Delaware General Assembly




WHEREAS, Howard S. Abbott, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. A. C. Corporation, A. C. Nowland Co., A. F. Gass Construction Co., A. Fink & Sons Company, A. J. Abel & Sons, Inc., A. L. Conder & Company, Inc., A. M. Aikman, Jr., Manufacturing Co., A. M. Daly, Inc., A. & W. Feed Company, The, Academy Fidelity Corporation, Adelaide, Inc., Aero Import & Export Corporation, Aero Research Corporation, Aerocrete Western Corporation, African Products Corporation, Agua Buena Sugar Company, Air Crew Publications, Inc., Air Freight Company, Inc. of N. Y. Air Mail Service Company, Air Travel, Inc., Aircraft Engineered Maintenance Corporation, Aircraft & Industrial Equipment Co., Aircraft Services Consolidated, Inc., Airnautics Research Foundation, Incorporated, Airoast Corporation, Airtec Industries, Inc., Airways Patent Corporation, Ajax Agency, Inc., Albar Corporation, Albo Export-Import Company, Album Corporation of America, Allan Trading Corporation, Allen Products Co., Inc., Allied Export Co., Inc., Allied Products, Inc., Aluminum Builders Materials Company, Amarel Corporation, Ambarann Corporation, The, Amer Trading & Export Co., America-Far East Trading & Engineering Corporation, American-Belgian Engineering Corporation, American Bookkeeping Corporation, American Capital Corporation, American Cargo Carriers Steamship Corporation, American Commonwealth Corporation, American Economist, Inc., The, American-French Engineering Corporation, American Geo Company, American Grain Corporation, American International Sales Corporation, American Kid And Leather Company, American Marketing Associates, Inc., American National Exposition Company, American Ore Reduction Corporation, American Republics Importing and Exporting Co., Inc., The, American Textiles Corporation, American Tourist Associates, Inc., American Transportation Research, Inc., American War Veterans Association, Americas Air-Transport Corporation, Amphill Trading Corp., The, Anchor Corporation, The, Angeline Faye Corporation, Animated Designs, Inc., Animated Specialties, Inc., Antillian Corporation, Apex Corporation, The, Apex Mining & Leasing Co., Approved Refrigeration Company, Apte Brothers Canning Corporation of Delaware, Argyle Construction Company, Arlington Investment Co. Inc., Arm-Eze, Inc., Arnold Kiehn, Inc., Ascot Process, Incorporated, Ascot Sales Corporation, Asia Theatres, Inc., Associated Broadcasting System, Inc., Associated Business Appraisers, Incorporated, Associated Export & Import Co. of Delaware, Inc., Associated Public Service Company, Atlantic Coast Corporation, Atlantic Corporation, Atlantic Engineering Corporation, Atlantic & Orient Steamship Corp., Atlantic Research Associates, Inc., Atlas Coated Products. Inc., Atlas Mining & Manufacturing Co., Audionics, Incorporated, Auto Bankers Credit, Inc., Automatic Orange Juicer Corporation, Automotive Specialty Corporation, Autopax Engineering Corporation, Ava Aircraft Corporation, Aviation Advancement, Incorporated, Aviation Transport Corporation, Aviation Vacation Association, Inc., Ayers, Davis & Company, Incorporated, American Helicoplie Airlines, Inc.

