Delaware General Assembly




WHEREAS, Howard S. Abbott, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A B C Oil Corporation, A. B. Stayton Company, A. D. C., Inc., A. D. Cook Pump Corporation, A. J. Jarboe & Co., Inc., A. Stayton Hudson, Inc., Abbott Laundry-Dry Cleaning Plant, Inc., Adlite Distributing Corp., Advance Base Associates, Inc., Advance Industrial Corp., Aero-Graph, Inc., Aeronautical Consultants, Inc., Afdel, Inc., Agricultural and Industrial Equipment Corporation of America, The, Air Brushes, Inc., Air Carrier Incorporated, Air-Track Manufacturing Corporation, Aircraft Accessories Corporation, Aircraft Title & Guaranty Corporation, Airpark Corporation, Airports, Inc., Alaska Exploits, Inc., Alaska Radio, Inc., Albert Lee Company, Allen Package Co., Allied Distributors, Inc., Allied Minerals, Inc., Allied Projects, Inc., Allied Ship Terminals Corp., Allied Warehouse Service, Inc., Alspaugh Construction Company, Alta Vineyards Company, Alumi-Seal Storm Sash Co., Amalgamated Trading Corporation, Amara Trading Company, American Auxiliary Corporation, American Building Corporation, American Commerce and Overseas Corporation, American Development Company, American Educational Institute, Inc., American Export Research and Engineering Corporation, American Federation of Wine and Food Societies Incorporated, The, American Film Services, Inc., American Fisheries Association Co-Operative, The, American & Foreign Engineering Corporation, American Foreign War Veterans of World War II, Inc., American Frozen Food Lockers, Incorporated, American Gold Corp., American Greek Center, Inc., American Industries Agencies, Inc., American Insurance Agency, Inc., American International Airways, Inc., American International Corporation, American Oceanic Corporation, American Oil-Burner Corporation, American Physicians Association, Inc., American Precision Castings Corporation, American Products Mfg. Co., Inc., American Sentinel, Inc., American Steel & Pipe Company, American Theological Seminary, Inc., The, American Travel Association, Inc., American Tube and Cap Corporation, American Universal Trades Corporation, Amermex Trade Corporation, Amortization Mortgage Company, The, Amos Treat & Co., Inc., Amphibious Amusement Co., Inc., Amusement Brokers, Inc., Amusement Promotions, Inc., Ancor Corporation; Anderson Engineering Company, Andrews and Roe Incorporated, Anim-Ad Displays, Inc., Apache Oil & Gas Corporation, Apex Steel Corporation, Argus Construction Company, Arizona Petroleum Corporation, Ark-Tex Development Co., Inc., Arrow Machine & Tool Company, Inc., Ash & Smith, Inc., Associated Book Publishers, Inc., Associated Cosmetics.Corporation, Associated Productions Incorporated, Astralight, Inc., Atlantic Central Airlines, Inc., Atlantic Coast Distributors, Inc., Atlantic Gas Corporation, Atlantic Marine and Commerce Corp., Atlas Cab Co., Inc., Atlas Crane and Excavating Company, Atlas Mutual Benefit Association, The, Atlas Steels Incorporated, Auto Money Corporation, Automatic Beverage Corporation of Southern California, Automatic Safe-T-Lock Company, Avenue Realty Company, Avery Corporation, Avisol, Inc., Axelgate Corporation, Ayers Coal Company, Inc., Acra-Cast, Inc., A. Flem Holloway, Incorporated.

