Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, WALTON H. SIMPSON, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A.A., Inc., A & A Lawns, Inc., A. A. Shareholding, Inc., A B C D Corporation, A.B.C. T-V Service & Sales, Inc., A. & B. Equipment Co., Inc. A.C.G. Corporation, A.D.V., Inc., A.F. and J. Beauty Salons, Inc., A.I. Jarrett, Inc., A.J. Mattei Contracting, Inc., A & L Lead Construction Co., Inc., A-1 Letter Shop Service, Inc., A.P.T. Corp., A & R Enterprises, Inc., A & R Management Corporation, Abar Corporation, Abdow Corporation, Able Tool & Die Company, Abraham H. Caro Charitable Foundation, Ace Poultry Co., Acme Engineers, Inc., Acme Missiles & Construction Corporation, ACMS, International, Inc., Adel Capital Corporation, Adina Corporation, Admos, Inc., Advanced Patent Technology, Inc., Advanced Research Capital Fund, Inc., Adventure Explorations & Salvage, Inc., Aegis Corporation, AEI Acquiring Company, Aero General — Unexco — Jet-Seters Int., Inc., Aerosol Devices and Systems, Inc., Afro-American Arts-Culture Center of Delaware, Inc., Agricultural Development Group, S.A., The, Aids to Learning, Inc., Aims International Corporation, Air Associates, Inc., Air Land Corporation, Air Pollution Equipment Leasing Corp., Aircraft Navigation, Inc., Aircraft Sales & Rental Company, Aits, Inc., Akton Industries, Incorporated, Alan Myer Stable, Inc., Alantrica Black Arts, Inc., Alantrica Black Culture, Inc., Alantrica Performing Arts, Inc., Alantrica Socio-Environmental Planners, Inc., Alarm Systems of America, Inc., Alaska Processors, Inc.,

Aldon, Inc., Aldwych Corporation, The, Alexis Lichine Enterprises, Inc., Alfia Corporation, Algonquin Company, Inc., The, Aljun Co., Alkem Corporation, All Star International, Inc., Allegheny Horse Farms, Inc., Allegheny Oil Well Drilling & Producing Corp., Allen Air Engineering Co., Inc., Allen Electronic Industries, Inc., Allen Padex Corporation, Allied Freight Distribution, Inc., Allied Medical Facilities Incorporated.

Almaden Associates, Inc., Alpha Development Corporation, Alpha Omega Insurance Brokerage, Inc., Alric Drugs of Gratiot, Inc., Alsa-Philson, Inc., Alstone Industries, Inc., Alton Dragway, Incorporated, Alvin Ellis, Inc., Am-Ates, Inc., Ambraw Utilities Construction, Co., Amdex Metalizing, Inc., Ameco, Inc., Amerage, Inc., American Academy of Tax Practice, Inc., American All State Homes Inc., American Aspen Corporation, American Brancshares, Inc., American Biochemical Company, American Biomedical Corporation, American Bouquet, Inc., American Business Systems, Corp., American Cablevision Leasing Corporation, American CATV Corp., American Checkmaster System Incorporated, Am erican Commuter Airlines, Inc., American Computer Management Sciences, Inc., American Construction Corporation, American Consulting Services, Inc., American Development Corp., American Equity Group Corporation, American Exploration and Drilling Company, American Export Company, Ltd., American Family Book Service, Inc., American Home-Service Association, American Hospital Management, Inc., American Industrial Corporation, American Internationl Industries Limited, American International Traders, Ltd., American Land Patent Co., American Leather Specialties Corporation, American Maintenance Laboratories, Inc., American Material Handling Society, American Medical Facilities, Inc., American Medical Industries, Inc., American Medico-Legal Society, American Mercantile and Publishing Corp., American Offshore, Inc., American Real Estate Owners Association, Inc., American Refining Company, American Research & Marketing Corporation, American Structural Products Company, American Supramar Corporation, American Technology, Inc.

American Transmission Rebuilders, Inc., American West Nursing Centers, Inc., American X-Tra-Bilt Structure Corporation, Amicare Nursing Inns, Inc., Ammann & Whitney International, Inc., Amred, Inc., Ancor, Inc., Andap International, Inc., Andes Corporation, Angels Flight Center Corporation, Ankony Colossal, Inc., Apollo Communications, Inc., Apostolic Faith Church of

God, Incorporated, Applemann Gas Corporation, Applied Analytics, Inc., Applied Patent Technology, Inc., Aqua-Treat Chemicals, Inc., Aquaculture, Inc., Arbdel, Incorporated, Arbour Park Civic Association, Inc, Arcada Development, Inc., Ardmore Laboratories, Inc., The, Arlene Dahl Enterprises, Ltd., Armetta Incorporated, Armorflex Chemical Corporation, Armstrong Manufacturing Company, Armstrong-Sageser International, Ltd., Around the World Club, Inc., Arrow Products, Inc., Arthur-Hardgrove Company, Inc., Arthur Lawrence Productions, Inc., Arthur Pomponio Construction Corporation, Arundel Hills, Incoporated, Arva Management Corporation, Asher Foundation, Asmed Everett Corporation, Aspen Electric, Inc., Assembly Line Workers, Inc., The, Assiniboia Corporation, Associated Ambulances, Inc., Associated Investors, Inc., Association of Fresh Salad Manufacturers, Astro Ionics Corp., Astro Sales Corporation, At Home, Ltd., Atlantic Development Corp., Atlantic Laboratories of Delaware, Inc., Atlantic Leasing Co., Inc., Atlantic Pictures Corporation, Atlantic Printing Co., Atlantic Properties, Inc., Atlantic Services, Inc.

Atlantic Trade Corporation, Atwood Acres, Inc., Aubade, Ltd., Aurora Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc., Authenticomputer, Inc., Auto Accessories, Inc., Auto-Man Corporation, Automated Billing & Credit, Incorporated, Automated Merchandising Industries, Inc., Automedic Systems, Inc., Autotronics, Inc., Autumn Aegis Nursing Centers, Inc., Axial Corporation, Azvic Realty Corp.

B&B Film Corp., I3&G Oil Company, Inc., B&G Realty Corp., B-H, Inc., B.I. Properties, Inc., B&J Consultants, Inc., B.L.M., Inc., B-N Concrete Products Co., B-S Enterprises, Inc., B TLC Development & Holding Company, Baby's Pal Company, Baby-charm, Inc., Backgammon International, Inc., Bagatelle, Inc., Baker and Maltby Real Estate Company, Bala Forest Products, Ltd., Baldwin Gardens, Incorporated, Balfour, Williamson Inc., Balsa Hotels Corporations, The, Bama Stores of Illinois, Inc., Bama Stores of Pa., Inc., Bamm Corporation, Bankers Credit Shares Corp., Banner Baking Co., Bar Car Productions, Inc., Barbara Lynn of El Monte, Inc., Barbara Lynn of San Leandro, Inc., Barclay's-Lloyds Corporation, Barcroft Woods, Inc., Barksdale Corp., Barnegat Pines Realty Co., Inc., Barnes Operating Corp. — Delaware, Baron de Boeuf Franchise Systems, Inc., Barr Construction Company, Barrier Corporation, Barrington Auto Leasing & Rental Co., Inc., Barter Company, The, Barter Mart, Inc., Basic Offshore Services, Inc., Bates Realty, Inc., Bavarian

Alpine Inns, Inc., Baxter Appliance Co. Inc., Bay State Realty, Inc., Be-Wright Developers, Inc., Beachcomber, Inc., Bearings Industry Corp., Beauty Mark, Ltd., Beauty Spot Productions, Ltd., Becorp, Inc., Behavior Systems Corporation, Behlman-Invar Electronics Corp., Bell Bench Community Builders, Inc., Bellanca Reinforced Plastics, Inc., Bellefonte Electric Services, Inc.

Belleville Development Corp., Bergon General, Inc., Beringer Research and Development Corporation, Berkeley Importers, Ltd., Bernadine Realty Inc., Bimini By McMullen Co., Inc., Bio-Science Technology, Inc., Bionic Systems, Inc., Bis-King Corporation, Bishop & Johnson Contracting Corp., Bishop Research Laboratories, Inc., Bitter Root Stock Farm, Inc., Black Watch Colossal, Inc., Blood Processing, Inc„ Blue Diamond, Inc., Blue & Gold Development, Inc., Blue Hen Playhouse, Inc., Blue Moon, Inc., Blue N.P.C. Corporation, Blue Rock Realty, Inc., Blue Surf Motel, Inc., Bluestem Corporation, Blums of Augusta, Inc., Bobby-Joe, Inc., Bobron, Inc., Boca Raton Convalescent Properties, Inc., Bodel, Inc., Bogia's Cafe, Inc., Bohemco Corporation, Bohemian Surf Properties, Inc., Bojo, Inc., Bonny Shoes, Inc., Book Shop, Inc., The, Boston-Winter, Inc., Boulevard Realty Co., Inc., Bowlero of Southern California, Inc., Bowser International, Inc., Boyle Motors, Inc., Brad's Inc., Bradley Fund Inc., Brand Control, Inc., Brandywine Babe Ruth League, Inc., Brandywine Democratic Club of Wilmington, Inc., Brandywine Modeling and Charm, Inc., Brandywine 100 Liquors, Inc., Brandywine Real Estate Associates, Inc.

