Delaware General Assembly




WHEREAS, our law enforcement agencies play an essential role in safeguarding the rights and freedoms which have been guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Delaware; and

WHEREAS, it is important that people throughout the First State know and understand the problems, duties, and responsibilities of their police departments, and that members of our law enforcement agencies recognize their duty to serve the people by safeguarding life and property, by protecting them against violence or disorder, and by protecting the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression or intimidation; and

WHEREAS, Delaware's police departments have grown to be modern and scientific law enforcement bodies which unceasingly provide a vital public service; and

WHEREAS, since 1962 the week in May in which May 15 falls has been nationally designated as Police Week in recognition of the contribution the police officers of America have made to our civilization through their dedicated and selfless efforts in enforcing our laws, and May 15 has been designated as Peace Officers Memorial Day in honor of the Federal, State, and municipal peace officers who have been killed or disabled in line of duty.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Delaware with the approval of the Governor as attested by his signature appended hereto, that the Governor issue a proclamation calling upon the people of Delaware and upon all patriotic, civic, and educational organizations in the First State to observe the week of May 13-19, 1973, as Police Week with appropriate ceremonies in which all of our people may join in commemorating police officers, past and present, who by their faithful and loyal devotion to their responsibilities have rendered a dedicated service to their communities and, in so doing, have established for themselves an enviable and enduring reputation for preserving the rights and security of all citizens.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Governor officially designate Tuesday, May 15, 1973, as Peace Officers Memorial Day in honor of those peace officers who, through their courageous deeds, have lost their lives or have become disabled in the performance of duty.

Approved April 6, 1973.