WHEREAS, ROBERT H. REED, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for one year (effective with the change in Section 510, Chapter 712, Volume 57, Laws of Delaware, approved by the Governor July 15, 1970) and/or two years preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, SHERMAN W. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A & B Industries, Incorporated; A & H Grain Co., Inc.; A & H Shops, Inc.; A B C Cleaning Contractors, Inc.; A F& Sons, Inc.; A I M Companies, Inc.; A M I American Mobilehome Industries, Inc.; A Z Management Corp.; A. & C. Supplies, Inc.; A. & D. Realty, Inc.; A. C. and C. Leasing, Incorporated; A. E. Wise, Inc.; A Francisco & Sons, Inc.; A.J. Butler Fund Inc., The; A. Kee, Incorporated; A. L. A., Inc.; A. R. Carucci Electrical Service, Inc.; A. R. Wilson Associates, Inc.; A.S. Maclary, Inc.; A.W. Luecking & Sons, Inc.; A. W. Todd Poultry Company, Inc.; A.A.A. Collection Agency, "Inc"; A.B.C. Better Homes, Inc.; A.E.P. Equipment Leasing Corporation; A.G.E. Prepack Inc.; A.J. Butler Securities Corporation; A.T. (Del.), Inc.; A.T.I. Inc.; A.V.I. Enterprises, Inc.; A-I-H-C Agencies, Inc.; A-I-H-C Consultant Services, Inc.; A-I-H-C Equity Corp.; A-W Enterprises, Inc.; A/C & Heating Inc.; Aamco Oil & Gas Corporation; Aaron Eliezer, Dvorah & Leah Foundation, The; Aatex Growth Corporation; Abacus Management Limited; Abas Company, The;Abbey Capital Corporation; Abels, Wsserberg & Co., Inc.; Abernethy Chevrolet, Inc.; Abney Properties, Inc.; Abrams Fund, Inc.; Absher's Construction, Inc.; Academic Systems and Management Corporation; Academy Leasing Corp.; Academy of Athletes Incorporated, The; Acadian Oil and Gas Corp.; Accelerated Photosynthetic System (APS), Inc.; Accident Research Data Corp.; Ace Equipment Co.; Ace Extrusions, Inc.; Ace Janitor Supplies, Inc.; Aceclean "Robot", Inc.; Acker, Merrall & Condit Co., Inc.; Ackermann Internationale Ltd.; Acme Fence Builders, Inc.; Acord-Connaway Motors, Inc.; Acro Services, Inc.; Acrydyne Laboratories, Inc.; Acrylic Casters Association, Inc.; Act 1 Sales, Inc.; Action Enterprises Corp.; Action In Marketing, Inc.; Action Now, Inc.; Active Young Republicans of New Castle County, Inc.; Ad-Carr Industries Co., Inc.; AD-delmar, Inc.; Adam and Eve, Inc.; Adam's Leaf, Inc.; Adamar Corp.; Adams Oil & Gas Co., Inc.; Adda International, Inc.; Adell Corporation; Adion Corporation; Adjustors-Appraisors, Inc.; Adjuvant Corp.; Adley Sales Inc.; Adman Productions, Ltd.; Admiral Industries, Inc.; Advanced Energy Systems, Inc.; Advanced Hospital Techniques Company, Inc.; Advanced Information Systems, Inc.; Advanced International Marketing Corporation; Advanced Management, Inc.; Advanced Modular Systems, Inc.; Advanced Modular Technology, Inc.; Advanced Packaging, Inc.; Advanced Productions, Inc.; Advanced Research Corporation; Advanced Resource Development Corporation; Advanced Scientific Corporation; Advanced Space Age Products, Inc.; Advanced Talent Agency Corporation; Advanced Technology Consultants Corp.; Advertisers Research Company; Advertising Analysis, Inc.; Advisory Services Corporation; Advisory Services International Incorporated; Aero-Beltronics, Inc.; AeroBrane Corporation; Aero-Gon Industries, Inc.; Aero-Matic Corporation; Aerocrete Corporation of America, The; Aerological Research, Inc.; Aeropa, Inc.; Aerophonics Electronic Corporation, International; Aerosol Spray International Corporation; Aetna Resources Incorporated; Affiliated Medical Services, Inc.; Afghan-American Minerals Development Co.; Africa U.S.A., Inc.; African Development Foundation, The; African Heritage Enterprises, Inc.; African-American Associates, Inc.; Afro American Enterprises Inc.; Afro-American Masterpieces Inc.; Afro-Oriental Fashions Co., Inc.; Aftronics, Inc.; Ag-Nu Associates, Inc.; Agapao Industries, Inc.; Agcal Realty Corp.; Agency-Marketing & Service Corporation; AGL Ltd., Inc.; Aglite Corporation of America; Agon Corp.; Agra Resources Fund, Inc.; AgraFilms, Incorporated; Agricultural Associates of Asia, Inc.; Agriguyana, Inc.; Agritech Corporation; Agro Resources, Inc.; Agronomics West, Inc.; AGS Properties, Inc.; Agtrade, Inc.; Aikman Development Corporation; Aims Education, Incorporated; Air Alpena, Inc.; Air Borne Foundry, Inc.; Air Charter Associates Inc.; Air Comfort Control Corp.; Air Data Instruments and Systems, Inc.; Air East Incorporated; Air Engineering of Dallas, Inc.; Air Passengers Association; Air Products, Inc.; Air-Bus Airlines,. Inc.; Aircoke Inc.; Aircomb Technology Corporation; Aircraft Battery Corporation; Airline International Materials Handling Inc.; Airline Management International Corporation; Airline Valet Baggage, Inc.; Airlines Technical Services, Inc.; Airmarine Corporation; Airmovers Airlines, Inc.; Airpool, Inc.; Airport Development Corporation; Airseco, Inc.; Airspur Corporation; AKM Corp.; Al Dohmann Chevrolet, Inc.; Al Satchell, Inc.; Alabama Binder & Chemical Corporation; Alabama Fish Products, Inc.; Alabama Mobilcrafters, Inc.; Alabama Truck Leasing, Inc.; Aladdin Car Wash Systems, Inc.; Aladdin Enterprises, Inc.; Alan Burke Productions, Inc.; Alan Green Chevrolet, Inc.; Aland Corporation; Alarm-Tech. Corp. of Delaware; Alaska Combined Metals Incorporated; Alaska Leisure Enterprises, Inc.; Alaska Metal Mines Incorporated; Alaska-Canadian Corporation; Albee Delaware Homes, Inc.; Albert Enterprises, Inc.; Alco Homes Inc.; Alco, Inc.; Alcorn Bell Systems Corp.; Aldee Mills, Inc.; Alderson Biotechnology Corporation; Alderson Laboratories, Inc.; Alderson Research Laboratories, Inc.; Alert Research and Manufacturing Corporation; Alexandria Lithograph Company, Inc.; Alfab Inc.; Alfco Corp.; Algonquin Productions, Ltd.; Algrace, Inc.; Alice's Restaurant, Inc.; Aliens Club International; Alison International Incorporated; All Star Sports, Ltd.; All Weather, Incorporated; All-American Consultants Incorporated; All-American Refuse, Inc., All-Season Control, Inc.; Allan's House of Wigs of Delaware, Inc.; Allen Enterprises, Inc.; Allen Foods, Inc.; Allen Kirkpatrick & Co., Inc.; Allen Land Company; Allen Loan Company; Allen Poultry Processors, Inc.; Allexen Associates, Inc.; Allied Builders & Developers, Inc.; Allied Building Supplies, Inc.; Allied Creators, Inc.; Allied Credit Enterprises, Inc.; Allied Pacific Financial Corp.; Allison Stanley Ltd., Inc.; Allograph Corporation; Allsafe Investment and Manufacturing, Inc.; Allservice Insurance Agencies, Inc.; Aloha-Newport Development Company; Alpha Gamma Sigma Fraternity (Inc.); Alpha Group, Inc., The; Alpha Instrument Company, Incorporated; Alpha Machinery Corporation; Alpha Marine Corporation; Alpha Technology Corp.; Alpha XI Chapter of the Theta Chi Fraternity, Inc.; Alpha-Jet Industries, Inc.; Alphatec Corporation; Alpine Petroleum Corporation; Alpine/Andean Oil Corporation; Alston Brothers, Inc.; Altico Corporation; Alwaysonfriday, Inc.; Am - Aust Consultants Incorporated; Amack, Inc.; Amador Enterprises Inc.; Amahind Corporation; Amalgamated Associates, Inc.; Amalgamated Beverages Co. Inc.; Amarika, Inc.; Ambassador Laundry, Inc.; Ambassador on Broadway, Inc.; Ambassador Productions International, Ltd.; Amcan Operations Inc.; Amcan Petroleum Inc.; Amco Research Enterprises, Incorporated; Amdac International, Inc.; Ameche Academy of Broadcasting, Inc.; America Inland Corp.; American Aero -Liquids Corp.; American and Far Eastern Development Co., Inc.; American Apothecary Shop, Inc.; American Art Auctions, Inc.; American Asset Management, Inc.; American Associated Industries, Inc.; American Automatic Industries Corporation; American Bankers of Commerce, Inc., American Biological Laboratories, Inc.; American Blacks & Associates Industries, Inc.; American Board of General Practice, Inc.; American Board of Trade Clearing Corp., The; American Board of Trade Service Corp., The; American .Cable Computer Corp.; American Care, Inc.; American Championship Golf Association, Inc.; American Chapels, Inc.; American Cinetronics Inc.; American Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc.; American Commodity; Futures Fund Management Corporation; American Computer Institute, Inc.; American Computer Systems, Inc.; American Computer Time-Sharing Systems, Inc.; American Concert Association; American Consultants, Inc., American Convenience Corporation; American Corporation; American Creative Enterprises, Inc. American Crystal Corporation; American Cultural Society, Inc.; American Dental Service, Inc.; American Diplomatic Commissary, Inc.; American Energy Corporation; American Enterprises Inc. RVN; American Environmental Control Corp.; American Equality Alliance Foundation; American Facsimile Systems, Inc.; American Fieldtech Corporation; American Financial Corporation; American Foods Corporation; American General Bond Fund, Inc.; American General Oil & Gas Company; American Glass Fibre, Inc.; American Golf and Sports, Inc.; American Gourmet, Ltd.; American Health Care Resources, Inc.; American Health Centers, Inc.; American Home Designs, Inc.; American Home Furnishings Corp.; American Hygenic Corp.; American Indian Lodge, Inc.; American Inter Media Corp.; American Intercontinental Enterprises Corporation Limited; American International Construction Company.; American Investors Holding Corp.; American Invex Corporation; American Jetstream, Inc.; American Kinetics Corporation; American Land Management, Inc.; American Lease & Investment Corporation; American Leaser's Association, Inc.; American Lighting Centers, Incorporated; American Magnomatic Industries, Inc.; American Management Services, Inc.; American Manor, Inc.; American Marine Financial Corp.; American MediServices Inc.; American Medical Care, Inc.; American Medical Products, Inc.; American Metalcrafters, Inc.; American Metro, Inc.; American Minerals Financial, Inc.; American Minerals Fund, Inc.; American Minerals Management, Inc.; American Mirror Industries, Inc.; American Mobile Home Communities Incorporated; American Modular Products Corporation; American Modular Systems, Inc.; American Molded Products, Inc.; American Monetary Corporation; American Natural Resources Corporation; American Overseas School of Rome, Inc.; American Pageants, Inc.; American Paradise Land Development Corporation; American Petroleum Enterprises, Inc.; American Petronomics Inc.; American Petrosearch Corporation; American Mastic and Chemical Corporation; American Polymers, Inc.; American Raceways Inc.; American Radiological Laboratories, Inc.; American Recreation Corp.; American Resource Group, Inc.; American Rifles Association, The; American Scholarship Federation, Inc.; American Securities Corporation (China); American Select, Inc.; American Society of Fine Arts, Inc.; American Southern Africa Company; American Sunday School Association; American Survey Company; American System Building Company, Inc.; American Technical Service, Inc.; American Telesports Network, Inc.; American Tissue Mills, Inc.; American Tool & Die Co.; American Travelers Club, Inc.; American Tree Farms, Inc.; American Tribal Management Corp.; American Tribal Music Corp.; American Tribal Productions Corp.; American Unichem Corporation; American Varied Incorporated; American Venture Capital Corporation; American Video General Corp.; American Visual Enterprises Corp.; American Way International Corp.; American Woodcomp Products Corp.; American/United Industries, Inc.; Americana Seafood, Inc.; Amgreco Yoo-Hoo Hellas Beverages, Inc.; Amic Automated Management Information Concepts, Inc.; Amos Barton, Inc.; Amos L. Hall, Inc.; Ams Investment Corp.; Amsalco, Inc.; An-Pol Chemical Corporation Of Delaware; Anabac Industries, Inc.; Anacomp Data Services, Inc.; Analatron Corporation; Analytical Market Evaluations, Inc.; Ancarco Corp.; Anchor Bond Fund, Inc.; Andon, Inc.; Andrea Doria Salvage Corporation; Andreas Enterprises, Inc.; Andromeda Data Systems, Inc.; Andy Capp Pubs International, Inc.; Andy Capp Pubs, Inc.; Andy's Barbecue Corporation; Angelo Pingitore, Inc.; Anglo-American Extrusion Company; Anglo-American Tourist Service Association (A.A.T.A. of America) Inc.; Anglo-American World Trade Register (Directories) Limited; Animal Garden Toys, Inc.; Animal Hospital Centers of America, Inc.; Animals For Research, Inc.; Annapolis Investment Corporation; Anomate Products Corp.; Anthony Aquatics Inc.; Anthony B. Cassedy Western Associates, Inc.; Anthony W. Kriger Co., Inc.; Anticosti Corporation; Antimony Corporation of America; Antiques Growth Corp.; Antoine's Carpet, Corp.; Antoine's Realty Corp.; Antoine's, Inc.; Antonio's Cafe, Inc.; Anwo Corporation, The; Anything Else, Inc.; Ao Corporation; Ap Aviation Corporation; Apartments Inc.; APD, Inc.; Apex Marketing International, Inc.; Apex Petrochemical, Inc.; APL-Boston, Inc.; APL-CHICAGO, INC.; APL-PHILADELPHIA INC.; APL-Washington, Inc.; Apollo Corporation, The; Apollo Hedge Fund, Inc.; Apollo Management Corporation; Apollo Nuclear, Inc.; Apollo Resources & Oil Corp.; Apostolic, Inc.; Apple Drug Corporation; Appleman Foundation, Inc., The; Appleman Oil Corporation; Appliance Wholesalers, Inc.; Applied Capital International, Inc.; Applied Community Training, Inc.; International Inc.; Aquaculture Sciences, Inc.; Aquapure Inc. Aquapure Seafood, Inc.; Aquarius Business Services Co.; Aquarius Financial Services, Inc.; Aquarius Fund, Inc.; Aquarius, Inc.; Aquilla International, Inc.; AR Leasing Corp.; Arbell M. Snider, Inc.; Arby's International Incorporated; Archer Industries, Inc.; Architectural Erectors, Inc.; Architectural Products Association of America, Inc.; Arco Industries Inc.; Arco of Washington, Inc.; Arcturus Electronics Corporation; Arden Building Inc., The; Arden Enterprises, Inc.; Area Renewal & Real Estate Development Corp.; Arena Corporation, The; Argentina Realty Co., Inc.; Argonaut Petroleum, Inc.; Argosy Management Corporation; Argus Cameras, Inc.; Arisa Computer Services, Inc.; Arista Development Corp.; Ariya Industries, Ltd.; Arizona Biochemical Company; Arkkenten Industries, Inc.; Arlo & Associates, Ltd.; Arlington Corporation; Arlington Texas Industries, Inc.; Armell Industries, Inc.; Armenian Apostolic Church of America, Inc.; Armoe Machine Products, Inc.; Armon Foundation, Inc.; Armstrong Construction Co.; Arno. Industries, Inc.; Arps Corporation; Art Centrum, Inc.; Art Gallery Franchisers, Inc.; Art Geesaman, Inc.; Art Metal Industries, Inc.; Art-Fox Advertising Specialties, Inc.; Artal, Inc.; Artcraft Builders, Inc.; Artcraft Footwear, Inc.; Artdata Investment and Information Services, Inc.; Artel Communications Corporation; Arthur Cook Supply Corporation; Arthur N. Economou & Co., Inc.; Artiques International, Inc.; Artists International Distribution, Ltd.; Artists International Management, Ltd.; Artman Aluminum Drapes, Inc. Artrust Inc.; Arts & Letters, Inc.; Arvid Industries, Inc.; Arzi Knitting Industries, Inc.; Ash Enterprises, Inc.; Ashburn Land and Investment Corporation; Ashdod Development Corporation; Ashley Hall Construction, Inc.; Ashley Hall, Inc.; Ashley Petroleum, Inc.; Aspi, Inc.; Assembly Club of Delaware, Inc.; Associated Beautifications & Cosmetologists, Inc.; Associated Chamber of Commerce Employees, Inc.; Associated Computer Management Sciences, Inc.; Associated Equities Corporation; Associated Franchise, Inc.; Associated Free-Ports of Delaware, Inc.; Associated Grocers of Washington, Inc.; Associated Industries Investments, Inc.; Associated Medical Services, Inc.; Associated Precision Enterprises, Inc.; Associated Properties, Inc.; Associated Transit Services, Inc.; Associates of the Dalton Schools, Inc.; Association for the Study of Alcoholism and Addictive Diseases, Inc.; Assurance Processing Company of North America, Incorporated; Assured Metal Fabricators, Inc.; Astral Plane, Inc.; Astro-Computer Technology, Inc.;Astrochef, Inc.; Astronuclear Metallurgical Corporation; Asuncion Port Concession Corporation; Atcoa International Sales Corporation; Athens Construction Co.; Athletic Council of St. Helena, Inc.; Atlanta Management Corporation; Atlantic Coast Construction Company; Atlantic Corporation, The; Atlantic Foods International, Inc.; Atlantic Franchise Corporation; Atlantic Precision, Inc.; Atlantic Quick-Freeze Co., Inc.; Atlantic Semiconductor, Inc.; Atlantic Shipping, Inc.; Atlantic States Shows, Inc.; Atlantic Transport, Inc.; Atlantis Investment Corporation; Atlantis Leasing Corporation; Atlantis Systems Corp.; Atlas Advisory Corp.; Atlas Bakery Equipment Corp.; Atlas Distributing Company, Inc.; Atlas Stock Funds Inc.; Atlas Television Corp.; Atoris Decorators, Inc.; ATS International Corp.; Auburn Industries, Inc.; Auckland Woolcrafters Ltd.; Audio Data Corporation; Audio Music International Corporation; Audio Visual Corporation of America; Audio Visual Technology Corp.; Audiosonics, Inc.; August Spicuzza Foods, Corp.; Augusta Building Corporation; Augustine Industries, Inc.; Aupar Industries, Inc.; Aurora Electric Corporation; Austin Lee Corp.; Australian-American Land Resources, Inc.; Auto Adventures, Inc.; Auto Auctions of Puerto Rico Inc.; Auto Photo, Inc.; Auto Racing Franchise Company; Auto-Foto-Mart, Incorporated; Auto-Kleen, Incorporated; Autolux Manufacturing Corporation; Automated Booking Services, Inc.; Automated Energy Systems, Inc., Automated Housing Corporation; Automated Hygiene Corporation; Automated Information Development Inc.; Automated Management Sciences Group Inc.; Automated Theatres of America, Inc.; Automated Therapeutics, Inc.; Automated Business Equipment, Inc.; Automated Business Machinery Mfrs., Co.; Automatic Electronic Systems, Inc.; Automation Electronics, Inc.; Automation Skills Institute of Manhattan, Inc.; Automation Training Schools, Inc.; Automotive Disposal Corporation of America; Automotive Pollution Controls, Inc.; Automotive Products Company, Inc.; Automotive Tax Publishers, Inc.; Auto-numerics, Inc.; Autotech Corporation, The; Autotelic Industries, Inc.; Availability Corporation; Avalon Associates, Inc.; Avalon Enterprises, Inc.; Avanti Foods, Inc.; Avenue Company; Aviation Capital Corporation; Aviation Contract Services, Inc.; Aviation Holding Corporation; Avos Films, Inc.; Avreos Incorporated; Awards Consultants, Inc.; Axelrod & Co. Securities Corporation; Axelsen Buick, Inc.; Ay Geophysical Corp.; Ayjay Enterprises, Inc.; Aztec Minerals Exploration Corporation; Aztec Mining Corporation.

B& B Busline Incorporated; B& B Motors, Inc.; B& H Drive-Ins, Inc.; B. E. Properties, Inc.; B.C.F. Investments Corp.; B.F.P.A., Inc.; B. H. Craig Construction Company, Inc.; B. H. Ives Enterprises, Inc.; B. I. T., Inc.; B. J. Bond International, Ltd.; B. J. S. Equipment Co., Inc.; B. 0. S. K. Leasing, Inc; B S and S., Inc.; B.T.C., Inc.; B.T.O., Ltd.; B & C Film Corp.; B & C Foods, Inc.; B & C Publications, Inc.; B & G Electrical Co., Inc.; B & K, Inc., B & L., Inc.; B & M., Inc.; B & T Trucking, Inc.; Babbs, Bailen & Warner, Inc.; Babee - Mates, Inc.; Bachelors III Enterprises, Inc.; Baddeck Bay Corporation; Baer Automated Systems, Inc.; Baer Brands, Inc.; Bailey Construction, Inc.; Baird Corporation, The; Baker Express Co., Inc.; Baker Furniture, Inc.; Bakery Industries, Inc.; Balch Buick-GMC, Inc.; Baldwin Provision Co.; Balford Industries, Inc.; Balfour Resources International, Inc; Bancsave Texas, Inc.; Banner Enterprises, Inc.; Bantry Corporation; Baptists World Missions Inc.; Bar S Industries Incorporated; Bar-An Wash-O-Rama Corp.; Bar Pet, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Fresno, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of GoletaMens, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Lakewood, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Lodi, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Market Street, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Riverside, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Rockridge, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of Rowland Heights, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of San Bernardino, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of San Jose, Inc.; Barbara Lynn of San Mateo, Inc.; Barclay Petroleum International, Ltd.; Barclay Securities Incorporated; Barjoman Corporation; Barkley & Moore, Inc.; Barko Labs, Inc.; Barlea, Inc.; Barley Mill Road Homes, Inc.; Barn & Silo Stores, Inc.; Barn Door Restaurant, Inc., The; Barney Lo, Inc.; Baron Corporation of America; Baron Fund, Inc.; Baron Management Company; Baron Productions, Inc.; Barracuda, Ltd.; Barrell of Beer, Inc.; Barron Industries, Inc.; Barron International Corporation; Barter Charge, Inc.; Barton Construction Company; Bartow - Tauber & Associates, Inc.; Bartram Leasing, Inc.; Basic Resource Developers of Niger, Inc.; Basicwealth, Inc.; Batignolles-Chatillon, Inc.; Batronic Medical Systems, Inc.; Bavco, Inc.; Bawden Enterprises Inc.; Bay City Petroleum Company, Inc.; Bay Coffee Corp.; Bay Products, Inc.; Bayvue Industries, Inc.; BDC, Inc.; Bea Can Inc.; Beachcomber Yachts, Inc.; Beachcraft Industrial Corporation; Beacon Heights Nursing and Convalescent Centers of America, Inc.; Beacon Oil and Refining Company; Bear Transport, Inc.; Beatty Corporation, The; Beau "N" Belle, Inc.; Beautiful Home Products Corporation; Beauty Afloat, Inc.; Beauty Colleges International, Inc.; Beaver Gomobile Inc.; Becht Homes, Inc.; Beck Enterprises Ltd.; Beck Properties, Inc.; Beck-Del, Inc.; Beck-Gardenhill, Inc.; Beck-Liebes, Inc.; Becom Corporation; Bed Rock Petroleum Company; Behavioral Science Systems of Delaware, Inc.; Bel Aire Securities, Inc.; Bel-Mar Corporation; Belair Enterprises, Inc.; Beldon Construction, Co.; Belgo American Industries, Inc.; Belko Realty Corporation; Bell Capital Corporation; Bell Cleaners, Inc.; Bell Leasing, Inc.; Bell Management Co., Inc.; Bell-Ko Film Corporation; Bell-Ko Sound Films, Inc.; Bellamy-Jacobs Productions, Inc.; Belle Farms Inc.; Bellelon, Inc.; Bellevue Realty Associates, Inc.; Bellomar, Inc.; Belmont Automotive, Inc.; Belmont of Delaware, Inc.; Belmont Thoroughbred Farms, Ltd.; Belvidere Equipment Co., Inc.; BeMac Corporation, The; Benanty International, Inc.; Bench Fund, Inc., The; Benmor Corporation; Berger Bros., Inc.; Berkeley Computer Corporation; Berkshire Mountain Corporation, The; Bernard and Bernard of Philadelphia, Incorporated; Bert Fields Oil Corp.; Bert Jackson Motors, Inc.; Bertram Brewer, Limited; Berwin Builders II, Inc.; Berwin Builders, Inc.; Beryllium Ores and Alloys Corporation; Best Air Services, Inc.; Best Merchandise Company, Inc.; Bestax, Inc.; Beta Medical Corporation; Beta Research Systems Company, Inc.; Beth Ann, Inc.; Beth El Baptist Church Incorporated; Bethany West Recreation Association, Inc.; Bethcraft Corporation; Bethesda Spring Water Company, Inc.; Bethlehem Woodcraft Company; Bethton's Industrial Maintenance Inc.; Betsy Bra Co., Inc.; Better Contractors Incorporated; Better Homes of Seaford, Inc.; Betty Best, Inc.; Betty Brite Cleaners, Inc.; Bevco Truck Leasing Corporation; Beverage Corporation of America, Inc.; Beverley Manor Properties, Inc.; Beverley Manor Section A, Inc.; Beverley Manor Section B, Inc.; Beverley Manor Section C, Inc.; Beverley Manor Section D, Inc.; BFJ, Inc.; BGC Carpentry Corp.; Bi-World Films, Ltd.; Bibb Air Systems, Inc.; Bicon Properties, Inc.; Biddle Consultants Inc.; Big Daddy's Fast Food Systems, Inc.; Big M Donuts, Inc.; Big Shot Studios, Inc.; Big T Production Company, Inc., The; Bill and Nick, Inc.; Bill Bundy, Inc.; Bill Hunter, Inc.; Bill Rasmussen Chevrolet, Inc.; Bill Smith Aluminum Door Co.; Billy Casper's Golf World, Inc.; Bio-Medical Synergies, Inc.; Bio-Tech Corporation; Bioderm, Inc.; Biodyne Industries, Inc.; Biograph Picture Corporation; Bionics, Inc.; Bip Corporation; Black Angus of Delaware, Inc.; Black Educational Services Inc.; Black Horse Acres, Inc.; Black Swan Inc.; Black United Ltd.; Blackhawk Wig Corp.; Blackledge, Inc.; Blair Advisory Co., Inc.; Blair Petroleum Corporation; Blair Whitney Investments, Ltd.; Blimpie Corporation of America; Bloodstock Farms, Inc.; Bloomington Auto/Truck Plaza, Inc.; Blue Hen Boxing Club; Blue Star Developing Co.; Bluegrass Unlimited, Inc., Blye International Ltd.; BMS Data Processing Corporation; Bo-Lomb East, Inc.; Boart, Inc.; Bob Foster, Inc.; Bob Grant Aviation, Inc.; Bob Grimm, Inc.; Bob Vranich, Inc.; Bock-over, Inc.; Bohmrich Corporation; Boitel-Aumont Limited; Bolan Leasing Corporation; Bolaps Food Park, Inc.; Bold Manufacturing Corporation; Bon-Core Wines, Inc.; Bonanza Operations, Inc.; Bonar Enterprizes, Inc.; Bonded Maid Services, Inc.; Bonding Systems, Inc.; Bonita Developers, Inc.; Bonneville Builders, Inc.; Bonnieville Manufacturing Co.; Book City, Inc.; Books and Cards Center, Incorporated; Borobert, Inc.; Borrego Development Company; Bosco Petroleum Corporation; Boston and Maine Corporation; Bottle Enterprises Inc.; Bottler Diversification Corp.; Bottler Franchises Corp.; Bottlers Fruit Juice Corp.; Bouch Leasing Co.; Bowman Construction Company; Boyer -Globe Travel Agency, Inc.; BR Distributors, Inc.; Brad Incorporated; Bradford Apartments, Inc.; Bradford Realty Corporation; Bradford Scientific, Inc.; Bradfute Corporation; Brady Transfer & Storage Co.; Brand Name Centers of America, Inc.; Brand 13, Ltd.; Brandywine Cash Register Co.; Brandywine Marina, Inc.; Brandywine Services, Inc.; Brandywine Steel Company; Brandywine 1700, Inc.; Branmar Theatre Co.; Branmar, Inc.; Brasmon, Organ & Purcell, Inc.; Bratwurst International Inc.; Bravo Corporation; Brazil America Line, Inc.; Brazil Realty Co., Inc.; Brazilian Highlands Mining Corporation; Breeders Securities Corporation; Brenner General Ltd.; Brewster Corp.; Brian Corporation; Bridgeville Industrial Improvement Association; Bridgeville Seed & Farm Service, Inc.; Briefex Corporation; Briel Industries, Inc.; Brierley/Jones & Associates, Inc.; Brile Ltd.; Bristol Industries, Inc.; Bristol Marine Industries, Inc.; British Fashions, Ltd.; Brittingham Fuels Inc.; Brittingham Sales Company; Britton Oil Co., Inc.; Brixton Computer Leasing Corp.; Broad Tankers Corporation; Broadcast Industries Corporation; Broadcast Merchandisers Incorporated; Broadway Grace NPC Inc.; Broastie International, Inc.; Brokerage Computer Services, Inc.; Brookfield Investment Company, Inc.; Brookley Development Company; Brookmeade Civic Association; Brooks Associates, Inc.; Brookside Preschool Association, Inc.; Brookview Apartments, Inc.; Brownie's Photo Service, Inc.; Bruce Mac Donald and Associates, Inc.; Bruce Street Apartments, Inc.; Bruce Vending and Food Management, Inc.; Brundred Industries, Inc.; Bryan & Hughes, Inc.; Bryco Inc.; Bryn Mawr Nursing Centers, Inc.; Bryn-Mawr Investment Company; Bubble Up Delaware, Inc.; Bucanero, Ltd.; Bucari Motors, Inc.; Bucari Rambler Inc.; Buchanan Hearing Aid Co., Inc.; Buckingham-Crown Sports Co.; Bud Taylor Chevrolet-Olds-Buick, Inc.; Budget Homes Inc.; Buffet Inns, Inc.; Builders & Contractors Air Systems, Inc.; Builders, Incorporated; Building Maintenance Service, Inc.; Built Environment Corporation, The; Built Environment Systems Corp.; Bull & Bear Management Corp.; Bulldog Beverage Corporation; Bunting Industries, Incorporated; Burdick-Rowland Associates, Inc.; Burgener Well Survey, Inc.; Burger in the Round, Inc.; Burgundy Corporation, The; Burkett Truck Leasing, Inc.; Burlingame Associates Washington, Inc.; Burlington Communications, Inc.; Burndale Gardens, Inc.; Burns Enterprises, Inc.; Burton and Melott, Inc.; Business Communications Equipment Corporation; Business Leaders of Delaware, Inc. : Business Management Associates, Ltd.; Butler Container Corporation; Butler Personnel Associates, Inc.; Butler Realty Co.; Butler Research Corporation; BWS Investors Corp.;