Brandywine Reformed Methodist Association of Delaware and Adjoining States, Breeders & Developers Corporation, Brendler Insurance Agency, Inc., Brennan Chevrolet, Inc., Bresler Tractor Company, Inc., Bri-Niel, Inc., Briarcliff, Inc., Bridge Transportation Co., Inc., Bridgeville Bag Co., Inc., Bridgeville Diner, Inc., Bristol Investment Corporation, Brite-Lite Corporation of America, Bro-Rod, Inc., Broadwater Beach Arms Ill., Inc., Brook-Cooper, Inc., Bookkeepers Business Service Company, Inc., Brookside Bowling Co., Brookside Development Corp., Brotherhood Club of Bridgeville, Inc., Brown's Jet Construction Co., Inc., Brown and West Supply Co., Inc., Brunswick Fibers, Ltd., Brymar Enterprises, Inc., Buckley & Son Trucking, Inc., Budlee Associates, Inc., Dunlap Corporation, Burco of Albany, Inc., Burco Four Inc., Burco One Inc., Burco of Syracuse, Inc., Burco Three Inc., Burco Two Inc., Burlington Corporation, The, Burley Beef, Inc.,

Business Development Fund, Incorporated, Business Jet Services,
Inc., Business Sentry, Inc., Business Values, Inc., BGI Corporation.

C.A. Wolfe, Inc., C. & B. Construction Co., Inc., C and B, Inc., C. Hamm Real Estate, Inc., C L Devices Corporation, C. & L. Publishing, Inc., C-U Furnace Company, C.W. Wood, Inc., Cable Promotional Services, Inc., Cadillac Industries, Inc., Caesar Rodney Social Club, California Market, Inc., Camerson Stables, Inc., Campbell & Rickman, Inc., Camtex Industries, Inc., Canadian Colossal, Inc., Capital Marketing Corp., Capitol Climate Control, Inc., Capitol Pipe of Puerto Rico, Inc., Capitol Trailer & Body Co., Car Wash City, Inc., Carco Oil, Inc., Cardinal Associates Incorporated, Cardinal Envelope Corporation, Career Bound Corp., Carex, Inc., Caribbean Builders, Corp., Caribbean Metals, Inc., Caribbean Paper Stock Corporation, Caribbean Paperboard Corporation, Caribbean Partition Company, Caribbean Seafood Products Corporation, Carlton China Company, Inc., Carm Corporation, Carnavon Corporation, Carroll's Data Control, Inc., Carroll Land and Development Co., Inc., Carroll Stores of America, Inc., The, Carry Phone Corporation, Carson Printing Corp., Carter Leasing, Inc., Carterville Home Sales, Inc., Cartridge Tape Centers, Inc., Caruso Catering Co., Inc., Cash Discount Internationale, Inc., Castle Construction Co., Cathos, Incorporated, Caxton Corporation, The, Cebcon Corporation, Cebwell Company, Ceco Systems, Inc., Central Collection Company, Incorporated, Central Seway Co., Inc., Central States Salvage of D.C., Inc., Century Villages, Inc., Certificate Music, Inc., Certified Aspirin Corp., Certified Polygraph Examiners International, Inc., Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia, Inc., Chamberlin of Wilmington, Inc., Champion Container Corporation, Chanco, Ltd., Charba Incorporated.

Charles A. Watkins, Inc., Charles E. Stapleford, Co., Charles T. Walsh Foundation, Charter Bus Company, Charter Computing Corporation, Chatham Shipping Corp., Chavis Records, Inc., Cheer Havens of America, Inc., Chelveston Memorial Foundation, Inc., Chemical Dynamics, Inc., Chemical Smelting and Refining Corporation, Chemtree Corporation, Cherry Hill Broadcasters, Inc., Chesapeake Terrace, Inc., Chestnut Hill, Inc., Chicago National Professional Soccer League Club, Inc., Chicago Stop Smoking Clinic, Inc., The, Chien — Wilcox Associates, Inc., Chinatown, U.S.A., Inc., Chocolate Shop, Inc., Chop Chop Charlie Management Corp., Christiana by Ennis, Inc., Christiana Fiber, Inc.,

Christiana Liquors, Inc., Church Realty, Inc., Churchill Stero Corp., Cielo Vista Corp., Cine-Vox Productions, Inc., Circle of Stars Management Corp., Clairmont Freighting Corporation, Clair-ship Navigation Corporation, Claro Chemicals Corporation, Clair-ship Navigation Corporation, Claro Chemicals Corporation, Classic Enterprises, Ltd., Claymont Sports Center, Inc., Clayton Court Apartments, Inc., Clean Clothes Center, Inc., Cleveland Medical Services, Inc., Clinical Lab Services, Inc., Clyde Harrington, Inc., 2M&E Company, CMS Computer Corporation, Coastal Properties, Inc., Cochran-Trivits, Inc., Coker's Sanitation Service, Inc., Coleman Industries, Inc., College Bound Corporation, College Marketing Service, Inc., Collins Enterprises, Inc., Collins Realty Company, Colombia Vanguard, Inc., Colonial Arms Apartments, Inc., Colorado Summer Project, Inc., Colorama, Inc., Colossal, Inc., Columbia Scientific Corp., Columbus Cosmetics Corporation, Com-Tech, Inc., Corn-Tel Computer Systems, Inc., Comfort Air Systems, Inc., Comfort-Zone Corp., Comm-Ware, Inc., Commercial Institutional Industrial Residential Cleaning Service, Inc., Commodities Unlimited, Inc., Commodity Development Research International, Inc., Common Fund, Inc., The, Commonwealth Medical Affiliates, Inc., Commonwealth Software, Incorporated, Communication, Ltd., Communitronics, Inc.

Community Systems Research, Inc., Compact Cars, Inc., Compass Incorporated, Complete Construction Co., Inc., Complex Structures Incorporated, Compro, Inc., Comput R Score 300 Corp., Computab, Inc., Computech Corporation, Computer Aided Medical Diagnostics, Inc., Computer Banking Devices, Inc., Computer Contracting Corp., Computer Controlled Petroleum Services, Inc., Computer Corporation of the Caribbean, Computer Data Applications, Inc., Computer-Disc-Mastertape Corporation, Computer Facility Concepts, Inc., Computer Fund, Inc., Computer Graphics Systems Corporation, Computer Institutes, Inc., Computer Marketing Incorporated, Computer Medi-Fax, Inc., Computer Peripheral Magnetics Corporation, Computer Predictions Company, Inc., Computer Processing by Communications, Inc., Computer Pulse Components, Inc., Computer Space Industries, Inc., Computer Systems Center, Inc., Computer Traffic Controls, Inc., Computerized Home Information Systems, Inc., Computerized Stock Selection Corporation, Comshare Venture Corporation, Comtec Enterprises, Inc., Conaway Processing Equipment Co., Concord Realty Co., Concorde Films, S.A., Inc., Congress Construction Corp., Congress Development Corporation, Congress

Development Corp., I, Congress Development Corp., II, Congress Development Corp., IV.

Consolidated Acceptance Corporation, Consolidated Business Publications, Inc., Consolidated Color Corporation, Consolidated Continental, Inc., Consolidated Empire Corporation, Consolidated International Trading Corporation, Consolidated Media, Inc., Construction Engineering Co. Ltd., Consultant Resources Corporation, Consumers Carpet Workroom Inc., Continental Cars, Ltd., Continental Intermodel Corporation, Continental Jet Set, Inc., Continental Pacific Corporation, Controlaire De Puerto Rico Inc., Copa-Mol Inc., Cope-International, Inc., Copease Corporation, Copy-Rite Business Forms, Corp., Corner Ketch Excavation, Inc., Corporate Consultants, Inc., Corporate Ventures, Ltd., Corrado's Mower Service, Inc., Corron Construction Corporation, Cosmetic Fair of Detroit, Inc., Cosmetic Fair of Syracuse, Inc., Cosmos Carriers & Trading Corp., Cosmos Navigation Corporation, Cosmos Steamship Corporation, Cost Reduction Engineering Services Corp., Counterpoint Records, Inc., Country Club Motors, Inc., Coventry Swimming and Recreational Association, Cover-All Corp., Covington Corporation, Cowsill Productions, Inc., Crafts, Inc., Craftspun Yarns, Inc., Creative Panels Corporation, Credit Systems, Inc., Crescorp, Inc., Crop Machinery, Inc., Crown Management Services Company, Crown Stores of Huntington Beach, Inc., Crown Stores of Pacoima, Inc., Crystamet Corp., Curtis, Inc., Custom Climate Corporation, Custom Refinishers, Inc., Custom Service, Inc., Cybernetics Panamerica, Inc., Cylatronic Reduction Corporation.