B & C Mining Co., B. & M. Oyster Co., B. and S. Market, Inc., Baby Services, Inc., Baker-Crosby, Inc., Barnhart Music Corporation, Bartex Products Corporation, Baruth Insurance Agency, Incorporated, Beaufort Chemical Corporation, Beaver Coal Co., Bel-Mon Properties, Inc., Bell Punch Company, Ltd., Bellevue Builders, Inc., Bellmore Apartments, Inc., Benj. C. Warnick & Co., Ltd., Best Incinerator Company, The, Beverly Hills Producing Co., Big Chief Ranch Co., Big Horn Basin Oil Company, Big Inch Natural Gas Transmission Co., Biological Scientist, Incorporated, The, Bixel Tool Company, Incorporated, Black Gold Production Company, Blackford Company, Boadway Oil Co., Inc., Bobbi Car Acceptance Corporation, Bobbi Motor Car Corporation, Boger, Inc., Bossi Helicopter Corporation, Boston Worsted Corporation, Boulevard Land Co., Bowes-International, Incorporated, Breatheasy Distributors of Delaware, Inc., Breeding Truck Equipment Co., Breslau, Inc., Bricklayers Masons Club, Inc., Brother & Sister Shop of Albany, Inc., Brother & Sister Shop of Athens, Inc., Brother & Sister Shop of Lakeland, Inc., Brother & Sister Shop of Ocala, Inc., Brother & Sister Shop of Valdosta, Inc., Brother & Sister Shop of Waycross, Inc., Brown-Kershaw, Incorporated, Browning King & Company of Wilmington, Inc., Bruton-Walker, Inc., Buckaloo & Johnson Co., Inc., Buhl Optical Mfg. Co., Bunker Hill Mkt., Inc., Burnt Hickory Mines, Incorporated, Burress Automatic Oil Packer Company, Buying and Selling National Union Association Incorporated, Co.

C. M. & R. H. Crane Company, Inc., C. W. Flower Foundation, Inc., C. W. Leffler Company, Cactus Oil Company, The, CalPhos-Co., Inc., Calvert Radio & Appliance Co., Camp Binslee Corporation, Candy Telegraph Delivery Association, Inc., Capital Company of Washington, D. C., The, Capitol, Inc., Capitol Surgical Supply Co., Inc., Carbogen Corporation, Caribbean Refrigerated Products, Inc., Carlton Apartments, Inc., Carr System of Virginia, Inc., Carr System of Minnesota, Inc., Cartridge Lighter Corporation, Cathay Oil Company, Catomance of America, Ltd., Cavalier Cab Company, Inc., The, Cedar Lake Ice & Fuel Company, Cello-Nu Products Inc. of Delaware, Celluwrap Packing Corporation, Central American Air Transport, Inc., Central Engineering Co., Central Hardwoods, Inc., Central Realty Company, Inc., Central States Lumber Company, Chapman Minerals Corporation, Chemical Development Company, Cheproma Company, The, Cheverly Manors, Inc., Cheyenne Rodeo & Cattle Corporation, China-Burma-India Traders, Inc., China Cotton Manufacturing Company, China Fidelity and Investment Corporation, China Investment Company, China Occidental Trading Company, Inc., Chinese-American Cold Storage Association, Inc., Chinese-American Enterprises, Inc.

Christensen-Katsalides Corporation, Cigarette-Cigar Telegraph Delivery Association, Inc., Circle Apparel, Inc., Cire Perdue Casters, Inc., Citizens, Inc., Clairemont Sterilized Egg Company, Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company, The, Clifford, Couturier, Inc., Coast to Coast Air Lines, Incorporated, Coffee Vendors Company, Coin-O-Matic Hotel Radio and Television, Inc., Cokel, Inc., Colonial Chair Company, Colorite Laboratory, Inc., Columbia Publishing Company, Inc., Columbia-Southern Airfreight Lines, Inc., Columbia Sports Enterprises, Inc., Commerce & Industry Counsel, Inc., Commercial Tidewater Fisheries of Delaware, Inc., Commodities and Equipment Corporation, Concessionaire, Inc., Concord Radio Corporation, Connecticut Courts, Inc., Connecticut Galleries, Inc., Container Engineering. Company, Coronado Development Corporation, Cos Cob Airlines, Inc., Cosmetic-Perfumer Telegraph Delivery Association, Inc., Cosmopolitan Industries, Inc., Council For Delaware Education, Inc., The, Court Lumber Company, Cowan Investment Corporation, Cowley-Kay Petroleum, Inc., Craftsmens Chrome Corporation, Crane Neck Corporation, Creole Minerals, Inc., Crescent Mines Co., Crow's Nest, Inc., Crusaders of Pennsylvania, Inc., The, Crystal Company, The, Cusack Products Corporation, Connecticut Mining and Milling Company, The.

