis Motor Sales, Inc., Davis and Thomas, Inc., Davis Upholstery Co., Inc., Davy & Murphy Construction Co., Inc., Debutante Register Foundation, Inc., The, Decatur Holding Co. Inc., Defense and General Housing Corporation, Del-Air Flying Club, Del-Mar-Va Crop Dusting Company, Del Realty Company, Delapp Farmade Company, Delaware Auction, Inc., Delaware Avenue Realty Company, Delaware Block Company, Delaware Bottlers Association, Delaware Casualty Company, Delaware Drink-O-Mat Corp., Delaware Drug Co., Delaware Highway Trucking and Hauling Company, Delaware Labor Relations Council, Inc., Delaware Products Co., Inc., The, Delaware Social Hygiene Association, Incorporated, Delaware Wing, Civil Air Patrol, Inc.

Delbay Sea Foods Co., Inc., Delivery Vehicle Company, Inc., Delmar Farms, Incorporated, Delmar Motors, Inc., Delmarva Associates, Inc., Delmarva Oil Corporation of Texas, Delmont Yarns, Inc., Dencolo Sales Corporation, Desha Basin Corporation, Detroit Stables, Inc., Developers Financial Company, Inc., Diamond Ranches Corporation, Devonian Chemical Corporation, Diamond State Construction Company, Diamond State Sportsmen's Club, Dick's Inc., Direct Distributors, Incorporated, District Development Corporation, Dixie Visioneers, Inc., Dodson & Company, Dominion Commerce Corporation, Donelan Oil Co., Douglas Development Corporation, Douglas Iron & Metal Corp., Dry Cleaners Service Company, Dry Transfer Manufacturers Association, Inc., Du-Court Mills Inc., Dupont Circle Tobacco Shop, Inc., Dura-Built Homes of Washington, Inc.

E. B. Rogers, Inc., E. H. Harris, Inc., E. J. Mudge Trading Company, Inc., E. L. Lynch & Son, Inc., E. L. Rahm Company, E and M Construction Corporation, E. M. Corporation, E & S Construction Company, Inc., E-Z-Ski, Inc., Earle Products Corporation, East Coast Steel Corp., East Texas Steel Co., Eastern Ave. Bldg. Co., Eastern Ave. Housing Co., Eastern Ave. Realty Co., Eastern Cab Co., Inc., Eastern Courier, Inc., Eastern Fabricators, Inc., Eastern Investigation Bureau, Inc., Eastern Shore Athletic Association, Eastern Shore Nurseries, Incorporated, The, Eberhall Corporation, Ed. Hart & Associates, Inc., Edward A. Martin Associates, Inc., Edward Motor Company, Inc., Edward P. Simon Research Corporation.

Edwards Concrete Conduit Co., El Mexico, Inc., El Rio OilsCanada-Limited, Elair Corporation, Electrical Workers of Delaware, Incorporated, Electro-Mech Laboratories Corporation, Electro-Pain-Killer-Corporation, Electronic Neon Lights, Inc., Elite Book Club of America, The, Elite Paper Products Corporation, Elk Neck Rod & Gun Club, Elliott Transportation Co., Empire Motors, Inc., Empire Painting Co., Inc., Empire Properties Corporation, Empire Tractor Corporation, Engineering Materials Co., Inc., Engineering-Sales Associates, Ltd., Enterprise Trading Corporation, Equatorial Mining Corporation, Erdix Corporation, European Magazine Associates, Inc., Examinar Y Cia., Inc., Eze Golf Corporation, Export Research & Engineering Company, Inc.

F. Baruch Agency, Inc., The, F. & G. Construction Company, Fabric of The Month, Inc., Fairmount Athletic Club, Inc., Falls Church Supply Co., Inc., Fannettie Land Corporation, Far Eastern Asiatic Corporation, Farm & Home Products Co., Federal Distributors, Inc., Federal Industries, Inc., Federal Television Corporation, Feria Systems, Inc., Fi-Re-Sist Products, Inc., Fiberlin Corporation, Fidelity Reality Corporation (China), Fiedler Corporation, The, Fifteen Twenty-Two Walnut Street Corporation, Finkelstein Sewing Machine Corporation, Fireside Housing Corporation, First Commonwealth Company, First National Corporation, First State Oil Company, Fishfinder Bait Company, 5828 Wilshire Boulevard Co., Inc., The, 5510 Woodlawn Avenue Co-Operative Building Corporation.

