Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, Geriatrics Services of Delaware was incorporated in April, 1969, as a non-profit private agency to enable Senior Citizens to remain in their homes or communities with dignity to avoid institutionalization as long as possible; and

WHEREAS, the varied services of Geriatrics Services of Delaware, Incorporated, vital to the daily lives of hundreds of elderly Delawareans, include Geriatric Aides, Foster Homes, Meals on Wheels, Beach House Activities, and Referral Service; and

WHEREAS, to continue its full schedule of services to Delaware's Senior Citizens, Geriatrics Services of Delaware, Incorporated must overcome two immediate fiscal problems, (1) The first is inadequate operating capital to meet current expenses while clients are billed and receipts are received. A bi-weekly payroll of $12,000.00 to $14,000.00 must be met before cash returns from clients receiving services. This is a cash flow problem; and (2) A monthly deficit of about $2,000.00 to meet administrative and overhead costs. An increase in our service delivery will help meet this deficit. A pending contract for the purchase of our services from the Division of Social Services may be signed soon. In order to remain in operation and to finalize the contract with the Division of Social Services, Geriatrics Services of Delaware, incorporated is in desperate need of $25,000; and

WHEREAS, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services has stated that "it is most imperative that Geriatrics Services of Delaware, Incorporated remain in business," because the demise of the organization would mean that some 60 indigent elderly in Foster Homes would have to be placed in Delaware State Hospital or nursing homes at State expense, approximately 120 persons currently receiving subsidized aide would have no service and would therefore be faced with institutionalization, the elderly in Kent County would be without aide service completely, New Castle County's elderly would have to pay substantially more for aide service through profit-making agencies, and there would be at least 135 unemployed aides, many of whom would be forced to return to the State's welfare rolls.


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware: (Three-fourths of all the members elected to each House thereof concurring therein):

Section 1. The sum of $25,000 is hereby appropriated to Geriatrics Services of Delaware, Incorporated to help alleviate its current fiscal problems. Geriatrics Services, Incorporated shall submit to the General Assembly a full accounting of the expenditure of said funds.

Section 2. This act is a supplementary appropriation act for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1974, and the funds hereby appropriated shall be paid by the State Treasurer from the General Fund of the State Treasury from monies not otherwise appropriated.

Approved April 16, 1974.