D.F.D., Inc., D & F Production Co., D-K Enterprises, Inc., Da-Catt Investments, Inc., Da-Mar Delaware, Inc., DAF of Holland, Inc., Dahltex Corporation, The, Dairy Container Equipment Co., Dal-Grove, Inc., Dale Travel Systems, Inc., Damnco Corporation, Dan Moore Productions, Inc., Dancer Breeding Stables, Inc., Dari Delite Investment Corp., Darien Construction Co., Darlene Foundation, Inc., Darlene Shops, Inc., Data Systems Continental Corp., Data Usage Corporation, Datacap International, Inc., Datron Industries, Inc., Davis Foundation, Inc., The, Davis and Russell Contractors, Inc., Dayton View Terrace Improvement Corp., Daytron Lighting Products Corporation, Dean Leroy Foster, Inc., DeBraak Inn., Inc., Decatur-Danville Scale Co., Inc., Degree Corporation, Del Amo Financial Corporation, Delaware Association for the Study of Alcoholism, Inc.,

Delaware Beach Development Co., Delaware Builders, Inc. Delaware Charge Plan, Inc., Delaware Coach Company, Delaware Colonial Decorators, Inc., Delaware Credit & Collection Service, Inc., Delaware District Realties, Co., Inc., Delaware Fur Company, Inc., Delaware Ice Co., Delaware Industrial Development Corporation Number Two, Delaware-Louisiana Fur Trapping Company, Inc., Delaware Novelty House, Inc., Delaware Public Service Co., Delaware Recordings, Ltd., Delaware Society of Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc., The, Delaware Subaru Motors, Inc., Delaware Title Company, Delaware Valley Landscape Contractors Association, Delaware Valley Sanitation, Inc., Della Corporation, Delmarva Investors, Inc., Delmarva Opticians, Inc., Delmarva Publishing Co., Inc., Deloumar Realty, Inc., Delphic Investors, Inc., Delross Electronics Corporation, Deltra Sales, Inc., Donlon International, Ltd., Denver-Ravensberg Ltd., Depth Development Inc., Development Consultants Inc., Dex-Prom Corporation, The, Di-Deb of Alabama, Inc., Di-Deb of Bay State, Inc., Di-Deb of Colony, Inc., Di-Deb of Dayton, Inc., Di-Deb of Delaware, Inc., Di-Deb of Florida, Inc., Di-Deb of Georgia, Inc., Di-Deb of Illinois, Inc., Di-Deb of Keystone, Inc., Di-Deb of Long Island Inc., Di-Deb of Louisiana, Inc., Di-Deb of Michigan, Inc., Di-Deb of New York, inc., Di-Deb of Ohio, Inc., Di-Deb of Pennsylvania, Inc., Di-Deb of South Carolina, Inc., Di-Deb of Texas, Inc., Di-Deb of Virginia, Inc., Di-Deb of Washington, D.C., Inc.

Di !ono Cleaners, Inc., Di Roggero Ltd., Diamond Aviation, Inc., Diamond State Co., Diamond State Post Number Eleven of Delaware, Inc., Diamond T Trucking Company, Diamond Transport, Inc., Diana Stores Corp. Charitable Foundation, The, Dick Balch Chevrolet Company, Dickinson Arms Apartments Inc., Dickinson Court Apartments, Inc., Directomat, Inc., Discount Paneling & Plywood Co., Discovery Fund, Inc., Discovery Investment Corporation, Dispensitainer Corporation, District Construction Co., Inc., Diversa, Inc., Diversification Development, Inc., Diversified Graphics, Inc., Diversified, Inc., Diversified Resources Corporation, Diversified Tax Services, Inc., Diversified Technology, Inc., Dividend Clubs Incorporated, Dixie Doughnut & Cake Co., Inc., Doctor's Medical Care Homes, Inc., Doherty & Co., Dollar Steak House, Inc., Dolle's Candyland, Inc., Dollie Adams Oil Corp., Dombrowski, Inc., Domestic Drilling Co., Inc.,. Don & Earl Auto Parts, Inc., Don Walker Co., Donahoe's Incorporated, Donald J. Dougherty and Associates, Inc., Dorgre, Inc., Dorian Publications, Inc., Doro International, Inc., Dorothy, Molly and

Elaine, Inc., Dorothy Perkins Cosmetics, Inc., Douglas Campbell, Inc., Dover Air Trans, Inc., Dover Columbus Club, Inc., Dover Motors, Inc., Dover Oyster Company, Dover Trading Corp., The, Downey Corporation, The, Downstate Construction Co., The, Drew Aero Leasing Corporation, Drew Transportation Services Corporation, Drucker Charters, Inc., Dry Ice Converter Corporation, Dukes Corporation, Dundee Incorporated, Dundee Properties, Inc., Dunlop Explorations, Inc., Duplico Paints, Inc., Durand Productions Ltd., Duraplex, Inc., Dyal Leasing Co., Dynamation Inc., Dynamid Corporation, Dynastra, Inc., Dvnatone Industries Incorporated.

E. and H. Inc., E.M.L. Films, Inc., E M S, Co., E.M. & W., Incorporated, E.P. Research, Inc., Earl C. Gilbert & Clyde L. Gilbert, Inc., Earl Hammond Auto, Inc., East West Contracting Co., Inc., Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Wisconsin, Eastern Group, Inc., The, Eastern Machines, Inc., Eastern Shore Development Corporation, Eastern States Builders, Inc., Eastman Heights, Inc., Eastmont Holding Associates, Inc., Easton Chemical (International) Ltd., EaZy-Way LeaZing, Inc., Eckerd's of Wilmington, Inc., Econo-O-Pack Systems Company, Inc., Ed. Geiger & Sons, Inc., Ed Hays Excavating Co., Education Consultants of Delaware, Inc., Education & Leisure Systems, Inc., Edw. H. Jones Insurance Agency, Inc., Edward K. Roach Corporation, Edward Koppleman Foundation, Inc., Edward R. Higgins Foundation, Egrat Corporation, The, 853 Corporation, Ekistics Research Corporation, El-B Coal Co., El Cid Distributions, Inc., El Dorado International, Inc., El Monero Real, Inc., Electro-Ed Resources Corporation, Electro-Media, Inc., Electroculture Corporation, Electrodatic Controls International Co., Electron Surfaces, Inc., Electronic Circuits, Inc., Electronic Computer Programming Institute of Wilmington, Inc., Electronic Vision Industries, Inc., Electronics Communications, Inc., Electrophysics, Inc., Electrosleep, Inc., Elldeecee Corporation, Ellsworth Plantations, Inc., Elmer Wheeler Sizzle Club, International, The, Elsa Inc., Elsmere Community Athletic Association, Emardee, Inc., Emerson Chevrolet, Inc., Emily Films, Inc., Empire Advertising Co., Inc., Empire of Clinton, Inc., Empire Homes Corporation, Empire Investors Corp., Empire Ledsco, Inc., Enfield Intercontinental Corporation Enquire Foundation, The, Enterprises Publications, Incorporated, Environmental Lighting Co., EPI Development Corp., EPPS Supplies, Inc., Erie Forge & Steel Corporation, Erie Producting Company, Inc., Escapade Holidays Inc., Estate Holding

Corp., Etiquet Beauty Products, Inc., EURO Sales Company, Inc., European News Incorporated, Eurplace Associates, Inc., Evco Mechanical Contractors, Inc., Ever's Storage Corp., Everest Enterprises, Inc., Everglades Park Co., Inc., Executive Associates, Inc., Executive Pax Ltd., Executive Products, Inc., Express Fund, The.

F-D Corporation, F.G. Erb, Inc., F&M Liquidating Corporation, F.T. Stewart & Associates, Inc., F.W. Williams Foundations, Inc., The, Fairfax Restaurant, Inc., Fairhill Investment Corporation, Fairway Nursing Center, Inc., Falocott Corporation.

Fan Merchandising Corporation, Far Eastern, Incorporated, Farrow Research Company, Fastener Licensing Associates, Inc., Faulk Run News Center, Inc., Feature News International, Ltd., Federalist Fund, Inc., Federated Enterprises, Inc., Federated Industries, Inc., Fera Industries International, Inc., Fernon Foundation, Inc., Ferro-Ettehadieh Enterprises, Ltd., Fetla's Bargain Center and Trading Post, Inc., Fibre Chemical Corporation, Fibre Truck Leasing Corp., Fidelity Group, Ltd., The, Filter Kleen Corp., Filter Research & Products, Inc., Financial Adjustment Company of Honolulu, Inc., Financial Adjustment Company of Louisville, Inc., Financial Computer Services, Inc., Financial Computer Systems, Inc., Financial Counseling Corporation, Financial Enterprises, Inc., Finaplinc Corp., Fireside, Inc., First Computer Corporation of America, First Educational Corporation, First Mobile Home Corporation, First Wilton Corporation, The, Fitz-Inn Parking, Inc., Fitzfilm Corporation, Five Points Motors, Inc., Fivesix, Inc., Flagship Dinner-Theatre & Supper Club, Inc., The, Flamingo Cafe, Inc., Flatlands Leasing, Inc., Flatlands Plymouth, Inc., Fleming-Joffe Fabrics, Inc., Flipper Pool Corporation, Flora Drive-In Corporation, Florann, Inc., Floyd Anderson & Son, Inc., Floyd Durham, Inc., Fluid Ion Corp., Flying M Transport, Inc., The, Food Adjuncts Association, Inc., Food Franchises International, Inc., Foodex, Inc., Forest Park Meats, Inc., Forest Pride Products, Inc., Forever Yours Aluminum, Inc., Forms-Crafters Associates, Inc., Forms & Systems, Inc., Forreston Grain and Feed Mill, Inc., Forscher Research Co., Ft. Massac Packing Company, Foster T. Corp., Foundation for Historical Preservation, The, Four Seasons Yacht Club & Marina, Inc., Fox Oil Co., Fox Valley Plastics, Inc., Franchise Consultants, Inc., Franchise Finance & Management Co., Inc., Franchop, Inc., Francis V. Steward Mason Contractors Inc., Fraternal Order of

Firemen of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., The, Fred-D Tile Company, Inc., Fred L. Austin, Inc., Fred M. Wells, Inc., Frederica Volunteer Fire Co., The, Freeway Dodge, Inc., Freeze-Aire International, Inc., Fremont Financial Corporation, French Chevrolet, Inc., The, Frontier Mining & Engineering Corporation, Frontiers Incorporated of Dover, Fry Realty, Inc., FTD Associates, Ltd., Fullerton Minerals Company, Fun Fair Amusements, Inc., Functionetics, Inc., Funding Services, Inc.

