Delaware General Assembly






Whereas, ROBERT H. REED, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for one year next preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State.

Now, therefore, I, SHERMAN W. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953; as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A & H Appliances, Inc.; A & T Welding and Tank Erectors, Inc.; A A A Letter Service, Inc.; A D M Tronics Unlimited, Inc.; A H C Corporation; A T P Acacia Corporation; A. A. Corporation; A. C. C. Corporation; A. J. K., Inc.; A. J. Marra & Son, Inc.; A. J. Solomon Incorporated; A. M. Capital Corporation; A. S. Landco, Inc.; A.B.S. Liquidating Company, Inc.; A.C.T. Tax Service, Inc.; A.D.A. Cosmetics, Inc.; A.D.I. Corporation; A.R. Clark & Sons, Inc.; A-American Leasing Corporation; A-One Security, Inc.; A-Quality Muffler Centers, Inc.; A-36 Corporation; AAA Paperboard Products Co.; AARCO Enterprises Inc.; Aardvark Ltd.; Abbey Resort Communities, Inc.; Abbey-Two, Inc.; ABD Consultants, Inc.; Abe Bass, Inc.; Abitibi Asbestos Corporation; ABS Institute; Academy Royale Theatre, Inc.; Access Construction, Inc.; Accredited Leasing Corp.; Acome Trading Corp.; Acquisition & Merger Institute, Inc.; Actane Gas Company; Active Tank Painting, Inc.; Actors Information Services, Inc.; Ad-Vantage Advertising Company; Ad/Mark, Inc.; Ada Hating Works, Inc.; Adam David Company; Adam David International Sales Corp.; Adams Lime and Gravel Co.; Advance Container Corp.; Advance Investment Development Corporation; Advance Purification Corp.; Advance Rotodyne, Inc.; Advanced Electronic Service Corporation; Advanced Software Resources, Inc.; Advanced Systems Techniques, Inc.; Advantage, Inc.; Adventures in Salesmanship, Inc.; Aero Tech Laboratories, Inc.; Aero-Tech, Inc.; Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.; Aerotronics, Incorporated; Afrik Pharmaceutic& Laboratories, Inc.; Afro Services, Ltd.; Ag-Met, Inc.; Agcom Inc.; Agmac Inc.; Agora-Terra, Inc.; Agricultural Resources Corp.; Agrilease, Inc.; Agro Industries Inc.; Agrotechny Inc.; AH Marketing Corp.; AH-R, Incorporated; Ainwick Properties, Inc.; Air Propulsion Industries, Inc.; Air Transport Holding Corp.; Air-Cushion Industries Incorporated; Air-Dry Corporation of America; Airexec, Inc.; Airline Captains Associates Management, Inc.; Ak-Sar-Ben Group, Inc.; Al-Crete Corporation; Alameda Corporation; Alarm World, Ltd.; Alban Park, Inc.; Alban Tractor Co. Inc.; Alca Industries Corporation; Alda Associates, Inc.; Alda Communications Corp.; Alexis Kirk Inc.; Alfred I. Dupta, Inc.; Alger Sales Company; Algerian Wine Company, Inc.; Aliocha Films, Ltd.; All American Broadcasting Corporation; All American Foods, Inc.; All American Success, Inc.; All Florida Carting, Inc.; All Kitchens, Inc.; All Music Corporation; All Seas Chartering, Inc.; All Service Merchandising, Incorporated; All-Motive Services, Inc.; All-State Sports Camps, Inc.; All-State Expo International, Inc.; Allegheny Resources, Inc.; Allen Trading Company; Allenak Inc.; Allerscan, Inc.; Allied Aero Industries, Inc.; Allied Analytical & Research Laboratories, Inc.; Allied Management & Systems Corporation; Allied Modular Industries Company; Allied Services, Ltd.; Alloway Enterprises, Inc.; Almanac Publishing Company; Almarde, Inc.; Aloma 436 Corp.; Alpha Alpha Delta Educational Foundation; Alpha Financial Corporation; Alpha Humanix Corporation; Alpha International Corporation; Alpha Petrol International, Inc.; Alpha Scan, Incorporated; Alpha Sound Studios, Inc.; Alsa, Inc.; Alta-Gulf Oil & Gas Ltd.; Altair Services, Inc.; Altaire Construction Co., Inc.; Am-Mart Inc.; Amalgamated Housing Corporation; Amalgamated Leather Companies, Inc.; Amalgamated Properties, Inc; Amar Leasing Corporation Amazon Development & Holding Corporation; Ambrex Corp.; AMC Medical Business Services, Inc.; America-Asia Company, Southeast Asia Division; American Asian Construction Company; American Audio Group, Inc.; American Be Independent, Inc.; American Biologics Corporation; American Boilerless Steam Engine Corp.; American CATV Network, Inc.; American College of Nutrition, Inc.; American Computer Corporation; American Computer Service, Inc.; American Concrete Pipe Corporation; American Condev Ltd.; American Delta Industries, Inc.; American Discount of Delaware, Inc.; American Family Sales Company; American Fireworks Manufacturers Association; American Foresight of Baltimore, Inc.; American Health and Education Resources, Inc.; American Investment Diversified Services, Inc.; American Investment Realty, Inc.; American Learning Systems Co., Inc.; American Medical Systems, Inc.; American Micro-Circuits, Inc.; American Mint Inc., The; American Modular Communities, Inc.; American Motorcycle Institute, Inc.; American Movers Insurance Services, Inc.; American News Company, The; American Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.; American Optichron Corporation; American Pipe & Investment Corporation; American Plaks International, Inc.; American Pollitrol Corporation; American Protection Centers, Inc.; American Pyrolisis Corporation; American Retirement Planning Associates, Inc.; American Scheduling Installations, Inc.; American Science Corporation; American Suburbia, Inc.; American Telecommunications Co., Inc.; American Towing Company, Inc.; American Trans-East Company; American Trend Fund; American Triad Land Company, Inc.; American Utilities, Inc.; American Variety International, Inc.; American West Enterprises Inc.; American-International Incentive Programs, Inc.; American-International Mortgage Corp.; Americana Petroleum Corporation; Americas Corporation; Ameritech Corporation; Amet, Inc.; Amfish Corp.; Amity, Inc.; Ammermon and Son, Inc.; Ampliphonics of America Corporation; Amtrad Enterprises, Inc.; Anchor Management Corporation; Ancon Resources Corporation; Anderson & Phillips Sales Company, Inc., The; Andrew Scott Associates, Inc.; Angelo Corporation; Anglo International Marketing Corporation; Anico, Inc.; Animal Health Group, Inc.; Anna Elevator, Inc.; Ansel Feeding & Livestock Company; Antelope Broadcasting, Inc.; Antennas for Communications, Inc..; Anthony Bower Fine Arts, Inc.; Anthony Group, Ltd.; Anthony's Mobile Homes, Inc.; Antrex Corporation; ANW, Inc.; Appalachian Corporation; Appleton Imports-Agents, Ltd.; Applied Capital Corporation; Applied Concepts, Inc.; Applied Fluidics of New Jersey, Inc.; Applied Kinematics Leasing Corporation; Applied Library Resources, Inc.; Applied Research Control, Inc.; Applied Research Corporation; Aqua Fem, Inc.; Aquadron, Inc.; Aquanamics Corporation; Aquiculture Gardens, Inc.; ARA International, Inc.; Aran Industries, Inc.; Arces Co.; Arcon-Indus, Ltd.; Arden Concepts, Inc.; Argosy Mining (U.S.) Incorporated; Argus Systems, Inc.; Argyle Southern Company; Aries Enterprises, Inc.; Aries Publishing, Inc.; Arlington Carpet Mills, Inc.; Arlo Systems Corporation; Armstrong, Ltd.; Arnco Consolidation and Leasing, Inc.; Aro Plastics, Inc.; Arrow Investment Ltd.; Arrow-Target Media, Incorporated; Arthur J. and Marilynn Levine Foundation, Inc., The; Artile Center, Inc.; Artistic Productions, Inc.; Aruba Enterprises, Inc.; Ashland Company of N.J., Inc.; Asia Communications Corporation; Asian Development Systems, Incorporated; Aspen Center for the Professions, Inc.; Assets Investment Corporation; Associated Acceptance Corporation; Associated Care Enterprises, Inc.; Associated Drawback Specialists, Inc.; Associated Investment Corporation; Associated Investors, Inc.; Associated Pacific Corporation; Associated Publishers and Authors, Incorporated; Associated Publishing Company, Inc.; Associates in International Marketing and Sales, Inc.; Association of Regular Army Sergeants; Association of Retired Delaware State Police, Inc.; Astro Technology, Inc.; Astro-Scope, Inc.; Astrolite Corporation; Athlund Corporation; Atkins-Gilbert Associates Ltd.; Atlanta Television Production, Inc.; Atlantic & Pacific Petroleum Corporation; Atlantic Eastern Corporation; Atlantic Magazine Company, Inc.; Atlantic Productions, Inc.; Atlantic Scientific Corporation; Atlas International Incorporated; Aud-O-Tek, Inc.; Audio Visual Electronics Corporation; Aura Jewel Caribe, Inc.; Aurre & Company, Inc.; Aurre Management Co., Inc.; Austinite Corporation; Austinite Marketing Corporation; Authentic Art, Inc.; Auto and Fleet Service, Inc.; Auto-Magic Car Wash, Inc.; Automated Communications Inc.; Automated Distribution Systems, Inc.; Automated Storage International, Inc.; Automated Ticket Systems of Connecticut, Ltd.; Automated Ticket Systems, Ltd.; Automatic Games Limited; Automation Technology Corporation; Automotive Management Consultants, Inc.; Automotive Training Services, Inc.; Autotronics, Ltd.; Avenue of America Recording Ltd.; Averick Products, Inc.; Aviation Enterprises, Inc.; Avion Electronics, Inc.; Awco Industries, Inc. Avers Diner, Incorporated; B & B Trucking, Inc.; B & C Construction Co., Inc.; B & J, Ltd.; B and B Choppers, Inc.; B C S Liquidating Co.; B. & T. Enterprises, Inc.; B. Ciotti & Sons, Inc.; B.J. Engineering Enterprises, Inc.; B. M. S. Corp.; B.C.J. & M. Service, Inc.; B. S. B. Corporation; B & W Horsepower, Inc.; Babcock Overhead Door Co., Inc.; Back Publishing and Sales Co., Inc.; Back Gammon Unlimited, Incorporated; Baensch Capital Corporation; Bahama Islands Diversified Incorporated; Bakerlyn, Ltd.; Baking Enterprises Inc.; Balanced Investment Dynamics, Inc.; Balanced Investment Securities Company; Baldwin Gardens, Inc; Baltimore Consolidating Association, Inc.; Baltimore Electronics Associates, Inc.; Bamberger and Robbins, Inc.; Bang Burgler Alarm Co., Inc.; Banker's Courier Corporation; Bankers Trust Company; Banta Stores, Inc.; Bargain Shopper Corporation, The; Baries Co.; Barnard Southwest Associates, Inc.; Baron Industries Corporation; Barons Wearhouse, Inc.; Barr Leasing Ltd.; Barry's Int'l Ltd.; Basement, Inc., The; Basic Corp.; Basic Cosmetics, Ltd.; Bauer Engineering Asia, Ltd.; Baxter Shoe Outlet, Inc.; Bayfare, Inc.; BBI, Inc.; BCS, Inc.; Beach Drive Liquor Store, Inc.; Beach Grass Foundation, Inc.; Beauty Boutique, Inc.; Beaver Branch Farms, Inc.; Beaver Valley Nurseries, Inc.; Becker Columbian Club, Inc.; Bedrock Development, Inc.; Beitzell Construction Co. Inc.; Belair Financial Corporation; Belgian Gospel Mission, Inc.; Bell and Howarth Corporation, The; Bell Rock Island, Inc.; Belmotronics, Inc.; Belvedere Corporation, The; Benay Cable Inc.; Benecom Corp.; Benge Corporation, The; Bennet & Associates, Inc.; Ber-Way Marketing, Inc.; Bergere's Restaurant, Inc.; Bero Engineering and Construction Corporation; Berry, Inc.; Best Yet Foods, Inc.; Bait Chemicals Incorporated; Better Administration of .Justice, Inc.; Better Homes of Milton, Inc.; Bevel Feeding & Livestock Company; Beverage Management Associates, Inc.; Bidwell-Morency, Inc.; Bill's Market, Inc.; Billie's Barbecues, Inc.; Binghamton TV Corp.; Bio-Enzymatics Corp.; Bio-Feedback Applications Inc.; Bio-Feedback Institute; Bio-Medical Products, Inc.; Bishop Waterproofing Corporation; Bismarck Lumber Company; Biz News Inc.; Black Bull Music, Inc.; Black Magic Enterprises, Inc.; Black United Fund of Delaware, Inc.; Black Vanguard Associates, Inc.; Blackiston Estates, Ltd.; Blair & Co., Inc.; Blair International, Inc.; Blanch-Ette, Inc.; Blanck & Sons Delivery Service, Inc.; Blandco Inc.; Bloomington Bacon & Van Buskirk Glass Co., Inc.; Bloomington Heap Big Beef, Inc.; Bloomington Loan Company; BLS, Inc.; Blue Granite Industries, Inc.; Blue Hen Artist Management, Inc.; Blue Hen Music Publishing Inc.; Blue Hen Pet Center #64, Inc.; Blue Hen Productions Inc.; Blue Hen Realty, Inc.; Blue Hen Record Productions Inc.; Blue Hen Road Show Productions Inc.; Bluff Island Marine Inc.; BMC, Inc.; BMCA, Inc.; Bob Slade Concrete Construction Company; Body Shop, Inc., The; Bonded Detective Agency of Delaware, Inc.; Bonded Fiber Research Laboratories Inc.; Book House, Inc., The; Boots Productions Inc.; Borgia Co., The; Bosco Resources Corporation; Bostic and Bowers Business Service, Inc.; Boston Celtics Basketball Club, Inc.; Bostwick Construction Co.; Boundary Industries, Inc.; Bourbon Street Originals, Inc.; Bournemouth Properties, Inc.; Bowen Investment Corporation; Bowen