Delaware General Assembly






WHEREAS, EUGENE BUNTING, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code by 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. A. Mathews Corporation, A B & F Corporation, A-B Material Company, A.C.D. Corp., A. C. Plumbing Service Com¬pany, A-Cos Leasing Corporation, A.F. Millstein, Inc., A & G Hunterdon Development Corporation, A. L. Rogers, Inc., A. Leveton Company, A. & M. Enterprises Corporation, A.T.A., Inc., A.U.M. Corporation, A.W. McQuillan Company, Abbiss Realty, Inc., Abilene Flour Mills Company, Accountants Computer Corporation, Acoustica-Pacific Incorporated, Action of Macon County, Inc., Action Oil Company, Active Industrial Distributors, Inc., Adams Van Service, Inc., Advance Financial Corporation, Advex Machine Corp., Aeromar Ship Corporation, Affiliated Representatives, Inc., African Industrial Development Corp., Agency Management Corporation, Agras Industries, Inc., Agri¬cultural Research Foundation, Inc., Ahuer, Inc., Air Systems, Inc., Air Transport Leasing Corporation, Aircraft Engineering Founda¬tion, Inc., Aircraft Trading & Leasing Corporation, Al G. Kelly-Miller Bros. Circus, Inc., Al Lally Foundation, Inc., Al-Mar¬ah Enterprises, Inc., Alabama Pine Stud Corp., Alan Swallow Publisher, Inc., Alban Park Civic Association, Inc., Albert W. Drake, Inc., Alex Morton, Inc., Alexander Drug Corporation, Alfresco Wallpaper Designs, Inc., Algonquin Ready Mix, lnc„ All

American Enterprises, Inc., All Seas Chartering, Inc., All State Carpet Service of Puerto Rico, Inc., Allen-Huff, Inc., Allied Automation, Inc., Almar Liquors, Inc., Alpha-Lube, Inc., Altaela Cotton Company, Alton Credit Service, Incorporated, Ambassador Leasing, Inc., American Association For The Advancement of Cultural Research, American Association For The World Press, Inc., American Boat Owners Association, American-Bolivian Enterprises, Inc., American Builders Consultants, Inc., American Club Suppliers, Inc., American Continental Industries, Inc., American Cultural Foundation, Inc., American D.K.W. Financial Corp., American Duralite Corporation, American Educators Foundation, American Family Network, Inc., American Fleetway Leasing Corp., American Flying Club, Inc., American Foundation For World Trade Studies, Inc„ American Home Decorators, Inc., American Industrial Products Corp., American Stoveboard Company, American Telefilm Service, Inc., American Trade-Mark Fund, Inc., Americana Distributing, Inc., Americas Fund, Inc., Amgar, Inc., Amherst Leasing Corporation.

Ancora-Verde Corporation, Andean Industrial Development, Inc., Andover Management Corp., Andrews Cabinet Shop, Inc., Andria-Domi Productions, Ltd., Anita Cohen Foundation, Inc., Anniston Soil Pipe Company, Anthony Huellinghoff, Inc., Anti -Communist World Freedom Congress, Inc., ACOS Realty Corporation, Apex-Sales Company, Applied Cryogenics Company, Inc., Apponaug Company, ARC, Incorporated, Arcadia Films, Inc., Archie Luss, Inc., Architectural Basic Concept Design Engineering, Inc., Area Realty, Inc., Arena Promotions, Inc., Arizona Investment Corporation, Arizona Western And Land Company, Arlene Oil Company, Arlington Industries, Inc., Arlington Metal Industries, Inc., Arman Oil Company, Armored Air Express, Inc., Arpago, Inc., Arrow Cleaners & Launder-Et, Inc., Arroyo Beach Development Corp., Arroyo Point Building and Sales Corp., Artistic Tile & Linoleum Service Co., Inc., Arts Forum, Inc., Arts and Sciences Publishing Co., Inc., Arvee, Inc., ASAP Enterprises, Inc., Ashford Condado Realty Corp., Asia Travel International, Inc., Aspervac Corporation, Associated Film Productions, Inc., Associated Filmakers, Incorporated, Associated Home Services, Inc., Associated Steel Company Astoria Securities & Realty Corporation, Astro Manufacturing Co., Inc., Atlantic Coast Independent Distributors Association, Atlantic Distributors, Inc., Atlantic Investments, Inc., Atlantic Marine Industries, Inc., Atlas Aluminum Products, Inc., Atlee Corp., Audio Brands Corp.,

Auto-Structor Corporation, Automated Data Associates Incorporated, Automatic Concessions Association, Automatic Enterprises of Louisiana, Inc., Availability Services, Inc., Aviation Engineering Corp., Aviation Institute of America, Inc., Aviation Parts & Equipment Company.

B & C Leasing, Inc., B.C.W. Productions, Ltd., B.I. Commodities Corporation, B. I. De Vries & Co. (Textiles) Inc., B. I. Export Corporation, B. Kleitz And Brother Company, B.P.I. Co., Inc., B. & R. Builders, Inc., B & R Machine Company, B Truck Terminal, Inc., B. W. Corporation, B. And W. Shoe Company, Baca Industries Incorporated, Bala Corporation, Balderas International Movers, Inc., Ballard Corporation, Banks Convenience Stores, Inc., Baptist Unity Movement, Inc., Bartow Golden Gate Drug Corporation, Basin Cream Coal Company, Inc., Batterfield Inn, Inc., Bay-Run Corporation, Bayamon Social Club, Inc., Beatty Contracting Co., Inc., Beau Products Corporation, Beauty Mfg. Trucking Corporation, Beeches Community Corporation, Behavioral Science Research, Inc., Bel-Verne, Inc., Belnor Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Bencorp, Inc., Bennettsville Manufacturing Company, Inc., Bergdorf-Goodman Chicago, Inc., Bergen Express Co., Inc., Berks County Dodge, Inc., Berman Realty Company, Incorporated, Berry Construction Company, Bert Hayes Construction Co., Bert Leasing Corp., Bert Nysingh, Inc., Bert Glass Service, Inc., Best Way Services, Inc., Beta Television Corporation, Better Builders, Inc., Bevo, Inc., Big Giant Cola Corporation, Bill's Market, Inc., Bishop Oil & Refining Co., BJB, Inc., Blandensburg Corporation, Blank Company, Inc.

