Delaware General Assembly



Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware:

Section 1. § 2151 (3), Title 21, Delaware Code, is amended to read:

(3) For the registration of other motor vehicles, including those propelled by Diesel engines, $2.00 for each 500 pounds or fraction thereof, and in the event the gross load weight exceeds 5,000 pounds, $2.60 for each 500 pounds or fraction thereof over and above 5,000 pounds. The gross load weight shall be the weight of the chassis, body, equipment and maximum allowable load as specified by the application. The fee for registration of motor farm trucks owned and used exclusively by farmers who derive 70 per cent or more of their income from the operation of their farms shall be one-half of the foregoing rates calculated on the gross load weight as defined herein: Provided, however, that in no case shall the required fee for motor vehicles except trailers under this subsection be less than $20.

Section 2. § 2151, Title 21, Delaware Code, is amended by adding thereto a new Section to read:

§ 2151A. Optional provision for tractor trailer units

(a) The owner of every truck tractor which is used to pull a semitrailer may elect to have the total gross load weight of the truck tractor and semi-trailer assessed against the truck tractor and to pay the fees set forth in subsection 2151 (3) of this Title, by filing with the Department an election form as provided by the Commissioner.

(b) Upon election to have the total gross load weight assessed pursuant to subsection (a) of this Section an owner may have not more than 3 semi-trailers, as designated by him, registered upon the payment of a $15 fee for each designated

semi-trailer. No other fee for registration of the semi-trailer shall be required.

(c) The Commissioner shall promulgate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to effectuate this Section.

Approved June 30, 1965.