G. & A. Realty Corporation, G. & C. Leasing & Servicing Corp., G. F. Enterprises, Inc., G. M. Farms, Inc., G.W. Kinderman, Inc., Gadsden Television, Incorporated, Gal Friday Services Incorporated, Galesburg All-Channel Cablevision, Inc., Galicia Steamship Company, Ltd., Gamma Computer Systems, Inc., Garonease Oil Company, Inc., Gary Kedwell, Inc., Gas-Oil Products, Inc. of Delaware, Gateway Motors, Inc., Gaynor. Mining Company, Geddes Trucking, Inc., Gem-Ten Enterprises, Ltd., Genco, Inc., General Analysis and Systems, Inc., General Ohio Corporation, General Contracting Consultants, Inc., General Energy Corporation, General Hydroponics, Inc., General Interconnected Systems, Inc., General Laser Corporation, General Network Insurance Associates, Inc., General Radiation Systems, Inc., General Software, Incorporated, General Tool and Distributing Company, General Trucking, Inc., General Vitamin Corporation, Genie Enterprises, Inc., Gents, Inc., The, GEO Prospectors Offshore, Inc., George A. Mellon & Son Co., George Spencer Moulton Company of the United States, George W. Kilby, Inc., Georgetown Coal Company, Inc., Germany Industrial Park, Inc., GFA Industries, Inc., Giant Industries, Inc., Gilbralter Credit Corp., Giftwing International, U.S.A., Inc.

Gilbert System Hotels, Inc., Gimbel Industries, Inc., Gladden & Reid, Inc., Glazar Bros. Inc., Glazed Products, Inc., Glengar Corporation, Glenn Saxon Company, The, Global Mergers, Incorporated, Gold Empire Mining Co., The, Gold Key Homes, Inc., Golden Opportunities for Achievement Lab., Inc., Gordon Construction Company, The, Gordon Mills, Inc., Gotaverken American Corporation, Gotkin, Inc„ Gould, Cargill & Company, Inc., Graduate Fund, Inc., Granby, Ltd., Grandview Fund Inc., Granite Financial Co. of Delaware, Inc., Granite Productions, Inc., Great Lakes Chinchilla Corp., Great Plains Trucking, Inc., Great Society Corporation, The, Greater Delaware Development Corporation, Greater Heritage Corporation, Greater North American

Enterprises, Inc., Greater Southeast Financial and Development Corporation, Greater Wilmington Pest Control, Inc., Green-Gold Enterprises — Hong Kong Company, Green Leaf Corporation, Green N.P.C. Corporation, Greenville Sales, Inc., Greenwich Oyster Farms, Inc., Greenwood Lumber Company, Grey N.P.C. Corporation, Gridiron Restaurants International Corp., Gupita, Inc., Guapita USA, Inc., Guido De Flaviis & Sons, Inc., Gulf Specimen Company, Inc., Gull Aero, Inc., Gungor Exploration Corporation, Gwaltney and Company, Inc., Gwin Company, The.

H. F., Inc., H. F. Timber, Inc., H. G. Wonderlin Co., H & H Contractors, Inc., H&L Kitchens, Inc., H. Phillipe (U.S.A.) Ltd., H. Tabb, Inc., 11 & W Standard Inc., Hae Nin Industries, Inc., Hallmark Carpet Mills, Inc., Halpern and Wolcott, Inc., Hambric Corporation, Happy Harbor Boat Sales, Inc., The, Har-Mond Corporation, Harris-Wolfe & Co., Inc., Harrison & Ellis, Inc., Harrisonburg Leaseholds, Inc., Harvey House, Inc., Hawaii International Inc., Haze-Away Corporation, Health Care Homes, Inc., Health Care Services, Inc., Health Management Services, Inc., Health Service Centers, Inc., Health Industries, Inc., Hebron Poultry Farms, Inc., Hedges Construction Co., HEH, Inc., Helen Maher Travel, Inc., Helm's International, Inc., Helms Americana, Ltd., Hemisphere Exploration, Inc., Hemispheric Chemical Corporation, Hemispheric Consultants-West, Inc., Henderson-Moore Corporation, Hengen Properties, Inc., Henlopen Post, Holding Corporation, Henry B. Steinbach Foundation, The, Henry M. Sweeny Co., Hercules Diversified, Inc., Hercules Technology Development Corp., Herd Realty Co., Heritage Farms Development Co., Heritage Investment Corporation of America, Heritage Society of America, Ltd., Herman Loeb & Company, Inc., Herrin Enterprises, Inc., Hesse International A.G. Limited, Hi Fashion Art Service, Inc., Hi-Way Beverages, Inc., Highland Enterprises, Inc., Highland Park Homes, Inc., Highland Steamship Corporation, HiIlco, Inc., Hillwood Corporation, Hilmac Corporation, Hilton Health Care Centers, Inc., Hilton Riviera Corporation.

Hiltronics Inc., Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous, Inc., Hinsdale Water Company, Hits, Incorporated, Hiwan Oil & Gas Company, Hobart Welders Sales & Service, Inc., Holiday Trailer Lodges of California, Inc., Holiday Trailer Lodges of Nevada, Inc., Holland-Wegman Visual Communications, Inc., Holloway Sucro-Chemicals Corp., Holloway Terrace Civic Improvement Group, Inc., The, Hollywood Bases, Inc., Hollywood Cleaners Boulevard, Inc., Hollywood Cleaners Brookside, Inc., Homewood Club, Inc.,

Honey Creek Farms, Inc., Honig's United Corporation, Horseshoe Lake Oil and Gas Company, Horton Electronics, Inc., Hotaling Painting, Inc., Hourglass Records, Inc., House of Birch, Inc., The, House of Walnut, Inc., Housing, Inc., Houstonal, Inc., Hovercraft Corporation of America, Howard E. Cleaver, Inc., Hoyle & Scott Industries, Inc., HRW Enterprises, Inc., Hubbard and Hubbard International, Inc., Hubbard's Kupboard, Inc., Huffman Engineering and Construction Co., Inc., Hungerford Insulation, Inc., Hunt Heating Co., Inc., Hunter Hospital Products, Inc., Hunter International, Inc., Hurney Chevrolet, Inc., Hyde Park Civic Association, Hydro-Kleen Corporation, Hyrdo-Slot, Inc., Hydrocarbons International, Inc., Hyrdonics Supply Corp., Hydrosonic Industries, Inc., Hydro-Ski International Corporation.

ICC of Maine, Inc., ICC of Northern New England, Inc., Idea Spinners, Inc., Identichek, Incorporated, Identimeter, Inc., Illini Wood Products, Inc., Illinois Business College, Inc., Illinois Soya Company, Imperial National Corporation, Imperial Sulphur Corp., In-House Recruiting, Inc., Incentive for Education, Inc., Independent Oldsmobile Dealer Fleet Network, Inc., The, Industramatics of Georgia, Inc., Industramatics of Houston, Inc., Industramatics, Inc., Industrial Air Lease, Inc., Industrial Airlift Company, Industrial Equipment Corporation of America, Infants Socks, Inc., Infinite Q Corporation, Infinite Q Telemetry Company, Information Analysis Corporation, Information, Inc., Infra-Matic Equipment Corp., Information Technology International, Inc., Instant Cash Corporation, Instant Credit Corporation, Instant Homes, Inc., Instant Identification, Incorporated, Institute for International Films, Inc., Institutional Holding Corporation, Institutional Mortgage Company, Inc., Insurance Exchange Corporation, Insurance Securities Corporation, Integrated Total Systems, Inc., Inter-American Trading Alliance Corporation, Inter-Audio International, Inc., Inter-City Air Terminals, Inc., Inter-Continental Consultants, Inc., Inter-Pro U.S. Ltd., Intercontinental Displays Corporation, Intercontinental Equiplease, Inc., Intercontinental Publishers Representatives, Inc., Interfer Corporation, Intergeneral Corporation, Intergeneral Corporation, Intergraphics Corp., International Admiralty Marine Corporation, International Association of the Freeman, Inc., International Audio Visual Industries Incorporated, International Backgammon Association, International Building Maintenance, Inc.