Blankenship Associates, Inc., Blue Bell Development Co., Blue Hen Janitorial Service, Inc., Boam International Corporation, Board's Autobody Co., Boccarosse Brothers, Inc., Bodyguard, Inc., Boesdorfer Trucking, Inc., Bolivian-American Independent Producers, S.A., Bomba's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, Inc., Book People, Inc., Booth Glass Co., Inc., Borderland Company, Borm Oil Company, Boulevard Construction Corporation, Boulevard Motor Company, Incorporated, Bourbon Beauty Schools, Inc., Bowman Stock Yards, Inc., Brandt Chem. Co., Inc., Brandywine Business Machines, Inc., Brandywine Dental Lab., Inc., Brandywine Enterprises, Inc., Brandywine Literary Society, Brandywine 100 Corp., Brandywine Plastering & Tile Co., Brasilia De Vega Baja, Inc., Bridle Bit, Inc., Broadkiln Pearl Company, Inc., Broadview Industries, Inc., Broadwater Beach Arms, Inc.,

Committee of Schuylkill Valley, Inc., Churchill's Restaurant & Bar, Inc., Cinargro, Inc., Cinderella Theatre Company, Inc., Circle "M" Farming Operations, Inc., Clark Restaurnt Corp., Claude W. Taylor Products, Inc., Claymont Cycle Center, Inc., Claymont Heights Civic Association, Clayton-West Company, Cliff-Lake, Inc., Club Haven Convalescent & Nursing Home, Inc., Co-America Productions, Inc., Coanda Water Purifier Corporation, Coinomatic, Inc., College Inns of America, Inc., The, College Inns Corporation, College Park Realty, Inc., Collins Park Pastry Shop, Inc., Colonial of Delaware, Inc.

Colonial Development Corporation, Color Corporation of America, Colorpress, Inc., Colou Company, Inc., Colpo Safety Wheel, Inc., Columbia Coal Corporation of Ohio, Columbia Sales & Service, Inc., Commemorators, Incorporated, Commercial Car tage, Inc., Commercial and Industrial Assoc. of America, The, Commercial Transport Lines, Inc., Commodore Oil Corporation, Common Market Investing Co. (C.M.I.C.), Communications Development Corporation, Community Improvement Corporation, Comprehensive Operations, Inc., Compudater, Inc., Comutrix Corporation, Conarg International, Inc., Concept Computer Corporation, Concord Swimming Club, Concrete Construction Equipment Co., Concrete Injection Processes, Inc., Condormats Corp., Congress of Scientists of Survival, Inc., The, Connecticut Scientific Center, Inc., Connell Transport Co., Inc., Conrad Rooks, Inc., Conservation Center, Inc., Consolidated Bottling Company, Consolidated Carpets, Inc., Consolidated Chemicals & Plastics, Inc., Consolidated, Inc., Construction Research-Far East, Inc., Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware, Inc., Consumers Education and Protective Association, Continental Chemical Corporation, Inc., Continental Football League Boosters, Club, The, Continental Petroleum Corporation, Continental Properties, Inc., Continental Standard Shapes Corporation, Control Circuits, Incorporated, Cooling Heating Plumbing Company, Copy King, Inc., Corner Grill, Inc., Cornwall Construction Company, Inc., Corporate Planners and Coordinators, Inc., Cosmopolitan Club, Counselors Capital Fund, Inc., Count, Ltd., Countryside Mobile Home Estate, Inc., County Auto Sales, Inc., County Cleanamats, Inc., Creative Ideas, Inc., Creative Patent Development Company, Cremeens-Troesch Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.,• Crescent Corporation of Fall River, The, Crest Case Manufacturing Corporation, Crest Engineering Company, Inc., Crestmark Productions of America, Inc., Crestmark Productions, Ltd., Crone Films, Inc., Crossgate

Development, Inc., Crown Land Developers, Ltd., Cuban Freedom Committee, Inc., Custom Carpets, Inc., Custom Cleaners, Inc., Custom Sleep Shoppers, Ltd., Cutrona's Shellpot Liquors, Inc., Cybernatic Developments, Inc.

D.A. Vismark, Inc., D C Associates, Inc., D. D. Gray General Contractors, Inc., D and E Corporation, D. & J. Mobile Homes, Incorporated, D & L Shoppes, Inc., D & S Plumbing & Heating, Inc., D & W Investment Company, D. Weston Associates, Inc., Dahlin Harvest, Inc., Dale K. Morse, Inc., Dalto Electronics Corporation, Dan Louderback Moving & Storage Co., Danbeck-Rich Corporation, Daniel Hadley & Associates, Inc., Danville Partake, Inc., Darco Stainless Products, Corporation, Dark Water Salvage, Inc., Darrow Corporation, Data Duplicating Corporation, Daverman-Wiebe, Inc., Davi Shoe Company, Inc., David B. Carmel Foundation, Dawl Corporation, De Brandon Corp., De Renne Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc., Debenture Reserve Corporation, Decar Corporation, Decatur Auto Wrecking Co., Decatur Industrial Finance Corporation, Dee Bee Mining Co., Incorporated, Deep Ocean Technology, Inc., Deep Well Pollution Control Corporation, Deep Sea Rescue & Salvage Corporation, Deerso Corporation, Deforest Building Materials, Corp., Del Mar Va Amusement Service, Inc., Del-Mar-Va Sailboats, Inc., Delaware Association of Milk Dealers, Delaware Bay Ship Building, Inc., Del. Blue Ribbon Beef Co., Delaware Bowling Proprietors, Inc., Delaware Brokerage Consultants, Inc., Delaware City Industrial Development Corp., Delaware Furnace Cleaning, Inc., Delaware House, Inc., Delaware Industrial Development Corporation Number One, Delaware Jopa, Inc., Delaware Maintenance Company, Delaware Nursing Homes, Inc., Delaware Officers' Club, Inc., Delaware Post No. 1 American Legion Building Corporation, Delaware Quarter Horse Association, Delaware Realty Exchange, Inc., Delaware Roadside Council, Inc., Delaware Sanitizers, Inc., Delaware Soaring Club, Inc., Delaware Togs, Inc., Delectronics, Inc., Delmar Drag & Speedway, Inc., Delmarva Industries, Inc., Delos Lambert, Inc., Delta Televison Corporation, Deltron, Inc., Delvania, Inc., Denia S.A. Compania Anonima, Dennison Plastics Company, Denrich, Inc., Derrell Ruffcorn, Inc., Des Or, Inc., Design Consultants, Inc., Design Service, Inc., Detroit Steel Joist of Arizona, Inc., DeVal Aerodynamics, Inc., Developers Research, Inc., Development Advisory Group, Ltd., Dex Company, Diamond Head Records, Inc., s;amond State Bottling Company.

