Delaware General Assembly





Whereas, Elisha C. Dukes, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

Now, therefore, I, Charles L. Terry, Jr., Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A & B Construction Co.; A. Binneweg, Incorporated; A C H Enterprises, Incorporated; A & E Sales Engineers, Inc.; A. H. Bull Steamship Co.; A. & I. Inc.; A. L. Dougherty Investments, Inc.; A. M. G., Inc.; A. T. Handel International & Associates, Incorporated; Aaron L. Cohen Foundation, Inc.; Abbott Western, Inc.; ABC Triplan Ltd.; Abco Office Suppliers, Inc.; Able Marine Products Corporation; Accurate Adding Machines and Typewriter, Inc.; Ace Johnson Company; Acme Port Jervis, Inc.; Acme Systems, Inc.; Acquisition Services, Inc.; Actec International, Inc.; Actuarial Research, Inc.; Ad-Craft Inc.; Adel Sales, Service & Rental Company; Adjust-A-Drape Fold Finishing Corporation; Adriatic Holding Corporation; Adtek, Inc.; Advance Glass Company of Georgia; Advanced Oil Tools, Inc.; Adventurous Eight, Inc.; Advertile Corporation; Advertising Display Corporation of America; Aerosonic Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation; Affiliated Realty Properties of America, Inc.; African American Seafood Corp.; Air Charter, Incorporated; Aire-Vac Corporation; Airline Services, Inc.; Akridyne Corporation; Alan D. Courtney Productions, Inc.; Albert Amoroso Company; Albert Donald Corporation; Alco Foods Co.; Alexander-Murphey Associates, Inc.; Alfco, Inc.; Aljur, Inc.; All Risk Insurers, Inc.; Allegheny Chemical Corporation; Alliance Development Corporation; Alliance Engineering Corporation; Allied Foam & Plastics Inc.; Allison-Thormlyke, Inc.; Alloyd General Corporation; Allstate Bowling Centers Inc.; Alodan Corporation; Alpha Corporation; Alumni Association of Cades C.P.A. School; Alweg Company, Inc.; Am-Tex Enterprises, Inc.; Amarillo Aeration & Temperature Company, Inc.; Amca Development Corporation; America Near East Associates, Inc.; American Allied Associates, Inc.; American Ambulance Association; American Apparel Associates, Inc.; American Armed Services Underwriters, Inc.; American Central Farm Equipment Co.; American College Tuition Corporation; American Communications Corporation; American Drilling Company, Inc.; American Ease, Inc.; American Eastern Farm Equipment Co.; American Geriatrics Corporation; American Holding Corp.; American Industries Fund, Inc.; American International Bowling Corp.; American International Insurance Association; American International Life Insurance Company; American Military International Insurance Association; American Milling Corp.; American Mortgage Co.; American National Corporation; American Northwestern Farm Equipment Co.; American Overseas Development Corporation; American Petroleum Associates, Inc.; American Pro Shops, Inc.; American Range Lines, Inc.; American School Picture Corporation; American Statronic Corp.; American Vitos Company, Inc.; American Western Farm Equipment Co.; American World Wide Forwarders, Inc.; Americana Exhibitions Limited; Ames Electro-Chemical Corporation; Ames Taping Tools, Inc. of Delaware; Amicus Corporation; Amorette Shoe Corp.; Amy Joy Jeffery, Inc.; Amy Joy Marquette, Inc.; Anchor Industries Corp.; Anco Corporation, The; Angle Machine Shop, Inc.; Animal Food Corporation; Answering Management, Inc.; Antoine's Credit Corp.; Anzpac Petroleum Corporation; Aon Industries, Inc.; Appalachian Natural Gas Co.; Aramac Industrial Development Corporation; Arcolor Inc.; Argo, Inc.; Arlington Associates, Incorporated; Arnav Shoe Corporation; Arthritis Research and Endowment Foundation; Arthur Lawrence Productions, Inc.; Arthur Markel, Incorporated; Artis Israel, Inc.; Ash Associates, Inc.; Ashley Homes, Inc.; Ashworth, Inc.; Assembly Engineering Corporation; Assets Equipment Inc.; Associated Aviation Representatives, Inc.; Associated Electric Company; Associated Technical Services International Incorporated; Associated Travel Services, Inc.; Association of Reired Delaware State Police, Inc.; Atkins & Pepper Feed Service, Inc.; Atlantic Airlines, Inc.; Atlantic Amusement Co.; Atlantic Cargo Equipment Corp.; Atlantic Development Corporation; Atlantic Equipment Corp.; Atlantic Frostop Corp.; Atlantic-Pacific Auto Leasing, Inc.; Atlantic Realty Associates, Inc. of Delaware; Atlantic Vending Corporation; Atmospheric Energy, Ltd.; Atomic Fuel Extraction Corp.; Attic, Inc., The; Audiomatic Vending Corp.; Auditron Corporation; Audograph Sales Company, Incorporated; August Berry Co.; Augustine Beach Yacht Club, Inc.; Augustus Realty Company; Auto Imports, Inc.; Auto-Pak Corporation; Autobath, Inc.; Autographic Inc.; Automation, Inc.; Automotive Leasing Corporation; Autophonic, Inc.; Autotran, Inc.

B and B Amusement, Inc.; B-B Service Co., Inc.; B. & D. Trucking, Inc.; B. H. Carolyn Corp.; B & M Realty Co.; B & R Press, Inc.; B-T Corporation; Bacchus Corporation; Bacteriological Enterprises, Inc.; Bakers Oven, Inc.; Balcourt Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Balich Company, Inc., The; Balich International, Inc.; Bamboo Inc. of Florida; Banks & Boyce, Inc.; Barclay General Corporation; Barclay Industries, Inc.; Basic Enterprises, Inc.; Basin & Basin Insurance Agency, Inc. of Delaware; Bass Vending, Inc.; Bauma Air Corporation; Bayvo Manufacturing Company; Beauty Bazaar, Ltd.; Beebe Industries, Inc.; Beer Distributors Local #16, Inc.; Bel-Arden Inc.; Belco Equipment Leasing Corp.; Bell Tool Corporation; Belmawr Corp.; Bendeen Holding Corp.; Berman & Co.; Berwind Foundation, Inc., The; Bestway Rug & Upholstery Cleaners, Inc.; Big Ben Department Stores, Inc.; Big Laurel, Inc.; Binkley Corporation; Biologics International, Inc.; Birchside Centers, Inc.; Birmingham Sugar Company; Bismarck Lumber Company; Bissonnet Company Inc.; Blitzfunken Incorporated; Bloomfield Parkade Drug Corporation; Blue Ribbon Club, Inc.; Blue Rock Realty, Inc.; BMC 145, Inc.; Boam International Corporation; Bob Hale's Cartoon College, Inc.; Bomex Corporation; Bonded Collection Association, Inc.; Boosta Flock, Inc.; Boots Export, Inc.; Boston Development Corporation; Boston Warranty Depositors, Inc.; Boulevard Auto Sales, Inc.; Boutwell Company, Incorporated, The; BowcIle Realty Company; Bradford Farm Supplies, Inc.; Brandywine Boosters Club, Inc.; Brandywine Hundred Democratic Clubs, The; Braun Realty Company, Inc.; Braun's Stores, Inc.; Bren Products, Incorporated; Brent-Wash, Inc.; Brevoort Industries, Inc.; Brigadoon Shoppes 5 Inc.; Brigadoon Shoppes of Greenwich, Inc.; Brigadoon Shoppes, Incorporated; Brigadoon Stores 1 Inc.; Britt's Ice Cream, Inc.; Broadway Medical Bldg., Inc.; Brock Realty Corporation; Brookmeade Development Co.; Broomell Associates, Inc.; Brother Gus, Inc.; Brown Herb Co., Inc., The; Bud Roe, Inc.; Buena Park Hotel Corporation; Building Equipment Company; Burden Pan American, Inc.; Business Enterprises, Inc.; Business Planning, Incorporated; Buyers, Consultants, Inc.