Flamingo Air Service, Inc., Flare Gas, Inc., Flasheat Boiler Sales, Inc., Flick Builders Incorporated, Flying Tiger Transport Inc., Food Specialties, Inc., Forakers' Inc., Forsum Cab Company, Inc., Forty-First Street Corporation, Foster California Corporation, Foster Motors, Inc., Frank Charmel Inc., Frank E. Lowe, Inc., Frank Miratti Hotel Corporation, Ltd., Franklin Credit-Finance Corporation, Fraternal Order of Firemen of Wilmington, Del., The, Fred A. Lallemand Corporation, Fred T. Bridges Associates, Inc., Frederica Council No. 22, Junior Order United American Mechanics, Frederick H. Walton, Inc., French American Commodities Corporation, Fretz Market, Inc., Friendly Pharmacy, Inc., Friendship Hotel Corporation, Fuller Houses, Inc.

G. E. Veasey, Incorporated, G. L. Douglass Incorporated, G. M. Wick Corporation, Garden Court Apartments, Inc., Gardy's Atlantic Service Station, Inc., Garfield Development Corp., Gaunart Realty Corporation, Gem Market, Inc., General American Export-Import Corporation, General Aviation Equipment Company, Inc., General Beverage Co. of Oklahoma, General Citrus Corporation, General Contracting Corporation, General Distributing Company, Inc., General Enterprise, Inc., General Industries Corporation of America, General Patent and Licensing Corporation, General Roofing Paint Company, General Sand and Supply Company, General Steel Corporation, Geneva Optical Company, Geo-Frequenta Corporation, George Manufacturing Company, Inc., George N. Childs Incorporated, George P. Gould Corporation, The, Georgetown Motors, Inc., Georgia Avenue Corporation, The, Gerard J. Danco Inc., Girard Productions, Inc., Global Mills, Inc., Globe Industrial Development Company, Inc.

Globe Securities Company, Globe Trailer Parts Company, Gold Hill Mines, Inc., Gold Seal Leather Co., Inc., Goldcraft Portraits, Inc., Good Will Unlimited A Corporation, Gooding Building Materials Co., Inc., Gordon Motors, Inc., Gordon-Owen Corporation, Government Girl Shopper, Inc., Governor Printz Realty Company, Grace Company, Inc. of Delaware, The, Graduate Group, Incorporated, The, Graham-Townsend and Associates, Inc., Graphic Craftsmen, Inc., Graystrad, Inc., Gre-Nair Corporation, Great Circle Airways, Inc., Great Continent Air Service, Inc., Great Western Packing & Shipping Company, Inc., Greenhill Corporation, Gregorie Cafe, Inc., Grevo Corporation, Grey Gull Fishing Club, Inc., Griffith Broadcasters of El Paso, Inc., Group Pre-Paid Medical Association, Inc., Guaranty Holding Company, Guardian Management Corporation, Gulf-Pacific Corporation, Gulf Sulphur Corporation, Guy's N. E. Motor Co.

H. A. & J. M. Corporation, H. B. Wright Company, H & H Export Company, Inc., H. L. Decker Realty Corporation, Habey Corporation, The, Hageman Properties,Inc., Haggerty Corporation, The, Hair Refresher Co. Inc., Hair & Scalp Clinic, Inc., Haitian Riviera Development Corporation, Halvic Corporation, Hamilton Realty Co., Inc., Hamilton-Ward Advertising Corporation, Hancock Engineering Company, The, Harbro Engineering Corporation, Hargreen Corporation, Harriman Associates, Ltd., Harris-Magruder, Incorporated, Harrison & Company, Harry Berman Incorporated, Harry Vogel and Associates, Inc., Hart Company, Inc., The, Hart Radio Features, Inc., Hartford Heat Treating Corporation, Healthflo Products Co., Helicopters, Inc., Henlopen Players, Incorporated, Henry Behrens, Inc., Herbert Spooner Greetings, Inc., High Tor Associates, Inc., Highbrook Inc., Highland Hall, Inc., Hillcrest Apparel Shop, Inc., Hirco, Inc., Hobart Publishing Company, Incorporated, Hod Carriers Building Common Laborers & Porters Protective Association of America, Hoge Broadcasting Corporation, Hoist Yukon Gold "Goat Creek" Placers, Incorporated, Home Facilities, Inc., Home Owners Apartments, Incorporated, Homeward Farms, Inc., Honduras-American Lumber Company, Hotel Grande Restaurant, Inc., Housing Products Corporation, Houston-Pacific Corporation, Houston Tool Corporation, Hudson Industrial Corporation, Hughes Lumber & Supply Co., Inc., Hy-Grade Supply Co., Hydrozone Corporation of America.

