Delaware General Assembly





Whereas, Elisha C. Dukes, Secretary of State, on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

Now, therefore, I, Charles L. Terry, Jr., Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. B. C. Industries, Inc.; A. B. M. Realty Corp.; A & C Realty Corporation; A. I. Jarrett, Inc.; A. I. Smith & Co., Inc.; A. J. B. Theatres, Inc.; A. & M. Service Inc.; A. N. Marquis Company, The; A-OK Company, The; Ace Engineering Co., Inc.; Acoustiguide, Inc.; Action, Inc.; Actuation Systems & Manufacturing, Inc.; Adams Distributing Company, Inc.; Adams Funeral Home, Inc.; Aden Corporation; Administrative Management Society; Adrian Enterprises, Incorporated; Adult Service Foundation, Inc.; Advance Tree Service, Inc.; Advanced Industry Technology Int., Inc.; Advent Systems, Incorporated; Aero Associates, Inc.; Aerosal Filling Co.; Aerospace Associates, Inc.; Afcorp Inc.; Air-Way Electric Appliance Corporation; Aladdin Publishing Company, Inc.; Alao Valley Mining and Timber Corporation; Alarco, Inc.; Albee Rolligon Company, Inc.; Albert Stirlith, Inc.; Alcan U. S. Corp.; Aldo Corporation; Aldon Construction Company; Alexander Edwards Co.; Alexander Vardaro Fireworks Mfg. Corporation; Alfonso's Restaurant, Inc.; Ali Corporation; All American Building Materials Corp.; All-American Fund Distributors, Inc.; Allegheny Land Company; Allegheny Sales Corporation; Allegheny Steel Corporation; Allegheny Steel Corporation of New Jersey; Allendale Builders, Inc.;

Allied Florists Association of Greater Washington; Allied Insurance, Inc.; Allied Inventory Associates, Inc.; Alma Gold Corporation; Am. International Corporation; Amco Plumbing and Heating Co.; America Corporation; American Beauty Salons Cooperative, Inc.; American Board of Allergy, Inc.; American Business Funds International, Inc.; American Carpet Company; American Coin Machine Service & Sales Inc.; American Dehydrating, Inc.; American Development Corporation of Texas, Inc.; American Dynamic Development, Inc.; American Dynamics Corporation; American Electro Metal Corporation; American Employees' Finance Company; American Energy Corporation; American Equities Fund, Inc.; American-Hawaiian Steamship Company, Inc.; American & Hellenic Club, Inc.; American Home--Service Association; American International Housing Corporation; American Liquid Fertilizer Corporation; American National Motor Inns, of Delaware, Inc.; American Products Corporation of Michigan; American Training Service, Inc.; American Tube & Steel Co.; American Weapons Corporation; American Window Company, Inc.; Americantenna Microwave, Inc.; Americas Eastern Oil Co.; Ames Investments, Inc.; Amy Joy Cottage Grove, Inc.; Amy Joy Donuts of America, Inc.; Amy Joy Donuts, Inc.; Amy Joy Harlem, Inc.; Amy Joy Kimball, Inc.; Amy Joy Nanette, Inc.; Anaf Educational Services, Inc.; Anconco, Inc.; Anderson Die Casting and Engineering Corporation; Andrew Steiner Enterprises, Inc.; Andrews & Andrews, Inc.; Anglo American Electronics Corp.; Angus Corporation; Annkor Import Export Company; Antenna Systems, Inc.; Anthony F. Disabating Co., Inc.; Anthony M. Reinach Foundation, Inc.; Apartment & Home Builders, Inc.; Apex Air Conditioning, Inc.; Apli-Pats, Inc.; Appalachian Oil Company; Appalacian Mushroom Farms, Inc.; Applied Systems Corporation; Aquarium Philadelphia Foundation; Aquatex Industries, Inc.; Ardeana Imprinting, Inc.; Argonaut Offshore Loading, Inc.; Argonne Gas Co., Inc.; Arista Development Corp.; Arizona 13 Corporation; Armed Forces Retired Men's Accepting Corporation; Armor Trimon Elevator Corporation; Armstrong Vending Company; Arnold Knitwear Mills, Inc.; Art Alter Clothier, Inc.; Art-Craft Builders, Inc.; Art Floor, Inc.; Artec Productions, Inc.; Arthur C. Gluckman Co.; Artos Safety Equipment Corporation; Asbury Development Corporation; Ash Park, Inc.; Atina Chemical Inc.; Atlantic Coast Tank Cleaning Corporation; Atlantic General Corporation; Atlantic International Films, Inc.;

Atlantic Marineland, Inc.; Atmos-Pak, Inc.; Attalla Industries, Inc.; Australasian Metals and Ores Corporation; Automatic File & Index Company; Aviation Finance Corp.; Axel G. Rosengren, The.; American Rail and Steel Co.

