Delaware General Assembly





Whereas, E. Hobson Davis, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

Now, therefore, I, CHARLES L. TERRY, JR., Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A A Active Fuel Co., AA Shopper's Center, Inc., A.A.L. Inc., A & J Service Co., A-Lure, Inc., A. V. T. Insurance Agencies, Inc., Abbott Realty Fund, Inc., Abbott Supply Company, ABN Industries, Inc., Academy Theatre Corporation, Acme Brands Corporation, Acme Enterprises, Inc., Action Discount Dollars Corporation, Ad Cart Of Ohio, Inc., Adams Welding & Mfg. Co., Addco, Incorporated, Admiral Oil & Gas Company, Adriatic Shipping Agency, Inc., Advanced Development Association, Advertisers Art Studios, Inc., Aerodyne Controls Corporation, Agency Tile Industries, Inc., Aglite Corporation of America, Aim Enterprises, Inc., Air Distribution Installations, Inc., Airline Pilots World Services, Inc., Airport Cab Company, Albatross Advertising, Inc., Aldon Engineering & Development, Ltd., Alexander Rasmussen Co., All-Scope Pictures, Inc., Allied Resources, Inc., Allreal Properties Corp., Allstate Corporation, Alpine Oceanic Corporation, Alrus Stores, Inc., Alto Metal & Ship Salvage Corp., Alum-A-Fold Corporation, Aluminum Architectural, Inc., Aluminum Products & Glass Co., Alvin Investment Corporation, Alwac Company, Inc., American Academy of Sciences, Inc, The, American Association of Professional Men & Women, Inc., American Aviation Corporation, American Book Club, Inc., American Cadillac Leasing, Ltd., American Capital Management Corporation, American Cellular Products, Inc., American Consumers Association, Inc., American Data Machines, Inc., American Detect-O-Check Corporation, American Drug Corporation, American Engineering & Construction Corp., American Equipment Leasing Institute, Inc., American Family Life Insurance Company, Inc., The, American Foreign Traders, Inc., American Foundation for Business Achievement, American Funding Corporation, American Home Fluoridators, Inc., American Hybrid Producers, Inc., American Industrial Resources Corporation, American Institute of Marketing, American Institute of Personnel, Inc., American International Development Corporation, American Kinder Clothing Incorporated, American Land Investment Co., American Microwave Corporation, American Modular Manufacturing Corporation, American Photovision, Incorporated, American Premium System, Incorporated, America Producers, Inc., American Products Corp., American Professional Preferred, Inc., American Publicity Services, Inc., American Radio Publications, Inc., American School of Milan, Inc., American Small Business World Trade Council Inc., American Space Exploration, Inc., American Strategic Minerals Corporation, American Trailer Advertising Inc., American Utilities, Inc., American X-L Industries, Inc., Amred, Inc., Amy Joy Management Corp., Anatronics, Inc., Anchor Development Co., Inc., Anderson & Vreeland Inc., Animal Aid Foundation, Animal-Ated Advertising, Incorporated, Ann J. Inc., Ann Lewis Shops of San Antonio, Inc., Annmor, Inc., Anthony J. Zigman Painting, Inc., Antilles Beverage Corporation, Anvil Home Improvement Co., Applied Electronic Laboratories, Inc., Approved Properties, Inc., Apwood Products, Inc., Arbrefen Laboratories, Inc., Argus Financial Fund, Inc., Armorflex Chemical Corporation, Arms Control Research Corporation, Arrowhead Oil & Gas, Inc., Architron Industries Corp., Arizona Biochemical Company, Arthur William Investment Co., Asco Products Corporation, Asher Construction Corp., Asiatic - American, Inc., Askin's, Inc., Askin's Retail Stores, Inc., Associated Air Transport, Inc., Associated Enterprises & Services, Inc., Associated Tanners of Delaware, Inc., Asta-King Industries, Inc., Astro Oil Corp., Athene Development Co., Inc., Athenian Enterprises Inc., Atlantic Gunite, Inc., Atlantic Sheet Metal Co., Atlantis Advertising, Inc., Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc., Auburn Hills Service Corp., Australian Ventures Corporation, Authorized Factory Service, Inc., Auto and Equipment Repair Company, Autodist Ltd., Automatic Fresh Orange Juice Vending Co., Automatic-Simplex Register Corporation, Automobile Owners Association, Automotive Bureau Co-Operative, Inc., Automotive Retailers, Inc., AWK Trucking, Inc., Aztec Corp.