Ideas, Incorporated, Imagineers International Trading Corp., Incote Corporation, Independent Amusements, Inc., Independent Farm Industries, Inc., Independent Investors Fund, Inc., Industrial Distributing Corporation, Industrial Enterprises Company, Industrial Holding and Accepting Corporation, Industrial Machine Key Corporation, The, Industrial and Marine Equipment Corporation, Industrial Relations Publishing Corporation, Industrial Trade Services, Inc., Inland Carbon & Chemical Company, Inlet Company, Inc., The, Institute of American Trade, Inc., Insulation Associates, Inc., International Commerce, Incorporated, International Food Trading Co., Inc., International Forwarding Corporation, International Industrial Development Company, International Petroleum Corporation, International Publishers, Inc., International Radio, Inc., International Tartacol Corporation, The, International Tele-Film Company, Inc., International Textiles, Inc., International Theatrical and Television Corporation of Missouri, International Trade Relations Agency, Inc., International Trading Company of Rhode Island, International Veterans Airlines, Inc., Interstate Mortgage Company, Interstate Sales Company.

J. E. Hostetter, Incorporated, J. Francis Truitt, Inc., J. Howard Goodwin & Company, J. P. Smith Drilling Company, Jack and Charlies's, Inc., Jack P. Hennessy Sales Company, Incorporated, Jack Salmon Company, Inc., The, Jacobs Sports Magazines, Inc., Jade American Ltd., James J. Paulman, Incorporated, Jameson Battery & Equipment Co., Jefferson Freight Lines, Incorporated, Jennifer Business College, Incorporated, Jiffimeals, Inc., Jiffy Auto Laundry, Inc., Jimcor Distributors, Inc., John Brown & Co., Inc., John F. Schumacher, Inc., John J. Monaghan Co., Johnson Engineering Company, Inc., Joliet Chemicals, Inc., Jomedo Mining Company, Inc., Jorosa Mining Company, Inc., Joseph Ginoris, Inc., Joseph O'loughlin Co., Jot System, Inc., The, Joy Shoppe, Inc., Junior Order United American Mechanics, Vigilant Council Number 19, Incorporated.

K-F Food Co., Incorporated, K-F Motors of Hartford, Inc., K. Gee & Company, Inc., (China), Kaleidoscope, Inc., Kathryn Kagan Homes, Inc., Kay-Mann Corporation, Kelger Corporation, The, Keller Motors Corporation, Kelly Realty Company, Kelly-Woolley Construction Co., Kemp and Clements, Inc., Kenilworth Auto Co., Kenilworth Land Company, Kent County Farm Labor and Cooperative Association, Kern Laboratories, Inc., Keystone Pen-Pencil-Penholder Company, Incorporated, Kiangnan Industries, Inc., Kin Associates, Inc., Kleaner Klothes, Inc., Knowl Trading Company, Inc., Kolb Motor Co., Inc., Koppelon, Inc., Kroma Chemical Company, Inc., Kwik-Kafe' of Washington, D. C., Incorporated.

L. D. Coady, Inc., L. M. Rauch Corporation, La Societe Des 40 Hommes Et 8 Chevaux Voiture Locale No. 1, Inc., Ladies International Orange Association, Lakota Oil and Gas Company, Lane-Saoutchik, Ltd., Laurel Processing, Inc., Lawrence Du Pont Sales, Inc., Lee Garling Associates, Inc., Leeder Finance Company, Lehan's Radio & Appliance Sales Agency, Inc., Lehigh Briquetting Company, Leland Company, The, Leventhal Patents, Incorporated, Levner Manufacturing Co., Inc., Libby Construction Co., Inc., Liberia Hotel Company, The, Liberia Products Company, The, Liberty Laundry Co., Liberty Printing Company, Inc., Liebling & Co., Inc., Liefeld Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, Inc., Lincoln Holding and Investment Corp., Lingo, Incorporated, Liquid Purification Corp., Lloyds and Bim, Inc., Loma Trading & Export Corporation, Longfield Corporation, Lott Multimatic Grinder Corporation, Lou's Market, Inc., Loyal Order of Coprals, Inc., The, Loyham Tractor & Implement Corporation, Luminaire Distributing Corporation, Lyon Investment Company.