B B T Corporation; B. D. M. Corporation, Inc.; B. I. G. Inc.; B. Rubin Research, Inc.; Bagasse Overseas, Ltd.; Bankers Bond Co., The; Barnes & Associates, Inc.; Barone Sunoco Service, Inc.; Barq's Bottling Company of Los Angeles Inc.; Barrie Corporation, The; Barrier Paper Manufacturers' Association Inc.; Barsi & Co., Inc.; Barton Equipment Corp.; Batchelder Equipment & Engineering, Inc.; Baxter Operations, Inc.; Bay Bridge Container Corporation; Bay Side, Inc.; Bay-Stevenson English Muffin, Corp.; Bayshore Club, Inc., The; Bayshore Realty Inc.; Beachwold Pictures, Inc.; Bear Concrete Company, Inc.; Beckol, Inc.; Beco American Corporation; Bede Manufacturing Corporation; Bedell Store, Inc., The; Beechmont Securities Corporation; Beldode Recording Corp.; Bellarmine Book Distributors, Inc.; Bellas Hess Superstores, Inc. of Mobile; Belle-Valley Homes, Inc.; Ben Franklin Corporation, The; Benson Hotel Corporation; Benson, Kittredge & Gregory Associates, Inc.; Bernard Smith Foundation, Inc.; Besser Poultry Corporation; Best Buy Foods, Inc.; Best Mold Company, The; Bethesda Progress Corporation; Better-Care Bed Company; Beverly Distributors, Inc.; Bewo Metal Corporation; Bianchini Gallery, Inc.; Bible Covenant Baptist Church, Inc.; Big Four Trucking Corporation; Bill Binko, Inc.; Bill Chaffee Buick, Inc.; Bill Elsey Leasing Service, Inc.; Billiards, Inc.; Bilmor Construction Co.; Biochemical Reduction Corporation; Birchwood Construction Co.; Bird 'N' Burger System, Inc.; Blackwell Realty Company; Blasters, Inc.; Blinker, Inc., The; Bloomfield Building Industries, Inc.; Blue Head Machine Corporation; Blue Hen Ramblers, Inc.; Blue Ribbon Beef Co.; Blue Vista, Inc.; Bob Turley's Newark Bowl, Inc.; Bobley Publishing Southern Corporation; Bocjl Corporation; Bolivar Productions, Inc.; Bon Marche, Inc.; Bond Managers, Inc.; Bon-sail and Banks, Inc.; Bonus Rent-A-Car System, Inc.; Bouhof Corporation, The; Bow Wow Cosmetic Co.; Bowlero-Lemon Grove, Inc.; Boxwood Cleaners, Inc.; Boyce & Williams, Inc.; Bradbury Village, Inc.; Bradec Corporation; Braeger Chevrolet, Inc.; Brandywine Hundred Realty, Inc.; Brandywine Investment Corporation; Brandywine Optimist Club, Inc.; Braunstein's Specialty, Inc.; Briar Knoll Corporation; Bristol Electronics, Inc.; Bristol International Corporation; British Convertible Furniture Corporation; British Lands, Inc.; Broadcast Development Corporation; Broadcast Imports Inc.; Bronze, Inc.; Brookline Hotel Corporation; Brooks Furniture Co., Inc.; Brown Enterprises, Inc.; Brown-Jordan Corp'n; Browntown Outing Club; Brubaker Studio, Inc.; Brush-Tone Corporation; Buckeye Manufacturing Company; Bugliani, Corn-Cob King, Inc.; Brunswick New Castle Corp.; Building Products of Los Angeles, Inc.; Bulk Navigation & Towing, Inc.; Bulletin Board, Inc., The; Burbank Apartments, Inc.; Bureau Properties, Inc.; Business Research Company; Buttonwood Civic Association, Inc.; Byrne Organization, Inc.; Byron Musser, Inc.