C. B. C. Inc.; C. B. M. Industries, Inc.; C B S Panel Corporation; C.D.P., Inc.; C. & M. Corporation; C & M Excavating Company; C. & S. Enterprises, Inc.; Cairo Packers, Inc.; California Air Taxi, Inc.; California First Broadcasting Corporation; Cam Development Corporation; Cambridge Builders, Inc.; Cameo Cosmetics, Inc.; Campbell Printing Company, Inc.; Campus Facilities Development Corporation; Canaveral Princeton Lands, Inc.; Capers Corporation; Capital Classic, Inc.; Capitol Automatic Transmission Specialtists, Inc.; Capitol City Motorcade, Inc.; Capitol Engraving & Electrotype Co.; Capitol Homes, Inc.; Caravelle Enterprises, Inc.; Caribbean Development Corporation; Caribbean Iron & Steel Corporation; Carribean Salvage Corporation; Caribe Industries, Inc.; Carlo, Inc.; Carnes Weaver Barge Drilling Company, Inc.; Carolina Mortgage and Land Corporation; Carolyn Enterprises, Inc.; Carr's Industries, Limited; Carraco Oil Company; Carroll Construction Co., Inc.; Carroll Enterprises, Inc.; Carter and Galantin of Illinois, Inc.; Casco Bowl, Inc.; Cathay Corporation; Causeway Motors, Inc.; Cedars Convalescent Center, Inc.; Cedartown Corporation, The; Cell-O-Matic Corporation; Centers Corporation; Central Builders, Inc.; Central Illinois Communication Co.; Central Office Protective Association, Inc.; Central States Land & Development Co.; Centurian Corporation, The; Chadds Ford Racquet Club, Inc.; Chamber of Commerce Building, Inc.; Chamber Music of Philadelphia, Inc.; Champion Industries, Inc.; Chapman Construction Company; Char-Nan Foundation Inc.; Charcoal Pit of Boxwood Road, Inc.; Charles E. Lebet, Incorporated; Charmer Corporation; Charter Industries, Incorporated; Charter Institute, Inc.; Chemical Sand Services, Inc.; Chemipulp Corporation, The; Chemisol Sales Corporation; Chemo-Vive Processes, Inc.; Chemprint Corporation; Cherry Hill Development Co.; Chesapeake Corporation, The; Chevalier Jackson Foundation, The; Chevy Chase Towers, Inc.; Chicago Attractions, Inc.; Christiana Engineering Co.; Christiana Realty, Inc.; Cienki, Inc.; Cinefield Productions, Inc.; Cip, Inc.; Circle Tank, Inc.; City Refrigeration & Heating Co.; City of Wilmington Pipe Band, Inc., The; Clairemont Oil Company; Clark & Clark Co.; Clay Bros., Inc.; Claymont Bible Church, Incorporated; Claymont Corporation; Claymont Electric Construction Co.; Cleaning Enterprises of Providence, Inc.; Clearview Homes, Inc.; Cleome Mines, Inc.; Cliff Gerlach, Inc.; Clifton Development Company; Clifton Terrace Development Corporation; Clover Spinning Mills Company; Club Ebony, Inc.; Coast to Coast Credit Corporation; Coastal Dredging, Inc.; Cogia Industries, Inc.; Coiffure Continental, Inc.; Coinvendors, Inc.; Col-R-Corn Corporation, The; College of Mecca of Chiropractic, Inc., The; Colonial Airlines, Inc.; Colonial Concrete Co., Inc.; Colonial Construction Co.; Colonial Corporation of Delaware, Inc.; Colony Airlines System, Inc.; Colony Land & Development, Inc.; Color Control Company, Inc.; Columbia Warehouse Co., Inc.; Columbus Publishing Company; Commercial Fuels, Inc.; Commercial Maintenance Corporation; Commodity Fund for Capital Growth, Inc.; Commonwealth Cast Stone, Inc.; Commonwealth Plastics Corp.; Communications Industries Corp.; Community Bond & Mortgage Company of Delaware; Community Investors, Inc.; Computer Usage Company; Concord Auto Sales, Inc.; Concord Holding Co., The; Concrete Contracting Company, Inc.; Concrete Improvements Corporation, Ltd.; Condel Corporation; Connecticut Drive-In Concessions, Inc.; Connecticut & Macomb Investment Corporation; Consolidated Container Carriers, Inc.; Consolidated Equities Corporation; Consolidated Land Investment, Inc.; Consolidated of North America, Incorporated; Consolidated Screw Corporation; Construction Industries, Inc.; Construction Unlimited, Inc.; Continental Business Machines Incorporated; Continental Classroom, Inc.; Continental Commerce, Inc.; Continental Distributing Corporation; Continental Finance Corporation; Continental Food Associates, Inc.; Continental Industrial Corporation; Continental Investment Co., Inc.; Contract Wall-covering Installations, Inc.; Convalescent Centers, Inc.; Conventioneer Display Exhibits, Inc.; Conventioneer International, Inc.; Cooley Corporation; Corbin Corporation; Corlis Corporation; Cornhusker Manufacturing Company; Coronet Development Company, Inc.; Corsicana Paper Mills, Inc.; Cosgrove's Hatchery, Inc.; Cosmo Capital Inc.; Cottage Gardens, Inc.; Country Club Enterprises, Inc.; Country Maid Bakeries, Inc.; Countryside Construction, Inc.; Countryside Farms Service Corp.; Craft Products Company; Crater Oil Corporation; Creative Film Foundation; Credit Control Collections, Inc.; Credit Motor Sales, Inc.; Credit Security Bureau, Inc.; Crescent Athletic Club; Cross Construction Co., Inc.; Crossco Corporation; Cross-gate Corporation; Crown Life Corporation; Crystal City, Inc.; Cumberland Oil Company, Inc.; Curtis Investments, Inc.; Custom Homes Development Company; Custom Services, Inc. D D C Management Co., Inc.; D & D Realty Co.; D. F. D., Inc.; D.O.E. Research Lab, Inc.; D. P. C. Corporation; D. P. E., Inc.; Daddy-0 Daylie Enterprises, Inc.; Dahlia Corporation; Dairy Advance Marketers, Inc.; Dalkeith Woolens, Inc.; Dalmark Corporation; Damus Music Co.; Dance Magazine Teachers Association; Daniel Boone Association; Danita Hosiery Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Darden Company; Dart National Corporation; Data Automation Service, Inc.; Dave Rubin Oil Properties, Inc.; Davette, Inc.; De Britto Irmaos Compania Limitada; De-Luxe Candy Shop, Inc.; Dealers Counsel Associates, Inc.; Debmar Corporation; Debuse Corporation; Dejay Eastern Stores, Inc.; Delaware Association of Beauticians; Delaware Association of Small Passenger Carrying Vessels, Inc.; Delaware Automobile & Aeronautic Association; Delaware Beach Service, Inc.; Delaware Beer Distributors, Inc.; Delaware Brewery, Inc.; Delaware Catering Co., Inc.; Delaware Conservative Party, Inc.; Delaware Construction Company, Inc.; Deluware Feed Service, Inc.; Delaware Improvement Corporation; Delaware Maintenance Company; Delaware Neurosurgical Research Foundation; Delaware Nursing Homes, Inc.; Delaware Plumbing Supply Company; Delaware Products Company, Inc.; Delaware Utilities Service Co.; Delaware Valley Finance Corp.; Delaware Valley Guards Service, Inc.; Delaware Vitamin and Cosmetic Company; Deli-Mart Stores, Inc.; Delmarva Mortgage & Investment Corp.; Delpenn Enterprises, Inc.; Delta Enterprises, Inc.; Delta Refrigerated Lines, Inc.; Deltex Products Company, Inc.; Demontluzin Corporation, The; Denco International Inc.; Denen Electric Company, Inc.; Denson Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Desser and Garfield, Inc.; Determined Inc.; Devco, Inc.; Dewey County Coal Co.; Dial-A-Car Rental Systems, Inc.; Diamond Lodge No. 16 K.P. Kiamens I, Del.; Diamond State Auto Club, Inc.; Diba Enterprises, Inc.; Diesel Construction Company; Direct Receivers, Inc.; Discount Auto Rentals of America, Inc.; Discount Investment Corporation; District Investment Properties, Inc.; District Paint and Wallpaper Co.; Diversified Resources, Inc.; Dixie Discount Stores, Inc.; Dixie Medicine Corporation; Documents and Data Transportation, Inc.; Doll House Nursery, Inc.; Dominion Formed Plastics, Inc.; Donald F. Cox, Inc.; Donut Man, Inc., The; Dooley Aircraft Corporation; Dorama, Inc.; Dorbos Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Dorno, Inc.; Dorsey & Ganemi, Inc.; Douglas Machinery Co., Inc.; Downs Brothers, Incorporated; Drakens Oils, Inc.; Du Pont Employees Aero Club, The; Duff Products, Inc.; Duker Bros. & Co.; Duncan Builders, Inc.; Duncan Village Corp.; Dunham & Chalfant Incorporated; Dunn Engineering Corporation; Duorail Aerospace Rapid Transit Corp.; Dura Business Machines of Delaware Valley, Inc.; Duro Manufacturing Company; Dutch Maid Laundry & Dry Cleaner, Inc.; Dynamic Oils, Inc.; Dynamics International, Ine,.; Dynatron Corporation.