D. C. K. Trading Co., Inc., D. & M. Investment Company, D. T. Small Contractors, Inc., Dale Mark, Inc., Daytime Clothes, Inc., Deering, Paskin & Sims, Inc., Defense Aviation Corporation, Deforest Motors, Inc., Del Mar Visual Aid, Inc., Del-Tex Produce Co., Inc., Delaire Corporation, Delanne Aircraft Corporation, Delaware Airmotive, Inc., Delaware Avenue Holding Company, Delaware Dialyzer Corporation, Delaware Hide & Fur Company, Delaware Metal Products Co., Delaware Oil Company, Delaware Peoples League, Inc., Delaware Post No. 1 American Legion Building Corporation, Delaware Sales Corporation, Delaware State Association of Naturopathic Physicians, The, Delaware Trucking Company, Delaware War Bond Center, Inc., Delaware Wreath Corporation, Delmarva Housing Corporation, Diamond Frozen Foods, Inc., Diamond Sales Corporation, Diemakers, Incorporated, Diplomat Properties, Inc., Diplomat Rental Corporation, The, District Commercial College, Inc., Dixie Properties, Inc. Domyet Corporation, Don Juan Co., Inc., Don Juan, Inc., Don Juan International Corporation, Dover Base Ball Club, Dover Brewing Company, Dover, Del. Charter Co., Dover Hotel Corporation, Dover Industries, Inc., Dubose and Company, Incorporated, Duchess Frozen Custard Co., Inc., Dura-Bilt Homes Corporation, Durite Detergent Co., Inc., Durite Laundry Supply Co., Inc., Durite Products Co., Inc., Duro Structures, Inc., Deaf Smith County Food Products Company, Dean Anderson Campaigns, Inc.

E & G Cooperative Enterprises, Inc., Eagle Frosted Foods Corp., East Elk Basin Oil Company, Eastern Advertisers, Incorporated, Eastern Beer Distributing Company, Inc., Eastern Chiropractic Institute, Inc., The, Eastern Development Company, Eastern Finance Corporation, Eastern Milk Industries, Inc., Eastern Motor Carriers Labor Relations Council, Incorporated, Educational Pictures, Inc., El-Car Sales Corporation, El Dorado Gold Mines, Ltd., Elbee Holding Corporation, Electra Factors, Inc., Electronic Time, Inc., 11th & F St. Valet, Inc., Elizabeth Grier, Inc., Elma Lynn Portrait Studio, Inc., Elsie Zebley Talley, Inc., Embassy Apartments Inc., Emef Trading Company, Ltd., Emerson Productions, Inc., Empire Discount Corporation, Empire Lease & Royalty Company, Ltd., Endocrinology Company, Limited, Endole Pump Company, Endre's Company, Incorporated, Endy Bros. Exposition Shows, Inc., Enterprise Farms System, Inc., Erma Corporation, Eugene A. Smith, Incorporated, Evangel University, Inc., Exhibitors Distributing Corporation, Explosive Products Corporation, Eisemann Plastics Corporation.

F. B. Downing Corporation, F & F Realty-Investment Co., F. H. Black & Co., Inc., F M Broadcasters, Incorporated, Faber Photo Products Corporation, Fag Manufacturing, Inc., Farmers Fruit Growers Co-Operative Association, Farrel-Mallory Industries, Inc., Fayette-Walker Development Company, Inc., Federal Business Products, Inc., Federal Business Service, Inc., Federal Corporation, The, Federal Publishing Company, Ltd., Federal Steel Products Corporation, Fibroid Products Corporation, Fielder Realty, Inc., 55 M. Street, N. W., Inc., Filipinas Mercantile Corporation, Film Center of Washington, D. C., Inc., The, Film-Craft Laboratories, Inc., Finance Service of Macon, Inc., Fine Retailers, Inc., First State Bowling Academy, Inc., First State Mutual Insurance Company, First Unum Exchange Corporation, Fisher Drilling Company, Fleetwood Airways International Inc., Fletcher Products Corporation, Florida Assets Corporation, Flo-well Oil Corporation, The, Folwell Engineering Company, Foreign Bond and Share Corporation, Fourth Ward Republican Club, Franam Corporation, Frances Carroll of Hollywood, Inc., Franco-Dominion Development Corporation, Frank B. Richardson, Inc., Frank C. Hurley, Inc., Frank Pelosi Productions, Inc., Frank Tyson Development Corporation, Frasier River Mining Company, Fred A. Norris Transfer Company, Inc., Freeman Corporation, Freezer Foods Enterprises, Inc., Freezer Foods Management Corporation, Freight Flite, Inc., French Development Corporation, Frosted Food Distributors, Inc., Fryer-Simpson Drilling Corporation.