Diamond State Electric, Co., Dick Clark Programs, Inc., Dickey Chevrolet-Buick, Inc., Dilbert's Leasing & Development Corp., Dior Vargas Jewelry Manufacturing Company, Diplomat Services, Inc., Divco Washington Sales Corporation, Diversified Business Services & Development Co., Inc., Dixie Corporation, Dixie-Illinois, Inc., Dixie Springs Farm, Inc., Docsons, Inc., Dodd-Carey Funeral Home, Inc., Dodge Associates, Inc., Dolad Corporation, Domath Corporation, Dominican Sugar Corporation, Dominion Financial Company, Ltd., Don A. Dasco, Inc., Donegal Irish of the U.S.A., Inc., Dougherty 's Wrecker Service, Inc., Doughmakers, Inc., Dorval, Inc., Double "M" Stamps Corporation, Doubloon's Ltd., Douglas, Leonard, & Co., Inc., Douglass Urban Corporation, Doulane Realty, Inc., Dover Distributors, Inc., Dover Royal, Inc., Dowling Associates, Inc., Drafting, Inc., Dreamclean Corporation of America, Drive-In Concessions of Conn., Inc., Dryspan Corporation, DSP, Inc., Dual Dynamics, Inc., Dublin Hill Farms, Inc., Dubroff Constructio.. Company, Duggan's Distillers Products Corporation, Duke Uranium, Inc., Duquesne Oil Corporation, Dura-Bilt Dinette, Inc., Dynamark Industries, Inc., Dynamic Conversion, Inc.

E. A. S. Corporation, E & E Music, Inc., E. M. Harvey Corp., E 0 Training Institute, E S L Construction Company, Inc., Earl of Hardwicke, Limited, Early Branch, Inc., East Coast Enterprises, Inc., East Side Aluminum Specialties, Inc., Eastern Cars of Holland, Inc., Eastern Petrotech Corporation, Eastern States Oil Company, Eastern Vacuum Cooling, Inc., Easy-Mix Corp., Eby, Inc., Ed Michalls Chevrolet, Inc., Eddie Dowling Associates, Incorporated, Eddie Fisher Foundation, Inc., Edstell Corporation, Educational Industries, Inc., Educational Systems, Inc., Educational Underwriters, of America, Inc., Edward J. Smith Constructours, Ltd., Edward V. Gold, Inc., Edwards Realty Company, Edwin Sumner Company, El-Bar Development Co., Elastic Fabric Co., Elco Enterprises, Inc., Eleanor Payne Foundation, Inc., Electric Flag, An American Music Band, Inc., Electric Sales Co., Inc., Electric Steam Sterlizing Company, Inc., Electrical Networks, Inc., Electro Corporation, Electrode Incinerators, Inc., Electronic Car Wash, Inc., Electronic Control Laboratories Co., Electrothermic Corporation of America, Elgin Chemical Company, Inc., Elgon Apartments, Inc., Electra-Process Industries, Inc., Elk Ranch Park, Inc., Empire Universal Corp., Engineers-Geologist and Architects, Inc., Environmental Applications, Inc., EPS Operation and Financial Corporation, Era International Carroll Associates,

Inc., Era International Market Research, Inc., Erich Henkel Lincoln-Mercury, Inc., Erkmann Construction Company, Erskine Casselbery Co., Escott, Inc., Ethelle Oil, Inc., Euclid Apartments, Inc., Eureka Van & Storage Company, Inc., Euro-Market Representatives Incorporated, European Fraternal Association, Everett Oil Company, Executive Developers, Inc., Executive International United Management Consultants, Exenon Exterprises, Inc., Exploration Helicopters, Inc.

F. H. Gleason and Associates, Inc., F. Marinez Associates, Inc., F & W Investment Corporation, Fadde Shoppe, Inc., The, Fagan Bros., & Sons, Inc., Fairlane Trading Co., Falcon Freight Forwarders, Inc., Falcon Productions, Inc., Family Fare, Inc., Famous Brands, Lt., Famous Finance Co., Farrly Corporation, Fashion Distributors, Inc., Fashion Service Corporation, Faulkner's of Delaware, Inc., FCA Corporation, Federal Die Casting Company, Fedonics, Inc., Feuchtwanger Corporation, Field Ducat, Inc., 57th Street Hotel Corporation, Finwood Investments, Inc., Fi. t Arbetrage Fund of America, Inc., First Cambridge Associate Corporation, First Delaware Holding Corp., First Eastern St\ ndard Corporation, Fisher Stone Company, Inc., Fisher Production %, Inc., Fithone Enterprises, Inc., 501 Corp., Flakice Corporation, Flexabar Corporation, Flo-Ball International Corporation, Florida South Coast Oil Corporation, Floseal Corporation, Flying Dutchman Explosives, Inc., Flying Dutchman Motor Freight, Inc., Foley-Dundee, Incorporated, Food Resources, Inc., Food Service Equipment, Inc., Footwear Corporation of Puerto Rico, Forester Animal Hospital, Inc., Forrest E. Morrill, Incorporated, Fort Buchanan Capehart Corporation, The, Fort Carroll Service, Inc., Fort Totten Associates, Inc., 45 North Halsey, Inc., Foster Financial Company, Inc., Foundation for Management Education, The, Fountain Roc Corp., Fountain Square Apartments, Inc., Four Seasons, Inc., Fourth Holding Corp., Francesca B. Cosmetics Corporation, Franchise Associates, Inc., Fraternal Order of United Workmen, Inc., The, Frecyma Realty & Development, Inc., Free Radicals Club, The, Freedom In Action, Inc., Freeze-Rite Chop't Eggs Ltd., Fresno El Rancho, Inc., Fresno Hofman Corporation, Fresno Realty Co., Frieder Films, Japan, Inc., Frieder International Corporation, Friends of Youth Association of Delaware, Inc., Frontier Transportation Company, Fugazy Continental, Inc., Full Mold Process, Inc., Fund of America, Inc., Fundamental Research, Inc.

G.A. Zimmerman Trucking, Inc., G & G Automatics, Inc., G H A Corporation, G. L. K. Inc., G. M. T. C., Inc., G S Liquidating Corporation, G & W Development Corporation, Galban Lobo Puerto Rico, Inc., Gale B. Mann, Inc., Gale Smith Oldsmobile, Inc., Garden Court Swim Club, Garfield Park and Overview Gardens Civic Association, Garraty Oldsmobile, Inc., Garrisons Lake Golf Association, Inc., Gemini II Pictures, Inc., General Business Systems, Inc., General Construction Co., Inc., General Illumination Corporation, General Industries Corporation, General Ionics Sales Corporation, General Reliability and Environments Corp., General Ultrasonics Company, Genie, Inc., Geo/Comm, Inc., George Muller of America, Inc., George F. Dodd Gravel Corporation, George F. Kempf Supply Co., Inc., George Jarrell Burger Distributing Company, Inc., George M. McMahon, Inc., George Meyerson, Incorporated, George P. Hall, Inc., Georgia Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries, Inc., Gerke Vending Company, Gillmore-Gribble Apartments, Inc., Gilmer Realty Company, Glamour of Wilmington, Inc., Glen Culp, Inc., Glenwood Liquor, Inc., Global Development Corporation, Global Terminals, Inc., Globe Food Commissaries of Puerto Rico, Inc., Globe Food Services of Puerto Rico, Inc., Globe Leasing, Inc., Globe Security Recovery Corporation, Gold Cross Hearing Aid Co., Gold Star Minerals, Inc., Golden Bird, Inc., Graco Foundation, Inc., Grady Industrial Service Co., Graham Laboratories, Inc., Grande Voiture of Delaware, Great Atlantic & Western Corporation, Great Pacific Land Company, Inc., Greater Southeast Trading Corporation, Greenbank Jaycees, Inc., Greenbriar Apartments, Inc., Greencastle Coach Co., Greenville Associates, Inc., Greenville Industries, Inc., Greenville Mid-Stream Service, Inc., Greenwood Nursery School, Inc., Gregg Company, Gresham, Inc., Griffin Corporation, Group Downstairs, I, Group Investment Co., Guarantee Development Corporation, Guided Missiles Institute, Gulf Stream Oil Company of Florida, Gurley-Ortman, Inc., Gus's T.V. & Appliance, Inc., Gwynne Oil Company, Gypsum Specialties, Co.