Transports, Inc. of Illinois; Bowers Instrument Company; Bowes Publishing Company; Brad Harmon Films, Inc.; Bradford Builders, Inc.; Bragg County Properties, Inc.; Brandywine Exterminating, Inc.; Brandywine Financial Associates, Inc.; Brandywine Guild, Inc.; Brandywine Jr. American Basketball League, Inc.; Brandywine Publishing, Inc.; Branstrator Engineering Corporation; Braverman Enterprises, Inc.; Breakers Club, The; Breezewood Construction, Inc.; Brendler Insurance Agency, Inc.; Brentmoor Corporation, The; Bretsnyder Builders, Inc.; Brevoort Films, Inc.; Bri-Son Industries Incorporated; Briar Pharmacal Inc.; Bridgeview Auto Parts, Inc.; Brief Encounter, Inc.; Bridadoon Capital Corporation; Briggs Boulevard, Inc.; Bright & Brearley, Inc.; Broad Construction Company, Inc.; Broadcast Bingo, Inc.; Broadkill Marina, Inc.; Broker Services, Inc.; Brookside Plaza Apts., Inc.; Broox, Inc.; Brothers Retail Liquors, Inc.; Bruce Debolt Enterprises, Inc.; Bruker Industries, Inc.; Brunswick Basic 4, Inc.; Brush Hill Associates, Inc.; Buchanan International Oil Corp.; Buchbinder & Company, Inc.; Buckeye Mines Inc.; Bucoa, Inc.; Bucode P. R., Inc.; Budd Industries, Inc.; Buddie Industrial Enterprises, Inc.; Builders Component Supply Corporation; Builders Ready Mix & Supply Co.; Bull's Food Distributors, Inc.; Bunni Equipment Company, Inc.; Bureau of Medicare Research, Inc.; Burgaw Dress Company; Burka Properties, Inc.; Burris Company; Business Development Associates Inc.; Business Machines Corporation of America; Business Machines International Corporation; Business Research Company; Business Service, Inc.; Busy Beaver Hauling, Inc.; Butane Match Corporation of America; Butler Development Corporation; Butlers Securities Inc.; Butler's, Inc.; Buttonwood Venture Management Corporation; BX East, Inc.; BXP Construction Corporation; Byrd Enterprises, Incorporated; C & B Industries, Inc.; C & E Contractors, Inc.; C. & S. General Contractors, Inc.; C B & W, Inc.; C S & M International Corp.; C U C Management Corp.; C. & M Holding Corp.; C. D. C. Incorporated; C. H. A., Inc.; C. H. C. Co.; C.A.P., Inc.; C.L.O. Associates, Inc.; C.M.S. Motion Picture Productions of America, Inc.; C.O.M., Inc.; C. R. Winn Drilling Contractors, Inc.; C.R. S.N. Inc.; C.U. Travelers, Inc., The; Ca-Lew Corp.; Cabco Productions, Inc.; Cable Enterprises, Incorporated; Cable Network Television, Inc.; Cable Ohio, Inc.; Cable Productions, Inc.; Cable-Vue of Pennsylvania, Inc.; Cablemark, Inc.; Cadillac & Lake City Railway Company; Caernarvon Corporation; Cahill Industries, Inc.; Calabash Gal, Inc.; California Compactors Corporation; California Sales Corporation; Caligar Company; Cam's Hum, Inc.; Cambridge Nuclear Corporation of Texas; Camden Funding Corporation; Cameo Greeting Cards, Inc.; Cameo Road Development Co.; Camn, Inc.; Camp Delmora, Inc.; Campaign Associates, Inc.; Campbell & Young, Incorporated; Camper Land, Inc.; Campus Craft, Inc.; Canaday Enterprises, Inc.; Canby Cable TV, Inc.; Cannon International, Inc.; Capco, Inc.; Capehart Corporation; Capetronic Corp.; Capetronics Oss, Inc.; Capital Cosmetics, Inc.; Capital Petroleum Exploration Corporation; Capitol Green Community Center, Inc.; Capitol Motors, Inc.; Capitol Trane Air Conditioning Company Inc.; Capri Enterprises Inc.; Capsugel Corporation; Cara Mia Shoe Corporation; Caravelle Cattle Company, Inc.; Carben, Inc.; Carbondale Heating and Air Conditioning Co., Inc.; Cardinal Import and Distributing, Inc.; Care Services Corporation; Career Directions Corporation; Career Investors Corporation; Careers Incorporated; Carib Marine Engineering Corporation; Caribbean Cashew Company; Caribbean Petro Chemicals Inc.; Caribe Enterprises, Ltd.; Caritas Foundation; Carlisle Hardware Company, Inc.; Carlton Broadcasting Corporation; Carlton-Cambridge, Stevens Jackson & Co., Inc.; Carney Bros., Inc.; Carolina Belt Company; Carolina Schiffli Company; Carolina Textile Co.; Carolina Trimming Company; Carousel of Life, Inc.; Carpetech of California, Inc.; Carr Enterprises, Inc.; Carroll Corporation of New Hampshire, Inc.; Cary L. Wellington Foundation, The; Carz, Inc.; Cases & Points, Ltd.; Cash America Ltd.; Cash Box Enterprises Corporation; Casino Royal, Inc.; Cassell Products Corp.; Cassette Education Systems Corp.; Cassette Player Corporation; Cassette Sciences Corporation; Cassette-Matic, Inc.; Cast Corporation; Catalane-Crowley Corporation, The; Catering International, Ltd.; Cavalier Clothes Ltd.; Cavalier Group, Inc.; Cavalier Shop, Inc., The; Cavallaro Construction Services, Inc.; Cax, Inc.; Caye Chapel Enterprises, Ltd.; CCN Liquidating Corporation; Cebus U.S.A. Inc.; Cecil Motors, Inc.; Cedarbrook Farm, Inc.; Cedarbrook Fashions, Inc.; Cedco Capital Corporation; Cei Liquidating Company; Celebration Production Company, Ltd.; Celsior Corporation; Central American Development Corporation; Central CATV, Inc.; Central Energy Systems, Inc.; Central Quilting Co.; Centralia Development Corporation; Century Continental Corporation; Century Engineering, Inc.; Century Homes, Inc.; Cephas Corporation; Ceres Pharmacal Company; Ceres Products Company, Inc.; Cevwin Corporation; Chadds Ford Productions, Inc.; Chadwick Construction Co., Inc.; Chafin & Co.; Chalet Apartments, Inc.; Challenge Fund, Inc.; Challenge International, Ltd.; Challenger Motor Company; Champions Unlimited, Inc.; Chancellor Management Corporation; Chandler Fund, Inc.; Channel American Corp.; Channel Leasing Corporation; Channelmedia Corporation; Chardon, Inc.; Charles Beseler Co. Inc.; Charles Beseler Mfg. Co., Inc.; Charles Clay Equipment, Inc.; Charles Clay Masonry, Inc.; Charles E. Springman Development Company, Inc.; Charles Perkes Company; Charlie Chan, Inc.; Charming Shoppes of Delaware, Inc.; Chart Feeding & Livestock Company; Chartwell Patents, Inc.; Chas. H. Elliott Company, The; Cheese Systems, Ltd.; Chem Stone Laboratories, Inc.; Chemalores Corporation; Chemanox Incorporated; Chemedics, Inc.; Chemical Resources Corporation; Chemmet Corporation; Chesapeake Bay Shores, Inc.; Chesapeake Real Estate & Development Co.; Chester County Packaging Co.; Chester Herald-Tribune, Inc.; Chesterfield Homes, Inc.; Chicago Cougars Hockey Club, Inc.; Chichester Boat Co., Inc.; Chicken 'N' Things, Inc.; Chicken Holiday, Inc.; Children's Programming Corporation, The; Chilnor, Inc.; Christopher Wren Corporation, The; Chula Vista Furniture Industries, Inc.; Church of the Living Word, Inc.; Cicero Dodge, Inc.; Cid Charters, Inc.; Cider Hill Candle Co., Inc.; Cimarron Beverage Corporation; Cinecom Theatres (N.E.) States, Inc.; Cinecom Theatres (Southern) States Inc.; Cinecom Theatres Midwest States, Inc.; Cinema Funding Corp.; Cinema Prints, Inc.; Cinema 71, Inc.; Cinema/Seven Productions, Inc.; Cinke International Corp.; Circa 70 Motion Picture Laboratory, Inc.; Citadel Engineering, Inc.; Citation Development Corp.; Citizens Committee for Parks, Inc.; City Porcelain Refinishing Co., Inc.; Clam Fillettes Corp.; Clara's Poodle Haven, Inc.; Clarence E. T. Phillips, Jr. & Co., Inc.; Classic Printers, Inc.; Clayco Exploration, Inc.; Claymont Pharmacy, Inc.; Clayton & Wade Limited; Clayton Earth Movers Inc.; Clean Air Fuel Co., Inc.; Clean Air Inc.; Clearview Builders, Inc.; Clearwater Chemical Corporation; Clement Coleman, Incorporated; Clemente Travel Center, Inc.; Clermont Operating Corp.; Clever Cleaners, Inc.; Cliffs Management Corporation; Climate Masters of Ohio, Inc.; Climax Horse Farms, Inc.; Clinical Research Associates, Inc.; Cloro-Spray Corporation; Cluster Busters Club; Clyne International Advertising, Inc.; Clytie Bay Mines, Inc.; CMS/South, Inc.; Coast Marine Corporation; Cocan Corporation; Cochran Equipment Co.; Coda Limited; Cohansey Steamship Company; Coiffures by Mr. Neill, Inc.; Cointronics Corporation; Col-Mont Corporation; Colar, Inc.; Coldstream Corporation; Cole Corporation; Colgan Curran Co.; Coliseum Properties, Inc.; Coliseum Sports Productions, Inc.; Collectors Funding, Inc.; Collectors' Arts & Letters, Inc.; Collegiate Electronics, Inc.; Collegiate Pubs, Inc.; Columbia Art Publishing Company, Inc.; Columbus Equities, Inc.; Comacc Corporation; Combined Capital Corporation; Combined Community Services, Incorporated; Commerce Corner, Inc.; Commercial Banking Corporation; Commodity Merchants, Inc.; Commonwealth Corporated Development Co., Inc.; Commonwealth International Corporation; Commplex, Inc.; Communicating Ventures International, Ltd.; Communication Controls Corporation; Communications Splicing & Engineering Corp.; Communistar Corp.; Community Action Against Forced School Busing Inc.; Community Learning Centers, Inc.; Community Training Foundation, Inc.; Compass Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.; Compatable Products Inc.; Componoform Ventures, Inc.; Compu Tek Corp.; Compucharge, Inc.; Compugain, Inc.; Compulease, Inc.; Compumatics Educational Services, Inc.; Compusamp of Canada, Ltd.; Compusize, Inc.; Computag Systems, Inc.; Computal Corporation; Computalarm Systems Corporation; Computer Astrology Associates Corporation; Computer Century 1, Inc.; Computer Consultants Associates, Incorporated; Computer Consultants Corporation; Computer Cooperatives, Inc.; Computer Data Enterprises, Inc.; Computer Fulfillment I/MAP, Inc.; Computer General Corporation; Computer Micro Services, Inc.; Computer Monitor Corp., The; Computer Optical Systems, Inc.; Computer People Corporation; Computer Programs Co.; Computer Research Associates, Inc.; Computer Trading Corporation; Computer Typesetting Corporation; Computerwrap Corporation; Computime Institutional Services Inc.; Comshield Corp.; Comus Productions, Ltd.; Con-Way Corporation; Concentrated Resources, Inc.; Conceptual Technology, Inc.; Concert Corporation of America; Concord Mazda, Inc.; Concrete Specialists, Inc.; Conditioned Air Contractors of Miami, Inc.; Condomart International, Inc.; Condominium Corporation Of America, Inc.; Congress of Professional Corporations; Conn-Plate, Inc.; Conrad Construction Co.; Consolidated Acceptance Corporation; Consolidated International Petroleum Corporation; Consolidated Production Corporation; Consolidated Refining Company of Puerto Rico; Constellation Petroleum Corporation; Constrander Corporation; Construction Automation Industries, Inc.; Construction Ventures Corporation; Consumer Auto Leasing Service, Inc.; Consumer Financial Services, Inc.; Consumers Assistance Corp.; Consumers Marketing Research, Inc.; Consyst Properties, Inc.; Consyst, Inc.; Containerized Storage and Land Developers, Inc.; Continental Colognes ET CIE; Continental Lift Slab Corporation; Continental Painting, Inc.; Continental Service Distributors of Georgia, Inc.; Continental Service Industries, Inc.; Continental Urbanology Enterprises, Inc.; Continental Video Network, Inc.; Contract Limousine Corporation; Contractor Supplies, Inc.; Control Corporation of America; Convacare Incorporated; Convenient Car Wash, Inc.; Convenient Moneycorp, Inc.; Convertible Technique Fund; Convlacare, Inc.; Cook & Nedwick, Inc.; Cooks Franchising, Inc.; Cookson Siding, Inc.; Cooling & Heating Supply, Inc.; Copaco, Inc.; Copper State Associates, Inc.; Copy Technology, Inc. (North Carolina); Copy Technology, Inc. (Texas); Corexcal, Inc.; Corlox Corporation; Cormac, Inc.; Corax Resources Corporation; Corporate Enterprises, Inc.; Corporate Management Company; Corporate Management Company, Inc., The; Corporate Recruiters of Northern Virginia, Inc.; Corporate Resources, Inc.; Corporation E, Inc.; Cortex Corporation; Cosmic Aircraft Corporation; Cosmo Industries, Inc.; Cosmo Wash, Ltd.; Country Farmers Market, Inc.; Country Foods, Inc.; Country Music, Inc.; County Contractors, Inc.; County Line Bath and Tennis Club Corporation; County Trade Services, Inc.; Court Cover, Ltd.; Courthouse Industries, Inc.; Covington Associates, Inc.; Cowan Agency Corporation; Coyne Club, The; Craft Town Enterprises, Inc.; Craftech International, Ltd.; Crafts International, Inc.; Creations Inc.; Creative Child, Inc.; Creative Development Corporation; Creative Leisure, Ltd.; Creative Realty Concepts, Inc.; Creative Vistas, Inc.; Credit Consortium Basle Corp.; Cremosa Food Services, Inc.; Crescent Consultants, Inc.; Crescent Productions Corp.; Cresset Corporation; Cromwell