E. David Long Co.; E-Z Do-Pools Incorporated; Eagle Dye Works, Inc.; Earle S. Philips, Inc.; Earp-Thomas Foundation, Inc., The; Ease Concession Company; East Coast Aviation Corporation; East Coast Boring and Casting Service, Inc.; East Coast Broadcasting Corp.; East Coast Packing Co. Inc.; Eastern Auto Supply, Inc.; Eastern Food Distributors, Inc.; Eastern Mortgage and Appraisal Company; Eastern Properties Improvement Corporation; Eastern Seaboard Exchange Corporation; Eastern Shore Builders, Inc.; Eastern Shore Development Company; Eastmont Park Corporation; Easton-Zimmerman, Inc.; Eckerd's of Florida, Inc.; Econo-Builders, Inc.; Economic Research Associates, Inc.; Edco Realty Corporation; Edgar Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.; Edgemoor Terrace Civic Association; Edgewater Cold Storage Company; Edmar Hill Realty Corp.; Edward V. Lower, Inc.; Egyptian Vault Company; 818 West, Ltd.; 8760 Blue Ridge Blvd., Inc.; El Central Development Corp.; Elco Steel Products, Inc.; Eldu Company, Inc.; Eleetro-Mec Laboratory, Inc.; Electromatic Corporation; Electronic Materials Corporation; Electrostatics Inc.; Eleventh and Jefferson Corp.; Elkhart Apartments, inc.; Ellison Salvage & Used Cars, Inc.; Elsmere Constructing Co.; Elston-Herbert Corporation; Emco Enterprises Incorporated; Emerson Company, The; Emerson-Garden Electric Co., Inc., Caribbean; Empire Properties, Inc.; Empire Realty, Inc.; Enalcha Enterprises, Inc.; Enbee Pleating Fashions Corp.; Encyclopaedia Judaica, Inc.; Energy Corporation of America; Engineering Service Installations, Inc.; Enterprise Research Corporation; Enterprise Unlimited Corporation; Eppe's, Inc.; Erasmus Financial Ltd.; Ergas Enterprises, Inc.; Ernest A. Timmons, Inc.; Ertec International, Inc.; Esor Corporation; Evangelical Prison Society; Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute of Boston, Inc.; Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute of St. Louis, Inc.; Ever-Sell Enterprises, Inc.; Ever-Soft of Delaware, Inc.; Exclusive International Films, Inc.; Expandolite, Inc.; Exploration Management Corporation; Extractol Process, Ltd.

F. J. Warrington & Sons, Inc.; F Street Hotel Corporation; Facciolo Paving and Construction, Inc.; Facerform Corporation; Fader Motor Company; Fair Haven Plaza, Inc.; Fairfield Mills, Inc.; Fairhaven Corporation; Fairknolls, Inc.; Fairlease, Inc.; Fairway View Apts., Inc.; Fashion Flair Homes, Inc.; Federal Products, Inc.; 57th Street Hotel Corporation; Film Bureau of America, Inc.; Financial Investment Corporation; First Accrediting Corporation of New York; First Lumber and Chemical Corporation; First Mortgage Corporation of Delaware; First North Atlantic Corporation; First Security & Loan Corp.; First State Savings and Loan Association; First Ward Republican Club, Inc.; 554 South Fourth St. Corp.; Fleming Enterprises, Inc.; Flower Bell Realty Co.; Fluid Mechanisms, Inc.; Foley Corp., The; Food Masters, Inc.; Foreign Fixit Shop, Inc.; Foreign Markets Trading Corp.; Foremost Warehouse & Distributors, Inc.; Fort McClellan Post Beauty Salon, Inc.; Fort Pitt Typewriter Co.; Foulk Woods Construction Co.; Foundation Advisors, Inc.; Foundation Company, The; Foundation For Inter American Scholarships For Independent Schools; Foundation For A Permanent Theatre, The; Foundation For Research In Economic Growth, The; 404-406 Corporation; 4545 East 71st Street Corp.; Franc-Alexandria Co., Inc.; Francis Consolidated Mining & Milling Corp.; Francor Productions, Inc.; Franele Construction Co.; Frank Cassidy Employment Service, Inc.; Frank Morris Co., The; Frank Rogers, Inc.; Franklin S. Minnis Incorporated; Freedom Ice Company; Frigidrun Cryolink System, Inc.; Frontier Pontiac, Inc.; Fuels Combustion Research Corp.; Fuller Research Foundation, Inc.; Functional Container Corporation, N. A.; Funicult Funicula, Inc.; Fusca & Krone, Inc.; FuscoCampanelli Corporation; FWK Corporation.