B-J Corporation, B & S Liquors, Inc., Bachman Center Corporation, Bagel Corporation of America, Balentine Packing Company, Bandag of Chicago, Inc., Bankers Capital Corporation, Bargain City U. S. A., Inc., Bargain Outlet, Inc., Barkley & Moore, Inc., Barnwell Kuwait Drilling Co., Inc., Barrel House, Inc., Bartram Realty Co., Base Laundry And Dry Cleaners, Inc., Basic Industry Development Corporation, Bayly Trucking Co., Inc., B C F Corp., Bear-Del Hunt Club, Inc., Bearing Recovery Co., Beeco Medical Co., Bellemont Construction Co., Inc., Belle Travel Service, Inc., Belle Shipping, Inc., Bell Petroleum, Inc., Ben Franklin Oil & Gas Corp., Benday Construction Company, Benjamin Franklin Liquors, Inc., Bennet Clothing Stores, Inc., Berlanti Construction Company, Inc., Berlanti Overseas Corporation, Bernhard Altmann International Corporation, Bersani Construction Corporation, Berson Associates, Inc., Bert F. Hinrichs Company, Bert L. Coleman Associates, Inc., Bettendon Steel Casting Company, Bi-State Oil And Gas Co., Bics Food Products, Incorporated, Biological Sciences Foundation Ltd., The, Biscayne Boat Company, Inc., Blackstrap Dry, Inc., Blake Construction Co., Inc. of New Jersey, Blue Flame Gas & Equipment Company, Blue Hen Laundry & Cleaners, Inc., Blue Heron, Inc., Blue Porpoise Corporation, Bluff View Nursing Home, Inc., Boating Capital Corporation, Bob Lewis Interiors, Inc., Bobco, Inc., Bob's Trucking Co., Bonser Engineering, Inc., Bowling And Construction Corporation, Bowling Internazionale, Ltd., Bowling Management, Inc., Bowl Washer Company, The, Bowman Construction Company, Bradford-Bevhil Productions, Inc., Brandywine Bassett And Beagle Club, Inc., Brandywine York Corporation, Branmar, Inc., Brasco Manufacturing Company, Brays Island Plantation, Inc., Brecker Associates, Inc., Brewer Chartering Company, Inc., Bridgeville Swimming Club, Inc., Brighter Homes, Inc., Brilhart Research Corporation, Brite Universal, Inc., Brizendine Construction Co., Inc., The, Broadmieredge Corporation, Broadway Factors, Inc., Brooks Duplicating Service, Inc., Brooks Messenger Service, Inc., Brooks Microfilm Service, Inc., Brookside Laundromat, Inc., Brookside Volunteer Fire Co., Inc., Brown-Bergman, Incorporated, Brown Foundry Corporation, Brown's Temporary Personnel, Inc., Bryant Motor Lines, Inc., Buck-John Corporation, Buckeye Exploration Corporation, Buckingham Livery, Inc., Budd's Inc., Burros Corporation, Business Incubation Laboratory, Inc., Business Traveler, Incorporated, Businessmatics Corporation, Buto, Inc.

C. M. And H. Shoe Repairing, Inc., C. Raymond Constructoin Company, C. W. S. Waveguide Corp., Cable Car Creameries, Inc., Cal-Tek Industries, Inc., Calavrite Importing Co., Inc., Caldata, Inc., Calbear Instruments, Inc., Caltuck Oil & Gas Corp., Cambria Theatres Co., Inc., Cambridge Company, Cambridge Metal Corp., Campus Engineering Associates, Inc., Canam Realties Inc., Canamerican Pulp & Paper Corporation, Canterbury Hills Construction Company, Canterbury Realty Corp., Capital Equipment Company, Capital Gains Realty Corp., Capital Investment Corporation, Capital Retail Stores, Inc., Capitol Corporation, The, Capitol Motors, Inc., Capitol Roofing Corp., The, Capone & Potts Dental Laboratory, Inc., Capri Motel Associates, Inc., Car Wash Corporation of America, Cardon Engineering & Construction Co., Caribbean Dispatch, Inc., Car-- be Sugar Corporation, Carleton Construction Company, Carolina Freezer Service, Inc., Casey J. Wilken's Brands, Inc., Casey's Service Center, Incorporated, Cash Card International Club, Inc., Castings, Inc., Castle Enterprises, Incorporated, Castle Haven, Inc., Catherine Collison Foundation, Inc., Cavern Construction Company, Cedar Inn, Inc., Central Illinois Poultry Corporation, Central Restaurant, Inc., Centrochem, Inc., Cericola & Greenhouse, Inc., Cerso]sun Realty Corporation, Chamberlain Development Corporation, The, Charles S. Beck, Inc., Charles Shoes, Inc., Charles W. White Associates, Inc., Charmian, Inc., Charter Patents, Inc., Chawkee Rentals, Inc., Chemair Corporation, Chemequip of Delaware, Inc., Chesapeake Land & Development Co., Chesapeake Property and Investment Corporation, Chic Cosmetic Company, Inc., China Corporation, The, Chori Volt Corporation, Christian School Association of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., Christian Enterprises, Inc., Christiana Investors, Inc., Christopher Jones, Inc., Church Athletic League of Wilmington and New Castle County, Inc., Cine Communications, Inc., Cine-Dyne, Inc., Cinestat Advertising Corporation, Circle Industries, Inc., Cirod Delaware, Inc., Citrus Grove Tracts, Inc., Citrus Seltzer Corporation, City Line T. V., Inc., Clay Investment Company, Clean, Incorporated, Clemente Stables, Inc., Cliff Thaell Enterprises, Inc., Club Continental, Inc., Coastal Aviation Corporation, Coastal Electronics and Sound Company, Inc., Coastal Industries, Inc., Coastal Oil Co., Coastwise & Puerto Rico Maritime Corp., Cobham Air Fueling, Inc., Coin Control Corporation, Cold-Headers, Inc., Colima Mines, Incorporated, College Heights Realty Company, Collins Enterprises, Inc., Collins Gardens, Inc., Collins Housing Corporation, Collins Realty Company, Colloid Packaging Inc., Colloid Processes Corporation, Colonial N. T. S., Inc., Colonial Package Store, Inc., Colonial Post No. 838, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Incorporated, Colorama Sidewalks, Inc., Columbia Apartments, Inc., Columbia Heights Realty Corp., Columbia Shipping Corporation, Columbian International, Inc., Columbiana Corporation, The, Comerford & Co., Inc., Comill, Inc., Command Petroleum of Australia, Ltd., Commander Apartments, Inc., The, Committee for Export Expansion Through Subsidiaries Abroad, Commodities Trading Company, Inc., Commonwealth Bowling, Inc., Commonwealth Roofing Corporation, Commonwealth Steamship Inc., Community Hardware, Inc., Community Medical Center, Inc., Compu-Centers International, Inc., Concord Corporation, Concord Realty Development Corp., Congress Motel Corporation, Consolidated-Commercial Corporation, Contractors Specialty Supply Co., Conventioneer Buchanan, Inc., Conventioneer Fillmore, Inc., Conventioneer Hayes, Inc., Conventioneer Johnson, Inc., Conventioneer Lincoln, Inc., Conventioneer Midwest, Inc., Consolidated Equipment and Machinery Corp., Consolidated Aeronautics, Inc., Consolidated Marine Industries, Inc., Conticca International Corporation, Continental Beverage Corporation, Continental Consultants, Inc., Continental Electronics Inc., Continental Industries Incorporated, Continental Mortgage Associates, Inc., Conventioneer Pierce, Inc., Conventioneer Polk, Inc., Conventioneer Ruth Lupton Mills, Inc., Conventioneer Taylor, Inc., Cooperative Film Corporation, Corporate Guidance, Inc., Countess International Incorporated, Country Wide Offices Arizona Corporation, Country-Wide Offices Georgia Corporation,