Corporation, The; Cromwell Industries, Inc.; Cromwell Marketing Corporation, The; Cross Country Investment Corp.; Cross-Country Ink, Inc.; Crow-bank Resources Limited; Crown Erectors, Inc.; Crown Villages, Inc.; Cryogenic Devices, Inc.; CTI Distributing Corporation; CTI, Inc.; Culpepper's Plantation Enterprises, Inc.; Cultural Arts Corporation; Cumberland Paving Company; Cumberland Valley Broadcasting Corporation; Cumulus Corporation, The; Cundari Oil Company, Inc.; Currency Advisors Corporation; Curriculum Studios, Inc.; Custamold Inc.; Custodian Security Brokerage Corp.; Cyber Capital Corporation; Cybermark Systems Inc.; Cybernetic Motivation Systems, Inc.; Cybertronics Corporation; Cyclo-Sciences, Inc.; Cyclotronics Corporation; Cyn Les International Ltd.; Cynax Corporation; D & L Trucking, Inc.; D and A, Inc.; D. Brown-Strober Bros. Building Supply Corp.; D. Lohoefer, Inc.; D. M. & S. Dry Cleaning, Inc.; D. R. International, Inc.; D. W. Guard & Co., Inc.; D. J. J. Communications, Inc.; D.N.R.A. Inc.; D, P & S Automotive, Inc.; Dadcor, Inc.; Daily Made Corporation, The; Dakery's Ltd.; Dameon, Ltd.; Damnco Corporation; Danby Liquors, Inc.; Dano Modules, Inc.; Dapper Corporation; Dardanella Corporation; Dare Enterprises, Inc.; Darien Shrubbery Company, Incorporated; Darley Stores, Inc.; Daron Feeding & Livestock Company; Darrill Industries, Inc.; Dartmouth Realty & Oil Corporation; Dartnell Corporation, The; Data Communications Corporation; Data Electronics, Inc.; Data Exchange Leasing Corporation; Data Industries Corporation of Texas; Data Security Corporation; Data-Plex Systems, Inc.; Dataport Systems Inc.; Dataventure, Inc.; Datax Corporation; David B. Rosenfeldt, Incorporated; David E. Difilippo Enterprises, Inc.; David L. Bartok Circus Corporation; David R. Goebel, Inc.; David R. Simon, Inc.; David W. Johnson Enterprises, Inc.; Davidow Company, Inc.; Davis & Greer, Inc.; Davisbilt Steel Joist, Inc.; Dayton Plastics, Inc.; DCA Educational Products, Inc.; De Marigny Vintners, Inc.; Deal Corporation; Deb Fabric Centers, Inc.; Debacker Chevrolet Co., Inc.; Debbie-D, Inc.; Decision Information Consulting Corp.; Deeds Music Company, Inc.; Deemers Beach, Inc.; Defender Publishing Company, Inc., The; Defense Services, Inc.; Deguire Discount Centers, Inc.; Del Mar Hosiery Corporation; Del Mar New England Express, Inc.; Del. Corn. Enterprises, Inc.; Del-Penn Builders, Inc.; Delafran Industries Incorporated; Delano, Inc.; Delaware "Up With People" Committee, Inc.; Delaware Aircraft Incorporated; Delaware Arts Society, Inc.; Delaware Bail Corporation; Delaware Construction Company, Inc.; Delaware Dredging Company; Delaware Economic Development Board, Inc.; Delaware Education Television Association, Incorporated, The; Delaware Electronic Supply Co.; Delaware Government Research Foundation; Delaware Housing Incorporated; Delaware League for Human Advancement, Inc.; Delaware Personnel Consultants, Inc.; Delaware Pharmaceutical Society; Delaware Research Associates, Inc.; Delaware Rug Co., Inc.; Delaware State Electric, Inc.; Delaware Wheels for the Handicapped, Inc.; Delco Leasing Corporation; Delee, Incorporated; Delicias International, Inc.; Dell Industries Inc. of America; Delle Donne Center, Inc.; Deimedics Company, Inc.; Delmora Park, Inc.; Delphi Associates, Ltd.; Delta Engineering and Research, Limited; Delta Research Corporation; Deltona Highlands Corporation; Demar'Quis International, Inc.; Demographic Technology, Inc.; Dental Industries, Inc.; Dental Sciences Instrument Corp.; Dentatron, Inc.; Department of Pacific Areas, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Inc.; Dependable Services, Inc.; Depue Chemical Company; Desmond Investment Company, Inc.; Destination, Inc.; Detection Technology, Inc.; Detectron, Incorporated; Determination of Motivation, Inc.; Detroit Screwmatic Company; Detsco, Inc.; Devco Management Inc.; Development Banking Corporation of America; Development Franchise Sites, Inc.; Devon Group Incorporated, The; Devon Industries, Inc.; Devonbrook, Inc.; Dewey Corporation, The; DH'C, Inc.; Di Pinto Incorporated; Diamond Ice and Fuel Company of Delaware, Inc.; Diamond Investment Properties, Inc.; Diamond State Aviation, Inc.; Diamond State React, Inc.; Diana Shop of Tulsa apparel Corp.; Diaspora Communications, Inc.; Dichar Corporation; Dick Allen Motors, Inc.; Dictograph Products, Inc.; Dig This Now, Incorporated; Digital Electronic Automation, Inc.; Digital Information Devices, Inc.; Dihepoc Corporation; Dillman Realty Company; Dimension Industries, Inc.; Dimsco Inc.; Dip 'N' Strip, Inc.; Diplomat Industries Corporation; Direct Data Centers Corporation; Director Systems, Inc. (DSI); Directors Importing Corporation; Disc Communications, Ltd.; Discount Color, Inc.; Discount Drug Corporation; Distribuidora De Equipos De Construccion De Cananea, S.A.; Diversified American Securities, Inc.; Diversified Corporate Investors Corp.; DMH, Inc.; Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Inc.; Dohm Ranch Inc.; Dollar Eastern, Inc.; Dolphin Marine Corp.; Dominic A. DiFebo & Sons, Inc.; Dominion American Corp.; Don & Earl's, Inc.; Don Reid Productions Inc.;

Don's Stop and Go Inc.; Donath of Boston, Inc.; Donohoe Asphalt and Paving Company; Dorado Products, Ltd.; Dorchester Committee of New York, Inc.; Dorchester Pharmacy, Inc.; Double "C" Enterprise, Inc.; Double J Riding Stable, Inc.; Double S Motors Corporation; Double X Ranch, Inc.; Dover Crossing, Inc.; Downtown Airlines, Inc.; Doyle-Shannon Fire Equipment Incorporated; Dr. Kleen's, Inc.; Dravo Transit and Storage Inc.; Dreem Realty, Inc.; Drive Time, Inc.; Drysdale Management Company, Inc.; Ducoat, Inc.; Duke Industries, Inc.; Duncan & Cullen, Inc.; Duncan Ford Co.; Dunmar Associates Inc.; Duo Inc.; Duplomat Corp.; Duren Investment Company; Durham Industries, Inc.; Durkee's Bakeries, Inc.; Dutch Properties, Inc.; Dutchie, Inc.; Dylan Productions, Inc.; Dyna-Lease Corporation; Dynamic Developers, Inc.; Dynamic Processes International, Ltd.; Dynax Computer Utility Corporation; Dynurad Corporation; E. Furniture Co., Inc.; E. H. Held & Co., Inc.; E. J. W. Trucking Co., Inc.; E. R. White & Co.; E. A. Keller Co.; E.C.D., Inc.; E. L. Jones and Company Incorporated; Early Feeding & Livestock Company; Earthfoods, Inc.; East-West Furniture Distributors, Inc.; East-West, Inc.; Eastern Affiliates, Inc.; Eastern Island Trading Corporation; Eastern Pacific Industries, Inc.; Eastern Poultry Farms, Inc.; Eastern Shore Associates, Inc.; Eastern Shore Realty Development Company; Eastside Drug Co.; Eastside Furniture, Inc.; Eastside Neighborhood Council, Inc.; Eastwest Press, Inc.; Eaz, Inc.; Ecological Purification Systems, Inc.; Ecological Recycling Co.; Ecological Research and Development Corporation; Ecology Management & Research Corporation; Ecology Preservation, Ltd.; Ecomanagement and Control, Inc.; Econ Properties, Inc.; Econ-O-Call, Inc.; Econo-Builders, Inc.; Econo-Max, Inc.; Economic Drilling Company; Economic Growth Systems Financial Services, Incorporated; Economic Resources, Inc.; Ecosystems Research Corporation; ECP Corporation; Ecuadorean Investment and Development Corporation; Edco, Inc.; Edeco Development Corp.; Eden Homes of America, Inc.; Eden Park Market, Inc.; Edge Moor Iron Works, Inc.; Edgewood Properties, Inc.; Edith Serei Corporation; Edmund I. and Lillian S. Kaufmann Foundation, Inc.; Edo Marketing Group, Ltd.; Education Research, Inc.; Educational Development & Research Corporation; Educational Motion Pictures Corporation; Educational Resources Associates, Inc.; Educational Video Corporation; Educators International Investment Services, Inc.; Edufax, Inc.; Eduforce, Inc.; Edward J. Sircek, Incorporated; Edward V. Lower, Inc.; Egg Clearinghouse, Inc.; Ehlers, Maremont & Company, Inc.; EJL Corporation; EKG Service Corp.; El-Mor Ltd.; ELB Liquidating Corp.; Eldara, Inc.; Eldorado International Corporation; Eldredge & Co. of Florida, Inc.; Electra Arms Apartment, Inc.; Electrical and Mechanical Services, Inc.; Electrical Workers of Delaware, Incorporated; Electrico, Inc.; Electro Connective Systems, Inc.; Electro Scanning Systems Ltd.; Electrocopy Corporation; Elenor Glicksman, Inc.; Elion Foundation, The; Elizabethtown Manufacturing Co.; Elkins Group Ltd., The; Ella Foundation; Ellen Lee Imports, Inc.; Elm-Balm Corp.; Elto Corp.; Emek Tours, Inc.; Emerald Duster Company; Emerson Hall Publishers, Inc.; Empire Carpet Industries, Inc.; Empire Creations, Inc.; Empire Enterprises, Inc.; Empire-Golden State, Inc.; Employee Benefit Securities Corp.; Emroy Investors, Ltd.; Endometrics, Inc.; Enerchemco, Inc.; Energex, Inc.; Energy Group Inc. The; Energy Supplies, Inc.; Energy Via Entertainment, Inc.; English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association; Enjen Industries, Inc.; Ensworth Investment Corporation; Enterlearning inc.; Entertainment Internationale Ltd.; Entrepreneurs, Inc.; Enviro-Bac Corporation; Envirokleen Waste Services, Inc.; Environ Systems, Inc.; Environmental Advisory Services, Inc.; Environmental Communications, Inc.; Environmental Design Consultants, Inc.; Environmental Devices, Inc.; Environmental Enterprises, Inc.; Environmental Innovators Corporation; Environmental Research Company; Environmental Sanitation Consultants, Inc.; Environmental Studies Inc., Environmental Ventures Corporation; Envirosearch Corporation; Envirotemp, Inc.; Envirotrol, Inc.; Enwood Corporation; Epidyne Corporation; Eppe's, Inc.; Epsilon Data Management, Inc.; Equi/Dyne Corp.; Equiduct Corporation; Equipment Development Corporation; Equipment Support Corporation; Equitable Equities, Inc.; Equity Consultants, Inc.; Equity Development, Inc.; Esquire Shop, Inc., The; Essential Systems & Services, Inc.; Esta Corporation; Estuary Films, Inc.; Euclid Funding Corporation; Eugene Powers Inc.; Eunice Corporation, The; Euro Homes Inc. of Georgia; European Finance Company, Ltd.; Evaluation Resources, Inc.; Eve Calendar Company, The; Everett Enterprises, Inc.; Everett Freeman Enterprises; Ex-Prisoners Rehabilitation Center, Inc.; Exac-Tics Corp.; Exalon Institute; Executive Key Card Ltd.; Executive Studies, Inc.; Expansion, Inc.; Expo Film-Audio, Inc.; F & F Associates, Inc.; F. and K. Theatre Co., Inc.; F. D. Rich Realty Corporation; F. G. Industries, Inc.; F. S. S., Inc.; F. W. Lancaster, Ltd.; F. W. Warren & Co., Inc.; F. A. Corporation; F. C. C. Systems, Inc.; F.O.E. of Tarentum, No. 699, Inc.; F.R.C.D. & Co., Inc.; F. S. Donahue, Santo & Co., Inc.; Fab-Mar International, Ltd.; Fabric King Stores, Inc.; Fabric Warehouse Sales of Virginia (A Delaware Corporation), Inc.; Fabulous Dollar Stores, Inc.; Facciolo Paving and Construction, Inc.; Facilities Leasing Corporation; Facilities 4 Inc.; Fair Hill Land Co., Inc.; Fairfax Fund, Inc.; Falcon Fund, Inc.; Fame Sales Company; Family Florist Company, Inc.; Family Health Care Service, Inc.; Fanco Investment Corporation; Farm Corporation of America, Inc.; Farm House, Inc., The; Fashion Shoes, Inc.; Fastrack International, Inc.; Faunalabs Research Foundation; Fax Net Communications, Inc.; Federal Diversified Industries, Inc.; Federal Will Bureau, Inc.; Federalist & Associates, Inc.; Federalist Management Corporation; Feld Import Corporation; Felton Acres, Inc.; Fenwick-Bethany, Inc.; Feron Feeding & Livestock Company; Fetterman - Sobel Co., Inc.; Fibra - Tex Industries, Inc.; Fibre-Lites, Inc.; Fibre Optech International Corporation; Fidance & Fidance, Inc.; Fiducaire Suisse Ltd.; Fields Oil Corporation; Fig Tree Valley, Inc.; Figueroa Tanker Corporation; File Rite Tax-Aid Inc.; Filter-Fryer Systems, Inc. of Md.; Finance Trade International Corporation; Financial Insurance Group, Inc.; Financial Investors Services of the Pacific, Incorporated; Financial Management Corporation of America; Financial Management Services Corp.; Financial Packaging Corp. of Delaware, Inc.; Financial Planning Associates, Ltd.; Financial Relations, Inc.; Financial Resources Corporation; Financial Systems, Inc.; Fire Extinguishers Incorporated; Firestone Corporation, The; First American Management, Incorporated; First Caribbean Mortgage Company; First Central Corporation; First Continental Group, Inc.; First Disc Management Corporation; First Federalist Fund, Inc.; First