C. & B. Development Co.; C. B. M. Industries, Inc.; C. C. McCurley, Inc.; C-L Processes, Incorporated; C-T Instrument Co.; C. T. Sherer Incorporated; California Imperial Contractors, Inc.; Campanelli Construction Company; Candore International, Inc.; Cannon Aluminum, Inc.; Cantrell & Cochrane-Blue Ridge Corporation; Capital Camera, Inc.; Capital Food Mart, Inc.; Capital Sewing Machine Company, Inc.; Capital Theatres, Inc.; Capitol Development Co.; Capitol Insurance Underwriters, Inc.; Capn's Galley, Inc.; Capro's Inc.; Car-Stop, Inc.; Caravan Travelers Club; Cardinal School, Inc.; Caribbean Agencies, Inc.; Caribbean American Corporation; Caribbean Operations Corporation; Carlmin Productions, Ltd.; Carpet Crafters of Delaware, Inc.; Carpet Crafters, Inc.; Carrier Services International, Inc.; Cars, Inc.; Castle Television Tuner Service, Inc.; Catherine Story, Inc.; Causeway Auto Co.; CBS Corporation; Cee Tee Cee, Inc. of Delaware; Cenampa Investments Corporation; Center Diner, Inc.; Center For International Economic Growth, Inc.; Central Acceptance Corp. of Delaware; Central Airport, Incorporated; Central Development Company, Inc.; Central Rehabilitation Referral Service, Inc., The; Century, Inc. of New York; Century Industries, Inc.; Cersolsun Research Corporation; Chad, Inc.; Chamberlin Service, Inc.; Chaplin Street Apartments, Inc.; Charles Buick, Inc.; Charles F. Vardeman Corporation; Charles Spiegel Company, Inc.; Chatham Crystal Corporation; Chavannes Synthetic Fibres, Inc.; Chefmaster Products, Inc.; Chelsea Estates Land Co.; Chemical Toilets, Inc.; Chester E. Smith & Sons, Inc.; Chester P. Vendetti Production Corporation; Chestnut Run Liquors, Inc.; Child Help-Mate Foundation, Inc.; China Boy Restaurant, Inc.; Chrispens Rentals, Inc.; Christiana Insurance Company; Christiana Mortgage and Finance Co.; Circle Corporation, The; Citation Corporation, The; Citizens Investments, Inc.; Citizens Protective Association; Citro & Sons, Inc.; Clark Brothers, Inc.; Clark Chevrolet Corp.; Clarkpix Corporation; Claymont Commuters, Inc.; Clayton Development Co. Inc.; Clearview Development Company, Inc.; Cleveland Industrial Tires, Inc.; Climax Municipal Supply Co.; Cline Electric Manufacturing Company; Club 61; Co-Op. Organizers, Inc.; Coffee Shop, Inc., The; Coleman Enterprises, Inc.; Collieries Realty & Equipment Co., Inc.; Collins Tuttle Investment Corporation; Colomax, Inc.; Colombian American Mining Corporation; Colonial Kitchens, Inc.; Color-Lock Corp.; Comar, Inc.; Combined Investing Company, Inc.; Commerce Chemical Corporation; Commerce Corner, Inc.; Commerce Investment Corporation; Commercial International Corporation; Commoditly Wire Advices, Inc.; Common Market Fund, Inc., The; Communications, Inc.; Community Broadcasting Corporation; Community Capital Funds of Northern Delaware, Inc.; Comval Corporation; Concord Social Club; Concrete Maintenance Products, Inc.; Confab Corporation; Confederate State Scramblers, Inc.; Connor Studio Sales, Inc.; Con-sad Corporation; Consolidated Chemonics Corporation; Consolidated Conte Corp.; Consolidated Data-Com. Systems, Inc.; Consolidated Manufacturers, Inc.; Consolidated Publishing Company, Inc.; Consolidated Sand & Materials Corporation; Consultants, Inc.; Consumer Marketing Association, Inc.; Continental Construction Corporation; Continental Reserve Corporation; Continental Sales, Inc.; Cool Spring Community, Inc.; Coordinating Committee For Fundamental American Freedoms, Inc.; Copley Securities Corporation; Copy Research Company; Coral Harbour Association of Washington, D. C., Inc.; Corbate Co., Inc.; Corbetta Contractors, Inc.; Corbit Graveyard Association; Cord Automobile Company; Coret Corporation; Cormorant Corporation, The; Cornie Freight Lines, Inc.; Corporate Funding Corporation; Corporate Option Company, Inc.; Corporation Suppliers, Inc.; Cottonwood Corporation; Country Kindergarten, Inc.; Country Wide Offices Corporation; Covington Home Furnishings Company, Inc.; Craftsman Corporation; Crandall Corporation, The; Creative Plastic Packaging, Inc.; Credit Bureau of Douglas County, Inc.; Crescent Exploration Company; Crest Research, Inc.; Crestline Builders of Delaware, Inc.; Crestwood Carpet Mills of Arizona, Inc.; Cropper and Thomas, Inc.; Crystalon Industries, Inc.; Crystocolor Decorations, Inc.; Culver Raieco, Inc.; Custom Delivery Service, Inc.; Cycle Products of USA Inc.

D. A. F. D. Associates, Inc.; D. and D. Liquors, Inc.; D & J Steel Erection Co., Inc.; D & W Service Center, Inc.; Daggett & Ramsdell, Inc.; Dalite Company of Delaware, Ltd.; Dallas Builders, Inc.; Dana Vending Co., Inc.; Daniel D. Rappa Fuel Oil, Inc.; D'Aprile Brothers Co.; Darien Construction Co.; Darling Operating Corporation; Darling Retail Shops Corporation; Darling Roanoke Corporation; Darling Shop of Macon, Inc.; Darling Shops of Butte, Inc.; Darling Shops Delaware Corp.; Darling Shops of Oklahoma, Inc.; Darling Shops Operating Corporation; Darling Stores Corporation, The; Darling Stores, Inc.; Darling Stores Operating Corporation; Darling Utah Corp.; Darman Corporation; Datamatic Systems, Inc.; Datascope Corporation; Davalda, Inc.; Davette, Inc.; Davis Enterprises, Inc.; Davohn Corporation; De La Roza Corporation; Deanpat Childrens Productions, Limited; Deepdale Fabrics Corporation; Del. Com. Enterprises, Inc.; Del-Penn Construction Co.; Delapeake Building Supplies, Inc.; Delaware Advertising & Management Agency, Inc.; Delaware Agricultural Marketing Association, Inc.; Delaware-American Oil Corp.; Delaware Avenue Customers Parking, Inc.; Delaware Chesapeake Corporation; Delaware First State Fireworks Mfg. Corp.; Delaware Foundation For Accounting Education; Delaware Home Furnishings, Inc.; Delaware Home Products Corporation; Delaware-Montreal Garage Corporation; Delaware-Montreal Leasing Corporation; Delaware National Insurance Company; Delaware Music & Sound Corp.; Delaware Press Club, Ltd.; Delaware Prestressed Corporation; Delaware Sales & Service Co.; Delaware Society of Clinical Laboratory Directors; Delaware Truck Center Inc.; Delaware Underwriters Management Corporation; Delaware Valley Realty Corporation; Delawareans For Orderly Development, Inc.; Delcarib Ventures, Inc.; Delleary Enterprises, Inc.; Delmarva Hydraulics, Inc.; Deluxe Builders, Inc.; Densewood Corporation; Denyes Retail Stores, Inc.; Dependable Service Store, Inc.; Derbigny Restaurant, Inc.; Design Originals, Inc.; Detroit Tractors, Ltd.; Developments International Corporation; Dever Industries, Inc.; Devon Industries, Inc.; Dewey & Grady Incorporated; Diamond River Mines, Inc.; Diamond State Building Corporation; Diane Productions, Inc.; Dick Walters Ford, Inc.; Diner's Acceptance Corp.; Dinwiddie Management, Inc.; Direct Methods Corporation; Dispenser Sales Corporation; Diversified Management Corporation; Diversified Projects, Inc.; Dixon Mills, Inc.; Do-Ri Food Products, Inc.; Dob Oil Properties, Inc.; Dolph Radio & Television Productions, Inc.; Don Rose Associates, Inc.; Donald F. Duncan Inc.; Donovan & Black, Inc.; Dover Bakery, Inc.; Dover Banana Company, Inc.; Dover Bowling Lanes, Inc.; Dover Instrument Company; Drake Motor Sales, Inc.; Drexel Crest, Inc.; Drug Products Incorporated, Dugger Dry Kiln Corp.; Dunbar Building Co.; Dunbar & Co.; Dundee Properties, Inc.; Dunham & Chalfant International Incorporated; Duo-Matic Corporation; Durasol Drug & Chemical Co.; Dutch Court Rest Home, Inc.; Douglas Campbell, Inc.