G. I. Mutual Aviation Company, G & J Restaurant Systems, Inc., G. M. Foster, Inc., G. W. Thompson & Company, Gardiner-Collier, Inc., Garey. Construction Corporation, Garutso Optical Balance Company, Garval Industries, Inc., Gay-Hamill Company, Gear Equipment Company, The, General Cosmetics Incorporated, General Decorticating Corporation, General Equipment Corporation, General Health Corporation, General Housing & Development Co., General Magnesium Corporation, General Panama Canal Agencies, Inc., General Products, Inc., General United Industries, Inc., of Delaware, Gentil's Inc., George Process, Inc., Georgetown War Memorial Association, Georgetown Youth Association, German Roman Catholic St. Benedicts Beneficial Society, Geronimo Oil Company, Inc., Gibbs Supplies, Inc., Glenn Company, The, Global Products Company, Globe Aircraft Corporation, Globe American Development Corp., Globe Mutual Life and Accident Insurance Company of The United States, Globe Security Bond & Mortgage Co., Good Neighbors Investment Company, Inc., The, Good Properties, Inc., Gordon Brothers, Incorporated, Gordon W. Florian, Inc., Grace of Atlanta, Inc., Grace of Roanoke, Inc., Grain Processors Corporation, Grand Hotel Corp., Gray Trading Company, Inc., Green Airlines, Inc., Griscom Associates, Inc., Griswold Home Appliances, Inc., Gulf Coast Salvage Company, Gulf States Pipe Line Company.

H & E Pre-Heat Welding, Inc., H. L. Stevens, Inc., H. R. Mallinson & Co., Inc., Harber & Riddle, Inc., Harlee Lumber and Mfg. Company, Harold Crookes Agency, Inc., Harper-Berens, Inc., Harry, Inc., Harry L. Brumond Company, Inc., Harry's Pawnbrokers' Exchange, Inc., Hawley & Co., Inc., Hazel Shaffer, Inc., Heavy Equipment, Inc., Hedger Steamship Corporation, Hellenic Quarter, Inc., The, Hempfield Gas & Oil Co., Herald Publishing Company, Inc., The, Herculair Products Corporation, Hesser and Soden Motors, Inc., Hickory House, Inc., The, Hip Books, Incorporated, Hiram Memorial Park Company, The, Hobbs Gas Co., Holy Trinity Pentecostal Church of The Living God, Inc., Home Development Corporation, Home & Foreign Management Company, Home Owners Auto Supply Company, Home Owners' Service, Inc., Homier Beneficial Association, Horst Products Corporation, Hospital Research Corporation, Hotel Realty Company, Hotel Rodney, Inc., House of Regal, Inc., The, Housing Corporation, The, Howard C. Stevenson, Inc., Hudson Liquors, Inc., Hugh Marvel Company, Hunt Engineering Corporation, Hunt Power & Mining Co., Inc., Hunt Steamship Corporation, Huntingdon Chemicals & Plasticates, Inc., Hydraulic Products Company.

Ideal Homes Company, Imperial Valley Food Company, Inca Rubber Co., Inc., Independence Mining Company, Independent Fraternal Beaver Beneficial Association, Independent-Overseas Steamship Corporation, Industrial & Household Equipment Corporation, Industrial Maintenance and Supply Corp., Industrial Products Corporation, Industries, Inc., Industry Tools, Inc., Information Travel Service, Inc., Inglis Industries of Georgia, Inc., Inter State Trading and Distributing Agency, Inc., International Air Races Corporation, International Airlines, Inc., International Carpet & Home Service Incorporated, The, International Commercial Trading Company, International Finance and Exchange Co., Inc., The, International Oil Corporation, International Patent Brokerage Company, International Seed Pellet Company, International Service Supply Corporation, International Sweethearts of Rhythm, Incorporated, The, International Union of Building & Construction Workers, Interocean Trading Corp., Interstate Corporate Service Company, Isaacs and Steen Poultry Company, Isolantite Inc., Industrial Engineering and Sales Company.