Foundation, The; First Franchise Group, Inc.; First Hudson Securities Corporation; First International Mortgage Advisers Corp.; First Israel Equities, Inc.; First Leisure Corporation; First Lincoln Group, Inc.; First Manchester Research Corporation; First National Investment Corporation; First on the Lake Club, Inc.; First Paramount Equity Corporation; First State, Inc.; Fisher, Inc.; Fishfinder, Inc.; Fitness Industries Inc.; Five Points Athletic Association, Incorporated; FJV Construction Corporation; Flairescence Ltd.; Flash Productions, Inc.; Fleetwood Securities Corporation of America; Flock Enterprises, Inc.; Florida Airways International, Inc.; Florida Leisure Acres, Inc.; Fluid Laminates International, Inc.; Fluidtron International Corporation; Fluth Corporation; Foilpay Corporation, The; Fontainebleau Hotels International, Ltd.; Food Chips Incorporated; Food Industries Corp.; Food Processes, Inc.; For Women Only, Inc.; Forbes Ford, Inc.; Forbes Leasing & Finance Corp.; Foreign Princess, Inc.; Foremost Delivery, Inc.; Foremost Management Corporation; Forenta Disc, Inc.; Foresight Communications International, Inc.; Forest Laboratories, Inc.; Formex Incorporated; Forms & Systems, Inc.; Fortress Corporation, The; Fortune Capital Fund, Inc.; Forum Media Corp.; Foulk Road Arco, Inc.; Founders Group Corporation; Fountain Court Stud Company; Four Kings, Inc.; Framis Corporation; Franchise Corporation of America; Frank C. Hurley, Inc.; Frank Nesci Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; Franklin Carpet Company; Frawco Construction Inc.; FRC Corporation; Free Will Enterprises, Inc.; Free Will Music, Inc.; Freedman's Publishing Company, The; Freeholders' Pension Corporation; Freeport Plastic Industries, Inc.; Freez A Pop Corporation; Friends of Mexico, Inc.; Front Money Funding Corp.; Frost Enterprises, Inc.; Fulcrum, Inc.; Fuller-O'Brien Corporation; Functional Lighting, Inc.; Fundamatic Management, Inc.; Futura Industries of New York, Inc.; Futurama Seamless Flooring Corporation; Future Systems, Inc.; FYC, Inc.; G & H Mfg. Co.; G & P Furniture Manufacturing Corp.; G & W Construction Co.; G II R, Inc.; G. M. Farms, Inc.; G. T. Miller Enterprises, Inc.; G.M.I., Ltd.; G-l3-R, Inc.; Gal's, Inc.; Galaxy Enterprises Incorporated; Galesburg Inns, Inc.; Gallery Associates, Inc.; Gallery Enterprises Corporation; Gallery of the American West, Inc.; Gambacorta Motors Body Shop Inc.; Garner Petroleum Corp.; Garrett Enterprises, Ine.; Garrett Industries, Inc.; Garrett Productions, Inc.; Gavin Shaffer, Inc.; Gas Turbine Management and Maintenance Corp.; Gas-N-Save of Idaho, Inc.; Gasalloy Steel Corporation; Gassec Corporation; Gate Library Inc.; Gem Aids Enterprises; Gemini Modular Structures, Inc.; Gemoba Corp.; Gen, Inc.; Gene Shelly Imports, Inc.; General Activities Corporation; General American Industries, Inc.; General Auto Club; General Business, Inc.; General Dimensions Corporation; General Environmental Group, Inc.; General Financial Management Corporation; General Fire Equipment Co. of N.Y.; General Futures Corporation; General Homes Investment Corporation; General Housing Industries, Inc.; General Mobile Home Corporation; General Pharmaceutical Incorporated; General Physics, Inc.; General Services, Inc.; General Tool and Distributing Company; Generation II Cable, Inc., Generation II Communications, Inc.; Generation II Radio, Inc.; Generation II Television, Inc.; Generosity, Inc.; Genetic Resources, Inc.; Gentry Shop, Inc., The; George W. Chane, Inc.; George, Gilbert & Associates, Inc.; Georgia Leisurelands, Inc.; Geothermal Electric Corporation; Gerard General Services Ltd.; Gerstenfeld Foundation, Inc., The; Gibson Manufacturing Company; Gic Corp.; Giftex Development Corporation; Gifts of Yesteryear, Inc.; Gilbert Natural Resources International Corp., The; Gimbel Industries, Inc.; Glamour Locks, Inc.; Glass Display, Inc.; Glen County Mining Corporation; GLM Products, Inc.; Globa, Inc.; Global Entertainment Management Inc.; Global Environmental Technologist Corporation; Global Hotels Corporation; Global Import-Export Company; Global Properties, Inc.; Global Refining and Exploration Company; Globe Photo-Engraving Company, Inc.; Globe Repair Service Company, Inc.; Gloucester International Limited; Go Go Techniques, Inc.; Gochenaur Marine Co., Inc.; Golan Heights Developers, Inc.; Gold 'N Treasures Trading Co. Ltd.; Goldbon Inc.; Golden Events, Inc.; Golden Gargoyle, Ltd., The; Golden Opportunities Finders Unlimited, Inc.; Golden Rubber Stamp Co.; Golden Thumb, Inc., The; Goldsmith Leather Co., Inc.; Goldstein - Hurd Associates, Inc.; Golf-In Corporation of America; Goodkin, Kelly & Company, Inc.; Goodway, Inc.; GoraY, Inc.; Gothic Products Corporation; Gourmay Foods, Ltd.; Gourmay Italian Foods, Inc.; Governor Printz Realty Company; GPF Industries, Inc.; Graham National Corporation; Gran-Del Management Corp.; Gran-Del, Inc.; Grand Slam, Inc.; Grand Traverse Northern Corporation; Grand Venture, Inc.; Grandland Development Corp.; Granger Bros., Inc.; Grant & Grant, Inc.; Graphnet Systems, Inc.; Grasshopper, Inc.; Gray Industries, Inc.; Graylyn Bakery, Inc.; Graysons, Ltd. The; Great American Plastics, Inc.; Great Eastern Development Corporation; Great Lakes Mines Inc.; Great Northern Corporation.; Great Northern Produce Company; Great Oak Company; Great West Holdings Corporation; Greater Hudson Corporation; Greater Island Commercial Corp.; Greater Valley Development Fund Inc.; Grebnesie Boat Corporation; Grecian Chemical Company; Green & White Construction Company Inc.; Green Dollar Commodities, Inc.; Green Valley Developers, Inc.; Green, Mathason & Shorr Associates, Inc.; Greentree Apartments, Inc.; Greenwald Industries, Inc.; Greenwich Capital Corp.; Greenwich Investors Corporation; Greenwood Village, Inc.; Greer Industries, Inc.; Gregory Industries, Inc.; Gregory, Adams & Co., Inc.; Gretam Corporation; Grigco International, Inc.; Grigco Oil of Maryland Inc.; Groba, Inc.; Group Credit Corporation; Group Marketing Corp.; Group One International, Inc.; Group, Inc., The; Growth International, Ltd.; Grundy Roadbuilders, Inc.; Guaranteed Fire Protection Co.; Guaranty Roofing, Inc.; Guardian Finance Co., Inc.; Guardian Oil Corporation; Guild Publishing Company, Inc.; Gulf Atlantic Reserve Corp.; Gumdrops, Inc.; Gwinner Holding Company; Gwynda Lynn, Inc.; Gypsum Wall Systems, Inc.; Gyro-Buff, Inc.; Gyrojet Corporation; Gyros, Inc.; H & B Roofing Co.; H-K International, Inc.; HEI Distributors, Inc.; H. A. Godwin, Jr. & Sons, Inc.; H. Aldon Murray Trucking, Inc.; H. B. Clark & Company; H. B. Two, Inc.; H. H. Thomas Enterprises, Inc.; H. M. Enterprises, Inc.; H. W. Walker & Co.; H-P Industries, Inc.; Hackett Properties, Inc.; Haitian Development Corp.; Half Hollow Knolls Number Two, Inc.; Hall Construction Co., Inc.; Hall Research Foundation Inc., The; Hallco, Inc.; Hallmark Homes, Inc.; Hamilton Advisors, Inc.; Hamilton Huntsville Corporation; Hamish Fraser Corporation; Hamler Industries International S. A.; Hammons Heating & Home Improvement, Inc.; Hampden Books, Inc.; Harbinger Productions, Inc.; Hardware House, Incorporated, The; Hardwood Corporation of America; Hardy Textile Co., Inc.; Harlan & Hollingsworth Export Corporation; Harlan Realty Corporation; Harness Racing Institute, Inc.; Harold C. Kusske, Jr., Incorporated; Harold Megonigal, Inc.; Harold Rose Professional Association; Harper Associates, Inc.; Harrington Industries, Inc.; Harrington Package Store, Inc.; Harrison Company, Inc., The; Hartford Homes Corporation; Hartis Travel Promotions, Inc.; Hartnett International, Inc.; Hartnett, Incorporated; Hawk Corporation; Hawks Development Corp.; Hawks Enterprises, Ltd.; Health Analysis, Inc.; Health Heros', Inc.; Health Institute, Inc.; Health Spas of America, Ltd.; Health Systems International, Inc.; Healthex International, Inc.; Healthfood Corporation of America; Healthgamma, Inc.; Healy International Corp.; Heath Acceptance Corp.; Helen Andreadis Foundation, Inc., The; Helena McCann Charlton Foundation; Hell, Inc.; Hellas Electronics, Inc.; Hemisphere Enterprises Ltd.; Hendershott, Downes and Associates, Inc.; Henderson Safety Closure Company Inc.; Henry I. Law, Inc.; Hercules-Bar-Gold & Platinum Mining Corp., The; Herd B Corporation; Heritage Builders Incorporated; Hermines Construction Co., Inc.; Hershey Video Systems, Inc.; Hess Tire Company; Heusch, U.S.A. Inc.; Hi Fi Trucking, Inc.; Hi-Steel Asia, Inc.; Hickman - Reeder Associates, Inc.; Hickory Hills Food Industries Inc.; Higher Level Energy Research Laboratory, Inc.; Highland Construction Corp.; Highlands Center, Inc.; Hiland International, Inc.; Hillary and Company, Ltd.; Hillier Computer Services, Inc.; Hillside Industries, Inc.; Hilton Homes, Inc.; Hilton Vineyards Ltd.; Hired Hand, Inc., The; Hiroshima Peace Center Associates, Inc.; Hite-Builders International, Inc.; Hitop, Inc.; Hitowers, Inc.; HMS Construction Corp.; Hob Industries, Inc.; Hobart Industries, Inc.; Hobbi Horse of Delaware, Inc.; Hobs Ltd.; Holiday Companies, Inc., The; Holiday Motel Inc. of Delaware; Holiday Out, Inc.; Holiday Realty Corp.; Holiday Village, Inc,; Hollis-Miller, Inc.; Holloway Estates, Inc.; Holly Hill Cinema Corporation; Hollyn Corporation; Holdbeam Systems, Inc.; Holton, Inc.; Holzmann-Doherty Corp.; Home Cinema Corporation; Home City Construction Co.; Home Grown Music, Inc.; Home Improvement Financing Corporation; Home Sew Corp.; Home Sew Industries, Inc.; Homeier Dairy, Inc.; Homeowner's Review, Inc.; Homestead Builders Incorporated; Horizon Trading, Inc.; Hoskyns Systems Management, Inc.; Hospital Equipment Servicing, Inc.; Hospital Photo Guild of America, Inc.; House of Duncannon, Ltd.; House of Pompano, Inc.; Housing Corporation of North America, Inc.; .Houston Baby Products, Inc.; Houston Corporation; Houston, White Co.; Howard H. Rice Insulating, Inc.; Howco Development Corp.; HSI of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Huddle Enterprises, Inc.; Hudson Pen Corp.; Hudson Supply & Equipment Co.; Huges (Overseas) Ltd.; Huljones Construction, Inc.; Human Dynamics, Inc.; Humanics of Delaware, Inc.; Hume-Spearing Company, Inc.; Hundred Management Corporation, The; Hup Industries, Inc.; Huron Valley Corporation; Hydiscount, Inc.; Hydro-Gro, Incorporated; Hydrocarbon Systems, Inc.; I. J. Durnall Oil Co.; I. M. D. Leasing, Inc.; I. Ross & Co., Inc.; I.F.I. Investors Services, Inc.; I.G.O. of Delaware, Incorporated; I.T.T. Research Institute; ICM Industrial Construction Maintenance, Corp.; ICP Inc.; Idea Industries, Inc.; Idecon Corporation; Ideonics, Inc.; Idette's Enterprises, Inc.; Idex Corporation; Idexco, Inc.; IEA Corporation; If It Moves, Shoot It, Inc.; Ikor Equipment, Inc.; Illini Cablevision, Inc.; Illinois Hotel Company; Illinois Medical Payment Systems, Inc.; Illinois Sales Corporation; Imadco, Incorporated; Imagex Corporation, The; Imco International, Inc.; Impact Import, Inc.; Inbev, Inc.; Incinerators N.A., Inc.; Increment Industries, Inc.; Independent Management Service Company; Independent Postal System of America, Inc.; Indevco, Inc.; Indian Village, Inc.; Industrial Corporation of America; Industrial Ecologists, Inc.; Industrial Instrumentation Incorporated; Industrial Sound Safety Systems, Inc.; Information Research Association of Philadelphia, Inc.; Information Security Corporation; Infotronics Eastern, Inc.; Infra Code, Incorporated; Innercity Health Systems, Inc.; Innerspace Dynamics, Inc.; Innerspace Systems Inc.; Innkeepers International, Inc.; Innkeepers, Inc.; Input Softwear Resources, Inc.; Insta-Check, Inc.; Instant Preplay Incorporated; Institutional Investors, Inc.; Integra Corporation; Integrated Medical Services, Limited; Integrated Memories, Inc.; Integrated Resources Corporation for American Housing; Intelcom Corporation; Inter-City Developers, Inc.; InterAfrican Hotels, Inc.; Inter-American Realty Corporation; Inter-Capital Films, Inc.; Inter-Continental Antiques, Inc.; Inter-Nation Business Development, Ltd.; Interactive Health Systems, Inc.; Interactive Technology, Inc.; Interax, Inc.; Intercon Corporation; Intercontinent Refining Corp.; Intercontinental Business Development, Ltd.; Intercontinental Capital, Inc.; Intercontinental Concepts Corp.; Intercontinental Design