B & G Construction Company, Inc., B. & H. Trucking, Inc., B-K Ranch Company, B. & S. Leather Manufacturing Co., Babyteria, Incorporated, Bailey-Brennan-Chandler-Home, Inc., Bainbridge Garment Company, Inc., Baird Wagoner Corporation, Baker Manufacturing & Sales, Inc., Balderson Seed Company, Inc., Ballard-Hassett Company, Band Box Solvent Corporation, Bankers Discount Corporation, Barrett & Ames, Inc., Bataan Enterprises Company, Inc., Battaglia Realty Company, Bear Meadows Farms, Incorporated, Bee and Cee Amusement Club, Inc., Beecher Trading Corporation, Beinhocker, Inc., Belham Company, The, Bellefonte Cab Co., Benjamin F. Fields and Associates, Inc., Bentley Brook, Inc., Berg Plastics & Die Casting Company, Inc., Berwin Holding Company, Best Catering Company, Bet-R-Way Overall Cleaners, Inc., Biffy's, Inc., Bishop Philatelic Agency, Inc., Blanchard Newark Company, B'nai Sholom Benevolent Society, Bob Lee, Inc., Bond Homes, Incorporated, Bonded-U-Drivit, Inc., Boone Industries, Incorporated; Borger Scoop Company, Bowen-Mosvold-Young Corporation, Bowie Manufacturing Company, Boys Towne, Inc., Brand Products, Inc., Brandywine Apartment Company, Brandywine Metal-craft Corporation, Brandywine Record, Inc., Brazil Gold and Diamond Mines Corporation, Breeding Motor Coaches, Inc., Breeding Motor Freight Lines, Inc., Brenton Service Corporation, Bristol Operating Corporation, The, Bristow Cotton Oil Company, Bronze Research Services, Inc., Brook Haven Fur Farm, Inc., Brooklyn Instrument Co., Inc., Brookmire Investors, Inc., Brown-Wilson Packing Company, Inc., Browning King, Inc., Bruner Safety Signals, Inc., Bubble Up Bottling Company of Washington, D.C., Buckley & Linville, Inc., Bugliani, Inc., Builders Supply Company of Miami, Inc., Burklin Process Company, Inc., Burton Optical Co., Busbern Trading Company, Busch Beer Wholesalers, Inc., Business Corporation of America, Busy Bee Market, Inc.. Buying Service Company (Los Angeles), Bow-Rey Mining Company, Inc., The.

C. A. Haines Co., C. E. Veitenthal & Co., Inc., C. H. Robinson Inc., C. W. Lucom and Company, Inc., Cairns Corporation, Caladon Corporation, California Woman, Inc., Camanche Sand & Gravel Company, Cambelaird Corporation, Camera and Instrument Designers, Inc., Canada River Timber Corporation, Cano Ruiz & Cia, Inc., Canoslo, Inc., Capital Catering Company, Inc., Capital Industries, Inc., Capital Kosher Sausage and Provision Company, Capitol Diamond Co., Inc., Capitol Holding Company, Inc., Capitol Park Hotel Corp., Capitol Salvage Engineering Co., Inc., Capon Water Company, Cardiff Company, Cardinal Record Company, Inc., The, Callon Corporation, Carl Lipp, Inc., Carlo Liquor Company, Carmichael-Fisher, Inc., Caroline Inter-City Coach Company, Cassa Foundation, Inc., The, Cassandra Trading Corp., Catalytic Engineering and Construction Company, Catholic Fidelis Society, Cauffiel & Company, Celebrity Cafe, Inc., Cement Products Research Company, Central Broadcasting Company, Central Coal & Realty Company, Central Lodge No. 10 Knight of Pythias of The State of Delaware In The Town of Dover, Century Venetian Blind Corporation; Coraseal Sales Corporation of Washington, D. C., Certified Products, Inc., Chaiken, Inc., Champion Specialties Company, Chapel Oaks Development, Inc., Chapin Co-Op-Stores, Inc., Chaye's Restaurant, Inc., Cherie's of Connecticut Avenue, Inc., Cherry Grove Company, Ches & Ray's Rolling Market, Inc., Chicago Eastern Motor Express, Inc., China General Media Corporation, Chion Drug & Trading Corp., Christopher Terminals, Inc., Citizens Club, Inc., City Centre Aviation Supply Co., Clark & Campbell Drilling Company, Clark Drilling Corporation, Classroom Laboratories, Inc., Cleaver and Brown Co., Close International Corporation, Club Bengasi, Inc., Club Cab Company, Incorporated, Coating Corporation of America, Coffee-Cola Company, The, Cogan Opticians, Inc., Coggin's Jack's Pony Co., Cohen Baking Co., ColdTrol Corp. of America, Colley Aircraft Corporation, Collingwood, Inc., Columbia Cafeteria, Inc., Columbia Loan Service, Inc., Columbia Management Corporation, Columbia Palace Corporation, Columbia Tire Company, Inc., Commerce Associates, Inc., Community Housecraft, Inc., Community Theatres Corporation, Compo Inn Company, The, Concord Clothes, Inc., Concord Products, Corp., Concrete Block Machine Corporation, Consolidated Parcel Service, Incorporated, Consumers Airlines, Inc., Continent Frozen Foods, Corp., Continental American Finance Corporation, Continental Commodities, Inc., Continental Distributors, Inc., Continental Drug Company, Continental Investment Corporation, Continental Transit Corporation, Cooper-Wilford Beryllium, Ltd., Correspondex, Inc., Cover Dual Signal Systems, Inc., Cozy Homes Inc., Creo Chemical Company, Cresent Film Corporation, Cresent Hill Gold Mines Company of California, Crestview Club, Inc., Crowley's Dairy Products, Inc., Crystal Minerals, Inc., Culmac Associates, Inc., Cypress Corporation, The.