J. A. Von Dohlen Steamship Company, J. D. Reese Company, J. G. Monnet & Co., Inc., James W. Taylor, Jr., Inc., Jamison, Fowler & Carter, Inc., Jannic Manufacturing Corporation, Jasco, Inc., Jay & Gildersleeve, Inc., Jene's Italian Rest., Inc., Jim Butler Mining Company, John Heldmyer, Jr., Inc., Joseph A. Daly, Inc., Joseph Bernhard Productions, Inc., Julia Kelley, Inc., Julian Rice Sports Research Guild, Inc.

K-C Realty Co., Inc., Kalisite Company, Kappa Alpha Fraternity Society, of Delaware College, Kay-Louie Company, Keefer Coal Company of Illinois, Keenad, Inc., Keeney Sand Mining Company, Keller Company, Inc., The, Kendolph, Ltd., Kenton Canning Co., Inc., Kentucky Tennessee Natural Gas Corporation, King's Inc., Kleen Refrigerator, Inc., Kong Sun, Inc., Kroywen Corporation, Kurdistan Rug Corporation, Kuttner and Kuttner, Inc.

La Place Oil Corporation, Labor Health, Inc., Labor Housing, Incorporated, Labor Pictures, Inc., Laffayette Institute, Inc., Lake Improvement Company, The, Langley Aviation Corporation, League for Yiddish Culture, Inc., Lee De Forest, International, Inc., Lehigh Housing Corporation, Leonard Oil Development Company, Liberian Aviation, Inc., Liberty Airlines, Inc., Liberty Finance Co., Liberty Products Corporation, Liddell & Peterson, Inc., Liquid Measures, Inc., Liquor Telegraph Delivery Association, Inc., Lombard Grill, Inc., Lord's Augusta, Inc., Lord's Petersburg, Inc., Lord's Roanoke, Inc., Lucky Non-Partisan Association.

M. Cirelli, Inc., M. H. Pagenhardt and Company, M. K. L. Realty Company, Macdouglass, Inc., Mack C. Hyder Co., Inc., Mack and Jack, Inc., Mack King Trading Corporation, Madeline Berkman, Inc., Madison Agency, Inc., The, Madison Electrical Products Corp., Majestic Plastic Company, Inc., Mandarin Motion Picture Company, Inc., Marine Equipment Co., Inc., Marine Sales and Service Corporation, Market Holding Co., Inc., Marshall Petroleum Company, Marshallton Development Company, Martha Washington Landscape Association, Inc., Martin & Power Contracting Co., Mary K. Mines, Inc., The, Masan-Dixon Airlines, Incorporated, Mastercolor Corporation, Maternities In Cotton, Inc., Maurice Du Barry Beauty System, Inc., May Avenue Cabinet Shop, Inc., McGowan Oil Company, McNey Company, Inc., Medical and Scientific Foundation, Inc., Mediterranean & Caribbean Sea Products Corporations, Mercer Building Company, Inc., Mercury Messengers, Inc., Merit Homes, Inc., Merrill Development Corporation, Metal Supply Company, Metals Alliance Corporation, Metals Reclaiming Corporation, Metropole, Inc., Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation, Metropolitan Eastern Corporation, Mexusa Corporation, Michael Todd Productions, Inc., Mickey's Grill, Inc., Microlator Corporation, Mid-Continent Gas Transmission Co., Mid-Gulf Oil & Refining Co., Midget Music, Incorporated; Midway Milling Company, Midwest Manufacturing Company, Mike Martin Liniment Co., Millard Publishing Company Incorporated, Minerals International, Ltd., Mines, Minerals & Metals Corporation, Minks, Inc., Miss New Yorker, Inc., Model Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Modern Products, Inc., Modern Wall Construction, Inc., Monarch Athletic Association, Monmouth County Spaniel Field Trial Association, Montague Corporation, Morbell Products Corporation, Mormon Basin Mines, Inc., The, Morris Skwersky Company, Inc., Most Worshipful African Harmony Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons and Eureka Grand Court Heroines of Jericho of the State of Delaware, Mothproofing Services Corporation, Motion Picture Networks, Inc., The, Motive Industries, Inc., Motor Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association, Motor Transport Engineers, Incorporated, Motorfrigerator Company, Moviegoers League of America, Inc., Moyar-Wells, Inc., Muir-Weaver Corporation, Multiflame Devices, Inc., Municipal Employee's Political Organization, Inc., Municipal Service Corporation, Mutual Home Developers, Inc., Mutual Steamship Corporation.