C & C Industries, Inc.; C & G Sports Wear Corporation; C & L Warehouse Corporation; C. & L. Incorporated; C & M Associates of Delaware, Inc.; C & M Cattle Co., Inc.; C & M Leasing, Inc.; C. & M. Mfg. Co.; C & N Motors, Inc.; C & S Industries, Inc.; C D C Industries, Inc.; C M D Oil Company, Inc.; C S C Corporation; C. B. R. Enterprises, Ltd.; C. B. Simonson Construction Co.;.C. B. Vending & Distributing Company, Inc.; C. C. & E. Investments, Inc.; C. E. Hovatter, Inc.; C. Kramer Johnston, Inc.; C. Petrucelli Electric Co.; C. Wellman Brown & Associates Inc.; C. William Howat Company; C. I. Services, Inc.; C. J. Stone & Sons, Inc.; C. L. Ewing Incorporated; C. L. Holt, Inc.; C. P. A. I. of Delaware, Inc.; C. R. T. Systems, Inc.; C.S. Corp.; C.T. Henson & Sons, Ltd; C/M Worldwide Personnel Consultants, Inc.; Cabana Club, Inc.; Cabbages & Kings Inc.; Cable International Airways, Inc.; Cablesonics, Inc.; Cabletronic Systems, Inc.; Cablevision, Inc.; Cadillac Realty and Investment Corp., Caesar Rodney Athletic Booster Association; Cafco Inc.; Cage, Inc.; Cal-Oak Oil Co.; Cal-Ver-Go., Limited; Cal's Roast Beef of Davenport, Inc.; Calac Industries, Inc.; Caldwell Construction Corp.; Caldwell Industries, Inc.; Calida Properties, Inc.; California Bookkeeping Associates, Inc.; California Crops, Inc.; California General Industries, Inc.; California Leisure Products Manufacturing Company, Inc.; California Medical Enterprises, Inc.; Calmaster Pictures Corporation; Calorie Counters, Inc.; Calumet Silver Mining Co., Inc.; Calvin R. Emory Carpet Service, Inc.; Cambridge Acceptance Corporation; Cambridge Nuclear Leasing Corporation; Cambridge Resorts, Inc.; Cambro Inc.; Camden Corporation; Cameca American Corporation; Cameo Sales, Inc.; Camera Corporation of America; Camp Stinson, Inc.; Campagna Associates, Incorporated; Campui Exclusives International, Ltd.; Campus Management Corporation; Cana-Card Corporation; Candor, Inc.; Canine Carriage Trade Corporation, The; Canoga Acquisition Corporation; Canrico Productions, Inc.; Canterbury Interiors, Inc.; Cantop Leasing Corporation; Canusa Holdings Limited; Cap International Films India Inc.; Capital Mr Service, Inc.; Capital Awning Company, Inc.; Capital Cities Nursing Centres, Inc.; Capital Concentration Fund, Inc.; Capital Counsellors, Inc.; Capital Endeavors, Inc.; Capital Fund of America, Inc.; Capital Growth Program, Inc.; Capital Investments of Dallas, Inc.; Capital Management Corporation; Capital Research Corporation; Capital Theaters, Inc.; Capital Venture Fund, Inc.; Capitol City Motors, Inc.; Capitol Computer Corporation; Capitol Computer Research, Inc.; Capitol Dairy Products, Inc.; Capitol Glaze Co.; Capitol Hill Affiliates International, Inc.; Capitol Hill Cleaners & Launderers Inc.; Capitol Locators, Inc.; Caps, Inc.; Capstock International, Inc.; Captain's Pride, Inc.; Car Color & Supply Company; Car Corporation; Car Wash Corporation, The; Caralodge Industries, Inc.; Caralodge Southeast, Inc.; Caravan Drilling Company, Inc.; Carbil International, Inc.; Carbondale Town and Country Liquors, Inc.; Cardinal Flying Club, Inc.; Cardinal Health Enterprises, Inc.; Cardinal Industries Inc.; Care/Ease Inc.; Care-centers of America, Inc.; Career Counselors Temporaries, Inc.; Career Placement Corp.; Career Schools of America, Inc.; Carib Curtain Corporation; Caribbean Atlantic Trade and Transport, Ltd.; Caribbean Container Company; Caribbean Data Research Corporation; Caribbean Deep Ocean Barge Lines, Inc.; Caribbean Development Corporation; Caribbean Fiberglass Corporation; Caribbean Leisure Concepts Inc.; Caribbean Pacific, Inc.; Caribbean Resources, Inc.; Caribe Mobile Telephone Company; Carl H. Cunningham, Inc.; Carlin Instruments Corp.; Carlson Automotive Products Company, Inc.; Carmel Ventures, Incorporated; Carni Corp.; Carolina Egg Service, Inc.; Carousel Amusement Rides, Inc.; Carousel For Women, Inc.; Carousel International Corporation; Carousel of South America, Inc.; Carpenter Engineering Services Construction Co., Inc.; Carpeteria, Inc.; Carpetron, Inc.; Carriage Lane and Pineview Farms Property Owner's Assn.; Carroll Hiles, Inc.; Cars International Inc.; Carver Corporation; Carwash Property & Leasing Inc.; Caryland Inc.; Casa Contenta (Phoenix) Corporation; Casa Contenta, Inc.; Casa De Linda, Inc.; Casey - Aderhold, Inc.; Cash Card Club Inc.; Cash Productions, Inc.; Cash Register Sales and Service Inc.; Cashmatic Corporation; Cassette Audio Systems, Inc.; Cassette Clubs of America, Inc.; Cassette Communications Corp.; Cassette Library Corporation; Cassette Review, Inc.; Cassidy Sundance Associates, Inc.; Castalia Associates, Inc.; Castle Growth Fund, Inc.; Castle Hospitality Services, Inc.; Castle Management Co., Inc.; Castle Mortgage Service Company; Catalog Files, Inc.; Catskill Holiday Corp.; Cattie Brothers Steel and Industrial Storage Co.; Cattlemen's Fund, Inc.; Cavataio Electric Service Co.; CBC Tele-Cable Corp.; CBIT, Inc.; CBK Film Enterprises, Inc.; CCW Electronics Co., Inc.; Ce Maguire, Inc.; Cea Industries Incorporated; Cedar Finance Corporation; Cedar Holding Corp.; Cedarcliffe Corporation; Cedarwood Development Inc.; Cee Bee Industries, Inc.; Ceil Chapman, Inc.; Celebration-Tiara International Inc.; Celebrity Sportswear, Ltd.; Cendu Cosmetics, Inc.; Centaur Film Productions, Inc.; Centaur Management Corporation; Centennial Petroleum, Inc.; Center for Sicentific Studies, Inc.; Center for Social Research, Incorporated; Centerville Veterinary Hospital, Inc.; Central Computing Corporation; Central Corporate Reports Service, Inc.; Central Data Corp.; Central Distributors Inc.; Central National Fund, Inc.; Central Oil and Gas Company; Central Oklahoma Oil Corporation; Central Pacific, Inc.; Central Personnel Service, Inc.; Central Tax Systems, Inc.; Central Technology, Inc.; Centri Corp.; Centrifugal Separators, Inc.; Century Antimony Corporation; Century Capital Fund, Inc.; Century Care Centers, Inc.; Century Computer International, Inc.; Century Gallaries, Inc.; Century International Corporation; Oentury Investment Company; Ceramic Metal Systems Inc.; Ceramic Process Company, The; Certified Checks Corp.; Certified Portfolios of Indiana, Incorporated; Certified Real Estate Listing Corp.; Certus Corporation; Ceta, Inc.; CFL Corporation; CH International Corporation; Chadeloid Corporation; Chalex Corporation; Challenger Steel Products Corporation; Chamberlin Metals Corporation; Champaign Quality Cafe, Inc.; Champburger Corporation; Champion Carpet Mills, Inc.; Champion Properties, Inc.; Champion Resources, Inc.; Championship Games, Inc.; Champs, Inc.; Chancellor Advisors, Inc.; Chancellor Capital Corporation; Chancellor Distributors, Inc.; Chancellor Financial Corporation; Chancellor Graphics, Inc.; Chancellor Growth Fund; Chancellor International Corporation; Chandelle Aviation, Inc.; Channel Investment, Inc.; Chanticleer, Incorporated, The; Char-Wink-Boor Productions, Inc.; Char-Mar, Inc.; Charco Investments Diversified, Inc.; Charge Card Services, Inc.; Charles Equipments Company - St. Louis.; Charles Odence Co. Inc.; Charles Painting Corporation; Charles W. Barrett Co., Inc., The; Charles Wright Construction, Inc.; Charter Income Corporation; Charter Southwest Corporation; Chartire Inc.; Chase Industries Corp.; Chaskin Corporation, The; Chaswill Service Company; Chateau Du Baron Equipment Leasing & Sales Corp.; Check, Inc.; Checkmate Publishing Company; Checkpoint St. Louis, Inc.; Chefs of Italy International Gourmet Shops of Delaware, Inc.; Chem-Equip Lease Corp.; Chem - Gar Development Industries, Inc.; ChemScribe, Incorporated; ChemStar Industries, Inc.; Chemat, Inc.; Chemcor Refractive Technology Inc.; Chemi Standards, Inc.; Chemical Barge Lines, Inc.; Chemical Fibres, Inc.; Chemical Products Laboratory, Inc.; Chemsol, Inc.; Cherokee Mining Company, Inc.; Cherokee Oil & Gas Corporation; Cherry Hill Apartments, Inc.; Cherry Hill Book Management Corp.; Chesapeake Construction Corp.; Chesapeake Corporation; Chesapeake Enterprises of Delaware, Inc.; Chesapeake Floating Homes, Inc.; Chesapeake International Raceway Corporation; Chesapeake Weathermatic Irrigation, Inc.; Chesler Operations, Inc.; Chessman Incorporated; Chester Howell and Sons, Inc.; Chesterfield Records, Inc.; Chicago Business Jets, Inc.; Chicago Electric Tape Corp.; Chichies Incorporated; Chicken Franchise Systems, Inc.; Chicken Holiday, Inc.; Chico Candies, Inc.; Chiddingstone Properties, Inc.; Child Growth and Development Corporation; Children of India Fund, Inc., The; Children's Care Centers of America, Inc.; Chillum Heights Apartments Sec. Five, Inc.; Chillum Heights Apartments Sec. Four, Inc.; Chillum Heights Apartments Sec. One, Inc.; Chillum Heights Apartments Sec. Three, Inc.; Chillum Heights Apartments Sec. Two, Inc.; Chillum Heights Properties, Inc.; Chilly Wind Music Corp.; China - American Industries, Inc.; Chinese Waiter, Inc., The; Chinook Air Lines, Inc.; Chinzu Corporation; Chipco Industries, Inc.; Chiropractic Foundation of America, Inc.; Chiropractic Institute of New York, Inc.; Chivers Marketing Associates, Inc.; Chong Chin, Inc.; Choqua, Inc.; Christian Voices, Inc.; Christiana Heating Company; Christiana Optical Company; Christopher Mills, Inc.; Christy Corp.; Chrysler Enterprises, Incorporated; Chuck Laskin Associates, Inc.; Chuck Laskin Orchestra, Inc.; Churchill Industries, Inc.; Ciales Corporation; Cibex, Ltd.; Cimarron Management, Inc.; CinaCam Corporation; Cinamerica, Inc.; Cinch Products, Inc.; Cincotta Inc.; Cine-Mall Corporation; Cinema Enterprises, Inc.; Cinema General Corporation; Cinema Group, Inc., The; Cinema 77, Ltd.; Cinemacircle Corporation ("3C-Co" and/or Three-C-Co. Corp.); Cinematonics, Inc.; Cinemedia Inc.; Circus World Supply Corp.; Circus World, Inc.; Ciriaco & Pierce, Inc.; Citadel Construction Co. Inc.; Citadel Films and Cassettes, Inc.; Citation Trucking Corp.; Citga Management Corporation; City Leasing Company; City Systems, Inc.; City Tennis, Inc.; Civic Affairs Associates, Inc.; Civil Service Education and Recreation Association, Inc.; Civil Service Travel Club; Civil Systems, Inc.; Clamer Research, Inc.; Claridge Securities Co., Ltd.; Clark Supply Company of Georgia, Inc.; Clarksons International Holiday and Travel Club Tours, Inc.; Claude P. Brown Associates, Inc.; Claudia Industries, Inc.; Clauss Brothers, Inc.; Claymont Youth Athletic Association, Inc.; Clean Car Club of America, Inc.; Cleaner Carpets of Delaware, Inc.; Cleaning Corporation of America, Inc.; Cleaning Enterprises of Fitchburg, Inc.; Cleaning Enterprises of Lowell, Inc.; Cleaning Management Consultants, Inc.; Clearfield Village Civic Association; Clearing, Inc.; Cleinman International, Ltd.; Cleophus Grimes & Son, Inc.; Cleveland Consulting Corporation.; Cliff House and Motels, Inc., The; Climate Engineering, Inc.; Climatized Paint Corporation; Climatrols, Inc.; Clinton Northwestern Corporation; Clintonian Enterprises, Inc.; Clipper Steamship Corporation; Cloro-Bac Products, Inc.; Clovis Corporation; Club Alexander, Ltd.; Club Aquarius Inc.; CMC Holding Corporation; Co-Enterprises, Inc.; Coach & Four Inn, Inc.; Coachman Press, Inc.; Coalition of Minority Contractors of Delaware, Inc.; Coaming Corporation; Coastal Clothiers, Inc.; Coastal Industries, Inc.; Coastal Marine Associates, Inc.; Coastal Resources Corporation; Cobbler Man, Inc., The; Cobol Computer Leasing and Management Corp.; Coburn Enterprises, Inc.; Codosilk Corp.; Coeneri Realty Corporation; Coleen, Inc.; Colgate Management Corporation; College Clothing Company; Colleges of Paramedical Education, Inc.; Collingwood Commercial Corp.; Collins Roofing, Inc.; Collins Tuttle International, Inc.; Collins/Trivers and Company, Inc.; Colodzin Productions, Inc.; Colonel Motors, Inc.; Coloney Cannon Main and Pursell, Inc.; Colonial Associates of Delaware, Inc.; Colonial Franchise Corporation; Colonial Furniture Company; Colonial Rubber Works, Inc.; Colonial Service-Wash, Inc.; Colonial Services Company; Colonial-Delco Franchises, Inc.; Color Copy Corporation; Color Tech of Delaware, Inc.; Color-Sonics, Inc.; Colorado Corporation of Liberia, Inc.; Colorado Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Colorama Systems, Inc.; ColoRent, Inc.; Colormedia Corporation; Colortube Corporation; Colpitts Travel Center of Honolulu, Inc.; Columbia Equities, Inc.; Columbia Financial Corp.; Columbia Investments, Inc.; Columbia Leather Works, Inc.; Columbia Software, Incorporated; Columbus Land Corporation; Corn Sumers TVC, Inc.; Com-Plan, Inc.; Com-Site, Inc.; Comall Corporation; Comart International, Inc.; Combined Air Transport, Inc.; Combined Distribution Centers International, Inc.; Combined Financial Corporation; Comet Four International, Inc.; Comfax Communications Network, Inc.; Comfort Aire, Inc.; Comfort Conditioning, Inc.; Comfort-Air Engineering, Inc.; Comgraph Corporation; Command Control, Inc.; Commander Associates, Inc.; Commander Publishing Incorporated; Commercial Marketing Corp.; Commercial Mortgage Corporation; Commercial Power Inc.; Commercial Service Company, Incorporated; Commodity Fund for Capital Growth, Inc.; Commodity Services Corporation; Commonwealth Cable Television Inc.; Commonwealth Communiity Services, Inc.; Commonwealth Computing, Incorporated; Commonwealth Learning, Inc.; Commonwealth Leasing Corporation; Commonwealth Pacific Corporation; Commonwealth Resources, Inc.; Commonwealth Rexall Corporation; Commonwealth Tanforan Corporation; Commonwealth United Music, Inc.; Commonwealth United Properties, Inc.; Commonwealth United Records, Inc.; Commonwealth United Trading Corp.; Communication Associates, Inc.; Communication International, Ltd.; Communication Procedures Inc.; Communication Professionals, Inc.; Communications Financial Corporation; Communications for Employees, Inc.; Communications Installation Company of Jasper, Alabama; Communications Systems Development, Inc.; Communidyne Corporation; Community Centers Construction Corp.; Community Design Center Association; Community Development Corporation; Community Mental Health Centers, Inc.; Community Operated Medical Programs, Inc.; Community Services Council of Delaware, Inc.; Communitype Corporation; Comp-U-Hedge Fund; Compiler Systems, Inc.; Compliance Asociates, Inc.; Compliance Services Corporation; Compound Realty Funds, Inc.; Compramatics - Industronics International, Inc.; Comprehensive Housing, Inc.; Comprops, Inc.; Compta, Inc.; Compu-Data Reporting, Inc.; Compu-Graphics, Inc.; Compu-Knit Inc.; Compu-Scan Transfer Co., Inc.; Compu-Sort Systems Inc.; Compu-Tune Corporation; Compudata Computing Corporation; Compumatrics International Management Corporation; Compumedia, Inc.; Compumedic Sciences, Inc.; Compupax Corp.; CompUspond Systems Inc.; Compute Air Tran Systems, Inc.; Compute America Corporation; Compute-A-Look, Inc.; Computed Living Space, Inc.; Computer Academy for Home Study, Inc.; Computer Acceptance Corp.; Computer Age Institute, Inc.; Computer Applications Incorporated; Computer Arts Corporation; Computer Assisted Instruction, Incorporated; Computer Assisted Medicines, Inc.; Computer Avionics Corporation; Computer Brokers, Inc.; Computer Business Services, Inc.; Computer Buying System, Inc.; Computer Car Clinics, Inc.; Computer Centers of America Inc.; Computer Century Inc.; Computer Circuits, Inc.; Computer Controls Corp.; Computer Corporation of America; Computer Credit Systems of Delaware, Inc.; Computer Credit Systems, Inc.; Computer Deductions, Inc.; Computer Dispatch Corporation; Computer Distribution Centers, Inc.; Computer Economics, Incorporated; Computer for Textile Industries, Inc.; Computer Fund International Corporation; Computer Geophysics Corporation; Computer Graphics, Inc.; Computer Guidance Corporation; Computer Institute of America, Inc., The; Computer Institute of Florida, Inc.; Computer Institute of North America, Inc.; Computer Languages Corporation of America; Computer Law Publishing Co., Inc.; Computer Magnetics, Inc.; Computer Management & Research Corp.; Computer Management Consultants, Inc.; Computer Management Resources, Inc.; Computer Metrics, Incorporated; Computer Micro Services (Alabama), Inc.; Computer Microtest Corporation; Computer Modem Corporation; Computer Multiple Listing Services, Inc.; Computer Newsfront, Inc.; Computer Optics & Scanning Corp.; Computer Preparations, Inc.; Computer Programming Associates, Inc. of Delaware; Computer Programming Institute of Delaware Valley Forge, Inc.; Computer Publications, Inc.; Computer Real Time Systems, Inc.; Computer Realty Inc.; Computer Rehabilitation Leasing Company; Computer Research and Technology, Inc.; Computer Resource Management Corp.; Computer Resources, Incorporated; Computer Schools Corporation; Computer Searching Service Corp.; Computer Servicecenter Corp. of Latham, The; Computer Services Associates, Inc.; Computer Software Exchange Center, Inc.; Computer Solutions Corporation; Computer Strategies, Inc.; Computer Studies, Inc.; Computer Symbolic Leasing Corporation, Inc.; Computer Symbolic, Inc.; Computer Synthesis Corporation; Computer Systems Technology, Inc., Computer Technical Industries, Inc.; Computer Time Rental & Leasing Corp.; Computer Time Share, Inc.; Computer Transdata Corp.; Computer-Ed Corporation; Computeraid, Inc.; Computerized Acquisitions and Mergers Corp.; Computerized Barter Systems, Inc.; Computerized Economic Planning, Inc.; Computerized Health Systems & Services, Inc.; Computerized Information Control, Inc.; Computerized Medical Management Systems, Inc.; Computerized Student Search, Inc.; Computerized Vending Machines Incorporated; Computers & Railroads, Inc.; Computer-ware Incorporated; Computesting Industries, Ltd.; Computime Incorporated; Computing & Management, Inc.; Computone Information Systems, Inc.; Computrend Corporation; Computronic Industries Corporation; ComRecData, Inc.; Comsales Corp.; Comsonic Corporation, The; Con-De-Wingo Farms, Inc.; Concept 100, Inc.; Concerned People of Riverside Eastlake Area, Inc.; Concord Gardens, Inc.; Concord Investment Corporation; Concord Management Company; Concord Plumbing & Heating Service, Inc.; Concord Security, Inc.; Concord Village, Inc.; Concorde Fibers, Inc.; Concrete Builders, Inc.; Concrete Maintenance Products, Inc.; Conditioned Air, Inc.; Confidential Credit Corp.; Conglomerates, Inc.; Congress Acquisition Corp.; Connecticut Auto Warehouse, Inc.; Connecticut Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Connecticut Warehouse, Inc.; Connecticut Wire Corporation; Connelly Industries, Ltd.; Connolly, Inc.; Conodec Northeast, Inc.; Consolidated Camper Corp.; Consolidated Communications Corporation; Consolidated Concepts, Ltd.; Consolidated Data Industries, Inc.; Consolidated Discount Stores, Inc.; Consolidated Energy Systems, Inc.; Consolidated Equipment & Machinery Co.; Consolidated Equities Corp.; Consolidated Franchise Corporation; Consolidated Franchises of America, Inc.; Consolidated Funeral Services, Inc.; Consolidated Home Development, Inc.; Consolidated Hospitals, Inc.; Consolidated Industries Corporation; Consolidated Interests, Inc.; Consolidated Leasing Corporation, Consolidated Medical Industries, Inc.; Consolidated Mortgage Fund, Inc.; Consolidated Pet Industries, Inc.; Consolidated Realty Corporation; Consolidated Software Inc.; Consolidated Sulphur Corporation; Consolidated Transformers Unlimited, Inc.; Constellation Cup Corporation; Constitution Corporation, The; Constitutional Financial Corporation; Construction Components Corporation; Construction Computer Services, Inc.; Construction Materials International, Inc.; Construction Technology Corp.; Constructors International Corporation; Consumer Foods Corp.; International Consumer Protection League, Inc.; Consumer Reserve Fund Corporation; Consumer Reserve Fund Sales Corporation; Consumer Systems Corporation; Consumers Diversified Services, Inc.; Consumers Investment Fund, Inc.; Container Management Corporation; Contalens International, Inc.; Contempo Cosmetics Ltd.; Contemporary Collegians, Inc.; Contemporary Concepts, Incorporated; Contemporary Environments, Inc.; Contemporary Learning Corporation; Contemporary Systems, Inc.; Continent Foods Corp.; Continental Aircraft Corporation; Continental Appraisal Corporation; Continental Auto Auction, Inc.; Continental Aviation Leasing Company; Continental Car Sales, Inc.; Continental Coin Corporation; Continental Construction Company; Continental Design & Supplies, Inc.; Continental Distributors Inc.; Continental Enterprises, Ltd.; Continental Fidelity Incorporated; Continental Investment and Management Company, Inc.; (Cimco) Continental Management Company; Continental Marketing Associates, Inc.; Continental Marketing Institute, Inc.; Continental Medical Enterprises, Inc.; Continental National Corporation; Continental Packing Corp.; Continental Professional Football League, Incorporated; Continental Sales, Inc.; Continental Software Services, Inc.: Continental Sports, Inc.; Continental Travel, Ltd,; Continental, International Associates, Ltd.; Continuing Systems Education, Inc.; Contraceptive Technology Corporation; Contract Ice, Inc.; Contracting Engineers Association; Contractors & Material Suppliers, Inc.; Control Air of Florida, Inc.; Control Dynamics, Inc.; Control Inc.; Controlamation, Inc.; Controlled Reaction Corporation; Conva-Medical Industries, Inc.; Convacare of Tacoma Inc.; Convalescent Centers Development Corporation; Convan Corporation; Convex Manufacturing Corp.; Cool Spring Water Co.; Cooltainer Systems, Inc.; Coopers Rental Service, Inc.; Coordinated Services, Inc.; Coot-North, Inc.; CoPex, Inc.; Copper Penny Mines, Inc.; Copy Centers Corporation; Copy X Press, Inc.; Coral Rock, Inc.; Cordillera South Corporation; Corex, Inc.; Corn Belt Labor-Inc.; Crdillera South Corporation; Corex, Inc.; Corn Belt Laboratories, Inc.; Cornelia Corporation; Cornell Oil & Gas Corp.; Corplan, Inc.; Corporate Computer Systems, Inc.; Corporate Dimensions International, Inc.; Corporate Dynamics, Inc.; Corporate Equities, Inc.; Corporate Information Services Inc.; Corporate Services, Inc.; Corsage, Ltd.; Corsair Capital Corporation; Corshell Properties, Inc.; Corwin Industries, Incorporated; Cos-medic Electronics Inc.; Cosmetica, Inc.; Cosmos Publishing Group, Inc., The; Costa Rican Petroleum Pipeline Corporation; Countess Mara Exclusives, Ltd.; Country Boy, Corp.; Country Club Estates, Inc.; Country Club Terrace, Inc.; Country House, Inc.; Country Investors, Inc.; Country Manor, Inc.; Country-Wide Enterprises, Inc.; Countryside, Inc.; Countrywide Properties, Inc.; Covered Wagon Systems of Delaware, Inc., The; Covington International Films, Inc.; Cowl Industries, Inc.; Crab Shack, Inc., The; Cracker Asphalt Corporation; Craftsman Electrical Corporation; Cragmere Maintenance Corporation; Cragmont Engineering Corporation; Craig Associates, Inc.; Craig Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.; Cram, Incorporated; Crane-Hall Corporation; Creare Corporation, The; Creative Arts, Inc.; Creative Cassettes Corp.; Creative Communicators, Inc.; Creative Employee Benefits, Inc.; Creative Enterprises, Inc.; Creative Entertainment Corporation; Creative Entertainment International Ltd.; Creative Entertainment Releasing Organization, Inc.; Creative Industries, Inc.; Creative Investment Capital Incorporated; Creative Investments, Inc.; Creative Learning Systems of Cosmetology, Inc.; Creative Management Consultants, Inc.; Creative Marketing Corporation; Creative Marketing Promotions, Ltd.; Creative Motivation, Inc.; Creative Promotions of America, Inc.; Creative Rentals, Inc.; Creative Sales & Marketing Ltd.; Creative Techniques, Inc.; Creative Technologies Corporation; Creative Transportations, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Baltimore, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Bridgeport, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Davenport, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Denver, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Des Moines, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Hartford, Inc.; Credit Advisors of New Haven, Inc.; Credit Advisors of Washington, D.C., Inc.; Credit Card Exchange, Incorporated; Credit Card International, Inc.; Credit Card Services, Inc.; Credit Control Corporation; Credit Grantors' Association of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc.; Credit Promotions, Inc.; Credit Tax, Inc.; Crescendoe Gloves, Inc.; Crescent Construction Corporation; Crescent Industries, Inc.; Crest Aviation Corp.; Crest Securities Corp.; Creswell Farm, Inc.; Crib Family Health Services, Inc.; Crickets' Corner, Inc.; Criterion Corporation; Cromer Heating & Equipment Co.; Crosby United, Inc.; Cross Country Shoe Corp.; Crossway Motor Hotels, Inc.; Crouch Laboratories, Inc.; Crow Carrier Corporation; Crown Associates Inc.; Crown Cabinet Corp.; Crown Drug Centers, Inc.; Crown Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Croy Pneumatic & Gravity Motor Co., Inc.; Croydon Construction, Inc.; Crubish Corporation; Cryo Dynamics, Inc.; Cryogenics Corporation of America; CSD of Missouri, Inc.; CSD of So. Illinois, Inc.; CSI Advisory Corps; CSS Liquidating Corporation; CSSGSF, Inc.; CTC Computer Corporation; CTC Computer Electronics, Inc.; CTC Computer Resources Corporation; CTC Management Systems Corporation Cullen Oil Corporation; Culligan of Greater Ft. Wayne, Inc.; Culrad Corporation; Cumberland Insurance Investment Group, Inc.; Curl-Up and Dry, Inc.; Curtin Industrial Piping, Inc.; Cusac Systems, Incorporated; Custom Climate Control, Inc.; Custom Manufacturing Corporation; Customized Computer Courses Corp.; CuZn Industries, Inc.; Cyberdynamics, Incorporated; Cybermedics Corporation; Cybernetic Applications, Inc.; Cybernetic Concepts, Inc.; Cybernetic Planning, Inc.; Cyclo Shine Corp.; Cyclone Foods of Atlanta, Inc.;