G & G Drapery Company, Inc.; G. H. Anderson & Associates, Inc.; G-Mac Lanes, Inc.; G & W Enterprises, Incorporated; Gallagher Realty Co.; Gardner-Thompson Co., Inc.; Gea Airexchangers, Inc.; Gem Musical Corp. of Virginia; General Aggregates, Inc.; General Fastener Corporation; General Industries, Inc.; General Natural Resources Corporation; General Purchasing and Investment Corporation; General Realty & Utilities Corporation; General Research Associates, Inc.; Geodesics, Inc.; Geophysical Development Corporation; George C. Bayne & Co., Inc.; George H. Duliere, Inc.; Geo. L. Miller, Inc.; George-Co Mfg. Co. Inc.; George M. Wilson and Son, Inc.; George Manufacturers, Incorporated, The; George W. King, Inc.; Georgelis Mid-America Lines, Inc.; Georgelis Lines, Inc.; Georgia Pipeline Company; Geotechnical Research Corporation; Gerber Corporation; Geriatrics Construction Corporation; Gevinson Associates Construction Co., Inc.; Gifts by Wire, Inc.; Gil Boers Equipment Company; Gilton Equipment Co.; Gladding Produce Corporation; Glass, Inc.; Global Maritime Supplies, Inc.; Gold Cross Convalescent Hospitals, Inc.; Gold Mountain Mining & Milling Co., Inc.; Golden Point of Wilmington, Inc.; Goldsmith Motors, Inc.; Good Fellows Club of Surrey; Gordon Heights Civic Association, Incorporated, The; Gordshell Chemical Company, The; Gottlieb Properties, Inc.; Granite Corporation; Graves Transfer Co.; Graylyn Shoe Repair, Inc.; Great Bay Petroleum, Inc.; Great Eastern Corporation; Great Northern Broadcasting, Inc.; Great West Oil Company; Greater Frederica Chamber of Commerce, Inc., The; Greenchapel Corporation; Greensboro Ice Cream Co.; Greenville Products, Inc.; Growth Industries Group, Inc.; Guaranteed Investors Corporation; Gulf Coast Films, Inc.; Gyro Rail Car Corporation.

H. B. Clark & Company; H & B Enterprises, Inc.; H. E. Mason Company; H. F. Lipschultz, Inc.; H & H Ltd.; H. & J. Riley, Inc.; H. L. Tracy Associates, Inc.; H & M Corporation; H. M. Hamilton & Co., Inc.; H. M. Hohns, Inc.; H. M. Stuart Incorporated; H-P Industries, Inc.; H-W Electronics, Inc.; Habera Corporation; Hackensack Homeowners Agency, Inc.; Haitian Fiber Corporation; Hallmark V Ltd.; Hallock Construction, Incorporated; Halmark Farms, Inc.; Halzor Inc.; Hanby-GrubbAssociates, Inc.; Hand-In-Hand Corporation; Handee-Pak Corporation; Hannon Transportation Lines, Inc.; Hanover Management Corporation; Harbert Laboratories, Inc.; Harbor Ferries, Inc.; Harjo, Inc.; Harold S. Smith & Son, Inc.; Harris Engineering Company, Inc.; Hartman-Cox, Inc.; Hayes, Inc.; Hebron Poultry Farms, Inc.; Helium Corporation of America; Henry Miller Motors, Inc.; Henry S. Morgan Foundation, Inc., The; Here-We-Go Enterprises, Inc.; Hi-Fi Sales Co.; Highway Constructors of Delaware, Inc.; Highway Equipment and Management Company; Hillside Bowl, Inc.; Hilltop Manor Association; Hilya, Inc.; Hiway House of America, Inc.; Hodges, Incorporated; Hoffman Bottling Industries, Inc.; Hoffman Company, Inc.; Hollis Enterprises, Inc.; Holly Hill Products Co.; Home Capital Corporation; Home Entertainment Company of Los Angeles, Inc.; Home Owners Insurance Agency, Inc.; Hotel Stokes, Inc.; Hotelvision Presentations Corporation; House of Navarre, Inc.; House of Schaefer, Inc.; House Trailer Sales, Inc.; Howard, Barnes & Munson, Inc.; Howard Builders, Inc.; Howard McElroy Builder, Inc.; Howard Realty Inc.; Hubert A. Guyer & Son, Inc.; Hudson Homes, Inc.; Hurley & White, Inc.; Huss/milli-Milwaukee, Incorporated; Hy-Point Stores, Inc.; Hydro-Space Technology Incorporated; Hyman Brodsky Foundation, Inc.; Hypower Hydraulics, Inc.

Institute Inc.; I B A C, Inc.; I.C.A. Industries, Inc.; I. Miller Pickles, Inc.; I. T. C. Resources Inc.; Ideation Technology, Incorporated; Iduna Investments, Inc.; Illinois California Enterprises, Inc. Illinois Contracting and Remodeling, Inc.; Illinois Poultry Products, Inc.; Illinois Soil Conditioners, Inc.; Illinois Tractor Company; Illustrated Films, Incorporated; Immanuel Independent Church, Inc.; Imperial International, Inc.; Imperial Oil Co., Inc.; Inc. Inc.; Incentive Merchandising Products, Inc.; Incomparable Motels Incorporated, The; Indamer Corporation; Independent Airlines Association; Independent Tire Company of Delaware, Inc.; Indian Bay Oyster Farms Co.; Indianapolis Airways Motor Inn, Inc.; Idraline Corporation; Industrial Builders, Inc.; Industrial Capital Corporation; Industrial Consultants Incorporated; Industrial Dynamics Corporation; Industrial Machines, Inc.; Inertia-Matic, Inc.; Inpel Corporation; Insta-Credit Corporation; Insta-Matic Products Corporation; Instant Synchronization Corporation; Institute For Gracious Living; Institute of Public Information, Inc.; Institute for Studies in Social Cooperation; Instrument Laboratories Corporation; Insurance Investment Corporation; Intag Electronics, Inc.; Inter-American Holdings Corporation; Inter American Imports, Inc.; Inter-America Mines & Minerals, Ltd., Inc.; Inter-State Construction Company of Nashville, Tennessee; Inter-World Aircargo, Inc.; Interamerican Power Company; Interamerican Refining Corporation; Intercontinental Motels, Ltd.; Intercontinental Trade Administration Corporation; International of Africa Development Corporation; International Air Pageant, Inc.; International Asbestos Cement Corporation; International Billiard Corporation; International Business Exchange, Inc.; International Commerce & Finance Corporation; International Engineering & Financial Consultants, Inc.; International Far Eastern Corporation; International Flight Caterers, Inc.; International Food Service-Wilmington, Inc.; International Freez Dri, Inc.; International Graduate Achievement, Inc.; International Magnetic Tape Co.; International Oil Portraits, Ltd.; International Patent Exchange, Ltd. of Delaware; International Realty Consultants, Inc.; International Realty Investment Corporation; International Recreation Corporation; International Ship Service Distributors Corp.; International Sonics Corp.; International Travel Cheques, Ltd.; Interser Holding Company; Interstruct Corporation; Investment Insurance Company of America; Iron Kettle Corporation; Irvin Muscle Toners, Inc.; Ivanhoe Castle, No. 21 Knights of Golden Eagle of Del., Inc.; Iversen Corporation;

J. D. Associates Inc.; The J & B. Petroleum Company; J B R Associates Inc.; J. D. Jewelers, Inc.; J. E. Friedel and Son, Inc.; J. E. Healy & Sons Co.; J. E. West, Inc.; J. Edwards Construction Company; J. R. Boyer, Inc.; J & R Radio & TV Electronics Service Inc.; Jack C. McGuire, Ltd.; Jaggy, Inc.; Jaipur Investment Co.; James E. Murray and Son, Inc.; Janus Fund, Incorporated; Jasmine Corporation, The; JBJ International, Inc.; Jed, Inc.; Jeffcott & Company, Inc.; Jefferson Warehouse and Cold Storage Company; Jeter Corporation, The; Jeve Properties, Inc.; JKM Instrument Company, Inc.; Jog Togs, Inc.; John G. Webster & Sons, Inc.; John J. Driscoll & Co., Inc.; John Mittelman & Sons, Inc.; Jones Realty Co.; Joy Homes, Inc.; Just-Us Community Club, Inc.