E. A. Pessagno, Inc.; E. C. Babounis and Associates, Ltd.; E. D. Shaffer, Inc.; E. H. & M. Co.; E-Z Mobile Homes Sales of Wilmington, Inc; East Campus Supply Co.; East Coast Erection Co.; Eastern Fire Warning Systems, Inc.; Eastlawn Civic Association of Wilmington, Delaware Inc.; Easy Publishing Co., Inc., The; Edco Water Conditioning Incorporated; Edray, Incorporated; Educational Enterprises of Washington, D. C., Inc.; Educational Facilities Planning, Inc.; Edward J. Brady Foundation; Edwin K. Williams & Co.; Ego Dynamics Institute, Inc.; Eimco Inter-American, Inc.; Eisenman Laboratory, Inc.; El Rancho Corporation; Elemar Construction Co.; Elite Theatrical Productions Ltd.; Ellern's Corporation; Elliot H. Kapstein, Inc.; Ellis Corporation, The; Elmar Foundation, Inc.; Eltana Corporation; Embassy-Kentmere, Inc.; Emeritus Medical Research Association, The; Emkay, Inc.; Engle Flying Service, Inc.; Ensign Leasing Financial Corporation; Enterprise Realty Co.; Equipment Leasing Corporation; Equitable Financial Corporation; Equities Management Corporation; Equity International Company; Erco Industries, Inc.; Erie Corp.; Escott Brothers, Inc.; Esteroy Corp.; Estey Electronics, Inc.; Eugene Davidson, Incorporated; Euramas Corporation; Evans Aircraft Engine, Corp.; Executive Pharmacy, Inc.; Executive Hall of Fame, Inc.; Exporters Freight Forwarding Services, Inc.

F. A. McKenna, Inc.; F. L. Cooke Electronic Engineering Corp.; Fabrecolor Corporation; Fabulous Formulas, Inc.; Fair of Puerto Rico, Inc., The; Fairmay, Inc.; Faith and Truth Temple of God of the Apostolic Faith, Incorporated; Family Credit Management, Inc.; Family Shoes, Inc.; Farlan Construction Co., Inc.; Farmers Investment Company; Federal Development Corporation; Federal Home Finance, Inc.; Federal Realty Corp.; Fen-Mar Corporation; Ferro's Inc.; Fidelitron Corporation; Fieldquarters International, Inc.; Fifty-Forty Kenmore Ave. Corporation; Fifty Front Corporation; Films Research Corporation; Financial Commercial Investment Corporation of Maryland; Financial Group Distributors, Inc.; Financial Management Company, Inc.; Financial Security Systems, Inc.; Fintec International, Inc.; First International Company; First Reserve Loan and Discount Company; First State Distributors, Inc.; First State Floor Covering, Inc.; First State Safety Company, Inc.; 1st United States Ltd.; First Wilmington Corporation, The; Fisher Lyons/Associates, Inc.; 519 Philadelphia Pike, Inc.; Fixtures Akron, Inc.; Fixtures Beaumont, Inc.; Fixtures Colonie, Inc.; Fixtures Fremont, Inc.; Fixtures Montgomery, Inc.; Fixtures Tuscaloosa, Inc.; Flavor Lok, Inc.; Fleetway System, Inc.; Flexiboom Corporation; Flight Safety, Inc.; Florida-Patsand Corp.; Floseal Corporation; Fluid Controls, Inc.; FlynnHarris-Bullard Company, Foamcore Corporation, Fonda Industries, Inc.; Forbes Mortgage Company; Formigli Corporation of Delaware; Fort Knox Publishing, Inc.; Foss-Hughes Realty Company; Foster Bayou Corp.; Foundation For Advancement Management, The; Founders' Discounting Corporation; Four Hundred Construction Company; Four Season's Club, Inc.; Franchise Aid Unlimited, Inc.; Franchises Unlimited, Inc.; Franco-American Research Corporation; Frank Vassallo and Sons, Inc.; Franklin Acidizing Company, Inc.; Franklin Equipment & Supply Co., Inc.; Franklin Paving Company, Inc.; Freund Dredging, Inc.; Frontenac Realty Corporation; Frontier Field Service, Inc.; Frontier Pipeline Corporation; Frostop of Delaware, Inc.; Fruit Importers, Inc.; Fuller Graham Corporation; Fund Trustors, Inc., The; Funded Security Corporation; Furniture Services, Inc.; Furniture Storage Ltd.; Future Homes of America Incorporated.