H. A. Burris, Inc., H & B Trucking Co., H. C. Werner Commissary Corporation, H. D. Drain Corporation, H.E.F. Corp., H. H. Hardwicke Corporation, H. & P. Investment, Inc. H & P Realty Corp., H. R. W. Industries, Inc., H. & S. B., Inc., H. & S. Equipment Co., Inc., Ha-Mo, Incorporated, Habert Corporation, Haitex Oil Corporation, Haley Construction Company, Inc., Hali Construction Co., Inc., Hali Homes, Inc., Halpet, Inc., Hamilton Associates, Inc., Hamilton Company, Hampstead Shoe Corpora-

tion, Handy Andy Products, Inc., Hanko Properties, Inc., Hanover Fund, Inc., Happy Feed Mills, Inc., Har-Van Distributors, Inc., Harambee, Inc., Harman Oil Co., Inc., Harness Corporation, Harold A. Thornton and Associates, Inc., Harold A. Williams, Inc., Harold Prehn, Inc., Harold W. Holt, Inc., Harrig Rental Service Company, Harrington Jr. Football League, Inc., Harris-Turner Development Corporation, Harrogate Construction Company, Harry H. Young and Associates, Inc., Harry L. Harris, Inc., Harsha Development Co., Hartland Inc. of Delaware, Haven Manor, Inc., Haven Securities, Inc., Hawley Smith Corporation, Hayes Productions, Inc., Heartland Inc., Henderson Mill Road Apts. Inc., Hennrich Garage, Inc., Heritage Land Corporation, Heritage Shoppe, Inc., Herman Realty Company, Herson Investments, Inc., Herve, Inc., Hi-Ho Imports, Inc., Hi-Lean Meat Company, Inc., Hi-Line, Inc., Hideaway Homes, Inc., Highland Acres Service Corporation, Highland Securities Corporation, Hill Brick Company, Hillard and Janet Madway Foundation, Hispanamerican Corporation, Hobe's Construction Company, Hol-Bric Farms, Inc., Hollomon Manufacturing Corporation, Hollywood Enterprises, Inc., Home Construction Corporation of America, Home Stitch Shops, Inc., Hominy, Inc., Horace and Dorothy Sampson Foundation, Hornish & Hornish, Inc., Hour-Man, Inc., House of Danilov, Inc., House of Stainglas, Ltd., Household Express Agency, Inc., Housing Services Corporation, Houston Tool Corporation, Hudber Realty Company, Huisache Corporation (Delaware), Human Sciences, Inc., Hut, Inc., Hydrand Corporation, Hydro-Solids Transmissions Corporation, Hydroelectrics International, Inc.

I. J., Inc., I. K. M. Roofing Corporation, I P C Fund, Inc., I. S. (International Surveys) Corp., IBEX Corporation, IGE, Inc., Ilene, Ltd., Illini Electric Contractor, Inc., Illini Oil Exploration Company, Illinois International Electronics, Inc., IMPCO, Inc., Imperial Veneer and Plywood Corp., Income Planning, Inc., Independent Bumper Corporation, Indian River Hotel Co., Inc., Industrial Construction Company, Industrial Metal Protectives, Inc., Industrial Vision Service, Inc., Information Management, Inc., Inntel International, Inc., Insbrokers, Ltd., Institute of Transportation Studies, Inc., Inter American Corporation, Inter-Society Meetings, Interamerican Paper Corporation, Intercol Enterprises, Inc., Interconco, Inc., Intercontinental Commerce, Inc., Intercontinental Food Services, Inc., Intercontinental Investment Corporation, Interior Associates, Inc., International Aluminum Ltd., International American College, Inc., International

Anthracite Coal Corporation, International Automation Corporation, International City Land Company, The, International Computer Systems, Inc., International Copper, Inc., International Development Enterprises Associated, Inc., International Enterprises, Inc., International Group Service, Inc., International Hardwood Sales, Inc., International Housing Corporation, International Insurance Investors, Inc., International Metallurgical Corporation, International Navigation Company, Inc., International Phoneme Corporation, International Promotions, Inc., International Research and Management Corporation, International Science Education Foundation, Inc., Interpol Holding and Development, Ltd., Interstate Associates, Inc., Interstate Brokerage Corporation, Interstate Electric Corp., Interstate Sanitation, Inc., Intrustco, Inc., Irving Zauderer Foundation, Isaac Benesch & Sons, Inc., of Delaware, Island Dyes and Specialties, Inc., Isle of Imports, Inc., Israeli Publishing Institute Ltd.

J.A. McFarland Corporation, J.C. Adkins, Inc., J. C. Calloway, Inc., J. C. Manufacturing Corporation, J & C Masonry Contracting, Inc., J. D., Inc., J. Dubois Uniform Company of California, J. Edward Linck Sheet Metal Works, Inc., J. F. Martin Warehouse Co., J G B Corporation, J. H. Maclnnes, Inc., J. H. Sprecher, Incorporated, J. Lyons & Company, Limited, J. N. Trucking, Inc., J.P.'s Inc., J.P. Yungck and Son, Inc., J & R Enterprises, Inc., Jack Halverson, Inc„ Jack W. Heeren Associates, Inc., Jackson Matthews, Inc., James C. Bartleson, Inc., James E. Roe, Inc., Jan Berry, Inc., Jarboe Investment Co., Jariba Corporation, Jarumar, Inc., Javelin Corporation, The, Jawrod, Inc., Jay B. Smiley, Inc., Jay Dorf Realty Corp., Jay J. and Sheila Pack Foundation, Inc., Jay Rhodes Company, Incorporated, Jedsen Industries, Inc., Jerald Payne, Inc., Jerry Slagle, Inc., Jim Thurlow's Crest Ford, Inc., Jobbers Automotive Warehouse, Inc., Joe Dowell Enterprises, Inc., Joe P. Wiltz, Inc., John B. Funk Associates of Easton, Inc., John E. Campanelli Incorporated, John E. Erickson, Inc., John J. Sheridan, Inc., Johnny G. Franklin, Inc., Johnson's Market, Inc., Johnstone Construction, Inc., Jorama, Inc., Journey Records, Incorporated, Jug, Inc.