Corporation; Intercontinental Enterprises, Incorporated; Intercontinental Equity Corporation; Intercontinental Financial Service, Inc.; Intercontinental Industries Corporation; Intercontinental Marketing and Development Company; Intercreation Industries Incorporated; Interior Designers Guild of America, Inc.; Intermodular Structures, Inc.; International Advanced Design, Inc.; International Animation Corporation; International Billiard Lounges, Inc.; International Business & Consulting Associates, Inc.; International Casket Company; International Chemurgy Company; International Cinemedia Center, Inc.; International Communications Company, Inc.; International Constructors Associates of Delaware, Inc.; International Dental Corporation; International Detective Corporation; International Electronics and Furniture Corporation; International Engineers, Inc.; International Fashion & Beauty Pageant Corporation; International Film Distribution, Inc.; International Fire Tool Corporation; International Foodscience Laboratories, Inc.; International Gem Exchange Inc.; International Gourmet Society, Inc.; International Health Foods, Ltd.; International Health Services, Inc.; International Imperial Jewels, Ltd.; International Improvement & Development Corp.; International Jetcraft Services, Inc.; International Kar Kare, Inc.; International Management, Incorporated; International Marketing Consurtium, Ltd.; International Marketing Corp.; International Medical Equipment, Inc.; International Medical Products Finance Corporation Limited; International Mortgage Consultants, Inc.; International Photon Corporation; International Port Development, Inc.; International Promotion Co., Inc; International Sales Services, Inc.; International School Services, Inc.; International Second Home Corporation; International Sensor Systems, Inc.; International Sports Arenas, Inc.; International Sports, Inc.; International Symbiotics, Inc.; International Technology Corporation; International Telecommunications Corporation; International Waste Controls, Inc.; International Will Bureau, Inc.; International 18, Ltd., The; International, Ltd.; Internationale Electronics (Greece), Ltd.; Interstate Holding Corporation; Interstate Homes, Inc. of Colorado; Interstate Insurance Agency, Inc.; Intertechnique Instruments, Inc.; Interwest General Corporation; Investing Professional, Inc., The; Investment Properties of America, Inc.; Investor's Service International, Inc.; Investors Portfolio Services, Inc.; lotron International Incorporated; Ireland America Candy Corporation; Iroquois Brewing Co., Inc.; Irving and Edith Maid-man Foundation, The; Irwin Paris Corporation; Iseman Corporation; Island Land Company, Ltd., The; Islay, Inc.; Israel International Food Corporation; Israeli Patents Incorporated; ITF Corporation; ITL Research Corporation; Ivy Barn Furniture Shoppe & Country Store, Inc.; "J" Fashions, Inc.; J & J Racing Enterprises, Inc.; J V D Holding Corp.; J. B. Electronics Associates, Inc.; J. Milhening, Inc.; J. S. B., Inc.; J.V.R.D. Ltd.; Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated; Jack Hammer Associates, Inc.; Jack's Shoe Store, Inc.; Jackson Foundation, The; Jacob Stern & Sons International Enterprises, Ltd.; Jafstol, Inc.; Jalak Labs, Inc.; Jam-Rock, Inc.; James Anthony Coiffeurs, Inc.; James C. Eaton & Co. of Delaware, Inc.; James E. Ford & William D. Ford Trucking Corp.; James H. Black Company; James M. Gallagher, Inc.; James Monroe Corporation, The; Jan Corporation, The; Jankus Enterprises, Inc.; Janus I Incorporated; Jay Koppel Foundation Inc., The; JBF Heating & Air Conditioning Corp.; Jeff-Myer Farms, Inc.; Jefferson Development Company, Inc.; Jefferson Farms, Inc.; Jefferson National Management Corporation; Jennings Company Incorporated, The; Jenson Industries, Incorporated; Jero-Black Products Company; Jester Kids Klothes Sales Corp.; Jet Age Industries Incorporated; Jet Cleaners, Inc.; Jobwell Industries, Inc.; John Barney Enterprises, Inc.; John C. Miday, Incorporated; John Hallstead Antiques, Ltd.; John Henry, Inc.; John Shaw Company, Inc.; John Wesley Foundation; Johnal Corporation; Johnny Powers International, Inc.; Johnny Weissmueller's American Natural Foods, Inc.; Johnson & Lane Construction Company; Joint Venture Research Associates, Inc.; Joint Venture Resources Corp.; Jomana Industries, Inc.; Joren Productions, Inc.; Joseph F. Nebel Company; Joseph H. Praetz, Incorporated; Joseph W. Jackson, Inc.; Josephine Productions, Inc.; Jr. Jungle, Inc.; JSA Public Relations, Inc.; Julie Kravitz Supermarkets, Inc.; Junior Express Inc.; Just-Sew, Inc.; K & B Fayron Enterprises, Inc.; K. M. Steele & Associates, Inc.; Kaiser Diversified Enterprises, Inc.; Kameco Electronics Inc.; Kane Petroleum Corporation; Kapac Realty Corporation; Kappa Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Inc.; Kaskaskia Egg Company; Katie Productions, Inc.; Kay Associated Stores Foundation, Inc.; Kay International Trade Division, Inc.; Kay-Rene, Inc.; KBM East, Inc.; Keck's Sporting Goods Co.; Kelley and Spicer, Inc.; Kemond Enterprises Inc.; Ken-Bob, Inc.; Kenneth Agnew & Company, Inc.; Kennett Square Products, Inc.; Kent County Farm Labor and Cooperative Association; Kent Insulation & Acoustics Corporation; Kentucky Fried Chicken of Bartonville, Inc.; Kenville, Inc.; Kerman - Kashan Corporation; Keyboard Training Corporation; Keyes National Management Corporation; Keystone Enterprises Inc.; Keystone Processing Corporation; Kimber Lea Inc.; Kimbrough Trucking, Inc.; Kinematics Research, Ltd.; Kinetic Science Corporation; Kinetic Technologies, Inc.; King Container Company, Incorporated; King Midas Enterprises, Inc.; King's Road, Inc., The; Kirchman Company; Kirkwood Auto Sales, Inc.; Klair, Inc.; Kleen Korp, Inc.; KMD Properties, Incorporated; KMM Company, Inc.; Knapton Associates, Inc.; Knauf Chevrolet, Inc.; Knebels Press, Inc.; Knight Homes Corporation; Knight Management Corp.; Knit-A-Matics International Corporation; Koko Productions Inc.; Koning Trucking, Inc.; Korak Electronics, Inc.; Kute Kiddies Coats, Inc.; KVE Incorporated; Kynlyn Civic Association Incorporated; L & C Acquisitions, Inc.; L. & H. Inc.; L. E. A., Inc.; L. E. Minns & Company; L. J. Nichols and Son, Inc.; L-C Enterprises, Inc.; L-E Enterprises, Inc.; L'Academie Montessori Teacher Training Corp.; La Cucaracha Exterminating, Inc.; La Mar Technology, Inc.; Lacassine Rice Drier, Inc.; Ladd Energy Resources, Inc.; Ladies Room, Inc., The; Lake Forest, Inc.; Lake Port, Inc.; Lakeside Developers, Inc.; Lakewoods Organization, Ltd.; Lam-All Inc.; Lamore Enterprises, Inc.; Land & Sea Leasing Inc.; Land Management Corporation; Land Resources, Inc.; Landcom, Inc.; Landings, Inc., The; Landmark Development Corporation; Lanham Corporation; Lansing Construction Corporation of Delaware; Larchwood Corp.; Larco Tool and Supply Inc.; Larsen Brothers, Incorporated; Larson Consolidated, Inc.; Laser Link Leasing Corporation; Laser Peripherals, Inc.; Laser Services Inc.; Lassen Trane Air Conditioning Company; Last Minute Productions, Inc.; Latina Films International, Ltd.; Laura] Land Development Corp.; Laurel Photographers of Philadelphia, Inc.; Laval, Inc.; Lavender House, Inc.; Lawn Master Inc.; Lawnside Home Improvement Center, Inc.; Lawrence Financial Corp.; Lawson, Stewart & McCory, Ltd.; Layke Tool & Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Layton and Company, Incorporated; LCA Modular Enterprises, Inc.; LCD Technology Corp.; LCF, Inc.; Learning Industries, Inc.; Learning Laboratories, Inc.; Leasing Corporation, The; Lee-Rand Corp.; Lee-Jeff Corp.; Leghorn Corporation; Leghorn Electronics Corporation; Leisure Inns & Resorts, Inc.; Leisure Living Utilities, Inc.; Leisure Sports, Inc.; Leisure Time Industries, Inc.; Leisure Time of America, Inc.; Leisure World Services, Inc.; Lem Company, Inc.; Len Trovero Construction Inc.; Lenco Associates, Inc.; Leon Arndt Truck Leasing, Inc.; Lequist, Inc.; Leslen-Ham Corporation; Lewin Family Foundation, Inc., The; LHS, Inc.; Liahona, Inc.; Liberty Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.; Life Investors U.S.A. Corp.; Life Maintenance Systems, Inc.; Lifestyle Publishing, Inc.; Lighthouse Restaurant, Inc., The; Lim Tech Systems Incorporated; Lim-Tech, Inc.; Limco Export Corp.; Limestone Laboratories, Inc.; Lincoln Leasing, Inc.; Lincoln Living, Incorporated; Lincoln Marine, Inc.; Link Industries East, Inc.; Lion Multiples, Inc.; Lions Club of Smyrna, Delaware; Liquid Tooling Systems, Inc.; Liquor Transworld Delivery Corporation; Lisa Group, Inc.; Litchfield Economy Plumbing, Inc.; Lite Food Products, Inc.; Little Lincoln Speedway, Inc.; Little Willie's, Inc.; Llama Corporation; Lloyds Lessors Ltd.; Lockdale Corp.; Locke-Schuler Investment Corp.; Loehmann's Plaza Merchants Association, Inc.; Logistics Computing, Inc.; Lomac Leasing Inc.; Lomack Corporation; Lonski & Sons Trucking, Inc.; Lore Avenue Apartments, Inc.; Loredan Investors Corporation; Lottery Sciences Corporation; Louis Rubens - Filigree Foundation, Inc., The; Lu Rosa, Inc.; Lubri-Metal Corporation; Luky Lynn Industries Corp.; Lumar, Inc.; Lumberland Industries, Ltd.; Lurgi-Knost, Inc.; Lyons Development Company; M & B Trading Co., Inc.; M & K Motors, Inc.; M & M Transport, Inc.; 1W & W Credit Corporation; M G K Enterprises Inc.; M R A International, Inc.; M. H. Brown Co., Inc.; M. H. Langton Sporting Goods Company; M.M.M. Leasing Ltd. Inc.; M.R.B., Inc.; M.R.M., Inc.; M-R Interim Corporation; M/M Systems, Inc.; Mac-Iris Corporation; MacDonald Management, Inc.; Mace International Investment Corporation; MacGregor Whitmore Associates, Inc.; Maci Construction, Inc.; Macoa of Delaware, Inc.; Macon Hybrids, Inc.; Madison LaSalle Street Corporation; Madison Re.. tail Group, Inc.; Madison-Plainview Corporation; Madsen Enterprises, Inc.; Magco, Inc.; Mapes Sports Arenas, Inc.; Magic Hours, Inc.; Magic Mountain, Inc.; Magness & Staib Construction Co.; Magness Development Co.; Magnetic Dynamics Inc.; Magnus Corporation; Magog Community School, Inc.; Mainline Associates, Inc.; Makens Fabricating Company; Man-Age, Inc. Management Controls and Services, Ltd.; Management Techniques, Inc.; Management Technology, Inc.; Mangel's of Texas, Inc.; Mangers of Wisconsin, Inc.; Manhattan Equity Corp., The; Manhattan Sports Enterprises Inc.; Manor Park Co.; Manstrak International Corporation; Manufacturers Assortment, Inc.; Manufacturers, Distributors International, Inc.; Mapes Management Company, Inc.; Mar-Key Industries, Inc.; Marck V, Inc.; Marco Associates, Inc.; Marcoa, Incorporated; Marconi Electronics Incorporated; Marine and Marketing of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Marine Construction Company; Marine Products, Inc.; Marine Resources, Inc.; Marine Science and Technology, Inc.; Marine Shipping Corporation; Maritime Satellite Corporation; Maritime Satellite Service Inc.; Mark III Associates, Inc.; Mark III, Inc.; Mark L. Handler, Builders, Inc.; Market Assistance, Inc.; Marketing Services International, Inc.; Marketing Specialists International, Inc.; Marla Industries, Inc.; Marlo Sales Management, Inc.; Marmac Corporation; Marmac Oil & Gas, Inc.; Marmo Consultants, Inc.; Marny Company; Marpal Building Corp.; Marshall Klemme Concrete Co.; Marshville Manufacturing Company; Martin Air, Inc.; Martin Supply Company; Marton Enterprises, Inc.; Maryland Coaxial Communications Corporation; Mas Insurance Agency, Inc.; Masco Industries, Inc.; Masonry Systems of Illinois, Inc.; Massachusetts Group, Inc., The; Massaro Machine Works, Inc.; Masten Corporation of America; Match, Inc.; Material Research Service, Inc.; Maxi-Pak Industries, Inc.; Maximum Profit Systems, Inc.; McCready Florist, Inc.; McArm Company, Inc.; MCC Industries, Inc.; McCabe Enterprises Inc.; McClay-Gebben Builders, Inc.; McColl Manufacturing Company, Inc.; McGregor Land & Development, Corp.; MCI New England, Inc.; MCI, Inc.; McLean Data Systems, Inc.; McLean Products International, Inc.; McMullen Industries, Inc.; MCR Industries, Inc.; Meadow Green Development Corp.; Mechanical Mold & Machine Company, The; Mechanicsburg Management and Service Corporation; Medaire Corp.; Medfid, Inc.; Media Communications, Ltd.; Media Images Corporation; Media Incorporated; Media