G. M. & J. Transport, Inc.; G & M Waste Paper Products Company;; G & T Associates, Inc.; G-Marine Enterprises, Inc.; Gade Manufacturing Co.; Galaxy Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.; Gallant Fashions, Inc.; Gamma Leather Goods Corporation; Garment News Network, Inc.; Gary Corporation; Gas Corporation of America; Gato Ridge Oil Company; Gemex Precision Metals, Inc.; General Engineering & Sales Company; General Granite, Inc.; General Research Foundation and Institute; George-Co Mfg. Co. Inc.; George O'Toole, Inc.; Geo. W. Kerford Quarry Co.; Gerber Petroleum Corporation; Gerell Society, Inc.; Germany Company; Gib Bergstrom, Inc.; Gibbs Charter Service, Inc.; Gilbert Wheel, Inc.; Gizzi Concrete Co., Inc.; Glacial Commercial Corporation; Glass Corporation of America, Inc.; Glen Hazel Bottling Co., Inc.; Glidol Supply Corporation; Global Entertainment Corporation; Globor Inc.; Gold-Hill Prepared Foods, Inc.; Gold Manufacturing, Inc.; Golden Jewelers, Inc.; Gollightly Construction Corporation; Goodhall Studios, Inc.; Goodwin Laboratories, Inc.; Gotham Rhodes Ltd.; Government Services Assistance, Inc.; Grand Union Hotel Company; Granite City Pur-Gas, Inc.; Grayslake Paint and Glass Co., Inc.; Grayson's Incorporated, Illinois; Grayson's Incorporated, Michigan; Graysons-Texas Corp.; Graytex Corp.; Great Divide Explorations, Inc.; Great Protector Co.; Great Western Service Corporation; Greatest Records Inc.; Green Thumb Oil Company; Greenville Enterprises, Inc.; Greenwood Properties, Inc.; Ground, Land and Development Corporation; Group Shippers and Receivers Association; Guaranty Holding Corporation; Guinea American International Corporation; Gulf States Industries, Inc.; Gulick Drilling Company; Gusbil, Inc.; Guy's Enterprises, Inc.

H. W. Ulmer Co.; Hall Enterprises, Inc.; Hamer Products Company; Hammond Homes, Inc.; Hamore, Inc.; Hanover Financial Corporation; Hanover Housing Corporation; Hansa, Inc.; Harbert, Inc.; Harco Oil Recovery Corp.; Hardex-Columbus, Inc.; Hardgoods Akron, Inc.; Hardgoods Beaumont, Inc.; Hard-goods Birmingham, Inc.; Hardgoods Buffalo, Inc.; Hardgoods Colonie, Inc.; Hardgoods Florence, Inc.; Hardgoods Fremont, Inc.; Hardgoods Hertel, Inc.; Hardgoods Montgomery, Inc.; Hardgoods Niagara, Inc.; Hardgoods Seneca, Inc.; Hardgoods Tuscaloosa, Inc.; Hardwick Construction Co., Inc.; Harmantics Corporation; Harmony Applicators, Inc.; Harold Surrey Company, Inc.; Haron, Incorporated; Harrisburg Fuel and Construction Company, A Corporation; Harry Wismer Associates, Inc.; Hask, Inc.; Hawthorn Television Company; Hazel Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.; Healing Life Inc.; Health Industries Growth Fund, Inc.; Heffernan Builders, Inc.; Helicopter Sales and Service Corporation; Herald, Inc., The; Heritage Coin Company, Inc., The; Herb Migliocco, Mechanical Contractor, Inc.; Hermsmeyer Oil, Inc.; Herson Auto Parts and Glass, Inc.; Heyer Industries Incorporated; Hi-Roc Dispensary, Inc.; Hibriten Foundation; Hibriten Industries, Inc.; Hickory Ridge Water & Sanitation Co.; Highway Sleeper Corporation; Highways of the World, Inc.; Hill Aviation, Inc.; Hill-Welch Corporation; Hillsboro Trucking Co.; Hirgold Mazel Corp.; HKS Inc.; H. J. T. Corporation; H and R Enterprises, Inc.; H & S Kosher Poultry Corporation; H & S Manufacturing Co.; Hoffman Machinery Credit Corporation; Holden's Beauty Salon, Inc.; Holly Oak Construction Co., Inc.; Holman and Montgomery Oil Company; Holomb and Ireland, Inc.; Home Modernization Incorporated; Homecraft, Inc.; Hope Realty Company, Inc.; Hotel Sherman, Inc.; House of Edin, Ltd.; Houston Industrial Tires, Inc.; Hub, Inc., The; Hutchison Corporation, The; Hydramotive, Ltd.; Hydro-Swarf, Inc.; Hypodermic Needle Valve Corporation.