"N-2" Co., Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company, Inc., National Aviation Associates, Inc., National City Company, National Concrete Corporation, National Engineering and Metals Co., National Industrial Publishing Corporation, National Poultry Canners Institute, Inc., The, National Prefabricated Homes Association, National States Operating Corporation, National SunPuft Popcorn Supplies, Inc., New Cozy Theatre Company, New Kent Securities Corporation, New York Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Newspaper and Publishing Properties, Inc., Newsworld Syndicate, Inc., Normaline Foundations, Inc., North American Amusement Company, Inc., North American Engineering Company, Northeastern Corporation, Northwest Motors, Inc., Nunn Manufacturing Company, Nupros Corporation, Nusilver Corporation.

O'Connell Tennessee Lumber 'Corporation, O'Connell Tennessee Sales Corporation, Odell and Company, Office Services & Supply Co., Inc., Officers' Club For Men of The Armed Services, Oil Fields Development Company, Oil Industries Supply, Inc., Oklahoma Airways, Inc., Old Dominion Housing Corporation, Old New Orleans, Inc., One-Piece Chaplet Company, 1934 You St., Inc., Organizacija Derzawnoho Widrodzenia Ukrajiny-O. D. W. U.-Inc., Oriental Trading and Investment Co., Inc., Oscillation Manufacturing Corporation, Oscillation Therapy Products, Inc., Otis Proving Stand Corporation, The, Our Yesterdays, Inc., Overbrook Gardens, Inc.,

P. J. Meade Associates, Inc., Pacific Publishing Company, Pacific Securities of China, Incorporated, Package Closure Corporation, Packing and Bailing Company, Inc., Pallaine Lumber Company, Inc., Palmer Bottling Company, Palmetto Fibre Corporation, Pan American Agencies and Trading Co., Pan American Engineering Corporation, Pan American & Overseas Sales, Inc., Pan-American Television Corporation, Pan Continental Air Cargo, Inc., Panelectric Corporation, Paper Industries, Inc., PariMutuel Totalizer Corporation, Parker, Smylie & Blickle, Incorporated, Parks Incorporated, Parlong Air-Conditioning Corporation, Parnassus Bookshop Inc., Parnosos Club, Inc., Patents, Inc., Pattison and Holland, Incorporated, Paul K. Stewart, Inc., Pedco Sales & Service, Inc., Peekskill Constructors, Inc., Pembroch Coal Company, Inc., The, Penna. Masonry-Brick Contracting Co., Inc., Pennson Corporation, Pension League of America, Inc., People's Development Corporation, Percival Aviation Corporation, Permacide Chemical Corporation, Permaroc Corporation, Petroleum Conversion Corporation, Petroleum Supply Corporation, Philadelphia Apparel Association, Incorporated, Philadelphia-Florida Corporation, PhonofiIm, Inc., Photo-Sculptures, Inc., Pictures, Incorporated, Pilgrim Broadcasting Corporation, Pioneer Airlines, Inc., Pitel & Newman, Inc., Planco, Inc., Plastiques Research, Incorporated, Plaza Machinery Corporation, Pneumelevator Marine Corporation, Poffenberger & Mause, Incorporated, Polar Bear Air Conditioning, Inc., Polling, Incorporated, Polsen Automatic Dispensers Corporation, "Pop" Corn Sez Inc. of Detroit, Michigan, "Pop" Corn Sez Inc., of Greater New York, Popular Home Products Corp., Portable Block Machine Corporation, Postal Automatic Machines, Inc., Potash Soap Manufacturers of America, Inc., Power Appliances Corp., Pressurelube, Inc., Production Management Corporation, Professional Business Associates, Incorporated, Progress, Inc., Promenade, Inc., Property Management, Incorporated, Public Industrials Corporation, Puerto Rican Overseas Airways Corporation, Pure Water Utilities Company, Pyle Farms, Incorporated.

