Delaware General Assembly



Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware (three-fourths of all members of each Branch thereof concurring therein):

Section 1. There is appropriated for maintenance, equipment and operation of the Hospitals hereinafter mentioned, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1969, the sums of money set after the names of such hospitals respectively:



Beebe Hospital of Sussex County, Inc.

$86,240.00 86,240.00

Kent General Hospital


Milford Memorial Hospital, Inc.


Nanticoke Memorial Hospital


Riverside Hospital


St. Francis Hospital, Inc.


Wilmington Medical Center, Inc.




Section 2. There is likewise appropriated for the migrant health program the sum of $25,000.00 to be disbursed by the Department of Welfare to the hospitals participating in this program on a per diem basis for the cost of services provided. Section 3. The State Auditor may from time to time verify the expenditures and the cost basis for billing of said hospitals and report to the State Treasurer and the Budget Director. Section 4. The provisions of Sections 1, 2, and 3 of this Act notwithstanding, the Budget Commission shall administer this Act and shall have the power to reduce the amounts to be paid to the individual hospitals to the extent that the funds withheld are allocated and transferred to the Department of Public Welfare as provided for in Section 5 of this Act, and the State Treasurer shall make no payment under this Act except upon the prior approval of the Budget Commission and of the Budget Director as elsewhere required by law. In reducing the amounts to be paid to the hospitals pursuant to this section, the Budget Commission shall make such reduction on as nearly a uniform basis as possible; provided, however, that the Commission shall endeavor to assure that each hospital shall receive during the fiscal year payments from the Department of Public Welfare for medical benefits and grants pursuant to this Act which total not less than the amount specified for such hospital in Sections 1 and 2 of this Act.

Section 5. The Budget Commission shall have the power to allocate and transfer to the Department of Public Welfare from the sums herein appropriated to the hospitals amounts not to exceed $300,000.00 for any fiscal quarter, for the purpose of continuing the program of medical assistance within the requirements of Section 121 (a) of P. L. 89-97enacted by the Congress of the United States and commonly known as Title XIX of the Social Security Act. After the requirements of Section 47 of this Act have been met, the Budget Commission shall have the additional power to transfer remaining funds to the Department of Public Welfare within the requirements of Section 121 (a) of P. L. 89-97. The Budget Commission shall not allocate to the Department of Public Welfare any of the sums herein mentioned except upon the following conditions:

(A) The State Plan of Medical Care to be carried out by the Department of Public Welfare meets the requirements for federal financial participation under the aforementioned Title XTX, and

(B) The sums expended by the Department pursuant to this Act shall be limited to:

(1) inpatient hospital services,

(2) outpatient hospital services,

(1) other laboratory and x-ray services,

(1) skilled nursing home services for individuals 21 years of age or older, and

(2) physicians' services, whether furnished in the office, the patient's home, a hospital, or a skilled nursing home, or elsewhere, and

(6) health services to migrant labor as provided in Section 2 of this Act not to exceed $25,000.00.

Section 6. This Act is a supplementary appropriation and the money appropriated shall be paid by the State Treasurer from the General Fund of the State.

Approved June 28, 1968.