Delaware General Assembly







TO: Heads of all State Departments and Agencies

SUBJECT: Implementation of the Governor's Task Force On Government Reorganization

WHEREAS, House Bill No. 91 of the 125th General Assembly (hereinafter "the Act"), approved April 25, 1969, created the Governor's Task Force on Government Reorganization (hereinafter "Task Force"); and

WHEREAS, it is desirable to appoint the members of such Task Force and prescribe its duties and responsibilities and set guidelines for its operation in the work or reorganizing the Executive Branch of the State Government:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby declare and order as follows:

1. The Task Force shall consist of the following persons:

E. Norman Veasey, Chairman

Mrs. Morton H. Golby, Secretary

Dr. Harold C. Brown

Honorable William L. Frederick

Honorable Everette Hale

Charles K. Keil, Esquire

Halsey G. Knapp

Dr. Robert H. Parker

Ben P. Young

2. The Task Force shall study the appropriate methods for implementing the consolidation of the existing agencies of the executive branch of the government and the establishment of a cabinet form of government, in accordance with the public policy stated in the Act.

3. The Task Force shall keep records of its proceedings and make the same available at all times to the Governor and his staff.

4. The Task Force shall make reports and recommendations, including drafts of required legislation on the implementation of the purposes of the Act and this Executive Order at such times and in such form as the Governor may request; provided, however, that in any event, the chairman of the Task Force shall submit to the Governor the following progress reports in such form as the chairman shall determine on or before the following dates:

(a) Preliminary report, no later than July 1, 1969.

(b) Completed recommendation, including draft enabling legislation for the creation of at least two Cabinet Departments, no later than October 15, 1969.

(c) Preliminary plan for total implementation of the purposes of the Act and this Executive Order, no later than December 1, 1969.

5. The Task Force shall work with the appropriate committee of the General Assembly once its recommendations are in final form and approved by the Governor. This shall include especially any committee or joint committee that may be established by the General Assembly to deal with this specific subject.

6. The chairman of the Task Force is hereby authorized to employ such personnel, staff and consultants, upon such terms and conditions, within the appropriations authorized by law, as he shall determine in his discretion.

7. All State agencies, boards, commissions, and departments shall make available to any member of the Task Force or any other person duly authorized by the chairman of the Task Force, all records, books, accounts, documents or any other information thereof, except to the extent that disclosure of any such information shall be otherwise prohibited by law and the personnel of all such agencies, boards, commissions, and departments are directed to cooperate with the members of the Task Force and its authorized personnel in providing the Task Force with the information which it shall require.

8. The existence of the Task Force shall cease on December 31, 1970, unless extended by act of the General Assembly.

Approved this 23rd day of June, 1969.





Secretary of State