M. C. Mining Corporation, M. M. Kramer Co., Meccommon Company, Incorporated, The, Machinery Patent and. Finance Corporation, Magmatic Minerals Corporation, Maierform of America, Inc., Mail-Me-Monday of Delaware, Inc., Main Industries, Inc., Majestic Grill, Inc., Majestic Raceways, Inc., Majestic Records, Inc., Majestic Vendo Co., Mallory Airport Lighting System, Inc., Manchester Investment Company, Mansfield Broadcasting Company, Inc., Manufacturers' Merchandising Company, Mapleton, Inc., Maritime Pulp and Paper Sales Corporation, Mar-pro Incorporated, Marquette Heights Commercial Co., Martin Balick, Inc., Marvel Chemical Corp., Maryland-Nevada Operating Company, Inc., Master-Craft Construction Corporation, Matam Corporation, Mayes Publishing Company, Inc., Media, Incorporated, Medical Bureaus of Information, Inc., Medical Gum Laboratories, Inc., Melrose Mining Corporation, Memorial Investment and Management Corp., Merchants Parking Corporation, Mercury Airfreight Corporation, Meridian Hill Corporation, Meridian Hill Restaurant Corporation, Meritone Corporation, The.

Merner & Boylan, Inc., Mervis Motor Company, Meryle, Incorporated, Metal Corporation of America, Metalube Corporation, Metaplast Tape Corporation, Metropolitan Hotel Corporation, Mexia Development Corporation, Miami Valley Mining Co., Inc., Mica Research Corporation, Michael Holding Company, Mid-South Equipment Company, Midwest Trading Corporation, Milk Packaging Corporation, Miller, Chester and Conway, Inc., Miller Durable Floors, Inc., Minit-Man Operating Corporation, Mission Eastern Sales Corporation, Mitchell Construction Company, Mode De France, Ltd., Modern Construction Corporation, Modern Development Corporation, Modern Machines Corporation, Modern Real Estate Co., Inc., Morgan Acid, Incorporated, Mossberg Motor Corporation, Mouldings, Inc., Mount Vernon Boulevard Development Co., Inc., Mountain Air Service, Inc., Multiple Electronic Signs, Inc., Muns Construction Company, Music of The Month, Inc., Mutual Savings and Loan Association.

Name-Bands, Inc., Napoli, Inc., National Aluminum Products Corporation, National Business Systems of Washington, Inc., National Capital Co-Operative Apartments, Inc., National Construction Materials, Inc., National Controlled Air Corporation, National Display Advertising Corporation, National Electronic Refrigeration Corporation, National Electronics Corporation, National Fly-Ur-Self System, Inc., National Mail Order Guild, Inc., National Mills, Inc., National Mining and Mineral Company, Inc., National Royalties Corporation, National Safety Road Markers, Inc., National Television Broadcasting Co., Inc., National Underwriters, Inc., Naval Coast Patrol, Inc., Negro Servicemens Protective Association, Incorporated, Nelson-Pollard Corporation, Neptune Grill, Inc., New Era Mines, Incorporated, Nicholas & Hadges, Inc., Nicotine Free Tobacco Company of America and Canada, The, Nonpareil Manufacturing Company, North American Land Corp., North American Photgraphy, Inc., North American Shares Corporation, The, North-Ashland Building Corporation, North Fairfax Sanitary Corporation, North-Monroe Building Corporation, Northern Mutual Association, Inc., Nu-Zest Pure Juice Co., Inc., Nullo, Inc., Nutri Cola Bottling Co. of Philadelphia.

O'Brien Associates, Inc., O'Neill & Dooling Construction Company, Oakford Gas & Appliance Company of Long Beach, Oklahoma Steel Bldg. Co., Old World Incorporated, Omaha Scientific Supply Corp., Oman Construction Company, Inc., 1948 Associates, Inc., Orba Corporation, Orzel Steel-Crete Corporation, Overseas Health Packages, Inc., Overseas Veterans Non-Partisan Political Council, Inc., Oxford Engineering Company.

