Delaware General Assembly



Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware:

Section 1. Chapter 66, Title 16, Delaware Code, is hereby amended by the addition of the following new sections:

§ 6613. State Fire School; Location; Supervision; Purposes

There is hereby established in the Dover-Camden-Wyoming area a State Institution to be known as the Delaware State Fire School. The School shall be under the supervision and control of the State Fire Prevention Commission to effectuate the following purposes:

(a) To provide professional and volunteer firemen with needful professional instruction and training at a minimum cost to them and their employers.

(b) To develop new methods and practices of fire fighting.

(c) To provide facilities for testing fire fighting equipment.

(d) To disseminate information relative to fires, techniques of fire fighting and other related subjects to all interested agencies and individuals throughout the State.

(e) To undertake any project and engage in any activity which in the opinion of the Fire Prevention Commission will serve to protect the public safety.

§ 6614. Commission's powers and duties relative to State Fire School

The State Fire Prevention Commission shall have complete jurisdiction over and complete management and control of the Delaware State Fire School and is invested with full power and authority to make all rules and regulations necessary for the governing of said institution; to appoint a director and such instructors, experimental helpers, secretaries and laborers as may be necessary, and to remove the same at their judgment and discretion; to fix compensations and provide for payment thereof; to have full management, possession and control of the lands, buildings, structures and property belonging thereto; to provide for the courses of study and curriculum of the institution; to make rules and regulations for the admission of trainees to said institutions; to visit and inspect said institution and every department thereof, and to provide for the proper keeping of accounts and records thereof; to make and prepare all necessary budgets of expenditures for the enlargement, proper furnishings, maintenance, support and conduct of said institution; to select and purchase all property, furniture, fixtures and paraphernalia necessary for said institution from time to time; to build, construct, change, enlarge, repair and maintain any and all buildings or structures of said institutions that may at any time be necessary for said institution; to purchase and acquire all lands and property necessary for same, of every nature and description whatsoever; to care for and maintain the same and to do and perform every other matter or thing requisite to the proper management, maintenance, support and control of said institution necessary or requisite to carry out fully the purpose of this act; and for raising it to, and maintaining it at, the proper efficiency and standard as required in the interest of public safety. The State Fire Prevention Commission subject to the limitations and restrictions elsewhere herein imposed may acquire any real or personal property by purchase, gift or donation and have water rights; make contracts and execute instruments necessary or convenient; undertake by contract or contracts, or by its own agent and employees, and otherwise than by contract, any project or projects, and operate and maintain such projects; accept grants of money or materials or property of any kind from a Federal Agency, private agency, County, City, Town, corporation, partnership or individual upon such terms and conditions as the Grantor may impose; perform all acts and do all things necessary or convenient to carry out the power granted herein.

§ 6615. School Attendance Fees

The State Fire Prevention Commission may fix and collect admission fees and other fees that it may deem necessary to be charged for training given; and it is expressly provided that all such fees so collected by the said Fire Prevention Commission shall not affect the state appropriation or be deducted therefrom, but shall be so much additional monies available for the operation and maintenance of said institution; and the said fees shall be paid to the State Treasury for accounting and deposit in a special fund in the state treasury.

§ 6616. Director and Employees

The Delaware State Fire Prevention Commission shall employ a Director for the Delaware State Fire School who shall be especially trained and qualified in fire fighting and fire experimental work and shall employ, on the recommendations of said director, such other instructors, experimental helpers, secretaries and laborers as may be necessary to the proper conduct of said institution and may proceed with the erection and detailed operation of said institution.

§ 6617. Buildings and Equipment

The State Fire Prevention Commission shall have the power to prescribe and shall make the necessary rules and regulations for the use of the buildings, equipment and other facilities of the institution when they are not in use for the purpose set forth.

§ 6618. Advisory Board

The Delaware Volunteer Firemen's Association shall appoint from its members a six man Advisory Board. Two members shall come from New Castle County, two from Kent County, and two from Sussex County. The State Fire Commission shall consult the advisory board on any Fire School matters whether administrative or technical and receive recommendations thereon.

Section 2. The sum of $135,000.00 is hereby appropriated to the State Fire Prevention Commission for the purpose to acquire land, establish, construct, equip and initiate a program for a State Fire School.

Section 3. There is further appropriated to the State Fire Prevention Commission $30,000.00 for operation of .the State Fire School for fiscal year ending June 30, 1965.

This Act is a supplementary appropriation act for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1965. Any funds not expended from Section 3 on June 30th, 1965, will revert to the General Fund.

Approved June 23, 1964.

NOTE: Section 6614 was codified as § 6614 (a) (1-12), § 6614 (b) (1-5), Title 16, Delaware Code.