D & G Consortium, Inc.; D & G Flying Service, Inc.; D & L Hutchinson, Inc.; D & 0 Construction Co.; D & S Travel, Inc.; DP Leasing Corporation D. & L. Seafood House, Inc.; D. & R. Container Service Corp.; D. C.-Florida Properties Association, Inc.; D.C.R. Inc.; D. C. Transit System International, Inc.; D. D. Ltd.; D. E. P. Corp.; D. E. Randall Associates, Inc.; D. F. C. Inc.; D. Forte, Inc.; D. J. Lab Corp.; D. M. R. International, Inc.; D. N. James Corp.; D. P. C. Corporation; D. Wang and Associates, Inc.; D. F. I. TV Syndication & Film Distribution, Inc.; D.O.M., Inc.; D'Mow, Inc.; Dab Securities Programs, Inc.; Dahlcor Industries Corporation; Daily Girl International Publications Inc.; Daily Made of Chicago, Inc.; Daily Made of Wildwood, Inc.; Daily Planet Company, the; Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., The; Dalends Corp.; Dallas Business Jets, Inc.; Dallmary Corporation; Dalmatian Vineyards, Inc.; Dan Gurney's Checkpoint America, Inc.; Dan S. Adamson, Inc.; Dance of Dollars for the Handicapped, Inc.; Daniel B. Conner & Son, Inc.; Daniel Boone Campground, Inc.; Daniel Boone Systems, Inc.; Daniel Securities Co., Inc.; Daniels and Clark, Inc.; Danner Enterprises, Inc.; Dart Properties, Inc.; Darton Corporation; Darwood Sales Corp.; Data Affiliates, Inc.; Data and Leisure Corporation; Data Automation Company, Inc.; Data Automation Design, Inc.; Data Bank Corporation; Data Central, Inc.; Data Environmental Sciences Corporation; Data Image Graphics, Inc.; Data Information Services, Inc.; Data Logistics, Inc.; Data Methods Corporation; Data Operations Research Systems, Incorporated; Data Personnel Associates, Inc.; Data Processing Clearing House, Inc.; Data Techniques Corporation; Data Transformation, Inc.; Data-Med, Inc.; Data-Pac, Inc.; Data-Strobe Peripheral Systems, Inc.; Data-cap Computer Systems, Inc.; Datacon International, Inc.; Data-forum Business Systems, Inc.; Datair, Inc.; Dataline, Inc.; Data-medic Systems, Inc.; Datascope Corporation; Davenport Broadcasting Corporation; David C. Tintle & Associates, Inc.; David George, Inc.; David Nassif Corporation; David S. Zinman Company; Davis & Reese Review, Inc.; Davis Buick-Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc.; Davis Computer Systems, Inc.; Davis-Meluney Stables, Inc., The; Davisco, Inc.; Dawn Enterprises, Inc.; Dawson & Harris Contractors and Engineers, Inc.; Dawson Communications, Inc.; Dax Air Freight, Inc.; Day's Deli & Restaurants, Inc.; Daypac Industries, Inc.; dB Productions, Inc.; DBM Associates, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware; DCCA, Inc.; De Arman Corporation, The; De George Industries Incorporated; De La Rue, Inc.; De Milo Fashions, Inc.; De Sales Management Company, Inc.; Dean Berenz Asphalt Company, Incorporated; Dean Enterprises, Inc.; Dean International, Inc.; Dearcor Inc.; Debdar Films, Inc.; Deborah Hospital, Inc.; Decade Computer Corp.; Decade Fund - 1965, Inc., The Decatur Acceptance Corporation; Decatur Materials, Inc.; Decision Control, Inc.; Decisionware Incorporated; Decor Company; Deerfield Industries, Inc.; Del Air International, Ltd.; Del Ang Flight Club, Inc.; Del Rey Petroleum Corporation; Del-Fax, Inc.; Del-Glo Construction, Inc.; Del-Mar Appliance, Inc.; Del-Pa Enterprises, Inc.; Delafield Development Corporation; Delatron Corporation; Delaware Alpha Educational Foundation, Inc., The; Delaware Barber School, Inc.; Delaware Bedding Co.; Delaware Boys Ranch Incorporated; Delaware Brokerage Services, Inc.; Delaware Chemicals, Inc.; Delaware Coalition of Minority Contractors, Inc.; Delaware Crown Club Day Care Center, Inc.; Delaware Educational Facilities, Inspection Association; Delaware Furniture Rentals, Inc.; Delaware Guaranty Fund, Inc.; Delaware Gypsies Field Club; Delaware Industrial Supply Company; Delaware International Trading Corporation; Delaware Land Developers, Inc.; Delaware Lifetime Homes, Inc.; Delaware Material Suppliers Association; Delaware Olds Leasing & Rental Co.; Delaware Pest Control Association, Inc.; Delaware Realty Company; Delaware Shellfish Co.; Delaware Sleep Products, Inc.; Delaware State Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Delaware Theatre Corp.; Delaware Trucking, Inc.; Delaware Tuberculosis and Health Society; Delaware Valley Contact Lens Laboratory, Ltd.; Delaware Valley Distributors, Inc.; Delaware Valley Home Improvement Company; Delaware Valley, Inc.; Delaware Vocational Nurses Association, The; Delco Financial Corp.; Deldivco Corporation; Delflora Corp.; Delhampton, Inc.; Deli-Town Realties, Inc.; Deli-Town, U.S.A., Inc.; Delka Enterprises, Inc.; Della Pelle Liquors, Inc.; Delmar Laboratories, Inc.; Delmarva Business Development Corporation; Delmarva Electronics, Limited; Delmarva Farms, Inc. Delmarva Plastic Industries, Inc.; Delmarva Productions Inc.; Delmarva Rod and Gun, Inc.; Delmondo Imports, Inc.; Delmont Apartments, Inc.; Delphic Corporation; Delphic Systems and Research Corp.; Delrexco, Inc.; Delta Advisory Corporation; Delta Computing, Inc.; Delta Homes Acceptance Corporation; Delta Medical Corporation; Delta Merchandising Corp.; Delta Metallurgical, Corp.; Delta Oil and Meal Producers, Inc.; Delta Parks, Inc.; Delta Peach Corp.; Delta Realty Company, The; Delta River Corporation; Deltronics Instrumentation & Engineering, Inc.; Deltronix Corporation; Deluxe Professional Dry Cleaners, Inc.; DeMar'Quis International, Incorporated; Den Boer Holland Ovens, Inc.; Den Chili, Inc.; Denco, Ltd.; Denning Curtis, Inc.; Denton & Lee Investments, Inc.; Derby's Fish N' Chips, Ltd.; Desen Enterprises, Inc.; Desert Dew Incorporated; Design Engineering Associates Corporation; Design Fund, Inc.; Design Homes Corporation; Design-A-Phone, Inc.; Designaire Modular Home Corporation; Designaire Sales Corporation; Designers for Education, Inc.; Detroit Soccer Company, Inc.; Developed Investments Ltd.; Development Corporation of Puerto Rico; Development Equity Corp.; Development Properties, Inc.; Developmental Analysis, Inc.; Dever, Inc.; Devonian Gas & Oil Company; Devonshire Management Company; Dexter Realty Corp.; Dextra Corporation; DH Corp.; DHC Georgia Corp.; Di Sabatino Properties, Inc.; Dia Films, Inc.; Diagnostic Data Incorporated; Dialog Computing International Corporation; Dialog Computing, Inc.; Dialog Equipment Corporation; Dialogue, Inc.; Diamond Bros. & Co. of Puerto Rico; Diamond Industrial Leasing Corp.; Diamond Industries, Inc.; Diamond Minerals Corporation; Diamond State Auto Sales, Inc.; Diamond State Aviation Services, Inc.; Diamond State Distributors, Inc.; Diamond State Food Products Inc.; Diamond State Ko-Op, Inc.; Diamond State Raceway, Incorporated; Diamond Tours, Inc.; Diamonds International, Inc.; Diana Shop of Yonkers, Inc.; Diapason, Inc., The; Dichter Research Enterprises, Ltd.; Dickinson Air Conditioning and Heating Company; Diconite Corporation; Didactix Incorporated; Diehl Industries, Inc., Diesel Engineering and Equipment Co., Inc.; DiFonzo, Inc.; Dig, Inc.; Digital Automation Company, Inc.; Digital Graphics Corporation; Digital Measurements Corporation; Digitron Systems, Inc.; Dilatron, Inc.; Dill Agency, Inc., The; Dillon Associates, Inc.; Dillon Ranch Supply Co.; Dilly Food Systems, Inc.; DiMalto Industries, Inc.; Dimension Productions, Ltd.; Dimensions USA, Inc.; Dimode Industries, Inc.; Dino's Spaghetti Hut Inc.; Dip & Dive Swim Club Inc.; Diplomat Motor Inn Operating Co., Inc.; Direct Access Computing Corporation; Direct Air Freight Corporation; Direct Airlines Corporation; Direct Export, Ltd.; Directions Corporation; Discount T.V. Service, Inc.; Discovery Group, Ltd., The; Discovery Processes, Inc.; Dispenso-Magic, Incorporated; Dispos-0-Therm Corp.; Distribution Services, Inc.; District Hardware, Radio & Appliance Co., Inc.; Diversa-Tronics, Inc.; Diversification Consultants, Inc.; Diversified Artists Corp.; Diversified Computer Interests Corporation; Diversified Corporate Services International, Inc.; Diversified Development Corp.; Diversified Ecological Systems Inc.; Diversified Educational Systems, Inc.; Diversified Foods of Delaware, Inc.; Diversified Franchise Investment Corporation; Diversified International Corporation; Diversified Marketing International, Inc.; Diversified Marketing Services, Inc.; Diversified Medical Investments Corporation; Diversified Mobile Homes, Inc.; Diversified Productions, Inc.; Diversified Realty, Inc.; Diversified Resource Development Group, Inc.; Dixie Barges, Inc.; Dixie Motor Co., Inc.; Dixon Solid Waste Removal, Inc.; Dixon Windsor Estate, Inc.; DM California Corp.; DMI, Inc.; Dobkin Realty Co., Inc.; Doc White's Filling Stations, Inc.; Doctor Dolittle Animal Fairs, Inc.; Doctors' Realty Syndication, Inc.; Docu Systems, Inc.; Documentary Broadcasting Syndicate; Dollar Finance Corporation of America, Inc.; Domain Data Corporation; Dominic Liberti, Inc.; Dominion & Gulf Development Corporation; Domonetics, Incorporated; Don 0. Crochett, Inc.; Donaco, Inc.; Donald Leasing Co., Inc; Donar Corporation, The; Donelain Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Donna, Inc.; Donovan's Inc.; Donte Corporation, The; Doordan and Trotto Painting Contractors, Inc.; Dor-Ware Industries, Inc.; Dor, Inc.; Dorack Development Company; Doral Films, Inc.; Dorothy Draper Collector's Corner Company, Inc.; Dorr International Corporation; Double "A" Oil Producers, Inc.; Dougherty's Super Service, Inc.; Doughty Maintenance Co.; Douglas Coburn & Son, Inc.; Dove Electromedics, Inc.; Dover Aviation Services, Inc.; Dover Laboratories, Inc.; Dover Pony League, Inc.; Dow Associates, Inc.; Dow Land Co.; Dow, Incorporated; Dowell-Swartz Agricultural Specialists, Inc.; Dowloom Inc.; Down The Pike, Limited; Downham Cemetery Company; Downing Industries, Inc.; Dox, Incorporated; DP Data Corporation; Dragon Run Terrace, Inc.; Drake Communications, Inc.; Drayton Hotel Management & Development Corp.; DRC Associates, Inc.; Dregs of the Earth, Inc.; Drilling and Exploration Company of Delaware, Inc.; Drilling Fund, Inc., The; Drive, Pitch and Putt, Inc.; DT Liquidating Corp.; Dual Funding Corp.; Dual-Concepts, Inc.; Dudley Delaware Corp.; Duffield Shipping & Trading Corp.; Dunbar, Burton, Wells & Scott, Inc.; Duncan Aviation, Inc.; Duncan Realty Co.; Dunliden Acres Civic Association, Inc.; Duotone International, Inc.; Durado Corporation; Durango Engineering Corporation; Durango Oil Corporation; Dwight Music, Inc.; Dyastat Industries, Inc.; Dylaflo Business Machines Corporation; Dymo Systems, Inc.; Dyna Ray Explorations, Inc.; Dynachange Service Corporation; Dynacote Chemical Corporation; Dynametron, Inc.; Dynamic Access Corporation; Dynamic Communications Industries Inc.; Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc.; Dynamic Enterprises Corp.; Dynamic Franchises Ltd.; Dynamic Learning Systems, Incorporated; Dynamic Sounds Record Corporation; Dynamic Tool & Gage Co.; Dynatek Industries, Inc.; Dynatron, Inc.; Dynelec Systems Corp.; Dynergy Leasing, Inc.; Dynner Window Wall Corporation;

E& G Corp.; E C F Industries, Inc.; E S E C, Inc.; E Z Automated Computer Systems, Inc.; E. & E. J. Pfotzer, Inc.; E. & L. Instruments Inc.; E. A. C. Leasing Company; E. C. F. Nursing Centers, Inc.; E. D. Loper, Inc.; E. D. Weldin, Inc.; E. E. Eifieg Distributing Company; E. E. Oertley Excavating, Inc.; E. G. Thomas Inc.; E. James Strates Shows, Inc.; E. L. Poe, Incorporated; E. Lindsay & Associates, Inc.; E. R. Trucking Company, Inc.; E. S. H. Company, Inc.; E. W. Schmidt & Sons, Inc.; E. de Grandmont, Inc.; E. S. Nossen Laboratories, Inc.; E. S. P. Systems, Inc.; E-Z Charge, Inc.; Eagle Mountain Properties, Incorporated; Eagle Poultry Company, Inc.; Eagle Sportwear, Inc.; Eagle Supply, Inc.; Eagle Warehousing Company; Earl Development Corporation; Earl Glines Marine Consultant & Survey ing Services, Inc.; Earl Van Den Heuvel, Inc.; Earth Station, Inc.; East Coast Engineering Company Inc.; East Coast Lumber Company, Inc.; East Coast Rentals, Inc.; East End, Inc.; East Lynne Ltd.; East Room Limited, The; East St. Louis Illinois Homes, Inc.; Eastclair Productions, Inc.; Eastern Aerospace Corp.; Eastern Aluminum Company; Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Colorado; Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Indiana Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of New Jersey; Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Oklahoma; Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Pennsylvania #2; Eastern Computer Systems, Incorporated; Eastern Division of Availability, Inc.; Eastern International Speedway, Inc.; Eastern Investment Corporation; Eastern Realty Corp.; Eastern Resources Corporation; Eastern Shore Inc.; Eastern Shore Package Store, Inc.; Eastern Shore Poultry Growers' Exchange, Inc.; Eastern University, Inc.; Eastway Leasing Corporation; ECC Educational Systems, Inc.; Eckenfelder, Krenkel & Associates Inc.; ECM Industries, Inc.; Ecologic Resources Corporation; Ecology Controls Corporation; Ecology Development Corporation; Ecology Service Bureau, Inc., The; Economatics Computer Systems, Inc.; Economic and Technical Analysis Company, Inc.; Economou Financial & Development Corp., The; Economy Builders, Inc.; Economy Gas Corp.; Economy Oil Co., Inc.; Econoscope Corporation; Ectonomics, Inc.; Ed Allen Franchising Corporation; Ed-U-Tel Corporation; EDC Computing, Inc.; EDC Environmental Systems Company, Inc.; EDC International Company, Inc.; EDC Planning & Services Company, Inc.; EDC Realty, Inc.; EDC Trading Company, Inc.; Eddie Bracken Ventures, Inc.; Edgemoor Enterprises, Inc.; Edgewood Engineering Service, Inc.; Editions Inc.; Edmonds Art Stone Company; Edoya Agency Co., Ltd.; Edson of New York, Inc.; Edu-Science, Inc.; Edu-Tapes, Inc.; Education and Automation Systems, Inc.; Education Systems International Corporation; Educational Administrative Services Incorporated; Educational and Medical Associates, Inc.; Educational Data Systems Corp.; Educational Excellence Inc.; Educational Guidance Systems Corporation; Educational Leasing Corporation of America; Educational Play Systems Incorporated; Educational Resources, Inc.; Educators Recreation, Inc.; Educomp Science Corporation; Edward F. Reardon, Inc.; Edward J. Thoms Associates, Inc.; Edward R. Padgett, Inc.; Efco Corporation; Effluent Controls, Inc.; Eggers, Inc.; Eighth Kowak Variety Incorporated; Eisen Bros. Foundation, The; EJM Company, Inc.; Ekistics Corporation; El Mundo Latino, Inc.; El Paso Contractors, Inc.; El Taco Financial Services, Inc.; Elcon Electronics, Inc.; Elder Industries, Inc.; Elderly Care Facilities, Inc.; Eldorado Group Management Co., Inc.; Eldorado Mining Company, Inc.; Eleanor Searle Whitney Foundation; Eleanor, Inc.; Electraqua International, Inc.; Electric Ceiling Heat, Inc.; Electric Circus Company, Ltd., The; Electric Circus Inner Ring, Inc., The; Electric Heat Corporation; Electric Heat Service Corporation; Electric Theatre, Inc.; Electro-Care 100 Corporation; Electro-Gemini, Inc.; Electro-Sonic Pollution Control Corporation; Electro-Strata Technology Corp.; Electro-Tech Industries, Inc.; ElectroData, Inc.; Electroflo Corporation; Electron Industries, Inc.; Electronetics Corporation of America; Electronic Development Laboratories, Inc.; Electronic Hardware Corp.; Electronic Information Systems, Inc.; Electronic Learning Centers, Inc.; Electronic Security Systems, Inc.; Electronic Systems Corporation; Electronic Voice, Inc.; Electrophonic Corp. of America; Electrosolids Corporation; Elektra Industries, Inc.; Elie V. Shipping Corp.; Elite Cab Corporation; Elite Laundry & Cleaners, Inc.; Elizabeth (Cunard) Corporation, The; Eljay, Inc.; Eljaydee, Inc.; Elkco, Inc.; Ellis Sisters' Inc.; Elmco Auto Parts, Inc.; Elms Unlimited, Inc.; Eltab, Inc.; Eltex Corporation; Elton Associates, Inc.; Eltron, Inc.; Elwood B. Evans & Son, Inc.; Emanuel Lewis Foundation, The; Emanuel's of Milford, Inc.; Emcor, Ine.; Emerging Dynamics, Inc.; Emerging Equities Inc.; Emerich Meerson, Ltd.; Emerson Films, Inc.; Emerson Reading Institute, Inc.; Emery-Tatnall Company; Emeth Equity Fund Ltd.; Emmanuel Community Progress, Inc.; Empire Dental Carp.; Empire Equity Corporation; Empire Fund, Inc.; Empire Funding Corporation; Empire International, Inc.; Employee Benefit Funds Advisors, Inc.; Employees Spilt - Funding Plans Corporation; Emrox Corporation; Encabulator Corporation; Enchantment Travel, Inc.; "Encore, Ltd., Couturier"; Enel, Inc.; Energy Compounds, Inc.; Energy Systems Leasing Company; Engbuild International, Inc.; Engineered Protection, Inc.; Engineering Chemical Processes, Inc.; Engineering Services, Inc.; English Beef, Ltd.; Entercon, Inc.; Enterprise Associates, Inc.; Enterprise Boat Works, Inc.; Enterprise Condominiums, Inc.; Enterprise Corporation; Enterprise Development Corporation; Enterprise Leasing Corporation; Enterprise Systems of Washington, Inc.; Enterprises International, Inc.; Enterprises, Inc.; Enterpriz Film Corporation; Entertainment America, Inc.; Entertainment and Leisure Industries Fund, Inc.; Entertainment Capitol, Inc.; Entertainment Computer Systems, Ltd.; Entertainment Corporation of America; Entity Data Systems, Inc.; Entrepreneurial Management, Inc.; Environment Control Systems, Inc.; Environmental Concepts Corp.; Environmental Consulting Corporation; Environmental Container Corporation; Environmental Control Industries, Inc.; Environmental Control Sales Corporation; Environmental Controls of America, Inc.; Environmental Corporation of America; Environmental Development Co., Inc.; Environmental Development Systems, Inc.; Environmental Industries Controls, Ltd.; Environmental Industries, Inc.; Environmental Management International Corporation; Environmental Projects Corporation; Envoy International Town Clubs, Inc.; Eny Wear Sportswear Co., Inc.: Enzymes International Corporation; EPD Corporation, The; Epicure Foods, Inc.; Epp-co, Inc.; Epsco, Incorporated of Delaware; Epsilon Medical Corporation; Equatorial Corporation, The; Equine Centers, Inc.; Equinetrics, Inc.; Equipleco, Inc.; Equipment Leasing of Delaware, Inc.; Equities Plus, Inc.; Equity Acquisitions, Inc.; Equity Associates, Inc.; Equity Computing, Corp.; Equity Shares, Inc.; Equity Trends, Inc.; Equity Ventures Incorporated; Erdec Institute Inc.; Erebus Corporation; Erik Floor and Associates, Inc.; Erin-American Corporation; Erlinger Construction Co.; Erma Hibclon, Inc.; Erwin & Parish Incorporated; Erwin-James Company, Inc.; Ess-Jay Corrugated Container Company; Essaness Management and Development Corporation; Essential Equity Corporation; Essex Computer Services, Inc.; Essex-Blue Ribbon, Inc.; Estep Transfer, Inc.; Etco Equities Corp.; Etco Products Corp.; Etco Research & Development Corp.; Euclid Systems Technology, Inc.; Eugene Du Pont III Foundation, Inc.; Eugenics Corporation; Eurasia Company; Eurasia Global Travel, Inc.; Eurasian Industrial and Shipping Corporation, The; Eureka Council No. 1, Junior Order of United American Mechanics, Incorporated; Eureka Recording Corporation; Euro-American Properties, Inc.; Euro-American, Inc.; Euroconsult, Inc.; Eurofinancing, Limited; Euromerica, Inc.; Europa Travel Inc.; European Cars, Inc.; European Common Market Fund, Inc.; Europrod, Ltd.; Eurotechnology Corporation; Evans Creative Enterprises, Inc.; Evans Technodynamics, Inc.; Evarts, Inc.; Evdel Corporation, The; Everest Management Corporation; Evergreen Management Company; Everlast Window Co., Inc.; Everyday Janitorial Service, Inc., The; Everyman Galleries, Inc.; Ewing Investment Company; EWS Corporation; Excalibur International, Inc.; Excalibur Funding Company, Inc.; Executive Airlines, Inc.; Executive and Professional Capital Management, Incorporated; Executive Center, Inc., The; Executive Fashions, Inc.; Executive Golf Association International; Executive Leadership International, Inc.; Executive Management Systems, Inc.; Executive Resources, Inc.; Exo Corp.; Exploration Properties Inc.; Explosive Services, Incorporated; Express Software Systems, Inc.; Extec Inc.; Extended Care Centers, Inc.;

F & B Realty Inc.; F & M Enterprises, Inc.; F & M Towing Co., Inc.; F. D. Cline Paving Company; F. G. Duggan, Inc.; F. Giovannozzi & Sons, Inc.; F H. Minifie & Co., Inc.; F. R. Jodon, Inc.; F. Soueid, Incorporated; F. A. R. International, Inc.; F. C. 13. Services, Inc.; Fabric House, Inc., The; Fabronics, Inc.; Facts, Inc.; Factsystem, Inc.; Fail-Safe Systems, Inc.; Fainberg, Inc.; Fair Housing Council of Delaware Valley, Inc.; Fairfax Shoe Repair Company; Fairfield Catv, Inc.; Fairfield Corp.; Fairfield Data Technology, Inc.; Fairfield Tape Duplicating/Assembling Corp.; Fairfield Technology Corp.; Fairhurst Industries, Inc.; Fairmont Industries, Inc.; Fairstate, Inc.; Fairways Development Corp.; Fairways Int'l Inc.; Falcon Capital Corporation; Family Apparel Mart Stores, Inc.; Family Cars, Inc.; Family Homes, Inc.; Family World Motels, Inc.; Famous Designers International, Inc.; Famous Fashions Presentations, Inc.; Famous Plays Corporation; Fancor, Inc.; Fantascope Systems, Inc.; Far East Management Services, Inc.; Farco, Inc.; Fargo Rubber Corporation; Farm Markets of America, Inc.; Farm Products Corporation; Farmer Cooper's, Inc.; Farmers and Merchants Machinery, Inc.; Farmington Industries, Inc.; Farmland Industries Corp.; Farnham and Hathaway, Inc.; Farragut Incorporated; Farrington Electronics, Inc.; Farrington Industries Corporation; Farrington Leasing Corporation; Farrington Manufacturing Company; Farrington Overseas Corporation; Fashion Outlet, Incorporated; Fashion Sewing Guild, Inc.; Fashion Vibrations Unlimited Corporation; Fast Food Operations, Inc.; Feb Inc.; Fedco, Inc.; Fedder Data Centers of Delaware, Inc.; Feden, Inc.; Federal Builders of Pennsylvania, Inc.; Federal Builders of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Federal Capital Corporation; Federal Service Corporation; Federman Art Company; Feeder Ships, Inc.; Feeds, Inc.; Feldman Construction Company; Feldman, Taylor & Associates, Inc.; Feltman Broadcasting Systems, Inc.; Feminique Personnel Centers, Inc.; Fenix Block Ltd.; Fenmark Incorporated; Fenraeht Farms, Inc.; Fenu Corporation, The; Ferchas, Inc.; Ferd Wideman, Inc.; Fereco, Inc.; Fernway Commercial Inc.; Fern-wood House, Inc.; Feroprod Trading Corporation, Ltd.; Ferracon Corporation; Ferrill, Ltd.; Ferro Structures, Ltd.; Festival Amusement Corp.; Festival Media Corporation; Fiber & Chemical Process Corp.; Fiberdyne, Inc.; Fibermatics Inc.; Fibertek Company; Fibra Plastics, Inc.; Fico, Inc.; Fidelity Financial, Inc.; Fidelity Registrar & Transfer Co.; Fidler Securities Corp.; Fiduciary Capital Corp.; Fiduciary Mine Safety Equipment Leasing Corp.; Fielding Management Corp.; Fields Hearing Aids Center, Inc.; Filer-Stowell Systems Corp.; Filigree Williams Corp.; Fillet Industries, Inc.; Film Club of America, Inc.; Film Crusaders, Inc.; Film Financial Corporation of America; Filmdex Surv-Gard Systems Inc.; Finance Associates International, Inc.; Financial Adjustment Company of Spokane, Inc.; Financial Adjustment Company, Inc.; Financial Business Brokers (U.S.), Ltd.; Financial Corporation of America; Financial Counsellors of America, Inc.; Financial Counsellors of Washington, D.C., Inc.; Financial Credit Corporation; Financial Data Computing Laboratories, Co.; Financial Dynamics Corporation; Financial Guaranty and Investment Corporation; Financial Investment Enterprises, Inc.; Financial Laboratories, Inc.; Financial Library Corp., The; Financial Managers, Inc.; Financial Products Corporation; Financial Venture Consultants, Inc.; Fingerhut Family Foundation; Finnell System Incorporated; Fipco, Inc.; Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association; First American Franchise System, Inc.; First American Traders, Inc., The; First Atlantic Management Company, Inc.; First Cinema Corporation; First Colonial Corp. of America; First Colonial Corporation; First Continental Franchise Corporation; First Equity Growth Fund, Inc.; First Equity Tax Exempt Investor Fund, Inc.; First Financial Funding Corp. of America; First Financial Funding Insurance Agency Corp. of America; First Financial Securities Corp. of America; First Franchise Investors, Inc.; First General Finance Corp.; First International Associates, Inc.; First International Corporation; First of Georgia, Inc.; First Professional Enterprises, Inc.; First Prudential Corporation; First Put and Call Management Co., Inc.; First Quality Corporation; First Republic Corporation; First Restaurant Corporation; First San Francisco Financial Corporation; First State Barber School, Incorporated; First State Boxing Club; First State Electronics, Inc.; First State Financial Corp.; First State Refrigeration Co., Inc.; First Warrant Fund; Fiscal Management Systems, Inc.; Fiscal Systems, Inc.; Fish & Chips of Texas, Inc.; Fish Trawlers, Inc.; Fishco Associates, Inc.; Fitzpatrick Publishing Group, Ltd.; Five (V) Circles, Inc.; Flagon Corporation; Flamingo Fashion Industries, Inc.; Flanigan Associates, Inc.; Flavo-Matic Corp.; Fleetfoot Products, Inc.; Flexi-Foam Industries, Inc.; Flexible Products, Inc.; Flico, Inc.; Flight Line, Inc.; Flight Plan Midwest, Incorporated; Flightech, Inc.; Flip Wilson Foundation, The; Flo-Form Products International, Inc.; Flo-Rite Sewer and Drain Cleaning Co., Inc.; Floor Bright, Inc.; Flor De Marguarita Y Antonia, Inc.; Floralpinns Corp.; Florando Investment Corporation; Florann Kitchens, Inc.; Florence Investments, Inc.; Florida Atlantic Corp.; Florida Development Properties, Inc.; Florida Gas and Oil Incorporated; Floridair Corporation; Floridian Turf Club, Inc.; Flounders Enterprises, Inc.; Flower Power, Inc.; Fluidic Technologies Corporation; Fluidics Inc.; Fluor-O-Alloy Corporation; Fluor-O-Dodge Sales Company, Inc.; Foam Furniture Center, Inc.; Foco Crane Company; Fograf Corporation; Foley Enterprises Corporation; Fontenelle Hotel Operating Co., Inc.; Food Dynamics Corporation; Food Franchises of America, Inc.; Foods Incorporated; Force Enterprises, Inc.; Fordax Corporation; Forest Gas Corporation; Forest Heights Co.; Forest Hill Properties, Inc.; Forest Land Co., Inc.; Forest Products Corporation; Forming Machine Company of America, Inc., The; Formula Products Internationale, Inc.; Formula 1 Enterprises, Inc.; Fortress Security Systems, Inc.; Fortunata, Inc.; Fortune Financial, Inc.; Fortune Investment Corporation; Fortune Petroleum Company; Forty-Fourteen, Inc.; Forward Forces Weekly, Inc.; Forward Maintenance and Services Corporation; Foster Gauge & Instrument Corporation; Foster, Sterling Group Inc.; Foster, Sterling Inc.; Foto Technik, Inc.; Foto-Post, Corp.; Fotocolor Corporation; Fotoport Corportion; Foulk Road Gourmet Shop, Inc.; Foundation for Community Re-Education; Foundation for Developmental Planning; Foundation in Fact; Foundation Services International Ltd.; Fountain Glen Incorporated; Four Freedoms National Medical Services, Inc.; Four Rings Productions, Ltd.; Four Seasons Industries, Ltd.; Four Seasons of New Jersey, Inc.; Fourth Estate, Inc., The; Fox, Inc.; Foxy John's Smokehouse Cabin, Inc.; Fractured Cow Corporation, The; Franchise City West, Inc.; Franchise Concepts & Development, Inc.; Franchise Concepts, Inc.; Franchise Contractors, Inc. of Delaware; Franchise Corporation of America; Franchise Development & Investment Company, Inc.; Franchise Enterprises, Inc.; Franchise Financial Service, Inc.; Franchise Investment Brokers, Ltd.; Franchise Management and Capital Corporation; Franchise Opportunities, Inc.; Franchise Properties Development Corp.; Franchise Realty Investment and Management Corporation; Franchise Services and Capital Corporation, Inc.; Franchised Industrial Services, Inc.; Franchises Incorporated; Franchises, Inc.; Franchising and Development Co., Inc.; Francis W. Corridori Incorporated; Frank C. Jacobi Advertising, Inc.; Franklin Communications Group, Inc.; Franklin Foundation Incorporated; Franklin Tobacco & Distributing Company; Franzen Machinery Co.; Fraser International Ltd.; Freddie Fix - It, Inc.; Free Form Construction Inc.; Free Wash of Florida Inc.; Freedom Press, Inc.; Freedom & Reed, Inc.; Freeman Laboratories, Inc.; French Cafes of Atlanta, Inc.; French Job - French Lick Corporation, The; Friendly Card Company, Inc.; Friends of Ben Hhahn, Incorporated, The; Frontier Capital Corporation; Frost-A-Glass Corporation; Frozen Varieties, Inc.; Fuel Service Agency, Inc.; Fulham Road Productions Ltd.; Full Gospel Deliverance Center Association; Fuller Commonwealth Corporation; Fullop Transport Corporation; Fulton Industries, Inc.; Fun-Day Corporation; FunBoat Corporation; Fund Controls Corporation; Fund Publishers, Inc.; Funded Programs Incorporated; Fundholders Management Company; Funeral Services of America, Inc.; Funky Broadway, Inc.; Furnitech Corporation; Future Dimensions, Inc.; Future, Inc.; Futuristic Concepts Corp.;