I. J. Realty Co.; I. V. Publishing Co.; Ice Control Equipment Company, Inc.; ICX, Inc.; Illinois Slurry Seal Co.; Imperiana Corporation; Improvement Services, Inc.; Independent Carton Company; Independent Telephone Equipment Corporation; Industrial and Business Association of America, Inc.; Industrial Corporation of America; Industrial Development Corporation of Iran; Industrial Minerals Corporation; Innovations, Inc.; Institutional Associates, Inc.; Integrated Graphic Processing, Inc.; Inter-Continental Development Corporation; Intercon Building Products Corporation; Intercontinental Corp.; Intercontinental Reification Company; Intercontinental Sales Ltd.; Intercontinental Service, Inc.; Intermodal, Inc.; International Bituminous Research & Development Corporation; International Cold Storage Associates, Inc.; International Commerce & Finance Corporation; International Duro-Box Corporation; International Educational Services, Inc.; International Export-Import Corp.; International Fiberglass Corporation; International Hermetics, Inc.; International Hotel Services, Inc.; International Marketing, Ltd.; International Motion Pictures Ltd.; International Quarter Horse Bloodstock Sales Corporation; International Research & Development Corp.; International Ski & See Club, Inc.; International Superior Engineering Corp.; International Technical Drilling Services, Inc.; International Teaching Machine Corporation; International Tele-Service, Inc.; Interstate Bowling Corp.; Interstate Commodities Express, Inc.; Investment Fund Associates, Inc.; Investment Life Company, The; Investor Service Fund, Inc.; Iranian Shipping Services, Inc.; Iron Art Industries, Inc.; Isabell's, Inc.; Island Van & Storage, Inc.; Israel Gem Corporation.

J. & F. Motor Vehicles, Inc.; J. & H. Trading Corporation; J. H. Wilkerson & Son, Inc.; J & L Corporation; J & L Marine Co.; J. L. Sarner Company; J. Lauritzen, Inc.; J. M. Warren Inc.; J. P. Associates, Inc.; J. R. Baker, Jr. Co.; J. S. Gissel & Company; Jake's Market, Inc.; James Brand Inc.; James E. Murray, Inc.; Jane Ann Corporation, The; Janlyn Oil Company, Inc.; Jard, Inc.; Jay-Dor Amusement Corp.; Jay Investment Corporation; Jeff's Chicago, Inc.; Jefferson Diversified Industries, Inc.; Jefferson Enterprises, Inc.; Jefferson Liquors, Inc.; Jefferson Sponsors, Inc.; Jersey Sales & Supply, Inc.; Jesco International Corporation; Jesse P. Greenstein Memorial Foundation; Jest Corporation; Jetwell, Inc.; Joesting & Schilling Company, The; John B. Crosby Construction Co.; John B. Crosby & Son, Inc.; John Cantrell Associates, Inc.; John F. Houtman, Jr., Inc.; John Jacobson Associates, Inc.; Johnson-Dunn Construction Co.; Joiner Furniture House, Inc.; Joint Projects, Inc.; Jones Bros., Inc.; Jordan Paint Factory of Wilmington, Inc.; Joseph Digiacinto, Inc.; Joseph K. Walters Co.; Joseph V. Brunozzi & Son, Inc.; Julian Iron Corporation; Just Corporation.

K.P.I., Inc.; Kane Advertising, Inc.; Kapak, Inc.; Kari-Hi, Inc.; Keblok Corporation; Kelley Realty Corporation; Kennel Corporation of America, The; Kenney Systems, Inc.; Kent-Sussex Athletic Association; Kent & Sussex Oil Co.; Kentucky Sun Coal Company; Kenzar, Inc. (Okinawa); Keystone Foundation Incorporated; Keystone House & Window Cleaning Company, Inc.; Kilroy's, Inc.; Kinco Eastern Constructors, Inc.; King Christophe's Mines, Inc.; King Midas Enterprises, Inc.; King Real Estate Co.; King Street Social Club, Inc.; Kirkpatrick Construction Co., Inc.; Kirkwood Development, Inc.; Klair Estates Civic Association, Section B, Inc.; Klamon Furniture Mart, Inc.; Kleber Laboratories, Inc.; Klein International, Ltd.; Kloker Chemical Development Company; Kolyba Corp.; Kragor

Maxam Beaumont, Inc.; Maxam Birmingham, Inc.; Maxam Buffalo, Inc.; Maxam Colonie, Inc.; Maxam Florence, Inc.; Maxam Fremont, Inc.; Maxam Hertel, Inc.; Maxam, Inc.; Maxam Montgomery, Inc.; Maxam Newport News Inc.; Maxam Niagara, Inc.; Maxam Norfolk, Inc.; Maxam Richmond, Inc.; Maxam Seneca, Inc.; Maxam Tuscaloosa, Inc.; Maxco Corp.; Maxwell Sales & Engineering Company; Maydole Tool Company, Inc.; Maykut Construction Co., Inc.; McAtee-Durbin Dodge, Inc.; McCann Real Estate and Insurance, Inc.; McCann Realty Co.; McClatchy New Castle Corporation; McFarland Apartments, Inc.; McShain Construction Company; Mc-W Construction International, S. C.; Med Electronics, Incorporated; Medic Opticians, Inc.; Medical Care Investments Corporation; Medical Redio Network, Inc.; Mercury Mining and Milling Corp.; Meridian Resources, Inc.; Meridional Overseas Ferry Navigation Corporation; Michini's Stockyard Inn, Inc.; Mid-American Corporation of Puerto Rico; Mid-Atlantic Construction Company, Inc.; Middletown Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Midesat-Gammon, Inc.; Midland Mining Company; Midtown Cafe, Inc.; Midway Contracting Company; Migliocco Brothers, Inc.; Milbury Credit Corporation; Milroc, Inc.; Minerals Sales Corporation; Misco, Inc.; Mittas, Inc.; Modern Petroleum Corporation; Modernizers, Inc.; Mohawk Realty and Equipment Corp.; Monterey Construction Company; Moore's Mobile Home Park, Inc.; Mooresfield Farm, Inc.; Morningside Dance Center, Inc.; Morris Poultry Farm, Inc.; Morstors, Inc.; Mortgage and Financing Services of Delaware, Inc.; Mortgage Funds of America, Inc.; Mortgage Mart, Inc.; Mosher Steel Company; Motel Operations International, Inc.; Motor Parts and Service, Inc.; Movie-Tune International, Ltd.; Munclus, Inc.; Murdale Hamburgers, Inc.; Murray Levine Real Estate Co., Inc.; Music Dealers Acceptance Corp.; Mutual Employees Trademart Inc.