Quality Home Builders, Inc.,

R. & C. Decorative Arts Corporation, R. F. Hamilton, Inc., R. N. C. Investment Co., R & W Investments, Inc., Rabinowitz Poultry, Inc., Radiopac Corporation, Rainbow Airliners, Inc., Rangely Oil Ventures, Inc., Rappaco, Inc., Rayenergy Radio and Television Corporation of America, Reade Electric Corporation, Real Estate Service Company of Georgia, Realty Development Corporation (China), Record Album-Of-The-Month Club, Inc., Record Books, Inc., Regnier-Corbett, Inc., Rehoboth Bay Oyster Co., Inc., Reliance Machine and Tool Corporation, Repertory Players, Inc., Republic Radio Corporation, Research and Development Corporation, Research Foundation of America, Ltd., Rhodes, Nelson & Company, Richard A. Peters Company, Rig-wagon Corporation, The, Rio Hondo Corporation, Risden Engineering and Mining Co., Rittenhouse Market, Inc., Riverside Gardens Community Association, Inc., The, Robenol School, Inc., Robert S. Cummins, Inc., Ronjan, Inc., Roosevelt Publishing Corporation, Roto Rhythm Corporation, Rowland Steel Co., Roxboro Steel & Carbon Corporation, Royal Service Station, Inc., Russell Jondreau and Company, Inc., Russian-American Milk Farm, Incorporated, Russian Ballet Arts, Inc.

R. Cantera & Son Co., Sales Incorporated, Sales Management Plans, Incorporated, Sales Productions Inc., Sally's, Inc., San Corporation, The, Sani-Gene Products Co., Inc., Scarloch Mines, Incorporated, Scherr & Smith Poultry Co., Schimmel-Binder, Inc., Sea Otter Syndicates, Inc., Seabord Engineering Co., Inc., Sea-fare Incorporated, Security Investors Corporation, Segers & Davies, Inc., Seismic Supply Inc., Serv-U-Lance, Inc., Servair Aviation Corporation, Settlement House Foundation, Inc., The, Seybolox, Inc., Sharon Frosted Food Corporation, Sherman Associates, Inc., Ship Supply Company, Inc., Shober and Davis Co., Shoremen Cellulose & Trading Corporation, Silk-Eze Corporation, Silver Queen Sales, Inc., Simplex Air-Conditioning Corporation, Sinclair Oil & Refining Company, Sino-American Traders, Inc., Siskiyou-Minnesota Timber Company, 66 Pierce Street, Inc., Small Homes Research Co., Inc., Smith-Causey Corporation, Soluble Oil, Inc., Solvar Housing Corporation, Solvar International Construction Corporation, South American Coal & Iron Corporation, South Miami Heights Development, Inc., South Wilmington Athletic Club, Inc. Southair, Inc., Southeastern LFC Corporation, Southern Beverage Journal, Inc., Southern Cinder Products, Inc., Southern Host, Inc., Southern Realty Company, Southwest Metals Company, Southwest Petroleum & Development, Inc., Southwestern Flight, Inc., Speedrill Corporation, The, Spic & Span Dairy Products Co., Sport Outfitters, Inc., Sports Incorporated, Springer Consolidated Mining Company, Springer and Jennings Incorporated, Springs Food Corporation, Standard Motor Corporation, Standard Oilshares, Inc., Stanlaw Merchandising Corp., Stardust Inn, Incorporated, Sterling's Inc., Sterling Refrigeration Company, Inc., Stirlen Corporation, The, Street Lighting Construction Company, The, Submergent Alloys Corporation, Sulphates Reduction Inc., Sun Lee Investment Company, Inc., Sundmark Corporation, The, Sunflower Oil Corporation, Sun-Kraft, Inc., Sunshine Farms, Inc., Super Beverage Corporation of America, Super-X Corporation of America, Surplus Materials, Inc., Swarthout-Yocke Products, Inc., Swenson Milling Co., Inc., System Design & Service Co., Inc.