Resources, Inc.; Medical Analytic Facilities Management, Inc.; Medical Engineering and Electronics, Inc.; Medical Exploration & Development, Inc.; Medical Fiduciaries, Inc.; Medical Marketing & Manufacturing Corp.; Medical Reliance Systems, Inc.; Medical Resources, Inc.; Medigenics, Inc.; Mediterranean Development Corporation; Mediterranean School Foundation, Inc., The; Meeker Communications Group, Inc.; Meeting Dynamics, Inc.; Mehoopany Gas & Water Co., Inc.; Mehrle & Son, Inc.; Mehta International Inc.; Meister Brau, Inc.; MEJ Ltd.; Melli-font Press Incorporated; Melville Hall, Inc.; Mercantile Collection Corporation; Mercer Affiliated Publishers, Inc.; Mercants Fiduciary, Inc.; Merle A. Marts, Incorporated; Merrie-Max Corporation; Met-Bay, Inc.; Metal Recycling Corporation; Metals Ecology, Inc.; Metals Reclamation, Incorporated; Meti International Ltd.; Metro Country Records, Inc.; Metro Resorts of America, Inc.; Metropolitan Cablevision Corporation; Metropolitan Component Sales, Inc.; Metrotech Development Corp.; MEWT, Ltd.; MIC Leasing Corporation; Michigan Automotive Testing Center, Inc.; Michigan Motor Speedway Association, Inc.; Micro-Social Learning Systems, Inc.; Microtron Cinema, Inc.; Microwave Service Company of the Mid-South, Inc.; Microwave Service Company, Inc.; Microwave Systems of the Americas, Inc. Mid Atlantic Microfilm, Inc.; Mid Central Resources, Inc.; Mid States Finance Co.; Mid-America Resource Planners Corporation; Mid-Atlantic Footwear Corp.; Mid-East Consulting Corp.; Mid-Pacific Military Distributing Co., Inc.; Mid-State Foods, Inc.; Mid-States Australian Oil Corp.; Midas Gold Corporation; Middle East Development, Inc.; Middle Pennsylvania Coal Corporation; Middletown Holding Corp.; Midget Markets, Inc.; Midland Oil Corporation; Midway Acceptance Corporation; Midwest Badger Service Co.; Midwestern Magic-Vuers, Inc.; Mike or Mavis Warren Truck Line, Inc.; Miles Holding Corp.; Milford Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Mill Creek Trailer Park, Inc.; Mill Industries, Inc.; Mill International, Inc.; Millard E. Stone Associates, Incorporated; Millen Industries, Inc.; Millennia Corporation; Millsboro A.M.E. Housing Corporation, The; Millsboro Industrial Development Corporation Number One; Mina Evans Golden Fried Chicken Loaf, Inc.; Mineral Leasing, Inc.; Minerals Exploration International, Inc.; Minerva Instruments Corporation; Mines Assistance Corp.; Mines International, Ltd.; Ming, Verdon & Co., Inc.; Mini-Enterprises, Inc.; Minority Development Associates, Inc.; Minos, Inc.; Mio Ego Creations, Inc.; Mirachem of Chicago, Inc.; Miranda Chemical Co., Inc.; Miss Softball of America, Ltd.; Mission Bay Campland, Inc.; Mister Sandwich, Inc.; Mitchell & Bonbrest Co., Inc.; MMS-Federal Services, Inc.; Mobile Advertising, Inc.; Mobile Home Mouldings & Supply Corp.; Mobile Marketing and Research, Inc.; Mobile Modular Conventional Home Development Corporation; Mobius, Inc.; Mocon Industries, Inc.; Modern Century Company, Inc.; Modern Embroidery Company; Modern Waterbeds of Dover, Limited; Modfac Industries, Inc.; Modu-Flex Corporation; Moducore Industrialized Housing Co., Inc.; Modular Brick Corporation; Modular Building Consultants, Inc.; Modular Building Systems of America, Inc.; Modular Cores, Inc.; Modular Energy Systems, Inc.; Modular Sales, Inc.; Modular Systems Dynamics, Inc.; Modulars of Texas, Inc.; Mohegan Woods Corporation, The; Molecular Sciences, Inc.; Moni Associates, Inc.; Monitor Exploration Corporation; Monte Casino Cigar Corporation; Montessori Institute of America; Montessori Toys, Inc.; Montgomery Communications, Inc.; Morgan, Inc.; Morrison Nuclear, Inc.; Mortgage Sales International Limited; Morton Corporation, The; Mosaic Tile Company, Inc.; Moses Shapiro & Sons, Inc.; Most Beautiful People in the World Inc., The; Motel Centralia, Inc.; Motex Building Corporation; Motimation, Inc.; Motoro Corporation; Mowtown, Inc.; Mottram Enterprises, Inc.; MPR Electronics Incorporated; Mr. D. Men's Shops Corp.; "Mr. Party" Enterprises Inc.; Mu-Genies Research Laboratory, Inc.; Mulford-Callan Building Corp.; Multi Channel Response Corporation; Multi-Franchise Corp.; Multi-Pak Plastics, Inc.; Multi-Surfaces, Inc.; Multicare Corporation; Multiphasic Systems, Inc.; Mummert's Pharmaceutical Center, Inc.; Munger, Baker & Currie, Incorporated; Munzig International, Inc.; Museum of Graphic Art, Inc., The; Music Corner, Inc.; Mutual Fund for Investing in Government National Mortgage Association Guaranteel Mortgage-Backed Securities, Inc.; My Technology, Inc.; Mylestone Fund, Inc., The; N H P Industries, Inc.; N. B. W. Corporation; N.K. Corporation; N.M.C. International, Inc.; N.S.D. Industries, Inc.; NAESS Investments, Inc.; Nasco Industries, Inc.; Natco, Inc.; Nate Cohen Realty, Co.; National Association for Achievement of White People, Inc.; National Association of Bicycle Owners; National Association of Real Estate Investment Clubs, Inc.; National Aviation Systems, Inc.; National Beauty, Inc.; National Business and Industrial Retirement Corporation of America; National Business and Professional Exchange, Inc.; National Cable Television, Inc.; National Cablevision Network, Inc.; National Cemetery Service Co.; National Center Motel Corporation; National Cinema Corporation; National Council of Afro-American Republicans, Inc.; National Diversified Industries, Inc.; National Diversified Leasing Corp.; National Education Systems Corporation; National Employees Mutual Retirement Fund Advisors, Inc.; National Environmental Systems Corp.; National Equity Associates, Inc.; National Extension Services, Inc.; National Family Planning Council Limited; National Funeral Homes, Inc.; National Health Management Inc.; National Home Insulators, Inc.; National Hygienics, Inc.; National Insurance Clearing House, Inc.; National Machinery Int. Co.; National Mall Corporation; National Off-Track Betting Corporation; National Parcel Service, Inc.; National Pension Fund Advisors, Inc.; National Performance Fund, Inc.; National Postal Systems of America, Inc.; National Printed Systems, Inc.; National Professional Athletes, Inc.; National Railway Utilization Corporation; National Real Estate Management Corp.; National Reclamation & Survey Co., Inc.; National Slate Association; National Sleep Shops, Inc.; National Student Placement Services, Inc.; National Subcontractors Association, Inc.; National Supply Company; National Systems And Services, Inc.; National Water Corporation; National Way Developments, Inc.; Nationwide Development Corporation of Virginia; Nationwide Services, Inc.; Natural Creations, Inc.; Nature Scientific Publications Incorporated; Nature's Storehouse, Inc.; Naval Architect Visual Aid Company, Inc.; Neighborhood, Incorporated, The; Nemonic Data Systems, Inc.; Nepa Foods, Inc.; Neptune Operating Corporation; Neuwirth Financial Services, Inc.; Nevada Coalition Corporation; New A. M. I., Inc.; New Castle Trucking, Inc.; New England Computer Services, Inc.; New England Fund Distributors, Inc.; New Experience, Inc., The; New Hebrides Corporation; New Ideas in Mass Marketing, Inc.; New Ideas, Inc.; New International-Cassette Media Method, Inc.; New Mars Systems Inc.; New Page Corporation, The; New Shoreham Corporation; New World Fund, The; New World Holding Corporation; New York Asset Management, Inc.; New York Sports Forum, Inc.; New-Loeb Realty Co., Inc.; New-Tel Products, Ltd.; Newark Caterers, Inc.; Newark Diner, Inc.; Newark Frozen Food Center, Inc.; Newark Painting Contractors, Inc.; Newport Center Industries Inc.; Newport Development Corporation; Newport Liquors, Inc.; Newport News Corporation; Newsbank, Inc.; Newton Asphalt Company, Incorporated; Newton Grove Mfg. Co.; Newton's Development Community Center, Inc.; NG & EK, Inc.; Nibb-It Corporation of America; Nic, Inc.; Nichols Barber Shop, Inc.; Nicholson & Wilson Associates, Inc.; Nickerson Brothers, Incorporated; Nine Thirteen, Inc.; Niram Petroleum Corp.; No. 4 Belmont, Inc.; Nobs, Inc.; Noferte Crest Inc.; Nom De Plume, Inc.; Non-Pollution Company, Inc.; Nopi Corporation; Nordel Cars, Inc.; Nordel Corporation; Nordskov Land Development Corporation; Nored Enterprises, Inc.; Norex Cleaners, Incorporated; Norfolk Book Mart, Inc.; North American Consultants, Inc.; North American Florists' Association Inc.; North American Industrial Resources Inc.; North American International Sales Co., Inc.; North American Leisure Time Corporation; North American Patents Corporation; North American Rine Systems, Inc.; North American Roller League, Inc.; North American System Associates, Inc.; North Bay Co., Inc., The; North Virginia Industries, Inc.; Northaw, Inc.; Northeastern Consolidated Company; "Northeastern Early Warning Systems, Inc."; Northern CATV, Inc.; Northern Communications Corporation; Northern Star Homes, Inc.; Northland Resources Co.; Northwestern Wheat Company; Northwood Gardens, Inc.; Nortron Incorporated; Norwich Electronics, Inc.; Now Productions, Inc.; NPO Groups, Inc.; NSC, Inc.; NTA Delaware, Inc.; Nu-Medical Corporation; Nu-Vu Company, Incorporated of Nebraska; Nu-Way Cleaning Service, Inc.; Nuclear Research Associates, Inc.; Nucor Industries, Inc.; Nutmeg Corp., The; Nutritional Supplements, Inc.; NYL-Tronics Fasterners, Inc.; 0. J. Stolen & Son Masonry, Inc.; O.C. Cosmetics, Inc.; Oakbrook Forum, Inc.; Oakmont Civic Association Inc.; Oakmont Shopping Center, Inc.; Occasions, Inc.; Ocean Harvesters International, Inc.; Ocean House of Lewes, Inc.; Ocean Metrics, Inc.; Ocean Protein Corporation; Oceanography U.S.A., Inc.; Odin Management Corp.; OEM Supply Company, Inc.; Off The Bolt, Inc.; Off-Track Bettor, Inc., The; Offshore Procurement Associates, Ltd.; Offshore Technology Inc.; Oil Recovery Systems, Inc.; Oklahoma-Lincoln, Inc.; Old Colony Motor Lines, Inc.; Old Dominion Realty Corporation; Olin-Swanson Farm Supply, Inc. ()livers Paving and Construction Company; Omega Minerals, Inc.; Omnis Management, Inc.; Omnitrex Corporation; On Top Of It, Inc.; Operations & Systems Analysis Corporation; Opinion Incorporated; Opticon Corporation; Opticron, Inc.; Optimal Systems Research, Inc.; Optimum Book Marketing Company, Inc.; Oral-Visual Medical Inc.; Oralkit Corporation; Orbit International, Inc.; Orbital Systems, Inc.; Oregon Institute for Educational Research; Oriwood Management, Inc.; Orthomedics, Inc.; Orvis Brothers & Co. Inc.; Otari of America, Ltd.; Otus Corporation, The; Outdoor Power Products, Inc.; Outdoor Sportsmen's Club of Richardson Park, Inc.; Outer Limits, Inc.; Overseas Consulting Corp.; Overseas Food Services, Ltd.; Overseas Marketing Group, Inc.; Ovesco Corporation; Owens & Owens, Inc.; Oxford Home Services, Ltd.; P & B Distributing Company, Inc.; P & L Industries, Co.; P & R Management Services, Inc.; P L Manufacturing Company, Inc.; P T C Terminal Corporation; P. & K. Enterprises, Inc.; P. A. C. Corporation; P. L. International, Limited; P. M. Financial Services, Inc.; P. S. Industries, Inc.; P.C.S. Consultants, Inc.; P.R.F. Enterprises, Inc.; P.S. Liquidating, Inc.; P&H Securities Incorporated; P&M Associates, Ltd.; P-W Management, Inc.; Pacer Technologies, Inc.; Pacesetter Enterprises, Inc.; Pacific Associates, Ltd.; Pacific Century Corporation; Pacific International Freeport Center, Incorporated; Pacific Investment & Credit Corporation; Pacific National Homebuilders, Inc.; Pacific Seaboard, Inc.; Packaging Technology, Inc.; Packer Industries, Inc.; Page-0-Matic Systems, Inc.; Paint-A-Car International Corporation; Palm Springs Mortgage Advisors, Inc.; Palmetto Realty, Inc.; Pan Am International Resources, Inc.; Pan American Funds, Inc.; Pan World Incorporated; Panochem, Inc.; Pantastic Corporation; Pantec, Inc.; Pantech Industries, Inc.; Pantex Petroleum Corp.; Pany of Delaware, Inc.; Paper Dynamics Corporation; Paper Mill Terrace Co.; Paperback Advertising, Inc.; Para-Medical Capitals, Inc.; Paramount Cablevision Consultants, Inc.; Paramount Leasing Corporation; Parent Messenger Service Corporation, The; Parents Assurance Group, Inc.; Parfums International, Ltd.; Park & Madison Advertising, Inc.; Park Mobile For Hospitals, Inc.; Park-A-Matic, Inc.; Parkhurst Computer Investment Corporation; Parklan Co., Inc.; Parklynn Electra Arms Pharmacy, Inc.; Parkton