N. P. Story, Inc.; N. V., Inc.; Nabex-Mobile Finance Corp.; Nabob Apartments, Inc.; Nanticoke Rocket Society, Inc., The; National Assoc. Negro Business & Professional Men & Women; National Baby Care Council; National Billard Service Corporation; National Capital Fund, Inc.; National City Development Co., Inc.; National Claims Adjusters, Inc.; National Encyclopedia of Chicago, Inc.; National Health Foundation and Research Institute, The; National Housing Corporation; National Independent Sales Company; National Organic Corporation of Delaware; National Publishers, Inc.; National Uni-Prem Company; Nationwide Loan Company, Incorporated; Nationwide Management, Inc.; Nationwide Newspaper Services, Inc.; NCP Investing Company, Inc.; Ned L. Painter, Inc.; Needham Research and Development Corp.; Nelco, Incorporated; Nelson Farms, Inc.; Nelson Investment Co., Inc.; New Castle Club; New Castle County Volunteer Firemen's Association; New Chevy Chase, Ltd., The; New Orient Motor Corporation; Newark Sandwich Shop, Inc.; Newark Weekly, Inc.; NeNvbank Limited; New-max, Inc.; Nicatone Corporation; Nielson Publishing Company, Inc.; 906 Broad St. of Augusta, Inc.; 91312 Corporation; Ninth Ward Club; Norhaven Builders, Inc.; Norse Enterprises, Inc.; North American Cigarette Manufacturers Inc.; North American Hotels, Inc.; North American Hydrofoils, Inc.; North American Merchandising Co.; North Brandywine Baseball League, Inc.; Northern Maintenance Co.; Northern Realty, inc.; Northern Virginia Fabrications, Inc.; Norwalk Strawberry Hill Drug Corporation; NRM Trucking Co.; Nu-Way Industrial Burner Corporation; Nugget Production Company.

0. Duggan Co.; 0. E. M. Supply, Inc.; O.V.P. Corporation, The; Oak Lane Manor Community Association; Oakdale Tavern, Inc.; Oasis Tavern, Inc., The; Oceanic Systems Corporation; O'Fallon Concrete Supply Company; Oil Drill Corporation of North America; Old King Mining Company; Olympic Refining Company; 100 East Flagler Street, Incorporated; 111 Cadillac Square Corporation; 120 Corporation, The; 188 Virginia Corp.; One-To-One Corporation; One Prospect Corporation, The; 1050 Woodward Corporation; 1101 Restaurant Company; 1217 King Street Corporation; 1218-11th Street, Incorporated; 1441 Harvard Street, Incorporated; 1737 De Sales, Inc.; Opera House, Inc., The; Open Shop Counselors, Inc.; Optical Aids and Engineering Co.; Oriental Suppliers, Inc.; Oriole Company, Inc.; Osteopathic Medical and Rehabilitation Foundation; Ott Cigar Corporation; Overaker-Morgan Agency, Inc.; Overseas Surveyors Limited; Ox-Bo Realty Corp., The; Ox-Bo System Franchise Corp., The; Oxford Equipment Co.; Ozymandias International, Ltd.