K. & G. Co., Inc.; Kady, Inc.; Kaiser Airways Inc.; Kalkon Corporation, The; Kara Corp.; Karbo, Inc.; Kay Jewelers of Lenox Square, Inc.; Kayness Corporation; Keanon Woolens, Inc.; Keewaydin Corporation; Kelleher & Kirwin, Inc.; Kellous Oil Corp.; Kelmar Oil Company; Kemline of Delaware, Inc.; Ken-Lab, Inc.; Kendrick Corporation; Kenjo Corporation; Kennett Equipment and Machinery Co.; Kent Quality Construction, Inc.; Kent-Reber Real Estate Company, Inc.; Key Punch and Data Processing Training Corporation; Keystone Automotive Credit Company; Keystone Organic Corporation; Kitchen;

L. F. D. Corp.; La Fayette Home Nursery, Inc., The; La Guardia Hotel, Inc.; La Mont Steam Generators, Inc.; Lachman Amusement Co., Inc.; Lamet Motors, Inc.; Lancer Corporation, The; Land At Hillside, Inc.; Land Title Realty Co.; Lane Opticians, Inc.; Larod Corp.; Lavenus Hemispheric Corporation; Lawncroft Park Cemetery, Inc.; LBT Service Corporation; Lee Shell Company, Inc.; Leewood Offset Printers Incorporated; Lektron Dynamiks, Inc.; Lence Lanes, Inc.; Lescar Investment Company; Leval Bonded Fibers, Inc.; Lewis Edwards, Inc.; Lewis Gunite Pools Inc.; Liberal Credit Sales Co.; Life Affiliates Corporation; Life Shares Fund, Inc.; Life Shares Fund Management, Inc.; Lift-O-Loft Corporation; L'Image Professional Distributors, Inc.; Limestone Acres Civic Association, Inc.; Lincoln Productions, Inc.; Lincoln Studios, Inc.; Line Material Company; Litho-Paint Poster Company, Inc.; Livesey Realty, Inc.; Lo-Del Development Corporation; Lock-Joint Window Company; Lock-Lined, Inc.; Longhorn Petroleum Corporation; Lorimer's Recreation, Inc.; Louis Bernheimer Enterprises, Inc.; Louis Bernheimer Theatres, Incorporated; Louisiana Holding Corporation; Love-Courson Drilling Co., Inc.; Lubar Oil Corporation; Luria'sWilmington, Inc.; Lusk Corporation, The; Lynn Carbon Black Company;

M&M Enterprises Inc.; M. M. International Inc.; M. V. Three Rivers, Inc.; M. W. King Solomon Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. of Pennsylvania, Inc.; Madison Insurance Company; Mag Mining Corp.; Magnar Corporation; Magnescope Corporation; Magnode Products, Ltd.; Maheu & King Maritime Associates, Inc.; Mahon Development Company; Mahoning Corporation, The; Maintenance Inc.; Maison De Paris, Inc.; Maison Du Maxim, Inc.; Majestic Realty, Inc.; Major Markets Development Maid Sour Cream Company, Inc.; KittellHammond Company; Kloverleaf Inn, Inc.; Knight Supply, Inc.; Knights of Pythias Hall Company of Wilmington, Delaware; K9 Guard Dog Service Inc.; Koedding, Inc.; Koehler, Incorporated; Kramer Acceptance Corporation; Kreedman Realty & Construction Corp.; Kultur Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Malyne, Inc.; Man's Best Friend Inc.; Management Associates, Inc.; Management Enterprises, Inc.; Management International, Inc.; Manchester Organizations, Inc., The; Manning, Bowman & Co.; Mansfield Paper Corporation; Mantor Trading Corporation, The; Marbet Corp.; Marbus Corporation, The; Marco, Inc.; Mardal Construction Co., Inc.; Mario's Hair Fashion Salon, Inc.; Maritime Management Corporation; Maritime Port Development Services, Inc.; Marjack Company, The; Mark 62 Enterprises, Inc.; Market Masters Incorporated; Marketing Methods & Materials Inc.; Marlew Farms, Inc.; Marsepp Corp.; Martin's, Inc.; Martin Realty & Investment Co.; Mary M., Inc.; Mary Vison Daly, Inc.; Marylass Corporation; Mason's of Delaware, Inc.; Matachem Research Corporation, Materials Technology, Inc.; Matralin Co., Inc.; Maxam Dothan, Inc.; Maxam East Greenbush, Inc.; Maxam Raleigh, Inc.; Maxbern Inc.; May Foundation, The; Mayfair Laundry Company, Inc.; Mayo Thomas Associates, Inc.; Mazelle Company, Inc.; McHenry Humidifying Company; McKinley-Haddon, Inc.; McKinney Foods, Inc.; McLain Insurance Agency, Inc.; McReynolds Super Market, Inc.; Meade Hardware, Inc.; Meadow Brook Farms, Inc.; Meadowlark Lane Service Corporation, The; Meadowood Development, Inc.; Medi-Tronics Productions Company; Medical Funds Management Company, Inc.; Medical Securities Distributing Corp.; Medical Services Corporation of America; Medico-Dent, Inc.; Mediplan, Inc.; Megowen Associates, Inc.; Memory Gardens Inc.; Menaquale Realty Company; Mercury Leasing, Inc.; Mercury Photo Corp.; Merkl Developers, Inc.; Merob, Inc.; Merrels Drive-In Langley Park, Inc.; Merryland Roller Rink, Inc.; Mesa Post Royalties, Inc.; Metropolitan Lincoln Mercury Dealers Association; Metrox, Inc.; Mex-Am Interchange Corp.; Mi Lady Sportswear, Inc.; Mickelberg's Bakery, Inc.; Micronics Corporation of America; Microson Equipment Corporation; Mid-American Steamship Corp.; Mid-Atlantic Enterprises, Inc.; Mid-Continent Films, Inc.; Mid-Eastern Construction Corporation of America; Mid-West 20th Century Corp.; Middletown Merchandise World, Inc.; Middletown Shopping Center, Inc.; Midland Chemical Corporation; Midland Iron and Steel, Inc.; Midland Securities, Inc.; Midway Foundation, Inc., The; Midwest Dredging Corp.; Midwest Inventory Service, Inc.; Midwest Investment Company; Midwest Sales & Service Corporation; Midwest Speaker Corporation; Midwest-Sun Oil Corporation; Migdal Corporation; Milfin Corp.; Milltown Homes, Inc.; Millville Grocery, Inc.; Miltex, Inc.; Mineral Associates Inc.; Mineral Company of America, Inc.; Mineral Industries Corporation of America; Mineval Inc.; Missile Electronics, Inc.; Missouri Investors, Inc.; Mister Carwash Inc.; Mr. Incentive Inc.; Mr. Puppet, Inc.; Mobile Bituminous Concrete Corporation; Modern American, Inc.; Modern Barge Lines, Inc.; Modern Business Credit Corp.; Modern Carpet Holding Corp.; Modern Investors Corp.; Modern Merchandise, Incorporated; Modern Methods, Incorporated; Modernization Associates, Incorporated; Mohawk Electronics Corporation; Molecular Materials Corporation; Molony, Newhoff, Inc.; Monmouth Publishing Company; Monograms Inc.; Monorail Transportation Co., Inc.; Montchanin Associates, Inc.; Montchanin Distributors, Inc.; Montego Bay Development Corporation; Monterey Oil Co.; Moore's Drug Stores, Inc.; Moore-Grear Motors, Inc.; Moore's Wholesale Company, Inc.; Morgan's Home Equipment Corporation; Morrisdale Coal Mining Company; Mortgage Associates, Inc.; Morton J. Wagner Companies, Inc.; Mothers Club of Stanton School, Inc., The; Motor Realty Co.; Moulin Rouge, Ltd.; Moulthrop Company, Inc.; Mounce Cars Rental, Inc.; Mt. Pleasant Cleaners, Inc.; Mountain States Industries of South Dakota, Inc.; Movers Committee For Equitable Distribution of Government Traffic, Inc., The; Muntz Music, Inc.; Mutual Marine Operators, Inc.; Mytie Corp.