Corporation; Parle, Inc.; Parsons Bros., Inc.; Particle Engineering, Inc.; Pas Corporation; Pass-point Corporation; Pastry Maid, Inc.; Patco Research, Inc.; Patent Technology International, Inc.; Pathe Pictures International, Inc.; Pathways, Inc.; Paul R. Tingle & Sons, Inc.; Pawnee Trading Company; Paxco, Inc.; Paxton-Harper Import Export, Inc.; Payment Technology, Inc.; PDQ Data Corporation; Peace Love Freedom Media Mind God and Country Limited; Pearl Industries Inc.; Peck-Sussex Corporation; Pedigree, Inc.; Pen-and, Inc.; Penca, Inc.; Penger Development Corporation; Peninsula Fishing Company; Penjerdel Council of Governments, Inc.; Penn Companies, Incorporated; Penn Protective Services Corporation; Pennsylvania Refining Company, The; Pennsylvania Van & Storage, Inc.; Pensacola Shippers Association, Inc.; Pentrox Resources Corporation; People's Pension Plans, Inc.; People's Products, Inc.; Peoples Banking Corporation; Perceptive Group Companies, Inc.; Performance Development Associates, Inc.; Periodical Distributors Scholarship Fund Supervised by the Council for Periodical Distributors Associations, Inc.; Peripheral Data Machines, Inc.; Perkins & Will Development Equities, Ltd.; Perkins International, Inc.; Permesso Products, Inc.; Persimmon Tree Village, Inc.; Personalized Golf Balls, Inc.; Personnel Management Consultants, Inc.; Perspective-In-Wood, Inc.; Perth Pharmaceutical Corporation; Pesce & Pellegrini, Inc.; Pesco Ltd.; Peterson Ice Cream Parlours, Inc.; Petrol Derivatives Corporation; Petrol Shipping Corporation; Pharalt, Limited; Phase II Consulting Corp.; PHB, Inc.; Philadelphia Burial Vault Corp.; Philadelphia Urban Institute; Philippine Mahogany Association, Inc.; Phillip & Laura Braun Foundation, The; Phillips Aviation Co. (Delaware); Philip Dodge, Inc.; Philport Corporation; Phoenix Equity Group, Inc., Phonefax Corporation; Photo-Med, Inc.; Photo-Scan Leasing Corporation; Physician Scientist Publications, Inc.; Pietro Francesco Mele Foundation, Inc., The; Pilar, Inc.; Piluso Development Corporation; Pima, Inc.; Pimaterra Incorporated; Pinco Corporation; Pine Tree Investment Corporation; Pinehurst Development Company; Pioneer Industries Inc.; Pirate Ship Systems, Inc.; Pizzadili Poultry Inc.; Plan America Corp.; Plan America Management Co., Inc.; Planet International Services, Incorporated; Planet Products Corporation, The; Planet Tours, Ltd.; Planned Tax Services, Inc.; Plans Fund, Inc.; Plasteel Industries, Incorporated; Plastic Products Development, Inc.; Plastics-Technical, Inc.; Plastonics, Inc.; Plattsburg Terminal Corporation; Playco Manufacturing Corporation; Plaza Beauty Depot, Inc., The; Plaza Capital Corp.; Plaza Delicatessen, Inc.; Pleasure-lands, Inc.; PLS Leasing, Inc.; PLS-Parking Lot Service, Inc.; Plum Grove Building Corporation; Plumbco, Inc.; Plymouth Arms, Inc.; Plymouth Tape Corporation; PM Leasing, Inc.; PM Parking Second, Inc.; PMCS Advisers, Inc.; PMCS Associates, Inc.; PMCS Financing Co.; PMCS Leasing Corp.; Pneucyclic Sciences, Inc.; Pol-U-Tech Corp.; Polar Star Corporation; Polazzi, Inc.; Political Biographies, Inc.; Pollution Leasing Corporation; Polly Investment Company; Poly-Test Laboratories, Inc.; Polycom, Inc.; Polydata Corporation; Polymer Additives, Inc.; Polytek Corporation; Polytril Inc.; Pomplex Modular Systems, Inc.; Pontiac Circuits, Inc.; Pony Enterprises, Inc.; Poole's Development Company; Pools & Gardens Publishing Co., Inc.; Pope Industries, Inc.; Port Wide Services, Inc.; Porta-Can, Inc.; Portable Concrete Company; Portable Toilets, Inc.; Portal Petroleum, Inc.; Portfolio Counsel, Inc.; Pow-R-Corporation; Pragmadyne, Inc.; Precision Balers & Engineering, Inc.; Precision Lasers, Inc.; Precision Pallet Construction, Inc.; Precision Service and Systems, Inc.; Preferred Equities Corporation; Preform Building Components, Inc.; Preform Industries, Inc.; Premium Resources Corporation; Presidential Land Development Corporation; Presidential Leasing Corporation; Pressurized Consumer Products, Inc.; Preston's Motor Inn, Inc.; Prestwick Corporation; Primacy Ventures, Inc.; Prime Holdings Ltd.; Princeton Communications Group, Inc., The; Principal Funding Corporation; Principal Industries Ltd.; Principia, Inc.; Private Equity Fund, Inc., The; Pro's Inc.; Prober's, Inc.; Production Research Corporation; Professional Air Design, Inc.; Professional Arts Associates, Inc.; Professional Audio-Visual Equipment Systems, Ltd.; Professional Information Exchange, Inc.; Professional Management Services, Inc.; Program Assistance, Inc.; Program Communications, Inc.; Programmed Tax Systems of Delaware, Inc.; Progress Printing Service, Inc.; Progressive Financial Management, Inc.; Progressive Furniture Corporation; Progresso Foods Corp.; Project Planning Associates Incorporated; Projectic Industries, Inc.; Projection Optics Sales Co., Inc.; Promopub, Inc.; Promoright, Inc.; Promotional Advertising/Merchandising, Inc.; Promotional Enterprises Ltd.; Proof Lock International, Inc.; Propower International, Inc.; Protech-All, Inc.; Protour Television Network, Inc.; Protron Laboratories, Inc.; Provincial Distributors Limited; PST, Inc.; Psychodex Incorporated; Psychotechnics, Inc.; Public Bancorporation; Public Cable Corporation; Public Foods Corp.; Public Personnel Company; Pugwash Associates, Inc.; Purcar Company, The; Puritan Book Company, Inc., The; Purnell-Broorner, Inc.; Puss-N-Boots, Inc.; Pussy Productions, Inc.; Qed Information Sciences, Inc.; Quadrell, Inc.; Quality Fabrics, Incorporated; Quality Sprinkler Corp.; Quantum Corporation, The; Quantum Systems, Inc.; Queenaire, Inc.; Queens Ad-International, Inc.; Retrospect, Inc.; Rex D. Johnson Grain Co., Inc.; RF Industries, Ltd. Rib Cage, Ines., The; Ricardo Aviation, Inc.; Rice Associates, Inc.; Rice Graduates Enterprises, Inc.; Richard Payne Trucking Company; Richmond Air Motion Design Corporation; Richter Associates of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Richwood Construction Company; Ric-Jid Products Corporation; Ridco Corporation; Ridge Securities Corporation; Ridings Tours International, Inc.; Right On Record Corporation; Rimm Inc.; Ripp Arthur Music, Inc.; Rite - Eastern Corporation; Rite Aid Center of Tri State Man, Inc.; Rivas & Rivas, Inc.; River View, Inc.; Riverside Fund; RLH, Inc.; Robert J. Kuchler, Incorporated; Robert M. Gamble, Jr., Inc.; Robert Rowe Enterprises Inc.; Robin Hood Inns of America, Inc.; Robinex International, Ltd.; Robro Construction Incorporated; Rock Financial Corporation; Rocklin Leasing, Inc.; Roger Stevens Foundation, Inc., The; ROIV Corporation; Rollins Investment Company; Rollins Realty Corporation; Ron Wolfson, Inc.; Ron-Len Securities Corporation; Ronald C. Corbalis, M.D., Martin Gibbs, M.D., Amir Mansoory, M.D., Robert D. Hunt, M.D., S. Ahmed Mandani, M.D. and Doctors for Emergency Services, P.A.; Roosevelt Fund; Rose-Lee, Inc.; Rose's, Inc.; Roseboro Dress Company; Roselle Cable T.V. Co.; Rosenberg Development Company; Rotavele, Inc.; Rotodyne Industries, Inc.; Rowe and Long Music Centers, Inc.; Royal American Petroleum Corporation; Royal Eagle, Ltd.; Royal Equity Funds, Inc.; Royal Industrial Corp.; Royal York Productions, Inc.; Royal-Delite Foods, Inc.; Rumaine Corporation; Rural Research Inc.; Rushmore Associates, Inc.; Rust International, Inc.; RWA Corporation; S & N Dental Laboratory, Inc.; S F Store of Gary, Inc.; SF Store of South Bend, Inc.; S G C Labs, Inc.; S Nameholder, Inc.; S R U Investments, Inc.; S T Industries, Inc.; S. & J. Market, Inc.; S. & L. Corporation; S. C, Acquisition Corporation; S. P. Co., Ltd.; S. P. Travel Co., Ltd.; S. R. A. Industries Incorporated; S.D. Liquidating Co., Inc.; S.F.S. Imports, Inc.; S.P.E.C.C.-U.S.A.-Inc.; Sabre Marketing Corporation; Sacrifice Development Group, Inc.; Safeguard Moving and Storage Co., Inc.; Safety Guard Corporation; Safety Ties, Inc.; Salem Country Enterprises, Inc.; Salemburg Manufacturing Co.; Salerno Jewelry Corp.; Sames, Incorporated; Samico, Inc.; Samson Chemical Corporation; San Luis Obispo Corporation; Sand-Howe Productions, Inc.; Sandler & Young Corporation, The; Sandra Kelly Incorporated; Sandwiches, Inc.; Sandy Brae Corporation; Sanford Industries Inc.; Saniengineering Inc.; Santa Barbara Company of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Santana Produce, Inc.; Satellite Social Club of Delaware, Inc., The; Say-A-Life Sales Corp.; Save Way Pharmacy, Inc.; Save Way, Inc.; Save-A-Life, Inc.; Savers International, Ltd.; Saxon Sales Company; Sayona Corporation; SB Inc.; SBD Electronic Systems, Inc.; Scatawag Co.; Scholastic Marketing, Inc.; School Systems of America, Inc.; Schreiber Bosse & Co. Incorporated; Schusters (Delaware) Inc.; Science, Systems & Technology, Ltd.; Scientific Management, Incorporated; Scientific Mining & Refining Corporation; Scientific Resources Corp.; Scientific Sanitation Systems, Inc.; Scion Corporation; Scope Keyboards, Inc.; Scophony Corporation of America; Scotian Oil Corporation; Scythian Management Company; Sea Scape of Delaware, Inc.; Sea Spray Corp.; Sea View International, Ltd.; Sea-Air Ltd.; Seabrook Industries, Inc.; Seaford Sound and Signal Inc.; Seajay Corporation; Sealandair Equipment Corporation; Seamanco, Incorporated; Seamco of Delaware Incorporated; Seamount Corporation; Seapasture Corp.; Sears, Sucsy Securities, Inc.; Seashore Transit, Inc.; Seasonair Inc. of Utah; Seasonmaster, Inc.; Seatech Associates, Inc.; Seaway Container Corporation of America; Seaway Furniture Company; Seb Associates, Ltd.; Sebring Industries, Inc.; Sebring International, Inc.; Sechura Phosphates, Inc.; Second Applied Kinematics Leasing Corporation; Second Birkenhead Properties, Inc.; Second Lenco Delaware Corp.; Securities Monitor, Inc.; Security Funding Corporation; Security Guaranty Corporation; Security Lock Corporation; Security Lock System, Inc.; Security Protection, Inc.; See & Sound, Ltd.; See Incorporated; Segel Associates, Inc.; Selbyville Florists, Inc.; Select Investments, Inc.; Select Media, Inc.; Select Properties, Incorporated; Select Securities, Inc.; Seneca Export Corporation; Senelco Corp.; Sentor Security Group, Inc.; Serv-U-Corporation; Service Concepts International, Inc.; Service to Professionals, Inc.; Service-master of Delaware, Inc.; Servitech, Inc.; Sesco (Security) Inc.; Set-Theoretic Information Systems Corporation; Serverance - Bonus Inc.; Sew Smooth, Inc.; SFM Media Service Corporation; Shademaker Industries Inc.; Shagor Limited; Shalla Chevrolet, Inc.; Shamrock Farms, Inc.; Shamrock Imports, Inc.; Shanghai International, Inc.; Shareholders Mutual Fund, Inc.; Shareholders Mutual Management Company; Shata Enterprises, Inc.; Sheiker & Baker, Inc.; Sheldon Claire International Ltd., Inc.; Shellburne Civic Association Inc., The; Sheltered Ecological and Economic Development, Inc.; Shendell Incorporated; Shendell Management Corp.; Shepherd Corporation, The; Sher-Walls Inc.; Shifts Etc., Inc.; Shipper Foundation, Inc., The; Shirl-Lyn Dictation Service, Inc.; Shirley Buchanan Associates, Inc.; Shoe Rack, Inc., The; Shopper's Sav-Mor Plan, Inc.; Shore Construction Co., Inc.; Short's Delaware Taxi, Inc.; Showcase of Homes, Inc.; Showcase Productions Ltd.; Siamerican Securities Limited; Sid Broughton Jeep, Inc.; Signal/One Corporation; Silent Winds Inc.; Silica, Inc.; Silver Mining Properties, Ltd.; Silver-Fox Unlimited, Inc.; Simple Simon Pie Shops, Inc.; Simpro International, Ltd.; Simpson Equity Fund, Inc.; Sing Out Dover, Inc.; Sind-American Metals and Minerals, Inc.; Sint Maarten Adventures Ltd.; Sipes Chemical Coatings Company; Sklyline Corporation; Skyline Theatres Inc.; Small Business Information Corporation; Small Investors Royalty Company, The; Smart Shopping Centers, Inc.; Smith's Bridge Corp.; Smoky Mountain Development, Inc.; Smugglers Attic, Inc.; Smyrna Times, Incorporated, The; Smyrna-Clayton Junior Janecees Inc.; Snow Goose Enterprises, Ltd.; Social Dimensions Fund, Inc.; Social Dimensions Management Corporation; Software Documentation Corporation; Soil Sciences, Inc.; Soillcom, Inc.; Solomar Materials, Inc.; Somerset Capital Corporation; Sonics Corporation of America; Sonny's Drive-In, Inc.; Sound Yacht Basin, Inc.; Sound Yachts, Inc.; Sous La Mer, Ltd.; South Pacific Beverage Co., Ltd.; Southern Capital