International Business and Equipment Exchange Corporation,

International Call Corporation, International Chemical Corporation, International Clubs Corporation, International Combined Business Methods, Incorporated, International Commodity Futures, Inc., International Computer Enterprises, Inc. International Crescent Petroleum, Inc., International Durahunt, Ltd., International Exhibitions, Inc., 'International Fine Arts, Inc., International Food and Vending Corporation, International Fudge, Inc., International Indent Industries Corporation, International Lad Corporation, International Language Institute, Inc., The, International Marine Historical Association, International Merchandising Corporation, International Motion Pictures, Studios, Puerto Rico, Inc., International Mutual-Media Corporation (IMM), International Newsprint Company, Inc., International Offshore Services, Inc., International Philatelic Corporation, International Pre-Defined Industry Placement Consultants, Inc., International Professional Seminars, Inc., International Research Council, Inc., International Research Institute, Inc., International Restaurant and Food Service Corporate, International Scientific Society, International Software Corporation, The, International Tape Cartridge Corporation, International Yarn Corporation, In terprofessional Consultants Inc., Interstate Funding Company, Inc., Interstate Investors, Inc., Interstate Jet Inc., Intra-Service Cooperative, Inc., Intraglobal Development Corp., Intramatics of Beverly Hills, Inc., Intramatics International, Inc., Intramatics Metropolitan, Inc., Intramatics of Oakland, Inc., Intramatics of Orange, Inc., Intramatics of San Diego, Inc., Intramatics of San Francisco Metropolitan, Inc., Intramatics of San Gabriel Valley, Inc., Intramatics of San Jose, Inc., Intramatics of Seattle, Inc., Intramatics South Bay, Inc., Invention, Engineering & Design Incorporated, Invesco Construction Company, Investment Holding Company, Investors in America, Inc., Investors Union, Inwood Securities Company, Irving Schwartz Incorporated, Irving Shop, Inc., Irwindale United Incorporated, Italian Fiesta, Inc., ITCC Manufacturing Corporation, Itronic Industries Corporation, IVY International, Inc.

J.B. Associates, Inc., J-B Drilling Co., Inc., J.B. McCrary Engineering Corporation, J & B Petroleum Company, J.D. Phelps Associates, Inc., J.F. Toner & Son, Inc., JJ First Corp., J & J International Equipment Corp.

Enterprise, Inc., J.M.K. Corporation, J. N. McLean Associates, Inc., J.N.P. Enterprises, Inc., J. P. Enterprises, Inc., J & P R.R. Co., Inc., Ja-Mar of Connecticut, Inc., Ja-Mar of Oklahoma, Inc., Jacarda Films, Inc., Jack Head Chevrolet, Inc., Jacksonville Dodge, Inc., Jaco International Corporation, James McHahon & Son Co., Janie, Inc., Janitorial Development Inc., Jaro Industries, Inc., Jay-Martin, Inc., Jefferson Fund Inc., Jeri Investment Corporation, Jerry Reece, Inc., Jerry Wolman Enterprises, Inc., Jet Foods of Delaware, Inc., Jet-Set Limited, Jim Henry Corporation, Jimmy Walker Boats, Inc., JMC, Ltd., Jo Brown, Incorporated, Jo-M-Ar Enterprises, Inc., Jo-Waco Gems, Inc., Joe E. Page, Inc., John F. Kennedy American School of Naples, Inc., John J. Bundschuh Inc., Johnny Walker Boats, Inc., Jonard Corp., Jonker Corporation, Jonsson Corporation, Joseph J. Heintz, Jr., Inc., Josylar, Inc.

K D P, Inc., K-T Enterprises, Inc., Kaiser Implement Co., Inc., Kamer Sales and Service Incorporated, Kari-All Hauling & Rigging, Inc., Karpf Industries, Inc., Keefe Company, Keil Family Association, Inc., Kelly Labor of Erie, Inc., Kelly Labor of New Orleans, Inc., Ken-Del Inc., Kenmo Oil Company, Kenna Litho Supply Co., Inc., Kennedy Corp., The, Kent Apartments Corporation, Kent Builders, Inc., Kentucky Thoroughbred Farms, Inc., Kenyon Dreding Company, Inc., Keystone Custodial Services, Inc., Kiernan Construction & Realty Co., King Dodge Co., King Ford, Inc., King Golf, Inc., Kitchen Salon, Inc., Knarr Fluid Engineering, Inc., Knowles Atlantic, Inc., Kool-Air, Inc., Kosanke Sand Corporation, Kramer Designs, Inc., Inc., Kratt — Porco and Associates, Inc., Kronfeld's Market, Inc., Kurtell & Co.

L-B Enterprises, Incorporated, L.E. Wilson Company, Inc., L. & H. Equipment Co., Inc., L&H Motor Sales Corp., L.O.V.

Enterprises, Inc., L. & S. Liquors, Inc., L Squared Industries, Inc., Labb Investments, Inc., Laboratory Systems, Inc., Lacon Erectors, Inc., Laird Associates, Inc., Lakes Radiology Equipment Corporation, Lam Ar-Co, Inc., Lam Contractors, Inc., Lanai Industries Inc., Lancashire Medical Facilities, Inc., Lance Products Corpora-

tion, Lancer Productions, Inc., Land Clearing Equipment, Inc., Land Technics, Incorporated, Lane Management Corp., Lang Yacht Corporation, Larpat Enterprises, Inc., Lasker Associates, Inc., Lathe°, Incorporated, Laughlin Enterprises, Ltd., Lauko Corporation, Laurel Theatre Corporation, Lawrence D. Coon, Inc., Leasejet International Corporation, Leasit Corporation, Let-

ro-Print Inc., Ledsco (Del.) Inc., Lee White Chevrolet Co., Lefi, Inc., Lehrfeld Enterprises, Inc., Leisure Homes Construction, Inc., Lejaan, Inc., Lemar Melon Shoes, Inc., Lemar Shoes, Inc., Lensmen Inc. of Delaware, Leo J. Kelly, Inc., Leon Snelling, Inc., Leona Brown Foundation, Inc., Leonard Investment Company, Lester Banning, Inc., Lester Barrett, Inc., Lester C. Smith, Incorporated, LGS Development, Inc., Libra Data Systems, Inc., Lijan Enterprises, Inc.

Liland Enterprises, Inc., Lincoln Clothiers, Inc., Linda Fuel Company, Linden Discount Co., Inc., Line Corporation, The, Linwood Shipping Inc., Lisa, Inc., Lith-O-Graphic Arts Co., Little Acres, Inc., Little Swan Lake Association, Inc., Liv Management Co., Inc., Live Oak Royalty Co., Inc., Lobel's-Wilmington, Inc., Lodestar Investments, Inc., Logan House Corporation, Logic General Corporation, Lois Holland Callaway International Inc., Londry Trucking, Inc., Longmont Oil Company, Longwood Builders, Inc., Lorraine Enterprises, Inc., Louise Holding Corp., Louise Realty Co., Louisiana Development & Marketing Corp., Lucas-Hunt Village Company, Luke Pharmaceutical, Inc., Luna -Tique, Inc., Lux Real Estate Co., Inc., Lyoflo-Stopper Corporation.

M.B.A., Inc., M.B.S., Inc., M.D.M., Inc., M-G Acceptance Corp., M.G.B.C. Corporation, M.L. Brown, Inc., M. Leroy Goff, Inc., M. Lober & Associates Company, M. Roberts Furs, Inc., M & S. Rental Equipment Co., Inc., M & W Enterprises, Inc., Maduff & Sons, Inc., Magnetic Tape Corporation, Maiden Lane Corporation, The, Main Gate Motors, Inc., Make A Star, Inc., Makrolan Computer Processing, Inc., Malcom Trucking Company, Inc., Maltby-Baker Construction Co., Management Accident Control Services, Inc., Management Associates Corporation, Management Survey and Search Corporation, Manugraph, Inc., Mapro, Inc., Mar-Del Corporation, Mar — Pal Corporation, Marcus Garvey Benevolent Foundation Inc,, Marel Industries, Inc„ Margo, Inc., Marine Chem-Seal Corporation, Marine Laboratories, Inc., Marine Leasing Services, Inc., Marine Nutrients, Inc., Marine Salvage Enterprises, Inc., Market Investors, Inc., Markip Builders, Inc., Markuly Plumbing & Heating Inc., Marotta's 53rd Street Corp., Marrud of Georgia, Inc„ Martha Washington Kitchens, Inc., Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation for Youth, Marvel Cosmetics, Inc., Marvel Oil Treater, Inc., Massachusetts Wholesale Drug Co., Master Auto Reclamation Transfer, Inc., Master

Industries, Inc., Master Products, Inc., Mastercraft Electronics Corp., Matchmakers International, Inc., Material Assets Corporation, Matheson-Dorrance Holding Company, Inc., Max Thomas Enterprises, Inc., Maxair, Inc., May Day Company, Inc., Maya Industrial Enterprises, Inc., MBW Enterprises, Inc., MCK Associates, Inc., McCarthy Construction Corporation, McMahon Oil Corporation, McSpadden, Maclnnes & Wright, Inc., Meating Place, Inc., The, Mecalfla — Home Vision Corp. of America, Media Capital Corporation, Media Comp Inc., Media Design Associates, Inc., Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc., Medical Diversified Services, Inc., Medical Equipment and Supply Company, Inc., Medical Food Service Corporation, Medical Home Franchises, Inc., Medical Professional Service, Inc., Medical Recovery Systems, Inc., Medical Services Corporation of America, Medical Space & Development Corp., Medico Leasing and Sales, Inc., Medifacts, Inc., Medisure, Inc., Meditec Corp., Meeting House Hill Civic Association, The, Mel's Drive In, Inc., Mel Sportswear, Inc., Merging Finance Corporation, Meridan Street Motor and Trailer Sales, Inc., Merlite Systems, Inc., Merna Corp., Metal-Tech, Inc., Metcen of America, Inc., Meter Maid Industries, Inc., Metro Condominum Developers, Inc., Meyer-Peters Construction Company, Mi-Law, Inc., Mi-Law of Pa., Inc., Micals Liquors Inc.