N. E. 0. Distribution, Inc.; Naamans Service Garage, Inc.; Nancy Trading Corp.; Nanfran Corporation; Narragansett Industries Corporation; Natick Bowling Corporation; Nation's Supermarket, Inc.; National Academy of Broadcasting, Inc., The; National Air Ambulance Service, Inc.; National Automatic Equipment Corporation; National Automation Corporation; National Bagasse Products Corporation; National Bellas Hess Stores, Inc., Port-Au-Prince; National Co-Operative Trailer Parks of Delaware, Inc.; National Commodities Corporation of America; National Control Corporation; National Council On Smoking and Health, Incorporated; National Dormitory Corporation; National Electric Coil Company; National Family Stores of Wilmington, Inc.; National Finance Company of Delaware, Inc.; National Foundation For Christian Education, Inc., The; National Foundation For Student Guidance, The; National Industrial Machinery Corporation; National Keys, Inc.; National Memorial Society, Incorporated; National Merchandising Services Corporation; National Model Distributors, Inc.; National Pool Equipment Co., Inc.; National Pool Equipment Co. of Illinois; National Pool Equipment Co. of Indiana; National Pool Equipment Co. of North Carolina; National Resistance Corporation; National Society of Professional Engineers Educational Foundation, The; National Strancar Corporation, The; National Vitamin Corporation; Nationwide Physical Fitness Centers, Inc.; Navco Incorporated; Nayort Electric Co.; Necastro Auto Body Co.; Neil Electric Company, Incorporated; Nello L. Terr International, Inc.; Nelson Woodworking Co.; Nepa Enterprises, Inc.; Nesbitt's, Inc.; New Africa, Inc.; New Castle Baking Company, Inc.; New Castle Boat Company, Inc.; New Castle Discount Toys and Hobbies, Inc.; New Castle Fish Market, Inc.; New Castle Motors Co.; New Ideas Incorporated; New York-Alaska Gold Dredging Corporation; New York & Southern Timber Corp.; New Yorker Hats, Inc.; Newark Housing Associates, Inc.; Newark Releasing & Storage Co.; New Comb & Hand, Inc.; Newcomb & Hand Oyster Co.; Newport Industries, Inc.; Newport Land and Investment Company; Newport Merchandise Mart, Inc.; Newspaper Investment Corp.; Nicewood Corporation; Nicholas Truly Associates, Ltd.; Nickerson-Burks Research Foundation, Inc.; Niki Trading Corp.; Ninth Ward Athletic Club; No-Cal Bottling Company of So. Calif.; Noel D. Clark, Inc.; Norest, Inc.; Norgon Company, The; North American Land & Development Corp.; North American Realty Service Corporation; North Camerican Vending Machine Corp.; North Brandywine Shopping Center, Inc.; North East Aviation Corp.; Northern Crude Oil Purchasing Co.; Northwest Livestock Sales Company; Novellas Manufacturing Company; Noyes Enterprises, Inc.; NTA Storevision Corp.; Nu-Way Industrial Burner Corporation; NuAero Corporation; Nutrition International Corporation; Nylok Midwest Corporation.

0. H. D. Co., Inc.; Oak Ridge Atom Industries Sales Corp.; Ocman Corp.; Off Duty Enterprises, Inc.; Offshore Distributors, Inc.; Oklatex Resources, Inc.; Old Capitol Gas Co.; Olympia Chartering Inc.; Olympia Realty Corporation; One-Hour Valet of Amsterdam, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Asheville, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Calhoun, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Charleston, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Ft. Wayne, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Huntington, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Melbourne, Inc.; 1-2 Corporation; O'Neill, Inc.; Onondage Motor Inn & Restaurant, Inc.; Onteora Speedway Park, Inc.; Orchem Corporation; Ore Reduction Corporation of America; Osage Novelty Co., Inc.; O'T Liquidating Corp.; Otter Distributing Co. Inc.; Oxytronics Corporation.

P. D. N., Inc.; P.O.O.F., Inc.; Pacific Holding Corporation; Pacific Star Corporation; Pacificus, Inc.; Packaged Products Corporation; Packer Investors Corporation; Paco Petroleum Corporation; Paint & Body Service, Inc.; Paladin Corporation, The; Pan American Engineering and Development Corporation; Pan-American Ore & Exploration Corporation; Pan Cuba Oil & Metals Corporation; Pan-Oceanic Corporation; Panamanian Minerals Inc.; Pandy Inc.; Panther Cart Club, Inc., The Twin Cedars; Panther Ledge Farms Inc.; Papen Farms, Inc.; Paper Unlimited, Inc.; Paradynamics, Incorporated; Park Drive Apartment Corporation; Park Fund, Inc., The; Park Millwork, Inc.; Park Road Housing Co., Inc.; Park Towne Court, Inc.; Parkview Apartments, Inc.; Parkway Towers No. 1, Inc.; Paseo Manor of Kansas City, Inc.; Patanias Corporation; Patent Development Corporation of America; Pathe Pictures, Inc.; Patten Development Corporation; Patterns For Success, Inc.; Pau-Mar Construction Company; Paul G. Van Sickle Corporation; Pauline A. Mayer, Inc.; Penn Triangle Corp.; Pennsylvania Testing Laboratory, Inc.; Peoples Transfer-Company; Peruvian Terrace Cooperative Apartments, Inc.; Peter Pan Adams, Inc.; Peter Pan Madison, Inc.; Peter Pan Oak, Inc.; Petroleum Equipment Leasing Company; Petroleum Exploration, Inc.; Petroleum Resources Corporation; Petroleum Vanango Corp.; Phil's Distributors, Inc.; Philip R. Grennan Baking Co., Philpac Corp.; Phoenix General Research Associates, Inc.; Phone Recorder Corp.; Photoconic Studios, Inc.; Phran Corporation, The; Pianos, Inc.; Pickett Motor Co.; Pike Properties, Inc.; Pin Pal Corporation; Pine-brook Sales Company, Inc.; Pioneer Book Publishers, Inc.; Pioneer Farms, Inc.; Pioneer Trading Corporation; Pipe Holding Company; Pittsburgh Shippers Association, Inc.; Plastic Fabricators, Inc.; Play-Mate Products, Inc.; Playland, Inc.; Pluribus, Inc.; Plydomes, Inc.; Point Breeze Civic Association, The; Poly-Pak Corporation of America; Popular Merchandise Company, Inc.; Porter-River Oaks, Inc.; Porter-Sharpstown, Inc.; Prang Construction Co.; Precision Electro-Optics, Inc.; Price-Matthews Corporation; Produce Transit Co.; Product Improvement Corporation; Professional Building Services Inc.; Professional Industries International incorporated; Progreso Interamericano, Inc.; Progressive Broadcasting Corporation, The; Progressive Business Men's Association; Proov-it Company, The; Public Service Construction Incorporated; Puerto Rico Foundry Company, Inc.; Purchase Associates, Inc.; Puritan Shippers Cooperative Association.

