Whereas, ROBERT H. REED, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for one year next preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State.

Now, therefore, I, SHERMAN W. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A & B Equipment Sales & Service Co.; A and J Enterprises Ltd.; A Happy Tie Co., Inc.; A 0 Shipping Agencies, Inc.; A to Z Sales, Inc.; A.A. - Albee Corporation; A. A. Ruggerio & Son, Inc.; A. B. C. Janitorial Service, Inc.; A. B. G. Enterprises, Inc.; A.E.D. Inc.; A. G. B. Associates, Inc.; A. H. P. Inc.; A. R. Brasch Advertising, Inc.; A.A. Moore Distributors, Inc.; A.P.F.A. Instrument Co., Inc.; A-1 Answering Services, Inc.; A-1 Credit Services Company, Inc.; A-1 Ice Cream Co., Inc.; AA-Sav Corp.; Abbey Weddings Ltd.; Aberdeen Securities Co.; Aberdeen Securities Holding, Inc.; Advanced Product Engineering Corporation; Adventure River Expeditions, Inc.; Advertising Alliance, Incorporated; Aee Dee Plumbing and Heating Contractors, Incorporated; AEI Ventures, Inc,; Aero Industrial Marketing, Inc.; Aero-Bats, Inc.; Aeronautical Development Institute, Inc., The; African-American International Development Inc.; Afro-Am Books, Inc.; Afro-American Athletes in Action, Inc.; Afton Civic Association; AGRI, Growth & Management Corp.; AGS Services Corporation; AGS Services International, Inc.; Aim - Holobeam Development Corporation; Air Cargo Transit, Inc.; Air Caribbean Transport, Inc.; Air Century, Limited; Air Check Inc.; Air Inns, Inc.; Air Photo International, Inc.; Air Structures, Inc.; Air Transport Facilities, Inc.; Air Trend, Inc.; Air Twentieth Century Shuttle, Inc.; Air Twentieth Century, Limited; Air-Tran Inc.; Airline Traffic Television Information Center, Inc.; Airtech, Incorporated; Al Roth's House of Cards, Inc.; Alaska Development Company; Alaska Growth Fund, Ltd.; Alaska Oil & Mineral Co., Inc.; Alaska Shop of Lake Forest, International, Inc., The; Albert Donald Corporation; Alcorn Environmental Corp.; Alcorn International, Inc.; Alex Lucas Productions, Inc.; Alfie's Fish & Chips, Inc.; Alfred A. Mousley, Jr., Inc.; Alfred Hofmann, Inc.; Aljack Realty, Inc.; All Oceans Marine Consultants, Ltd.; All Seas Tanker Chartering, Inc.; All Weather Roofing Co., Inc.; All-America Football Associates, Inc.; All-Channel Television Society; All-State Properties, Inc. of California; Allegheny Development Corporation; Allegheny Services Inc.; Allen Leasing Corporation; Allen R. Seeburger, Inc.; Allied Charter Trust Company; Allied Insurance, Inc.; Allied Printing Corp.; Allied Tankers, Inc.; Allison Sales Co., Inc.; Alloway Steamship Company; Allstate Yacht Rentals, Ltd.; Almond Paper Co., Inc.; Alphabetland, Incorporated; Alpine Gas and Oil Corp.; Alpine National Corporation; Alpine Oil Company, Inc.; Alpine Oil Exploration Funds, Ltd.; Alsco Exteriors, Inc.; Altoona Aviation Corporation; Amalco, Inc.; AMBCO International Incorporated; Ambionic Designs, Inc.; Ambionics Environmental Control Systems, Inc.; America Two Hundred, Inc.; American - International Consultants, Ltd.; American Academic Environments, Inc.; American Anglers Inc.; American Aztec Company, The; American Beauty Industries, Inc.; American Blind Association; Company; Able Cesspool Service, Inc.; Academy Gardens, Inc.; Academy of Computer Technology, Inc.; Access Information Flow, Inc. (AIF Inc.); Accredited Accounting Services, Inc.; Accurate Electronics Inc.; Accurate Inventory Service, Inc.; Ace Beverages, Inc.; Achievement, Inc.; Ackerman - Meridith Productions, Inc.; Acorn Television Corp.; Acquisition Newsletter, Inc.; Aerodyne, Inc.; ACS Industries, Inc.; Action Air Cooperative Shippers Association; Action Pak Inc.; Action-Age, Inc.; Ad Reprint Service, Inc.; Administrative Systems, Inc.; Adtheonics, Inc.; Advance Cleaners, Inc.; Advance Industries Ltd.; Advance Investment Fund, Inc.; Advance Radiators, Inc.; Advances Data Systems, Inc.; Advanced Integrated Plan-American Book Club; American Capital Corporation of Tennessee; American Career Service, Inc.; American Challenge Educational Game Corp.; American Charitable Enterprise Foundation; American Chemosol Corporation; American Complex, Inc.; American Computer Management, Inc.; American Craftsmen, Inc.; American Cruise Lines, Inc.; American Diversified Industries Corp.; American Educational Products Corporation; American Engineering Corporation; American Equity Corp.; American Freight Car Corporation; American Geothermal Power Corporation; American Gift Check Corp.; American Girl Service, Inc.; American Housing Corporation; American Hydrofoils, Inc.; American Hytrox Corporation; American Institute For Human Engineering and Development, The; American International Builders, Inc.; American International Business Research Corporation; American Leisure Corporation; American Line Cosmetics, Inc.; American Management and Engineering Group, Inc.; American Medical Industries Inc.; American Milgrowth Corporation; American Mutual Publishing Corporation; American National Industries, Inc.; American Overseas Shipping Corp.; American Pollution Control Corporation; American Pre-Schools, Inc.; American Properties and Financial Corporation; American Properties, Inc.; American Rail Car Corporation; American Residyne Corporation; American Resource Development, Inc.; American School of Lima Foundation; American Siwin Merchandise Corporation; American Tailoring Enterprises, Ltd.; American Tape Library, Ltd.; American Telluride Corporation; American Terminals, Inc.; American Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing Corporation; American Total Energy Leasing Corporation; American Treat, Inc.; American Video Corporation; American Visual Library, Inc.; American Weco Co.; American Wire Rope Manufacturers Association; Americana Development Corp.; Amerind Container Services, Inc.; AMGO Tours, Inc.; AMI Structures, Inc.; AMIS Corporation; Ampro, Ltd.; Analab Inc.; Analytical Services Corporation; Ancira & Thomas, Incorporated; Anco Industries, Inc.; Andres Bello University Foundation; Angola-By-The-Bay Association; Animated Medical Laboratories, Inc.; Animated Novelties, Inc.; Anne Quinn Corp.; Anthony Conforti, Inc.; Anthony Gibbs, Inc.; Apartment Communities Day Care Center Inc.; Apollo Estates Corp.; Apollo International Corporation; Appalachian Oil & Gas Corporation; Applied Computer Sciences, Inc.; Applied Industrial Metrology, Ltd.; Applied Research of Delaware, Inc.; Aqua-Base, Inc.; Aqua-Genie Enterprises, Inc.; Aqua-Sol Corporation; Aqua-nox, Inc.; Aquapol International, Inc.; Aquarius Intercontinental Ltd.; Aquascience, Inc.; Ar-Lee Sales, Inc.; Arby's, Inc.; ARC Chemical Corporation; ARCH Foundation; Archer Woods Memorial Park, Inc.; Arcon, Inc.; Arcweld, Inc.; Ardsley Chemical Corp.; Argee Trading Corporation; Argosy, Inc.; Arguay, Inc.; Aries, Inc.; Arleigh Corporation, The; Armament Systems and Procedures, Inc.; Arrival Publishing, Inc.; Arrow Disposal Corporation; Arrow Signs & Displays, Inc.; Art-Build Industries, Inc.; Arthur Corporation; Arthur's of Auburn, Inc.; Artisan, Inc.; Artman Construction Co.; Artman Industries, Inc.; Arts and Friends Society; Arty Martin Enterprises, Inc.; Arvonia Realty Company Number 2; ASC Meat Imports, Ltd.; ASC Shipping Corporation; Ashley K. Dearing Foundation, Inc.; Asia Management Corporation; Asia Pacific Corporation Ltd.; Asia Services, Inc.; Asiaman (USA), Inc.; Asset Managers, Inc.; Associated Dairy Products Company of Utah, Inc.; Associated Executives Club, Incorporated; Associated Royal Crown Bottling Company; Association for Educational Improvement, Inc.; Association for Retirement of the National Debt of the United States; Association for Two-Child Families, Inc.; Association of MBA Executives; Astor Mills, Inc.; Astra-Color, Inc.; Astro Pactor, Inc.; Atar Computer Systems, Inc.; Atchison Engineering, Inc.; Atchison Products, Inc.; Atchison Trans-Power Inc.; Athens Development Corporation; Athletic Timer, Inc.; Athlon Corporation, The; Atlantic & Caribbean Barge Lines, Inc.; Atlantic Coast Growers, Inc.; Atlantic Films Corporation; Atlantis Corporation; Atlas Bargain Centers, Inc.; Atlas Subsidiaries of Delaware, Inc.; Atlas Subsidiaries of Georgia, Inc.; ATO Chemicals Inc.; Aubert Management, Inc.; Audio Visual Enterprises, Inc.; Audio-Video Systems, Ltd.; Aura Jewel, Inc.; Aurora Development Corporation; Aurora Inns of Florida, Inc.; Aurora Inns of Jacksonville, Inc.; Austin Pacific Industries, Inc.; AustralAsia Consultants, Inc.; Australia Fund, Inc., The; Auto Analysts International, Ltd.; Auto Leasing, Inc.; Autofile Corporation; Autolok Casters, Inc.; Automated Credit Reports, Inc.; Automated Data Services, Inc.; Automated Industries, Inc.; Automated Industry Detail, Inc.; Automated Optics, Inc.; Automated Sewing Apparatus, Inc.; Automatic Coil Company of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Automatic Machinery, Inc.; Automatic Sanitary Equipment Corporation; Automatic Systems and Marketing Corporation; Automatic Transmission Centers of America, Inc.; Automed, Inc.; Automedic Laboratories of America, Inc.; Automotive Electronics, Inc.; Automotive Safety Industries, Incorporated; Autosport Products, Inc.; AVC Enterprise, Inc.; Avenues Unlimited, Inc.; AVI Educational Group, Inc.; Aviation Industries Co.; Aviation Trades Corporation; Award Music, Inc.; Axioms Productions, Inc.

B& B Marine Engines, Inc.; B& C Associates, Inc.; B D Paper Company, Inc.; B. Co., Inc.; B.B. and J. Miller, Inc.; B.K. Anderson Construction Company; B & B Truck Leasing, Inc.; B & H Supply Company; B-F Films Corp.; B-K Fund, Inc., The; Bachaven Incorporated; Back Bay Properties, Inc.; Bahama Cruises Agency, Inc.; Balanced Environment Group Inc.; Balanced Financial Plans of America, Inc.; Ballymoss Productions, Inc.; Balzer Industries Inc.; Bamboo Country, Inc.; Bancroft Mfg. Co., Inc.; Band Boosters Association of the Rose HillMinquadale School District; Banner Biscuit Company, Inc.; Banner Development Corporation; Banner Leasing Company; Baptist Funding Company, Inc., The; Bar-Rich Productions, Inc.; Bara Industries Corp.; Barber & Company, Inc.; Barclay Service Corporation; Barnai Industries, Inc.; Barney & Charley, Inc.; Barrington Hills Rental Properties, Inc.; Barstan Electronics Corporation; Barton Corporation of Salisbury; Basic Resources, Inc.; Bates Financial Corporation; Bates, Joseph & Wood, Inc.; Bateson & Company; Battery & Electric Corporation; Batton Corporation; Bauer Industries, Inc.; Bauer, Sheaffer & Lear, Inc.; Bay Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; Bay Side, Inc.; Baycrest Corporation; Bayreuth Agency Incorporated, The; Bayshore Resources Company, Inc.; BCF Coporation; BCS Productions, Ltd.; Beach Corporation; Beach House Civic Association; Beacon Builders, Inc.; Bearing Jobbers, Inc.; Beaufort Agency, Inc.; Beavers-Berger, Inc.; Beco Import & Export Ltd.; Bedford Package Store, Inc.; Bedford Securities Corporation; Beetler Beauty Service of Indiana, Inc.; Bel Incorporated; Bell Eastern Corporation; Bellalome Corporation; Bellas Hess Catalog Stores, Inc., of Mississippi; Bellas Hess Catalog Stores, Inc., of Missouri; Bellas Hess Catalog Stores, Inc., of Kansas; Belle Products Company; Belmont Franchising Corp.; Belvedere Hotel Operating Co., Inc.; Bergen Express Co., Inc.; Berger-Rivenburgh, Inc.; Berkley Development Corporation; Berkshire Associates, Inc.; Bernard Troyan, Inc.; Best International Talent Ltd.; Beta Epsilon Phi, Inc.; Betoon, Ltd.; Bethany Realty, Inc.; Better Homes of Millsboro, Inc.; Better Service Drywall Installers, Inc.; Bettina Properties, Inc.; Betts and Brittingham Masonary Contractors, Inc.; Betty Travel, Inc.; BGWS Industries, Inc.; Bible Cassette Club, Inc., The; Bickham Engineering Corporation; Big "Z" Inter-national Corporation; Big T Corporation; Big Wheel Truck Stop, Inc.; Biggers & Stover, Inc.; bill boydston, inc.; Bill Ghent Ford, Inc.; Bill Peck Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; Bill Stokes Trucking Co., Inc.; Bio Data Laboratories, Inc.; Bio Engineering International, Ltd.; Bio-Med Computer Services, Inc.; Bio-Medical Supply, Inc.; Bioanalysis, Incorporated; Biosystems, Inc.; Bird Road Properties, Inc.; Biter Company; Biter Freight System, Inc.; Bizcincorp Inc.; BJJ Hotel Supply Company; Black "N" Proud Products, Inc.; Black Alliance Revolving Loan Fund, The; Black Enterprises, Inc.; Black International, Inc.; Black Pride, Incorporated; Black River Petroleum Corporation; Blairstown Industries, Inc.; Blake Innovative Technologies, Inc.; Blanchard Holding, Inc.; Blazer Sales Corp., The; Block's Inc.; Blom Brothers Company; Bloomington Foods, Inc.; Blue Skies, Inc.; Blue-Brick Capital Corp.; Blueline Guard Dog Service, Inc.; BMAL Corporation; Boats & Motors, Ltd.; Bob Peters Used Cards, Inc.; Bobb, Inc.; Bolivian American Oil Co.; Bolivian Press, Ltd.; Bolo Corporation; Bonanza Air Lines, Inc.; Bond Engineering Corporation; Bonded Roofers, Inc.; Bontec Industries, Inc.; Book Mart, Inc.; Bookleaf, Inc.; Boot-Tique, Ltd.; Borough Truck Leasing, Inc.; Bosco International, Inc.; Boston Buffet, Inc.; Bove's Tavern & Package Store, Inc.; Bradford Construction Corp.; Bradley Intercontinental Mortgage Company of Delaware; Brainpower U.S.A., Incorporated; Branch Realty Co., Inc.; Brandenburg and Associates, Inc.; Branding Iron Butcher Shops, Inc.; Brandywine Carpet Service, Inc.; Brandywine Employment Co., Inc.; Brandywine Holding Co.; Brandywine Investment Corporation; Brandywine Limited; Brandywine Liquors, Inc.; Brandywine Shoppe, Inc.; BRE Corporation; Bread Basket Corporation; Bret Distributor, Inc.; Bri-Time Industries, Inc.; Bridge Realty and Development Corp.; Bridgton Company, Inc., The; Bridgton Management Corporation; Bridgton Securities Corporation; Bright and Morning-Star Baptist Church Corp., The; Broadcast Action, Incorporated; Brooklyn Eagle, Inc.; Brothers 4, Inc.; Brusa, Inc.; BTF Corporation, The; Buckeye Holdings, Limited; Buckingham Super Markets, Inc.; Budget Plan of Newark, Inc., The; Budget Plan of Wilmington, Inc., The; Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Inc.; Bulk Distribution Service, Inc.; Bulk Navigation & Towing, Inc.; Bullseye Lighting Products Corporation; Bumbles International, Inc.; Bunting Farms, Inc.; Burch Controls, Inc.; Burgess, Inc.; Business Exchange West, Inc.; Business Research and Engineering Corporation; Businessman's Medical Research Foundation, The; Bustan Construction Co.; Busy Bea, Inc.; Butler Management Corporation; Buy-Merge-Sell, Inc.; By Appointment Only, Inc.; Byland Corporation; Byrd Information Systems Corporation.