T. B. McKenney Plumbing & Heating Co., T. W. Associates, Incorporated, Tabor Airlines, Inc., Tall Pine Lumber Corporation, Tamcor Engineering, Ltd., Tamcor International, Inc., Tax Service Inc., Taylor-Graves, Incorporated, Teal Boat Works, Inc., Telair Company, Terrell Electrical Products Company, Inc., Tex-Mont Corporation, Texan Incorporated Limited, Texas-New Mexico Airlines, Inc., Texas Sailplane Corporation, Thirtieth Street Company, Thomas J. Rauch, Inc., Thomas Jefferson Commemorative Committee, Inc., Thompson Process Chrome Corporation, Tientsin Clearing House, Inc., Tientsin Stock Exchange, Inc., Tobe Deutschmann Corporation, Tom Tom Stables, Inc., Trackmar Corporation, Trade Association Service, Inc., Traders Import and Export Co., Trading Company-Transmarina Inc., Trans-American Marketing Company, Incorporated, Trans-Mississippi Airways, Inc., Treasure Island, Inc., Trek Publications, Incorporated, Tri-City Realty Corporation, Tri-Dico, Inc., Tri-State Aviation Corporation, Tri-State Millwork Co., Inc., Trinity University, Inc., Trustees of The Delaware Conference Of The African Methodist Episcopal Church, Inc., Tucker Aircraft Research Corporation, Ty-Designocraft, Inc.l T. N. 0. Distributing Corporation.

U-Rub-It Chemical Co., U. S. Aircraft Equipment Corporation, U. S. Machine Tool Mfg. Corporation, U. S. Rockboard Company, Inc., Uninta Baisin Oil Corporation, United Breweries, Inc., United Commercial Services, Incorporated, United Enterprises, Incorporated, United Fabricators, Inc., United Grill, Inc., United Nations Airships, Inc., United Public Markets, Inc., United States Aluminum Corp., United States Broadcasting Company, United States Cooperative Association, Incorporated, United States Far Eastern Trading Corporation, United States Network, Incorporated, The, United Theatres, Inc., United War Fund of Delaware, Inc., Universal Airline, Inc., Universal Airways, Inc., Universal Communications, Limited, Universal Discount Corporation, Universal Electric Appliance Co., Universal Electronics Corporation, University of Eastern United States of America--(Union,) The, Uz-It, Inc.

Vacation Services, Inc., Vala Lines, Inc., Valco Products, Inc., Valdor, Inc., Van-Frank Corporation, Vapor Proof Sales, Incorporated, Varispeed Corporation, Vasco Products, Inc., Vatona, Inc., Vehicle Products Sales Corporation, Venezuelan Mining & Development Company, Veteran Lines Inc., Veterans Development Corporation, Inc., Veterans' Opportunities Inc., Veterans Political Committee Inc., Veterans World War II Tours and Taxicabs, Inc., Victory Machinery Movers of Michigan, Inc., Vienna Engineering Corporation, Virginia Oil & Refining Company, Vitafilm, Inc., Vunlit Corporation, The.

W. A. S. H. Broadcasting Company, W & J Trading Corporation, Wachob-Bender & Company, Wahl's Department Store, Inc., Water and Fire Proof Inventions, Incorporated, Watkins Packing Company, Watsons Mineral Water Company, Inc., Weber Restaurants, Incorporated, West End Republican Club, Western Engineering Service and Sales, Inc., Western Tin Co., The, Western Tin Mining Corporation, Whedon, Inc., Whiting Industries, Inc., Whitman Plan, Inc., The, Wicomico Lumber Company, Wilcon Processes Company, Wildwood Homes Incorporated, Williams Vitamin Corporation, Wilmington Chemical Corporation, Wilmington Distributing Company, Wilmington Stock Exchange, Inc., Wilmington Storage Co., Inc., Winona Council, No. 9, Junior Order United American Mechanics, Inc., Wire Processing Corporation, Wolcottville Foundry Corporation, Wolf Engineering Co., Inc., Woodco, Inc., Woodmoor Building Company, Inc., Woodrow Realty Company, World Industries Trading Corporation, World Trading Company, Wright-Pike Corporation, The, Wyoming Oil and Gas Company Inc.

Yacht Sales, Inc., Yi Foong Company, Inc.

Zeeco Corporation, Zero Bake, Inc., Zero-Freeze Equipment Co., Zimmer and Company, Zoggcrete Products Company.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto* set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this Twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the One Hundred and Seventy-fourth.


By the Governor:


HARRIS B. McDOWELL, Jr., Secretary of State.