Country-Wide Offices Massachusetts Corporation, County Centre, Inc., County Uniform Center, Inc., Cove, Inc., Crane-Hall International, Ltd., Creative Arts Studio, Inc., Creative Industries, Inc., Crest Club, Inc., Crossroads Liquor, Inc., Crowl Construction Corp., Cuban Iron Ore Company, Cumpston Corporation, Custom Farms, Inc., Custom Home Services, Inc.

D. C. E. Development Company, D. F. & S. Builders, Inc., D. H. Padden Co., D. I. A. Sales Corporation, D. K. International Corp., Daniel Ashe Corporation, Danny Breen's Greenery, Inc., Dante's Beauty Culture Corp., Data Dynamics International, Inc., Data Recording Systems, Inc., David E. Godwin, Inc., David S. Reid, III, Enterprises, Inc., Davos, Inc., Dealers Purchasing Corporation, Dearborn Realty Corporation, Deauville Realty Co., Inc., Debbie Hats, Inc., Decade International Distributors, Inc., Deems Equipment And Supply Corporation, De-jay Central Stores, Inc., Dejay Missouri Stores, Inc., De Jay Stores, Inc., Dejay Western Stores, Inc., Delan Corporation, Delaware Auto Auction, Inc., Delaware Citizens For Right To Work, Inc., Delaware Constructors Association, Delaware Gun Company, Inc., Delaware Refrigerated Transport Inc., Delaware State Music Teachers Association, Delaware Valley Associates, Inc., Delbay Sea Foods Co., Inc., Delco Ice And Fuel Company, Delmar Kiwanis 100th Club, Inc., Delmarva Soya Processors, Inc., Delta N. T. S., Inc., Deltra Inc., Delval Oil Development, Inc., Demeton Corporation, DeMontrond Buick Company, Development Sciences Corporation, Dials, Inc., Diamond Masonry Contractors, Inc., Diamond Rentals, Inc., Diamond Vending, Inc., Dietz Construction Co., Dimanco Inc., District Plastering, Inc., District Realty Corp., Diversity Realty Inc., DMD Corporation, Inc., Doberts Corp., Dominican Development Corporation, Dominion Briquettes & Chemicals Corp., Donbee Corporation, Dormor Realty Company, Doxton Corporation, Drachman Htel Corp., Dragon, Inc., The, Drake Chemicals, Inc., Drake Trucking, Inc., Drapery Mart Of Atlanta, Inc., Dresses Unlimited, Inc., Du Care Inns, Inc., Dulios Food Corporation Incorporated, Duncan Village Shopping Center, Inc., Dunmar Industries, Inc., Duraclean Fabrics Specialists, Inc., Dutch Court Motel, Inc., Dynamic Investors Corporation.