Michael A. Monico Construction Company, Mickey Spillane, Inc., Micron Enterprises Incorporated, Microsearch Systems, Inc., Microx Corporation, Mid-America Color Corporation, Mid-America Energy Leasing Corporation, Mid-Continent Sales, Inc., Mid-Valley Securities Company, Inc., Midco, Inc., Middle East Engineering and Scientific International, Inc., Middle East Enterprises, Inc., Middletown Lanes, Inc., Midterra Associates, Inc., Midwest Computer Corp., Midwest Investment Company, Midwest Outdoor Enterprises, Inc., Midwest Wooden Container & Supply Corp., Midwestern Credit Corporation, Milestone Productions, Inc., Milford Shopping Center Merchants Association, I, Military Benefit Association, Miller-Prewitt-Goff Land, Oil and Gas Company, Miller-Waltzer Associates, Inc., Milton Baer, Inc., Mimi of Indiana, Inc., Mineralite Corp., Minerals Research Inc., Minor Oil Company, Inc., Miracle City Stores Co., Mission Viejo Cablevision, Inc., Missionary Flight Service, Inc., Mr. G's Beef & Ale Houses, Inc., Mister Soul Man, Inc., Mr. Steak G.R., Inc.,Mitbeth, Inc., Mitten Construction Co., Mix-O-Matic Corporation, MKG Corporation, The, Mobile Marine, Inc., Mobile Stores, Inc., Modart Drapery Shop, Inc., Model Oil Company, Modern Dry Wall, Inc.,

Modern Objects & Designs, Ltd., Mohegan Industries, Inc., Molded Electrical Products, Inc., Monarch Associates, Inc., Monarch Printing Co., Inc., Mondo Ill, Inc., Monorock, Inc., Moor's Tire Service, Inc., Moret Supply Company, Inc., Moreva Corporation, Morgan Eldridge Partners, Ltd., Morgan Leasing Co., Inc., Morgan-Peacock Management Corporation, Moritz Associates, Inc., Morrow's Nut House, Inc., Mt. Auburn Grain Co., Inc., Mt. Pleasant Clothing Care, Inc., Mt. Vernon Motel Inc., Moval Inc., Multi-Drop Adapter Corporation, Multi-Leasing Company, Inc., Multi-Media Learning Programs, Inc., Multi-Mix Corporation, Murphy Beverages, Inc., Murray Hill International, Inc., Murray Research Company, Musicians Inc. of Delaware, Mycenae, Inc., Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge Hall, Inc.

N.E.O. Distributors, Inc., N.H. Ledsco, Inc., N.R.G. Leasing Corporation, N.T. Forsyth, Inc., Nansecond Systems, Inc., Naples Fruit and Vegetable Corporation, Natco Industries, Ltd., National Advise Council of the Economy Association of the United States of America, The, National Angus of America, Inc., National Association of Student Planners and Architects, National Athletes Leasing Company, National Care Services Corp., National Consultants, Inc., The, National Data Processing Corporation, National Edunetics Corporation, National Furniture Leasing Corporation, National Interfaith Council for Housing and Employment, Inc., National Leisure & Education Systems, Inc., National Management & Design Inc., National Medical Services, Inc., National Merchandising Services Corporation, National Mortgage and Investment Company, National Organic Corporation of Delaware, National Promotions Corporation, National Research & Development Corporation, National Steel Car Lines Company, National Steel Door Corpozation, National Syndicate Corporation, National Target Company, Inc., National Television Sales, Inc., National Travel Service, Inc., Nationwide Schools, Incorporated, Natlat Corporation, Natoma Confederation, Inc., Natural Charm Cosmetics, Inc., Navcom Marine Electronics, Inc., Neba Roast Beef Restaurants, Inc., Neches Exploration, Inc., Neisco Mills, Inc., Neuron Computer, Inc., New Castle Builders, Inc., New Castle County Baseball Association, New Castle Shellfish Co., New Douglas Auto-Drive Co., New Eastern Paper Mills, Inc., New England Refinery Association, Inc., The, New Haven Bond and Mortgage Company, New Hope & Ivyland Railroad Company, New Orleans Meats, Inc., New Psalmist Baptist Church, lnc., New Yorker, Inc., Newark Post, Inc., Newport Sales, Inc., Newsunco, Inc., Nichols Plymouth,

Inc., Nirvana Potions, Ltd., Nordic Enterprises, Inc., Nordus Research & Development, Inc., Nortex Australian Oils, Ltd., North American Bond & Mortgage Co., North American Leisure Corporation, Northern Trading Corporation, Northwest Trading Corporation, Northwestern Co., Northwestern Illinois Nursing Home, Inc., Norwood Brick Company, Nottingham Supply Co., Inc., Nova Electronics, Inc., Nu Meth Corp., Nu-Tek Industries, Inc., Nu-Way Chemical, Inc., Nuclear State Enterprises, Inc., No. 1 Prescar, Inc., No. 2 Prescar, Inc., No. 3 Prescar, Inc., No. 4 Prescar, Inc., 1-3-5 Corporation.

0. Henry Securities, Inc., 0 and T Realty Co., Oak Forest Memorial Gardens, Inc., Oakes, Incorporated, Ocala Stud Farms, Inc., Oceanautics, Inc., Oceanic Industries, Inc., Oceanography Development Corporation, Oceanology Services, Inc., Oklahoma Gasoline Plants, Inc., Oklahoma-Gulf Oil & Gas Corp., Old Colony Finance Corporation, Old Dominion Sugar Corporation, Old Line Contracting Co., Inc., Olde Harbour, Inc., Olympic Investments, Inc., Olympic Jet, Inc., Omega Industries, Inc., Omni Productions, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Anderson, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Athens, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Bay, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Benning, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Bethlehem, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Broadway, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Central, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Charlottesville, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Charlottetown, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Cincinnati, Ohio, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Colonial, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Columbia, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Columbus, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Dade, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Danville, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Dart, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Delaware, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Flagler, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Georgia, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Greensboro, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Harrisonburg, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Henrico County, Inc., One-Hour Valet of High Point, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Hudson, Inc., One-Hour Valet, Incorporated, One-Hour Valet of Jacksonville, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Lenox, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Lexington, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Limestone, Inc.

One-Hour Valet of Lynchburg, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Macon, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Manhattan, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Mitchell, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Mondawmin, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Montgomery, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Myrtle, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Newport News, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Ohio, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Petersburg, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Pinehaven, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Pittsburgh, Pa., Inc., One-Hour

Hour Valet of Portsmouth, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Richmond, Va., Inc., One-Hour Valet of Rivers, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Roanoke, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Roosevelt, Inc., One-Hour Valet of St. Petersburg, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Savannah, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Southside, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Spartanburg, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Staunton, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Swifton, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Towers, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Village, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Virginia, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Waverly, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Weller, Inc., One-Hour Valet of West Park, Inc., One-Hour Valet of Winston-Salem, Inc., 102 Allen Corp., 1203 Restaurant, Inc., 1217 King Street Corporation, One Ten, Inc., Oops Ltd., Opals of Mexico, Inc., Operative Plasterers' International Association, No. 38, The, Opinion Polls, Inc., Original Electric Heater Corp., Original Texas Chili Company, Inc., The, Ormco Corporation, Overload Services, Inc., Oyster Bay Industries, Inc., Ozark Fried Chicken, Inc., Ozier Corporation, O'Brien Development Company, Inc.

P.A.J. Corporation, P.O.P. Inc., P W P Plan Administrator, Inc., Pacbarb Corporation, Pacific Industries Development Corp., Pad Partners, Ltd., Paddy's Enterprises, Inc., Palatka Bowling Co., Palm Beach Realty Enterprises, Inc., Palm Packing Corp., Pam-Lin, Incorporated, Pamica Trucking Inc., Pan American Systems, Inc., Pan Asia, Ltd., Panoramic Industries, Inc., Park-Hill Construction Co., Inc., Park & Loan, Inc., Parker & Squire, Inc., Pathe Educational Sciences, Inc., Parklynn Limestone Drugs, Inc., Parro Construction Corp., Partake of Louisville, Inc., Particle Measurements, Inc., Passport International, Inc., Pastimes Publishing Company, Pattie News, Inc., Pathe Pictures, Inc., Partician Athenaeum for Greatness in Art and Noveldrama, Ltd., Patterson Plywoods Corporation, Paul Coon & Sons, Inc., Paul Scotton Contracting Co., Inc., Peak and H. Inc., Peek "N" Buy, Inc., Pelham Painting Company of Delaware, Inc., Peninsula Chemical Supply Co., Inc., Penn-Dixie Aerospace Corporation, Penn Patching Plaster Co., Pennrose, Inc., Pennsylvania Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, Pennsylvania Tank Service, Inc., Peoria American Bouquet, Inc., Perfect Plastics, Inc., Perfluent Company, Inc., The, Perling Investments Co., Permanent Construction Co., Persimmon Creek Swim Club, Inc., Personal Radio Guide, Inc., Personalized Service, Inc., Personalized Shirt Service, Inc., Petroleum Development Company, Inc., Petroleum Research Corporation.