K& L Beverages, Inc., K S C Systems, Incorporated, Kane Accoustical Company, Inc., Kappa Television Corporation, Kee Optical Company, Keller and Jaske, Inc., Ken-Arc, Incorporated, Kennett Company, Inc., Kent County Community Action Agency, Inc., Kevex Corporation, Key Investments, Inc., Key Iron Works,

Inc., Kim Exporting Companies, Inc., Kimball Operating Corp., King Kleen, Inc., King Tavern, Inc., Kings San Antonio, Inc., Kirkwood Floor Covering, Inc., Kitchen Industries, Inc., Knoblick Mining Company, Kona Coast Development Corporation, Krupp Overseas, Ltd.

La Guardia Flying Service, Inc., Lab-Rite Co., Label Art of Delaware, Inc., Lady Rose, Inc., Lake City Dodge, Inc., Lake County Land Co., Inc., Lake's Inc., Lakeside Builders, Inc., Lakeshore Book Co., Inc., Lamco Transport, Inc., Lancar Corporation, Lancers Pub, Inc., Landco Corporation, Landmen Corporation, Lane Lumber Company, Inc., Lansing, Fillmore, Ltd., Lapco, Inc., Larp, Inc., Launderbest, Inc., Laundry Center, Inc., Laurel Aero Leasing Corporation, Laurence Lee Corporation, Lawn Mower Dealers Association of Penn, Leading Lady Beauty Salon, Inc., Lease Plan Delaware Corporation, Leaseco Associates, Inc., Lee's Ferry, Inc., Leedpak, Inc., of Georgia, Leeds Men's Wear, Inc., Leroy Construction and Maintenance, Inc., Leroy Donley, Inc., Lewis, Inc., of Delaware, Lexington Metals Salvage, Inc., Liberty Cafe, Inc., Liberty Navigation & Trading Co., Inc., Liberty Services, Inc., Life Investment Management Company, Inc., Lincoln Lithographing Company, Linear Alpha, Inc., Literature, Inc., Little Lake Club, Livestock Underwriting Agency, Inc., Lloyd B. Smith, Inc., Local Corporation, Log Fire Homes, Inc., London Finance Corporation, Longhorn Western Shop, Inc., Longview Liquors, Inc., Lorain Shoes, Inc., Lorimer Engineers, Inc., Los Angeles Leaseholds, Inc., Lou Ruggerio, Jr., Inc., Louis Edward Murphy, Inc., Louis Gorney Refrigerated Transport, Inc., Love Drilling Company, Inc., Love, Peace and Unity Society, Lovering Avenue, Inc., Lucenda Marine Corporation, Lucore, Inc., Lujac Corporation, Lutz Custom Brick Company, Lynford Stables, Inc., Lynn Drilling Company, Lorindy Films, Inc.

M. & H. Lumber Co., M & J Inc., M-L Building Corporation, M & N Sales Company, Inc., M. Q. Realty, Inc., M-S Havertown, Inc., Mable Lawton Music, Inc., Mac Cleen's East Ltd., Mac Intosh & Sheridan, Inc., Macomb Community Homes, Inc., Magic-Vuers, Inc., Magid Corporation, Maid Soft Water Co., Maintenance Coatings Consultants Incorporated, Malch Investment Corporation, Inc., Management Corporation, Manhattan Towers, Inc., Mann Associates, Inc., Manor Holding Company, Marcon Co., Mareco, Inc., Maricopa Dust & Spray, Inc., Marine Industries, Inc., Marketing Laboratories, Inc., Marktyme, Inc., Marlboro Meadows,

Inc., Marsh Trucking Co., Martha Post, Inc., Martin A. Nugent & Company, Inc., Marvadel Electric Cooperative, Inc., Mary Papp, Incorporated, Masel Corp., Mason & Snow, Inc., Material Stabilization, Inc., Mayanna Corporation, The, Maywood Corporation, McCandless Manufacturing Company, Inc., McCloskey Homes, Inc., McGinniss Market, Inc., McKelvey Insurance Agency, Inc., McLean Land Development Co., Inc., Meadors, Inc., Meadow Creek Gold & Minerals Co., Meadow Hills Corp., Meadow Homes, Incorporated, Meadows Corporation, The, Meckbar, Inc., Medical Capital Corporation, Medill Transfer Inc., Melvin E. Lawson, Inc., Melvin J. Hummert, Inc., Mercer Management Company, Inc., Mercury Gas and Oil Corporation, Mercury Television Enterprises, Inc., Mercy Hospital, Inc., Meridian Media, Inc., Metropolitan Associates, Inc., Metropolitan Enterprises, Inc., Mi-Lady's Services, Inc., Michael's Card & Gift Shop, Inc., Micro, Injector Corporation, Micronetic Corporation, Micropulse, Inc., Microwave Corporation of America, Midco Builders, Inc., Middle Atlantic Applicators & Erectors, Inc., Middlesex Transportation Co., Midway Quick Wash, Inc., Midwestern Magic-Vuers, Inc., Midwestern Phosphate Corporation, Mildred Marcus Foundation, Milford Industrial Development Corporation Number Two, Milford Theatre Corporation, Milkin Products, Inc., Miller Road Shopping Center, Inc.

Millsboro Lanes, Inc., Millville Volunteer Fire Company, Incorporated, Min-I-Jet Corporation, Miners Oil Company, Mini-mix Corporation, Mirrolite Corporation, Mission Shopping Center, Inc., Missions For The World Fellowship, Incorporated, Mo-Del Associates, Inc., Moderator, Inc., The, Modern Maid Placement Agency, Inc., Modern Methods Merchandising, Inc., Modern Shoe Making Machine Corporation, Moisant Bowl Building Company, Inc., Moned Associates, Inc., Montana General Corporation, Monticello Resources Corporation, Montrose Operating Corp., Morgan Development Laboratories, Inc., Morgan-Peacock Properties Corporation, Morris Lober Enterprises, Inc., Mosaics Decor, Ltd., Motel 7, Inc., Motrocycling International Committee of the U.S., Inc., Mount Clemens Corporation, Move Rental System Kansas, Inc., Move Rental System Missouri, Inc., Move Rental System Oklahoma, Inc., Multiple Forms, Inc., Murdale Auto Sales, Murphy and Finkle, Inc., Music Enterprises of Delaware, Incorporated, Myers Vacuum Pump, Inc.