Eagle Petroleum Company, East Coast Sanitary Service, Inc., East West Broadcasting Corporation, Eastchester Engineering Corporation, Eastcote Farms, Inc., Eastern Air Activities, Inc., Eastern Camera Exchange Wilmington Corp., Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Conn., Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Illinois, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Iowa, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Kansas, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Maryland, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Massachusetts, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Michigan, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Missouri, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Ohio, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp of Pennsylvania, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Texas, Eastern Camera & Photo Corp. of Virginia, Eastern Corporation, Eastern Packing & Distributing Corp., Eastson Distributors, Inc., Ed. Geiger Construction Co., The, Ed Kirchmeyer, Inc., Edge Moor Gardens Civic Association, Edgewood Corporation, Educational Laboratories, Inc., Edwin A. Smith and Son, Inc., Edwin D. McLaughlin Foundation, The, Effingham Nursing Center, Inc., Ehrlich-Corso of Delaware, Inc., El Mundo, Inc., Electric Service Engineering Co., Inc., Electric Service Engineering Co., Inc., Electrical Materials, Inc., Electro-Actuators, Inc., Electro-Organics, Inc., Electro-Static Air Filter Sales Corp., Electro-Tech Corporation, Electrograde Incorporated, Electromagnetics Corporation, Electronic Cafeterias, Inc., Electronic Enterprises, Inc. of California, Electronic Oil Exploration and Syndications, Inc., Electronic Vending Devices, Inc., Elkwood Development Company, Ellay Stores, Inc., Ellen McCarter Stewart, Incorporated, Elliott Leasing Company, Elliott Truck Brokerage, Inc., Elljay Management Corporation, Elm Construction Company, Eltec laboratories Incorporated, Emlen Corporation, Empire N. T. S., Inc., Empire Service Corporation, Emson Valve Corporation, Engel, Inc., Engineered Food Equipment, International, Inc., Engineering Economy Corporation, Enzymatic Chemicals, Inc., Enzyme Corporation of America, Epicure Foods, Inc., Epiphany Tankers Corporation, Equity Leasing Corporation, Ernie Rosenthal Masonry Co., Inc., Essex Universal Corporation, Eton Properties Inc„ Eugene E. Muthem & Co., Inc., Eve Lynn, Inc., Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute of Birmingham, Inc., Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute of Kansas City, Inc., Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute of New Orleans, Inc., Experimental Farms Inc., Exterior Home Designers, Inc.

F. A. Collins, Inc., F. C. Russell Electronics Inc., F. C. Russell Institute of Selling, Inc., Fabric Center, Inc., Fabweld, Inc., Facel-Vega, Inc., Fair Haven Estates, Inc., Fairway Mart, Inc., Fairweather Enterprises, Inc., Fareast Service Co. Inc., Fashion Homes Acceptance Corporation, Fashions International, Incorporated, Fecon, Inc., Federal Plate Glass Co., Inc., Federal Research Company, Inc., Federation Investment Company, Fehr Products Company, Feminine Hygiene Associates, Inc., Film Power, Inc., Filoque Corp., Filster Corp., Financial Planning Corporation, Finger Lakes Food Products, Inc., First Delta Corporation, First International Pictures, Inc., First Iowa Corporation, First Retirement Foundation, Inc., First State Construction Co., Five Fifteen Social Club, Inc., Five Star Sporting Goods, Inc., Five State Liquor Mart, Inc., Flair Stores of Delaware, Inc., Flamingo Investment Company, Flav-R Straws International, Inc., Fleet Drilling Company, Flo Stores, Inc., Florida Cane Products Corporation, Florida Land Improvement and Development Company, Incorporated, Florin Corporation, The, Floro Inc., Flowers By Jean, Inc., Food & Drink, Inc., Forman Ford & Co., Inc., Fort Pitt Cisket Co., Foundation For Support of the Public Schools, The, Foundation For Tax and Estate Planning, Fouracre Realty Company, Fox Valley Electronics Inc., Franchise Businesses, Incorporated, Francis Drake Motel, Inc., Frank Siano & Co. Incorporated, Franklin Development & Construction Corp., Fred Papenburg, Agent, Inc., Frund Products Company, Fulcrum, Inc., Fun Fair, Inc.

G. F. Stores Association, Inc., G. J. Nixon Enterprises, Inc., G. M. & H. Distributors, Inc., G. T. Herrod Travel Co., Inc., Gabe, Inc., Galaxie Motor Inn and Restaurant, Inc., Galaxie Motor Inn and Restaurant, Inc., Galaxie Properties, Inc., Gallatin, Inc., Galperins, Inc., Gardenia Productions of Hawaii, Inc., Gardner Research Corporation, Gas & Electric Supply Company Inc., Gear Grinding Machine Company, The, General Advertising Associates Inc., General Coin-Op, Inc., General Conversion Systems Corporation, General Economics Corporation, General Research & Development Laboratories, Inc., General Scientific Corporation, Geodata Corporation, George, O'Neill & Co., Inc., George Rosen Corporation, The, Georgetown Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Geotronics Corporation, Gerdau Engineering Corporation, Gettysburg