Petroleum Tanker and Transport Corporation, Petron Enter-

prises, Inc., Phairdel Corporation, Phantasmagoria, Inc., Philadelphia Christian Leadership Conference, Inc., Phillips Construction Co., Inc., Phoenix, Incorporated, Phonic Music Systems, Inc., Pianos, Inc., Pickwick, Inc., Pied — A — Terre, Inc., Pierce, Hedrick & Sherwood, Inc., Pine Ridge Investment Company, Pioneer Import Export, Inc., Pipe Weld Inc., Pipeline Maintenance & Construction, Inc., Pipers Basketball Club, Inc., Pittman, Shupe & Associates, Inc., Pivotract Corporation,, Pizza Man, Inc., Plasma Technology, Inc., Plastics Sales Company, Plastics & Solvents, Inc., Plastron Incorporated, Play Craft Inc., Plaza Drugs, Incorporated, Pneumercator Company, Inc., Polaris International Corporation, Pollution Control Devices & Systems, Inc., Poly-Pak Corporation of America, Poly-Petrochem Products Corporation, Polyfax Educational Systems, Inc., Poor Joe's, Inc., Portion Control Service Corporation, Precision Measurement Associates, Inc., Preferred Products Company, Preliminary Design Co., Premium Sports Productions, Inc., Prescott Corporation, The, Preventative Maintenance Incorporated, Price Bros. of Delaware, Inc., Print Club, The, Printz Liquor Mart, Inc., Private Air Travel, Inc., Pro Only Golf Sales, Inc., Professional Deliveries Limited, Professional Investors Leasing Corporation, Professional Marine, Inc., Professional Painters, Inc., Programmed Learning, Inc., Progressive Food Management, Inc., Promotions, Inc., Property Owners Association, Propper Instruments, Inc., Propulsion Data Corporation, Protecto Products Co., Proteus Foods & Industries, Inc., Providence College Computer Center Marketing Services Inc., Puff Music Corp., Puff Productions, Inc., Pyrodyne Corporation, Progressive Broadcasting Corporation, The.

Quaker City Carpet Co., Inc., Quaker City Leasing, Inc., Quality Carpets Company, Quality National Corporation, Quanama West Indies Company.

R. A. W. Holding Co., R. E. Brown Catamarans, Inc., R.F. Hayward & Co., R.H.W. Enterprises, Inc., R.K. Langdon, Inc., R.V. Nelson Fund, Inc., Radiamatic Corporation, Radiation Polymer Corporation, Radiation Resources, Inc., Rainbo Gold Mines Corporation, Rainey Automation Systems Corp., Ralph S. Carr, Inc., Ramada Overseas Corporation, Ranco Enterprises Incorporated, Randy Industries, Inc., Ray E. Muhlbach, Inc., Ray Horn Auto Body Shop, Inc., Ray L. Crawford, Inc., Readak Reading Centers, Inc., Readers International, Inc.., Realty Trading and Exchange Co., Recreation Properties, Inc.,

Recreational Dynamics Corporation, Recsei Laboratories, Inc., Red Hearth Inc., Red Hills Corporation, Red N.P.C. Corporation, Redac Malta, Inc., Reefer Transit Line, Inc., Regal Neon Signs, Inc., Reginald Bennett, Inc., Reiver Floors, Inc., Rellumit, Incorporated, Remote Scanning Computer Centers, Inc., Renrel Facilities Corporation, Renwood Builders, Inc., Resolute Marine Associates, Ltd., Resource and Management Systems Corporation, Restaurant Guide of Puerto Rico, Inc., Restoration Services, Inc., Retail Data Systems, Inc., Retail Jenny Shops, Inc., Retirement Corporations of America, Revolt, Incorporated, Rex M. Paris, Inc., Reynolds Clothiers, Inc., Ric International Industries, Inc., Richard's Custom Wig Service, Inc., Richard Lindstrom Company, Inc., Ridgway Reduction Co., Rinaldi & Hayes, Inc., River Marine Service Inc., Robert Fitzpatrick Corporation, The, Robert Jordan, Inc., Roberts & Stephens Co., Inc., Robinson Inter-American Corp., Rochester Cosmetic Corporation, Rocim Holding Corp., Rock Oil and Gas Corporation, Rock River Electric & Heating, Inc., Rockford Manor Apartments, Inc., Rockland Realty Corp., Rockwood Motors, Inc., Roley-Industries, Inc., Rolling Hills-Windermere Civic Association, Ronald C. Seeley & Associates, Inc., Roney Plaza, Inc., Rosal Enterprises, Inc., Rosario Mining Corporation, Rose Iron Works, Inc., Rosenberg Food Service Company, Rotary/Piston Machinery Systems, Inc., Roto-Vac Corporation, Roundup, Incorporated, Rovan of Florence, Inc., Roy D. Simmons Trading Corp., Roy King Company, Ltd., Royal Car Wash Corp. No. 3, Royal Car Wash Corp. No. 4, Rubinroit Foundation, The, Rust Master Sales Corporation, Ryan Oldsmobile Co., R. Mars Wholesalers, Inc.

S.A. Wetty & Sons, Ltd., S. & B., Inc., S. Klein Prescriptions-Philadelphia, Inc., S & L Enterprises, Inc., S. and L. Realty Co., S. Nelson Enterprises, Inc., S R & J Co., S & S Co., Inc., "Safeguards" Corp., Saguaro Management Corp., Sahocha Rest Home, Inc., Sailamerica Sailing Centers, Inc., St. Lawrence Production, Inc., Sales Opportunities, Inc., Sally Investment Co., Sally and Joe's Inc., Salon De Bella, Inc., Sam and Marian Perling Foundation, Samac Corporation, Samac Management Corporation, Samoan Consolidated Enterprises, Ltd., Samurkand Real Estate Company, San Diego Mission Valley Holding Company, Sandpiper, Inc., The, Sanford Preparatory School Alumni Association, In The, Santa Fe Foundation, Inc., The, Sarex Corporation, "Saunder's System Washington Company", Scat Boat Building Corporation, The, Scherl-Berg Inc., Scholarship Programs Corpora-

tion, Scientific Careers, Inc., Scientific Computer Applications, Inc., Scientific Fishing Corp., Scientific Mobile Laboratory Corporation, Sciotronics, Inc., Scorpion, Inc., Scotch-American Corp., Scott-Douglas Corporation, Scoup Inc., Sea Gull Corporation, The, Sea Soft Co., Inc., Sea-Trim Corporation, The, Seaboard American Corporation, Seaboard Publishing Corporation, Seatech, Ltd., Seaway Resort Hotel Ltd., Sebastian R. Ciotti Const. Co., Inc., Second Twickenham Properties, Inc., Secretarial Office Services of America, Inc., Security Liquors, Inc., Seidel International Inc., Seltzer, Inc., Seminar Services, Inc., Semper Fidelis Association, Seneca Coal & Iron Corporation, Senior Citizens Retirement Services Ltd., Sentry-Western Chemical Coatings Corporation, Service Distributors, Inc., Servicemaster of Dover, Inc., Servicemen's Auto Shipping Company, Shaffar Ford-Mercury, Inc., Shaffer International, Incorporated, Shared Computer Network, Inc., Sharpe's Enterprises, Inc., Shelby Sand & Gravel, Inc., Suburban Investment Company, Shelly Trucking, Inc., Sher's Market, Inc. Sherby's Liquor Store, Inc., Sherman Ford, Inc., Sherwin F. Kelly Geophysical Services, Inc., Shielding Corporation, Shipley Gardens, Inc., Shirdor Corp., Shore Construction Service, Inc., The, Shorts Tavern, Inc., Sidray Corporation, Siena Inn, Inc., Silver Eagle Mining & Smelting Corp., Silver Spring Construction, Inc., Silvermine Music Co., Simi Valley Development Company, Singo, Inc., Sioux Ambulance, Inc., Sircor Scientific, Inc., SKL of California, Inc., Skyway International, Inc., Side Management Corporation, Slipper Ltd., The, Small Business Opportunities Corporation, SMI, Inc., Smith-Dieterich Productions Incorporated, Smith Shoe Corporation, Smith and Stone Enterprises, Incorporated, Smith and Taylor Enterprises Incorporated, Smithers Sons, Ltd., Smithgold Industrial Corp., Smugglers' Cove, Inc., Smyrna Bi-Centennial Corporation, Inc., Sopha Corp., South Bowers Improvement Association, South East Asia Development Corporation, South Street Association, Southeast Columbian Investment Corp., Southeast Louisiana Exploration Corp., Southern Royal Crown Bottling Company, Southern Social Index Association, Ltd., Southwestern Transfer Company, Inc., Sovereign Chemical & Mining Incorporated, Sparkle Kwik Car Wash of Delaware, Inc., Spartan Food Products, Inc. Special Structural Systems, Inc., Spector Industries, Inc., Spec- trum Research Associates, Inc., Spheric Enterprises, Inc., Sports Gardena Lanes, Inc., Sports, Inc., Sports World International, Inc., Sportsworld Communications Corp., Spring Mount Service Corp., Spruce Acres Realty Co., Squire Ridge, Inc., SRO Incorporated,

Sta-Dri Foam Company, The, Standard Dredging International Corporation, Standard Heat Treating Co., Inc., Standard Heating Company, Inc., Standing Rock Development Corp., Stanval Corporation, State Electric Inc., States and Canada Utilities, Inc., Stator Texas Industries Corporation, Staytonville Farm Labor and Cooperative Association, Steel Center, Inc., Steil Construction Co., Inc., Stella and Stella, Inc., Stephenson Commercial Corporation, Steven Ruth Cosmetic Corporation, Stewardess City, Inc., Stewart's Catering Service Company, Stewart Infrared Commissary of Wilmington, Inc., Stop, Inc., Stop Smoking Clinic, Inc., The, Stratford Hotel Corp., Strathmore Corp., Style Producers Corporation, Suburban Realty Co., Suburban Termite and Pest Control, Inc., Subway Fund Inc., Suerte Oil Corporation.

