Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, the members of the 135th General Assembly of the State of Delaware and the Governor of the State of Delaware were saddened to learn that on Sunday evening, July 8, 1990, one of Delaware's greatest citizens, Mr. R. R. M. "Bob" Carpenter, Jr., died at the age of 74; and

WHEREAS, the moment the human ear heard the name "Carpenter", Delawarean's from every walk of life and every part of the State either associated it with the Philadelphia Phillies, a national league baseball team his father purchased for him at the age of 28, and a team he owned for 29 seasons, followed closely by massive numbers of Delawareans; or with the University of Delaware, College of Physical Education which he devoted endless hours of time and personal resources in seeing the University's athletic program culminate into the success story it has shown over the years, especially football, one of his favorite sports; and

WHEREAS, Bob Carpenter as he was frequently identified by most Delawarean's, leaves a legacy of athletic events, projects, programs and institutions that he either personally established or was instrumental in initiating, that Delawarean's and especially athletes will long remember; and

WHEREAS, athletics and sports in general have been Bob Carpenter's whole life, he participated in sports, playing football for two years at Duke University; he preached and advocated it in his every day contacts with Governor's, corporate executives and community leaders, persuading them to financially underwrite meaningful athletic programs at the University, to include the Delaware All-Star Football Game played annually at the University to benefit the retarded children of our State; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Carpenter's interest and devotion to sports over his life time went far beyond baseball and football, other hobbies included wildlife hunting on the 17,000 acre family plantation in South Carolina, and dog breeding, winning him national acclaims from the nationally known magazine, 'Field and Stream', for having the nation's most outstanding retriever; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Carpenter and his father, along with Connie Mack were co-owners of the Interstate Baseball League's Wilmington Blue Rocks, which included such well known names as Robin Roberts, Curt Simmons, and Jack Sanford, who went on to the majors (Class A baseball) to become outstanding players with the Phillies; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Carpenter's diverse interest in sports also included pro-basketball which he was instrumental in bringing to Wilmington, Delaware in the early 1940's, the American League Blue Bombers; and

WHEREAS, also in the early 940's, Mr. Carpenter showed his multiple interest in sports by supporting and backing pro-boxing ventures, two of whom were Al Trebaune and Lou Brooks, allowing them to stay in physical condition by exercising on his Montchanin estate in Wilmington; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Carpenter found time to devote his talents to other worthwhile causes, to include Chairmanship of the Delaware Racing Commission for two terms, a member of the Board of Directors of the News Journal Company before it was purchased from Christiana Securities by Gannett Company, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Delaware succeeding his father who served before him, a responsibility and duty he sacredly honored and devoted tireless time to; and

WHEREAS, the citizens of Delaware, and most particularly those intimately involved with the various sports, and above all, the University of Delaware, the College of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation, will no doubt experience a deep void as a result of the passing of Mr. Carpenter who was not only an outstanding enthusiastic supporter of athletes, but was a philanthropist in the widest meaning of the word, morally, socially and financially; and

WHEREAS, the News Journal Papers, in eulogizing Mr. Carpenter's many contributions to athletics, put it succinctly and aptly when they said, "he had a great love for victory, but he never lost sight of his primary objective, and that was, assisting youngsters to play football and receive a first class education", for it is true, he loved collegiate sports and gave tremendously to its success, but he also contributed enormously to the entire University of Delaware for which all Delawareans are most grateful; and

WHEREAS, when Mr. Carpenter owned the Phillies, the Delaware legislature looked forward every year to being the guest of Mr. Carpenter at a home game where the evening was enjoyed by all, the delicious food and the jovial, down to earth talk Mr. Carpenter would exchange with all his guests, moving from table to table to exchange a few words of wisdom.


BE IT RESOLVED by the members of the 135th General Assembly of the State of Delaware, the Governor concurring therein, that the entire State of Delaware hereby mourns the death of Mr. R. R. M. Carpenter, Jr., who passed away on Sunday evening, July 8, 1990 at age 74, and expresses its deepest sympathy to the family during their bereavement, and further expressing the State's profound loss which will leave a void in all our lives, but his long legacy of institutional contributions will live on by which we shall long remember him.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that upon enactment of this Joint Resolution, suitably prepared copies be forwarded to Mrs. Mary Kaye Carpenter, wife of Mr. Carpenter; to Ruly and Keith, sons, and to Mary Kaye Murray, the daughter, all of Wilmington, Delaware.

Approved July 25, 1990.