Metallurgical, Inc., Giant Key Corp., Giant Stores, Inc., Gibraltar Securities, Inc., Gibralter D. E. I., Inc., Gift Funding Inc., Gigantic Realty Corp., Glas Foam Corp., Glasgow Sanitation, Inc., Glen Knitting Mills, Inc., Glenside Development Co., Glenview Ledsco, Inc., Glo-Jo, Inc., Glo-Ray, Inc., Globe Coliseum, Inc., Golden Horseshoe Stables, Inc., Golf City U. S. A., Inc., Good Earth Restaurant Company, Inc., Good-Era Realty & Construction Corporation, Goodwin-Von Allmen, Inc., Goss Realty Company, Inc., Gotham Freed Inc., Government Contractors Publications, Inc., Grand Covina Drug Corporation, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Inc. of Camden, Grandview Insurance Agency, Inc., Granite Fashions, Inc., Grant Williams, Inc., Granu-Transit Inc., Gray Line, Inc., The, Great Western Products Corporation, Green Pine Corporation, Greene Export Packaging Corp., Greenhill Concessions, Inc., Greenmeadow Development Company, Greenway Restaurant, Inc., Growth, Incorporated, Grundy Fund, Inc., Guild Builders, Inc., Gulf-Continental Lines, Inc., Gulfport Bowling Corporation, Gulfport Corporation, Gunning Firearms Company, Gym Toys, Inc., Gyro Motors Corporation.

H. A. Taylor Engineering Associates, Ltd., H. E. Cooper And Company, H & H Restaurant & Motel, Inc., H. H. S. Coffee Corp., H. McFarland, Inc., Haiti American Minerals Corp., Hall-Stewart Drilling Co., Inc., Halls Retail Stores, Inc., Haltone Rental Corporation, Handigard Corporation, Hanover-Swift Homes, Inc., Hansa Navigation Corporation, Hansa Tanker Brokers, Inc., Hansa Technical Services, Inc., Hanson & Hanson, Inc., Har-Wel Associates, Inc., Haratine Gas And Oil Company, Inc., The, Hard, Rand & Company, Harris Services, Inc., Hart, Whitley & Co., Hartford Fund, Inc., Hartland Industries, Inc., Hask Enterprises, Inc., Hatboro Industrial Park Inc., Hathaway Instruments, Inc., Hauser Lake Syndicate, Haven Industries, Inc., Hawaiian Shores Inc., Hawkeye N. T. S., Inc., Hedgeville Athletic Club, Hek Manufacturing Co., Inc., Helair, Inc., Heritage Enterprises, Inc., Herman Katz Foundation, The, Heslop Lumber And Millwork Company, Hetherington Research Foundation, Inc., Highway Refrigerated Service, Inc., Highway Safety Products Corp., Hilco Homes Of New Castle County, Inc., Hillyard Publishing Corp., Hodgo International, Inc., Holiday Automatic Cleaners, Inc., Holliman Drilling Company, Home

Buyers Realties Corporation, Home Developments Inc., Home Of Four Seasons, Inc., Homemakers Institute, Inc., Homestead Farms, Inc., Hoover & Kern Photography, Inc., Hope Incorporated Of Delaware, Hope's Furniture, Inc., Horizons Of Knowledge, Inc., Horizons Unlimited, Incorporated, Hosiery Machine Corporation of America, Hospital Management Services, Inc., Household Industries, Inc., Houser Drilling Co., Inc., Housers Foundation, Houston Chemicals, Inc., Howard J. Treml, Inc., Hub Stores, Inc., Hudson Fund, Inc., Hudson N. T. S., Inc., Hugh James Auto Auction Co., The, Hurst, Walters And Schabach, Inc., Hyco Oil Company.

I B C International Business Corporation, I. P. D. Financial Corp., I. R. D. Corporation, Impact Packaging Company, Imperial '400' Land Corporation, Imperial Marine Corporation, Imperial Metal Products Manufacturing Company, Incon, Inc., Independent Packaging Association, Inc., Indian Industrial Investments, Incorporated, Industraplate Corp., Industrial Helicopters, Inc., Industrial Marketing, Inc., Industrial Resources, Inc., Institutional Purchasing, Inc., Instr-O-Matics, Inc., InsulRay, Inc., Insurance Investors Corp. of America, Integrated Services Inc., Inter-Continent Oil Co., Intercity Realty Corp., Intermedia, Inc., Intermediates Engineering Corp., International Academy of Law & Science Inc., International Advertising Agencies, Inc., International Association of Surgical Clinics, International Business Management, Inc., International Communications Incorporated, International Corporation of Oklahome, International Electronics Oil Corporation, International Funding Corporation, International Housing Development Corporation, International Import & Export Association, International Packaging Machines, Incorporated, International Planning & Economic Development Corporation, International Plastics Corporation, International Resources Corporation, International Space Corporation, International Survival, Inc., International Realty Corporation, International University Key, Inc., Intredco Corporation, Inventions Finance Corporation, Inventor's Associates, Inc., Investors Acceptance Mutual Corporation, Investors Guaranty Corporation, Iowa Development and Realty Co., Isikoff and Company Securities, Isthmus Steamship & Salvage Co., Inc., Ivanhoe Laundry & Uniform Co., Inc.