P. F. O'Brien & Sons, Inc., P & M Sales Company, Inc., P. T. Development and Research Corporation, Pacific Atlantic Steel Corporation "Pasco," Pacific Eastern Company, Pacific Forwarding Association, Pacific Trading Corporation, Pan American Development Corporation, Pan-American Lumber Corp., Pan American Prospecting & Mining Co., Inc., Pan-American Trade and Investment Corporation, Pan-American Transport, Inc., Pan-World Trading Corporation, Panship of Delaware, Inc., Pantepec Petroleum Companies, Paramount Novelty Company, Park Mercantile Co., Ltd., Parkside Athletic Club, Pasadena-Sunset Canning Company, Patterson Mills, Inc., Paul J. Davis, Inc., Pegasus Airfreight, Inc., Pelman, Inc., Penn Motor Co., Inc., Penn-Warren Steel Company, Peoples Radio and Electrical Supply Company, Inc., The, Perlo Construction Corp., Permacrete Construction Corporation, Peter Gold Mutual Association, Inc., The, Philadelphia Export Company, Photo Sales, Inc., Piggy Pops, Inc., Pinos Altos Mining Company, Inc., Pioneer Placer Dredging and Development Corporation, Pipe Line Supply Corporation, Pirnie, Lee & Company, Incorporated, Plas-Tk Bits, Inc., Plaster Products, Inc., Plastic Injection, Inc., Plastic Materials, Inc., Plastics Engineering & Manufacturing Company, Platt-Victoria Sales Corp., Playboy Motor Car Corporation, Playwell Inc., Plaza Auto Sales, Inc., Pleasantaire Corporation, Plowmobile Corporation Of America, The, Plumb Manufacturing Company, The, Pneumatic Cap & Seal Corporation, Potomac Associates, Inc., Potomac Distributors, Inc., Potomac International Corporation, Pre-Fab Industries Corporation, Precioustones, Inc., Precision Manufacturing Corporation, Prentice Company, The, Prescription Center, Inc., The, Printz Products, Inc., Procurement Service, Incorporated, Production Credit Corporation, Products Development Corp., Public Opinion Engineers, Inc., Public Service Association, Incorporated, The, Publishers and Advertisers, Inc., Px Canteen Corporation.

Quaint American Reproductions, Inc., Quapaw Development Company, Inc., Quick Service Cleaners & Tailors, Inc.

R. G. Corporation, R. & L. Baking Co., R. M. Muir, Inc., Radford Pictures, Incorporated, Radix Corporation, Ranch Homes, Inc., Ranch, Inc., The, Randle Estates, Inc., Randle & Garvin, Inc., Randle Highlands Company, Rauschenberg Industries, Inc., Raymond De-Icer Co., Inc., Rayon Equities, Inc., Realty Appraisal & Title Company of Washington, D. C., Reardon Bros., Inc., Red Bar, Inc., The, Red Rock Cola Bottling Company of Connecticut, Refrigeration Workers Union, Inc., Regal Productions Inc., Register Supplies Corporation, Rehoboth-Indian Beach Water Corp., Related Products Corporation, Reliable Builders, Inc., Reliance Appliance & Engineering Company, Rename, Inc., Research Associates, Inc., Research & Planning, Inc., Rhode Island Task Enterprises, Inc., Richmond Motors, Inc., Rite Construction Co., Inc., The, Rock Creek Real Estate Company, Inc., Roditi Corporation of Italy, The, Rogers-Peerless Manufacturing Company, Rojges Coutouriers, Inc., Roller & Golibart, Inc., Rollo Corporation, The, Roman Choir From The Vatican Churches Company, The, Ropeez, Inc., Ross Federal Service, Inc., Ross Finance Corporation, Royal Industrial Corporation, The, Royal Screw Company, Russell Carburetor Company, Ryce Wilson Company, Inc.