G& C, Inc.; G& E Corp.; G F I Exploration Corp.; G F I Minerals Fund Management Corp.; G G Farms, Inc.; G H G Enterprises Inc.; G N P Learning Systems, Inc.; G P S Industries, Inc.; G R E Inc.; G. & S. Publications, Inc.; G. and M. Leasing Corporation; G. C. Pappas & Co., Incorporated; G.F.H. Corp.; G. I. L. Real Estate Development Corporation; G. L. Equities Corporation; G. L. P. Company; G. M. and E., Inc.; G. P. Music Corp.; G. R. Leasing Corporation; G. Richard Palmer-Inc.; G. S. C. Oil, Inc.; G.G.P., Inc.; G.P.I. Enterprises, Inc. of Delaware; G-H-W Corporation; Gadsden Bag Co., Inc.; Gahagan Renting Corporation; Galatea, Inc.; Galaxie Club, Inc.; Gale International Associates Limited; Galesburg Insurance Agency, Inc.; Gallant Fox Mfg.. Co., Ltd.; Galverdin Company, The; Gamma Electronics Corporation; Gamma Marine, Inc.; Gamma Medical Corporation; Ganesha & Co., Inc.; Gar Kim Corporation; Garcia Line Corporation; Garden State Medical Care, Inc.; Gardendale Wholesale Corporation; Garrison Corporation, The; Garrison Enterprises, Inc.; Garry Truck Rental, Inc.; Gault Galleries, Inc.; Gayety Flowers, U.S.A., Inc.; GDA Industries, Inc.; Gear Incorporated; Gears Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc.; Geese Haven Farms, Inc.; Geis Iron Works, Inc.; Gelston Enterprises, Inc.; Gemco Management Company; Gemo, Inc.; General Analytics Data Systems, Inc.; General Analytics Information Services, Incorporated; General Autoparts Corporation; General Communication Company, Inc.; General Computing Corporation; General Contracting Co.; General Credit and Finance Corporation of Puerto Rico; General Data Corporation; General Dimensions Corporation; General Display Corporation; General Earth Minerals Corporation; General Education Corporation, Incorporated; General Electronics, Inc.; General Exploring, Mining and Milling Corp.; General Financial Computer Corp.; General Fytotronics and Biotronics International, Inc.; General Housing Corporation; General Leisure Industries, Inc.; General Marketing Corporation; General Monitoring Co.; General Oceanology, Inc.; General Opportunities, Inc.; General Optron, Inc.; General Plastics Corporation; General Products Laboratory, Inc.; General Recognition Corporation; General Sales Company; General Schools Corp.; General Securities Company; General Solar Corporation; General Steam Corporation; General Time-Sharing, Inc.; General Utilities & Industries, Inc.; General Wholesale Sports, Inc.; Genesis Industrial Corporation, The; Genie Mines, Inc.; Genie the Tailor, Inc.; Geo-Capital Corp.; Geo-Science, Inc.; Geodata, Inc.; Geophysical Research, Inc.; George C. Bugher, Inc.; George Motors, Inc.; George's Cafe, Inc.; George's Refrigeration Service, Inc.; Georgetown Building and Loan Association, The; Georgetown Development Corporation; Georgetown Imports, Inc.; Gerald McDermott Films, Inc.; Geran of New York, Inc.; Gerald Builders, Inc.; Gerberly International Corp.; Gerberly International Systems, Inc.; Gewehr Piano Company, Inc.; Ghana-American Group of Companies, Ltd.; Giannini Corporation; Gibbs Paint and Chemical Co., Inc.; Gibreal Leasing Company, Inc.; Gibson Company, Inc., The; Gic International Corporation; Gift Shoppe's Incorporated; Gifts for American Troops in Vietnam, Inc.; Gilbert Equities, Inc.; Gilbo Systems Incorporated; Gilmore, Inc.; Glacier Corporation; Glahe International U.S.A. Inc.; Glas Foam Corp.; Glasgow Transport, Inc.; Glass Nursing Homes, Inc.; Glass Realty, Inc.; Glen Construction Company; Glen Rose Gasoline Company; Glenmar Corporation; Glenn Valley Corp.; Glenolden Fish & Chips, Inc.; Glick Bros. Inc.; Glo-Jo, Inc.; Global Attractions, Inc.; Global Fund, Inc., The; Global Inspection Associates, Inc.; Global Presentations, Inc.; Global Resources, Inc.; Global Vacations, Inc.; Glyzar Corp.; GNS Capital Corp.; Gobblers Nob Properties, Inc.; Gochanour Tiling Company; Goddard Stables, Inc.; Goe, Inc.; Gold Incorporated; Golden Bee, Inc.; Golden Brands, Inc.; Golden Comware, Inc.; Golden Eagle Land and Cattle Corporation; Golden Egg Products, Inc.; Golden Hawk Airlines, Inc.; Golden In 'n Out, Inc.; Golden Rule Lodge No. 17, I.O.O.F., Inc.; Golden Skillet of New York, Inc.; Golden Sunshine Wine & Liquor Corp.; Golden V Corp.; Golden Viking Industries, Inc.; Goldfield Resources Management, Inc.; Goldie Motors, Inc.; Goldman Schultz Corp.; Golf Club Intercontinental; Golf Enterprises, Inc.; Golf Promotions, Inc.; Good Harvest, Inc.; Good Lickin Ice Cream Incorporated; Goodnow Cable Television, Inc.; Goodway Copy Centers, Inc.; Goodway Creative Services, Inc.; Goodway Management Services Company; Goodwill Manufacturing Company; Gor-Mac Enterprises, Inc.; Gordon's Wiener Barrell Inc.; Gotham Securities Corporation; Gourmet Chef Cuisine, Inc.; Government Employees Benefit Association, Inc.; Government Employees Growth and Retirement Stock Fund, Inc.; GPM, Inc.; Grace, Kennedy (U.S.A.) Ltd.; Graduate Study Placement Service, Inc.; Grady Enterprises, Inc.; Graf Leasing, Inc.; Graffius & Jennings Enterprises, Ltd.; Grafic Group, Inc., The; Graham A. Foote, Inc.; Grainship Expediters, Inc.; Grand Bahama Resources, Inc.; Grand United Industries, Inc.; Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of Camden, Inc.; Grandma's Biscults International, Inc.; Grandma's Original Fish N' Chips, Inc.; Grandpar, Inc.; Graphcomp Sciences Corporation; Graphic Applications Corp.; Graphic Arts Guide, Inc.; Graphic Communications Company; Graphic Leasing Company; Graphic Research, Inc.; Graphic Telecommunications, Inc.; Graphic Transmission Systems, Inc.; Gray Elevator Co.; Graymarine Corporation; Grdina Financial, Inc.; Great American Broadcasting Corporation, The; Great American Resources Corporation; Great American Technology Corporation; Great Brands, Inc.; Great Continental Investments, Inc.; Great Divide Explorations Inc.; Great Eastern Air Races, Inc.; Great Gatsby's of Delaware, Inc.; Great Northern Land Corporation; Great Republic Corporation; Great Southwest Equipment Leasing Co., Inc.; Great Western Consolidated, Inc.; Great Western Group, Inc.; Great Western Investors Corporation; Great-Western Science Corporation; Greater Delaware Builders Inc.; Greater Germantown Youth Corporation; Greater Haddington Community Development Company, Inc.; Greater Newark Recreation Association, Inc., The; Green Exterminating Service, Inc.; Green Hill Social Club; Greenbriar Convalescent Center of Springfield, Inc.; Greenbrier Nursing Centers, Inc.; Greenmount Sales Incorporated; Greentop Recreation Center, Inc.; Greenwich, Inc.; Greg-mar Construction Co.; Gregory Enterprises of Delmarva, Inc.; Gregory's, Inc.; Grocap, Inc.; Gromz Oil Company; Grossman Foundation; Ground Fault Protection Corp.; Group Capital, Inc.; Group T Associates, Inc.; Grove City Bus Lines, Inc.; Growth Capital Management Corporation; Growth Concepts, Inc.; Growth Development Corp.; Growth Resources, Inc.; Growth Science Industries, Inc.; Growth Techniques, Inc.; Growth Technology Securities, Inc.; Gruber Construction Co.; GRX Inc.; GSC Construction, Inc.; GTC Acoustic Imaging Corporation; GTC Cyrogenics Corporation; GTC Data Storage Corporation; GTC Technical Products Inc.; Guardian Call, Inc., The; Guardian Publications, Inc.; Guatemala Commercial Corporation; Guatemala Fruit Company, Incorporated; Guatemala Funding Corporation; Guay-Horgan, Inc.; Guenzler, Inc.; Guernsey Exploration Corporation; Gulf Aerospace Corporation; Gulf Service & Supply, Inc.; Gulf Star Marine Service, Inc.; Gulf States Theatres, Inc.; Gullivers Arts and Leisure Club, Ltd.; Gummar, Inc.; Gundel, Inc.; Gunnell Inc.; Gunver Printing International, Inc.; Gurooda Productions, Ltd.; Guy Thomas International, Inc.; Guyan Coal By - Products Co.; Guyana Woodpulp, Ltd.; Guyencourt Associates, Inc.; Guyencourt Management Associates, Inc.; Guys and Gals, Inc.; Gwinhurst Development Company; Gym Floors of Delaware, Inc.; Gyro Dynamics Corporation; Gyro Food Corporation;

H & A Development Corporation; H & C Properties, Inc.; H& D Development Corporation; H& F Systems, Inc.; H& N Trucking, Inc.; H & S Constructors, Inc.; H & W Cantor Enterprises, Inc.; H. & B. Enterprises, Inc.; H. & D. Corp.; H. & S. Trucking, Inc.; H. A. Diversified Opportunities Corporation; H. B. J. Productions, Inc.; H. B. Park Pharmaceutical Co.; H. C. Enterprises, Ltd.; H. C. H. Leasing, Inc.; H. Cornick Company, Incorporated, The; H. F. Guerin, Inc.; H. J. Kay & Sons Contractors, Inc.; H. J. Moret & Associates, Inc.; H. L. Tracy Associates, Inc.; H. M. S. International, Ltd.; H. 0. Rondeau, Inc.; H. Rosen & Co.; H. T. Hunt, Inc.; H.B.S. Corporation; H.F. Robinson, Inc.; H-F-L Corp.; H-Strap, Inc.; Ha-Co Foods, Inc.; Haalmer Corporation; Haber Bros. Realties, Inc.; Habitat Retirement Club Inc.; Hacerco, Inc.; Haelan Hall, Inc.; Haight & Co., Inc.; Hailstone - Pierson, Incorporated; Hair Development Corporation; Hair Fashions International, Ltd.; Hair, Incorporated; Haiti Mineral Corporation of America; Haitian American Pulp Company; Hallahan Enterprises Inc.; Hallahan Mailing Enterprises, Inc.; Halligan Adjustment Service, Inc.; Hallmark Advertising, Inc.; Hallmark Aviation, Inc.; Hallmark Theater Corp.; Hamdew Financing Co.; Hamilton Investors, Inc.; Hamilton R. Marsh Company; Hand Music Limited; Handley Mills, Inc.; Hanover Institute, Inc.; Hanover International Corp.; Hanover Tours, Inc.; Hanson Corporation, The; Happy Buddha, Jr., Inc.; Harason Enterprises Ltd.; Harco, Inc.; Harding Oil Company; Harding Tulloch & Co., Inc.; Harford Brick & Tile Company, The; Harlem Groove, Inc., The; Harlou Corp., The; Harmel, Inc.; Harper & Thomas, Inc.; Harper Land Research Corporation; Harpetle Limited, Inc.; Harrington Development Corporation; Harrington Management, Inc.; Harrington Manufacturing Corp.; Harrington Oil Co., Inc.; Harris Food Corporation; Harris-Hanby Management Company; Harrisburg Plaza Drugs, Inc.; Harrow Realty Corp.; Harry and Marion Doniger Foundation, Inc.; Harry and Thelma S. Rubenstein Foundation, Inc.; Harry Coleman & Company; Harry L. Carpel Foundation, The; Hart Lumber & Supply Co.; Hartung Development Company; Harvard Industries, Inc.; Harve's Foods, Inc.; Harvey Alan Company, The; Hass Consultants, Inc.; Hathaway Valley Farms, Inc.; Hattersley & Co.; Haugh and Hammond, Inc.; Haury & Oathout, Incorporated; Hausman Industries, Inc.; Haven Methodist Episcopal Church, Incorporated; Hawaii Travels, Incorporated; Hawaii - Pacific Leisure Corp.; Hawaya Corporation, The; Haynes Co., Inc., The; Haynesworth Corporation, The; Hazelriggs, Inc.; Hazelwood Property Owner's Assn.; Health Administrative Services, Inc.; Health Complex, Inc.; Health Evaluation Systems, Inc.; Health Facility Resources, Inc.; Health Institute Affiliates, Inc.; Health Institute Computer Inc.; Health Institute Development Corporation; Health Institute Leasing & Supply Corporation; Health Service Affiliates, Inc.; Health Services Corp.; Heather Agency, Inc.; Heather Properties, Inc.; Heavy Hauling and Rigging Corporation of America; Hedge Liquidating Corporation; Heidler Corporation; Helen Winston & Associates, Inc.; Helgren Laboratories, Ltd.; Heli-Chem Products Inc.; Helicopters, Ltd.; Helix Display, Inc.; Heljen Incorporated; Helm's Time Saving Tools, Inc.; Heiman, Inc.; Hemiphere Antiques, Inc.; Hemisphere Broadcasting Company, Inc.; Hemisphere Continental Corp.; Hemisphere Corporation-Land and Building Systems, The; Hemisphere Industries Inc.; Hemisphere Management Corp.; Hemisphere Mercantile Ltd.; Hemisphere Modular Systems, Inc.; Hemisphere Oil Company; Hemisphere Resources Corporation; Hemming, Fields & Co., Inc.; Hemphill Enterprises, Inc.; Hemstead Line, Ltd.; Hemstead Shipping Corporation; Henderson Manufacturing Corporation; Henry Fuel Company; Henry S. Brandt Corporation; Henry Silva Productions, Inc.; Henry's Carpet Service, Inc.; Hepco, Inc.; Her Clothes Tree, Inc. No. 2; Her Clothes Tree, Inc., of Delaware; Herbert Harris Co., Inc.; Heritage Arms, Inc.; Heritage Community Center Foundation; Heritage Industrial Corp.; Heritage - Grendon Civic Association, Inc.; Herring Creek Corporation; Hession Microsol Corporation; Hetra Computer and Communications Industries, Inc.; Heuristic Analysis, Inc.; Heuristic Systems International Incorporated; Hewlett Foundation, Inc., The; Hexagon Mind Corporation; HHS, Inc.; Hi-Arc Corporation; Hi-Co Kitchens, Inc.; Hi-Lo Woodheel Corporation; Hi-Plains Enterprises, Inc.; Hi, Inc.; Hickory Knitting Mills, Inc.; High Speed Brick Building (U.S.), Inc.; High Technology Investments, Incorporated; Highland Development Corporation; Highland Farms, Inc.; Highway Club Systems, Inc.; "Hiland" Corporation; Hilco Sales Corp.; Hill Sand and Gravel Co., Inc.; Hillock and Associates, Inc.; Hillside Civic Association; Hilltop Construction Co.; Hilltop Renewal, Inc.; Hillyard Optical Company, Northeast; Hilton Associates, Inc.; Hirzal, Inc.; Hispania Industies, Inc.; Hit Tunes, Inc.; HKG Realty Corp.; Hob Nob Shops, Inc.; Hobbs Land & Cattle Co., Inc.; Hockessin Hills Civic Association, Inc.; Hoff Chemical Corporation; Holiday Ford Sales, Inc.; Holiday Horizons, Inc.; Holiday Time Industries, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of America, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Florida, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Georgia, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Hawaii, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Louisiana, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of New Mexico, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Oregon, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Texas, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Washington, Inc.; Holiness Church of God in Christ Jesus, Inc.; Holland Electronics & Development Corp.; Hollister Petroleum Corporation; Holt & Pickard, Inc.; Home and Health, Inc.; Home Enterprises, Inc.; Home Furniture East, Inc.; Home Furniture West, Inc.; Home Improvement Associates, Inc.; Home Services Painting Company, Inc.; Home Sound Movie Club, Inc.; Home State Loan Company; Home Traders, Inc.; Homecourts of America, Inc.; Homeland Sales Corp.; Homemaker Service of Central Delaware, Inc.; Homer Associates, Ltd.; Honey Bear Foods, Ltd.; Honey Creek Farms International, Inc.; Honey's International, Ltd.; Hookah Filter Corporation; Hoopes and Sudduth Associates, Inc.; Hoosier Transportation Services, Inc.; Hoosier Veterinary Laboratories, Inc.; Hoover-Kauffman-Craven Advertising, Inc.; Hopockohacking Tribe, No. 17, of the Improved Order of Red Men of Delaware; Horeb Corporation; Horizon Resources, Inc.; Horn Computer Research Corp.; Horne & Company, Incorporated; Horseless Carriage Company, The; Horton & Converse Medical Franchise Systems, Inc.; Hospital Care Corporation; Hospital Computer Sciences, Inc.; Hospital Development Associates, Inc.; Hospital Development Corporation; Host Travel Club, Inc.; Hostetter Foundation, The; Hot Spot, Inc.; Hotel Operations (Kansas) Inc.; Hotel Operations (Ohio) Inc.; Hotelevision International Corporation; House of Collinwood, Ltd.; House of Decor, Inc.; House of Enchantment, Inc., The; House of Gifts, Inc.; House of Tall Fashions - Delaware, Inc.; House of York, Ltd., The; House Staff Association of Jefferson Medical College Hospital, The; Household Goods Shippers' Protective Association, Inc.; Housefab International Ltd.; Housing Consultants of Delaware, Inc.; Houston Biochemical Industries, Inc.; Houston Science and Medical Corporation; Houston Scientific Industries, Inc.; Houston Universal Investment Company; Hovercraft Corporation, The; Howard Communications, Inc.; Howard E. Knapp, Inc.; Howard Powell Jr., Inc.; Howard Sales International, Inc.; Hruden Laboratories, Inc.; HSI Computer Mailing Techniques, Inc.; HSW Enterprises, Inc.; Hubbard House, Inc.; Hubert A. Guyer & Son Inc.; Huck Finn Corporation of America; Hudson Heritage Incorporated; Hudson Investment & Management Corporation; Hufnal's Gulf Service, Inc.; Human Resources Corporation; Hungry Penguin, Inc.; Hunter, Inc.; Hunter's Village, Inc.; Huntington Distributors, Incorporated; Huntley & Blazier Co.; Huxel Electric Company; Huxley Group for Educational Technology & Computer Systems, Inc., The; Hy-Mar Construction Company; Hyco Oil Company; Hycon, Inc.; Hydra - Marine Systems, Inc.; Hydro Plastics, Inc.; Hydro-Miser Corporation; Hydromax (Venezuela) Inc.; Hydronautics, Inc.; Hydroponic Sciences, Inc.; Hygienic Industries Corp.; Hypermation, Inc.; Hytech Corporation;

ICS Corporation; I G R Equipment Co. of Delaware; I Q, Inc.; i space inc.; I. A. N. Marine Corp.; I. H. S. Fund, Inc.; I. N. F. Promotions of New Jersey, Inc.; I. P. I., Inc.; I. S. T Corp.; I.T.S, Corporation; I.T.S. Information Network, Inc.; I.L.S. Corporation; I.M.P. Companies, Inc.; I.R. & S. Life Agency, Inc.; I.R.E. Investors Corporation; Ibda Equity Fund, Inc.; Ibda, Inc.; Icap Management Corp.; Icon Systems, Inc.; ICV Inc.; Ideal Structures Corporation; Ideation Corporation; Identic Data, Incorporated; Idle Call, Inc., The; IFI Incorporated; IHC Corporation; IHM, Inc.; ILH, Ltd.; Illini Motor Company; Illini-Pola Homes, Inc.; Illini-Valley Transportation Company, Inc.; Illinois Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Illinois Machinery Transport, Inc.; Illinois Safety Stabilizer Corporation; Illinois Underground Contractors, Inc.; Illinois Valley Disposal Co., Inc.; Illinois Vanguard Associates, Inc.; Illumatronics, Inc.; IM Life and Pension., Co., Inc.; Image Cosmetics, Inc.; Image Equipment Concepts, Inc.; Image Technology Corporation; Imagineering, Inc.; Imagineering, Inc.; Immer and Company; Impact Industries Incorporated; Imperial Fabricators, Inc.; Imperial International Investment Inc.; In Step Corporation; Inca Engineering Corporation; Incentive Techniques, Inc.; Income Management Inc.; InDaCo Inc.; Independence Properties, Inc.; Independent Learning Systems, Inc.; Indevco International, Incorporated; Index International, Inc.; Indian River. Realty Co.; Indiana Financial Councellors Inc.; Indianhead Enterprises, Inc.; Indo-American Commodity Corporation; Indo-American Corp.; Industrial Acquisitions Ltd.; Industrial and Marine Services, Inc.; Industrial Book Publishing Company, Inc.; Industrial Chemical Tanks, Inc.; Industrial Computers, Inc.; Industrial Dynamics, Inc.; Industrial Education Institute; Industrial Fluidics, Inc.; Industrial Industries Corp.; Industrial Investment and Development Corporation; Industrial Mailing Lists, Inc.; Industrias Quimicas Dominicanas, Inc.; Industrias Sanitronic Corporaton; Industries Development Associates, Inc.; Industries, Inc.; Industronics No. 101, Inc.; Industronics No. 102, Inc.; Industronics No. 103, Inc.; Industronics No. 104, Inc.; Industronics No. 106, Inc.; Industronics No. 107, Inc.; Industronics No. 108, Inc.; Industronics of New York, Inc.; Industronics West, Inc.; Industry Control Corporation; In--tertech Systems, Inc.; Infinite Depth Visuals Corp.; Infinite Dynamics Ltd.; Inflation protection Company; Info-Med, Inc.; Info-Metrics Incorporated; Infoflow, Inc.; Information Dynamics, Corp.; Information Exchange Systems, Inc.; Information International, Incorporated; Information Management Services, Inc.; Information Network Incorporated; Information Processing Associates Incorporated; Information Systems Marketing Associates, Inc.; Information Systems Schools, Inc.; Information Techniques, Inc.; Information Technology & Systems, Inc.; Information Unlimited Incorporated; Ink Works, Inc.; Inland Air, Inc.; Inland Chemical Company; Inland Port Industries, Inc.; Inland Texas Chemicals, Inc.; Innes-McCaron Company; Innovative Capital Management, Inc.; Innovative Data Systems, Inc.; Innovative Product Development Corp.; Innovative Systems Corporation of Delaware; Innovative Systems Incorporated; Input Resources, Inc.; Inrest, Inc.; Insider Capital, Inc.; InstaFax Communications Corp.; Insta-Fax Computer Services Corporation; Insta-Fax Information Technology Corporation; Instant Car Clean Service Corp.; Instant Car Clean, Inc.; Instant Computer Systems Ltd.; Instant Gas Corp.; Instant Land Corp.; Instant Printing Corporation; Instant Printing System, Inc.; Institute for Management Training, Inc.; Institute for Personal Development, Inc.; Institute for Policy Development, Inc.; Institute for Resource Management, Inc.; Institute for Secretarial Advancement; Institute of Appliance Manufacturers, Inc.; Institute of Column Manufacturers, Inc.; Institute of Microfilm & Information Technology, Inc.; Institute of Pattern Design, Inc.; Institutional Growth Services, Inc.; Instructional Products Corporation; Instruments Inc., Ltd.; Insul-Wool Insulation Corporation; Insurance Centers Underwriters, Inc.; Insurance Holding Fund; Insurance Industries Underwriter, Inc.; Insurance Industries, Inc.; Insuranshare-Land Ltd.; Insured Locksmiths and Safe Men of America, Inc.; Intebon Corporation; Integrated Administrative Systems Inc.; Integrity Pleating, Inc.; Intek Corporation; Intensive Care Hospitals, Inc.; Inter American Church Members' Association; Inter American Corporation; Inter American E and I Corporation; Inter American Investment Corporation; Inter Continental Investments, Inc.; Inter-American Confederation of the Partners of the Alliance, Inc., The; Inter-American Seafoods Corp.; Inter-American Specialty Corporation; Inter-Capital Advisors, Incorporated; Inter-Capital Group, Incorporated, The; Inter-Continental Tobacco Corporation; Inter-Media Communications Corporation; Inter-Space Communications, Inc.; Inter-Theatre Controls, Inc.; Interactive Computer Services, Inc.; Interactive Telecommunication Corporation; Interamerican Industries, Inc.; Interamerican Refining Corporation; Intercapital Corporation; Intercare Nursing & Convalescent Homes, Inc.; Intercept Tele-Communications, Inc.; Inter-charge Systems, hie.; Intercollegiate, Inc.; Intercom, Inc.; Intercontinental Advertising Productions, Inc.; Intercontinental Business Service, Inc.; Intercontinental Development Co., Ltd.; Intercontinental Financial & Management Corporation; Intercontinental Industrial Fund, Inc.; Intercontinental Medical Corporation; Intercontinental Merchandising Corporation; Intercontinental Mutual Fund Turk, Inc.; Intercontinental Oil Royalties, Inc.; Intercontinental Pictures Corporation; Intercontinental Productions, Ltd.; Intercontinental Products Corporation; Intercontinental Trade Channel Corp.; Intercontinental Trading Corporation; Intercontinental, Inc.; Interdev Limited; Interface Computer Industries, Inc.; Intergem Industries, Inc.; Interhold Corporation, The; Interior Industries, Inc.; Interleisure Worldwide, Inc.; Interleisure, Inc.; Intermediate Enterprises, Inc.; Intermedico Ltd.; Intermodal Corporation; International Enterprises Inc.; International Agro-Industrial Corporation; International Air Cargo, Inc.; Internatioal Air Recovery, Inc.; International Air Traffic Control Corp.; International Airways Mart, Ltd.; International Amusement Corporation; International Anodizing Corporation; International Anodizing Corporation of Tennessee; International Art Registry Limited, The; International Art Registry Management Company Limited, The; International Business Associates, Inc.; International Business Schools, Inc.; International Canvas & Textile Corporation; International Chemical Corporation; International Chemical Holding Corp.; International Chemicals Inc.; International Chicago Service, Inc.; International Cinema Exchange, Inc.; International Commercial Agency, Ltd.; International Committee for Mental Hygiene, Inc.; International Communications Picture Corporation; International Computer Applications Corporation; International Computer Graphics, Inc.; International Computer Group, Inc.; International Computer Leasing, Inc.; International Computer Services, Inc.; International Computer Utilities, Inc.; International Contact Company, Incorporated; International Container Service Terminals, Inc.; International Contract Carrier, Inc.; International Cosmetics Co.; International Credit Company; International Data Management Corp.; International Data Operations, Inc.; International Data Sciences, Ltd.; International Development & Investment Consultants Limited; International Development Expansion & Acquisition, Ltd.; International Development Labs, Inc.; International Disposal Corporation; International Disposal Corporation (St. Petersburg); International Distilleries Corporation; International Economics Corporation, Ltd.; International Electric Life Corporation; International Electronic Industries, Inc.; International Energy Resources Corp.; International Entertainment, Inc.; International Equipment Leasing Corp.; International Export Agencies, Inc.; International Film Organization, Inc.; International Flight Caterers, Inc.; International Food Technology Company; International Fractionators, Ltd.; International Franchising Consultants, Inc.; International Geophysical Exploration Corporation; International Gourmet Shops, Inc.; International Helicopter Corporation; International Hosts Orient, Inc.; International Hosts, Inc.; International Identification of California, Inc.; International Import Leasing Corporation; International Import, Inc.; International Information Systems, Inc.; International Interconnected Industries, Inc.; International Interests Inc.; International Investment Advisors, Inc.; International Land Investments, Inc.; International Learning & Research Corporation; International Management Associates, Inc.; International Marine Services, Inc.; International Marketing Associates Corp.; International Marketing Development Corporation; International Media Company; International Medical Complex Corporation; International Micro Corporation; International Micro-Optics, Inc.; International Mini Computer Applications, Inc.; International Mobile Home Communities Incorporated; International Modular Concepts, Inc.; International Modular Developments Inc.; International Modular Systems, Inc.; International Monkey Business, Inc.; International Nuclear Consultants, Inc.; International Oceanolligy Corporation; International Oceanology & Mining Corporation; International Offices, Limited; International Oil Company; International Oil Reserve Corp.; International Option Corporation; International Peripheral Systems, Inc.; International Philadelphia, Inc., The; International Plastics Corporation; International Playgrounds, Inc.; International Processes Corporation; International Program Development Corporation; International Real Estate Referral System, Inc.; International Realty & Investment Corp.; International Realty and Management Corporation; International Reproductions Incorporated; International Research & Planning Institute, Inc.; International Resorts & Developments, Inc.; International School of Santiago Foundation; International Schools of Cooking, Inc.; International Services Systems, Inc.; International Services, Inc.; International Shelters, Inc.; International Sky Cab Airlines, Inc.; International Sky Cab Leasing Company; International Sound Systems of America, Inc.; International Sports Association, Inc.; International Talent Exposure, Ltd.; International Tape Production & Sales, Inc.; International Teaching Machine Corporation; International Telecomputer Network Corporation; International Telegraphic Agency, Inc.; International Teletising, Inc.; International Tourism Associates, Inc.; International Trade & Transportation Systems, Inc.; International Trade and Development Associates, Inc.; International Travel Enterprises Corporation; International Travelers Club; International Urban Housing Corporation; International Warehouse, Inc.; International Water Purification, Inc.; International Western Rodeo Association, Inc.; International Wig Manufacturers Association Inc.; Internet Computing Services, Inc.; Interpark, Inc.; Interpersonal Programs International, Inc.; Interscan, Inc.; Interscience and Technology Corp.; Intersearch Technology, Inc.; Intersnow, Ltd.; Intersonic Corporation; Interstate Courtesy & Assistance Association, The; Interstate Creamery, Inc.; Interstate Equity Corp.; Interstate Franchise Systems, Inc.; Intertech Communications Corporation; Intertech Data Services Corporation; Intertex Trading Corp.; Intra-State Resources, Inc.; Intracorp Industries, Inc.; Intrapersonal Programs International, Inc.; Intrasic Development Corporation; Intron Corporation; Inventory Management Systems, Inc.; Invest A Career, Inc.; Investerrain, Inc.; Investment & Equity Planning, Inc.; Investment & Service Co., Inc.; Investment Art Corporation; Investment Bonds and Development Company; Investment Data Management, Inc.; Investment Datacenter, Inc.; Investment Funds, Inc.; Investment House, Inc., The; Investment Partnership Fund, Inc.; Investors Associated Corporation; Investors Capital Funding Corporation; Investors Corporation of America; Investors Intercontinental Industries, Incorporated; Investors International, Ltd.; Investors Leasing Co.; Investors Planning Corporation of America-Far East; Iona International, Inc.; Ionic Beam Materials, Inc.; Iota Industries, Inc.; Iowa Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Ipal Airways, Inc.; Irish University Books, Inc.; Iron Kettle Soup Kitchens, Inc.; Irradiators, Inc.; Irrigation Sales, Inc.; Irving Corporation of Texas; Irving Investment Corporation; Iseberg Musicland, Inc.; Island Extrusion Corporation; Island Franchise Inc.; Island Sea Host Incorporated; Isle of Wight Foundation, Inc.; Isoset Corporation; Israel American Investment Corporation; Israel Scientific Power, Inc.; Israeli Petroleum Corporation of America Inc.; Isthmian Autosport Association, The; Italian Labs., Ltd.; Ithaca Enterprises Inc.; Itn/Her, Incorporated; Its Industrial Computer Laboratories Inc.; IUS of Delaware, Inc.; IUS-Laurel St., Inc.; IV Kings Enterprises, Inc.; Ives Productions, Inc.;

