Delaware General Assembly






TO: Heads of All State Departments and Agencies RE: Council for Women

WHEREAS, constructive action is needed to further the equal legal, social, political, economic and educational opportunity and advancement of all men and women; and

WHEREAS, the demands of contemporary society require the full utilization of human potential:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby declare and order as follows:

1. A Council for Women is established for the purpose of stimulating a climate of equal opportunity for women so that they may develop their capabilities and fulfill their aspirations.

2. The Council shall consist of thirty-six members appointed by the Governor.

3. The terms of the members shall be staggered. Initially, one-third of the Council shall serve a one year term, one-third a two year term and one-third a three year term. Thereafter, all new appointees shall serve a three year term. Any appointment to replace a member whose positions becomes vacant prior to the expiration of her term, shall be filled only for the remainder of that term.

4. The Chairman shall be selected by the Governor. All other officers shall be elected by the Council.

5. The functions of the Council shall be:

to foster understanding of and appreciation for the contribution women can make to the growth and progress of the State and nation;

b) to encourage women to assume initiative in the removal of legal and other barriers to the realization of their basic human rights;

c) to determine the nature and extent of discrimination in Delaware on the basis of sex;

d) to work toward the elimination of discriminatory laws and practices in all aspects of society;

e) to promote the dissemination of information and provide counsel on opportunities for the effective participation of women in the public and private sectors;

f) to propose legislation it deems necessary to further the eqUality of women and work toward the passage of such legislation.

6. The Council shall make periodic reports to the Governor on its progress.

APPROVED This 9th day of March, 1971.



ATTEST: EUGENE BUNTING, Secretary of State