C & D, Inc.; C & J Contractors, Inc.; C&R Industries, Inc.; C and W Enterprises, Inc.; C I Builders, Inc.; C K S Engineers Inc.; C U C Securities Corp.; C 3 - Incorporated; C. & F. Enterprises; C. G. & M. Builders, Inc.; C. G. H. Aero Club, Inc.; C. M. L. Corporation; C. R. Bell & Sons, Inc.; C.A.H. Company; C.J. Kensey, Inc.; C*S Products, Inc.; Cable TV Systems Development, Inc.; Cadre Publishing Co., Inc.; Cairo Hotel Corporation; Cake & Sons, Inc.; Cal Corporation; Caliente, Inc.; California Program & Concessions Co. East, Inc.; California Research & Development Corporation; California Standard Corporation; Californian Laboratory for Crayfish Genetics and Ecology, Inc.; Callahan Impl. Co. Inc.; Callemers Corp.; Callicutt Corporation, The; Camac Training Facilities, Inc.; Cambridge Development Capital Corporation; Cambridge Group, Inc.; Camelot Companies of America, The; Camelot, Ltd.; Cameo Appliance Company Inc.; Cameo Furniture Co. Inc.; Campana Corporation, Inc.; Campertime Industries, Inc.; Campus Cinema Corporation; Campus Cinema Realty Corporation; Campus Pharmacy, Inc.; Camsec, Inc.; Cannon Construction Corp.; Cantata Choir, Inc., The; Canterbury Council No. 36 Junior Order United American Mechanics, Inc.; Cantrell & Cochrane Ltd., Inc.; Cap-Well Enterprises, Inc.; Cape Canaveral Holiday Office Centers, Inc.; Cape Henlopen Marine, Inc.; Cape Holding Company; Capilustro of America, Inc.; Capital Advisors, Inc.; Capital Consultants Corporation; Capital Exploration Corporation; Capital Growth Corp.; Capital Resources Corporation; Capital Restaurant Corporation of Washington, D.C.; Capital Scale Co., Inc.; Capricorn Corporation; Caravelle International, Inc.; Carbondale T.V. Mart, Inc.; Card Automatic Recording Data, Inc.; Career Center, Inc.; Career Enterprises, Inc.; Cargomasters, Inc.; Carib-Leisure, Inc.; Caribbean Constructors Ltd.; Caribbean International Associates, Inc.; Caribbean International Enterprises Inc.; Caribbean Leasing Corporation; Caribbean Modules Inc.; Caribbean Resorts, Ltd.; Carl Rogers and Sons, Inc.; Carlson Development Corporation; Carnival News, Inc.; Carole Corporation; Carousel World Imports Corp.; Carroll Graphics, Inc.; Cartoning Machinery Corporation; Caruthers Associates, Inc.; Caryl Carpets, Inc.; Cas-Tell, Inc.; Cash Club, Inc.; Cash On The Line Co.; Cass Incorporated of Delaware; Cassette Music Corporation; Cassette Systems, Inc.; Cassette-Cartridge Corporation; Catalina Delaware Properties, Inc.; Cathel Enterprise, Inc.; Causal Behavior Studies, Inc.; Cavalier Pictures, Ltd.; Cavanagh Equities Corp.; Caybis Inc.; CDC Capital Corporation; CDC Financial Corporation; Cecil Investment Company; Cedar Publishing Corp.; Ceir Leasing Corporation; Cellu-Craft Foundation, The; Centaur Equipment Company; Centaur Recreation Enterprises, Incorporated; Centennial Concrete Corporation; Center City Rent-A-Car, Inc.; Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Inc., The; Centeram Corporation; Central Air Systems, Incorporated; Central Entertainment Corp.; Central Hobbies, Inc.; Central Investment Co.; Central Purchasing & Service Agency, Inc.; Centre-Mark International, Inc.; Centrex International Corporation; Century Computer Services, Inc.; Century Investment Transfer Corp.; Century Systems, Inc.; Century 21 Beautiques, Inc.; Ceramic Sciences, Inc.; Cerulean Firmament Corp.; CGC Corporation; Challenge Foundation, Inc.; Cham-Pagne Properties, Inc.; Champion Printing Ink Company, Incorporated; Champion Tennis & Squash, Inc.; Championship Sports Corporationl; Chancellor Industries, Inc.; Chandalar Gold Mines, Inc.; Chaney Research Foundation; Chantemp, Inc.; Char-Tech Corporation; Char-Tu Corporation; Charcoal Bowl, Inc.; Chargene, Inc.; Charles A. Bail, Inc.; Charles C. Guentner Corporation; Charles M. Leo, Inc.; Charles McClure Investment Co., Inc.; Charles U. Martin, Inc.; Carter Bulk Service, Inc.; Charter Bulk, Inc.; Charter National Corporation; Charter Oak Investors Corporation; Chas. L. Baxter Lumber Company; Chas-Ann, Inc.; Chavis Construction Co.; Check-A-Matic, Inc.; Checkatron of America Corporation; Chemcor Industries, Inc.; Chemgas Transporters, Inc.; Chemical Data Systems, Inc.; Chemical Pollution Control Corporation; Chemical Resources International Corporation; Chempath Products, Ltd.; Chemtra Industries Corp.; Chess Company, The; Chestnut Hill Teenagers, Inc.; Chestnut Scandinavian Theatre, Inc.; Chicagoan Hotel Co.; Chicken Delight of Chester, Inc.; Chief Bender's, Inc.; Child Development Centers, Inc.; Child Development Consultants, Inc.; Chippewa Corporation; Chloe Corporation; Chlormetals Incorporated; Chosen Friends Lodge No. 35, I.O.O.F., Inc.; Christmas Club Corporation; Christy Trades School Inc.; Cinbar Corp.; Cine Color Corporation; Cinema Assignments Inc.; Cinema City Associates, Ltd.; Cinema City Development Company, Inc.; Cinema World Corporation; Cinemanagement Inc.; Cinephonics Incorporated; Cinesound, Corp.; Cinetronics Group, Inc., The; Circa Corporation; Circle Realty Co.; Cisco Enterprises, Inc.; Citadel Enterprises, Inc.; Citizens For Justice With Order (A Foundation); City Venture Corporation; Civilian Career Counselors, Inc.; CIV-POL Ltd.; CKD, Inc.; Clark Implement Company; Clark-Aiken International, Inc.; Clayman-Carlo, Inc.; Claymont Youth Council, Inc.; Clean Environment, Inc.; CleanAir-Ator Corporation; Clear Water Products, Inc.; Clements and Courtright, Inc.; Clennon Electric, Inc.; Climate Control Systems, Incorporated; Clipper Marine Corporation; Coastal Air Services, Inc.; Cobra Corporation; Cochrans' Bus Company, Inc.; Cocoa-Coffee International Corporation; Coffco Distributors, Inc.; Cogistics Inc.; Coin Vend Sales Inc.; Colby Development Corporation; Colby Productions, Inc.; Coleman Oil Investment Company, Inc.; Coliseum Natural Gas Corporation; Collegium Ltd.; Collier International Oil Corporation; Collins De Puerto Rico, Inc.; Colmar Credit, Inc.; Colonial Arms Motel, Inc.; Colonial Imports, Inc.; Colonial Inn Corporation; Colonial Medical and Development Company; Colonial Restaurant, Incorporated; Colonial Wool Company, Inc.; Colony Construction Corporation; Columbia Seafoods, Inc.; Column Technology, Inc.; Combined Financial Resources, Inc.; Combined Property Maintenance, Inc.; Come and Dine Gospel Chorus, Inc.; Comed, Inc.; Comet Travel, Inc.; Comfort Control Corp.; Comfort Masters, Inc.; Commercial Leasing Corp.; Commercial Typographers, Inc.; Commodore Jet Sales of America, Inc.; Communications America, Inc.; Communications Engineering Consultants, Inc.; Communications Facilities, Incorporated; Communications Marketing, Inc.; Communications Repair Corporation; Community Construction Corporation; Community Holding, Inc.; Community Realty Company; Community Services, Inc. of Delaware; Comoco, Inc.; Compania Constructora Elmhurst, Ltd.; Complete Industrial Enterprises, Inc.; Component Parts Worldwide, Inc.; Components Technology Corporation; Composition Applications, Inc.; Comprehensive Computer Systems, Inc.; Comprehensive Marketing Corp.; Comprehensive Sports Planning, Inc.; Compufilm Booking Service, Inc.; Cumpulith Corp.; Compumath, Inc.; Compumedia Associates, Inc.; Compumetrics, Inc.; Compute-O-Gram Systems, Inc.; Computer Calendar Corp.; Computer Efficiency Corporation; Computer Environments Corporation of Vermont; Computer Facilities Management Corporation; Computer Fulfillment, Inc.; Computer Group, Inc., The; Computer Investment Associates, Inc.; Computer Management Aids Corp.; Computer Network Corporation; Computer Programing Consultants, Inc.; Computer Systems/ Graphics, Inc.; Computer Utilities Corporation; Computicket Corporation; Computicket Corporation of California; Comtech Management Inc.; Conack Uranium Corporation; Conback Incorporated; Concord Products Corp.; Concrete Components, Inc.; Concrete Placement, Inc. of Delaware; Condominium World Incorporated; Conflo, Inc.; Congo Soda Pop Co., Inc.; Connecticut Hospital Electronic Leasing Products Inc.; Conotech, Inc.; Conrad Realty Company, Inc.; Consolidated Artists, Inc.; Consolidated Gas & Equipment Company of America; Consolidated Graphic Foundation, Inc.; Consolidated Information Corporation; Consolidated Resources Corporation; Consolidated School Systems, Inc.; Consortium International, Inc.; Constellation Corporation; Constitutional Alliance, Inc.; Construction Leasing Systems, Inc.; Consult, Inc.; Consultants For Interamerican Operations, Inc.; Consulting Associates, Inc.; Consultrainers, Ltd.; Consumer Auto Leasing, Ltd.; Consumer Communication Systems, Inc.; Consumer Merchant Co-op, Inc.; Consumer Specialty Corp.; Consumer-Investor Planning Corporation; Consumers' Co-op Incorporated; Contact Unlimited Corporation; Contact, Inc.; Container Management Corp.; Contempart Originals, Ltd.; Continental Art Galleries, Ltd.; Continental Beverages, Inc.; Continental Consulting Corp.; Continental Cosmetics, Inc.; Continental Data Sciences Corporation; Continental Food Service, Inc.; Continental Illinois Investment Syndicate, S. A.; Continental International Corporation; Continental Land and Cattle Company, Inc.; Continental United Corporation of America; Contract Service Hauling, Inc.; Control Associates, Incorporated; Control Equipment Corporation of New England, Inc.; Control Securities Corporation; Control Systems Electronics, Inc.; Control Systems, Inc.; Cool Springs Saddlery, Ltd.; Cooper Jewelry Corporation; Cooper-Wheeler, Inc.; Cooperative Resedich, Inc.; Coordinated Industries, Inc.; Corin Fund, Inc., The; Cork County Properties, Inc.; Corona Corporation; Corporate Communications Council, Inc., The; Corporate Consultants International Inc.; Corporate Development Associates, Inc.; Corporate Forum, Inc.; Corporate Image Builders, Ltd.; Corporate Lands, Inc.; Corporate Search and Match, Inc.; Correspondent Clearing Corp.; Corridor Management Company, Inc.; Cosmetic Care, Inc.; Cosmevo Ltd.; Cosmopolitan Specialties Realty Corporation; Council for Evaluation of Economic Programs, Inc.; Council for Marketing, Inc., The; Country Knit Fabrics, Inc.; Country Tweeds, Ltd.; County Drywall, Inc.; County Shopping Center; Cove Haven, Inc.; Cow Bay Manpower Development Corp.; Creations by Tina, Inc.; Creative Bathroom Designers, Inc.; Creative Directors Incorporated; Creative Holographix Corp.; Creative Learning, Inc.; Crescent Electric Co., Inc.; Crescent General Corporation (Delaware); Crest Industries, Inc.; Cresknit Industries, Inc.; Crey, Inc.; Crime Prevention Industries, Inc.; Crimson Clothiers, Inc.; Criteria International Corporation; Cromwell Management Company; Cross Printing, Inc.; Crossroads Boys State, Inc., The American Legion; Crown Coffee Service, Ltd.; Crown Construction Company; Crown Jewels, Inc.; Crown-Oldsmobile, Inc.; Croydon Hotel Co.; Cruise Brands, Inc.; Crymagen, Incorporated; Cryogenic Carriers Inc.; Cryotronics, Inc.; Cryptographic Techniques, Inc.; Crystal Bay Drilling Company; Crystal International Travel, Inc.; CSC Pacific, Inc.; CSI, Inc.; Cunningham & Tyler, Incorporated; Cur-Ric Petroleum & Gas Corporation; Curriculum Development, Inc.; Custom Creation Corp.; Custom Storages Inc.; Cutler Publications, Inc.; Cybernetics International Corporation; Cybertek, Inc.; Cypress Homes, Inc.; Cypress Management Company, The D & E Trucking Co., Inc.; D & F Trucking, Inc.; D. & J. B. Company; D & M Contractors, Inc.; D & M, Inc.; D & M Trucking Incorporated; D&P Consultants of Florida, Inc.;