J & L Advertising Corporation of America, Inc.; J & R Auto Sales, Inc.; J & R Motor Supply Corporation; J & S, Inc.; J and H Bakery, Inc.; J and R Investment Co., Inc.; J. A. L. Corporation; J. A. Porter Lumber Company; J. B. & 'F. General Contractors; J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Foundation; J. Cliff Rahel and Company, Inc.; J. D. M. Associates, Inc.; J. D. S., Inc.; J. G Braun Enterprises Ltd.; J. H. Boyle & Co., Inc.; J. Howard & Bettye B. Marshall Foundation, Inc.; J. Naumann & Sons, Inc.; J. P. Buster, Inc.; J. R. Myers Trucking, Inc.; J. T. Atkinson, Inc.; J. T. Scott Construction Co.; J. V. Furniture, Inc.; J. W. Company; J. W. Stevens Company, Inc.; J. & J. Service Station, Inc.; J.A.G. Construction Company; J.C.S. Company; J.I., Inc.; J.L.C., Inc.; J. W. Erickson Publishing Incorporated; J-D Music Publishing Company, Inc.; Jack Campbell, Inc.; Jack Cohen, Inc.; Jack Goldman, Inc.; Jack MacManus Research Corporation; Jackel, Inc.; Jackson County Land Corporation; Jackson Leisure Corporation; Jacobs Consolidated Industries, Inc.; Jaggy, Inc.; Jajo Inc.; Jalan Corporation; Jalda Arriba Capital Corp.; James and Barbara Robbins Foundation, Inc., The; James Brown Broadcasting Corporation; James D. Clements, Inc.; James David Fort Lee, Inc.; James E. Brady, Inc.; James E. Murray, Inc.; James J. McShain, Inc.; James Lyle Potter, Inc.; James of California International, Inc.; James W. Ford, Inc.; Jamestown Manor West, Inc.; Jamison & Simpler, Inc.; Jan-Mel Corporation; Jana Construction Co., Inc.; Jane Leigh Fashions, Inc.; Janpate Limited; Japan Publications Trading Co. (U.S.A.) Inc.; Jar-Leasing Co., Inc.; Jardel Co., Inc.; Jarrell's Automated Systems Company, Inc.; Jason Art Investments Corporation; Jason Products, Inc.; Jason Slade Agency, Inc., The; Jay Enterprises, Inc.; Jay Hurley Imports, Ltd.; Jay-Pell Beauty Salons, Inc.; Jeanie Incorporated; Jed, Inc.; Jefferic Stables, Inc.; Jefferson Coal & Construction Corporation; Jefferson Courts, Inc.; Jefferson Farms Beauty Salon, Inc.; Jeffrey Investment Company; Jelor Corporation; Jemb Music Ltd.; Jenkintown Dodge, Inc.; Jenkintown Leasing, Inc.; Jennings Petroleum Corporation; Jepsen Tire Company; Jer-Sea King, Inc.; Jera Corporation, The; Jernigan Industries, Inc.; Jerome Zeff Foundation, Inc., The; Jerry Ogle, Inc.; Jerry S. Bedgood & Associates, Inc.; Jersey June Industries, Inc.; Jersey Nationwide Art Center, Inc.; Jesse C. Church Realtors, Inc.; Jet Craft International, Inc.; Jet Express, Inc.; Jet Helicopter Corporation; Jet Industries, Inc.; Jet Maintenance Corporation of America, The; Jetaway, Inc.; Jewelry Holding Corp.; Jiffy Rates & Routes, Inc.; Jim Fleming T.V., Inc.; Jim's Bi Rite Supermarket, Inc.; Jim's Food Center, Inc.; JLS Enterprises, Inc.; Jo-Os Trucking Inc.; Job DeCamp, Inc.; Jobe Corp.; Jock Lawrence and Associates, Inc.; Joe Nameless Franchise Inc.; Joe Phillips Resources Fund, Inc.; Joe-Dan Sportswear, Inc.; John Alexander, Inc.; John B. Kilroy Phoenix Corporation; John Cotton International Inc.; John G. Treadway, Jr., Inc..; John Henry's Franchise Corporation; John J. Drummey & Co., Inc., The; John J. Starshak, Inc.; John J. Vietri, Inc.; John Mitchell Corporation; John R. Klopfer and Associates, Inc.; John R. Maher, Incorporated; John Rich Enterprises, Inc.; John Stapf, Inc.; John V. Smith Foundation, Inc.; John W. McKee, Inc.; John W. Stallings, Inc.; Johnny Weissmuller Enterprises, Incorporated; Johnny Weissmuller's Family Recreation Center, Inc.; Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzanland, Inc.; Johnson Group, Inc., The; Johnston Engineering & Manufacturing Company; Jolin Industries, Inc.; Jolis Equities Inc.; Jomar, Inc.; Jon Hall Industries, Inc.; Jon Peterson & Associates, Inc.; Jonas & Julia Adler Foundation, Inc.; Jones & Pellow Oil Co., Inc.; Jones Wholesale Meats, Inc.; Jonker International, Inc.; Jonna Corporation; Jop Realty Corporation; Jopet Productions, Inc.; Jored Corporation; Joseph A. Celano & Sons, Inc.; Joseph D. Murphy, Inc.; Joseph J. Fleming, Inc.; Joseph L. Decormis IV, Inc.; Joseph Mixon, Inc.; Journal of Investment Finance, Inc., The; Joy Cards Art Galleries, Inc.; Joy's Auto Service, Inc.; JSD Music Publishing Corp.; JST, Inc.; Judith Enterprises, Inc.; Judson, Inc.; Juice-Master Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Julia A. Nixon Foundation, The; Jumbo Pretzels Co.; Jumeau Corporation; Juness Industries of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Jupiter Productions, Ltd.; Justen Furniture Inc.; Juster Food Corporation;

K& K Trucking Co., Inc.; K B K Manufacturing Co.; K P A Nuclear, Inc.; K. C. & C. Inc.; K. C. Trucks, Inc.; K. D. C Corp.; K.C.M. Realty Co.; K & P Computer Advertising Service, Inc.; K-9 Security Kennels, Inc.; Kabat Industries, Inc.; Kamerling Corporation; Kampard Corporation; Kampic, Mcbride & Associates, Inc.; Kan-Del, Ltd.; Kangaroo Klassics, Inc.; Kanium Corporation; Kansas News Company, Inc.; Kappa Medical Corporation; Karart Development Corp.; Kardko Inc.; Karisma Cosmetics Inc.; Karlen Development Corp.; Kasco Industries, Inc.; Kaymar Inc.; Kbarb, lnc.; KBH Industries, Inc.; KDI Aircon Corporation; KDI Childs Corporation; KDI Instructional Systems, Inc.; Keating Corporation; Keene Publications, Inc.; Keith-Linda, Inc.; Kelleher Company, The; Kelley International Inc.; Kelley Mortgage Company; Kellogg Fund, Inc.; Kellogg Management Company; Kelly Concrete Construction Co.; Kelly Labor of Chattanooga, Inc.; Kelly Labor of Phoenix Inc.; Kemco, Inc.; Kemix, Inc.; Kemtec Educational Corporation; Ken-Del Realty Co., Inc.; Ken-Lee Equipment Co., Inc.; Ken-Lo Corporation; Ken-Nar Builders, Inc.; Kendall Farms, Inc.; Kenkel Corporation; Kennesaw Leasing Company; Kenneth Campbell, Inc.; Kenneth G. Smith & Associates, Inc.; Kenneth Yow Construction Co.; Kennington Corporation; Kent Auxiliary Foundation; Kent Educational Foundation; Kent Sign Co.; Kentec Industries, Inc.; Kenway Corp.; Kessler Dry Goods Company; Keswick Farm, Inc.; Keszler Corporation; Kettle Fried Chicken of America, Inc.; Key Data Machines Corporation; Key Land Corporation; Key Punch Institute Ltd.; Key Services, Inc.; Keyland Laboratories, Inc.; Kids International, Inc.; Kidsco. Inc.; Kiehl Industries, Inc.; Kildare Realty Corp.; KIM International, Inc.; Kimberly Records Corp.; Kimberly Churchill, Inc.; Kimclair, Inc.; Kimes, Inc.; Kin-Therm, Inc.; Kinetic Vectors, Inc.; King Kastle Systems, Inc.; King Land & Cattle Company; King Neptune International, Inc.; King Tire Enterprises, Inc.; King Turkey House, Inc.; King's Inn, Inc.; Kings Inn Motel, Inc.; Kingsbridge Fund, Inc., The; Kingsbridge Management Corporation.; Kinzee Industries, Inc.; Kipp Air Conditioning, Inc.; Kirk-hill Associates, Inc.; Kirkmore Area Civic Association; KirkFood Chicken Delight, Inc.; Kirkwood Fish & Chips, Inc.; Kirkwood Gardens Civic Association; Kitty Cat Car Wash, Inc.; Iciwanis Club of Rodney Square, Wilmington, Inc.; Kleen Korp. International, Inc.; Kleiner, Bell & Co., Incorporated; Klinger North America, Inc.; Klip Joyn't, Inc.; KMK Airline, Inc.; Knitted Designs, Inc.; Knoll Investment Corp.; Knollman Company, The; Knots N' Hitches, Inc.; Koehler Corporation, The; Koland Development Corp.; Kollock Supply Corp.; Kona Kai Club Motel, Inc.; Koppelman-Rubin Enterprises, Inc.; Kopy-Kat Industries, Inc.; Korda B-F Leasing Corp.; Korner Kupboard, Inc.; Kostas Brothers, Inc.; KPA Nuclear Services, Inc.; KPA Time Sharing, Inc.; Kramedas Brothers, Inc.; Kravette Leasing Company, Inc.; Krenz Fasteners, Inc.; Krimstock Enterprises, Inc.; Kuhn, Smith & Harris Foundation; Kurt Schoen Dance Studios, Inc.; Kuwait-American Advisory Company; Kuwait-American Development Company, Inc.; Kwik Print, Inc.; Kwik-Change Corporation;

L & M Corporation; L & N Enterprises, Inc.; L & S Nuclear, Inc.; L. A. W. Industries, Corp.; L. C. O'Neil Trucks, Inc.; L. D. Inc.; L. K. Publishing, Inc.; L. M. G., Inc.; L. N. T Steamship Agency & Management Services, Inc.; L. 0. Shearer, Inc.; L. V. Enterprises, Ltd.; L. M. Liquidating Company; La Joya Cosmetics, Inc.; La Salle Street Resources Incorporated; LaFARR Research Company; Laferelli Pizza Company; Laff Records Corporation; Laidig Silo Unloaders, Inc.; Lake International, Ltd.; Lake Tire Co., Inc. of Delaware; Lake Transportation, Inc.; Lakeland Furniture Mart, Inc.; Lambda Pi Corporation; Lamco Industries, Inc.; Lampshade, Inc., The; Lamunyon-Garmany Dodge, Incorporated; Lancaster Carriers, Inc.; Land & Resort Development Corp.; Land Developers, Inc.; Land Dynamics Corporation; Land Growth, Inc.; Land of Lincoln Scopitone, Inc.; Land Service, Inc.; Land Systems International, Inc.; Land Technology, Inc.; Land Trusts Inc.; Land Utilization Corporation; Land-America, Inc.; Landau Sports Enterprises, Inc.; Landfill, Inc.; Landreth Industries, Inc.; Laney Incorporated; Lansall Company, The; Lansdale Clothes, Inc. of P.R.; Lanses, Ltd.; Lapic, Inc.; Lark Luggage Corporation; Larry Hibdon, Inc.; Lart, Inc.; Las Vegas Vacations, Inc.; Lasalle Importers, Inc.; Lasalle Quilting Co.; Laser Data Corporation; Lassiter Aircraft Corporation; Lastra, Lane & Buick, Inc.; Lathrop C. Harper, Inc.; Latin American Industries, Inc.; Latin American Investing Corp.; Latin American Scientific Corporation; Latusa Ltda. Export & Import, Inc.; Laundribag, Inc., The; Laure-Chele Ltd.; Laurel Associates, Inc.; Laurel Flour & Feed Mills, Inc.; Lauren E. Todd, Inc.; Lavelle Industries, Inc.; Law Enforcement Teletype System (Lets), Inc.; Law Reference Service of America, Inc.; Le Cercle Playhouse, Inc.; Le Newelle Company, Inc.; Le-Ro Corp.; Leading Leasing Inc.; Leahy's Riding School, Inc.; Learning Centers of America, Inc.; Learning Centers of North America, Inc.; Learning Centers, Inc.; Learning Controls, Inc.; Learning Corporation of America; Learning Disabilities Research and Scholarship Foundation; Learning Environment Systems, Inc.; Learning Group, Inc.; Learning Media Analysts, Inc.; Lease America Corporation; Lease-All Data Systems, Inc.; Leasecraft, Inc.; Leasequip Services, Incorporated; Leasing Resources Corporation; Leather City, Inc.; Lectro Star Corporation; Lectronic Sales & Services, Inc.; Ledbrest, Inc.; Ledgerwood, Inc.; Lee A. Pullella, Incorporated; Lee's Dynotraac, Inc.; Leewood Properties, Inc.; Lefever-Baldwin Sales & Marketing, Inc.; Legal Ledger Bureau Ltd.; Legg, Griffin and Company, Inc.; Legion Development, Inc.; Leighdom Investment Corporation; Leisure Corporation of America; Leisure Craft Industries, Inc.; Leisure Development Company; Leisure Enterprises of Wilmington, Inc.; Leisure Growth Enterprises, Inc.; Leisure Holdings Corporation; Leisure Inclusive Tours Industries, Ltd. (Liti); Leisure Industries, Inc.; Leisure International Inc.; Leisure Marine, Inc.; Leisure Mobile Systems, Inc.; Leisure Planning Corporation; Leisure Properties, Inc.; Leisure Resources, Inc.; Leisure Specialties Incorporated; Leisure Time Concepts, Inc.; Leisure Time Enterprises, Inc.; Leisure Time Incorporated; Leisure Time Products, Inc.; Leisure Travel Management Corp.; Leisureland U.S.A. Inc.; Lelinda Karten, Inc.; Len Mar Service, Inc.; Len-nut Development Company; Lennut Limited; Lens and Shutter Shop, Inc., The; Leonard's Boat Sales, Inc.; LeRoy Bowman, Inc.; LeRoy Higinbotham & Son, Inc.; Les Morley Associates, Inc.; Leslie Cosmetics, Inc.; Leslie Jewell, Inc.; Lessman Corporation; Lesten, Inc.; Lester & Prineas, Inc.; LeTourneau Industries, Inc.; Levand Steel & Supply Corporation; Levels Developers, Inc.; Leverage Funding Corporation of America; Levy Bargeport Development Co., Inc.; Lew Childre & Sons, Inc.; Lewchad Corporation; Lewes Extended Care Center, Inc.; Lewis Edwards, Inc.; Lewmar Amusements, Inc.; Lex Dowling Oldsmobile, Inc.; Lexington Industries, Inc.; Lexington Sea Food, Inc.; Liberty Associates, Inc.; Liberty Leasing Company of the South, Inc.; Liberty Petroleum, Inc.; Library Editions Ltd.; Libya-Texas Petroleum & Refining Co.; Life Foods, Inc.; Life of Kentucky Financial Corporation; Life Retrieval Systems Corp.; Life Systems Industries, Inc.; Life-Care, Inc.; Lifeline, Inc.; Lifestream Corporation; Lifrak International Corp.; Light's Graphic, Inc.; Lighting Technics, Inc.; Lika Enterprises, Inc.; Lillian, Inc.; Lin Tso Corporation; Linatco Inc.; Lincoln Fashions, Inc.; Lincoln Graphic Enterprises, Inc.; Lincoln Hotel Corp.; Lincoln Hotel Operating Co., Inc.; Lincoln Registrar & Transfer Co., Inc.; Lincoln-Reses Pharmacies, Incorporated; Linda Sue, Inc.; Lindsley Wholesale Lumber Company; Linell Thermoplastics Corporation; Ling & Company; Link Industries, Inc.; Linscott Industries Corp.; Lions Club Library Fund, Inc.; Liquidometer Corp.; Literature Research Corporation; Little Dutch Corporation; Little Folks School, Inc., The; Little Shaver's Day Care Centers, Inc.; Liv Incorporated; Livery Owners Association, Inc.; Living Libraries Incorporated; LKL Corporation; Llorens Associates Inc.; LMK Productions, Inc.; LNG Energy Systems, Inc.; Lobster Farms, Inc.; Local Origination Television Systems, Inc.; Logan Center for Kinesthetic Research & Development, Inc., The; Logical Computerdata Systems, Inc.; Logistic Distro-Data, Inc.; Logistics, Inc.; Logos Data Management Systems, Inc.; London Company, Ltd., The; Long Haul Transport, Inc.; Long Island Petroleum Co.; Longacre Properties, Inc.; Longmont Trading Company; Longwood Corporation; Loreck Enterprises, Inc.; Loretta Young-Jean Louis Enterprises, Inc.; Loricon, Inc.; Losmatt Realty Co.; Lou Nierenberg International Corporation; Louis Walter & Company, Inc.; Louisiana News Company, Inc.; Love Yachts, Inc.; Loving Care Centers, Inc.; LSJ Corporation; LTI Forging Company; Lubliner, Inc.; Ludwig Lawn Service, Inc.; Luer Packing Company; Lum's Hotel Corp.; Lum's Lounges, Inc.; Lum's Motor-Hotel Corp.; Lumber Associates, Inc.; Lumen, Inc.; Lums International, Inc.; Lums Operation Success, Inc.; Lunn Bros., Inc.; Lure, Inc.; Lustig-Witt Computer Services, Inc.; Lyman C. Delle & Co.; Lynthwaite Farm Inc.;

M & A, Inc.; M & G Company, Inc.; M & K, Inc.; M & L Corp.; M & L Engineers & Contractors, Inc.; M & M Associates, Inc.; M & M Auto Parts, Inc.; M & S Equipment Co.; M & W Industries, Inc.; M and A Enterprises, Inc.; M P A Franchise Systems, Incorporated; M. A. C. Distributors Corporation; M. A. Joanow & Co., Inc.; M. G. M. Variety Store, Inc.; M. H. P. Systems, Inc.; M.H.R. Books, Inc.; M. H. Z. Corporation; M. J. Manchester & Company, Inc.; M. R. G. Associates, Inc.; M. T. Schmid and Associates, Inc.; M.B.C. Corp.; M. J. Q.'s Industries, Inc.; M.V.P. Enterprises, Inc.; M-E-C Corporation; Mab Associates, Inc.; Mabon Corporation; Mabs Enterprises, Inc.; Mac-Mar Productions, Inc.; Macadank, Inc.; Macco of Texas, Inc. Machanic Investments, Ltd.; Machining Technology Corporation; Macmax, Inc.; Macoil Exploration & Production, Inc.; MacroData, Inc.; Macron Corporation; Madalena Knitting Mills, Inc.; Madeline, Inc.; Madison Merchandise Corp.; Madison Street Corporation; Mag-Mil Company, Inc.; Magi-Pak Corporation; Magic Seamstress Company; Magna Computer Manufacturing Corporation; Magna Resources Inc.; Magna-Map Inc.; Magnecheck Corporation; Magnetic Forming Corporation; Magnetic Memory Media, Inc.; Magscan Corporation, The; Magstelle, Inc.; Maguire Insurance Agency, Inc.; Main & Loraine Company; Main-Empire Corporation; Mainline Transportation System, Inc.; Mainstream Computing International, Inc.; Majesco, Inc.; Majestic Electro Industries, Ltd.; Majestic Mining & Minerals Corporation; Majestic Sales, Inc.; Major Brands Food Corporation; Major Manufacturing Corporation; Make a Date of America for Delaware, Inc. Makens Enterprises Incorporated; Makepeace Incorporated; Males Only, Inc.; Malibu Pacific Corporation; Malkap Industries, Inc.; Mall Theatres Inc.; Mall Tool Company; Malom Enterprises, Inc.; Malpeque Corporation; Mama Lucia's, Inc.; Services, Inc.; Management and Capital Investment Corporation; Management and Science Technology, Inc.; Management Associates of America, Inc.; Management by Computer, Inc.; Management Guidance, Inc.; Management Matrix, Inc.; Management Network, Inc.; Management Objectives, Inc.; Management Resources, Inc.; Management Science Consultants, Inc.; Management Services, Inc.; Management Systems International, Inc.; Management Technology Corporation of Ohio; Manati Manufacturing Corporation; Maneq Corporation; Manhandlers, Inc.; Manhattan Corp., Inc.; Manhattan Operators Limited; Manhattan Western Corporation; Manitoo Tribe No. 18, Improved Order of Red Men, Incorporated; Manor Park Liquor Store, Inc.; Manor Tavern, Inc.; Mans Corporation; Manser Corporation of Delaware; Manst Corporation; Maple Skillet, Inc.; Maple-Sierra Inc.; Mar-Search, Inc.; Maralco Enterprises, Inc.; Marbar Corp.; Marbeau Corporation; Marc-Royal Incorporated; Marcal Corp.; Mared Corporation; Marine Computer Application Corporation; Marine Concentrates Corp.; Marine Distributors, Incorporated; Marine Exploration, Inc.; Marine Safety Institute; Marine Sales, Inc.; Mariners' Benefit Association; Marist Philippine Educational Fund, Inc.; Maritime & Employment Services Ltd.; Mark III Charter Corp.; Mark Petroleum Corporation; Mark Rowan Fuel Service, Inc.; Mark V Air, Inc.; Mark, Incorporated, Markel Marketing Services, Inc.; Marken, Inc.; Marker Management, Inc.; Market Data International, Inc.; Market Development Enterprises, Inc.; Market Monitor Data Inc.; Marketing Corporation of America; Marketing Resources and Applications, Inc.; Marketing Resources Associates, Inc.; Marketing-Distribution Services, Inc.; Marketronice, Inc.; Markham Laboratories, Inc.; Markle Realty, Inc.; Marlin Industries Corp.; Maromas Investment Company; Marsan Development Co.; Marsevon Consultants, Inc.; Marshall Burns, Inc.; Marshall Holding Corporation; Marstan Productions, Inc.; Marston Enterprises, Inc.; Mart Industries, Inc.; Martin Dental Laboratory, Inc.; Martin Manufacturing Company; Martin Motors, Inc.; Marty's Furniture Center, Inc.; Marv's Motors, Ltd.; Marx Brothers, Inc.; Marx Industrial Maintenance, Inc.; Mary Jane Corporation, The; Mary's Delight, Inc.; Maryland Professional Golf, Inc.; Maryland-Florida Development Corporation; Mason Industries, Inc.; Mason-Dixon Franchise Corp.; Mason-Dixon Players, Inc.; Masonic Club of Delaware; Education Foundation, Inc., The; Mass Markets of America, Inc.; Mass Markets Real Estate, Inc.; Masscon Industries, Inc.; Master Management Corporation; Master Mines Corporation; Master Players Company, The; Mastercolor Technology, Inc.; Master-quote Incorporated; Masters Development, Inc.; Matco Materials Corporation; Matrix Corporation, The; Matrographics, Inc.; Matson Run Corporation; Matthew Associates, Inc.; MattMark Corporation; Mattoon Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc.; Maurianne, Incorporated; Maya Builders, Incorporated; Maverick International, Inc.; Max Corporation, The; Maxwell Dynamometer Company; Maya, Inc.; Mayflower Construction Corporation; Mays & Parker Trucking, Inc.; Mays Trucking Company; Mc Gregor Research & Management Corp. McManis Applied Research Systems, Inc.; McBook, Inc.; McCarthy & Company, Incorporated; McCormack, Allen Data Systems, Inc.; McCoy, Inc.; McCulloch Plymouth, Inc.; McD Leasing Corp.; McDekbridge Management Corporation; McDonough Data Incorporated; McGeehan Construction Co.; McHenry Implement, Inc.; Mclan-Forrest Stage Group, Inc., The; McKinley L. Treadway, Inc.; McKinney's Transmission Service, Inc.; McKittrick, Incorporated; McLean & Company, Ltd.; McLean County Broadcasting Co., Inc.; McMenamy Holding Company; MCMP Corporation; McSpadden Automatic Laundries, Inc.; Meadowbrook Acceptance Corporation; Meaningful Data Ltd.; Mec North America, Inc.; Mecatron Inc.; Mech-Tronics Corporation; Mechanical Cores, Inc.; Medallion Air Cargo International Corp.; Medallion Industries Corporation; Medel Corporation; Medi Card, Inc.; Medi-Acres Hospital Association, Inc.; MediComp, Inc.; Medi-Complex, Ltd.; Medi-Systems, Inc.; Media Enterprises, Inc.; Media Sciences, Inc.; Media-l-Stop Inc.; Media Masters, Inc.; Medical Arts Laboratory, Inc.; Medical Biologicals, Inc.; Medical Bionomics Corporation; Medical Construction Corporation; Medical Dynamics Corporation; Medical Educational Food Systems, Inc.; Medical Educational Systems, Inc.; Medical Facilities Consultants, Inc.; Medical General Financial Corporation; Medical Index Incorporated; Medical Lasers, Inc.; Medical Patents Incorporated; Medical Pensions Funds of America, Inc.; Medical Science Industries, Inc.; Medical Sciences Incorporated; Mediclaims Services, Inc.; Mediclaims, Inc.; Medico Petronomics Inc.; Medicom Diagonstic Systems, Inc.; Medicredit, Inc.; Medigraph Corp.; Medilab Data Systems, Inc.; Mediop Inc.; Meditech Consultants, Inc.; Meditrust Corporation; Medix, Inc.; Medo, Inc.; Mega International Development Corp.; Meigs and Mitchell Corporation; Meissner, Inc.; Mel Bloch Chevrolet, Inc.; Melanie Woods Corp.; Melborn Decorators, Inc.; Memex Businesses Incorporated; Memex Inc.; Memex Services, Inc.; Memorial Parks & Services, Inc.; Mendelson Brothers Co., The; Menhall Corp.; Menshikof Fisheries, Inc.; Mental Retardation Centers, Inc.; Mercantile and Realty Company, The; Mercer Publishers, Inc.; Merchandise World of Brookfield, Inc.; Mercury Commercial Corp.; Mercury Growth Funds, Inc.; Mercury International Financial Corporation; Mercury Investments, Inc.; Mercury Shippers Association, Inc.; Mercy Workers Inc., The; Merex Securities Corporation; Merican Industries, Limited; Meridian Capital Corporation; Meridian Foods, Inc.; Meridian Limited; Meridian Marine Corporation; Mert Stores, Inc.; Merrimac Color Graphics, Inc.; Merritt, Inc.; Messick's Bootery, Inc.; Metal Deposits, Inc.; Metals Processing Systems, Inc.; Metalsec Environmental Development, Inc.; Methods Research and Development Corporation; Metro Appraisal Company; Metro Builders and Developers, Inc.; Metro Car Leasing Company; Metro Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc.; Metro Industries, Inc.; Metro Mortgage Corp.; Metro - Equipment Rental Company; Metrolina Security Systems, Inc.; Metropolitan Artists, Inc.; Metropolitan Block and Supply Company; Metropolitan Gas Company, Inc.; Metropolitan Home Equipment Co., Incorporated; Metropolitan Industrial Food Service Inc.; Metropolitan Outdoor Network, Inc.; Metropolitan Quarterback, Inc.; Metzner Development Co., Inc.; Meuraf Incorporated; Mevi Chemical Corporation; MFG Corporation; MG TV Broadcasting Company; MI-LO Corporation; Micamatix Corporation; Michael's Precision Tool & Die Corporation; Michel Kazan, Georgia, Inc.; Michel Kazan, Massachusetts, Inc.; Michel Kazan, Washington, D.C., Inc.; Michigan Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Michrina Enterprises, Inc.; Mickey Rooney's Hollywood, Inc.; Micon, Incorporated; Micro Communications, Inc.; Micro Marketing Group, Inc.; Micro Tool Corporation; Micro-Chef, Inc.; Micro-Electronics Corporation; Micro-Electronics International, Inc.; Micro-Scientific Industries, Inc.; Microsystems Technology, Inc.; Microtech, Incorporated; Microthermal Applications, Inc.; Microx Communications Systems, Inc.; Mid Continent Airmotive Corporation; Mid-American Convalesdent Centers, Inc.; Mid-America Exploration, Inc.; Mid-American Testing, Inc.; Mid-Atlantic Air Services Corp.; Mid-Atlantic Automotive Wholesalers, Inc.; Mid-Central, Inc.; Mid-City Liquors, Inc.; Mid-South Enterprises, Inc.; Mid-States Meter Service, Inc.; Midcontinent Reproduction Company; Middle East Constructors Corp.; Middle-East-American International Company; Middletown Developing Co.; Midland Interiors, Inc.; Midship Corporation; Midstate Wash Sand & Gravel, Inc.; Midtown Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; Midway Realty and Development Co.; Midwest Franchising Corporation; Midwest Management Consultants, Inc.; Midwest Material Company; Midwest Timber and Development Company; Midwest Tours, Inc.; Mif Industries, Inc.; Mil-Main Corporation; Milbern Laboratories, Inc.; Milford Dance Club; Milford Housing Committee, Inc.; Milford Tractor Company, Inc.; Milford Transfer & Storage, Inc.; Military Marketing Inc.; Military Sales Group, Inc.; Millennium Corporation; Miller Foundation, The; Miller Management Company; Miller Tire and Vulcanizing, Inc.; Miller Tire Sales, Inc.; Miller-Ellis Computer Systems, Inc.; Miller's Furniture of Dover, Inc.; Miller's Investments, Inc.; Millers County Fair - Norfolk, Inc.; Millers Dayton, Inc.; Milltown Pharmacy, Inc.; Milton Charles, Inc.; Milwaukee Realty Company; Mimark Inc.; Minaco, Inc.; Miner, Inc.; Mineral Exploration Technology, Inc.; Mineral Recoveries, Inc.; Mini Drug Stores, Inc.; Mini-Add Corporation; Mini-Conglomerate, Inc.; Mini-Cost, Inc.; Mini-Drip Corporation; Mini-Dropper Corporation; Mini-Max Inc.; Mini-Swiss Chalet Restaurant, Inc.; Minicomp Utility Company; Mining Industrial and Finance Corporation; Mining Products Company, Inc.; MINKS Products, Inc.; Minneapolis Merchandise Plaza Corporation; Minonk Foods, Inc.; Minquadale Civic Association; Minstrel Music Productions, Inc.; Mint-con Ltd.; Miracle Building Products, Inc.; Miracle Minerals Mining & Manufacturing Corporation; Miracle Pet Products, Inc.; Miss Fitz, Inc.; Mister Donut Stores, Inc. of Delaware; Mister J's, Inc.; Miter-Fold Corp.; Mitey Mix, Ltd.; Mitralux Corporation of America; Mitralux Industries, Inc.; MLD, Inc.; MLK Film Project Foundation, The; Moab Drilling and Exploration Corp.; Mobil Marine Services International, Inc.; Mobile Auto Electronics, Inc.; Mobile Community Centers, Inc.; Mobile Equipment Corporation; Mobile Foam Corporation; Mobile Foam International Corp.; Mobile Health Systems, Inc.; Mobile Home Development Corp.; Mobile Home Park Listings, Inc.; Mobile Homes Sales, Inc.; Mobile Home Town America, Inc.; Mobile Instaprint Inc.; Mobile Leisure Industries, Inc.; Mobile Lock & Safe Service, Inc.; Mobile Pacific Industries, Inc.; Mobile Rental Service, Inc.; Mobile Service, Inc.; Mobilia, Inc.; Mocondo Corporation; Modern America Growth Fund, Inc.; Modern Collegiate Marketing Corporation; Modern Data Techniques, Inc.; Modern Dynamics, Inc.; Modern Home Improvement Company; Modern Motors, Inc.; Modern Services, Inc.; Modern Sound, Inc.; Modernfarms, Inc.; Modu-Tech Structures, Inc.; Modular Builders Inc.; Modular Component Systems, Inc.; Modular Construction Systems, Inc.; Modular Development Corporation, The; Modular Dimensions, Inc.; Modular Doorway Inc.; Modular Food Services, Inc.; Modular General Corporation; Modular Housing Industries, Inc.; Modular Housing of America, Inc.; Modular Industries, Inc.; Modular Publications, Inc.; Modular Research & Development Corp.; Modular Space Corporation; Modular Space Systems, Inc.; Modularhousing Corporation of America; Module-Fab, Inc.; Modulfax, Inc.; Molding Products Co.; Momar Industries, Inc.; Monaghan Real Estate of Delaware, Inc.; Monarc Trading, Inc.; Mone-Tronics Inc.; Moneta Corporation; Monetary Fund, Inc.; Monetary Systems Corporation; Money Machine, Inc.; Moneypower Corporation; Monitel, Inc.; Monitor Fund, Inc.; Monogram Graphics, Inc.; Monroe Bush Films, Inc.; Montchanin Corporation; Montchanin Products, Inc.; Monterey Construction Company; Monterey Petroleum Corporation; Montessori Asia Ltd.; Montex Corporation of America; Montgomery Laboratories, Inc.; Moon Light Janitorial Service, Inc.; Moore Research Laboratories, Inc.; Moores Lake Citizens Committee, Inc.; Moreapen Company, Inc., The; Mormat Corporation, Inc.; Mornar, Inc.; Morris Building Corporation of Delaware, Inc.; Morrison & Bready, Inc.; Mortgage and Guaranty Company; Mortgage Bankers Management Company; Morton Grove Plaza Corporation; Morton Towne House Motel, Inc.; Mosler Fund Management Corp.; Mot Films International, Ltd.; Motel Corporation of America, Inc.; Motel'et Systems, Inc.; Mother Company, Inc., The; Motivation Systems, Inc.; Motivation Training and Systems Corp.; Motor City Book Store, Inc.; Motor Sports Management, Ltd.; Motivational Programming Corporation; Mount Clemens Industries, Inc.; Mountain Corporation, The; Movarky Mining Corporation; Mowalco Products Corporation; Mowima Electronics Co.; Mr. Bidet Corporation; Mr. Careful, Inc.; Mr. Casual, Inc.; Mr. Good Guy Operations Co., Inc.; Mr. Lucky Travel Co., Ltd.; Mr. Quick Liquidating Corporation; Mr. Realestate Inc.; Mr. Steak B.S.M., Inc.; Mr. Steak Pontiac, Inc.; Mr. Swiss of Delaware, Inc.; MRCA Personnel, Inc.; Mt. Ephriam Fish & Chips, Inc.; Mt. Pleasant Kindergarten Association; Mt. Vernon Fund, Inc., The; Mt. Vernon Truck Plaza, Inc.; MTI, Co.; MTS Communications, Inc.; Mu Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Mueller, Inc.; Muirhead Corporation, The; Multi Access Systems Corporation; Multi-Bord of America, Inc.; Multi-Marts Corporation; Multi-care of Detroit, Inc.; Multico Diversified Services, Inc.; Multi-graphics, Inc.; Multimedia, Incorporated; Multiphasic Health Screening Centers Corp.; Multiphasic Health Testing Corp.; Multiphasic Services, Inc.; Multiple Science Corp.; Multiponics Incorporated; Murdale Speed Wash Laundry, Inc.; Murmanill Corporation, The; Murphy Bros. Lumber Company; Murphy Chevrolet, Inc.; Murphy Marble Co., Inc.; Murray The K's World, Inc.; Museum Concerts, Inc.; Music Packages, Inc.; Music Realty Corporation; Musinet Publishing Corporation; Muskegon Dodge, Inc.; Mustang Oil Company, Inc.; Mutschmann Films, Inc.; Mutual Fund Buyers Guide Incorporated; Mutual Site-Service Corporation; MX, Inc.; Myers & Wilson Enterprises, Inc.; Myleen Beauty Systems, Ltd.; Myriad Industries, Inc.;