S. G. Outfitters, Inc., S. P. Socket Company, Inc., S. S. S. Operating Corporation, Safeway Container Corporation, Saffady Corporation, The, Salvage Power Corporation San Jacinto Drilling Company, Sapp Construction Company, Scalp Treatments, Inc., Scheherazade By Its Original Paris Creators, Inc., Scriptoscope Company, The, Sea-King Sea Food Markets, Inc., Seaboard Consultants, Inc., Second Potomac Investment Company, Seneca Stamping & Machine Co., Inc., 738 Twenty-Third Street, Inc., 75th Division Veterans Association, 77 Development Corporation, Shahmoon Incorporated, Shahmoon Management Company, Shanghai Airlines Club, Shantung Traders, Inc., Shelton Bros. Trucking Co., Inc., Sherman Plan, Inc., Shoreham Supplies, Inc., Short Corporation, Shull Insurance Agency, Inc., Sidley Construction Corporation, Sigma Tau Phi Fraternity-Delta Chapter, Inc., Silver-Knight Development Co., Ltd., Silver Motors, Inc., Simplicity Merchandiser, Inc., Siralop Steamship Company, Inc., Sixteen Hundred Hinman Avenue Corporation, Skinner Aircraft Engines, Inc., Skipper's Seafood House, Incorporated, Skyparks, Inc., Smith, Brennan & Company, Smith Marine Transportation Company, Smith & Strevig, Inc., Smyrna Business Association, Soap and Detergent Manufacturers' Association, Solomon E. Shahmoon Company, Sound Vue, Inc.

South American Enterprises, Inc., South American Parra Fuel Corp., Southeast Business Men's Athletic Club, Southern Broadcasters, Incorporated, Southern Investigation Bureau, Inc., Southern Plastics, Inc., Southern Sales Corporation, Southern Sauces, Inc., Southern States Oil & Land Company, Southwestern Investors, Incorporated, Soya International, Inc., Special Policemen's Association, Inc., Spickard Tire & Supply Company, Sport Shoes, Inc., Sportsmen's Republican Club, Standard Coat, Apron & Linen Supply, Inc., Standard Structures Incorporated, Standley Sales & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Stanley Steam Motors Corporation, Stanton Market, Inc., Star Grill, Incorporated, Starr County of Texas Oil & Gas Development Corp., State Drugs, Inc., States Oil and Gas Corporation, Steam Motive Power, Incorporated, Stebbing, Inc., Steel Engineers, Inc., Stephen R. Jackson & Company, Sterling Handcraft, Inc., Sterling Sales Company, Inc., Stone Setting, Inc., Stores Associated For Veterans' Economy, Inc., Strandberg Farming Corporation, Strategic Ores Company, Inc., Stratford Corporation, The, Structural Homes, Inc., Suburban Drive-In Theatre Corp., Sugar Management, Inc., Suitland Manor Food Center, Inc., Sullivan-Waldron Products Company, Sun Clothes of California, Inc., Super Electric Corporation, Superior Incinerator Company, Inc., Surety Engineering Corporation, Surf Amusements, Inc., Sussex Farms & Poultry Co., Sussex Inc., Sussex Oil Company, Swann Investment Corporation, Swiss Chalet and Hunt Club, Sycamore Corporation, Sydney Originals, Inc.

T. J. O'Sullivan Company, Inc., Tabulating Forms Corporation, Tanker and Transport Corporation, Tankers & Freighters, Inc., Teachers Mutual Investment Society, Teckna Company, Inc., Tekton Construction Company, Inc., Tel-A-Key Trading Corporation, Tel-Rad Message Service, Inc., Tele-Vision News of Washington, Inc., Tele-Vu Corporation, Telecasting Publications, Inc., Telequiz Corporation of New York, The, Television Corporation of America, Television and Film Productions, Inc., Telicon Corporation, Texas-Alberta Oil Fields, Inc., Texas Home & Auto Stores (Inc.), Texas Royalties Corporation, Theatre Consultants, Inc., Therm-O-Gas Corporation, Third Ward Veterans Club of Wilmington Delaware, Inc., Thomas, Adams and Davis, Inc., Thomas Brothers, Inc., Thomas Harvey Corporation, Thor Construction Company, The, Thoroughbred Turf Club, Tieman & Burke, Inc., Tillotson Manufacturing Company, The, Timberline Guest Ranches, Ltd., Titan Tractor & Implement Corporation, Townsend Manufacturing Company, Townsend Methods Inc., Toy Pop Corporation, The.