P. M. & A., Ltd.; P. & R. Coal Company, Inc.; P-T-S Electronics Corp.; Pacific Offshore Co.; Page Construction Co.; Page Financial Corporation; Palmer Motor Co.; Palomatic Instrument Corp.;Palso Sales, Inc.; Pampac Pipe, Inc.; Pampas Petroleum Company; Pan American Towing Corporation; Pan American Utilities, Incorporated; Pan Globe Realty & Development Corp.; Pan-Hellenic Capital Corporation; Panama Airways, Inc.; Pan-lock Builders, Inc.; Paplascell, Inc.; Paragon Press, Inc.; Pariv Corporation; Parkway Vending, Inc.; Partner's Investment Co.; Pauline Rabins Memorial Foundation, Inc.; Pegasus Corporation; Penbrook Contracting Corporation; Penguin Foods Inc.; Penn-Federal Corporation; Penn Maid Fashions Co.; Penro Inc.; Penthouse Dry Cleaning Company, Inc.; Peoples Settlement Association of Wilmington, Delaware; Peregrine Corporation, The; Perimeter Unlimited, Inc.; Perma-Dwell Industries, Inc.; Personally Yours, Ltd.; Pete Sagers, Inc.; Peter Pan Cermak, Inc.; Peter Pan Harlem, Inc.; Peter Pan Jeffrey, Inc.; Peter Pan Lincoln, Inc.; Peterson-Sharpe Engineering Corporation; Petrol Shipping Corporation; Pharmatronics, Inc.; Phil's Distributors of Wilmington, Inc.; Phila. Pike Corporation; Philenman Corp.; Philip W. Clark, Inc.; Phillip's Amusements, Inc.; Philly Photo, Inc.; Photek, Inc.; Phyl-Mar Investment Corporation; Picni-Cart, Inc.; Pied Piper Farms, Inc.; Pillar Inn, Inc.; Pine Acres, Inc.; Pine Cove, Inc.; Pirates Bay Marina, Inc.; Pizza Palace, Inc.; Planet Engineers, Incorporated; Plaza Delicatessen, Inc.; Pluribus, Inc.; Podiatry Society of Delaware, Inc.; Polska Narodowa Kasa Chorych Wilmington, Delaware, Incorporated; Port Arthur Iron Ore Corporation; Portable Lubrication, Inc.; Portable Toilets, Inc.; Potato Chips Association, S.A.; Potomac Leasing Company; Power Gas Corporation; Precious Memories Inc.; Presidential-Ayer-Leasing Corporation, The; Presidential-AyerTransport Corporation, The; Primo Enterprises, Inc.; Printz Club, Inc.; Producers Equipment Center, Inc.; Program Publishing Company, Inc.; Public International Housing Corp.; Publishers for Conventions, Inc.; Pullman Couch Company of Pennsylvania, Inc.; Purchase Affiliates International, Inc.; Pyro Piezo Electronics Corporation; Printz Roller Rink, Inc.

Quaker City Flour Mills, Inc.; Quelcor, Inc.; Quik-Chek Corporation; Quiltmaster Corporation, The; Quincy Adams Yachts, Inc.

R B & S Development Corporation; R. E. Broe, Inc.; R. F. Jones, Co.; R. F. Service, Inc.; R. Kipling Corp.; R & L Motors, Inc.; R. M. Flester, Inc.; R & M Realty and Development Company; R. P. House, Inc.; R. R. G. Corp.; R & W Inc.; Radiotel, Inc.; Rainbow Roller Rink, Inc.; Raken Industrial Corporation; Ramsey Oils, Inc.; Rapid Transit Equipment Company; Rapid Transit Lines, Inc.; Rath Pharmaceutics Corporation; Ratliff Oil Producers, Inc.; Ravan Products, Inc.; Raymond Development Industries, Inc.; Re-Nu, Inc.; Real Estate Corporation of Europe; Realin Corporation; Realty Exchange, Inc.; Realty Investors of America, Inc.; Recess Room, Inc.; Red Bridge Investment Company, Inc.; Red Carpet Radio Network, Inc.; Redfens Corp.; Redwood Inn, Inc.; Regency Manor, Inc.; Regional Council of Motor Carriers, Inc.; Rehoboth Dairy, Inc.; Rehoboth Kindergarten Association; Reinsurance Managers, Inc.; Reliance Oil Corporation; Reliance Tradewind Company; Rem Charities Foundation; Rem Industries, Inc.; Rem Research and Development Corp.; Remington Chemical & Research Corporation; Rent-A-Honda, Inc.; Rental Corporation of America, Inc.; Republican Victory Committee, Inc.; Resource Development Corporation; Retail Acceptance Corp.; Retail Stores, Inc.; Retirement Insurance Agency, Inc.; Revere Industries Corporation; Richard H. Ullman Associates, Inc.; Richards Ford City, Inc.; Richard's Hayward, Inc.; Richard's Management Service Corp.; Richard's-95th Street Inc.; Richard's-Ogden Inc.; Richard's Visalia, Inc.; Richard's Wilmington, Inc.; Richburger, Inc.; Rich-mark Corp.; Ricky Ties, Inc.; Ridge View Apts., Inc.; Rio Oil Company; Rittenhouse Corporation, The; River-Chest Inc.; Roach's World-Wide Gifts, Inc.; Robbie Mfg. Co., Inc.; Robert A. Burk & Company; Robert J. Midgely Company; Roberts Canning Co.; Robertson Industries Corporation of America; Robertson's Motor Sales, Inc.; Robilt, Inc.; Rochelle Investment Corporation; Rock Products Manufacturing Corporation; Rockford Park Development Inc.; Rodney Apartments, Inc.; Rodney Fuel Co.; Rodney Street Garage Incorporated; Roger O'Connor, Inc.; Romi Foods, Inc.; Rose Gate Civic Association; Rose Hill Inn, Inc.; Rosenthal Stores, Inc., The; Ross Packing Co., Inc.; Rotex Oil & Minerals, Inc.; Rotomatic, Incorporated; Ruswift, Inc.; Ruth B. Kinney, Inc.; Ruth Shopping Centers, Inc.

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Xavier Cugat Foods, Incorporated.

Yankee Bowling Centers, Inc.; Yeaton & Company, Incorporated; York County Van Company; Yorkmead, Ltd.; Young Executives, Inc.; Young's Health Institute, Inc.

Zomie Electronics Co., Inc.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, Charles L. Terry, Jr., Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the said State to be hereunto affixed at Dover this 17th day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-second.



Attest: ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State