J. B. S. Inc., J. Deramo Contractors, Inc., J & E Construction Company, Inc., J & E Equipment Co., J. H. Macinnes, Inc., J & L Associates, Inc., J. L. Olson & Associates, Inc., J. N. Rawleigh Company, J. R. Thames & Company, J. Ragan Bldg. Supply, Inc., Jack Rudennan Foundation, The, Jaffee-Rivkin Corporation, James A. Dooley Foundation, James J. Dooley, Inc., James T. Henderson Enterprises, Inc., Jeff V. Cameo Realty Corporation, Jefferson Counsel Corp., Jefferson Industries, Inc., Jem, Inc., Jerdel Masonry Contractors, Inc., Joe's Bar, Inc., John A. Tubbs Real Estate, Inc., John E. Altig & Son, Inc., John Frazer Jr., Inc., John Kaiser Associates, Inc., John P. Apostal, Incorporated, Johnny Walker Ship Service, Inc., Junat Productions, Inc., John H. Maxwell & Co.

Keagy & Company, Inc., Kelsan Homes, Inc., Kelvin Engineering Co., Inc., Kemline Industries, Inc., Kiddie Products Corporation of America, Kiddie Products, Midwest, Inc., Kiddie-lane Erie Corp., Kiddielane Mass Corp., Kiddielane New England Corp., Kiddielane Penn Corp., Kiddielane Southern Corp., King Adhesives, Inc., King Bee Corporation, King Research Services, Inc., King Tavern Inc., Kirkwood Sand & Gravel Co., Knitting Mill News and Knitting Trades Service Bureau, Inc., Kof Foundation Test Borings, Inc., Koil-Les Heater Co., Kress Enterprises, Incorporated, Kyle Products Company.

L. C., Inc., L. C. Johnson, Inc., L. F. Berry Trucking Co., L, R. Robinson, Inc., L. T. D. Electro-Mechanical Corporation, L. W. J., Inc., La Caravelle Associates, Inc., Laboratories Pfizer, S. A., Lackawana Automobile Company, Inc., Lafayette Apartments, Inc., Lake Region Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Lakeland Mobile Homes, Inc., Lakeside Insurance Agency, Inc., Laminetics Incorporated, Lamond Contracting Company, Inc., Lamoureaux, Inc., Lancaster Avenue Liquors, Inc., Lanseair Industrial Travel, Inc., Lanseair Travel Service of Illinois, Inc., Larchmont Investors, Inc., Lash Corporation, The, Latin American Development Associates, Inc., Laure Exploration Company, Inc., Lch Petroleum Corporation, Leasing Corporation International, Lecates Metals, Inc., Lee Electronics Inc., Leisure, Inc., Leonard Associates Ltd., Leonard International Corporation, Leslie's of Bristol, Inc., Leslie's of Essington, Inc., Leslie's of Hydla, Inc., Leslie's of Passyunk, Inc., Leslie's of Ridley, Inc.,

Lewes Marina, Inc., Lewis Industries, Inc., Lewis-Skeel, Inc., Libby Drug Company, Inc., Liberian Sugar Refining Company, Inc., Liberte International Airlines, Inc., Lida Industries Inc., Lifetime Brakes, Inc., Lifetime Mop Corp., Lift Parts Mfg., Inc., Lind Manufacturing Corporation, Line-E Enterprises, Inc., Link Products Corp., Linoleum Holding Co., Inc., Linoleum & Tile Services, Inc., Liquids Electronics Corporation, Lochmoor Ltd., Logan Pingree CompanY, Inc., London Dry Ginger Ale Co., Lot Gee Corporation, Lowe-Nevins Orchestras, Inc., Lowell House, Ltd., Lower Delaware Utility Corp., Lucandel, Inc., Luna Research Corporation of America, Inc., Lusan Corp., Lynette, Inc.

M. A. Frazier, Inc., M. B. Auto Sales, Inc., M. B. M. Realty Co., M. C. R. Enterprises, Inc., M & S Carbonic Gas, Inc., M. V. Modern No. 1, Inc., Madaras Corporation, Mae Hall McCabe Holding Company, Inc., Mae Hall McCabe Realtors, Inc., Magee's Express, Inc., Magnetic Dictating Machines, Inc., Mahoney Sales Company, Main Products Corporation, Maldor New Orleans, Inc., Malloy & Co., Maness, Inc., Manewal Chevrolet-Cadillac Co., Manhattan Service Corp., Mannix Construction Inc., Manor Cab Co., Manufacturer's Outlet & Surplus Co., Marais, Inc., Marine Food Products, Inc., Marinez Builders, Inc., Marion Investment Company, Market Realty & Finance Co., Market Research Corporation (California), Marshall Gravel Company, Inc., Marx Anniversary Fund, Inc., Mason Mortgage & Investment Corp., Masterifeld Corporation, Matador Corporation, Maternity Mart-Manor Park, Inc., Maurice, Inc., Maurice Of Midway, Inc., May Realty And Investment Company, The, Mazor Lumber And Supply Company, Mc Construction Co., McCall Associates Ltd., Mealmaster American Inc., Medicotel, Inc., Melcor, Inc., Memel Corporation, Merchandise World Of East Hiway, Inc., Merchandise World Of Loma Vista, Inc., Merchant Seamen's Foundation, Inc., The, Merritt Financial Corporation, Messick Nursing Home, Inc., Metal Alloys, Inc., Metallurgy Refinance Association, Metropolitan Building Corporation, Metropolitan Investment Corp., Metropolitan Town House, Inc., Michael Kirby Associates, Inc., Mid America Processing Corp., Mid-City Social Club, Mid-State Vending Company, Mid-West Stores, Inc., Middle Atlantic Book Company, Midway N. T. S., Inc., Military Publications, Inc.,