Trading Company of America, Inc., Trainer Corporation, The, Trans-America Steel Mills Corporation, Trans-America Traders, Inc., Trans Atlantic Airlines, Inc., Trans-World Syndicate, Inc., Transit Broadcasting Company of New York, Travis Royalty Company, Inc., Tri-State Homes, Inc., Tri-State Realty Co. of Washington, Tri-State Yacht Sales, Inc., Tri States Power Corporation, Trident Corporation, The, Triple "D" Home Builders, Inc., Tristate Royalty Company, Tristate Royalty Corporation, Tropical Beverage Company, Tropical Broadcasting Company, Trumbull Steel & Tube Corporation, Tucker Corporation, Tucker Export Corporation, Tucker Motor Company, The, Tulsa Rental Estates, Inc., Tuolumne Gold Dredging Corporation, Twin Cities Office Supply Corp., Twin Safety Tire Corporation, 228 South Wabash Avenue Corporation.

U. P. A. D. Incorporated, U. S. Aeroplane Carriers, Inc., U. S. Sabotage Guards and Inspection Service, Inc., Union Brewing Company, Union Chemical Products, Inc., Union Constructors, Incorporated, Union Deposit and Savings Company, The, Union Music Corporation, United Asia Commercial Company, United Clearance Corporation, The, United Contractors, Builders and Laborers Association, Incorporated, United District Agencies, Inc., United Farm Equipment Co., Inc., United Federation of Labor, Inc., The, United Heating Industries, Inc., United Motor Industries Corporation, United Purchasing Corporation, United States Airways, Inc., United States Forest Products Corporation, United States Industries, Incorporated, United Welding and Construction Company, Inc., Universal Air Service, Inc., Universal Instruments, Incorporated, Universal Metal Products Co., Universal Window Corporation, Uptown Beauty Salon, Incorporated, "Us" Farmers Union of America, Utah Elaterite Products Corporation, Utility Counselors & Service, Inc., Utility Rate Auditing Company.

V. G. Chris Company, Vacation Clubs of America, Inc., Valley Liquor Stores, Inc., Van Tine Corporation, Van Vorhees Development Corporation, Vanity Razor Company, The, Vatican Choir Company, The, Velvet Power Company, Inc., Veterans' Co-Op of El Paso, Inc., Veterinary Laboratories, Inc., Via-Pacific Traders, Inc., Victor Home Studios, Inc., Victory Export and Merchandising Corporation, Victory Investment Corporation, Viking Engineering Co., Vincent C. Moss & Co., Vinolum Products Co., Inc., Virginia Plastering Company, Inc., Vita-Rich Dairy Products, Incorporated, Vitavision International, Inc., Vulcan Pipe Corporation.

V. C. Thompson, Inc., W-E-S Engineering Corporation, W. Pantazes Vending Corporation, W-W Corporation, The, Wake Production Corporation, Wallace International, Inc., Washburn Lignite Company, Washington Associates, Inc., Washington Circle Construction Co., Inc., Washington Finance Corporation, Washington Motors, Inc., Washington Steel & Supply Co., Inc., The, Washington Tucker Sales, Inc., Weather-Proof Company, Weather Road Sign Corporation, The, West End Realty Company, Westco Finance Company, Western Chemicals Recovery Co., Inc., Westover Manor Development, Incorporated, Whelan & Garner Co., Inc., White Inc., Whiting Engineering Equipment Co., Inc., Wicacoe Riding Club, William A. Brady's Picture Plays Inc., The, William H. Harman Corporation, William J. Lacy & Co., Inc., Williams Potato Chips, Inc., Willjay Corporation, Wilmington Finance Company, Wilmington Store Fixture Co., Wilson-Moore Enterprises, Inc., Wilson, Wright & Associates, Inc., Winton Oregon Timber Company, Wire Recording Corporation of America, Womack Service Inc., Woodbridge Corporation, The, World Federation of Education Associations Travel Bureau, Inc., World's Market, Inc., World Wide Merchandising Corporation, World Wide Sales Corporation, Writing Fellowships, Inc.

Yali Foong Trading Company, Yangtszepoo Hospital, Inc., Yankee Realty Corporation, Young Men's Progressive Club, Inc., Youth Pioneer Manufacturing Company.

Zenobia Mining Company, Inc., The, Zimmerman & Co., Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this Twenty-second day of January, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the One Hundred and Seventy-sixth.


By the Governor:


HARRIS B. McDOWELL, Jr., Secretary of State.