D&S Medical Co., Inc.; D & W, Inc.; D. C. Engraving Company; D.C.L. Enterprises, Inc.; D M & L Construction Co. of California, Inc.; D. S. B., Incorporated; D-Mac Aviation Sales, Inc.; Dade Liquors Company; Dadniss Corporation, The; Daedalus Corporation; Dahl Air Conditioning and Heating Co.; Daigle Motors, Inc.; Dairytown Corporation; Dairytown Holdings, Inc.; Dairy-town National Corporation; DaJon Inc.; Dale Corporation; Damnco Construction Company, Inc.; Damnco Realty & Mortgage Company, Inc.; Dan H. Rholetter Trash Removal, Inc.; Dan Mar Dis, Inc.; Danby Builders & Decorators, Inc.; Daniel Starch & Staff Worldwide Ltd.; Danjo-Martin, Inc.; Danko Corp.; Danro Corporation; Dari-Beef Improvement Co.; Darrell Partlow, Inc.; Dashew Business Machines, Inc.; Data Action Corporation; Data Credit Services, Inc.; Data Display Corporation; Data Enterprises, Incorporated; Data International Corporation; Data Metrics, Inc.; Data Processing Security, Inc.; Data Processing Supplies Corporation; Data Systems Support International, Inc.; data-site international, inc.; Data-Staffers, Inc.; Dathol Laboratories, Inc.; Davbrown Corporation; Dave Chapman, Design, Inc.; Davrae Enterprises, Inc.; Day and Night Food Marts, Inc.; Day Care Centers of America Incorporated; Day Care Services, Inc.; Dayton Universal, Inc.; DDA Corporation; de Britto Irmaos Compania Limitada; Dean Kraft, Inc.; DeBlasio & Wald, Incorporated; Decade Fund - 1967, Inc., The; Decade Hedge Fund, Inc.; Deedle Custom Kitchens, Inc.; DEF, Inc.; Dehydrated Products International, Inc.; DEI Industries, Inc.; Del Corp.; Deland Associated Industries, Inc.; Delaware Associates, Inc.; Delaware Association of Tobacco Distributors; Delaware Baptist State Convention, Inc.; Delaware Bus Company; Delaware Chuckwagons, Inc.; Delaware Citizens Right to Bear Arms, Inc.; Delaware City Community Improvement Association; Delaware Convention & Tourist Center, Inc.; Delaware County Dry Wall Co., Inc.; Delaware Defenders of the Republic, Inc.; Delaware Fund For Civil Investigation, Inc.; Delaware Gasoline, Inc.; Delaware Insurance Group, Inc.; Delaware Lease Air, Inc.; Delaware Medical School Foundation; Delaware Mobile Telephone Company; Delaware Partners of the Alliance, Inc.; Delaware Resources Corporation; Delaware Roofing Co., Inc.; Delaware Sheep and Wool Association, Incorporated; Delaware State Music, Inc.; Delaware Teachers In Politics Association; Delaware Transfer & Storage Inc.; Delaware Underwriting Reports, Inc.; Delaware Valley Development Corporation, The; Delaware Valley Properties, Inc.; Delaware Zoo, Inc., The; Delco Roamers Motorcycle Club, Inc.; Delib Unlimited, Ltd.; Delle Donne Construction Company; Delmar Boulevard Properties, Incorporated; Delmarva Acceptance Corporation; Delmarva Development Company; Delmex Corp.; Delray Industrial Properties, Ltd.; Delta Automated Systems, Inc.; Delta Microwave Corporation; Delta Sales Company, Inc.; Delta Time-Sharing, Inc.; Demilio Corporation; Denarius Mining Company, The; Depositors Growth Fund, Inc.; Derf Productions, Inc.; Design Air Systems Incorporated; Design Consultants, Ltd.; Design-Construction Corporation; Destination Boutiques, Ltd.; Developers & Investors International, Inc.; Development General Corporation; Development Research, Inc.; Development Sciences International, Inc.; Devon Pet Specialties, Inc.; Diagnostic Corporation; Dial "N" Drive Rent-A-Car Network, Inc.; Diamond State Dairies, Inc.; Diamond State Tank Car Company; Diana Shop of Gastonia, Inc.; Diane Shipping Corporation; Diane, Inc.; Dico Productions, Inc.; Didier and Arthur, Inc.; Digital Data Leasing Corporation; 'Digitron, Inc.'; Dimension Services Corporation; Dimension V, Ltd.; Dimensions In Sound Corp.; Dino's Restaurant, Inc.; Direct-To-Farm Tractor Sales Inc.; Disco Industries, Inc.; Discount Credit Services, Inc.; Discount Mobile Home Sales, Inc.; Disposable Medical Developments, Inc.; Diversco Corporation; Diversified Equities and Development Corp.; Diversified Financial Services, Inc.; Diversified Properties Ltd. of California; Diversified Resources & Services, Inc.; Diversified Sales Consultants, Inc.; Diversified Securities, Inc.; DiVo Enterprises, Inc.; Dmerf Corporation; Doane Cadillac, Inc.; Doctors and Hospital Services, Inc.; Dodge Clothes, Inc.; Doe, Inc.; Donath Construction Company; Dominican Export & Development Corp.; Don Allen Foundation, Inc., The; Don R. Grimes, Inc.; Dorado Del Mar Hotel Corporation; Doral Management Corporation; Doric International, Inc.; Dorman Corporation; Dorothy Boylan Corp.; Dorothy Corporation; Dorset Properties, Inc.; Double Eagle Productions, Inc.; Douglas Communications Corporation; Doulane Realty, Inc.; Dover Capital Corporation; Dover General Services, Inc.; Dover Glass, Inc.; Dover Textile, Inc.; Dowling Farms, Inc.; Downtown Pizza, Inc.; Dream Kitchens, Inc.; Dress Box of Westport, Inc., The; Drew Industries Inc.; Drug Research Consultants, Inc.; Dugger-Holmes & Associates; Dukco Mines, Inc.; Dukor Modular Systems, Inc.; Dum-Dum's Enterprises, Inc.; Dunbar Buick, Inc.; Dunn Enterprises, Inc.; Duo-Smooth Corporation; Duplex Const. Co., Inc.; Duro-Last Industries, Inc.; Dynachange Growth Corporation; Dynachange Leasing Corporation; Dynamerican Corp.; Dynamic Growth Fund, Inc.; Dynex Corporation of America;

E & E Salvage, Inc.; E & H Oil, Inc.; E. E. Hummel, Inc.; E. F. M. Associates, Inc.; E. G. Shinner and Company, Inc.; E. H. Lowe Company; E. I. Commonwealth, Inc.; E. Lucerne, Corporation; E. Ray Price & Co., Inc.; E.M.E. and Associates, Inc.; E.M.S.I., Inc.; E.S.E. Stock Transfer Corp.; Eagle International Corp.; Eagleson Indian Lake Corporation; Earl R. Nutt, Inc.; Early Childhood Educational Research, Inc.; Earth Publishing Corporation; East Coast Feather Corporation; East Coast Floors, Inc.; East St. Louis Daut Drug, Inc.; East-West Constructors Inc.; East-West Management Corporation; East-West Refrigerated Express Ltd.; Eastern Data Processing Corp.; Eastern Electric Co., Inc.; Eastern Import Co. Ltd.; Eastern Ltd.; Eastern Marine Company; Eastern Mortgage Co.; Eastern Record Service Inc.; Eastern Shore Installation Co.; Eastern Shore Realty Company; Eastern Trucking Corporation; Eastern Venture Corp.; Eastgate Hotel Co.; Eastway Development Corporation; Eau Claire, Inc.; EBCO Corporation; Ebony Wholesale Liquor & Wine Distributors, Inc.; Eckington Investment Corporation; Ecological Food Society, Inc.; Ecology Research Corporation of America; Ecology, Inc.; Ecomatic Corporation; Econo-Flo Flour Service, Inc.; Economic Concepts of Delaware, Inc.; Economic Concepts of New Jersey, Inc.; Economic Properties, Inc.; Ed Weichmann, Inc.; EDC - MACDONCO, Inc.; Edmoto, Inc.; Educaids, Inc.; Education At Your Fingertips, Inc.; Educational Commercial Interiors, Inc.; Educational Health Standards, Inc.; Educational Planning Associates, Inc.; Educational Research Group, Inc.; Educational Resource Planning, Inc.; Educational Systems & Services, Inc.; Edward G. Kelly & Co., Inc.; Edward M. Company, Ltd.; Effia, Inc.; Egg-Master, U.S.A., Inc.; Eileen Desmond Beauty Salons, Inc.; EJA Holding, Inc.; El Dorado Industries, Inc.; Elcar Corporation; Eldorado Development Corporation; Electro-Aerosol Therapy Corporation; Electro-Aerosol Therapy International, Ltd.; Electro-Image, Inc.; Electro-Repairs, Inc.; Electrodata Sciences Corporation; Electromedia Corporation; Electron Beam Metals Technology, Inc.; Electronic Control Laboratories Co.; Electronic Data Information Technology, Inc.; Electronic Data Service, Inc.; Electronic Security Products, Inc.; Ell and Kay Building and Investment Company; Ellen's Cleaners, Inc.; Ellendale Excelsior Co., Inc.; Elliott Equipment Company; Ellpas Industries, Inc.; Elm Corporation; Elms Hotel Operating Co., Inc.; Elnwood, Inc.; Elrico Oil Corporation; Emanuel Music Ltd.; Emerald Forest, Inc.; Emic, Inc.; Emil J. Paidar Company; Eminence Enterprises, Inc.; Emmerson, Inc.; Empire Music Enterprises, Inc.; Empire Surveys, Inc.; Employee Communications Corporation; Employees Loan Society; Employees National Cleaning Corp.; Employment Corporation of America; Employment Systems, Inc.; Emrak Associates, Inc.; Energy Company; Energy Research Corporation of America; Engineered Sales Applications, Inc.; English Victoriana, Ltd.; Ennex, Inc.; Ennroc Productions Corp.; Ensio, Incorporated; Entrance Environment Control Company; Enviro Control Systems Corporation; Enviro Science Inc.; Environ-Aire Corporation; Environics Corporation; Environmental Alternatives, Inc.; Environmental Coatings Inc.; Environmental Dynamics Inc.; Environmental Engineering Corporation; Environmental Purification Systems, Inc.; Envirosystems Corporation; Enzymes, Incorporated; Equipment Clearing House, Inc.; Equipment Services Incorporated; Equitable Rothschild Capital Corp.; Equitech Incorporated; ERI Instrument Corporation; Errol Kaufman Companies, Inc.; ESCO Service Company, Inc.; Esperanto League for North America, Inc.; Essco Communications, Inc.; Essee Operating Corp.; Essex Charter Corp.; Estalif, Inc.; Estes Environmental Corporation; Estil Feeding & Livestock Company; Euphon Incorporated; Eureka International Insurance Investigation and Adjustment Service, Inc.; Eureka Refractories Co., Inc.; Euro American Resources, Inc.; Eurochain, Inc.; Euromanager, Incorporated; Eurosonic Telecommunication Holdings Inc.; Evans and Evans, Inc.; Evdel Technodynamics, Inc.; Excalibur Capital Corporation; Excalibur Production Corporation; Excalibur, Ltd.; Execu-Car Ltd.; Execu-Slim, Inc.; Executive Investors Company, Inc.; Executive Leasing Company, Inc.; Executive Properties, Inc.; Executive Resources International, Inc.; Exempt Transportation Specialists, Inc.; Exentine, Inc.; Exeter Industries, Inc.; Exeter Publishing Company; Exotic Plant Corporation,