Quanta Electronics, Inc.; Quin-Messina, Inc.

R. D. Bullard Corporation; R. J. Westphal Concrete, Inc.; R. N. Horton, Inc.; R & R Interurban, Inc.; Race To Riches, Inc.; Radio Missouri Corporation; Radwin Development Corp.; Ralikin, Inc.; Rambleton Acres Laundromat, Inc.; Rand Properties, Inc.; Randco Corporation; Rath Unitized Navigfation, Inc.; Rauh Process Corporation, The; Rya-Lite Corporation; Raydel Builders, Inc.; Raydel Homes Corporation; Raymon's Patrol Service, Inc.; Raymur Acceptance Corporation; Re-Insul-MiCrete Plank & Corporation; Real Estate Management Associates, Inc.; Real Property Investment Corporation; Rebuilder Publishing Company, The; Recordagraph Inc.; Recreation Development Co., Inc.; Redmont Civic Association; Reed Drug Company; Rehoboth-Lewes Translator Association; Rehoboth Liquor Store, Inc.; Reid Enterprises, Inc.; Reidler Foundation Properties, Inc.; Reliable Loan Association, Inc.; Reliable Protective Ass'n, Inc.; Reliance Management Corporation; Renmar, Inc.; Reps, Inc.; Research Corporation of America; Restmore Corporation; Retired Armed Forces Association; Rex Sierra Gold Corporation; Rica, Incorporated; Rich Acres Incorporated; Rich Stores Inc. of Delaware; Richard C. Paine, Jr. Foundation; Richard's-Green Bay Inc.; Richard's-Harlem Inc.; Richard's-Lincoln Inc.; Richard's Properties, Inc.; Richard's Stony Island, Inc.; Richard's Musical Instruments, Inc.; Richland Sales Co.; Richlyn Distributors, Inc.; Ridgeview Corporation; Rite-Way Dairy Farm Equipment Corporation; RKC Incorporated; Robert A. Parrish Ltd.; Robert Armour Foundation of the Chevalier Jackson Clinic, The; Robert Hirss Co., Inc.; Roberta G. Dempsey, Inc.; Robertson Realty Company; Robinson Furniture Store, Inc.; Robolease Corporation of America; Rock Island Produce Company; Rockcell Corporation; Rockmate, Inc.; Rockmate International, Inc.; Rodney Realty Co.; Roger W. Gunby Post 16 Corporation; Rona Lee Corporation; Ronjon, Inc.; Rosenfield Jewelry Co.; Rosenfields Uptown, Inc.; Rough Point Investment Corporation; Route 40 Truck Stop, Inc.; Rowley Drilling Company; Royal Liquors, Inc.; Ruffwards, Inc.; Rural New Castle Rod Gun Club, Inc.; Ryukyu Industrial Development Corporation.

S Co.; S.M.C. Realty Corp.; S. W. Coe & Co.; S & Y, Inc.; Sabina, Inc.; Safe Auto Leasing & Rental Corporation; St. Andrews Corporation; Saint Louis County Broadcasting Company; Samuel Bronston Productions, Inc.; Sand Mountain Gas Company; Sanders Paint Company, Inc.; Sangamon Sanitary Landfill Corporation; Sani-Vac, Inc.; Sanitary Services, Inc.; Santay Eastern, Inc.; Sarril Gardens, Inc.; Saul Goldman & Sons, Inc.; Scharf Oil Co.; Schuylkill Valley Association, The; Science Generic Drug Co.; Scientific Mechanisms Corporation; Scoville Homes, Inc.; Sea Water Resources, Inc.; Seafarers, Inc.; Seaford Corporation; Seaford Lodge No. 1728, Loyal Order of Moose, Inc.; Seaford Motor Co., Inc.; Seaway Aluminum Products & Development Co., Inc.; Seawind Maritime, Inc.; Second Service Investors, Inc.; Second Marbel Arch Properties, Inc.; Security Supply and Equipment Co., Inc.; Self-Lite Tobacco Corporation; Seminar, Inc.; Senak Co. of Tennessee; Seneca Enterprise, Inc.; Senior Citizens Cooperative Modular Housing Corporation; Senior Citizens Mobile Home Procurement Corporation; Senior Foods Corporation; Sentry Motels Corp.; Serca Land Company; Service Food Distributing Corporation; Service Parking Corporation; Service For Professionals, Inc.; Shapiro's Transport, Inc.; Shappert Engineering Company; Sharelle Company, The; Sharon Hill Memorial Park, Inc.; Shelter Unlimited Corporation; Shepherd Gardens, Incorporated; Sheppard-Geiger Construction Co.; Sherwood Development Co.; Shoppers Information Service, Inc.; Show Off Corporation, The; Sil-Mex Corporation; Silver Dunes Cooperative, Inc.; Silver Spring Building Supply Company; Silverstone Oil Corporation; Simpson Marina, Inc.; Sivart Corporation; 65 M. Street N.W., Inc.; Skashaway Bowling, Inc.; Slate Farm Service, Inc.; Slater Mills Realty Corp.; Slocomb Engineering Corp.; Slocomb Sales Co.; Small Business Council of Delaware, Inc.; Smog-Burner, Inc.; Society of Gourmets For the Leisure Arts of Delaware, Inc., The; Solar Investment Corporation; South Central Natural Gas Corp.; South Leather Corp.; South Padre Island Realty Company; Southcam Petroleum Corporation; Southeastern Sussex Industrial Development Association; Southern Bowling Corp., Southern Bowling Corp. of Louisiana; Southern Bowling Corp. of North Carolina; Southern Educational and Recreational Association; Southern Equities Corporation; Southern Investing Corporation; Southern Land Development Corporation; Southern MTU, Inc.; Southern Offshore Oil Company, Inc.; Southern Professional Entertainment, Inc.; Southern Shippers & Receivers, Inc.; Southwest Land Corporation; Sovereign Grand Supreme Council of Free and Accepted Ancient Scottish Rite Masons of the World, Inc.; Soy Ford, Inc.; Space Club International, Inc.; Space Planning and Conversion Engineering, Inc.; Special Purpose Engineering Co., Inc.; Specialties, Inc.; Spectacular Concessions, Inc.; Speculative Fund, Inc.; Speed Queen Corporation; Speedwing Corporation; Spot Take-Out Shops Co., The; Sprague and Plog, Inc.; Spred Marx System, Inc.; Spring Corporation; Spring-Hill Light and Water Company; Standard Office Service, Incorporated; Stanthony Corporation of Delaware; Star Falcon Oil Company; Star International, Inc.; Star-Key Laboratories, Inc.; Starr Rack Distributors, Inc.; State Credit Control Board, Inc.; State of Delaware Chapter of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, The; States Broadcasting Company, Inc.; Statewide Collection Services, Inc.; Station Services Inc.; Stenocord of America, Inc.; Sterling Australian Oil Corporation; Sterling Middle East Petroleum, Inc.; Sterling Realty Co., Inc.; Strait Distributing Company; Stratford Boston Ave. Drug Corporation; Strato-Port Corporation of America; Strickland Aircraft Corporation, The; Subsurface Studies, Inc.; Suburban Decorators, Inc.; Sue Gale, Inc.; Summit Investments, Inc.; Sunnyside Village, Inc.; Sun-piper, Ltd.; Super Chief Theatres, Inc.; Superheater Company, The; Superior Reproductions, Inc.; Superior Rubber Refining Corp.; Superior Well Servicing Co.; Supplement Publishing Corporation; Sure-Grip Corporation; Surety Investment Co., Inc.; Surgical Selling Co. of Georgia, Inc.; Surgical Selling Co. of Texas, Inc.; Surrey Restaurant, Inc.; Sussex Cantaloupe Growers Association, Inc.; Swifton Village Section 3, Inc.; Swifton Village Section 5, Inc.; Symerton Garage, Inc.; Syscom Electronics Corporation.