Milk Distributors, Inc., Miller Of Washington Incorporated, Million $ Stamps, Inc., Milt Winner Boxing, Inc., Milton Lumber & Fuel Supply Co., Mims Sanitation And Hauling Service, Inc., Minamyra Corporation, Mineola Asphalt And Refining Company, Minerals, Mining & Exploration Corp., Minitone Electronics, Inc., Minnesota Laboratories, Inc., Minute Service Stations, Inc., Minuteman Helicopter Air-Lines, Inc., Mister Donut Shops, Inc., Mobile-Dairies, Intnl., Inc., Modern American Chemical Corporation, Modern-Bond Corporation, Modern Coating Sales Inc., Molco Construction Corporation, Moonland Incorporated, More Enterprises, Inc., Morris Pollin & Sons, Inc., Morrison Hotel Corporation, Mortgage Exchange, Inc., Motel Management Corporation, Motorama, Inc., Movie Guide, Inc., Moviead Service Co., Mr. Soft Pretzel Of Delaware, Inc., Multi-Image, Inc., Murray Properties, Inc., Mushroom Service Co., Music-Drama Theater, Inc., The, Mutual Builders Exchange Limited, Mutual Minerals, Inc., Myshu, Inc.

N F B Corp., N P D C Research, Inc., N T Midwest Corporation, National Aerospace Corp., National Balstan Corporation, National Car Rental System, Inc., National Cattlemen, Inc., National-Central Theatres, Inc., National Clean-Mart Corporation, National Cleaning Enterprises, Inc., National Cleaning Equipment Corporation, National Copyright Corporation, National Fence Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, National Growth Corporation of Puerto Rico, National Income Properties, Inc., National Insurgents of the United States and its Territories, Incorporated, National Resources Development Co., National Sales Company, National Small Business Association, National Trade Show Publications, Inc., National Treesavers, Inc., Nationwide Buyers Cooperative, Inc., Natos Construction & Engineering Corp., Natural Gas Industries, Inc., Naval Order of the United States, Inc., The, Neighborhood Planning and Development Corporation, Nerdrum Shipping, Inc., Nest Co., New Accounts Corporation, New Dimensions Corporation of Delaware, New Era Mining Company, New Stock Issues Club of America Division of New Stock Issues of the Month Club, Incorporated, New York Gladiators, Inc., New York Home Furniture Company, Inc., Newman Industries, Inc., Newport Automotive Radiator Company, Newspix, Inc., Niagara International, Ltd., Nicodemus Productions, Inc., Niles, Inc., 941 Market, Inc., Nohen, Inc., Noll's Sales Co., Norshirl Realty, Inc., North American Associates West Inc., North Atlantic Drug Company, Inc., North Atlantic Kenaf International, Inc., Nouveil Vogue Productions, Inc., Nova-Complex Development Corporation, Nuclear Electronic Laboratories, Inc., Nuclear Services, Inc., Nylacore Corporation.

O'Connor Systems, Inc., O'Dell Oil Corporation, Oceanographic Research Corporation, Old Ebbitt Grill, Inc. of Washington, Oliver Broadcasting Corporation, Omega Precision, Inc., Onmipar Investment Corporation, Ontario Restaurant Corporation, Optech, Inc., Orbitec Corporation, Orbito-Dynamics, Inc., Ordnance Research & Development Corp., Oregon Aviation Corporation, Ores & Alloys, Inc., Orient Coal Corporation, Ornamental Steel Erectors Inc., Osterhout Electric Corporation, Ostler Drug Corporation, Ourisman Chevrolet, Inc., Overbrook Athletic Association, Oxyjet Distributors, Inc.