The F & D Builders, Inc.; F & H Enterprises, Inc.; F and W, Inc.; F. & F. Construction, Inc.; F. C. T. Company; F. D. J., Inc.; F. I. P., Inc.; F. S. Gold Stamp Co., Inc.; F. S. Karaman & Co. Incorporated; Fabortex Corporation; Fabric Bazaar Inc.; Fabric Boutique Inc.; Fabric Store, Inc., The; Fabulous Magicians, Inc.; Facility Maintenance Corporation; Fairfax Merchants Association, Inc.; Fairmont Distributors Corporation; Fairmont Growth Fund, Inc.; Fairmont Management Corporation; Fairs International, Inc.; Faith Assembly of God, Inc.; Falcon Distributing Corporation; Falcon Group, Inc.; Falcon Management Corporation; Family First Corporation; Far East Construction and Maintenance Corp.; Far East Marketing, Inc.; Far East Worldwide Maritime, Ltd.; Fareed Corp.; Farm Stores International Corp.; Fashions by Rickardo, Inc.; Fast Amphibian Safe Transport, Inc.; Fast Food Franchises, Inc.; Fastrack Leisure Land, Inc.; Fath Corporation, The; Federal Carpets, Inc.; Federal Drug Corp.; Federal Sweets & Biscuit Company, Inc.; Fen Corporation; Feran Construction Co., Inc.; Ferro Technique Inc.; Few-mac, Incorporated; Fiberstatics Corporation; Fibreglass Industries International, Ltd.; Field Construction Company; Fiesta Enterprises, Ltd.; Fiesta Oil Corporation; Filkona Ltd.; Fill-more-International, Inc.; Film Arts International, Ltd.; Film Corporation of America; Films for Industry,. Inc.; Filmtown Stores, Inc.; Fin-Tek Corporation; Finance Investment Co.; Financial Control Corporation; Financial Development Corporation; Financial Freedom Corporation; Financial Funding Corporation; Financial Funding Corporation of America; Financial Funding Securities Corporation; Financial Logistics Corporation; Finaquip, Inc.; Finest Reading, Inc.; Finkernagel's Electric Motor Service, Inc.; First Adams Street Fund, Inc.; First Capital Management Corporation; First Charter Corporation; First Colony Corporation; First Consolidated Corporation; First General Corporation; First LaSalle Corporation; First Lincoln Development Corp.; First Monetary Corporation; First National Management Consultant Corporation; First Pacific Basin International, Inc.; First World Corporation, The; Fisher Egg Corporation; Fitch Fund, Inc., The; Five Points Package Store, Inc.; Flaggways, Inc.; Flagmaster, Inc.; Flair for Fashions, Inc.; Fleming-Joffe Reptiles, Inc.; Fletcher Publishing Company; Flint Hills Drilling Company; Flintlock & Company, Incorporated; Flintlock Investment Corporation; Floater Manufacturing Company, Inc., The; Flocal Corporation; Florida Glass Industries Incorporated; Flow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Fluid Laminates of America, Inc.; Foam Homes of America, Inc.; Fontaine Enterprise, Incorporated; Food and Franchising Industries Corp.; Food Care Institute, Inc.; Food Operations, Inc.; Food Products Company, Ltd.; Food Technology Corporation; Foodata Corporation; Forbes Capital Corporation; Forbes Corporation; Forbes Films, Ltd.; Ford Associates, Inc.; Fore Organization, Inc., The; Forecast Fabrics, Inc.; Forest Acres Swim Club; Forestville, Inc.; Fortunato Properties, Inc.; Forum Associates, Inc.; Forward Productions Corporation; Forward Records Corporation; Foss Financial, Inc.; Foundation for NTL, Inc., The; Foundation for Pharmaceutical Research; Foundation for the Prevention of Addictive Diseases; Foundations, Inc.; Founders Capital Corporation; Fountain Enterprises, Inc.; Four Corners Enterprises, Inc.; Four J's Production Co., The; Four Pines Farm, Inc.; Four R's Inc.; Four State Fast Foods Corp.; Four State Funding Corp.; Four Winds Flying Club; Fowler Enterprizes, Inc.; Fox Island Properties, Incorporated; Fox Valley Corporation; Franchise Units International, Inc.; Frank E. Kaufman, Inc.; Frank Linder Industries, Inc.; Frank McGuire Basketball School, Inc.; Frankel Oil Corporation; Fred's Shears & Cheers, Inc.; Freden Construction Company, Inc.; Frederick Systems Corporation; Free Enterprise, Inc.; Freelance Studio, Inc., The; Freezie Corporation, The; Freight Liquidators of Delaware, Inc.; French Street Liquors, Inc.; Fred-Dyne Systems, Inc.; Froge, Inc.; Frost Feeding & Livestock Company; Fulton Corp., The; Fun, Inc.; Funanimals, Inc.; Fund Raising Ideas, Inc.; Fund-0-Matic Inc.; Fusco & Pierce, Inc.; Futuristic Building Products, Inc.;

G & F Fruit & Produce Co.; GMDA-Inc.; G. & C. Associates, Inc.; G. H. C. Corp.; G. H. Miller Development, Inc.; G. H. Miller Laboratories, Inc.; G. M. Bailey & Co.; G-R Construction Co., Inc.; G-T Properties, Inc.; Ga Trading Corporation; Gabet, Inc.; Gaines Security Equipment, Inc.; Gale Research Laboratories, Inc.; Gallery International Inc.; Gamac Industries, Inc.; Gar Creations Inc.; Gar Industries, Inc.; Garden Park Homes, Inc.; Garden State Podiatric Development and Supply Company, Inc.; Garnet Enterprises, Inc.; Gastank, Inc.; Gate Cinema Corporation; Gateway Estates, Inc.; Gay-Deb, Inc.; GCI Laboratories, Inc.; Gedway Associates, Inc.; Gemini Chit Fund, Ltd.; Gen. Dynafab, Inc.; Gencom, Inc.; General American Development Corporation; General Business & Development Corporation; General Carbon and Chemical Corporation; General Commercial Transport, Inc.; General Communications Systems, Inc.; General Drywall, Inc.; General Franchise Systems Inc.; General Information Systems Corporation; General Logics, Inc.; General Mirror Corporation; General Service Consultants Incorporated; General Technical Services, Inc.; General Unitec Corp.; General Vehicle, Inc.; Generation, Inc.; Genie Escort Service Ltd.; Genovese Family Foundation; Gentco, Inc.; Geo. H. Jett Drilling Co.; Geominerals Corporation; George Hayen Trucking Co., Inc.; George Miller Ford, Inc.; George's Place, Inc.; Georgetown Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Gerald A. Cain & Co., Inc.; Gerberly International Imports Ltd.; Geretek Corporation; Gerler Broadcasting Company; Germantown Community Council, Inc.; Gibreal Produce Co., Inc.; Gift Gallery Stamps, Inc.; Gifts Galore, Inc.; Gilt Edge Mining Corporation; Glenbrook Village, Inc.; Glendale European Enterprises, Inc., The; Glenolden Rod and Gun Club, Inc.; Glesco Electronics, Inc.; Global Veterans of World War II, Inc., The; Globe Overseas Employment Services, Inc.; Gloria Dyeing and Finishing Company, Inc.; Gloucester Steamship Company; GMP Sports, Inc.; Godfrey Finance Corporation; Gold Coin Group, Ltd., The; Golden Key Cassette Corporation; Golden Kitchen, Inc.; Golden Triangle News, Inc.; Good Books, Inc.; Gordon, Kulman & Perry, Inc.; Gotham Hotels, Ltd.; Goubaud De Paris International, Ltd.; Gough Management Services, Inc.; Gourdine Coating Systems, Inc.; Gourdine Environmental Systems, Inc.; Gourdine Systems, Inc.; Gourmet Foods, Inc.; Government Assets Fund, Inc.; Government Employees Investment Fund, Inc.; Gracious Dining, Inc.; Gramm Feeding & Livestock Company; Grammacy San Juan Corp.; Grand Prix Race-O-Rama, Inc.; Grandlen, Ltd.; Grant Robbins Co., Inc.; Graph-Fax, Inc.; Graphics Center, Inc., The; Great Eastern Financial Corp.; Greater Newport Youth Center, Inc.; Greater Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc.; Greek-American Exchange Corporation; Green Acres Inc.; Green Door, Inc.; Green Enterprise Incorporated; Green Vault, Inc., The; Greene & Ladd, Inc.; Greenheart (Demerara) Inc.; Green-leaves Products Inc.; Gregory & Sons Securities, Inc.; Greymere Company, Inc., The; Griffin Malohe Company, The; Grits & Gravy Productions, Inc.; Grover Kulhavy, Inc.; Growth Dynamics, Inc.; Growth Enterprises, Inc.; Growth Management Corporation; Grubstake Investment Association Incorporated; GSC Corporation of Everett; GSC Corporation of Fitchburg; GSC Corporation of Lawrence; GSC Corporation of Lowell; GSC Corporation of Malden; GSC Corporation of Salem; GSC Corporation of Saugus; Guardian Enterprises, Inc.; Guardian Securities, Inc.; Guidance Systems Corporation of Puerto Rico; Gulf Caribbean Land & Cattle Corp.; Gulf Coast Chemicals, Inc.; Gulf Interocean Steamship Company; Gulf States Marine Corporation; Gulf-Atlantic Tile & Terrazzo Corp.; GVP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.;

H & H Materials, Inc.; H & H Refrigerated Lines, Inc.; H & H Services Inc.;HLBB Corporation; H. & S. Engineering, Inc.; H. B. H. Corporation; H. Burton Elliott, Inc.; H. Kay & Son Real Estate, Inc.; H. L. E., Inc.; H. P. 0. Services, Inc.; H. R. & W. Development, Inc.; Hab Monsur Corporation; Haber Electric Company; Hackett & LaJohn Associates, Inc.; Hadley Freight Lines, Inc.; Hair Centers, Inc.; Haiti and II. Tortue, Inc.; Hal Computer, Inc.; Tralland Integrated Services, Inc.; Hamilton & W. Weimer Liquors, Inc.; Hamilton Advisory Corporation; Hamilton Mint, Inc.; Hancock Investment House, Inc.; Handy Boys, Inc.; Handy Trucking, Inc.; Happi-Freeze, Inc.; Happy Tiger Records, Inc.; Har Bar Ranch, Inc.; Harbor Island Spa of Mexico, Inc.; Harkee Corporation; Harlan & Hollingsworth Service Corporation; Harrisburg Foods, Inc.; Hartman Brothers Music, Inc.; Hartman/Barker Music, Inc.; Harvill Enterprises, Inc.; Harwich Management Co.; Hawaiian Ranchos, Inc.; Head Hunters, Inc.; Health Complete Enterprises, Inc.; Helicab Airways, Inc.; Helios Films, Inc.; Hellman Tire Co., Inc.; Help People, Inc.; Hemisphere Energy Inc.; Hemisphere Metal Resources, Inc.; Hemisphere Resorts Corporation; Hemisphere Resources Corporation; Hemisphere Supervisors, Inc.; Hemlock, Inc.; Henderson Properties, Inc.; Henry A. Knott of Delaware, Inc.; Henry W. Peacock and Associates, Inc.; Herbert P. Nunn, Inc.; Heritage Electronic & Appliance Sales, Inc.; Heritage Foundation, Inc., The; Heritage Investors, Inc.; Herndon Venture, Inc.; Herrmann's Pharmacy, Inc.; Hershey Financial Corporation; "Hi-Neighbor" of Kent County, Inc.; "Hi-Neighbor" 102 Inc.; Hi-Tail Aircraft Corp.; Hickory Chef International Inc.; Hickory Rib Houses of America, Inc.; Hickory Wheel Restaurants, Ltd.; Hightec Fund, Inc.; Highview Corporation, The; Hilags, Inc.; Hillside, Inc.; Hilltop House, Inc.; Hilltop Restaurant, Inc.; HKW Corp.; Hobby Isle Incorporated; Hockessin Pharmacy Inc.; Hogue Foundation Training Center Inc.; Hole Hogg, Incorporated; Holiday Furniture Co.; Holiday Health Clubs, Inc.; Holiday Thrift Club, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Arizona, Inc.; Holiday Trailer Lodges of Colorado, Inc.; Holland Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; Hollywood International Productions, Inc.; Hollywood International Studios, Inc.; Holroyd Pontiac, Inc.; Holzer Electric Corporation; Holzweg Sutton Agency, Inc.; Home Services Company; Home Stitch Shops, Inc.; Homestead Industries, Inc.; Hop Loy, Inc.; Horizon Studies, Inc.; Horner & Sprat, Inc.; Horseless Trolley, Inc., The; Hospital Associates, Inc.; Hotel Bookings Ltd.; House of Brothers, Inc., The; House of Prayer, Inc., The; House of Records, Inc., The; Housing Data Corporation; Housing Development Corporation of America; Houston Biochemical International, Inc.; Howard Construction Corp.; Howard L. Shockley & Sons, Inc.; Howard Machine Products Co., Inc.; Howmar, Inc.; HPL Corp.; HS Corporation; Hub Realty of Illinois, Inc.; Hubert Nolle, Inc.; Hudson Amusement Corp.; Human Services, Inc.; Hummel Environmental Techniques, Inc.; Hunt Chemical Corporation; Hunter Management International H M I Corporation; Huron Square Building Corporation; Hurst Trucking Inc.; Hy-Jen Industrial Supply Co.; Hydro Pollution Control Corporation; Hydro-Mite, Ltd.; Hydrostructors Co.; Hylander's Inc.; Hypra, Inc.;