N C Corp.; N. I. Realty, Inc.; N. W. Auto Auction, Inc.; N.S. Industries, Inc.; N.Y.-D.C. Courier Co., Inc.; N-F Liquidating Corp.; Nadine Perfumes, Inc.; Naeja Promotions, Inc.; Nager Electric Co. Inc.; Nan Jo, Inc.; Nance & Associates, Ltd.; Nantucket Coves, Inc.; Naomi Distributing Co.; Nar - Co. Inc.; Narducci Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; Narmor, Inc.; Narrow Fabrics Engineering Company; Nasco, Inc.; Nashville-Hawaiian Products Corp.; Natco Beauty Supply Center, Inc.; Nation-Wide Care Centers, Inc.; National Academic Services, Inc.; National Academy of Mechanics, Inc.; National Antenna Systems, Inc.; National Association of Building Inspectors; National Association of Professional Corporations; National Automated Services, Inc.; National Beverage Canners, Inc.; National Building Materials Corporation; National Child Care Centers, Inc.; National Coal and Mining Corporation; National Communications Corporation; National Compactor & Technology Systems, Inc.; National Computer Analysts Institute Corporation; National Computer Discount System, Inc.; National Computer Network Corporation; National Computer Network of Atlanta, Inc.; National Computer Network of Britain, Ltd.; National Computer Network of Houston, Inc.; National Consumer Services, Inc.; National Construction Systems Corporation; National Dina-Mat Corporation; National Diversified Investments Corp.; National Educational Aids, Inc.; National Educational Services Corporation; National Employment Services, Inc.; National Equity Corporation; National Erectors, Inc.; National Exhibits, Inc.; National Export Packing Company; National Food Franchises, Inc.; National Foods Incorporated; National Fotocenters, Inc.; National Grocery Brokers, Inc.; National Health Council, Inc.; National Home Industries Corp.; National Identity Movement, Inc.; National Indoor Tennis Ltd.; National Industrial Sales Corp.; National Inspectors & Officials of America, Inc.; National Institute for Allied Health Professions, Incorporated; National Investment Corporation of Puerto Rico; National Labor Reform Committee, Inc.; National League for Civil Liberties, Inc., The; National Master Shoe Rebuilders' Assn.; National Medical Industries Inc.; National Medical Properties, Inc.; National Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc.; National Midco Industries, Inc.; National Mint, Inc.; National Modular Housing Corporation; National Motor Inns, Inc.; National Organization for Veterans' Advancement Inc.; National Parking Corporation; National Philanthropic Foundation; National Pizza Corporation; National Plaster Block Company, Incorporated; National Powder Company; National Pressure Measuring Corporation, The; National Produce Co., Inc.; National Projects Corporation; National Protek, Inc.; National Red Setter Field Trail Club, The; National Religious Broadcasters, Inc.; National Securities Syndicate, Inc.; National Shirt-board Sales and Advertising Inc.; National Sports League, Inc.; National Sugar Securities Company; National Tape Corporation; National Telepix, Inc.; National Tennis Club of Minneapolis, Inc.; National Tennis Clubs Incorporated; National Transport Systems Corporation; National Union Teamsters Directory, Inc.; National Video Corporation; National Vitamin Corporation; National Western Mobile Parks & Modular Homes, Inc.; Nationwide Auto Auction, Delmarva - South, Inc.; Nationwide Book Distributors, Inc.; Nationwide Brake Corporation; Nationwide Equities & Land Development Corp.; Nationwide Franchise Corporation; Nationwide Investment Co. of Delaware; Nationwide Investment Company; Nationwide Marketing Associates, Inc.; Nationwide Real Estate Inspectors Service, Inc.; Nationwide Television & Appliances, Inc.; Natural Mineral Resources, Inc.; Naugtile, Inc.; Nautical Storage & Engineering Co., Inc.; Navion Realty Corporation; NCS Franchising Corporation; Neal Mitchell Associates, Inc.; Nebraska Western Cattle Company; Ned Nusrala, Inc.; Nehall Corporation; Neivel Realty Corp.; Nemo Industries, Inc.; Nena of New York, Inc.; Neo Modular Homes, Inc.; Neopro Corporation; Nero Investment Co., Inc.; Nesbit & Associates, Incorporated; Nesco, Inc.; Ness International Corporation, Inc.; Nestler-May, Inc.; Network Realty Corporation; Neuwirth Century Fund, Inc.; Neuwirth Fund, Inc.; Neuwirth Income Development Corporation; Neuwirth International Management, Inc.; Neville Feeding & Livestock Company; New Alaska Development Corp.; New Breed Advisors, Inc.; New Brunswick Diversified, Inc.; New Care, Incorporated; New Castle Furniture, Inc.; New City Developers, Inc.; New Dimension, Inc.; New England Oil and Refining Company, Inc.; New England Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Inc.; New England Scientific Corporation; New Era Management Corporation; New Era Sales Corporation; New Hope Nursing Centers, Inc.; New Horizons, Inc.; New Issues Digest, Inc.; New Jack Tar Francis Marion, Inc.; New Jack Tar Galveston, Inc.; New Jack Tar Grove Park Inn, Inc.; New Jack Tar Harrison, Inc.; New Jack Tar Orange, Inc.; New London Shop, Inc.; New Lynema, Inc.; New Medical Diversified, Inc.; New Opportunity Franchises, Inc.; New South Center Department Store Corporation; New South Co., Inc., The; New University, Inc., The; New-Cal Technology, Inc.; New-Life Missions, Inc.; Newark Builders, Inc.; Newark Civic Association; Newark Free Community, The; Newark Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Newark Kindergarten Association; Newbury Street Corporation; Newhall Motors, Inc.; Newkirk Information Systems, Inc.; Newman Enterprises, Inc.; Newport Jaycees, Inc.; Newpaper Corporation of America; Newsrad, Inc.; Nexus Corporation; Neyrey Industries, Inc.; Nichol's Auto Supply, Inc.; Nichols, Inc.; Nicotine and Tar Reduction Corporation; Nictronix, Inc.; Niedland Enterprises, Inc.; Nightingale Medical Enterprises, Inc.; Niko Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Nitro-Chemical Corporation; Nitty Gritty, Inc., The; Nix Nox Productions, Inc.; No-Va Truck Leasing Co., Inc.; Nobart Graphics, Inc.; Non-Commissioned Officers Life Insurance Company; NorCen Franchise Development Co., Inc.; Noramco Mining Company; Nord Bar Review Courses, Inc.; Nord National Bar Review Courses, Inc.; Norinco, Inc.; Normal Mall, Inc.; Norman Sales, Inc.; Norrod Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; North American Building Technology, Inc.; North American Cable Network, Inc.; North American Centers, Inc.; North American Computer Corporation; North American Dye Corporation; North American Health & Accident Insurance Company, Ltd.; North American Hydro-foils, Inc.; North American International Companies Inc.; North American Investment, Ltd.; North American Jet Club, Inc.; North American Marine Corporation; North American Media Corp.; North American Properties, Inc.; North American Realty Corp.; North American Shipbuilding, Inc.; North American Studios, Inc.; North Eastern International, Inc.; North Gateway Corp.; North Hills, Inc.; North Paul Ltd.; North Shore Car Leasing Co.; North Shores C. Three, Inc.; North-East Data Systems, Inc.; North-West Wilmington Civic Association, Inc.; Northeast Coast Automotive, Inc.; Northeast Management Corporation; Northeast Pollution Control Corporation; Northeastern States Petroleum and Timber Corporation; Northern Delaware Industrial Development Corporation; Northern Delaware Industrial Development Corporation Number Three; Northern Illinois Computer Service, Inc.; Northwest Land Company; Northwest, Inc.; Northwestern Terminal Garage, Inc.; Notch Brook Properties, Inc.; Nova Capital Corp.; Nova Industries, Inc.; Nova-Tech Acquisition Corporation; Novae Services Corporation; Novus International Corporation; Now Generation, Inc., The; NTA International, Inc.; Nu - Way Construction Co.; Nu Electronics Inc.; Nubild, Inc.; Nuclear Biomed Corporation; Nuclear Computations, Inc.; Nuclear Medicine Incorporated; Nugget Production Company; Numerical Control Leasing Corporation; Nursery Schools of America, Inc.; Nursing Home Administrators, Inc.; Nutley Properties, Inc.; Nutritional Guidance Centers Inc.; Nutritional Resources Foundation, Inc.; Nutronics, Inc.; Nyumba Ya Ujamii, Inc.;

0. P. M. Enterprises, Inc.; 0. Y. Grossman Co., Inc.; O-G Foods, Inc.; O'Fallon Finance Co., Inc.; O'Hare Kings Court Motel, Inc.; Oak Cliff Properties Inc.; Oak Lane Corporation; Oak Park Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc.; Oakmount Builders, Inc.; Oakwood Properties, Inc.; Oarsmen Associates Incorporated; Obrisco Electronics, Inc.; Occidental Resources Corporation; Occult, Inc.; Ocean Cargoes, Inc.; Ocean Credit Corporation; Ocean Dynamics Corporation; Ocean Industries Management Company; Ocean Maritime Sciences Corporation; Ocean Sciences Development Corporation; Ocean Sciences, Inc.; Ocean View Boat Co., Inc.; Oceanic Development Corporation; Oceanic Overseas Chemicals, Ltd.; Oceanic Ventures, Ltd.; Oceanographic Ventures Inc.; Oceanography, Inc.; Offcom Inc.; Offen & Co., Inc.; Ogletown Businessmen's Association, The; Ohio International Speedway, Inc.; Oil & Gas Fund, Inc., The; Oil Exploration International, Inc.; Oil Venture Management Corporation; Oklahoma Operating Company; Old Bearsville Record Productions, Inc.; Old Delft Optical Company, Inc.; Old Dominion Candies of Delaware, Inc.; Old Dominion Casket Co., Inc.; Old Ferry Road Corporation, The; Old Mill Packaging Company, Inc.; Old Pine Athletic Association, Inc.; Oliver, Evans & Co., Inc.; Olympic Corporation, The; Olympic Holding Corporation; Omega Medical Corporation; Omega Music Corporation; Omicron Medical Corporation; Omni Products of Delaware, Inc.; Omni/Lease, Incorporated; Omnium Corporation; On Line Management Services Incorporated; On-Site Energy Systems, Inc.; One Hundred Galleries, Inc.; One National Equities Corporation; One Stop Food Marts, Inc.; One Thousand French Street Corp.; One-Hour Valet of Burlington, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Charlotte, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Greenville, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of King, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Peachtree, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Pheonix, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Raleigh, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Tallahassee, Inc.; One-Hour Valetone of America, Inc.; Onset Corporation; Onyx Security & Investment Inc.; Operation Opportunities, Inc.; Opthalmic Arts & Sciences Corporation; Opre Liquidating Corp.; Optibond Laboratories, Inc.; Optical Data Processing Corp.; Optimax, Inc.; Option Writers Leverage Fund, Inc., The; Optiscorre Incorporated; Optotek Semiconductor Systems, Inc.; Optronics Library, Inc.; Optronics Technology, Inc.; Oracle Records, Inc.; Oral Archives, Inc.; Oran, Inc.; Orbita Co.; Orca, Inc.; Orchid One Hour Cleaner, Inc.; Ordex Corp.; Oregan Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Orfico International Incorporated; Organization for Entertainment Values, Inc.; Oriole Feeding & Livestock Company; Orion Development Corp.; Orlando Rubber House, Inc.; Ormand Petroleum Corporation; Orocual Petroleum Exploration Company; Orville Webster Motor Company, Inc.; Osias Resorts of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Otan Enterprises, Inc.; Ott Industries, Inc.; Our Man in Israel, Inc.; Outdorable, Inc.; Outer-Belt Paving, Inc.; Outten Insurance Service, Inc.; Overseas American Builders, Inc.; Overseas Development Co., Ltd.; Overseas Dredge & Dock Corporation; Overseas Resources, Inc.; Overseas Trade & Industry Services Corp.; Overseas Underwriters, Inc.; Owens Central Oil Co.; Owens Tri-State Oil Co.; Owl Inc.; Owl Productions, Inc.; Owner's Assistance, Inc.; Oxford First Corp.;

P & A Advisory Co.; P & A International Corp.; P & B Builders, Inc.; P & M Construction Co.; P - K Financial Management Corp.; P D M of North Carolina, Inc.; P F C, Inc.; P. B. M. Enterprises, Inc.; P. J. Bruno Associates, Inc.; P. K. Kurson, Inc.; P. L. S. Corp.; P.A.R. Of Pennsylvania, Inc.; P.C.P., Inc.; P.S. International Tool Corp.; P∓C Property Corp.; P-H Management 4 M, Inc.; PacAm Management Corp.; Pace Communications Corp.; Pace Industries, Inc.; Pacer Leasing, Inc.; Pachinko U.S.A., Inc.; Pacific American Corporation; Pacific Basin Land Corporation; Pacific Basin Trading Corporation; Pacific Coast Drug & Chemical Corp.; Pacific Contact Lens Company Inc.; Pacific Engineering Co., Inc.; Pacific International Investments, Inc.; Pacific Island Development Inc.; Pacific Mining Industries, Inc.; Pacific Promotions, Ltd.; Pacific Research Corporation; Pacific Western Industries, Inc.; Pacific-West International Corporation; Packaging Concepts, Inc.; Packaging Materials Service, Inc.; Packaging Resources Corporation; Pai Associates, Inc.; Pala Bros. Furniture Company; Palace Restaurant, Inc.; Palisade Aircraft Corporation; Palleon Electronics Corporation; Palm Beach Publishing Company, Inc.; Palmer Feeding & Livestock Company; Palomar Realty Investment Company, Inc.; Pamco, Inc.; Pan American Engineering Corporation; Pan American Properties Management Corp.; Pan American Resources, Inc.; Pan American Scaffolding Corporation; Pan American, Ltd.; Pan-American Investments, Inc.; Panacraft, Inc.; Panasset, Inc.; Panatomics, Inc.; Pancho, Inc.; Pandex Incorporated; Panorama-Frank International, Ltd.; Panorex Corporation; Papertech Corporation; Par Materials, Inc.; Paramedical Corporation of America; Paramount Art Auctions, Inc.; Paramount Realty, Ltd.; Paramount Rose Sales Co.; Parco Services, Inc.; Parent Catv Systems, Ltd.; Parfums Celebre, Inc.; Parfums Monaco, America Et Cie; Park Caterers, Inc.; Park Village Corporation; Parker Brothers, Inc.; Parker County Oil and Gas Company, Inc.; Parking Meters of Israel, Ltd.; Parklease, Inc.; Parklow Associates, Inc.; Parklynn-Greenville Pharmacy, Inc.; Parkview Capital Corporation; Parr, Inc.; Parry Vegetable Compound Company; Parsippany Productions, Inc.; Pary Time Catering Corp.; Pasa Roblis Ranch, Inc.; Passenger Lines of United States, Inc.; Pastor Liquors, Inc.; Pastoral Institute of Delaware, The; Pat's Liquor Store, Inc.; Path Computer Equipment, Inc.; Pathe Laboratories, Inc.; Pathe' Continental Corporation; Pathologists Laboratories, Inc.; Pathways Educational Programs, Inc.; Patrician Enterprises, Inc.; Pattern Programming, Inc.; Paul Elliott, Jr. & A. Leo Walker, Inc.; Paul F. Vogel, Inc.; Paul Haass & Son, Inc.; Paul Nelson, Inc.; Paul Simmons, Inc.; Paul Young International Inc.; Paver Controls, Inc.; Pawnee Foods, Inc.; Payne Associates, Incorporated; PBZ Capital Services Corporation; PCA Pepperoni Co.; PCA Sales Co.; PCS Corp.; Peabody Food Corporation; Peace in Africa, Inc.; Peach Tree Run Corp.; Pearl of N. A., Inc.; Pediatricare, Inc.; Peggie Hale, Inc.; Peking Temple, Inc.; Pelletronics, Inc.; Pellite Corporation; Penarth Corporation; Pendelva, Inc.; Penguin Motels, Inc.; Peninsula Equipment Leasing Co., Inc.; Peninsula Fire Protection Services, Inc.; Penn Enterprises, Inc.; Penn-Del Construction Co.; PennData School of Altoona, Inc.; PennData School of Port Jervis, Inc.; PennData Schools Corporation; Pennsylvania Egg & Poultry Producers, Inc.; Pennsylvania Oil Producers Inc.; Penny Express, Inc.; Penswood Estates, Incorporated; People Enterprises, Inc.; People Music, Inc.; People to People Marketing Company; People, Inc.; Peoples Business Systems, Inc.; Peoria A. H. Harris & Associates, Ltd.; Peoria Investors Incorporated; Peppertree Corporation; Peppertree International, Inc.; Pere Marquette Ski Corporation; Performance Development Corporation; Performance Measurements Company; Performance Research, Inc.; Performco Leasing, Inc.; Performer Boat Corporation; Performing Arts Enterprises, Inc.; Perfumes of Hawaii, Ltd.; Periapt Corp.; Perimeter Systems, Inc.; Peripheral Data International, Inc.; Perma-Clock, Inc.; Perma-Grass Inc.; Permacare Automotive Corporation; Permolite, Inc.; Pershing Television Corporation; Personnel Location and Need, Inc.; Personnel Profiles, Ltd.; Petal Corporation, The; Peter Chase, Ltd.; Peter Corn Associates, Inc.; Peterson's Inc.; Petra-Flo Inc.; Peterel Oil Corporation; Petro-Chem Research Corp.; Petro-Exploration Funds, Inc.; Petrochemical Resources, Inc.; Petrol Corporation; Petrolane-Caribbean Gas Company, Inc.; Petroleum Acquisitions, Inc.; Petroleum Merchandising, Inc.; Petron Corporation; PFC Corp.; Pharmaceutical Research Corporation; Pheasant Run Homes, Inc.; Pheasant Run, Inc.; Phi Medical Corporation; Philadelphia Branch of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, The; Philadelphia Council for the Performing Arts, Inc.; Philadelphia Employment Development Corporation; Philadelphia Industrial Corporation; Philadelphian Acceptance Corporation; Philip Pruitt & Co., Inc.; Philippon-Theberge Mining Enterprises Ltd.; Philipstown Properties, Inc.; Phillips & Associates, Inc.; Phillips Concrete Construction, Inc.; Philpen Co.; Phone Tender, Inc.; Phonola Sales Corporation; Photics Research Corporation; Photo World Corporation; Photo Gifts, Inc.; Photograph Materials & Methods Corporation; Photographic Arts Corp.; Phylex, Inc.; Physfit Corporation; Physical Medicine Services, Inc.; Physicians & Hospitals Capital Company of New York, Inc.; Physiodata, Inc.; Piccadilly Wig Corporation; Pickard Investments, Inc.; Pickett Enterprises, Inc.; Pictorial Paper Package Co., Inc.; Picture-makers Corporation; Pierce Media, Inc.; Pic-A-Pak Convenience Stores, Inc.; Pilot Club of Wilmington, Delaware, The; Pine Valley, Inc.; Pineco, Inc.; Pinehurst Corporation; Pinehurst Investment Company; Pinera Realty Company; Pioneer Pipe & Supply, Inc.; Pioneer Valley Air Conditioning, Inc.; Pippin Products, Inc.; Piro's International, Inc.; Pistol-Jet Corporation of California; Piston Jet, Inc.; Pit Stop Industries, Inc.; Pittsburgh Capital, Inc.; Pizza Hut of Wilm., Inc.; Plains Equipment Company; Planet Petroleum, Inc.; Plasma Chemical Systems, Inc.; Plasmascope, Inc.; Plastic Sciences, Inc.; Plate Holdings, Inc.; Plato Corporation; Play Systems, Inc.; Play-Rite Company of New England, Inc.; Play Valley Aerodynamics, Inc.; Playboy Club of Philadelphia, Inc.; Playhouse Productions, Inc.; Playtex Inc.; Playtex Park Laboratories, Inc.; Pleasant Valley Foods, Inc.; Pleasant Valley Liquors, Inc.; Pleasant View Nursing Home, Inc.; Pleasure Coaches, Inc.; Pleasure Foods, Inc.; Pli Systems, Inc.; Plywood Development Corporation; PMR International Inc.; PNC Liquidating Corp.; Podolin Corporation; Points, Inc.; Policy Research Institute; Polk Chevrolet, Inc.; Polkat, Inc.; Pollution Control Devices, Inc.; Pollution Control Sciences, Inc.; Pollution Controls & Recycling, Inc.; Pollution Deterrent Corporation; Pollution Master Corporation of Pennsylvania; Polly Brand Banana Distributors, Incorporated; Polsyo Corporation; Polycup & Co., Inc.; Polydata Techniques, Inc.; Polyfoto Corporation; Polyhue, Inc.; Polykrystalon Company, Inc., The; Polymatic Industries Corporation; Ponderosa Homes, Inc.; Pony Designing & Manufacturing Corporation, The; Poole's International Purchasing Club; Popcorn Players Company;. Pope Valley Mines Corporation; Populous Music, Inc.; Por-Tel Communication Systems, Inc.; Port-A-Lube of Baltimore, Inc.; Port-O-Play, Inc.; Porta-Ramp Development Company; Portage Industries, Inc.; Portaphone Communications, Inc.; Portfolio Sciences, Inc.; Position One, Inc.; Potomac Farms, Inc.; Potomac Instruments Co., Inc.; Power Cam Corporation; Power Clean Industries, Inc.; Power Electronic Systems, Inc.; Power Manufacturing, Inc.; Power-Dyne Vehicles, Inc.; Power, Incorporated; Powerdyne Electronics Corporation; Powerlock Floors of Delaware, Inc.; Practical Computer Applications, Inc.; Pram Personnel Corp.; Praxiteles III, Inc.; Pre-Built Modular Homes of America, Inc.; Pre-Engineered Building Corporation; Pre-Engineered Industries, Inc.; Prebuilt Homes International, Inc.; Precious Metals, Ltd.; Precise Manufacturing Corporation; Precision Business Forms, Inc.; Precision Contours', Inc.; Precision Energy Corporation; Precision Management Corporation; Precision Metal Finishing, Inc.; Precision Oceanographic Systems, Inc.; Precision Refractive Technology, Inc.; Precision Time, Inc.; Precision Winding & Machinery Co.; Premier Oil & Gas, Inc.; Premier Press, Inc.; Premium Inserts, Inc.; Prepo Corporation; Presdeco Industries, Inc.; President Container Inc.; Presidential Airlines, Inc.; Presidents, Ltd.; Prestige Systems Corporation; Preventive Maintenance and Service Corporation; Preventive Medical Systems Inc.; Preview Publications, Inc.; Price Club of America Inc.; Price Excavating, Inc.; Price International Trading, Inc.; Price Run Community Council, Inc.; Pride Industries, Inc.; Pride Productions, Inc.; Primal Energy Corporation - (Primeco); Prime-Vest & Industries, Inc.; Primid, Inc.; Prince Financing Co.; Priority Air Freight, Inc.; Pro Plastics of Texas, Inc.; Pro Sports Seminars Inc.; ProAm Sports, Inc.; Pro-Ca Inforthation Center, Inc.; Prodo-Pak Corporation; Producenta Corporation of America; Producers Edge Corp.; Product Designs, Inc.; Production Building Systems, Inc.; Production Expansion, Inc.; Professional Advancement Centers, Inc.; Professional Data Systems, Inc.; Professional Health Services, Inc.; Professional Information Services Corp.; Professional Investors Fund, Inc.; Professional Management Services International, Inc.; Professional Model Builders, Inc.; Professional Motivation Associates, Inc.; Professional Pharmacy, Inc.; Professional Players Schools, Inc.; Professional Sports Marketing, Inc.; Profit Protection Plan, Inc.; Program Advisors, Inc.; Program Aids, Inc.; Program Design Inc.; Programmed Edu-Media, Inc.; Programmed Marketing Engineers, Inc.; Programmed Personal Services Corp.; Programmed Printing Corp.; Programming Sciences Corporation of Washington; Progress Association for Economic Development, Wilmington Affiliate, Inc.; Progress Enterprises, Inc.; Progressive Data Services Inc.; Progressive Leasing, Inc.; Progressive Systems Corporation; Project Development, Inc.; Project Leisure Inc.; Promotional Consultants, Inc.; Promotional Services, Inc.; Promovision, Inc.; Propane Development Corporation; Properties & Consultants, Inc.; Property Dynamics, Inc.; Property Investors' Exchange, Incorporated; Property 10-F, Inc.; Prospect Sampling, Inc.; Protective Instruments, Inc.; Protectocote Products, Inc.; Proteus International, Inc.; Prototype Machine, Inc.; Prudential Home Centers, Inc.; PSI Medical Corporation; Public Service Investors Corporation; Pulitzer International, Inc.; Pulsed Energy, Incorporated; Pure Air Industries, Inc.; Pure Metals, Ltd.; Purple Door, Inc., The; Purse Strings Stores, Inc.; Pyke Petroleum Co.; PYP Industries, Inc.; Pyramid Computer Corporation; Pyramid Industries, Inc.;

