Delaware General Assembly




WHEREAS, it has been called to the attention of certain Members of the Legislative Branch that the telephone service made available to the Legislators themselves has in certain instances been abused by the free use of said telephones on the part of unauthorized persons; and

WHEREAS, it is incumbent upon the General Assembly to provide essential services to its Members in the most efficient manner and at the lowest possible cost to the State, thereby holding to the essential minimum the burden of taxation upon the people; NOW, THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED by the House, the Senate concurring therein, that the following recommendations be and are hereby made to succeeding Sessions of the General Assembly of the State of Delaware:

Section 1. That the telephones made available for the general use of the Members of the Legislature be only of that type commonly known as "pay telephones."

Section 2. That the Claims Committee of each House notify its Members that they will be reimbursed for essential and necessary telephone calls made by said Members during the Session when such calls are made on the said pay telephones in carrying out the duties of said Legislators.

Section 3. That successive Sessions of the General Assembly adopt necessary rules and regulations in order to carry out and place in effect the recommendations hereinabove made.

Approved June 4, 1951.