I Am Enterprises, Inc.; I. P. S., Inc.; I.B.C., Inc.; I.N.C. Corp.; I-Pac Industry-Parents Against Crime, Inc.; IAS Corporation; IBX Corporation; ICG Corporation; Ichtheographics Inc.; Idea Chief Executives, Inc.; Idea Computer Services, Inc.; Idea Credit Pool, Inc.; Idea Development, Inc.; Idea Electronics, Inc.; Idea Evaluation, Inc.; Idea Financial Operations, Inc.; Idea Financing, Inc.; Idea Funding, Inc.; Idea Generators, Inc.; Idea Insurance, Inc.; Idea Interiors, Inc.; Idea Investments, Inc.; Idea Leasing, Inc.; Idea Machinery, Inc.; Idea Manufacturing, Inc.; Idea Market Research, Inc.; Idea Marketing Services, Inc.; Idea Natural Resources, Inc.; Idea Oil & Gas, Inc.; Idea Operations, Inc.; Idea Product Research, Inc.; Idea Promotion, Inc.; Idea Real Estate, Inc.; Idea Sales, Inc.; Idea-Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.; Idec Corporation; Identification Development Corporation International; ILA, Ltd.; ILC Leasing Corporation; Illini Heat & Power Inc.; Illinois Enterprises So., Inc.; Illinois Ferma-Gro Company; Illinois Valley Equipment Co.; 1MA, Inc.; Imagin-Essence, Inc.; Imaginative Marketing Systems, Inc.; IMC International Inc.; Imperial Sales, Inc.; Imperial Systems Corporation; Imperial Terminals Inc.; Imperial-American Management Company; Import Consultants of America, Incorporated; Import-Export Inc.; In-Room Cinema Corp.; Inca Mining and Development Company; Incentive Corporation of America-Delaware, Inc.; InCoEd, Inc.; Income Management Programs, Inc.; Independence Contractors, Inc.; Independence Manor Corporation; Independent Companies of America, Inc.; Independent Gulf Line, Inc.; Indian Head Financial Company, Inc.; Indo-American Realty Corp.; Indonesian Development, Limited; Indoor Sports, Inc.; Industrial and Miscellaneous Workers Union of America, Ltd.: Industrial Development Corporation of America; Industrial Electronic Metals, Inc.; Industrial Environmental Pollution Controls Corp.; Industrial Investments Corporation; Industrias Curtis De Puerto Rico, Inc.; Infocom, Inc.; Information Central, Inc.; Information Control Corporation; Information Transfer Corporation; Information Utility Systems, Inc.; Ingmor, Inc.; Inleco, Incorporated; Inner City Communication Corporation; Innerspace Science Corporation; Insco, Inc.; Inslee-Jacob Inc.; Insphere Corporation; Institute for Investor Education, Inc., The; Institute for the Advancement of Urban Education, Inc.; Institute of Progressive Learning; Instrumentation Techniques, Inc.; Insurance Management Incorporated; Integrated Automatic Systems Corp.; Integrated Dynamics, Inc.; Integrated Medical Laboratory Services, Ltd.; Integrated Medical Optical Services, Ltd.; Integrated Medical X-Ray Services, Ltd.; Intensified Farm Systems, Inc.; Inter American-Adventures, Inc.; Inter-American Development Corporation; Inter-American Financial Consultants Corp.; Inter-Comerica Computing Company; Inter-Continental Import Export Corp.; Inter-Financial Corporation; Inter-Island Air Cargo Service Corporation; Interactive Learning Systems, Inc.; Interactive Systems, Incorporated; Interamerican Transport, Inc.; Interbuild Corporation; Intercon Development Co., Inc.; Intercontinent Corporation of Puerto Rico; Intercontinental Business & Industrial Counsel, Inc.; Intercontinental Projects, Inc.; Intercontinental Shipping Agency, Inc.; Interface Six, Incorporated; Interfashion Incorporated; Interior Component Corporation; Interiors Corporation of Delaware; Interlab, S. A.; Intermart International, Inc.; International Angus Association; International Association of Turtles, Ltd.; International College of Finance Inc.; International Colloids Incorporated; International Commodity Corporation; International Computer Business Network, Inc.; International Construction and Marketing, Inc.; International Construction, Inc.; International Consultant Service, Inc.; International Consulting Agency, Inc.; International Domed Stadium, Inc.; International Education, Ltd.; International Enterprises, Inc.; International Estate Research, Inc.; International Exploration, Inc.; International Express, Ltd.; International Feeder Systems, Inc.; International Financial Industries, Inc.; International Financing Associates, Inc.; International Flotels, Inc.; International Franchise Development Corporation; International Health and Recreation Organization Ltd.; International Home Products, Inc.; International Housing and Development Co., Inc.; International Importers & Distributors, Ltd.; International Inn of Corfu Inc.; International Institute of Liturgical Art Inc.; International Mark IV, Inc.; International Market Management, Inc.; International Market Research Corp.; International Medical Programs Corporation; International Medical Systems Corporation; International Music Corporation; International Optical Systems Corporation; International Order of The Golden Rule, Inc.; International Pallets, Ltd.; International Patent Systems Corporation; International Plastics and Metals, Inc.; International Process Data, Inc.; International Producers Enterprises, Ltd.; International Productions Ltd.; International Radiological Services, Inc.; International Research and Ventures, Inc.; International Revenue Systems, Inc.; International Rib Cage, Inc.; International School of Kuwait, Inc.; International Search, Inc.; International Securities Exchange Corporation; International Society of Professionals, Incorporated; International Sportway, Inc.; International Surfaces Corporation; International Systems Corporation; International Talent Associates, Inc.; International Trade and Investment Corp.; International Urban Services Corp.; Interregional Civic Association; Inter-science Growth Fund, Inc.; Interscience Technology, Inc.; Intersery Financial Association, Ltd.; Interstate Construction Technologists, Inc.; Interstruct, Inc.; Intertechnology, Ltd.; Intertex Corp.; Intradel Corporation; Intransit Motion Pictures, Inc.; Intrapac Incorporated; Inventions Finance Corporation; Investment Finance Incorporated; Investment For Profit Corporation; Investment Real Estate International, Inc.; Investors Education Corporation; Investors National Service Co., Inc.; Ira G. Hersey Corporation; IRI, Ltd.; Irish Setter Club of Delaware Valley, The; Iron Hill Construction Company; Isaac Mann Corp.; Ital Ceramics & Marble Imports, Inc.; Ithaca Restaurants, Inc.;

J & H Chevrolet, Inc.; J & J Distributing Co., Inc.; J & 0, Inc.; J F M, Inc.; J. B. H. Electronics, Inc.; J. Elmer Betty and Sons, Inc.; "J" Enterprises, Inc.; J. F. Quinn Sales, Inc.; J. Howard Katz, Inc.; J. M. D. Stables, Inc., The; J. M. Enterprises, Inc.; J. R. Williston & Beane Incorporated; J. Roy Magargal, Inc.; J. S. S. Inc.; J.E.M., Ltd.; Jack Sprat Diet Shoppes, Inc.; Jack Thrasher Ford Sales, Inc.; Jacques Renee Marketing, Inc.; jamad associates, Inc.; Jamaica Royale Unit One, Inc.; James K. and Geneva Malone Foundation, The; James M. Bender, Inc.; James Taylor & Son, Inc.; Jamestown Builders, Ltd.; Jan Mitchell & Co., Inc.; Jane Beaton, Ltd.; Janet Quinn Corp.; Janklow Fixtures and Equipment, Inc.; Jason Consultants, Ltd.; Jay Kay Projects, Inc.; Jay-Air Service, Inc.; JCR Group, Inc.; Jefferson Institute of Technology Inc.; Jefferson Surf Club, Inc.; Jeffrey Data Corp.; Jemco Associates, Inc.; Jennings, Jones Limited; Jerret Resources, Inc.; Jerry Williams Productions Incorporated; Jersey Learning Centers, Inc.; Jeweltech International, Inc.; JGB Properties, Inc.; Jim Ameche Enterprises, Inc.; Jimmie's Cafe, Inc.; JLT International, Inc.; Joal, Inc.; Jock's Corner, Inc.; Joe's Young Businessmen's Progressive Club, Inc.; Jofa Enterprises Ltd.; John D. Husband, Inc.; John H. Tobler Inc. of Delaware; John M. Clayton Jaycees, Inc.; John R. Lebb Distributors Inc.; John R. Wilkins & Son, Inc.; John's Bargain Stores Corp.; Johnson Overseas Construction, Inc.; Jolly Jumper Amusements, Inc.; "Jolly" Muffler Centers, Inc.; Jono Products, Ltd.; Joseph Pepe, Inc.; Josh Slocum Productions Ltd.; Joson, Inc.; Jovile Company, Inc.; Judicial Management Associates, Inc.; Judith & Ronald Levick Foundation, Inc.; Julian Goldman Stores, Inc., The; Junction Enterprises, Inc.; June Colbert Associates, Inc.; Jung Jin Corporation; Juras Corporation; Just Around The Corner Club, Inc.;

K & S Pacific, Inc.; K and S Transfer, Inc.; K. Lee Williams Theatres, Inc.; K. C. Melikian & Co.; K-W Corporation; Kaiden Information Services, Inc.; Kaiser Supply Co.; Kalltype Incorporated; Kalmatic Corporation; Kalve Corporation; Kar Kare Corporation; Kar-Deb Enterprises, Inc.; Karco, Inc.; Karoll's Pants-A-Plenty, Inc.; Kas Wildlife, Inc.; Kaydel, Inc.; KDI Pace International, Inc.; Keen-Wik Association; Kellanwill-Brown Productions, Inc.; Kelly Construction Co., Inc.; Kelly Labor of Akron, Inc.; Kelly Labor of Houston, Inc.; Kely Enterprises, Inc.; Ken Logan Buick, Inc.; Kenics Electronics Corporation; Kenport Corporation; Kent Hotel, Inc.; Kent Transfer, Inc.; Kentucky Feed Mill Development Corporation; Kernaghan Industries, Inc.; Kershor Company, Inc., The; Key Research Company, Inc.; Keystone Finance Company; KGIr Central, Inc.; Kid-Flick Carnival, Inc.; Kiki Music Ltd.; Kim Products, Inc.; Kim Weston Scholarship Fund; Kinetic Dimensions, Inc.; King Associates, Inc.; King Krispy, Inc.; King-Shaw of Delaware, Inc.; Kiwanis Club of New Castle Hundred, Incorporated; Kleen-type, Inc.; KMH Communications, Inc.; Knit Plus, Inc.; Knitways, Inc.; Know-How of Wilmington, Inc.; Knowledge Transfer Systems, Inc.; Koehler Implement Co., Inc.; Kole and Param Productions, Inc.; Korea University Foundation, Inc.; Korn Plastics Inc.; Kraft Construction Company; Kratter Equities, Inc.; Kris-Pik-L, Inc.; Kysor-Chicago, Inc.;

L & H Computer Corporation; L & H Trucking Service, Inc.; L & L Retail, Inc.; L & M Leasing Corp.; L R C Corporation; L. B. Realty Corp.; L. D. Booth & Co., Inc.; L. E. H., Inc.; L. K. S. Modular Components, Inc.; L. S. R., Inc.; L-C Computer Service Corporation; L'Academie Montessori, Inc.; La Jolla Associates, Inc.; La-Co, Inc.; Lab Industries, Incorporated; Labortemp Incorporated; Lady B Fashions, Ltd.; Lady Barbizon Products, Inc.; Lady Eden Ltd. Inc. of New Castle County; Lady Eden Ltd. Inc. of Brandywine Hundred; Lady Powers Hosiery Mills, Inc.; Lady Powers Weight Control Programs, Inc.; Laguna Gardens Construction, Inc.; LAHR, Inc.; Lajil Corporation; Lambert Frame and Picture Company, Inc. of St. Louis; Lance Industries, Inc.; Lancer Recreational Products Corp.; Land Development Systems, Inc.; Land Equities, Incorporated; Landex Corporation; Landmark Building Corp.; Larchmont Capital Management Corporation; Lascomp (Laser Computer Corporation) Laso Operating Corp.; Laugh-In Restaurant Corporation; Laurel Poultry Farms, Inc.; Lawlor Service Corp.; Lawrence Foundation, Inc., The; Lawvest, Inc.; Lawyers Apartments, Inc.; Leafsaver Corporation; Learnex, Inc.; Learning Activities Program, Inc.; Learning Plans, Inc.; Learning Systems Institute Inc.; Leasco International, Inc.; Leaseholding Corporation; Leather Creations Limited; Leba Concrete Corporation; Lee Stores, Inc.; Lee-Howard Inc.; Leemick Industries, Inc.; Legal Medicine Research Foundation; Legal Research Institute For Peace, Inc., The; Leier Holding Corporation; Leisure-Tron Corporation; Leisure Component Industries, Inc.; Leisure Cruise Lines, Inc.; Leisure Incentive Corp.; Leisure Spectrum Corporation, The; Leland Electric Co., Inc.; Lennen & Newell/Midwest, Inc.; Lennen & Newell/Pacific, Inc.; Leo Schuerger Prescription-Drug Co.; Leonard - Farber Productions, Inc.; Leonard Hicks International Hotel Management Corp.; Lepow, Inc.; Les Parfums Francais Ltd.; Lescarboura Mushroom Company; Letter Securities Management Company; Leviathan, Inc.; Levin Trucking Lines, Inc.; Levittown Motors, Inc.; Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Inc.; Lewis Industries, Inc.; LHM Associates, Inc.; Libertine Corporation; Liberty Bowl Charities, Inc.; Library Development Foundation; Life Aid Distributing Co. of Georgia; Life Systems, Inc.; Life-Alarm, Inc.; Lifestyle International, Inc.; Liffey Corporation; Liftwood Estates Civic Association, Inc.; Lighthouse Diner, Inc., The; Lima Imports International, Inc.; Lime-Kirk Speedwash and Dry Cleaning, Inc.; Lincoln Community Action Committee, Inc.; Lincoln-Hall Co.; Lindal Cedar Homes of Lower Keys, D. D., Inc.; Line-It Corporation; Lingran Inc.; Lion Shipping Company, Inc.; Lions Club of Seaford, Delaware; Listen-vision Enterprises Corporation; Little John Productions Inc.; Little Store Company, Inc., The; Livestock Datamation Inc.; Living Literature, Inc.; Lloyd F. Truitt, Inc.; Lloyd Nelson Enterprises, Inc.; LNJ Real Estate & Development Corporation; LOA Corporation; Loatman Body Shop, Inc.; Locations Incorporated; Lockton-Pioneer Productions, Inc.; Log Cabin Estates, Inc.; Log/An Incorporated; Logan Foods, Inc.; Logi-Call Systems, Inc.; LOH Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc., The; LOML, Inc.; London Associates, Limited, Long Island Bath-House, Inc., The; Lorain Packaging Corporation; Lord's Hill, Inc.; Lori Kay, Inc.; Lorsan, Inc.; Los Ricos, Inc.; Louis Parnes Foundation, Inc.; Louis Richman, Inc.; Loving Management Corp.; Low Light Level, Inc.; Lower Delaware CATV, Inc.; Lower Half Shops, Inc., The; Lower New Castle County Housing, Inc.; Lucey Export Corporation; Lumar Explorations Inc.; Luryan Development Corporation; Lynch Industries, Inc.;