Corporation; Southern Finance Company; Southern Maryland Dental Society; Southern Modular Homes, Inc.; Southern New Castle Advisory, Council, Inc.; Southern Reefer Transport, Ltd.; Southern Service Group, Inc.; Southern Services, Inc.; Southern Sound Wholesalers, Inc.; Southwest Land Corporation; Southwestern Trane Air Conditioning Company; Spartan Energy Resources, Inc.; Special-Lite Inc.; Specialized Medical Services, Inc.; Specialty Investment Corporation; Specialty Sales and Service Co. Inc.; Spectro Industries, Inc.; Spermova Investment Co.; Sperryphone Corporation; Spier Company, Inc., The; Spinning Wheel Inn, Inc.; Sportique, Inc.; Sportoys, Inc.; Sportplay, Inc.; Sportquake, Inc.; Sports Abroad, Inc.; Sports Acres Ltd.; Sports Broadcasting Company, Inc.; Sports International Footwear, Inc.; Sports International, Inc.; Sportsvision Inc.; Sprague, Diggins & Ireland Incorporated; Spraycoat International, Inc.; Springbrook Associates, Inc.; Springfield Property Corp.; SRL Corporation; ST Inc.; St. Clair Ice and Fuel Company; St. Claire Industries, Ltd.; St. Louis Trailer Repair Corporation; Stacy Venture, Inc.; Stage and Screen Music, Inc.; Stallions, Inc.; Standard Technical Institutes, Inc.; Stanley, Searles & Rossmann, Inc.; Stapler Athletic Association, Star-Kist Canada, Inc.; State Acceptance Co.; State Mechanical Contractors, Incorporated; Steadman Investment Fund, Inc.; Steadman Planning Corporation; Steadman Security Corporation; Steam Heat Service, Inc.; Stem Development Corporation; Stenoscribe Systems, Inc.; Step People, Inc., The; Stephens International Corp.; Stereoptic, Inc.; Stevens Bros. Foundation Inc.; Stockton Foods, Inc.; Stokes and Son, Inc.; Stoneleigh Properties, Inc.; Store Video Systems, Inc.; Storematic, Incorporated; Stork Set, Inc., The; Storz Brewing Co.; Stover Plywood Corporation; Strada Corta Corporation; Strato Corporation; Structural Foam Products of Michigan, Inc.; Structural Systems Corp.; Stuart Paramedico Products Ltd.; Student Services, Inc.; Stylon International Corporation; Subscriber Services Corporation; Suburban Land Bankcorporation of America, Inc.; Suburban Transit Company, Ltd.; Suburbia Corp.; Sumart Press and Envelope Co., Inc.; Summer Stock, Inc.; Summit Pictures International, Inc.; Summitville, Inc.; Sun and Seas Incorporated; Sun-N-Sizzle International Inc.; Sunasco, Incorporated; Sunbanc Corporation, The; Sunco Foods Ltd.; Sun-land Management Corporation; Sunny Hills Maintenance Association; Sunrise Investment, Ltd.; Sunshine Natural Products Corporation; Superbuy, Inc.; Supreme - Court Products, Inc.; Supreme Construction Co., Inc.; Surfco Maintenance Co., Inc.; Surg-O-Flex of America, Inc.; Sussex Cablevision Company; Swallow Press, Inc.; Swan Export, Inc.; Swiss Pretzel Shops, Inc.; SYD 401 Corp.; Sykes Bond Avenue Drugs, Inc.; Symmetry Automated Work Place Systems, Inc.; Syn-Chem Products Incorporated; Synchrodyne Corporation; Synchronex Corporation, The; Synecology Corporation; Synergex, Inc.; Systek Computing Corporation; Systemetrics, Inc.; Systems Corporation De Puerto Rico; Systems Discipline, Inc.; Systems Generating Services, Inc.; T & I Companies, Inc.; T & N Company; T K Financial Corporation; T V Cassette Industries Inc.; T. F. C. Corp.; T. H. Realty, Inc.; T. Holiday, Inc.; T. J. Short & Associates, Inc.; Tahiti Delaware Corp.; Take A Dip, Inc.; Talisman Contracting Equipment, Inc.; Tall Timber Ranch, Inc.; Tam O'Shanter Scotch Securities, Ltd.; Tamara Enterprises, Inc.; Tandy Enterprises, Inc.; Taradam Music, Inc.; Target Marketing Corporation; Tarheel Corporation, The; Tas-T-O Donuts of America, Inc.; Tastee-Freez of Dimarva, Inc.; Tasty Taters Company; Taurus Management & Research Corporation; Taurus Productions, Inc.; Tax Security Corporation; Taylor Freezer Corporation; Taylor Freight System, Inc.; Taylor Improvement Co.; Taylor Madden Brush Company; TC 1972 Corp.; TCP Liquidating, Inc.; Teal-Wilson Poultry & Fish Co.; Technical Assistance Marketing Services, Inc.; Technical Assistance Services, Inc.; Technical Enterprises, Inc.; Technical Management Promotions, Inc.; Technical Ventures, Inc.; Technik Corporation of America; Technological Enterprises Corporation; Technology Development, Inc.; Technoscience Systems Inc.; Technotrade Incorporated; Techsel Inc.; Tekair, Inc.; Tela-Roma Productions Ltd.; Telemap, Inc.; Tele Data Communications, Inc.; Telecommunications Leasing Corporation; Telecommunications Network, Inc.; Telecontrol Associates, Inc.; Telefood, Inc.; Telephone Systems Corporation; Televote Corporation; Tell-Torq Inc.; Telpac Management Inc. Chicago; Telstar Development Corporation; Ten Springs, Incorporated; Tenco Construction Company; Tenement Squares International, Inc.; Tennis Resorts International, Inc.; Tennky Recreation Corporation; Tennoil Corporation; Tenth Columbus Club; Tesco, Inc.; Texas Thermal Industries of Georgia, Inc.; Texas Thermal Industries of Tampa, Inc.; Texva Realty, Inc.; Thalheim Exposition Management Corp.; Thermal Construction, Inc.; Thermosetting Systems, Inc.; Thielen Housing Corporation; Third Applied Kinematics Leasing Corporation; Third Birkenhead Properties, Inc.; Third Wallingford Properties, Inc.; Third World Development Corporation; Thomas Cochran Associates, Inc.; Thomas T. Engel & Associates, Inc.; Thompson Motors, Inc.; Thomson Puerto Rico Company; Thomson, Inc.; Thornhedge Associates, Inc.; Thoroughbred Services Corporation; Three Bears, Incorporated, The; Three Hundred Delaware Avenue, Inc.; Three T's Construction Co., The; Tidal Marine International Corp.; Tidbury, Inc.; Tiderock Development Corporation; Tiderock International, Ltd.; Tiggarr Housing & Development Corp.; TII, Inc.; Timborough Mortgage Company; Tire Mart (Philadelphia) Inc.; TM Industries, Inc.; TMA Company; Toast-Em & Tote-Urn, Inc.; Tobacco Town, Inc.; Todd Mclin Davis, Inc.; Todd Steel, Inc.; Todd Trading Corporation; Todt Livestock and Feeding Co.; Tolan, Inc.; Toltec Corporation; Tom Blanche Incorporated; Tom E. Willis, Inc.; Tom's Auto Service, Inc.; Tommy & Euda Gage, Inc.; Toner Industries, Inc.; Top Deck Service Station Management, Inc.; Top Turf Group Inc.; Toperest Industries, Inc.; Topper Corporation; TOrginol International Establishment, Inc.; Torrence Foundation, Inc., The; Tower Management Group, Ltd.; Tower Rock Ferry Inc.; Town & Country Aluminum, Inc.; Town Inn Tavern, Inc.; Townrose Company; Toxitrace, Inc.; Tracy Towing Corporation; Tracy Transportation Corporation; Tracy-Guidera Third Leasing Company; Trade Passport Corporation; Trade Union Medical Foundation, Inc.; Tradewind Resorts, Ltd.; Travel Seminars, Inc.; Travel-Wide Ltd.; Travellers Ten, Inc.; Travelrite, Inc.; Trawler Cruises, Inc.; Treadwell Law & Commercial Newspaper Corporation; Treasureland, Inc.; Trebilcock Mining, Inc.; Treemonisha Productions, Inc.; Trend Analysis, Inc.; Trend Investment Corporation; Tri-State Developers, Inc.; Tri-State Hydrolines, Inc.; Tri-State Steel Erectors, Inc.; Tri-State, Inc.; Trident No. I Corporation; Trident No. 2 Corporation; Trident No. 3 Corporation; Trigild, Inc.; Trilane Equities Ltd.; Trimen Inc.; Trojan Holding Corp.; Tropical Import Corporation; Trovoll, Ltd.; Trowbridge Farm Supply Co., Inc.; Trans Car Corporation; Trans Caribbean Airways Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Trans-International Trading, Inc.; Trans Manassas Corporation; Trans World Capital Corporation; Trans-American Refrigerated Services, Ltd.; Trans-Canade Oil & Mineral Refining Corporation; Trans-Fiduciary Investors Inc.; Trans-Lease, Inc.; Trans-National Management Services Inc.; Trans-Systems, Inc.; Trans-World Consultants, Inc.; Trans-World Managers Corp.; Trans-con Cable Communications, Inc.; Transcontinental Communication Corporation; Transcontinental Mortgage Corporation; Transdata, Inc.; Transouthern Corp.; Transport Management, Inc.; Transportation Square Corporation; Transworld Data Systems, Inc.; Trant Viet Engineers, Ltd.; Trash-Compactor, Inc.; Travel Information Programming, Ltd.; Travel Management Corp.; True Fidelity Products Corporation; Truth Tape Corporation; Tucker Leasing Corporation; Tujax Electric Supply Co., Inc.; Tujax Industries, Inc.; Turcotte Enterprises, Inc.; Turn-A-Round, Ltd.; Turnabout Marketing Company, Inc.; TV Sports Guide, Inc.; TWB Productions, Inc.; Twentieth Centurn Viking Corporation; U.S. Male, Inc.; U.S. Shelter Leasing Corporation; U.S. Sturdybilt, Inc.; U.D. Data Services, Inc.; U.S. Gum & Candy Corp.; U-Brew Industries, Inc.; Ult-I-Vest, Inc.; Ultimate Security Alliance Corp.; Ultraguard Systems, Inc.; Ultrapet Inc.; Ultrasonics Instrument Corporation; Ultrasonics, Inc.; Under 25 Newsletter, Inc.; Undergraduate Services Association, Inc.; Uni-Life Inc.; Uni-Shield International Corporation; Unichem, Inc.; Uniformed Security Associates, Inc.; Unihome, Incorporated; Unimac, Inc.; Union Baptist Church Housing Corporation; Union Copy Machine, Inc.; Union Mart Corporation; United Auto Auction Systems, Inc.; United Auto Rental Association, Inc.; United Campgrounds, Inc.; United Car Rental Corp.; United Freight Salvage, Inc.; United General Theatres, Inc.; United Government Services Corp.; United Growth Builders, Inc.; United Medical Corporation; United Premium Advertising Corporation; United Progressive Community Church, Inc.; United Reston Associates, Inc.; United Security and Safety, Inc.; United Selective Trading Co., Ltd.; United Service Club; United States Brick Corporation; United States Courier Corporation; United States Investment Bankers, Inc.; United States Leisure, Inc.; United States R & D Corp.; United States Research & Development Corporation; United Success for Stars, Inc.; United Triple AAA Budget Inns, Inc.; Unity Management International Corporation; Universal Administrators, Inc.; Universal Awareness Records Corp.; Universal Care, Inc.; Universal Communications, Inc.; Universal Futures Corporation; Universal Holdings, Inc.; Universal Investments of America, Ltd.; Universal Laboratories, Inc.; Universal Logistics, Ltd.; Universal Mobile Home Parks of Florida, Inc.; Universal Optical Center, Inc.; Universal Steel Structures, Inc.; Universal Webbing, Inc.; University Enterprises, Ltd.; University Therapeutic Centers, Inc.; Univex International, Ltd.; Uniworld Group, Inc.; Unizon Petroleum Corporation; Urban Housing Systems, Inc.; Urbanomics, Ltd.; Urethane Sales Co., Inc.; Vacationland Industries, Inc.; Valentine Smith Company, Inc.; Valley International Properties of Delaware, Inc.; Valley Run Apartments, Inc.; Valley Warehouse, Inc.; Valu Vend Distributors of Poughkeepsie, Inc.; Van Kampen Wauterlek Brown and Mullaney, Inc.; Van Lent Industries, Inc.; Van Trees Associates, Inc.; Vander Waals-Troske Co., Inc.; Vanguard, Inc.; Vanides Mlodock, Inc.; Vann Enterprises, Inc.; Vantage Advisors, Inc.; Vantage Development Corporation; Vari-Vend Corporation; Varisystems Corporation; Vegas Properties, Inc.; Velce Investment Co.; Veloc Corporation; Venture Capital Corporation, The; Venture Capital Group, Inc., The; Venture Equities, Inc.; Venture Investment Corporation; Venture Investors Productions, Inc.; Ventures, Inc.; Venus Theater Corp.; Verik, Inc.; Verner's Associates of Delaware, Inc.; Versatal, Inc.; Vesper, Inc.; Victor Sewer and Water, Inc.; Video International Distributors Corporation; Video Prints, Inc.; Video World Corporation; Videolab Corporation; Videomonde Corporation; Videorecord Corporation of America; Vidjur, Ltd.; Viking International, Inc.; Viking Optical Company; Village Cab, Inc.; Village One, Inc.; Vim 'N Vigor Bakeries, Inc.; Vinco, Inc.; Vip Shows, Inc.; Virginia Lines, Inc.; Virginia Management Corporation; Virtual Machine, Inc.; Visco-Schwartz, Inc.; Vitagencies International, Inc.; Vital Issues Projects Corporation; Volumetric Construction Corporation; VSD, Inc.; VVV, Inc.; W& M Corporation; W& W Industries, Incorporated; W T G Incorporated; W. 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IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, 1, SHERMAN W. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-seventh day of June

(GREAL SEAL) in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-eighth.

By the Governor: SHERMAN W, TRIBBITT

Attest: ROBERT H. REED, Secretary of State