Sun Air Conditioning, Inc., Sungold Commodity Corp., Super Fuels Corporation, Super Slide East, Inc., Superior Insurance Company of Delaware, Supreme Investment Company, Surety Realty & Loan Corporation, Sussex Enterprises, Inc., Sussex Gas and Appliance Co., Inc., Swindell Motors, Inc., Symcon Marine Corporation, Symerton Grain & Lumber Co., Inc., Systems for Education, Inc., Systems Management, Inc., Systems Research Associates, Inc., Szabo Enterprises, Inc.

T.A. Dempsey Leasing, Inc., T. Bryce Wadcalder, Inc., T & W Inc., Tachas, Inc., Taco-King, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. I Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware, No. 2 Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 3, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 4, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 5, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 6, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 7, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 8, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 9, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 10, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 11, Inc., Taco Rancho of Delaware No. 12, Inc., Taco Rancho, Inc., Talenti International Engineering Corporation, Talenti Transamerican Trading Corporation, Talisman, Inc., Tallant Finance Corporation, Delaware, Talleyrand Corporation, Tam Realty Corporation, Tarr Equipment and Sales Company, Tartan Motor Inns, Inc., Taylor Foundation, Inc., Techmate, Inc., Teal, Incorporated, Techmatic Corporation, Technical Approach to Personalized Enjoyment, Inc., Technical Computing Devices, Inc., Technical Education Council, Inc., Tectonics Services, Incorporated. Ted's Amusement Service Inc., Tek-Wave, Inc., Telcomar Advanced Communication Systems, Incorporated, Telectro-Mek, Inc., Television Magazine Corporation, Telos Transportation, Inc.,

Teneda, Inc., Tennessee del Ecuador, S.A., Terrett's Auto Laundry, Inc., Terri Homes, Inc., Texas Climate, Inc., Texstrand Corp., Textnetics Corporation, Thermal Recovery Company, Thermo Electric Oil Co., Inc., Thermo-Nuclear Corp., Thomas & Evans Frederick Slate Company, The, Thompson Control Systems, Inc., Thomson, Inc., Three Little Bakers Candy and Fountain Service, Inc., Three Star Corporation, Three T's Corporation, The, Thurber & Miller, Inc., Tilbury Oil Company, Time Control Corporation, Timely Events Publishing Inc., Tinker Bell Music Co., Tintair, Inc., Titusville Amusement Company, TJH Investors, Inc., Tobacco Chemical Corporation, The, Tokyo International Products, Inc., Tolmie Enterprises, Inc., Tom Gloor Chevrolet, Inc., Tomczak Bros. & Company, Tommills Financial, Inc., Toona Properties Division, Inc., Topanga Realty Corporation, Tortosa Shipping Co., Inc., Tosco Metal Corporation, Total Engery Corporation, Toti's Inc., of Puerto Rico, Town and Country Motors, Inc., Towne Point Apartments, Inc., Tracy-Basin Transports, Inc., Tracy Company, The, Tradition Records, Inc., Trans-Computer Corporation, Trans-Equipment Leasing, Inc.

Trans-Holding Corporation, Transamerican Supplies Corp., Transatlantic Container Management, Inc., Transcoastal Marine, Inc., Transcontinental Travel, Inc., Transmedia International Corp., Transmissions Incorporated, Transportation Holding Enterprises, Inc., Travel Agencies Reservations Services, Inc., Travel Air, Inc., Trend-Pak of the United States Limited, Tri-County Corporation, Tri-Po Stopper Corporation, Tri-State Dredging, Inc., Tri-State Sanitation, Inc., Tri-Marine Corporation, Trinity Properties, Inc., Trio Electric Co., Triple S. Industries, Inc., Trojan Corp., Truck Maintenance, Inc., Trucktor Corporation, The, Trueson's Inc., Tucson Cable TV Inc., Tudor Diners, Incorporated, TULANE Motors, Inc., Turner, Inc., Tursta Oil Co., Ltd., 12th and Oxford Film Makers Corporation, The, Twentieth Century Vault Corporation, 20-T Hangar, Inc., Tyler Building Corporation, Trade Passport Corporation.

U.B.S. Service, Inc., U.M.C. Computer Corporation, Ulrich Manufacturing Co., Ultravision, Ltd., Uni-Loyal Inc., Uniforms for Industry, Inc., Unimar Agency, Inc., Union Phila. Co., Union Shoe Agency, Inc., Uniscience Laboratories, Inc., Unit Industries Inc., Unital Club, The, United American Industries, Inc., United C.E.R., Inc., United Equities, Inc., United Film Associates, Inc., United International Social Foundation, United Marine Industries, Inc., United Repco, Inc., United States Addicolor Corporation, United States Aviation Enterprises, Inc., United States Crown Corpora-

tion, United States Data Processing Corporation, United States Digital Computer Corporation, United States Electric Computer Corporation, United States Foreign Visitors Association, Inc., United States Testing Laboratories, Inc., United Wire and Cable, Inc., Universal Computer Institute Inc., Universal Models of America, Inc., Universal Publications, Inc., Universal Supply and Engineering Co., Universal Tobacco Corporation, Universal Ultrasonics Corporation, University Services Association, Inc., University-Technology Growth Fund, Uranium Corporation of Canada, Limited, Utilities Service Corporation, Inc.

V.B. Likins & Associates, Inc., Vacation Land

Development Corporation, Vacations West, Inc., Value Line Growth Fund, Inc., The, Vamco, Inc., Van Park Company, Vanity Fair Paper Corporation of Puerto Rico, Varney, Inc., Vaughn's Markets, Inc., Vegetal Industries Corp., Ven Am Minerals, Inc., Venetian Marble Midwest, Inc., VCB Corporation, Vibrasonics Incorporated, Victor's Beauty Products Company, Inc., Video Lease Inc., Viking Airways, Inc., Villa Ramada Inc., Village Upholstery Shop, Inc., Villas De Barranquitas, Inc., Vincennes, Inc., Commercial Properties Development Corpbration, Vines Corporation of Sussex County, Inc., Visibility Inc., Vital Earth Products, Inc., Volunteers for Israel Products, Inc., Von-Art, Inc., Von — T.S.A. Ltd., Voshell Bros. Welding, Inc., Vyno-Chrome, Incorporated.

W.A., Inc., W.A.T. Electronics, Inc., W.D. Properties, Inc., W.E. Wood & C.B. Logan, Inc., W.F.C. Equity Corp., W.J. Digby, Inc. of Iowa, W.K. Contracting Company, W.T. Bamer, Inc., W and R Delaware Corp., Wade H. Littrell Associates, Inc., Wai Manu Airways, Inc., Walco Sales Corporation, Walla Walla Laundry, Inc., Walt's Service, Inc., Walter M. Hall, Inc., Walter W. Fischer Plumbing and Heating, Inc., Wardel Appliance Corp., Warden-Alexander, Inc„ Waretown Fishing Station, Inc., Warner Tape Systems, Inc., Washington Telephone Secretarial Service, Inc., Washington Video Productions, Inc., Waterloo Milk Company, Inc., Way Associates, Incorporated, Wearby Willy Campsites, Inc., Webb Air, Incorporated, Websters' Book Distributors, Inc., Weco International Corporation, Wedge Hills, Incorporated, Welding Processes, Inc., Wesafcom International, Ltd. West Canterbury Corporation, West Frankfort Electric Company, Inc.

West 9th Street Corp., West Wholesale Drug Co., Westchester Timber Corporation, Westgate Const. Co., Western Totalisator Co.,

Ltd., (U.S.A.), Western Village, Inc., Whale Rock Land Company, White Shield Foundation for the Lively Arts, Inc., The, Whitehall Navigation Corporation, Whitehead Group, Inc., The, Whitingham Farms, Inc., Wilcox Electric Company, Inc., William B. Graham & Associates, Inc., William L. Zahm, Inc., Williams & Williams Company, Williamson Monument Works, Inc., Williston Capital Corp., Willow Grove Riding Stable, Inc., The, Wilmington Apartment Rentals, Inc., Wilmington Cosmetic Corporation, Win Computer Corporation, Win Leasing Corporation, Wind River Corp., Winslow Corporation, Winslow Plastics, Inc., Wiseman Productions, Inc., Wohl, Inc., Women's Semi-Professional Bowling Association, Wometco Puerto Rico Corporation, Woodlawn Leasing Corporation, World Heritage Organization (International), Inc., World International Films Corp., World Seen, Inc., World Services International, Inc., World University, Inc., World Wide Promotion Incorporated, World-Wide Recruiting Conferences, Inc., World-Wide Safety Corporation, Worthington Financial Corporation, Wyne Bros., Limited.

X-Act Copy Corporation, Xlete, Inc.,

Yankee Doodle Inc., Ye Old Pancake House, Ye Olde Wine Shoppe, Inc., York Fasteners Inc., Y or kshire Civic Association, Inc., Young Children's Preparatory School, Inc., Young Equipment Company, Inc., Your Tires, Inc., Yum Yum, Inc.

Zenith Investments, Inc., Zenith Manufacturing Corporation, Zion's Pharmacy, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-fifth day of January

(GREAT SEAL) in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-two, and of the Indpendence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-sixth.

By the Governor: RUSSELL W. PETERSON WALTON H. SIMPSON, Secretary of State