D and D Quick Apron Co., Inc., D. J. Hughes Co., Inc., D & P, Inc., Dale Chemical Industries, Inc., Dan Ostrow Construction Company, Inc., Dana Trading Corporation, Daniels Gardens, Inc., Daniels-Murtaugh Company, Danube Publishing Company, Darby Hosiery Finishing Co., Inc., Davis & Stewart Contracting Co., Day Brothers Co., Ltd., Dealers Supply Co., Inc., Decking and Insulating Service Corporation, Defense Building Corporation, Del-Mar-Va Kennel Club, Delaware County Bridge Club, Delaware Fabricators, Inc., Delaware Firework's Manufacturing, Inc., Delaware Holstein-Friesian Association, Delaware Hosiery Mills, Inc., Delaware-Lake Erie Manufacturing Corporation, Delaware Products Manufacturing Co., Inc., Delaware Radio Corporation, Delaware State Bottling Co., Inc., Delaware Steel-Metal Corp., Delaware Testing Laboratories, Inc., Delaware Trading Company, Inc., Delaware Transportation Co., Delaware Tucker Auto Sales, Inc., Delmar Feed Mills, Inc., Delmar Water Company, Delvesta Farms, Inc., Deiward Productions Inc., Derma-Cura Laboratories Corporation, Designers-Engineers, Inc., Development Corporation of The Americas, Devonshire Chemicals Incorporated, Diamond State Distributors, Inc., Diamond State Gun Club, Inc., Diane Corporation, Dierks Lumber Company of Arkansas, Dietz Bakery, Inc., Distributors Blue Book of America Inc., Distributors to Industries, Inc., District Amusement Corporation, District Associates, Inc., Diving & Salvage Corporation of America, Dixie Metal Products, Inc., Dr. William Howard Hay Foundation, Inc., Dolly Upholstering Co., Dominick Holding Co., Dominion Nickel Corporation, Dor-Rod Products Corporation, Drayton Tunnel Kiln Company, Dreisonstok Associates, Incorporated, Dressed Poultry, Inc., Drimm Corporation, Druggists' Merchandising Corporation, Dulien Steel Products Inc. of Illinois, Dunlap Corporation, Durex Corporation, The.

E. C. Lattomus, Inc., E. D. Branzell Electrical Devices, Inc., E. J. Conklin Aviation Corporation, E. W. Grimshaw & Co., Inc., Earl Shirt Corporation, The, East Coast Industries, Inc., East Pondera Oil Company, East Side Realty Co., Eastern Ave. Development Co., Eastern Ave. Investment Co., Eastern Gulf Trading Company, Eastern States Products Co., Inc., Economy Meat Market, Inc., Edenfield Electric, Inc., Edgemere Land Developers, Inc., Educational Distributors Corporation, Edward F. Skinner and Company, Edwards Apartment, Inc., Efel Steel Products, Inc., Electra-Voice Corporation, Electric Glass Engineering Company, Electric Service Company, Electronic Engineering, Inc., Electronics, Incorporated, Eleventh Street Independent Club, Inc., Elshoff Coal Mining Co., Emil Realty Corporation, Empire South American Industries, Inc., Empire State Machinery Corporation, Employee Relations Institute, Englert Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio, U. S. A., Equi-Flow, Inc., Equipment Sales and Supply Corporation, Esperanza Farms Club, Esquire Liquors, Inc., Essex Construction Company, Eureka Process Corporation, Evers Revetment Corporation, Exports, Inc., Endy Bros. Shows, Inc.