N P D C Research, Inc., Naamans Professional Centre, Inc.,

Nad Printing, Inc., NAFI Industries, Inc., Nalitt Associates, Inc., Nanticoke Kart Club, Inc., Natasco Company, National Bowlers Club, Inc., National Business Systems, Inc., National Charter Corporation, National Council on Asian Affairs, Inc., National Council on Business Mail, Inc., National Educational Industrial Foundation, Inc., National Electric Wholesalers, Inc., National Founders Corporation, National Importing Corporation, National Multi-Purpose Council, Inc., National Trucking & Storage Company, National Aerospace Freight Lines, Inc., National Veterinary Industries, Inc., Nationwide Clothiers, Inc., Natural Gas & Oil Producing Co., Neal F. Warrington, Inc., Nedwick Motors, Inc., Nevius TV & Appliances, Inc., New Castle Industrial Training Center, Inc., New Century Club of Middletown, New Era Mining Company, New Practices, Inc., New York House of Bagels, Inc., New York Mobile Telephone Company, Inc., Newfoundland Pulp & Chemical Co., Limited U.S.A., Newkirk Process Control, Inc., Nickel Corporation of America, Nightingale Nursing Centers of America, Inc., Norblair, Inc., Norcal Petroleum Corporation of California, Norga Corporation, Norm Gershman's Things To Wear, Inc., North American Car Wash Systems, Inc., North American Financial Corporation, North American Manufacturers Export Associates, Inc., North American Publishing Company, North Fenwick, Inc., Northeastern Feed Processors, Inc., Northern States Construction Co., Northland Nursing Home, Inc., Now-Tech, Inc., Nuclear and Aerospace Corporation, Nuclear Instrumentation and Controls Corp., N Y P Corporation.

0 & F Development Corporation, 0. J. Bridge, Ltd., 0. P. 0. Beaumont, Inc., O. P. 0. Birmingham, Inc., 0. P. 0. Cumberland, Inc., 0. P. 0. Durham, Inc., 0. P. 0. Frisco, Inc., 0. P. 0. Greenville, Inc., 0. P. 0. Hagerstown, Inc., 0. P. 0. Jackson, Inc., 0. P. 0. Lebanon, Inc., 0. P. 0. Long Beach, Inc., 0. P. 0. Macon, Inc., 0. P. 0. Phoenix, Inc., 0. P. 0. Pottsville, Inc., 0. P. 0. Reading, Inc., 0. P. 0. Richmond, Inc., 0. P. 0. Roanoke, Inc., 0. P. 0. San Diego, Inc., O. P. 0. Shamokin, Inc., 0. P. 0. Shreveport, Inc., 0. W. Jackson & Co., Incorporated, Oak Tree Realty Corp., Oakie F. Hall, Inc., Oakmont Drug Store, Inc., Oakriver Corporation, Oakton-Terrace Bldg. Corp., O'Brier Lumber Company, Ocean Traders, Inc., Oceanographic Society, Oehl & Bobart Construction Co., Inc., Office Cleaners, Inc., Offutt Manor Corporation, Offutt & Son Construction Corp., Oil Fuel Savings Corporation, Olympic Sportswear, Ltd., Omega Equities Corporation #2, Omega Equities Corp. #4, Omicron Television Corp.,

1201 Washington Street Corp., Opal L. Colahan, Inc., Optimist Club of Dover, Delaware, Inc., Optimist Club of Talleyville, Inc., Orb Electronics, Inc., ORCA Corporation of Delaware, Owners Incorporated.

P & H Construction Company, Inc., P. M. L. Footwear Corp., P. S. Profile of Detroit, Inc., P. T. L., Inc., Pacific Hop Exchange, Inc., Pacific Mobile Microfilm Corporation, Packard Restaurant, Inc., The, PACO Incorporated, Pad, Inc., Paint Specialties, Inc., Palm Point Development Corp., Palm Springs Panorama, Inc., Palos International Corp., Pamphlets, Incorporated, Pan American Television Co., Pannahjan Corporation, Paper Transport Co., Paramount Builders, Inc., Paramount Tile Distributors, Inc., Parham General Agency, Inc., Parker Shipping Corporation, Patrician, Limited, Patriot State Television, Inc., Patterson Freezer Corporation, Paul Harold Bogard, Inc., Paul Richardson's Organ Studio, Inc., Pauline A. Mayer, Inc., Peachtree Productions, Inc., Peakeadel Corporation, Pecos Drug Corp., Penhurst Petroleum Corporation, Penn Bayless Oil & Gas Co., Penn-Del Auto Stores of Delaware, Inc., Penn-Del Auto Stores, Inc., Penns Grove Transport and Storage, Inc., Pennsylvania Association of Independent Business, Perma Research and Development Company, Personal Motivation, Inc., Pete Caldwell Pontia-Cadillac, Inc., Peterson Associates, Inc., Phillipi International, Inc., Philodemic Lodge No. 7 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Dover in the State of Delaware, Phoenix Corporation, The, Phoenix Mining Corporation, Phoenix Motor Cars, Inc., Phoenix Summer School in Mexico, Inc., The, Phyl-Cyn Corporation, Physicians' Exchange, Inc., Pickard and Company Incorporated, Pierson Steak, Inc.

Pig 'N Whistle Corporation, Pilgrim Sand and Gravel, Inc., Pink Panther, Inc., The, Pioneer Tankers, Inc., Piper Twinair Service, Incorporated, Pits, Inc., Plasticon Industries, Inc., Plastics Unlimited, Inc., Plasticslab, Inc., Platinum Oil Company, Inc., Plaza Raceways, Inc., Plymouth Investment Company, Pocomoke Company, Political-Tax Research Corporation, Polycon, Inc., Pomona Leaseholds, Inc., Pon-Craft Litho, Inc., Ponce De Leon Hotel Corporation, Ponce De Leon Operating Corporation, Ponderosa Steak Barn, Inc., Portage Park Chrysler-Plymouth Corporation, Portland Leaseholds, Inc., Poso Seco Productions, Inc., Precision Tank & Equipment Com., Prenatal Research Incorporated, Price-Kennedy, Incorporated, Pride 'N Groom, Inc., Prince Corporation, Princess Distributors, Inc., Princeton-Mercer Services,

Inc., Printzmouth Corporation, Production Bearings, Inc., Productos Farms, S.A., Professional Acceptance Corporation, Professional Acceptance Corporation License Division, Profile Lists, Inc., Program Aids International, Inc., Programmed Merchandising, Inc., Progress, Inc., Promer, Inc., Property Investment Corp., Public Sanitation and Hauling Service, Inc., Puerto Rico Wig Manufacturing Corporation, Puget Sound Drug Corporation, Pulse Publishing Company, Pure Juices Company of America.

Quaker Acceptance Company.