Qed Computer Corporation; QPI Publications Inc.; Quaker Finance Company, The; QualiKraft of America, Inc.; Quality Plumbing & Heating Contractors, Inc.; Quality Seafood Inc.; Quantapulse Corporation; Quantum Group, Inc., The; Queen Creek Turkey Breeding Corporation; Queen Investment Company; Queen, Ltd., The; Quest Automation, Inc.; Quest Publishing Company, Inc.; Quick, Inc.; Quik-Chek of Delaware, Inc.; Quik-Serv, Inc.; Quikdata Corporation; Quill Research & Development Corp.; Quincy Ideas, Inc.; Quorum Feeding & Livestock Company; Quote Company of America, Inc.;

R & R, Inc; R C T Investment Corp.; R C 95, Inc.; R. & G. Sales Corp.; R. A. Public Stenography & Secretarial Corporation; R. Auric, Inc.; R. B. W., Inc.; R. C. T. Computer Planographics, Ltd.; R. D. & G. Transports, Inc.; R. E. D., Inc., R. E Goad, Inc; R. E. Trucking, Inc.; R. F. C. Enterprises, Inc.; R. F. D., Incorporated; R. H. & T. Transport Co., Inc.; R. H. M. International, Inc.; R. H. Conner Enterprises, Inc.; R. Kenneth Thomas Advertising, Inc.; R. M. A. Computer Services, Inc.; R. M. Inc.; R. R. Furnishings, Inc.; R. V. Greene, Inc.; R. W. Emerson, Inc.; R.A.M. Co.; R.E.C. Corporation; R.R. Titus Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.; Rachel Cosmetics, Inc.; Radiant Cassette/ Cartridge Corporation; Radiant Corporation; Radiant Educational Corporation; Radiant Educational Films & Tapes, Inc.; Radiant International, Inc.; Radiant Quartz Corporation; Radiation Industries, Inc.; Radiators, Inc.; Radley Run Country Club, Inc.; Rae-Me Shops, Inc.; Rahjes & Sons, Inc.; Railroad Track Leasing Corporation; Rainbow Foundation, Inc., The; Rainbow Multi-Media, Inc.; Rainbow Production Management Company; Ralph V. Dye, Inc.; Ram Construction Corporation; Ram Corporation, The; Ram Express Lines, Inc.; Ramflo Corporation; Ramos Unlimited, Inc.; Ramsco Engineers, Inc.; Ramval Shipping Corporation; Ranchlands, Inc.; Rand International Limited; Randolph Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Rapid Data Processing Corporation; Rapid Transit Lines, Inc.; Rapp Oil & Chemical Corporation; Rapp Oil Corporation; Rapp Oil International Corporation; Rapp Resources, Inc.; Raritan Nursing Centers, Inc.; Rashid Automatic Radar Brake Control Company, Inc.; Ratliff Industries, Inc.; Revco Audio-Visual Corp.; Raven Electronics, Inc.; Raven International Corporation; Raven Shipping Co., Inc.; Ray and Thora Pedersen Foundation, Inc.; Ray Long Equipment, Inc.; Ray-Jet Industries, Inc.; Raymer Pharmacal Company; Raymond & Whitcomb, Inc.; Rayold Corporation, The; RBK Limited; RDA International, Inc.; RDP (USA) Ltd.; Reachall International, Inc.; Real Estate Resources Company; Real Estate Service, Inc.; Realistic Realty Corp.; Realtronics, Inc.; Realty Advisors, Inc.; Realty Data Systems, Inc.; Realty Holdings, Inc.; Realty Systems & Data Corporation; Reap Corporation; Rebco Industries, Inc.; Reconnaissance, Inc.; Record Shack Corp.; Records Security Corporation; Recreation and Leisure Time Development Corp.; Recreation Distributors, Inc.; Recreation International, Ltd.; Recreation Lodges, Inc.; Recreation Management Corporation; Recreational Railroads, Inc.; Recruiting Technology, Inc.; Rector Oil Well Services, Inc.; Red Baron, Inc.; Red Cap Service Stations, Inc.; Red Lion Community Association, Inc.; Red River Realty Company; Redwood Storm Sash & Heating Co.; Reed, Cuff & Associates, Inc.; Reese Carey & Sons, Inc.; Reeve Feeding & Livestock Company; Refa Shopping, Inc.; Refaco Enterprises Inc.; Regal Fruit Corp.; Regency Furniture Corporation; Regent Paint Corporation; Regional Cafeterias Inc.; Regional Realty Corporation; Regional Sludge Disposal Corp.; Regional/Information Systems Inc.; Rehabilitation Medi-Centers, Inc.; Rehoboth Beach Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.; Rehoboth Beach Utility Corporation; Reinforced Air Corporation; Reinvestment Corporation; Relaxacizor Sales, Inc; Relco Campsites Inc.; Reliable Super Store, Inc.; Religious Emergency Services, Inc.; Relogistics, Inc.; Remack-Giampaoli-Allen, Inc.; Remlap Industries, Inc.; Ren-It, Inc.; Renaissance Corporation, The; Renappi Corporation; Rendezvous, Inc., The; Reno Palace Operating Corp.; Repro/Systems, Inc.; Republic Capital Corp.; Republic Funding Corp.; Rer Corporation; Resch-Cassin & Co., Inc.; Research and Management Corporation; Research Communication Systems, Incorporated; Research Development & Licensing Corporation; Research Panelists' Club of America, Inc.; Research Unlimited Inc.; Resh Corporation; Resicent Care Centers, Inc.; Residential Builders, Inc.; Resimat, Incorporated; Resonance, Inc.; Resort Homes, Inc.; Resorts General Corporation; Resource Capital Corporation; Resource Dynamics Corporation; Resource Financial Corporation; Resource Funding Construction Corporation; Resource Management Associates, Inc.; Resource Systems, Inc.; Resourceful Personnel Consultants, Inc.; Resources and Applications International, Inc.; Resources Development and Mortgage Company; Responsive Markets International, Inc.; Restaurant Corporation of America; Restaurant Development Corp.; Restless Charter & Leasing Co., Inc.; Restorative Centers, Inc.; Retirement Health Care Centers, Inc.; Retirement Villages, Inc.; Retron, Inc.; Rev. Sarah Lucille Hall, The Temple of Love Evangelistic Assoc. Inc.; Revenue Properties, Inc.; Rey-son Industries, Inc.; RHB International, S.A.; Rhino Music, Inc.; RHO Capital Corporation; Ribbon Copies Corporation of America; Riber, Incorporated; Rich Gorazo, Incorporated; Rich Zimmerman Olds-Cadillac, Inc.; Richard Fashions, Inc.; Richard Smith Roofing Co.; Richard Walsh Associates, Inc.; Richardson Vista Corp.; Richie Concrete Corp.; Richleu Corporation, The; Richmar Frozen Food Center, Inc.; Richport Industries, Inc.; Richwin Apparel Corp.; Rick Bennett, Inc.; Ridge Company, The; Ridgelin Properties, Inc.; Rig Time, Inc.; Rinaldi Coal Co., Inc.; Rip Cap, Inc.; Riteway Professional Driving School, Inc.; River City, Inc.; River Towboats, Inc.; River Valley Land Company; Rivera Health & Fitness Clubs, Inc.; RLM Services Limited; RME Productions, Inc.; Ro-Bet, Inc.; Roadair Dynamics, Inc.; Robar Productions, Inc.; Robbins Community Development and Investment Corporation; Robbins Industries, Inc.; Robbins Realty Company of Indiana; Robbins, Inc.; Robert & Larry Wells, Inc.; Robert Beckman, Inc.; Robert Conkling Associates Inc.; Robert D. Ward, Inc.; Robert Fields Construction Co., Inc.; Robert H. Solem Corp.; Robert Woodward & Co., Inc., Robertson Realty Company; Robin Express Transfer, Inc.; Rocket Car Wash, Inc.; Rocket Skating Club; Rockford Holding Corp.; Rockingham Mills, Inc.; Rockland Capital Corp.; Rockland Swim Club; Rockower Investment Corp.; Rocky Mount Undergarment Corporation; Rodeo Corporation; Roe, Inc.; Rogal/Colpitts Travel Corp.; Roger Larson Electric, Inc.; Roland Berger & Associates, U.S.A.; Rolimo Development Corporation; Rolling Hills, Incorporated; Rolling Ridge, Incorporated; Romac Investments, Inc.; Romar Pictures Corporation; Ron David Enterprises, Inc.; Ron Inc.; Ronald A. and Susan Z. Nicholson Foundation, Inc., The; Ronald L. King Enterprises, Inc.; Rondo Company; Rondout Corporation; Ronjo Distributor Corp.; Ronjo Management Corporation; Room Service Italian Style, Inc.; Roro Inc.; Rory Calhoun Mobile Homes, Inc.; Rose-Art's Shoes, Inc.; Rosemont Coal Co., The; Rosen Oil Corporation; Rosen Petroleum Corporation; Rosewell Commercial Inc.; Rosi Corp.; Ross-Saturn, Inc.; Rothrock Educational Consultants, Inc.; Rothchild & Sons International, Inc.; Rotomotive, Inc.; Rought Industries, Inc.; Roundtable Training Associates, Inc.; Rowhe National, Ltd.; Roxbury Corporation; Roy A. Bailey, Inc.; Roy Buckner Chevrolet, Incorporated; Royal Air Services, Inc.; Royal Car Wash Co., Inc.; Royal Car Wash Corp. #2; Royal College of Science, Incorporated, The; Royal English Porcelain Corporation, The; Royal Inns of the Pacific, Inc.; Royal Madison Industries, Inc.; Royal Palm Beach Spa Inc.; Royal Resources of Liberia, Inc.; Royal Tile Co. of Wilmington, Inc.; Royal Trane Air Conditioning Company; Royale Ventures, Ltd.; Roybud Corporation of Delaware, Inc.; The; Royeledge, Incorporated; Royston Foods Products Corp.; RPF Properties, Inc.; RR Financial, Inc.; Rubay Corp.; Rubino & Farris, Inc.; Rudy List, Inc.; Rufn'it, Inc.; Rugare Associates, Ltd.; Rumil Boeki International, Inc.; Rural Holding Company; Rural Homes, Inc.; Russell S. Proctor, Inc.; Russell Tuthill Foundation; Russell Tuthill, Inc.; Rusty's Inc.; Ruth E. Young, Inc.; Rutherford Laboratories Incorporated; Rwood Inc.; RX Micro Compendium, Inc.; Ryan Management Corporation; Rydal Corporation of Del;

S& F Supply Company; S& K Masonry Company; S& 0 Holding Corp.; S and S Enterprises, Incorporated; S V, Inc.; S. & F. Construction Corp. Inc.; S. & S. Investment Corporation; S. & W. Trucking, Inc.; S. D. Co., Inc.; S. D. Properties, Inc.; S. Olen & Company, Inc.; S. R. H. Securities Corp.; S.A.C. Applications Inc.; S.C. Corporate Vehicle, Inc.; S.D.S. Properties, Inc.; S.O.U.L., Inc.; S-ILL Enterprises, Inc.; S-W Services Corporation; Sabco, Inc.; Sabre Aerospace Corporation; Sabre Capital Corporation; Sabre Home Systems Incorporated; Sabre Service Incorporated; Sabre-Tech Corporation; Sac Incorporated; Saf-Gard Security Systems, Inc.; Safdie Management Corp.; Safe-Ray, Inc.; Safe-X-Scape of Delaware, Inc.; Safety Laboratories of Illinois, Inc.; Safety Suspension Systems Corporation; Sage Petroleum Corporation; Sage, Inc.; Sagen Industries, Inc.; Sahara Resources, Inc.; Sales & Liaison Engineering Services, Inc.; Sales Incorporated; Sales Research & Development Corporation; Salesianum Alumni Scholarship Foundation; Salesmen's Apex, Inc.; Salesrecording and Verification Equipment, Inc.; Salt Lake Tungsten Company, The; Saltco, Inc.; Salvary & Daniels, Inc.; Sam Boren Oil, Inc.; Sam's-U-Drive, Inc.; Sambor Business Forms, Inc.; Sameric of Bran-mar, Inc.; San Carlo Opera Company; San Juan Disposal Corporation; San Miguel Nuclear Corporation; San's Motel, Inc.; Sanders & Sons Leasing, Inc.; Sandringham Properties, Inc.; Sands Print, Ltd.; Sangamon Equipment Company; Sanitation Control Systems, Inc.; Sans Souci, Inc.; Santa Imports, Inc.; Santa Shipping Corp.; Sarad Company, Inc.; Saratoga Oil Company; Sas Data, Inc.; Satellite Cities Development Corp.; Satellite Computer Service, Inc.; Satellite Navigation Corporation; Satellite Technology Corporation; Saturn E & M, Inc.; Saunders Valve Company of America, Inc.; Savant Fund, Inc.; Savant Management Corporation; Save-Way Equipment, Sales & Leasing, Inc.; Saxon Service Corporation; Say Cheese, Inc.; Saybar Corporation; Sayve Corporation of America, Inc.; Scan Graphics Corp.; Scan-o-matics Corporation; Scanfax Leasing Corporation; Scat Track, Inc.; Schabach Corporation; Schad Comfort Engineering, Inc.; Schrdl Linguistic Systems, Inc.; Scher Company, The; Schissler Truck Leasing, Inc.; Schofield-Hanby Co.; Scholarship Associates, Inc.; Scholarship Services Corporation; Scholastic Films, Inc.; School for Euro-American Languages, Incorporated, The; School Holding Corporation; Schoolhouse Industries, Inc.; Science Dynamics Corp.; Scientific Analysis Consulting & Programming Support Corporation; Scientific Farm Systems, Inc.; Scientific International Marketing, Inc.; Scientist's Pool, Inc.; Scientists Corporation of America, The; Scientists Corporation of the World, The; Scooper Dooper, Inc.; Scotch Whisky Exchange Incorporated; Scotco Data Processing, Inc.; Scott Farm Equipment, Inc.; Scott Special Fund, Inc.; Scott Trucking Company; Scott-Tex, Incorporated; Scottfield Industrial Water Works, Inc.; SCS Communications Corporation; Sculptures Originalia, Limited; Sea Life Machinery and Fish Protein Company, Inc.; Sea Mining, Inc.; Sea Network, Ltd.; Sea-Jeeps, Inc.; Sea-Mobile Containers, Inc.; Seaboard Continental Industries, Inc.; Seaboard Electronics Corporation; Seaboard International Petroleum Corporation; Seaboard Knitting Mills, Inc.; Seaboard Packaging Systems Inc.; Seaboard Restaurants, Inc.; Seacamper Industries, Inc.; Seafood Corporation; Seafood Corporation of America; Seafood Farms, Inc.; Seafoods of Oklahoma, Inc.; Seafoods Sales International Corp.; Seaford Bottle Gas, Inc.; Seaford Building and Loan Association; Seaford Youth Canteen, Inc.; Seafresh, Inc.; Seaguard, Inc.; Seahorse Offshore Service, Inc.; Seaman's Furniture Co. of Queens Boulevard, Inc.; Seashore Campsites, Inc.; Seaside, Inc.; Seasport International, Ltd.; Seatron, Inc.; Seaway Leasing Co.; Seaway Lines of Delaware, Inc.; Second Federal Securities Corp.; Second Mayfix Properties, Inc.; Securities Data Center, Inc.; Securitronics Surveillance Systems, Inc.; Security Alarm Systems of Delaware, Inc.; Security Enterprises Corp.; Security Franchise Corporation; Security Group, Incorporated; Security Information Services, Inc.; Security Plus Corporation; Security Realty Co.; Security Systems of America, Inc.; Sedutto Industries, Inc.; Seed Electronics Corporation; Seepart of St. Louis, Inc.; Seine Art Ltd.; Selame Design Associates, Inc.; Selby Trucking, Inc.; Selco Incorporated; Selected Investors Corporation; Selected Venture Shares, Inc.; Selig Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Selznick & Maloney Associates, Inc.; Semco, Inc.; Seminole Oil & Gas Corporation; Seminole Webbing, Inc.; Semiramide, Ltd.; Semi Container Corp.; Sensonics, Inc.; Separate Seasons, Inc.; Separator & Recovery Systems, Inc.; Sequestrator International, Inc.; Sequinned Fabrics, Inc.; Serpent, Ltd.; Sertek Industries, Inc.; Service Associates Inc. of New England; Service Associates, Inc.; Service Leasing & Rental Co., Inc.; Service Organization & Management for Athletes, Inc.; Service Station Supply Corp.; Service Techniques, Inc.; Service - Your - Own - Auto, Inc.; Services International, Inc.; Sesame Growth Fund, Inc.; Seth Investment Company; Settlers Delicatessen #1, Inc., The; Settlers DeliCatessen #2, Inc., The; Settlers Restaurant Corporation, The; Settlers Smokehouse #2, Inc., The; Seven Arts Productions Corporation; Seversky Environmental Dynamics Research Associates, Inc.; Sewell's Motor Express, Incorporated; Seywar Corporation; SF America, Inc.; SFM, Inc.; SGI Leisure Corporation; Shade King, Inc.; Shadow Box, Inc.; Shaler Boulevard Apartments, Inc.; Shamrock International, Inc.; Shamrock Personnel, Inc.; Shannon Liquors Inc.; Shannon Properties Inc.; Share Foundation, Inc., The; Share Properties, Inc.; Shareholders Commodities Corporation; Sharon Industries, Inc.; Sharp's Orthopedic Shoes, Inc.; Shaving Mug, Inc.; Shawnee Golf and Tennis Club; Shawsheen Plaza Drug Corporation; Sheffield Products Co.; Shelter Industries of America, Inc.; Sherman Oaks, Inc.; Sherri, Inc.; Sherwood Diners, Inc.; Sherwood Distillery Company, The; Shinn Realty Company; Shipley Independent Management Consulting Corporation Shirlington Center Corporation; Shlomo Educational Foundation; Shockley and Ragains, Inc.; Shoe Bar, Inc., The; Shoe Shack Corporation, The; Shoppers Car Wash, Inc.; Shoppers' Army Inc.; Shore to Shore Import and Distributing Co., Inc.; Shoreham Coffee Company; Shoreham Convalescent Center, Inc.; Short Enterprises, Inc.; Short Hills Shipping Corp.; Show Counselors, Ltd.; Shurr International Agency, Ltd.; Siat, Inc.; Sibyl H. Darlington Foundation, The; Sica Industries Incorporated; Sicre Transport Ltd.; Sierra Prefabricators, Inc.; Sig Incorporated; Sigma Corporation; Sigma Surveys Corporation; Sigma Systems Corporation; Sign-Ex Systems, Inc.; Silent Majority, Inc.; Silica Industries of Kentucky, Inc.; Silkenylon Corp.; Silver Creek Farm, Inc.; Silver Lake Farms, Inc.; Silver Lake Tavern, Inc.; Silver Reserve Corporation; Silver Reserve Mines, Incorporated; Silver Sands Corporation; Silverside Corporation; Simblu System Service Company; Simone, Inc.; Simplified Business Services of Michigan-Indiana Inc.; Simpson Industries, Incorporated; Simpson Manufacturing, Inc.; Simulation Associates, Inc.; Simulcomp Systems Corporation; Sistan Corporation; Sit and Dip, Inc.; Sixty Gamma Corporation; SJS Health Services, Inc.; Skate City International, Inc.; Ski Marine Co., Inc.; Ski Marine Products Co., Inc.; Ski World Inc.; Skypark, Inc.; Slax 'n Jax, Inc.; Slo-Poke II, Inc.; Sloan Investment, Ltd.; SLR Drugs Inc.; Small Fry, Inc.; Small Investments, Inc.; Smedcom Incorporation; Smedley-Fox Management Corp.; Smilyk Construction Co.; Smith Enterprises, Inc.; Smith's Pride Foods, Inc.; Smoke Quitters International, Inc.; Smoke Stoppers, Inc.; Smoke-Maid Inc.; Smokey, Inc.; Smyrna-Clayton Softball Assoc., Inc.; Smyrna Parkway Manor Civic Association, Inc.; Snap-Pack, International, Inc.; Snow Inc.; Snowdrift Corporation; Snug-Eze, Inc.; Snyder & Rodgers, Inc.; So-Cal Industries, Inc.; Soaring Services, Inc.; Society Homes Mfg. Co., Inc.; Soft Enterprises, Inc.; Software Methods, Inc.; Software Resources Corporation; Software Services, Inc.; Soil Bases, Inc.; Solage International, Ltd.; Solarmetal, Inc.; Solbern Leasing Corp.; Solbern Manufacturing Corp.; Solbern Sales Corp.; Solid State Data Sciences Corporation; Solmica Western Hemisphere Trading Co:, Inc.; Somatronics Corporation; Sonic Combustion Corporation; Sonictron Corporation; Sonnabend Investment Corporation; Sonotech, Incorporated; Sonovision, Inc.; Sonus Corporation; Sophia Foundation, The; Soul Brands International, Inc.; Soul Brothers Club, The; Soul Burger Incorporated; Soul Cookery, Inc.; Soul Markets Incorporated; Sound Industries, Inc.; Sound-a-rama, Inc.; Soundscope Productions, Inc.; Source Data Automation, Inc.; Source Data Corp.; Source EDP-Michigan, Inc.; Source EDP-New York, Inc.; Source EDP-Ohio, Inc.; Source EDP-Texas, Inc.; South Atlantic Company; South East Asia Air Conditioning Corporation; South Philadelphia Dressed Beef Company, Inc.; South Price Run Service Center, Inc.; South Publishers, Incorporated; South Seas Ventures, Inc.; Southbay Corporation; Southeastern Leasing Corporation; Southern Christian Leadership Council Sports Projects, Inc.; Southern Craftex, Inc.; Southern Data Services, Inc.; Southern Distributing Sale Co., Inc.; Southern Gulf Land Corp.; Southern Production Company, Inc.; Southern States Steamship Company; Southern Tier Tool Corp.; Southmark Resources Corporation; Southmark Services Corporation; Southron Creative Industries, Inc.; Southwell Properties, Inc.; Southwest Hydrotest Company, Inc.; Southwestern Realty Co., Inc.; Southwood Mushroom Corporation; Space Corporation; Space Metals, Incorporated; Space Modular Industries, Inc.; Space Realty, Inc.; Spaghetti Systems, Inc.; Spanish Information man Aberdeen Investment Fund, Inc.; Steadman Amerifund, Steadman Momentum Fund, Inc.; Steadman Science & Growth Industries, Inc.; Stauffer Research & Development Corporation; Stead-Inc.; Steadman Fortune Fund, Inc.; Steadman Leasing, Inc.; Jordan & Son Contractors, Inc.; Stanley, Richard & Frederick, Forever, Inc.; Starsun Limited; Statcomp, Inc.; State Pharmacal Inc.; Standard Computer & Pictures Corporation; Standard Inc.; Stapol Corp.; Star Communications, Inc.; Star Delicious Meats, Inc.; Star Far East Corporation; Star Fund, Inc.; Star Steam Specialties, Inc.; Star Tool and Die Mold, Inc.; Star Track Company, Inc.; Starla Films, Inc.; Stars & Stripes Art Gallery Company; Station Rentals & Construction, Inc.; Statitech Indus-Trade Packaging Company, Inc.; Stanfield, Inc.; Stanley C. Fertilizer Company, Inc.; Stage Meat Packers, Inc.; Stagecoach Express Corporation; Stallion Oil Company; Stamfer Corp.; Stampers Riding Stables, Inc.; TV Inc.; SRM, Inc.; St. Augustine Bowling Co.; St. Johns Corp.; St. Lawrence Aviation Co.; St. Matthews Episcopal Housing Springfield White Autocar, Inc.; Springhower Corporation; Square Deal Home Furnishings Co.; SRF Corporation; SRLWTV; St. Matthews Pulp Company, Inc.; Stackhouse Bloc Power Golf, Inc.; Spring Valley, Inc.; Springer Associates Inc.; Springfield Design Center-Boulevard Interiors, Inc.; and Specialties Shop, Inc.; Sports by Nichols, Inc.; Sports Concepts International, Inc.; Sports Travel, Inc.; Sportsmen Recreation International, Inc.; Sporty Productions, Inc.; Spotless Cleaners & Launderers, Inc.; Spotless Systems, Inc.; Spring Foods, Incorporated; Sportamerica, Inc.; Sportplex, Inc.; Sportstion, The; Spirit of Apollo Corporation; Spithead Foundation, Incorporated; Spectral Systems Research Inc.; Spectro Hardware, Inc.; Spectrum Coin Corporation of Delaware; Spectrum Press, Inc.; Speede Ford, Inc.; Spencer Racine Inc.; Spiraflite Corporation; Spores Equipment Company, Inc.; Sport Center, Inc.; Sport Inc.; Specialty Parts Corporation; Spectra Enterprises Incorporated; Spectra Media Corporation; Spectral Sciences IncorSportsman's Club, Inc.; Spartan Health Equipment Company; Special Corporate Services International, Inc.; Special Features, Inc.; Special Transportation Systems, Inc.; Specialty Associates, Consultation and Referral Center, Inc.; Spanish-American Stample - Mishaan Productions Ltd.; Stamplers Steak-In Fund, Inc.; Stearman Aircraft Corporation; Stearman Electronics, Inc.; Stearman Minerals, Inc.; Steber Corporation; Steel Truck Rental Company; Steelco Industries, Inc.; Steeltron, Inc.; Steer Inn of Wrightstown, Inc.; Steier's Lawn & Sports, Inc.; Steinberg Foundation, Inc.; Steinberg Furniture Co., Inc.; Steinmann Associates, Inc.; Stella Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; Steller Systems, Inc.; Stenocord Corporation; Stephen Geller Co., Inc.; Stephenson Hotel Corporation; Stereo International, Inc.; Sterling Packaging Products, Inc.; Sterling Systems, Inc.; Steve Pickard, Inc.; Stevedoring Services, Inc.; Stewart Feeding & Livestock Company; STI Corporation; Stix-Pix Productions, Inc.; Stock-Scan Transfer Corp.; Stockton Civic Association, Inc.; Stokes Enterprises, Inc.; Stoma Investment, Corp.; Stone-ford Leasing Corp.; Stout Investment Company; Stowen Scientific Co.; STR Management Corporation; Strata-Wave Equity Fund, Inc.; Strata-Wave Growth Fund, Inc.; Strata-Wave Income Fund, Inc.; Strategic Advisory Corporation; Strategic Capital Corporation; Strategic Industries, Inc.; Strategic Resources, Inc.; Stride Incorporated; Strider Oceanic Corporation; Structures Unlimited, Inc.; Stuart Container Corporation; Stuart International Corporation; Studley Realty Corporation; Study Abroad, Inc.; Stutman, Inc.; Styles Associates of Everett, Inc.; Styles Associates of Malden, Inc.; Styles Associates of Salem, Inc.; Styles Associates of Saugus, Inc.; Su San Car Wash Corp.; Surburface Engineering, Inc.; Suburban Associates Incorporated; Suburban Builders, Inc.; Suburban Express Company; Suburban Homes, Inc.; Suburban Keypunch Service, Inc.; Suburban Sanitation Service, Inc.; Suburban Supply Co., Inc.; Success Power Institute, Inc.; Suddenly Cosmetics, Inc.; Sued Corporation; Sugartown Horse Show Association, Inc.; Sugo, Inc.; Sulphur Processing Corp.; Summer House Inc.; Summit Filter Corporation; Summit Holding, Inc.; Summit Pictures, Inc.; Sun Ripe Banana Company; Sun Tree Corporation; Sundew Supply, Inc.; Sunface Ltd.; Sungold International, Ltd.; Sunny Orange, Inc.; Sunray Chairs, Incorporated; Sunset Argentina, Inc.; Sunset Partnership Management Corporation; Supat Broadcasting Corporation; Super Slide Corporation; Super Snak of Kansas, Inc.; Super Snak of Nebraska, Inc.; Super-Marketing Merchandisers, Inc.; Superblock Development Company, Inc.; Superclave, Inc.; Supercomp, Inc.; Superconcrete, Inc.; Superior Corporation; Superior Electronics Corporation; Superior Microfilm Systems, Inc.; Superior Silver Products Company; Supermarine, Inc.; SuperMedia, Inc.; Supreme TV, Inc.; Sure & Easy Products Corporation; Sure-Way Lease, Incorporated; Surf Skimmer International, Inc.; Surfacta, Inc.; Surfside 6 Floating Homes, Inc.; Surplus Wholesalers, Inc.; Surrey, Inc.; Survanalysis of Delaware, Inc.; Susan Nichols, Inc.; Susie-Q Restaurants, Inc.; Sussex County Enterprises, Inc.; Sussex Litter Co., Inc.; Sussex Lumber Company, Inc.; Sussex Mfg. Corp.; Sussex Sand Company; Sussex Supply, Inc.; Sutton Place Civic Association; Swainers Company Inc.; Swan Publications Inc.; Swanwyck Estates Civic Association; Swedish Beneficial Society, The; Swezey Contracting Inc.; Swift Air Company; Swing Rite, Inc.; Swiss American Real Estate Fund; Swiss Caribbean Development & Finance Corporation; Swiss Inn of Delaware, Inc.; Sycamore Investing Corporation; Symbionics, Inc.; Symbiotic Computer Industries, Inc.; Symetrix Incorporated; Syndicated Shows Corp.; Synetics Research Corporation; Synergism Corporation of America; Synergistic Computer Services, Inc.; Synergy Chemicals, Inc.; Synetic Corp.; Synoptic Systems Corporation; Synthomer Corporation; Synvar Corporation; Synvar Southern Chemical Corporation; Syracuse Auto Warehouse, Inc.; Sysdyne, Inc.; Systec Corporation; Systematic Tax of New York, Inc.; Systematic Tax, Inc.; Systems & Components, Inc.; Systems Components Corporation of California; Systems Computing, Inc.; Systems Design, Inc.; Systems Engineering and Manufacturing Corp.; Systems Evaluation Techniques, Inc.; Systems Food, Inc.; Systems for Growth, Inc.; Systems Liaison, Inc.; Systems Technology, Inc.; Systems 2000 Corporation; Systronetics, Inc.; Sytron Industries, Inc.;

