Delaware General Assembly







TO: Heads of All State Departments and Agencies

RE Designation of the Division of Drug Abuse Control, Department of Health and Social Services, as the Single State Agency to Coordinate and Direct the State and Local Responses to the Drug Abuse Problem.

WHEREAS, drug abuse is a major social problem in the State of Delaware and afflicts urban, suburban, and rural areas of this State;

WHEREAS, drug abuse seriously impairs individual, as well as societal, health and well-being and substantially contributes to crime;

WHEREAS, the success of drug abuse prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, education, and research programs requires a recognition that a consolidated, coordinated approach is absolutely essential to combat this threat;

WHEREAS, the differences in local drug abuse problems and local responses to such problems are of critical importance and hence, local definition of problems and responses is necessary for successfully dealing with these problems;

I HEREBY DECLARE that it is the policy of the State of Delaware to focus the comprehensive resources of this State to bear on the drug abuse problem.

THEREFORE, I hereby designate the Division of Drug Abuse Control, Department of Health and Social Services, as the single State Agency responsible for coordinating all drug abuse prevention functions in this State, which include, drug abuse rehabilitation, treatment, education, research and prevention activities. The Division shall:

1. Conduct and see that local authorities, conduct, a detailed survey of State and local problems and needs for prevention and treatment of drug abuse and drug dependence, including, but not limited to, a survey of health facilities needed to provide services for drug abuse and drug dependence, and the development of techniques for the assessment of an unduplicated count of chronic drug abusers;

0. Identify all funds, programs, and resources available in the State from the Federal Government, the State government, local governments, public and private agencies, foundations, and other sources, which are currently being used and those which could in the future be used to implement drug abuse prevention functions in the State;

1. Develop objective devices or methodologies for the evaluation of all drug abuse prevention functions within this State;

2. Establish a clearinghouse for development of and maintenance of a centralized drug abuse data collection and dissemination system for all drug abuse prevention functions, consistent with the confidentiality safeguards of Federal and State law;

3. Develop and maintain a management information system providing for an ongoing review of the State drug abuse problem indicators, drug abuse programs, and resources, relationship of resources to drug problem intensity, and analysis of problem indicator dynamics to resource application and assist local chief executive offices in building and maintaining a local management information system;

4. Formulate and administer a comprehensive State plan for coordinating all drug abuse prevention functions (and other State plans in related areas, especially health, education and criminal justice) within the State in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Federal government;

5. Coordinate the delivery of all funding from whatever source, to State and local levels;

8. Require such information and reports as necessary from State and local agencies for planning, management, and evaluation and for otherwise carrying out the mandate of this Order;

9. Review all budgets, regulations, guidelines, requirements, criteria, and procedures of all State Agencies in terms of their consistency with policies, priorities, and objectives established by the Division, and provide policy direction to such agencies in making any changes which may be necessary to bring them into consistency with these policies;

0. Develop and establish health, safety, and professional standards for certifying licensing or approving drug abuse treatment programs, facilities, and personnel within the State either by itself or by designation of another State department or agency, including standards to be followed in hiring individuals both subject to and not subject to the merit system;

1. Devise policies and procedures to foster greater cooperation and interaction between the treatment community and the criminal justice system, particularly in the local jurisdictions, through formulation of a long term plan of cooperation;

2. Coordinate all drug abuse education and training programs conducted within this State through cooperation with State and local Boards of Education, schools, and other public and private agencies in establishing education programs for the prevention of drug abuse and for training in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons dependent upon and abusing drugs;

3. Develop geographically 'distributed drug abuse prevention and treatment facilities and programs throughout the State in order to assure ready access for all people within the State;

4. Review, at least annually, the State plan for coordination of drug abuse prevention functions within the State, and annually submit to the Secretary of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare an analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment programs and activities carried out under the plan, modifications in the plan which it considers necessary, and submission of any reports which the Secretary may require;

5. Meet at least every 3 months with representatives of the State Drug Abuse Prevention Advisory Council;

16. Report annually to the Governor and the General Assembly concerning its activities for the past year.

APPROVED this 22nd day of Aug, 1973.






Secretary of State