R. C. Berry Oil Co., Inc., R. D. Hayden & Son, Inc., R. E. C., Inc., R. F. Hahn Equities Corp., R. F. L. Construction Company, R. K. Construction Corp., R. P. Farnsworth & Co., Inc., R & S Corporation, R. T. & P., Inc., R-W Holding Corporation, Race Track Management Corporation, Racing Associates, Inc., Radiation Therapy Research Foundation, Inc., Radio Electric Service Company of Delaware, Rahsco Corporation, Ralph W. Wilson Co., Randolph, Moore Company, Inc., Rankin Transport, Inc., Rannette Daniels Cosmetics, Inc., Raven Petroleum Corporation, Readak Caribe, Inc., Reading One, Inc., Reading Three, Inc., Reading Two, Inc., Realacre, Inc., Red Lion Pizza Taverns, Inc., Regency Billards, Inc., Regional Petroleum Refining, Ltd., Register Transport Corporation, Rehoboth Investment Corporation, Rehousing Corporation of America in Delaware, The, Renna Method, Incorporated, Republic Exploration Company, Republic Oceanics Company, Republic Resources, Inc., Rex D. Johnson Feed Co., Inc., Reynolds Contractors, Inc., Ribcon Corporation, Richard I. Rice, Inc., Richardson Park Texaco Station, Inc., Richmond Building Maintenance Company, Rickal Corporation, Ridgewood Hospital, Inc., Ridgeway Associates, Inc., Ridings' Trucking, Inc., Rine Geothermal Corporation, Rio Manufacturing of Delaware, Inc., Riverton Park 'N Shop, Inc., Riverview Gardens, Inc., Riviera Slacks, Inc., Road Runners, Inc., The, Robert Garvin Associates, Inc., Robert L. Comegys, Inc., Robert P. DeOrsey, Inc., Roberta Stables, Inc., Roberts' Detergents, Inc., Robrick Corp., Rochester Transit Company, Rock River Valley Homes, Inc., The, Rocky Spring Bible Camp, Inc., Roli, Inc., Royal Blue Foundation, The, Royal Blue Ventures, Inc., Royal Crest Inns of America, Inc., The, Royal Range Service, Inc., RPH Company, Inc., Rubin Aircraft Tire, Inc.

A, Inc., S. M. F., Inc., S. & N. Corp., S & R, Inc., S-R 221, Inc., S. S. & E. Films, Inc., S. S. & M, Inc., Sa Mar, Inc., Sabo & Co., Incorporated, Sacramento N S U Wankel Sales and Service, Incorporated, Safety Devices, Incorporated, Safeway, Inc., St. Clair Material & Equipment Co., St. Martin Development Corporation, Sales Promotion Counselors, Inc., Sam Scogna, Inc., Samlar Corp., Samuel Bronston Productions, Inc., San Diego Fishing Corporation, Sandura Company, Sarasota Florida Drug Corporation, Sarge-Tex Corporation, Saul Construction Company, Inc., Savin of Wisconsin, Inc., Schine Hotels, Inc., Schmidgall Manufacturing Company, Schorr's Shops, Inc., Schweller Trading Corporation, Sciarine Restaurants, Inc., Scientific Business Planning Corporation, Scientific Ventures Corporation, Scopitone, Inc., Screen-Televideo Productions, Inc., Script Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sea Tramp Corporation, Sea Gard, Inc., Seawall Economics Companies, Incorporated, Self Winding Clock Company, Inc., Selfcomatic, Inc., Seilon Footwear, Inc., Senak Co. of Allentown, Senak Co. of Philadelphia, Seneca Towing Company, Service & Supplies, Inc., 728 Market Street Corporation, Seymour Trucking Company, Inc., Shaker Cocktail Lounge, Inc., The, Shawnee Sporting Enterprises, Inc., Shelby Construction Company, Inc., Shelton Bros. Trucking Co., Inc., Shields and Shields, Inc., Shields Trading Corporation of New Orleans, Inc., Shipley Company, Shivabronze, Ltd., Sid Broughton Dodge, Inc., Sidney Theatre Corporation, Silent Ride, Inc., Simon Realty Co., Simon Rentals, Inc., Simon Scientific Industries, Inc., Simplified Business Services of Miami, Inc., Simplified Business Services of New England, Inc., Sixteen Thirty-One Corporation, 6200 Bar & Grill, Inc., Skippack Community Ambulance.

Sky Ray Manufacturing Company, Slan Investment Corporation, Slaughter Beverage Transport, Inc., Smith Funeral Home, Inc., Smith's Select Furniture, Inc., Smoke-Maid Processes, Inc., SMT Consultants, Incorporated, Snodgrass, Inc., Society of Academic Teachers, Inc., Solid State Eastern, Inc., Solid State Microwave, Inc., Sondrina Products, Inc., Sonvin Corporation, South City Sales, Inc., South Fifth Street Corporation, Southwest Engine Co., Inc., Southwest Management, Inc., Southwestern Oklahoma Oil Co., Inc., Southwestern Trans-Video, Inc., South-wind Charters, Inc., Sovereign House, Inc., SPA Clubrooms, Inc., Spa Rental and Sales, Inc., Spar Bar Corp., The, Spears, Inc., Special Devices, Inc., Special Risk Underwriters, Inc., Specialties Research Co., Inc., Spicy Chick, Inc., The, Spilco, Inc., Sports

Champions, Inc., Springfield Equities of Puerto Rico, Ltd., Springfield Lumber & Supply Corporation, Stabilized Bases, Inc., Stan Parker Builder, Inc., Standard Glove Company, Standard Transfer & Storage, Inc., Standon Co., Inc., Stanicks, Inc., Stanley Svengard, Inc., Star Cement Products Company, Star-Lite Cleaners, Inc., Stardust Films Corporation, State Enterprises, Inc., State Street Steak, Inc., Stel-Mar Enterprises, Inc., Stellum International Corporation, Stephen Crane Associates, Inc., Stern Can Company of Delaware, Inc., Steve's Chicks, Inc., Stockton International, Incorporated, Stone Eagles Estates, Inc., Stonewall Forest Products, Inc., Storcar, Inc, Stores Mutual Protective Association of Dallas, Storescope TV, Inc., Strabane Oil & Gas Company, Straits Refining Corporation, Structural Porcelain Enamel Company, Inc. Stryrest, Inc., Submersible Technological Development Corporation, Suburban Century Club, The, Success Cafe, Inc., Success Investment Corporation, Sugar Shack, Inc., Summer Campus Holiday of Lively Arts, Inc., Summerfield Ford, Inc., Superb Garments, Inc., Superior Insulation and Roofing, Inc., Supply/Demand Institute, Supreme Land Development and Investment Corporation, Surfline Transportation, Inc., Surrey Warehousing Corporation, Sussex County Return Day, Inc., Sussex County Trapshooting Association, Inc., The, Sussex Development Company, Sussex Fund, Inc., Sweet Air Products, Inc., Swiss-American Companies, Inc., Swiss Chalet, Inc., Swiss Chalet Sales, Inc., Sylvan Ginsbury, Ltd., Snyco Corporation, Synco Corporation of Texas, Systems-Financial, Inc.