F. P. Ernest Manufacturing Co., Falo, Inc., Family Book Club of America, Inc., The, Far Eastern Supplies, Inc., Farm Structures & Modernization Corporation, Fast, Inc., Federated Pictures Corporation, Feeder Airlines Association, Fergus Falls Holding Corporation, Fidelity Commercial Corporation, Fiesta, Inc., Film Library, Inc., The, Filter Method, Inc., The, Finance Realty and Investment Corp., Findex Services, Inc., First United Presbyterian Congregation of Wilmington, Delaware Incorporated, Flavor Royalties, Inc., Flu-O-Ray Corporation, Foldrite Collar, Inc., Food Processes, Inc., Foodomat National Inc., Foreign Assets Realization Corporation, Forget-Me-Nots, Inc., Formula Holding Corporation, Forse Corporation, Fourth Street Cafe, Inc., Fourth Street Realty Co., Fourth Ward Colored Republican Club, Inc., Frank W. Bennett & Co., Inc., Frank Properties, Inc., Frazier, Inc., Fredell Construction Company, Free Enterprise Publishing Co., Free Traders, Inc., Freeman's Cleaners, Inc., Fulton Iron Company, Future Problem Club, The, Franklin Oil Company, The F. H. Froebel and Co., Inc.

G. P. Sturgis Oil Well and Exploration Company, Galley, Incorporated, The, Gambine Co., Inc., Garden Gate Restaurant, Inc., Garrett-Buckley Recording & Television Corp., Garrett Foundation For Psychological Research, Inc., Garutso, Inc., Garutso Service Corporation, Gawest Corporation, General Citrus Products Corporation, General Import & Export Corporation, General Personal Finance, Inc., General Plastics Fabricating Corporation, General Sales Corporation, General Sludge Removal Corporation, General Trucking, Inc., General Willow Wood Company, George Norman, Inc., Georgine Hunt, Inc., Gershenovich & Magit Corporation, Getz-Absee & Company, Gilpin's Corner, Inc., Glengyle Farms, Inc., Global Air Transport Corporation, Globe Freight Airline, Inc., Goodard Washington Service, Inc., The, Gold Label Distributing Company, Inc., Goldman & Gelfand Realty Co., Inc., Gotham Distributing Corporation, Gottlieb's, Inc., Government Surplus, Inc., Grayson, Inc., Great Northern Development Corporation, Greater Southwest Corporation, Greek-American Tobacco Company, Green Hills, Inc., Grovar, Ltd., Guatemala Commodities Corporation, General Property Corporation.

H & H Builders, Inc., H. R. K. Inc., Haakenson Corporation, Hal-Capp Foods, Inc., Hall Manufacturing Company, The, Hampton Company, The, Hampton Fabrics Corporation, Hardwoods International, Inc., Harris's Loan Office, Inc., Harris Stores, Inc., Harvey Apartments, Inc., Hasatron Inc., Hasco Aviation Corporation, Hawk Welding Company, Hayslette Pure Distilled Water, Inc., Helicopter Air Transport, Inc., Helmer Tucker Sales, Inc., Helms Motors, Inc., Hendzer Co., The, Hercules Super Spring Company, Herzog Studios, Inc., Hi-Top Country Club, Inc., Highway Automobile Association, Highwood Coal Distributing Corporation, Hilltop Cafe, Inc., Hind-Holmes Pacific Industries, Ltd., Hix Royalty Co., Hockenbury System Corporation, Holcomb Motors Corporation, Hollis H. Arnold, Inc., Hollywood Safety Razor Company, Home Construction & Mortgage Corporation, Home Erectors, Incorporated, Home Service Corporation, Hood, Inc., Hortense Spier, Inc., Hoskins & Howell Co., Hotel Sylvania Company, House of Martin's Inc., House of Milo, Inc., Howard's Home Furnishing Co., Howell, Sparks and Cable Advertising, Incorporated, Hudson-Taylor Company, Hughes Pharmacal Company, Hull, Inc., Hummer Corporation, The, Husted Industries, Incorporated, Haimes Litho Laboratories, Inc., Hollywood In Miniature, Inc.