M & D Electronics, Inc.; MHC Financial Corp.; M. & K. Bus Service, Inc.; M. & T. Import-Export Co., The; M. C. Murrell Foundation, Inc.; M. D. Burkett Properties, Inc.; M. F., Inc.; M.I. Greisman, Inc.; M. R. Investment Incorporated; M. Sirota, Ltd.; M. W. Ventures, Inc.; M.C. Industries, Inc.; M.G.H. Bulk Storage Company; M. P. F. Co., The; M-M Marketing, Inc.; Macjac Associates, Inc.; Mack Amusement Company; Mack Theatres of Chester, Inc.; Mactier Publishing Corporation; Mad Creek Resources, Inc.; Madalena Knits, Inc.; Madco Industries, Inc.; Madison Consultants Inc.; Madison Fine Arts, Ltd.; Madison Reproduction Company, The; Magic Coin, Inc.; Magic H Incorporated; Magic Mates, Inc.; Magna and Associates, Inc.; Magner Construction Co.; Magnetic Input Services Corp.; Magoo Corporation; Mahony City Wholesale Grocery Company; Mahogany Association, Inc.; Maine Research Corporation; Majestic Films, Inc.; Major Tube Corporation; Mal Farm Lab Services, Inc.; Mal, Inc.; Malcolm Starr, Inc.; Mali, Inc.; Malta Screw Machine Products, Inc.; Management Accounting Center of Sterling Institute Inc.; Management Action Corporation; Management Dynamics Inc.; Management Opportunities, Inc.; Management Supplements (Delaware) Inc.; Manasquan Manufacturing Corporation; Manavest International Corp.; Manchester Securities Corporation, The; Manic, Inc.; Manor Development Corporation; Mansysco Enterprises, Inc.; Manufactured Housing, Inc.; Maple Press Company, The; Maplewood Development Co., Inc.; Mar-Chem, Inc.; Marandy, Inc.; Marck Four, Incorporated; Marcla Inc.; Marco Motors, Inc.; Marcotte Company, The; Mardeg Service Corporation; Mardon, Inc.; Mareight Corporation, The; Margo Realty Company; Marine & Marketing International Corp.; Marine Sciences, Inc.; Mark Enterprises, Inc.; Mark I Offset, Inc.; Markedon, Inc.; Market Masters Industries, Inc.; Market Street Businessmen's Club, Inc.; Marmac Industries, Inc.; Marmax Productions, Inc.; Marshall Mall Parking Association; Marstet, Inc.; Martec Incorporated; Martec Industries, Inc.; Martin and Associates, Inc.; Martin's Steak House, Inc.; Mason City Drug Corporation; Masonry Services, Inc.; Massachusetts Bay Company; Master's Touch, Inc., The; Matador Homes West, Inc.; Materials Supply Corporation; Mather Paper Company; Mathis Bus Service, Inc.; Maxi Foods International, Ltd.; Maximus Corporation; Maxitron Corporation; Mayfair Day Nursery, Inc.; Mayfair Mansions, Incorporated; Mazza & Sons Construction Co., Inc.; MBC Securities Corporation; MBH Construction Corp.; McBride-Putnam, Inc.; McCain Manufacturing Corp.; McDonald-Hawkins Enterprises, Inc.; McGregor & Werner International, Incorporated; McKinley Auto Transport, Inc.; McKinney's Trucking Company, Inc.; McMahon-Kilroy & Comp.; Meadgate Properties, Inc.; Meadowbrook Systems, Inc.; Meadowwood Sew-Vac Village, Inc.; Mebane Garden Apartments, Inc.; Mecano International, Inc.; Meddin Packing Company; Medelectron, Inc.; Medi-Tech International Corp.; Media Services Group, Inc.; Medic-Controls, Inc.; Medical Analytics, Inc.; Medical Co-op, Limited; Medical Data Service, Inc.; Medical Education Fund, Inc.; Medical Inns of America, Inc.; Medical Management Corporation; Medical Management Services, Inc.; Medical Pavilion of Springfield, Inc.; Medical Training Centers, Inc.; Medicine Studies, Inc.; Mediclinics of America, Inc.; Mediscreen, Inc.; Medispas, Inc.; Mediterranean Marble, Inc.; Mega 1, Ltd.; MEKO, Inc.; Mel's Bootery, Inc.; Mello News and Cigar Co.; Memory Lane Enterprises, Inc.; Men's Clothing Mart, Inc. Mentek, Inc.; Menton Corporation; Meridian Agency Corporation; Meridian International Corp.; Meridian Management Corporation; Meridian Securities Corporation; Merrill's Place, Inc.; Mertech Industries, Inc.; Methods in Media Management, Inc., Metro Building Systems, Inc.; Metro-Vernor Packing Company; Metromodular Systems, Inc.; Metropolitan Educational Training, Inc.; Metropolitan Equities Corporation; Miah Maull Corporation, The; Michael Prescott's Ready-to-Sew Industries, Inc.; Michelle Tufting Corporation; Michigan Sulphur and Oil Co.; MICO Industries, Inc.; Micro-Kool Corporation; Micronetic Systems, Inc.; Microtron Partitions, Inc.; Mid-Atlantic Appliances, Inc.; Mid-Continent Distributors, Inc.; Mid-East Engineering Associates Incorporated; Mid-State Steel Buildings, Inc.; Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Middletown Industrial Development Corporation; Middletown Launder Center, Inc.; Midland Corporation; Midland International Sales Inc.; Midlands Corporation; Midlantic Production Company; Midstate Beef Co.; Midwest Leasing Corporation; MIG Development Corporation; Mikom Sales Corp.; Milam Audio Corporation; Milburn Industries, Inc.; Milcar Enterprises, Inc.; Milieu International, Inc.; Millcreek Coin-Op Center, Ltd.; Miller-Wolf Realty, Inc.; Millionaire Sports Sweepstakes, Inc.; Mineral Development Corp.; Mini Shoppes Inc.; Minicon, Inc.; Minifridge International, Inc.; Minilectro Corporation; Minnette Boiler Works, Inc.; Minority Capital Corporation; Minority Dynamics, Inc.; Minos Capital Corporation; Miracle Restoration Revivals, Inc.; Mirands International Corporation; Mirelle Company, The; Missouri Continental Realty Company; Missouri Feed Mill Development Corporation; Mitchell Metal & Mineral Corp.; Mitron Research & Development Corporation; MMS - Venezuel, Inc.; Mobile Acceptance Corp.; Mobile Conversion Industries Corp.; Mobile Home Management Corporation; Mobile Medic, Inc.; Model Cities Educational Institute, Inc.; Modern Animal Care, Inc.; Modern Waterbed, Ltd.; Modular Designs, Inc.; Modular Dynamics, Inc.; Modulkr Environment, Inc.; Modular Equities, Inc.; Modular Housing Systems, Inc.; Modular Production and Promotion, Inc.; Modutech, Inc.; Molecular Re-Frac Corporation; Monetary Acceptance Corporation; Money Oldsmobile Co.; Monmouth Industries, Inc.; Monmouth Leasing Corporation; Monmouth-Lee Corporation, The; Monolithic Multi Modules, Inc.; Monroe Park Apartments Corp.; Monroe Park Construction Corp.; Montchanin Associates, Inc.; Monte Key, Inc.; Montgomery Investors, Inc.; Moor-Mac Incorporated; Morris Paint Companies, Inc., The; Moses Spatt Foundation Inc., The; Motor Holding Company; Motto's Foods, Inc.; Mountain Venture Development Corp.; Mr. Reporter, Inc.; Mr. Suit, Inc.; Mr. Swiss of America, Inc.; Mr. Swiss of East Central Illinois, Inc.; MRVW Associates, Inc.; MSM Associates, Inc.; Mt. Vernon Management Co.; Multi-Care Health Centres of America, Inc.; Multi-Med Systems, Inc.; Multi-Media Learning, Inc.; Multi-Scope, Inc.; Multicare Corporation of Delaware; Multico Corporation; Multiplex Computing, Inc.; Multitech, Inc.; Municipal Fund, Inc.; Music Concepts Corporation; Musical Spectaculars, Inc.; Musicolor Corporation; Mutrusco Fund, Inc.; Mylee Enterprises, Inc.;

N. E. Codrington & Associates, Inc.; N. L. Harris Insurance agency, Inc.; N. V., Inc.; N-C Meat Processing, Inc.; Naamans Enterprises, Inc.; Nabs Industries, Inc.; Naca Manufacturing Corporation; Name Plates, Inc.; Nana Enterprises, Inc.; Napa Corp.; Naples Research & Development Corporation; Nas Niram Company; Nash's Coffee, Inc.; National Alert, Inc.; National Association of Black Media Producers; National Banner Leasing & Mfg. Co.; National Beef Corporation; National Collegiate Services Corporation; National Committee For International Development, Inc.; National Computer Leasing Corporation; National Eliminators, Incorporated; National Environmental Services Corporation; National Freight Car Corporation; National Help Foundation Inc., The; National Hotels of Israel, Inc.; National Insurance Services Corporation; National Kennel Club, Inc.; National Leather Sales, Inc.; National Manpower Register, Inc.; National Mini Food Mart, Inc.; National Mobile Home Communities, Inc.; National Modular Housing Components, Inc.; National Optics, Inc.; National Pet Supply, Inc.; National Petroleum Corporation; National Playtime Villages, Inc.; National Pollution Equipment Leasing Corporation; National Rail Car Corporation; National Secretarial Services, Inc.; National Snack Food Corporation; National Software Services Corporation; National Tax Corporation; National Telecommunication Systems Incorporated; National Trend-In Corporation; Nationwide Collection Corporation; Nationwide Laboratories, Inc.; Nationwide Realty Investment Corporation; Nationwide Stock Transfer Company, Inc.; Natural Minerals, Inc.; Natural Resources Securities Fund, Inc.; Nautical Industries, Inc.; Naylor Brothers Company; NC Data Corporation; NCD Industries, Inc.; NCFTP Corporation; Neal Lawrence, Inc.; Nebraska Consolidated Fiduciary Corporation; Nederland Mines, Inc.; Neighborhood Taverns, Inc.; Neil McCutcheon Associates, Inc.; Nelson Insurance Agency Incorporated; Neo-D Corporation; Neo-Med., Inc.; Netherfield, Unger, Timmins & Smith Corporation; New Additions, Inc.; New Age Productions, Ltd.; New Atlantic, Inc.; New Castle Grocery Outlet, Inc.; New Castle Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; New Democrat Company, The; New England Fiber Company; New England Natural Resources Corporation; New Generation Publishing, Inc.; New Hope Studios, Inc.; New Life In Christ Evangelistic Association; New Vistas Development, Inc.; New York Equities, Inc.; Newark Corporation; Newark Country Club Swimming Pool Association; Newark Publishing Co., Inc.; NEWCO, Inc.; Newman Stores,Inc.; Newport Jaycees, Inc.; Niagara Southwestern, Inc.; Nicholas Grabko, Inc.; Nicholas Real, Inc.; Nishimachi International School Foundation; NLC, Inc.; Nomarl of Delaware, Inc.; Nomos Inc.; Noral Aerosol Corporation; Norman King International, Inc.; Norridge Investment Corporation; Norris Associates, Inc.; North American Airways, Airlines, Aviation, Inc.; North American Biological Consultancy, Inc., The; North American Electronics & Telephone, Inc.; North American Oil & Gas, Inc.; North American Polyester Corporation; North American Vehicle Corporation; North Central Baltimore Health Corporation; North East Community Council, Inc.; North East Conservation Association, Inc.; North East Dover Civic Association; North East Research Corp.; North Philadelphia Junior Football Association, Inc.; North Towne Leasing, Inc.; North-Air Corporation, North-Luna Corporation; Northbrook, Incorporated; Northeast Leisure Industries, Inc.; Northeast Mall, Inc.; North-east Wilmington Development Corporation; Northern Chemical Corporation; Northern Delaware Industrial Development Corporation Number One; Northern Investment Corporation of North Dakota; Northern Investments Limited; Northfield-Chelson, Inc.; Northmoor Development Corp.; Northrup-Johnson, Inc.; Nostalgic Enterprises, Inc.; Novatron Incorporated; Now, Inc.; Nowaco, Inc.; Nu Venture, Inc.; Nuclear Imaging Ltd.; Nuclear Leasing Corporation; Nuclear Minerals, Inc.; Nuconwed Corporation; Nutrition Centers, Inc.;

0 F Investment Inc.; 0. M. Industries, Inc.; 0. W. Sepp Company, Inc.; 0. Z. Hall Motors, Inc.; O'Brien Commercial Development, Inc.; O'Neal Coffee Shop Corp., The; Oak River Securities Corp.; Oak Tree Country Club Inc.; Oakland Development Corporation; Obey Farmer, Inc.; Occidental Catering Co., Inc.; Occupational Dynamics, Inc.; Ocean Life Park, Inc.; Ocean Wines & Spirits, Ltd.; Ocean 260 Co.; Oceanic C Cultures, Inc.; Ocular Systems, Inc.; Off The Hip, Inc.; Offshore Resources Inc.; Ohio East Hotel Co.; Oklahoma Hotel Building Company; Oklahoma Public Service Corporation; Old Colony Plastics, Inc.; Old India Importing Ltd.; Old Judge Coffee Company; Old Londonderry, Inc.; Old Mill Corporation; Old South Candle Makers, Inc.; Oleander Corporation, The; Olen Foundation, Inc., The; Olivia Rest Home, Inc.; Olson Wall & Ceiling Contractors, Inc.; Olympia Films, Inc.; Olympia Mines Inc.; Olympia Press, Inc., The; Omega Enterprises, Ltd.; Omega Media, Inc.; Omer Washburn, Inc.; Omni Sound, Inc.; Online Information Systems, Inc.; Onyx Enterprises, Inc.; Opcalite, Inc.; Operation H, Inc.; Optical Films & Animation, Inc.; Optronics Systems, Inc.; Orange Grove Oil & Gas Corporation; Orbach Corporation; Orbis Enterprises, Inc.; Orchards, Inc., The; Order of The Golden Rule Corporation, The; Organization Interest, Inc.; Orient Investment & Development Corporation; Orient Resources Corporation; Oriental Imports, Inc.; Original Talents, Inc.; Ornad Corporation; OSI Leasing Corporation; Oskar's Stores, Inc.; Ostrovoll, Ltd.; Overseas Capital Corporation; Overseas Education Association, Incorporated; Overseas Network, Inc.; Owen Petroleum & Resources Co.; Oxford Capital Corp.;