T.B.I. Holding Corporation, T. P., Incorporated, T. & T. Holding Corp., Tab Associates, Inc., Tabasco Plantation Company, Tabor Mining & Timber Corp., Tag-A-Bag Company, Tangent to Infinity, Ltd., Tanno, Inc., Techdata, Limited, Technical Enterprise Corporation, Technology Audit Corporation, Tecumseh Lodge, Inc., Television Corporation of America, Television Electronics, Inc., Temco, Inc., Temple Grill, Inc., Tendco R & D Corporation, Tennis Development Corp., Terminal Service, Inc., Terminal Warehouses, Inc., Terrytown New Orleans Corporation, Tex-Organic Fruit Co., Inc., Texas Eastern Oil Corporation, Thermionic International Corporation, Thomas H. Ryon Co., Thora-Dale, Inc., Thornburg Uranium Mines, Inc., Thornton Development Corporation of Delaware, Thornton Place Apartments, Inc., The, 3 Circle Janitorial Service, Inc., Thunder Corporation, Timberlake Construction Co., Inc., Time Delivery Service, Inc., TM Publishers, Inc., Todd Enterprises, Inc., Tokay Oil Company, Tom & Martin Ford,

Inc., Tommy Gage, Inc., Tower Motel Associates, Inc., Towers Canada Holding Company, Ltd., Township Finance Co., Inc., Trade Consultants, Incorporated, Traders Investors, Inc., Tradex, Inc., Trans-Utah Pipelines, Inc., Trans World International, Inc., Transcoastal Electronics Corporation, Transcoastal Fresno Corporation, Transcoastal Hotels Corporation, Transcoastal Oil & Gas Corporation, Transdel, Inc., Transit Securities of Delaware, Inc., Transport Systems, Inc., Transtate, Inc., Trashmaster Corporation, The, Travelers Rest of Easton, Inc., Trel Corporation, Trent International, Inc., Tri County Liquors, Inc., Tri-State Bric-Face and Stone, Ltd., Tri-State Equipment Company, Inc., Tri-State Memorials, Inc., Triad Management Corporation, Trinity Canadian Drilling Company, Trinity House, Incorporated, Triple Crown Stables, Incorporated, Triumph Development Corporation, Troy Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Tuesday Publications, Inc., Turbo Cast Industries, Inc., Turn-Key Agriculture Services, Inc., Twelfth Ward Democratic Legion, Inc., The, 25th District Democratic Club of Kent County, TWI Corporation, Twin City Coach, Inc., Tyler O.P.O. Inc., Tyndall Pools, Inc., Type-Tech Enterprises, Inc., Tyron Chemicals Ltd.

U. S. Automatics Corporation, U. S. Oil Stations, Inc., U. S. Overseas Airways Company, Ulrich Hydraulics, Inc., Ultra-View, Inc., Unical Corporation of America, Unique Beauty Salon, Inc., Unit Design & Construction, Inc., United Australian Oil, Inc., United Billing Systems, Inc., United Credit and Finance Corporation, United Distributors of Trenton, Inc., United Lounge, Inc., The, United Network, Inc., United Network Systems, Inc., United States Anti-Communist Congress, Inc., United States Land and Development Corporation, United States Mortgage & Guaranty Corporation, United States Visitor Center Founding Corporation, Universal Industrial Development Corporation, Universal Optics, Inc., Universal Reserve Systems, Limited, The, Universal Sciences, Inc., Universal Service Corporation, Universal Tape Dex Corporation, Uptown Realty Co., Inc., Urbana Pure Milk Co., Utah Gas Pipelines Corporation, Utilities Technology, Inc., Utility Parts & Equipment Corporation.

V.S. Mullaney Associates, Inc., Vacation Sales, Inc., VaDel, Inc., Valk Corporation, Valle Escondio Corporation, Valley Kindergarten, Inc., Valley Lincoln-Mercury, Inc., Valu-Giant of New Jersey, Inc., Vampire Company, Varos, Ltd., Varsity Drive Inns International, Inc., Vaughn Enterprises, Incorporated, Vene-

tian Lounge, Inc., Ventura Shoes, Ltd., Vermilion River Development Corporation, Vesugar Associates, Inc., Veterinary Supply Associates, Inc., of Louisiana-Mississippi, Via Nogales Corporation, Video Service Company, Village Bakery, Inc., The, Village Pump Cocktail Lounge, Inc., Vintage Cigar Company, VIP Metered Transportation Corporation, Viviendas, Inc., Vorik Corporation, The, Vulcan Gas & Oil Corporation.

W.C.I. Corporation, W. E. Bunting, Inc., W. E. 0. Construction Corporation, W & M Foods, Inc., W. & W. Mobile Homes, Incorporated, Walkie, Incorporated, Walter Developments International, S.A., War Veterans Association of Delaware Home, Inc., Washington Carriers, Inc., Washington Engineering Investment Corporation, The, Water-Litt Corp., Wawerash Corporation, Webster-Hall Corporation, Webster Insurance, Inc., Weissberg Condado Corporation, Welleo Ro-Search Industries, Inc., Wellons Candy Co., Inc., Wellwood Yacht Marina, Inc., Wescrest Holding Ltd., West Dover Development Corporation, Western Concrete Co., Western Equipment, Inc., Western Guaranty Management Corporation, Westwood Providence Corporation, White Oak Apartments, Inc., White Packing Co., Whitehead-North Carolina, Inc., Whitson Company, Inc., Wiegan & Storrer, Inc., WIIN, Incorporated, Wilbur Smith and Associates, Ltd. Americas, Wildwood Country Club, Inc., Willard Hotel Operating Company, The, William G. Stafos, Inc., Williams Associates, Inc., Wilmington Development Corporation, Wilmington Kosher Meat Market, Inc., Wilmington Management Corporation, Wilmington Montessori Association, Wilmington Rocket Motorcycle Club, Inc., Wilmington Valve and Fitting Company, Wilmoth Paving Company, Wilson Breakwaters, Inc., Wilson-George Oil & Gas Corporation, Wilson Williams, Ltd., Win, Place and Show Stables, Inc., Windsor Credit Corporation, Winer Sales Company, Winn-Rock Corporation, Woodrock Builders, Inc., World Life Funding Company, World Wide Bowling Enterprises, Inc., World-Wide Franchising Corporation, Worldfood, Inc., Worthy, Beard & Green Corporation, Wrenn-Superior, Incorporated, Wyatt Ceramic Products, Inc.

Yolatron, Inc.

Z I P, Inc. of Delaware, Zeff Enterprises, Inc., Zephry Restaurant Corporation, Zigler Foundation, Inc., The, Zion Steel Corporation, Zoeliner Far East Corporation, Zorn Drug Store, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY, WHEREOF, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-first day of January

(GREAT SEAL) in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-fifth.

By The Governor: RUSSELL W. PETERSON EUGENE BUNTING, Secretary of State