T & C Construction Company; T-K Foods, Inc.; T. M. Co., Inc.; T. P. Reath Associates, Inc.; T R T, Inc.; T. & S. Corporation; Talbot Park, Inc.; Talley's Garage, Inc.; Tangent Corporation; Tanjak Corporation; Tasty Pizza, Inc.; Taylor-Holmby, Corp.; Taylor Uranium Corporation; Teaching Machines, Inc.; Tec-Crafts, Incorporated; Technicor Instruments, Inc.; TechnoVending Corp.; Technomedic Corporation; Tejanos Mining Corporation; Tele-Craft Electronics Corp.; Telje Films, Ltd.; Termini Color Video Tape Corporation; Terry Enterprises, Inc.; Terry Federal Construction Corp.; Tetrohelix, Inc.; Thermal-Stable Laminates, Inc.; Thermochef Corporation; This Is The U.S.A. Not The A.M.A. Associate of America; Thomas Construction Co.; Thomas W. Briggs Company, Inc.; Thoroughbred Breeders, Inc.; 320 Avenue Corporation; Three Little Bakers Cake and Frosting, Inc.; Timbrook Industries, Inc.; Timor Corporation; Tintoreria Sandoz, Inc.; Titan Heel Comporation; Titans of New York, Inc.; Toth Motorships, Inc.; Towne Cleaners, Inc.; Towne House Motor Lodge, Inc.; Townsend Enterprises, Inc.; Trans-American Vending Corp.; Trans-Atlantic Trading Corp.; Trans-Global Navigation Corporation; Trans-Mark, Inc.; Trans Petrol Corporation; Trans Supply Corporation; Trans World Industries, Inc.; Trans-World Leasing, Inc.; Trans-World Marketing, Inc.; Trans-World Mines and Metals, Inc.; Transa Structures, Inc.; Transasia Carriers Corporation; Transasia Marine Corporation; Transasia Steamship Company, Inc.; Transasia Transport Corp.; Transcontinental Alabama Corporation; Transfer Corporation; Transistor Communications Corporation; Transitair Services, Inc.; Transport & Supply, Inc.; Transportation Institute of Public Policy; Transportation Rentals, Inc.; Travco, Inc.; Travel America, Inc.; Tred Avon Marine Service, Inc.; Tri-Dac Industries, Inc.; Tri-State Laboratories, Inc.; Tri-State Tire Warehouses, Inc.; Tri (111) Service Corporation; Triangle Construction Co., Inc.; Trio Investment Corporation; Triton Corporation, The; Trojan Corporation; Tropic-Aire Corporation; Truck Services, Inc.; Trustees of St. Mary's College, The; Try-Co., Inc.; Tumor Coal Corporation; Turshin Realty and Investment Company; Twin Oceans Management, Inc.; Twin Valet, Incorporated; 2430 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Inc.

U. S. Alaska Corp.; U. S. Casting Corporation; U. S. Engineering & Mfg. Co.; U. S. Tax Institute; U. S. Tractor Parts Mfg. Corp.; U. S. Van Export, Inc.; U. S. Van Lines, Inc; Unimaster Screen Corporation; Union Petroleum Company; Unit, Inc.; United Budget Incorporated of Delaware; United Gold Reserves, Inc.; United Nations World Directory, New York, Inc.; United Poultry Processors Company; United Research and Development Corporation, The; United Sports Centers, Inc.; United States Hoffman Machinery Corporation; Universal Chemical Industries, Inc.; Universal Electronics Laboratories Corporation; Universal Bicrotron Corporation; Universal Publishing Corp.; Universal Vending Corp.; University Publishers Incorporated; Uranium Metals, Inc.; Urban Land Corp.; Ursuline Academy Association, The; Us Okinawa Air Lines Co., Ltd.; Usaform Panamerican Ltd.; Utility Truck Distributors, Inc.

V. A. Bedford Corporation; V. B. Construction-Patterson International Corporation; V. B., Inc.; V. P. X. Corporation; Vacuumatics International Products, Inc.; Valentino Motors Corporation; Value Incorporated; Value Investments Corporation; Vanguard Service Corporation; Vend-Mart, Inc.; Vendotronics Corp.; Venturers International Inc.; Verivo Corporation; Victor Cleaners, Inc.; Viglo Corporation; Village Theatres Corporation; Vincent's Restaurant, Inc.; Vindel Company, The; Vintem Delicatessen, Incorporated; Visual International, Inc.; Visual Plant Layouts Inc.; Vital Distributors, Inc.; Vitalo Brothers, Inc.

W. C. Rein Corp.; W. Glenn Oslin, Inc.; W. R. Clark Company, Inc.; W-R Payment Corp.; Wahl's Northeast, Inc.; Waiter G. Bailey, Inc.; Walter J. Schneider Hotels Corporation; Walton Chiropractic Hospital, Inc.; Warrington Furniture Co.; Washarama B.G., Inc.; Washburn Investment Company, Inc.; Water Pollution Treatment Corporation Using The Villanova University Process; Waterford Projects and Enterprises, Inc.; Waukegan-Caldwell Building Corporation; Wayside Development Co., Inc.; Webb & Associates, Inc.; Webwraps, Inc.; Wellington Agency, Inc., The; Wells Food Products, Inc.; Wene, Inc.; Wenga Copper Mines, Inc.; West Africa Development Corporation; West Bloomfield Golf and Country Club; West Indies Development Company, Ltd.; West-More Plaza, Inc.; Westchester Apartments, Inc.; Western Blower Company; Western Saratoga Company; Westgate Farms Association; Wetherill Engineering Company; Whird, Ltd.; White Avionics Corporation; White-Hall Garment Corp.; White House Motels, Inc., The; Wilkie, Inc.; Willdon, Incorporated; William A. White & Associates, Inc.; William F. Wagner Co., Inc.; William J. Steffenberg, Inc.; William J. Tigani, Inc.; Wm. N. Kirshner & Company, Inc.; Williams Hatchery, Inc.; Williamsburg Art Corp.; Willie's Fair, Inc.; Wilmington Aquatic Club, Inc.; Wilmington Businessmen's Civic Association; Wilmington Drama League, Inc.; Wilmington Manor Civic Association, Inc.; Wilmington Musical Corp.; Wilmingtonian, Inc., The; Win-Rock Engineering Corporation; Windsor Drug & Chemical Corporation; Windsor Holding Corp.; Woidat Meat Company; Wolverine Acceptance Corporation; Wonder Leasing Corporation; Wong Wan Sun Association, Inc.; Wood-Clad Corporation; Woodenhawk, Inc.; Worab Foods Corp.; Workman Service, Inc.; World Development Corporation; World Executives, inc.; World of Music, Inc.; Worthy Bros. Construction Corp.; Worthy Bros. Corporation; Wpop, Inc.; Wyckwood Development Corporation; Wyoming Castle #22 K. G. E.

X. Co. Corporation.

Yankee Pedlars, Ltd.; Young Adult Enterprises, Inc.; Young Republican Review, Inc.; Younger Each Day, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, CHARLES L. TERRY, JR., Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this seventeenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-first.


By the Governor:


Attest: ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State