P & L Masonry, Inc.; P & M Hatchery, Inc.; P. & R. Services, Inc.; P. C. Boards, Inc.; P.J. Enterprises, Ltd.; P. A. R. Corp.; P.M.B. Publications Inc.; Pacific Air Lines, Inc.; Pacific Circuitronics Corp.; Pacific Nations Investment Corporation; Pacific Northwest Trade Association; Pacific Services Company, Inc.; Package Masters, Inc.; Packaging Corporation of Ghana; Pack-net Corporation; Pad, Inc.; Pages, Incorporated; Paid Opinions Club, Inc.; Paisley's Gun Shop Inc.; Palmer Eastern, Inc.; Palsor Management Research Corp.; Pana-Fax Corporation of America, Inc.; Panoptics Corp.; Pansmith, Inc.; Papin Design Galleries, Inc.; Par Mar Hunt, Inc.; Paradise Productions, Inc.; Paradox Gas Pipeline Corporation; Paragon Shoes of Delaware, Inc.; Parametronics International Inc.; Park Plaza Drug Corporation; Park-A-Tot, Inc.; Park-Liberty Development Company; Parker Astro Career Center, Inc.; Parklands, Inc.; Parks Brown Productions, Inc.; Parry Brothers Hardwood Lumber Co., Inc.; Pasadena C. A. T. V., Inc.; Pathfinder Management Co., Inc.; Paul Construction Co., Inc.; Paul Lynn Heller Advertising, Inc.; Paulin Investment Corporation; PB International, Inc.; Peace Fund, Inc., The; Peace Officers Corporation of America (Void 4-15-72); Peace, Inc.; Pedajex International, Inc.; Pegasus Aircraft Corporation; Pendleton Resources, Inc.; Penington, Colket & Co., Inc.; Penn Equities, Incorporated; Penn-Caribbean Motels, Ltd.; Pennsoph Homes of Delaware, Inc.; Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware Metropolitan Project, Inc.; Pennwood Corporation; Penny Hill Athletic Fund, Inc.; Penthouse Cinema, Inc.; Penthouse Corporation; Pentom Products International, Inc.; Peoria Colt Drapery Cleaners, Inc.; Pequot Avenue Group Ltd.; Pereira International Corporation; Perf/Ex Indexing System Corp.; Perfect Color, Inc.; Performance Industries, Inc.; Peripheral Processor Company, Inc.; Perma-Clad Products Corporation; Personal Computer Systems, Inc.; Personal Training Service, Inc.; Personnel Enterprizes Inc.; Personnel World, Inc.; Perspective Industries, Inc.; Perth Properties, Inc.; Pest-Ex of Delaware, Inc.; Peter C. Trent & Co., Inc.; Peter N. King, Inc.; Peter Pan, Inc.; Peticare Insurance Group, Inc.; Petro-Ex Corporation; Petrogas International, Ltd.; Petroleum Drilling Services, Inc.; Petschek & Co., Inc.; Petty Mercantile Corporation, The; PHA Corporate Developments, Inc.; Pharmalon, Inc.; Philadelphia Bach Festival Society; Philadelphia Bottling Group, Incorporated; Philadelphia People's Bail Fund; Philippine Cultural Development Corporation; Phillip Albertson, Inc.; Photo Franchise Systems, Inc.; Photographers' Collaborative Ltd.; Phydeaux Corporation; Physical Dynamics, Inc.; Pic Productions Corp.; Pic-A-Pet, Inc.; Pied Piper Yacht Charters, Corporation; Pilch Breeders of Georgia, Inc.; Pilot Sales Co.; Pimlico Realty, Inc.; Pink Daisy Inc.; 'Pittsburg' $, Incorporated; Pizza Ponderosa, Inc.; Planning For Growth, Inc.; Plastic Carton Corporation of America; Plastic Market Bag, Inc.; Playart Corporation, The; Plaza International Corporation; Pleasure Products, Inc.; PMCS Securities, Inc.; Pohick Shopping Center, Inc.; Poinciana Corporation, The; Polar Chocolate Co.; Pollution Control Systems, Inc.; Polymer Research & Development, Inc.; Polynetics, Inc.; PolyRok, Inc.; Pompeii Record & Publishing Co.; Ponderosa Inns, Inc.; POP Investment Fund; Pop-A-Doodle Systems, Inc.; Pormadora Corporation; Porta-Home Park, Inc.; Portion-Pak Foods, Inc.; Postal Restaurant Association of Philadelphia; Potpourri International, Inc.; Potrerillos Railway Company; Powell, Schoenbrod & Hall Advertising, Inc.; Power Car Door Corporation; Power Leasing Corporation; Power Management Systems, Inc. Pratt Electric Company, Inc.; Precision Engineering Company, Inc.; Premier Industries Incorporated; Prenco Engineering Corporation; Prepco, Inc.; Presidential Search, Inc.; Press Systems Corporation; Prestige Companies, Ltd.; Prestige Line, Inc., The; Preventive Medicine Associates, Incorporated; Prime Securities Corp. of New York; Prince Investment Co., Inc.; Printing Paper Manufacturers Association, Inc.; Printz Body Shop, Inc.; Printz Properties, Inc.; Priventure Capital Corp.; Pro AssOciates, Inc.; Pro-Data Ltd., of Delaware; Process Data Development Corporation; Prodax, Inc.; Prodent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Producers Image Corporation; Producers Image Holding Corporation; Producers Workshop, Inc.; Producing Artists & Management, Ltd.; Product Concepts Corporation; Prodyne Corporation; Professional Development Corporation of America; Professional Systems Incorporated; Professional Training Institute, Inc.; Professionelle, Inc.; Program Control Corporation; Programmed Trading Systems, Inc.; Programs for Retirement, Inc.; Progress Investment Association for Economic Development, Wilmington Affiliate, Inc.; Project Hope, Inc.; Project-70-Inc.; Prometheus Capital Corporation; Property Investors, Inc.; Prot N. A. Corp.; Protecto Flash Incorporated; Protyle Press, Inc.; Public Programs Corporation; Publix New Jersey Theatres, Inc.; Puerto Vallarta Investment Corp.; PVRI, Corp.; PWB Capital Corporation; PWB Industries, Inc.; Pyrotech Industries, Inc.;

Q-Data Corporation, Qatron Sound Systems, Inc.; Quaker City Charter No. 45 of the Hotel Greeter of America, Incorporated; Qualidyne Corporation; Quality Ceilings, Inc.; Quality Equipment Co.; Quality Roofing, Inc.; Quantum Electronics Corporation; Quartus, Inc.; Queen City News, Inc.; Quendium (Means Good News) Company, Inc.; Quik Stik International, Inc.; Quik-Park, Inc.; Quinlan International Ltd.; Quinn Caribe, Inc.; Quintex Corporation; QZD Corporation;

R & B Company, Inc.; R & R Interurban, Inc.; R & R Limousine Services, Inc.; R and R Metal Products, Inc.; R Associates, Inc.; R N Leasing, Inc.; R. & J. Supply, Inc.; R. A. Crane Engineering & Construction Co., Inc.; R. F. Jones Distributors, Inc.; R. K. C., Inc.; R. W. Fairbrother, Inc.; R.E.A.L. Management Company; R.F. Perry & Co., Incorporated; R.T.B. Industries, Inc.; R.W. Greenland Company, The; Rab Enterprises, Inc.; Radabaugh, Inc.; Radiometrics Corporation; Rae Systems, Inc.; Railvest, Inc.; Railway Ballast Conditioning Corporation; Rain-tree Country Estates Inc.; Rakestraw Pyle Company; Ralph E. Brown Trucking Co., Inc.; Ralph F. Gulley, Inc.; Ram's Sales, Inc.; Rambleton Inn, Inc.; Ramer Industries, Inc.; Rancocas Steamship Company; Randco Incorporated; Rap Incorporated; Rapaport, Puerto Rico, Inc.; Raven, Inc.; Ray Leasing Co.; Rayburn Trucking, Inc.; Raymond Equipment, Inc.; RBF Industries, Inc.; RCF, Inc.; Re-Mar Drug Co.; Real Enterprises, Inc.; Real Equity Accumulation, Ltd.; Realmark Industries, Inc.; Realty Corporation of America; Recreation Incorporated; Recreation Leisure Land Corp.; Recreational Developers, Inc.; Recreational Planners, Inc.; Recycling Corp. of America; Red-Yellow Cab Company of Stamford, Inc.; Red Lion Corp.; Redmont Development Corporation; Redorta International, Inc.; Reedy Brothers, Corporation; Refa Centers, Inc.; Refrigeration Services Company; Regal Corp.; Regal Homes Corporation; Regal Reinsurance Co.; Regal, Inc.; Regency for Men Manufacturing Corp.; Regent Fund, Inc.; Region 9, U.A.W. Community Union of New York, Inc.; Regional and Urban Planning Implementation, Inc.; Registron, Inc.; Regnis, Inc.; REH Corporation; Reinsurance Corporation, The; Reliance Tradewind Company; Relocation Systems Corporation; Remar Sutton & Associates, Inc.; Remodeland, Inc.; Renace of Delaware, Inc.; Renewal Housing, Inc.; Reno Palace, Inc.; Rentz Securities Corporation; Renzi Industries, Inc.; Representatives Advertising, Inc.; Republic Lumber Company; Rescue Aid, Inc.; Research and Recovery Services, Inc.; Residex Plan, Inc., The; Resort Development Corporation; Resort Enterprises, Inc.; Resort Properties Management Co.; Resort Sales Development Corp.; Resources Systems Development Corporation; Resources International Inc.; Restaurant Systems, Inc.; Reston Corporation, The; Retail Merchandising Consultants, Inc.; Retirement Services, Inc.; Revere Metal Products Corporation; Rex Oil Refining, Inc.; RF Theory Components, Inc.; Rho Deuteron House Corp.; Rhodes Possum Park Pharmacy, Inc.; Riamco, Inc.; Ribbins Company, Inc.; Ricbar Photography, Inc.; Richard A. Babcock & Associates, Inc.; Richard C. Gilbert Real Estate, Inc.; Richard Finnis Enterprises, Inc.; Richard H. Hughes Foundation; Richard L. Mulkey, Inc.; Ridgefield Homes, Inc.; Riego Services, Inc.; Rigid Frame Building Systems, Inc.; Rijssenbeek & Rowse, Inc.; Rio Bravo Corporation; Rite-Clint Corporation; Riverside Appliance, Inc.; RKH Enterprises, Inc.; RLS Development Corporation; Ro-Stan Construction Inc.; Robb's Trucking Co., Inc.; Robert Ford & Associates, Inc.; Robert M. Cleary & Associates, Inc.; Robert O'Block Associates, Inc.; Robert Price and Associates, Inc.; Robert Uhar Paper Co., Inc.; Robert W. Starck & Co.; Roberts California Corp.; Roberts East, Incorporated; Robin Hood, Inc.; Robinson Chemical Company; Rock Creek Corporation; Rockford Franchises, Inc.; Rockwood Builders, Inc.; Rodney Developers, Inc.; Rodolin Sales Corporation; Roger Williams International Music Studios of Delaware, Inc.; Roily Tasker Sail Makers, Inc.; Roman Catholic Action Committee, Incorporated; Rommel's Inc.; Ronald J. Oliphant Trucking Co.; Ronden Food Systems, Inc.; Roni Electronics Supply Inc.; Rosann Manufacturing Corp.; Rose Brothers Company; Ross, Powers & Company, Inc.; Rossville Mills Sales Corporation; Rotodynamics, Inc.; Rotodyne, Inc.; Rotovure Corporation; Rowayton Publishing, Inc.; Roxbury Renewal, Inc.; Roy Knipschild & Company; Royal Development Corporation; Royal Ford, Inc.; Royal Process Data, Inc.; Rozinante Electronics Corporation; Russel L. Siegel, Inc.; Russell L. Steamship Corp.; Russell Trucking, Inc.; RVT Corporation RX Systems, Inc.;