T& D Musical Instruments, Inc.; T G A Corporation; T T I Industries Inc.; T. A. Peters Family Foundation, Inc.; T. B. S. Corporation; T. C. Horne & Company, Incorporated; T. C. Industries, Ltd.; T. N. Publications, Inc.; T. 0. T., Inc.; T. B. A . (Del.), Inc.; T.B.A. Management Co., Inc.; T.B.A. Services Corporation; T.C.Q. Enterprises, Inc.; T. L. Lords International, Inc.; T.M.I. Industries, Inc.; T-Met, Inc.; T-3 Electronic Corporation; Tab Color Corp.; Taco Huts Corporation; Taco King Development, Inc.; Taft Chemical Corporation; Taft Oil Corporation; Tag-a-tron, Inc.; Takara Asset Management Co., Inc.; Take I Corporation of Northern California; Take I Corporation of San Diego; Take I Productions, Inc.; Take I, Chicago, Inc.; Take I, Dallas, Inc.; Take I, Miami, Inc.; Take I, Nashville, Inc.; Take I, Nevada, Inc.; Take I, New York, Inc.; Takeo Kagitani, Ltd.; Talakir Corporation; Talbert Trailer Sales Co., Inc.; Talent Quotients, Inc; Talent Synergism Corporation; Talk of the Town, Inc.; Talk-a-tron Corporation, The; Talltree Realty Company, Inc,; Tandem Wheel Corporation; Tape Communicators, Inc.; Tape Shack Centers, Inc.; Tape Typeset, Inc.; Tapette Corp.; Target Manufacturing Company; Tartan Industries, Inc.; Tasty-Tees, Inc.; Tate Feeding & Livestock Company; Taursa Fund Inc.; Taursa Management Corp.; Taurus Associates, Inc.; Taurus Incorporated; Tax Shelter Newsletter, Inc. The; Taxpert Corporation; Taylor - Silbermann, Inc.; Taylor and Dunkel Construction Company, Inc.; Taylor-Laughlin, Ltd.; Taylors Bridge Community Center, Inc.; TCC Communications, Inc.; TCO, Inc.; TCP, Inc.; Tech-Ed Systems, Inc.; Tech-Graphics, Inc.; Technamental Management Corporation; Technautics Corporation; Techni-Jet Corporation; Techni-Venture, Inc.; Technical Equity Company; Technical Fund, Inc.; Technical Mineral Funding Corporation; TechniCom Services, Inc.; Technikraft Metallurgy, Inc.; Technique II, Inc.; Technitron, Inc.; Techno-Med International Corp.; Technological Farm Producers, Inc.; Technoscan, Inc.; Technotronic Company Inc.; Tecton Investors Advisory Service, Inc.; Tecton Management Corporation; Ted Carpentry Company, Inc.; Ted Judd Construction Co.-; TeknaMedia, Inc.; Teknatronic Applications, Inc.; Telcom Technicians' Corp.; Tele-Audit, Inc.; Tele-Broadcasters, Inc.; Tele-Quick Corporation; Telecomm Recording, Inc.; Telecommunication Consultants International, Inc.; Telecommunication Resources, Inc.; Telecomputing Terminal Systems, Inc.; Teleflow Corporation; Telejockey, Inc.; Telemuse Publishing Corporation; Telepatient National, Inc.; Teleposit, Inc.; Teleshare Computing Corporation; Telesure Corporation; Teletector International, Inc.; Teletronics Incorporated; Teletronics Industries, Inc.; Teletronics School System, Inc.; Television Industries, Inc.; Television Manufacturers of America Co.; Telic Industries, Inc.; Telos Services, Inc.; Telserco of Pittsburgh, Inc.; Telserco of Queens, Inc.; Telserco Protective Services, Inc.; Telserco Systems, Inc.; Telserco, Inc.; Telus, Inc.; Temperature Control Engineering Corp.; Tenderloin, Inc.; Tenndel Corporation; Tennis Club Apartments, Inc.; Terence M. McCann, Inc.; Terminal Systems, Inc.; Terra Investments Incorporated; Terrace Const. Co., Inc.; Terrain Realty Corp.; Test 'n Tell Consumer Research Center, Inc.; Tewkesbury Capital Corporation; Tewkesbury Navigation and Marine Company; Tewkesbury Properties, Inc.; Tewkesbury Residence, Inc.; Texas American Airlines, Inc.; Texas Building Corporation; Texas Health Care, Inc.; Texas Petroleum Fund, Inc.; Text Retrieval Corp.; Texture House, Inc.; TFS Capital Corp.; TFS Management Corp.; TGM Franchise Systems, Inc.; Theodore Granik Cardiovascular Research Fund, Inc.; Therapeutix, Inc.; Thermal Industrial Products, Inc.; Thermatrol Corporation of America; Thermex Industries, Inc.; Thermo Mode, Inc.; Thermochromatic Systems, Inc.; Thermoplastic Industries, Inc.; Thermotron Inc.; Thesus Computer Management Corporation; Theta Medical Corporation; Third Mayfix Properties, Inc.; Thirteen, Inc.; Thom Hird & Son Inc.; Thomas C. Vincent Construction Co. Inc.; Thomas Frederick Associates Inc.; Thorne United, Inc.; Thornite Corporation; Thoughts Publishing Inc.; Three Eagles, Inc.; Three Point Development Corporation; Three Rivers Transportation, Inc.; Thrustair, Inc.; Thunderbird Maya Corporation; Thwaites Reef House International Ltd.; Tiarco Corporation; Tiburzi-Scott Gallery Inc.; Tick Tockery of North America, Inc.; Tidelands Drilling Company; Tilecast Iso-Span Corp.; Tilley Lamp Co. (U.S.A.) Ltd., The; Timberlands Exploration Company; Timberline, Inc.; Timbers, Inc., The; Time Oil Land Corporation; Time Out, Inc.; Time Sharing for Management, Inc.; Time Sharing Unlimited, Inc.; Time Sharing Users Association, Incorporated; Timewealth Corporation, The; Timmons Marina, Inc.; Tings Putter Corp.; Tipote, Inc.; TM Inc.; TMT Corporation; Tobacco Village, Inc.; Tobin Enterprises, Inc.; Tolis Cain Corporation; Tom Hamilton Pontiac, Inc.; Tom Hart Inter National Corporation; Tom Mc Call Organization, Inc.; Tom W. Shipley, Inc.; Tommills Leasing Co.; Tomorrow-Today, Inc.; Tomorrow, Inc.; Tondra Ventures, Inc.; Tony Bennett Spaghetti House, Inc.; Tooley Associates; Top Champ Stores, Inc.; Top Ten Dividend Corporation; Torch Enterprises, Inc.; Torco Industries, Inc.; Toronto Road Development, Inc.; Torsco, Inc.; Tory Hill Corporation; Total Credit Card, Inc.; Total Education Corp.; Total Impact Program, Inc.; Total Package Systems Corporation; Total Sound, Inc.; Total Systems Management, Inc.; Total Utilities Service Corp.; Totels International, Inc.; Touchwood, Inc.; Tourmasters International, Inc.; Towne Court Apartments, Inc.; Townswick Corporation; Toy Chest of America, Inc.; Tractioneer Company, The; Tracto Construction Co.; Tracy Sportswear, Inc.; Trade Builders, Incorporated; Trade Winds Nursing Centers of America, Inc.; Trademark Associates, Inc.; Tradeship Inc.; Trailer Insurance Company of America, Inc.; Trailer Merchandising Company, Inc.; Training & Testing Equipment Company; Trans Northern Airlines Incorporated; Trans Pacific Developments, Ltd.; Trans United Industries, Inc.; Trans World Capital Ltd.; Trans World Development Corp.; Trans-Allied, Inc.; Trans-Beacon Corporation; Trans-Beacon Realty Co., Inc.; Trans-Coast Supply Corporation; Trans-Financial Corp.; Trans-Hydro Inc.; Trans-International Computer Investment Corporation; Trans-International Marketing, Inc.; Trans-National Leasing, Inc.; Trans-Nuclear, Inc.; Trans-Oceanic Enterprise Corporation; Trans-Oceanic Explorer Corporation; Trans-Oceanic Freedom Corporation; Trans-Oceanic Investments, Inc.; Trans-Oceanic Mariner Corporation; Trans-Oceanic Peace Corporation; Trans-Oceanic Transport, Inc.; Trans-World Video Corporation; Transac Computer Corp.; Transamericare Corp.; Transarama, Inc.; Transatlantic Investors, Inc.; Transbulk, Inc.; Transcal Agency, Inc.; TransCentury Technology Corporation; Transcommunications Corporation; Transcontinental Arts Corporation; Transcontinental Consultants, Inc.; Transcontinental Corporation; Transcontinental Data Processing Corporation, The; Transcontinental Entertainment Corporation; Transcontinental San Juan Inc.; Transcorp, Inc.; Transessence, Inc.; Transfinite Data, Inc.; Transformer and Coil Specialties, Inc.; Transit Associates, Inc.; Transit Sand & Gravel, Inc.; Transmar Management Consultants, Inc.; Transmarine Resources, Inc.; Transmedia Production Services, Inc.; Trans-metrics Incorporated; Transmichigan Corporation; Transoceanic Systems Consultants, Inc.; Transpak Security Management Systems, Ltd.; Transpolymer Industries, Inc.; Transport Leasing Corporation; Transport Products Corporation; Transportation Data Services, Inc.; Transportation Enterprises, Inc.; Transportation Research & Management Corporation; Transportation Services, Inc.; Transportation Unlimited Corp.; Transportation Vehicle Rental, Inc.; Transworld Corp.; Transworld Resorts Internationale, Ltd.; Travel Enterprises, Inc.; Travel Host Motel System, Inc.; Travel Key, Incorporated; Travel Town, U.S.A., Inc.; Travel Trends, Inc.; Travis Justice Inc.; Travis, Inc.; TAD Foods Division of Ohio, Inc.; Treasure Island Department Stores, Inc.; Treasure Mountain Gold Mining Company; Tree Farms, Inc.; Trent Brown Incorporated; Tri State Music, Inc.; Tri State Rehab, Inc.; Tri-Continental Development Corporation; Tri-Lite Industries, Inc.; Tri-Segmatics, Inc.; Tri-Service Credit Union; Tri-State Electric Co.; Tri-State Liquors, Inc.; Tri-State Security Company, Inc.; Tri-States Bus Lines, Inc.; Tri-Trade International Inc.; Triangle Construction Corporation; Triangle Mining and Exploration Corporation; Triboro Unlimited, Inc.; Tricot Finishing Corp.; Trident Capital Corporation; Trident Drilling Company; Trident Realty, Inc.; Tridex Corporation; Trila Exploration, Inc.; Trinity Construction Corporation; Trinity Equities Corporation; Trinity Industries, Inc.; Trinity International Development Company Limited; Trinity Management Company, Inc., The; Triple 'S' Trucking, Inc.; Triple M Homes, Inc.; Tropical Hardwoods Corporation; Tropical Woods, Inc.; Trotter and Brothers, Inc.; Tru-Data Manufacturing Corporation; Tru-Sher Incorporated; Tru-Val Realty Corporation; Trucks Rental and Leasing, S.A., Inc.; Trus Modular Systems, Inc.; Trxoid Corporation; Tryall Industries, Inc.; Tryton Investment Company; TSI Equipment Corp.; TSI Leisure Corporation; TSI Scanner Corp.; Tu-Ok Insulation Company; Tucker Enterprises, Inc.; Tudor Corporation; Tufbloom Consolidated Cinema Corporation; Tulsa Venture Corp.; Tungsten Corporation of America; Turas Productions, Inc.; Turbotec, Incorporated; Turf Clubs of America, Inc.; Turf Publicists of America, Inc.; Turkey Too ! Inc.; Turn-Key Enterprises, Inc.; Turnstine Company; Twelfth Ward Democratic Club Inc.; Twenty-First Century Equities, Inc.; TWM Corporation; Tycodyne Industries Corporation; Tyler Industries, Inc.;

U I Research Corporation; U. A. Corporation; U. S. Broadcasting Corp.; U.S. Dynamics, Inc.; U. S. Keyboard Corporation; U. S. Tufted Carpets, Inc.; U.I.P. Care Center, Inc.; U.S. and Canada Investment Co; U.S. Casualty & Guarantee Company; U.S. Education-International Corporation; U.S. Home & Development Corporation of New Jersey, Inc.; U.S. Leisure Industries, Inc.; U.S. Lighting Systems, Inc.; U.S. Pollution Control Corporation; U.S. Science Venture Corp.; Uhlman Associates, Inc; Ulano Corporation; Ultimar, Inc.; Ultra-Foam Industries, Inc.; Ultradata Sciences Corporation; Ultrasonic Industries, Inc.; Underhill Feeding & Livestock Company; Undique Co., Inc., The; Uni-Modular Housing Corporation; Uni-Season Inc.; Unibilt Industries Inc.; Unibuild Corporation; Unico, Inc.; Unilab, Inc.; Uniland Research Corp.; Unimax Corp.; Union American Methodist Episcopal Church Non-Profit Housing Corporation, Inc.; Union Brands, Inc.; Union Credit Service of Portland, Inc.; Union Credit Service of Washington, Inc.; Union Technical Services, Inc.; Union Training Services, Inc.; Unionvale Coal Company; Unique Publications Inc.; Unique Pure Foods Corporation; Unirama Corp.; Unisphere Mining Corporation; Unistat Corporation; Unitech Systems, Inc.; United American Medical Services, Inc.; United Asia Oil Company Ltd.; United Assets Group, Inc.; United Broadcast News, Inc.; United Brothers, Inc.; United Cascade Corporation; United Cineworld Corporation; United Community Fund of Southwestern Sussex, Inc.; United Consumer Cooperative, Inc.; United Corporations of America Inc.; United Diesel Co., Inc.; United Distribution and Manufacturing Association, Inc.; United Emergency Action Committee (U-Act), Inc.; United Exchange Agency Incorporated; United Fidelity Group, Inc.; United Hemisphere Productions Corp.; United Hospital Supply Company; United Hospitals of America, Inc.; United Information Utilities, Inc.; United International Films, Inc.; United International Shipping Agencies, Inc.; United Investors, Inc.; United Leisure Corporation; United Leisure Enterprises Corp.; United Medical Services, Inc.; United Milk Products Company; United Minerals Unlimited, Inc.; United Mining & Milling Corp.; United Module, Inc.; United Nations Staff Association; United Neighbors Co-operatives, Incorporated; United Packing of Iowa, Inc.; United Produce and Products Equipment Co.; United Production Corp.; United Professional Data Processing Corp.; United Research Homeowners Agency, Inc.; United Scale and Engineering Corporation; United States Computer Corp.; United States Development Corporation; United States Financial Corporation; United States Football League, Inc.; United States Hydrocarbon, Inc.; United States International Industries, Inc.; United States International Pictures, Inc.; United States Live Stock Sanitary Association; United States Oil and Gas Corporation; United States Resources Corporation; United States-International Construction Corporation; United States-International Development Corporation; United Station Restaurants, Inc.; United Stores of America, Inc.; United Technological Systems, Inc.; Unitrust Publishing Company, Inc.; Universal Architectural and Equipment Services, Inc.; Universal Corporation; Universal Data Centers, Inc.; Universal Engineers & Constructors, Inc.; Universal Health Education and Recreation, Inc.; Universal Industries, Inc.; Universal International Cigar Corporation #2; Universal International Computer Leasing Corporation; Universal International Financial, Inc.; Universal International Fund Management Company; Universal International Productions, Inc.; Universal International Realty Management Company; Universal Land Company; Universal Learning Corp.; Universal Leisure, Inc.; Universal Machinery & Equipment Corporation; Universal Medical Centers, Inc.; Universal Minerals and Metals, Inc.; Universal Modular Corporation; Universal Monolithic Homes, Inc.; Universal Pollution Control Corporation; Universal Resource Control, Inc.; Universal Robots Corporation American Robots and Robot Companies of America; Universal Scale Co.; Universal Sections Inc.; Universal Shelter, Inc.; Universal Singles Enterprises, Inc.; Universal Skiers Association, Inc.; Universal Star Attractions, Inc.; Universal Systems, Inc.; Universal Tape Outlets, Inc.; Universal Technical Services, Inc.; Universal Technics, Inc.; University at Large Programs, Inc.; University Classic Film Productions, Inc.; University Copy Center, Inc.; University Enrollment Service Company; University Informatics Corporation; University Instruments, Corp.; Uniworld, Inc.; Unizon Corporation; Unlimited Services, Inc.; Until Further Notice, Inc.; Uptown Business Men's Club, Inc.; Uptown Investment Co.; Uptown Shoes & "Mister" Shop, Inc.; Urban Builder, Inc.; Urban Counselors, Inc.; URBAN Eco-RESOURCES, INC.; Urban Fire Systems, Incorporated; Urban Industries Incorporated; Urban Renewals Incorporated; Urban Research Corporation, The; Urban Sciences Corporation; Urban, Incorporated; Urbis International Corporation; Usoma Industries, Inc.; Utica Group, Inc., The; Utility Systems for Ecology Inc.; Uvesco, Inc.;

V & W Incorporated; V.I.P. Care Facilities, Inc.; Vacation Credit Club, Inc.; Vadel Associates, Inc.; Val-Tec, Inc.; Valco Incorporated; Valdez Ventures, Inc.; Validor Hotels, International, Ltd.; Valley Brook Builders, Inc.; Valley Realty Corporation; Valley Run Building Corp.; Valley Stream, Inc.; Value Line Leveraged Growth Fund, Inc., The; Values, Inc.; Van Arvey Inc.; Vance Feeding & Livestock Company; Vanderbilt Inn, Inc.; Vandot Company, Inc.; Vaneli, Incorporated; Vanguard Diversified Services, Inc.; Vannoy, Inc.; Vantex Corporation; Vanusco Shipping Corporation; Vapo-Waste, Inc.; Vari-Chem Industries, Ltd.; Variety Audio Products, Inc.; Varifund Management Corporation; Variom Corporation; Varity Development Co.; Varsyn Corporation; Vaudeo Inc.; Vectran Corporation; Veg-A-Peel, Inc.; Velvac Equipment Co., Incorporated; Velvet, Inc.; Velvetronics, Inc.; Vencap, Inc.; Venezuela Realty Corporation; Venezuelan Oil & Mining Exploration Corporation; Venoga Corporation; Venture Corporation, Ltd.; Venture Films, Ltd.; Ventures Unlimited, Ltd.; Venus International, Ltd.; Vercast Equipment Corporation; Vermont Computer Communications Network, Inc.; Vermont Village Square, Inc.; Vertical Screw Conveyor Corporation; Verticraft Corporation; Vestro Industries, Inc.; Veterinary Clinical Testing, Inc.; Veterinary Sales Associates, Inc.; Veterinary Supply Associates, Inc. of California; Viatron Computer Systems International Corporation; Victoria Management Corporation; Vidal Sassoon, Inc.; Vidam Productions, Inc.; Video Communications and Electronics, Inc.; Video Equipment Corporation of Puerto Rico; Video Recruiting Systems, Inc.; Video Systems Development Corp.; Video Theaters, Inc.; Viewpoint Publications, Inc.; Viglen Corp., The; Village Grill, Inc.; Village Inn Pancake House of Grand Junction, Inc.; Village Motors, Incorporated; Village School Association; Village Square Antiques, Inc.; Village Square Bookstore, Inc.; Villages International, Inc.; Vim & Vigor, Inc.; Vincent Plaza News, Inc.; Vincoa International, Inc.; Vincoa Systems, Inc.; Vinedel Investing Co.; Vinnie's Cabinet Shop, Inc.; Vintage Society, Inc., The; Violeta del Rey, Inc.; Vip Computer Composition Services, Inc.; Vip Computer Transcription Services, Inc.; Vip Information Services, Inc.; Virginia Aerospace Products Company; Virginia Produce Company, Incorporated; Vironic Systems Inc.; Virtual Computer Services, Inc.; Viscom Corporation; Visionics, Inc.; Vista Development, Inc.; Vista Financial Corporation; Vista Industries Corporation; Visual Communications, Inc.; Visual Container Corporation of Delaware; Visual Environments, Inc.; Visual Industries Corporation; Visual Information Products, Inc.; Vita-Drug Industries, Inc.; Vitamin Cosmetics, Inc.; Vocational Education Corp.; Vocational Guidance Institute; Volks Klinik Corporation; Volt Leasing Corporation; Volute Caribe, Inc.; Vortex Arts, Inc.; Vulcan Metallurgical Corporation; Vynacron, Inc.;

W & H Company; W & W Food Services, Inc.; W K Foods, Inc.; WSW Corporation; W V E M, Incorporated; W. B. Simons Industries, Inc.; W. C. H. Enterprises, Inc.; W. F. Company; W.G. Williams and Company, Incorporated; W.N. Dambach Foundation, Inc., The; W. R. Robins, Inc.; W. S. Mathews & Sons, Inc.; W. T. Miller, Inc.; W. W. F. Designers Corp.; Wacki Wigs, Inc.; Wade Leasing, Inc.; Wagner Place Associates; Wagner Promotion, Inc.; Waldon Maintenance Co., Inc.; Wall St. T. V. Movie Club Inc.; Wall Street Capital Corporation; Wall Street Clearing Corp.; Wall Street Consultants, Inc.; Wall Street Corporation; Wall Street Financial Systems, Inc.; Wall Street Resources Incorporated; Wallace & Schwarz Co., Inc.; Walnut Optical Company, Inc.; Walnut Street Club for Political Awareness, Inc.; Walt's Roast Beef, Inc.; Waltech Corporation; Walter D. Marvel, Inc.; Walter F. Sutter, Inc.; Waltham Credit Corporation; Waltham Industries Corporation; Waltham Resources Corporation; Walton-Richardson Co.; Ward Equipment, Inc.; Ward Estates, Inc.; Warden-Alexander, Inc.; Ware's Collection Service, Inc.; Warner Security Systems, Inc.; Warren Associates Inc.; Warshaw-Cooper Corporation; Warwick, Inc.; Washburn, Stringer Associates, Inc.; Washers & Company, Inc.; Washington Airlines, Inc.; Washington Financial Counsellors, Inc.; Washington International Airmotive, Inc.; Waste Reclamation Corporation; Waste Systems, Inc.; Watchung Associates, Inc.; Water Pollution Controls, Inc.; Water Sports, Inc.; Waters are Rising, Inc., The; Way We Go, Inc.; Waydon, Inc.; Weakly & Hunter Inc.; Weather Minders Incorporated, The; Weatherby's, Inc.; Weatherford, Inc.; Weathervane, Inc.; Weaveamatic Corp.; Webb & Knapp National Corporation; Weber Creative Products, Inc.; Wediquette International, Inc.; Weeks Manufacturing Company; Wehling Leasing Corporation; Weight Control Workshops, Inc.; Weintraub Advertising, Inc.; Weir Wikel Murphy, Limited; Welcome Aboard of Beverly Hills, Inc.; Weldin Construction Co.; Weldon Properties Corp.; Welfare Service, Philadelphia Division Employees of PBA, Inc.; Welkin Corporation; Well-wood Yacht Marina, Inc.; Wendell W. Simnett Drywall Co.; Wendy Liquidating Corp.; Wentworth Realty Corporation; Wes-Rock Corporation; Wes, Inc.; WesCo Equities, Inc.; West Bank Development Corporation; West End Extension Mining Company; West Finance Company; West Oak Lane Church of God, Inc.; West Side Conservation Association, Inc.; Westark Aircraft Co., Chicago; Westchester Bathrooms, Inc.; Westchester Plumbing Contractors Inc.; Westchester Swim Club, Inc.; Westcom Computer Utilities of Los Angeles, Inc.; Western Broadcasting Corporation; Western Chemical Industries, Inc.; Western Data Services, Inc.; Western Holdings Corporation; Western Security Investment Corporation; Western States Transport, Inc.; Western Tankers and Freighters, Inc.; Western Technologies and Development Co., Inc.; Western Waterproofing of Delaware, Inc.; Western-Atlantic Industries, Inc.; Westgate Dodge, Inc.; Westgate Leasing, Inc.; Westmark Resources, Inc.; Westminster Computer Ltd.; Westminster Foundation of the Synod of Baltimore, Inc.; Westover Beauty Salon, Inc.; Westover-Concord Beauty Salon, Inc.; Westover-Greenville Beauty Salon, Inc.; Weymouth Foundation, Inc.; Whaley Engineering Corporation; Whamburger International Corporation; Wheatley Enterprises, Incorporated; Wheelan Studios of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Wheeler Mobile Inc.; Whelan's Office Machines Inc.; White Apron, Inc., The; White Capital Corporation; White Feather Petroleum Co., Inc.; White Plains Professional Laboratories, Inc.; White Sewing Center Inc.; White Transfer, Inc.; Whiteford, Inc.; Whitehall Art Galleries, Inc.; Whitehall Corporation; Whizzer Industries, Inc.; Whole Earth Corporation, The; Wholesale Druggists Merchandising Association; Wholesale Police Supply, Inc.; Wichmann, Inc.; Wicker-Baldwin Corp.; Wide World of Leisure, Inc.; Wiegand Audio Laboratories, Inc.; Wightman Gold Dredging Company, Inc.; Wilbeck Resources Incorporated; Wilbert E. Snodgrass, Inc.; Wild Mouse, Inc.; Wildonger & Co., Inc.; Wiley Leasing, Inc.; Wilgren Service Co.; Wilkening Manufacturing Company; Wilkes-Howarth & Assoc., Inc.; Willard Associates, Inc.; Willcox Corp.; Willett Institute of Finance, Inc.; William E. Quirin, Ltd.; William Edmund, Inc.; William Gold Consultants, Ltd.; William H. King & Associates, Inc.; William J. Simpson, Inc.; William K. White Co., Inc.; William King & Company, Inc.; William N. Cann Lithographers, Inc.; William R. Walker & Co.; William Sullivan, Inc.; Williams Liquors, Inc.; Williams, Jones, Smith & Dale, Inc.; Willie C. Howard, Inc.; Willow Grove Speedway, Inc.; Willow Run Services, Inc.; WilMan Corporation; Wilmington Auto Seat Cover Co.; Wilmington Blue Bombers, Inc.; Wilmington Branch of National Association of Gardeners; Wilmington Federation of Unions Development Corporation; Wilmington Flotilla No. 11, Inc.; Wilmington Harley-Davidson, Inc.; Wilmington Hosiery Mills, Inc.; Wilmington Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Wilmington Mortgage Company; Wilmington Personnel Consultants, Inc.; Wilmington Poetry Society & Delaware Writers, Inc.; Wilmington Puerto Rican Association, The; Wilmington Universal Trading Corporation; Wilnor Ltd.; Wilson Apparatus Corporation; Wimbrow's, Inc.; Win-Sim Associates, Inc.; Win-King Corporation; Winchester Development Corp.; Windjammer Janeen, Inc.; Windjammer Polly, Inc.; Windjammer Shipping, Inc.; Windjammer Susie, Inc.; Windsor Contracting Company; Windsor Industries, Inc.; Windsor Realty Co.; Wines Internationale Societe, Ltd.; Winkelried Foods, Inc.; Winnebago Management, Inc.; Winson Corp.; Winston Perry Management Co., Inc.; Winston, Perry & Co. Incorporated; Winters and Company Inc.; Wm. Gluckin Corporation; WO Liquidating Corporation; Wodiko Investment Corporation; Wolfe, Rust & Hoopes Foundation; Wolverine Acceptance Corporation; Women, Inc.; Wonder Bar International, Ltd.; Wonder R, Inc.; Wonderful Company, The; Wood-Tek Industries, Inc.; Wooden Indian, Inc.; Woodland Apartments, Inc.; Woodland Pacific Mobile Parks, Inc.; Wood-lawn Electronics, Inc.; Woodruff & Company, Inc.; Woodshaven Motel, Inc.; Woodstock Nation, Inc.; Worcester Industries, Inc.; Work, Inc.; Workmen's Circle Branch 69 and 698, Inc., The; World Association of Mental Healing; World Athletic Sports Corporation; World Golf Club, Inc.; World International Talent, Inc.; World Leisure Corp.; World Petroleum Assets, Inc.; World Resorts Limited; World Resorts Touroamers, Inc.; World Resorts Tours, Ltd.; World Resorts Travel Corporation; World Resources Corporation; World Trends Computer Corporation; World Trends Development Corporation; World Trends Financial Incorporated; World Trends Insurance Agency, Incorporated; World Trends Leasing Corporation; World Trends Mortgage Corporation; World Wide Artists Management Corporation; World Wide Disposal Corporation; World Wide Heroes, Inc.; World Wide Recruiters Co.; World Wide Spa International, Co.; World-Seas Drilling Corporation; World-Wide Ventures, Inc.; Worlds of Atlantis Inc.; Worldwide Education, Inc.; Worldwide Land Sales, Inc.; Worth Financial Corporation; WPM Fund, Inc., The; Wren & Wren, Inc.; Wriking Food/Beverage Systems, Inc.; WSL Recreation, Inc.; Wyoming Gas Co., Inc.;

X-Scope Corporation; X-Tex Industries, Inc.; Xecutron, Inc.; Xeric Corp.; Xertel, Ltd.; Xprint Corporation; XRT Incorporated; XXI Century Security Systems, Ltd.;

Y and M Sporting Goods Co.; Yachting International Corporation of Illinois, Inc.; Yachting International Franchise, Corporation; Yale Employment Service, Inc.; Yale Management Consultants, Inc.; Yale Temporary Help, Inc.; Yang-Kee Food Systems, Inc.; Year Round Air Conditioning, Inc.; Year Round Tennis Club, Inc.; Yes Incorporated; York Group, Inc.; York Instrument Corp.; Yost Laundromats, Inc.; Young American Enterprises Corp.; Young American Enterprises Fashions and Originals, Inc.; Young American Enterprises Record Corp.; Young American Publications, Inc.; Young Great Society Medical Services Incorporated; Young Industrial Company of America; Young Mena Republican Club, The; Youngblood Big Y Corporation; Youngest International, Inc.; Youngland, Inc.; Your Place, Inc.; Youth for Progress, Inc.; Youth Pageants, Ltd.; Youth Services, Inc.; Youth Trends of America, Inc.; Yuill Music Company;

Zaff Corporation; Zaks, Inc.; Zelex International Corp.; Zenith Capital Corp.; Zenith Resources, Inc.; Zephyr Laundry Machinery Company; Zeta Medical Corporation; Ziegler, Buck, Holt, Inc.; Zim-Craft Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Zimmerman Chevrolet Inc.; Zimmerman Lease & Rental, Inc.; Zodiance, Inc.; Zoralloy Corporation; Zsa Zsa Limited; 10 Creative Minds, Inc.; 1414 Holding Corp.; 1776 Corporation; 1801 Paper Co.; 1968 United Producers Funds, Inc.; 2M Corporation; 20th Century Industries, Inc.; 21, Inc.; 2445 St. Clair Corporation; 3 I Corp.; 3 Lombardos, Inc., The; 3J Corporation; 300 W. 152 Holding Corp.; 3251 Corp.; 417 West 5th Street Corporation; 5R Films, Inc.; 501 North Rossmore Corporation; 529 South Lazelle Street Corporation; 605 Development Corporation; 61 Fox Corp.; 800 S. Governors Ave., Inc.;

The following corporations were declared inoperative and void April 15, 1971, but did not appear on the proclamation list signed January 25, 1972.

Comprehensive Computer Industries, Inc.; Crown Inc.; Delaware Citizens for McCarthy, Inc.; F & M Investment Corporation; General Chip Corporation; Great Southeast Corporation, The; Inland Faith Mountain Mission, Incorporated, The; International Chemicell Corporation; International Plastics Consultants, Ltd.; Katler Mining Company; Luroma Inc.; Peripheral Devices, Inc.; Vincent Motors, Inc.; Warden-Alexander Financial Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, SHERMAN W. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this thirtieth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-three, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-seventh.

By the Governor:

Sherman W. Tribbitt

Robert H. Reed

Secretary of State