P. and Co., Builders, Inc., P. and H. Realty Company, Pace-Shear Radio, Inc., Pacific Contractors, Inc., Pacific Properties, Inc., Palm Beach County Freight Receivers Association, Inc., Palos Park Convalescent Home, Inc., Pampa Electronics Sales Corp., Pan American Development Corporation, Panagos Properties, Inc., Panama International Development Corp., Park Theatre Co., Parker-Gordon International Corporation, Parker-Whelen Co., Inc., Park Cab Co., Pathe News, Inc., Pathfinder Corp. of Pennsylvania, Patricia's Gifts, Ltd., Pattco Incorporated, Paul Bunyon Lumber Co., Inc., Paul H. Nor-air Company, Inc., Paul Kane Associates, Ltd., Paul Steele Lumber Co., Pecos Land and Development Company, Inc., Pegasus Productions, Inc., Pemberton Furniture, Inc., Peninsula Egg Producers, Inc., Peninsula Food Suppliers, Inc., Peninsula Oil & Gas Co. of Australia, Inc., Penn Charter Manufacturing Corporation, Penn-Del Metal Company, Incorporated, Penn Foundation, Inc., The, Pennywise Investment Association of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., People's, Inc., Perfemme Incorporated, Performer Boat Corporation, Perpetual Properties, Inc., Perry Electronic Components Inc., Peter Pan, Inc., Petersen Burke Manufacturing Company, Petroleum Engineering, Inc., Pharmaceutical Vending Corporation, Philadelphia Civic Opera Company, Philadelphia Quartette Swim Club, Phillip Liebman Company, Photo-Electronic Products Inc., Photo-shops, Inc., The, Phyl-Lyn Charm Shoppes, Inc., Piercon Realty Co., Pinewood Oil Corporation, Pix Food Markets, Inc., Plasworld, Inc., Playmate Corp., Playtel Corporation, Point One Productions, Inc., Policy-Matic Affiliates, Inc., Poly-J Corporation, Popich Well Service, Inc., Portable Jon of Detroit, Inc., Poreen Corporation, Practice Aide Corporation, Pratt Bros., Inc., Precision, Inc., Prego Publishing Company, Inc., Pres Cox Oil Co., Presearch International, Inc., Price American Corporation, Pride of Delaware Lodge No. 349 Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World, Inc., Prime Leasing Corporation, Primex Equities Corporation, Printz Realty Company, Pro-Fesh Products, Inc., Process Development Corporayion, Psychosynthesis Research Foundation, Pure Products Corp., Puritan Chemical Corp., Pyros National Corp.

Quality Discount Center, Inc., Quanah Engineering, Inc., Questers, Inc.

R. A. Davis Coal and Ice Co., R A Foundation, Inc., R. And B. Builders, Inc., R/B Enterprises, Inc., B. E. Kaplan, Inc., R. E. Mills, Inc., R. G. G. Investment Corporation, R. H. C., Inc., R. K. Dundas, Inc., R. Mars Wholesalers, Inc., R. Sirota Co., Ltd., The, Radio Lemoore, Inc., Ragains Drugs, Inc., Ralph E. Holloway, Inc., Ram-Loc Corporation, Ramey Warehouse Company, Random Business College, Inc., Rare Gas Resources, Inc., Rate Engineering Corporation, Raymond Eisenhardt & Son, Inc., Real Drug Products, Inc., Real Fountains, Inc., Realty Leasing Corporation of America, Recreation Industries, Inc., Red Coach, Inc., Red Creek Development Company, Inc., Red Lion Inn, Inc., Reddi Pak Corporation, Regal Clothing Co., Regal Lady Elegance, Inc., The, Regan Corporation, Regional Development, Inc., Rehoboth Yacht Basin, Inc., Relcoa, The Relocation Corporation of America, Reliable Bindery Co., Inc., Religious Art Craft, Inc., Ren-It, Inc., Renaldo's Pizzeria, Inc., Rentz Body Shop, Inc., Research Automation Corporation, Research and Management Corporation, Reservoir Consulting Services, Inc., Resist() Chemical, Inc., Resitron Laboratories, Limited, Restaurant Corporation of America, Restorium Builders, Inc., Retail Associates of America, Inc., Retired Educators Foundation, Inc., Revere Distributors, Inc., Revon

Construction. Corporation, Rex Stores, Inc., Reynolds Feal Corporation, Rhodes Factoring Co., Inc., Ricardo Auto Seat Covers, Inc., Rich Wine & Liquor Company, The, Richard Munsell Trucking Co., Richidle Corporation, Richland Uranium Corporation, Rio Grande Irrigated Lands, Inc., River Road Trading Company, River Road Villas Inc., Riverview Cemetery Company of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Robert A. Martin Associates, Inc., Roberts Corporation of Delaware, Round Rock Mining Company, Royal Construction Company, Royal Crown Beverage Company, Inc., Royal Crown Bottling Company of Wilmington, Inc., Rucker Electronic Products Company, Rudolph F. Ney, Inc., Rush & Toal, Inc., Rychlik Motors, Inc.

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Television Co., Inc., The, Wilmington Transportation Company, Wiloil, Inc., Wilson Housing Co., Inc., Wings, Inc., Wisconsin Villas, Inc., Wise Furnace & Boiler Sales Corporation of South Carolina, Wise Homes, Inc., Woody Mfg. Co., Inc., Wolby Corporation, Wolverine N. T. S., Inc., Womans Christian Temperance Union of Delaware, Woodcrest Civic Association, Woodland Electronics Co., Inc., Woodlawn Monumental Works Company, World Mortgage Corporation, World Photo, Inc., World Shrimp Producers, Ltd., World Wide Leasing & Vending Corp., World-Wide Realty and Investing Corporation, Wright Instruments, Inc., Wynette Shops of Delaware, Inc., Wyton Oil & Gas Company.

Xelm C.C.L.L., Inc.

Y P Artists Inc., Yaxley Distributing Company, Inc., Young Industries, Inc.

Zipco, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, CHARLES L. TERRY, JR., Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-fourth day

(GREAT SEAL) of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninetieth.

By the Governor:


ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State