S & A Environmental Corporation; S & A, Inc.; S & F Realty of Delaware, Inc.; S & N Cycles Inc.; S & S Oil Company; S & V Imports, Inc.; S. A. M. International Corporation; S. Augstein Flight Corp.; S. S. Jacobs Company of Delaware; SAE Corporation; Safety Engineering Consultants, Inc.; Safren & Co. Incorporated; Saienni Bros., Inc.; Saint Chalet, Ltd.; Saints Petroleum Fund, Inc.; Salesart, Inc.; Salkeld Brothers, Inc.; Saltwater Foods Inc.; Sam Boren Petroleum Corp.; Sam Lyn Publishing Company; Sameric Corporation of Naamans Road, Inc.; Sams Oil Corporation; San Diego Fishing Corporation; Sands Elevator Inc.; Sangshin Mitchell, Ltd.; Sanitary Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; Sanitoria Sales Corporation; Sarasota Florida Drug Corporation; Sarkis St. Chair, Inc.; Sath Insurance Company, Inc.; Sauget & Co.; Saul Real Estate Advisory Company, Ltd.; Say-Co.; Say-Dale, Inc.; "Save A Heart" Foundation; Save Our Sea, Inc.; Savedoff Foundation, The; Savtime Company, Inc.; Scanfax Service Center, Inc.; Schnell's Dairy, Inc.; Schnipper & Associates, Inc.; Scholastic Press, Inc., The; School Management Council Inc.; Science News, Inc.; Scientific Aeromotive, Inc.; Scientific Engineering Associates Incorporated; Scientific Evaluation Corporation; Scientific Incineration Systems, Inc.; Scientific Instrument Research Corp. of America; Scientific Patent Development Corp.; Scotko, Inc.; Scott Sprinkler, Inc.; Scott Trading Corporation; Scottish Inns International, Inc.; Scotto Vineyards, Ltd.; Scotton Engineering & Building Corporation; Scottsdale, Inc.; Screencom International Corporation; SDD Leasing Corporation; Sea-Wane Leasing Corp.; Sea-land Resources, Inc.; Seamount Travel Services, Inc.; Searchlight Pass Lodge, Incorporated; Season-All Transportation Co.; Seasonair of Virginia, Inc.; Seat Marker, Inc.; Security Centers, Incorporated; Security Distributors Incorporated; Security Engineering, Inc.; See/Hear, Inc.; Selbyville Day Care Center, Inc.; Select Air Freight, Inc.; Select Air, Inc.; Seminar, Inc.; Semtner Sheet Metal, Inc.; Senecco Corporation; Seneffe (U.S.A.), Inc.; Senior Capital Corporation; Senior Securities Corporation; Sensory Devices, Inc.; Sentinel Marketing, Inc.; Service Enterprises Company, Inc.; Service Equities Corporation; Service Mall Corporation; Service Refrigerated of Delaware, Inc.; Severn Construction Corp.; Seville Theater Inc.; Shah & Shah, Inc.; Shamack Corporation, The; Shamrock, Inc.; Sharedata of El Paso Corporation; Sheltec Development Corporation; Shelter Development Corporation of America, Inc.; Shenango Corporation; Shepherd-Ewing, Inc.; Sheraton Securities Corporation; Sheri-Lynn of America, Inc.; Shippers Service Express, Inc.; Shoppers Credit International, Inc.; Shoppers Washeteria, Inc.; Show Productions, Inc.; Show Publications, Inc.; SI Inc.; Sibian Corporation; Sid Broughton Auto, Inc.; Sieckmann Trucking Company, Inc.; Sierra Stores, Inc.; Sight Radio Corporation; Sigma Hotel Management Inc.; Silber System Inc.; Silber System Information Systems, Inc.; Silver Web, Inc.; Silvonix Oil & Gas Corporation; Sinai International Tours, Inc.; Site-Pak Industries Corporation; Skies Unlimited, Inc.; Sky Films, Inc.; Skyline Advertising Corporation; Skyro/Medics Corporation; Skyway Leasing Company, Inc.; Skyways Investment Company, Inc.; Slagle Research Company; Slaughter Beverage Transportation, Inc.; Slaughter Neck Church, Inc.; Sleep-Aire East, Inc.; Slitters, Inc.; Small Boy Electronics, Inc.; Smile Chicago, Ltd.; Smith & Isbel Food Corp.; Smith Industries, Inc.; Smith, Fox, West and Pikus of New England Inc.; Smith, Fox, West and Pikus of West Chester, N.Y. Inc.; Smith's Pride Foods of Georgia, Inc.; Smokers Research Institute Inc.; Smythe's Tire Services & Export Company, Inc.; Social Research International, Ltd.; Society for the Preservation of Primehook Wildlife, Ltd., The; Software Development & Management, Inc.; Soilmaster, Incorporated; Sol Edman & Son, Inc.; Solar Operating Corp.; Solo, Inc.; Solvent Fiber Corp.; Sonar International, Inc.; Sons of Columbus Italian Beneficial Society; Soul Brands-National Ltd.; Source Associates, Inc.; South Bethany Corporation; Southbridge Housing Corporation; Southeastern Service, Inc.; Southeastern Transmission Corp.; Southern Acres, Incorporated; Southern Illinois Investment Company; Southern Maryland Crop Sprayers, Inc.; Southern Properties, Inc.; Southgate Mall Coporation; Southway Realty Corporation; Southwest Computer Investment Corporation; Southwest Corporation; Space, Inc.; Spacemaker Systems, Incorporated; Spanish Key, Inc.; Spar Ribbon & Carbon, Inc.; SPC Polymers, Inc.; Special Order Service, Inc.; Specs Inc.; Specs'n Things, Ltd.; Spectrum Enterprises, Inc.; Splentex, Inc.; Sport Centers of America, Inc.; Sports Promotions & Marketing, Inc.; Sports Satellites Corporation; Spot Guard Industries, Inc.; Spring Leasing Corp.; Springfield Development Company; Springfield International Inc.; Spruce Tissue Mills, Incorporated; Spudnut of Newark, Inc.; SST, Inc.; SSW Industries, Inc.; St. Pat's Stables, Inc.; St. Andrew's School Alumni Holding Corporation, The; Stadium Club, Inc., The; Stafford Industries, Inc.; Stagedoor, Inc.; Staley Paint Mfg. Co.; Stamp Collector Associates, Inc.; Standard Boat Rental, Inc.; Standard Construction Co., Inc.; Standard Resources Corporation; Standard Sanitation Systems, Ltd.; Standard Sheetmetal & Roofing, Inc.; Standard Steel Company; Standard Tungsten Corporation; Stanley Leasing Corporation; Stanley Manor, Inc.; Stanton Pharmacy, Inc.; Stapleford and McClary Co., Inc.; Star International Corporation; State Street Magazines, Inc.; State Street News, Inc.; State-Wide Builders, Inc.; Stateside Music Ltd.; Steadman American Industry Fund, Inc.; Steadman Corporation of America, The; Steel-craft Industries Corporation; Stella Artistic Tiles, Inc.; Stella Maris Hotel, Inc.; Stella, Incorporated; Stellar Associates, Inc.; Step-Pat, Inc.; Stephens & Company, Incorporated; Stern Company of Washington, D.C., The; Stires, Winston & Company; Stirewalt Electric Co.; Stirling Homex Corporation of Mississippi; Stobo Corporation; Stock Oil Industries, Inc.; Stormmasters, Inc.; Strader Construction Company, Inc.; Stratec International Inc.; Street Scene Inc.; Stressed Pipe Corporation; Stressed Structures, Inc.; Strickman Industries, Inc.; Structural Services, Inc.; Stuart Estates, Ltd.; Stuart F. Jaquay, Inc.; Suburban Securities, Inc.; Sulfurex Company; Sulpho Marine Transportation, Inc.; Sultan Enterprises, Inc.; Sum-R-Fun Pool Products, Inc.; Sumich, Inc.; Summer Enterprises, Inc.; Summer Resort Placements, Inc.; Summitt Publishing Company; Sun and Earth Products, Ltd.; Sun Fun, Inc.; Sun Jet Clubs International, Inc.; Sun-Fed Foods, Inc.; Suncoast Industries, Inc.; Sundowner Dairy Cattle Corporation; Sunhill Plastics Corporation; Sunnyfield Farm Inc.; Sunnyline Shipping Company; Sunterra Corporation; Sup N Sing Corporation; Super Distance, Inc.; Superior Electronic Tube Corporation; Superior Industries Inc.; Supermarketing Services, Inc.; Sure-Fresh Foods, Inc.; Sure-Grip Adhesive, Inc.; Surf Oil Company; Surfari Villages, Inc.; Susanne Publishing Company; Sussex Properties, Inc.; Swearingen Aircraft, Inc.; Sweden Book Stores, Inc.; Swedish Leisure Products, Inc.; Sweepster of Delaware, Inc.; Swifter Marine Products Corp.; Swingers Book Stores, Inc.; Swiss American Discount Corporation; Switch-A-Call, Inc.; Syndicated Equities Corp.; Systemaire Engineering, Inc.; Systems Concepts, Inc.; Systems For Safety & Security, Inc.; Systems Planning Corporation of America, Inc.; Szekeres Foundation, Inc.,

The; T & D Musical Instruments of Texas, Inc.; T & 1' Technology, Inc.; T S T Communications, Inc.; T. P. S. Sales Corporation; T.V. Consumer Products Corp.; T-M Parts & Mfg., Inc.; Tait Enterprises, Inc.; Talbot-American Corporation; Talent Discovery, Ltd.; Talent Management International, Inc.; Tall Apparel Shops, Inc.; Tall Publications, Inc.; Tana Company of America, Inc.; Tancon, Inc.; Tane Corporation; Tarleton Civic Association; Tarpon Oil Company; Taste International, Inc.; Tasty Donuts, Inc.; Taurus Publications Inc.; Tavern, Inc., The; Tax Sheltered Plans of America, Inc.; Tax Shelters, Inc.; Tax-comp, Inc.; Tazewell Buildings of Iowa, Inc.; TCW Investments, Inc.; Teaching Associates Inc.; Team Productions, Inc.; Tech Venture Incorporated; Techcomm, Inc.; Technical Evaluation and Marketing Inc.; Technical Glass, Inc.; Technical Resource Institute for Social & Economic Development; Technoronic Industries, Inc.; Ted Smith Aerostar Corporation; Tele-Pac, Inc.; Tele-Scan Corporation; Tele-Sound, Inc.; Telecheck International, Inc.; Telegeneral Corporation; Telemedia Corp. of America; Telequip, Inc.; Telesonics Inc., Teletax Corporation; Teletraveler International, Inc.; Television and Radio Advertising Club of Philadelphia, The; Telfon Communications Corporation; Tellco Information Services, Inc.; Teller Industries, Inc.; Telstar, Inc.; Teltron Corporation; Temujin Cinema Services, Inc.; Tenedine Sales Company, Inc., The; Tennessee Mountain Beef Corp.; Tennis Promotion, Inc.; Teri Day Care Center, Inc., The; Term Papers Unlimited, Inc.; Terra-Jet Systems, Inc.; Tetra-Core Industries, Inc.; Texas-Canadian Oil Corporation; Texas-Oklahoma Mining Company; Thermal Container Company; Thermal Pollution Control Corporation; Thermex, Inc.; Thermi-dex, Inc.; Thermo, Inc.; Thermodyne International, Ltd.; Third Dundee Properties, Inc.; This Is America, Inc.; Thlocco Oil Company, The; Thomas and Hoffrage, Inc.; Thomas Turbine Automobile Corporation, The; Threadneedle Capital Corporation; Three Rivers Motors Co.; Three S Company; Three Stars Company Limited; Threshold Corporation; Thumb-Butte Drug Corporation; Thoroughbred Breeding Corporation, The; Thunderhead, Incorporated; Ti-Co Laboratories, Inc.; Tico, Inc.; Tihs Corporation : Tilco, Inc.; Tile Company of America, Inc.; Timber Neck Apartments Co.; Timberstone Wallcoverings, Inc.; Tiverton Terminal Associates, Inc.; TJW Corp.; TMA Industries, Inc.; TMSCO Corp.; TMT Trailer Ferry, Inc.; To-Part, Inc.; Tollin Realty Co.; Tomorrow Publishing Company, The; Topsail Industries, Inc.; Toro Petroleum Corporation; Total Disposal Systems, Inc.; Total Man, Inc.; Total Waste Systems, Inc.; Tower Funding Corp.; Tower Productions, Inc.; Town Platform Tennis Club, Inc.; Town Tire, Inc.; Towne Players, Ltd.; Towne Point Recreation & Maintenance Corporation; Towne Terrace, Inc.; Townsend Construction Company, Inc.; Tradelands, Inc.; Trafalgar Holding Corporation; Training Consultants, Inc.; Trakatron Corporation; Trans America Properties and Investments, Inc.; Trans World Oil, Ltd.; Trans World Properties, Inc.; Trans-National Properties, Inc.; Trans-Oceanic Shipping, Co.; Trans-World Charolais, Inc.; Transamerican Agriculture Corporation; Transatlantic Agencies Incorporated; Transbanc Corporation; Transbanc Depository Receipt & Funding Company; Transchem, Inc.; Transcontinental Industries, Inc.; Transi-Therm, Inc.; Trans-ionic Chemicals Corporation; Transland Investments, Inc.; Transmarket Company; Transportation Counselors, Inc.; Transportation Leasing Corp.; Transportation Musitime, Inc.; Trans-world Financial Services Corporation; Travel Management Corporation of Texas; Travel Systems, Inc.; Travel-Pak International Corporation; Travellers International Air Services, Inc.; Treasure Tones Coatings Corporation; Trego Bros., Inc.; Trend-ways Group, Inc., The; Tri-State Mix, Inc.; Tri-State Plant Enterprises, Inc.; Tri-State Tire Company; Tri-State Sheet Metal, Inc.; Tri-Temp, Inc.; Tri-9 Corporation; Triangle Mining Corporation; Triangle Realty Corporation; Triangle Roofing, Inc.; Trident Investment Management Enterprises, Inc.; Triex International Corporation; Trilon Educational Corporation; Triple Ace, Inc.; Triple Oaks Water Co.; Trongs Electric Corporation, The; Tropical Pools, Inc.; Tropical Wonderland, Inc.; Truck Lease, Inc.; TSA, Inc. Tucker Industries, Inc.; Turf Club Tavern, Inc.; Turf-Grass Publications, Inc.; Turn-Key Projects International, Inc.; Tusk Engineering, Inc.; Tustore Mines, Inc.; TV Timetab Corporation; Twentieth Century Flite Facts, Inc.; Twentieth Century Jet Express, Inc.; Twentieth Century Shuttle Inc.; Twenty-first Century Fund, Inc.; Twin Bridges Development Corporation; Twin Span Gift Shop, Inc.; Two Bees Ceramics, Inc.; Two-O-Two, Inc.; Ty-con, Inc.; Tyler Ltd.; Typex, Inc.;

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V & M Cappalo Inc.; V & M Enterprises, Inc.; V. 0. East Corporation; V. P. Enterprises, Inc.; Vacation Techniques Inc.; Vacation Valley, Inc.; Vacation Villages International, Inc.; Valdez-Lefevre Arctic Gas & Oil Transportation, Incorporated; Valencia Realty Corp.; Valley Corporation; Valley Run Civic Association; Van Buren Dental Laboratory, Inc.; Vanco, Inc.; Vanguard Productions, Inc.; Vanguard Properties, Inc.; Varity Builders, Inc.; Vectrofac Incorporated; Vedra Productions, Inc.; Vegas Holidays, Inc.; Vencap Service, Inc.; Vendotronics Corp.; Venture Funding Corporation; Venture Management, Inc.; Venture Marketing Associates, Inc.; Venture Media, Inc.; Venture Petroleum Equipment Company, Inc.; Ventures Caribe Inc.; Veri/Sonics Inc.; Verlin Rickard, Inc.; Vernon Ewing Corp.; Versata Corporation; Vest Corp.; Veterinary Supply Associates, Inc., of Kansas City; Viable Inc.; Vicom Leasing Corporation; Vicon Builders, Inc.; Victoria Amusement Enterprises Inc.; Victoria Enterprises, Ltd.; Video Cable Communications, Inc.; Video Cassette Corporation; Video Control Corporation; Video Techniques, Inc.; Video-Media Corporation of America, Inc.; Viking International Products, Inc.; Viking Tool and Machine Company, Inc.; Vintage Magazine Inc.; Viotransport Company, Inc.; Vista Communications, Inc.; Vital Signs, Incorporated; Vocational Training Institute, Inc. of Georgia; Vocational Training Institute, Inc. of Virginia; Volume Incentive Productions, Inc.; Vortex Air Corp.; Vyna-Chem Industrics, Inc.; Vyplex Corporation;

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X-Bond Manufacturing Corporation; Xact of New Jersey Corp.; XIPCO, Inc.; XM Corporation; XNDT, Inc.; Yachting International Corporation of Michigan Inc.;

Yardley Development Corporation; Yawman and Erbe Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Ydrametals Corporation; Yeldam Properties, Inc.; YJ Corporation; York Osuak Research & Development Corporation; Young Country Wear, Inc.; Young Democrats of New Castle Hundred, Inc.; Young Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.; .Young Lady, Inc.; Your Pet Incorporated t/a "Easy Trainer"; Youth Development, Inc.; Yum-Yum International Restaurants, Inc.;

Z & N Mason Contractors, Inc.; Z. D. Associates Inc.; Zetetic Corporation; Zimmerman-American, Inc.; Zodiac Book Shop, Inc.; ZZ Successor Corp.; 121, Inc.; 1218 Market Street Corporation; 1825 Collins Ave., Inc.; 19 West Jefferson Street Building Corporation; 2000 Inc.; 201 Custer Corporation; 2501 Silverside Corporation, The; 3E Chemical, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, SHERMAN W. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-third day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-eighth.



Attest : ROBERT H. REED, Secretary of State