I. Reese, Inc., Iceberg International Corporation, Iceberg Refrigerated Locker Systems, Inc., Ideal Products Co., Illuminating Engineering & Service Co., Imperial Investments, Inc., Imperial Oil Co., Inc., Imperial Sales Co., Inc., Independent Circus Corporation, Independent Finance Company, Indiana Music Corporation, Industrial Acceptance Corporation of South America, Industrial Steel Products Corp., Information Inc., Institute of Religious Research, Inc., Institutional Suppliers, Inc., Insurance Brokerage Corporation, Inter America Steamship Company, Inter-American Commerce Corporation, Inter-American Mercantile Corporation, Inter-American Steel Corp., Inter-Continental Engineering & Export Company, Inc., International Basic Research Corporation, International Business Information, Inc., International Congress of Pigeon Fanciers, Inc., International Factors, Inc., International Foundation For Mental Hygiene Incorporated, The, International Investment Corporation, International Marketing Services, Inc., International Plastic Corporation, International Radio & Scientific Co., International Sales, Inc., International Shipping, Inc., International Steamship Company, International Tobacco Brands, Inc., International Training, Administration, Inc., Intra-America, Inc., Invention Reporter, Inc., The, Inyo Realty Corporation, Ion Industries, Inc., Ipc Contracting Company, Inc., Ira Block and Associates, Inc., Iron Hill Hosiery Company, Irvine-Quinn, Inc., Imperial Chemical Corporation.

J. A. G. Transportation Co., J & B Research Laboratories, Inc., J. E. McClees & Co., Incorporated, J. P. Cab Company, The, J. W. Holloway Co., The, J. W. Newton Company, Inc., Jack's Motors, Inc., Jafry, Inc., James Dunn Productions, Inc., James Food Service, Inc., James Frank Thompson, Director of Funerals, Inc., James P. Fitch and Associates, Incorporated, Jay Building & Contracting Company, Jay Realty Company, Jay Robert Building & Construction Corporation, The, Jeans, Inc., Jeans of Washington, Inc., Jersey Sales and Service Company, Inc., Jewish Statesman, Inc., The, Jimmy Caras' Billiard Academy, Incorporated, JJA Corporation, The, John A. Beattie & Company, John E. Duff Company, John K. Walters & Co., John V. Bailey & Son, Inc., Johnson Aircraft Corporation, Joseph J. Heintz, Jr., Inc.

Kaufman Furniture Company, Kenco Products, Inc., Kendall Corporation, Kenilworth Super-Market, Inc., Kent Construction Co. of Dover, Inc., Kenwick Corporation, The, Keystone Rivet Company, King-Burrous Corporation, King Frost Stores, Incorporated, King of The Sea Restaurant, Inc., Knopf & Goldsberry, Incorporated, Keystone Industries, Inc., Konga International Inc., Kurt Wandel Industries Inc.

L. & L. Read Mining Company, The, L. T. W. Associates, Inc., La Salle Apartments, Inc., Laboratory Supplies, Incorporated, Lake Laboratories, Inc., The, Lakone Company, The, Lam's, Inc., Laminated Wood Products, Inc., Lancaster Theatres Corporation, Landover Land Company, Laraine Phyllis Corporation, Larchmont Manufacturing Corporation, Lawson-Cooper, Inc., Lee Company of Philadelphia, Lee's Ice Cream, Incorporated, Leipsic Hall Association, Leo J. Paulin Associates, Inc., Leschin Boston Corporation, Lessal Company, Inc., Lewis & Dorsey, Inc., Liberty Mining Company, Liftwood, Incorporated, Little Valley Inn, Inc., Littlefarm, Inc., Lillis Designs, Inc., Lincoln College of Naturopathic Physicians and Surgeons Inc., The, Lincoln Terrace, Inc., Line Oil Well Cementing Company, Linville-Olson, Inc., Loeb & Schoenfeld Company, Logar Steamship Corporation, Lombard Athletic Club, Lord's of Hendersonville, Inc., Lords, Inc., Los Angeles Grand Opera Association, Louis A. Tavis, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Abilene, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Beaumont, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Butte, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Corpus Christi, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Corsicana, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Fort Worth, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of San Antonio, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Sherman, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Tyler, Inc., Louis Schwartz Stores of Waco, Inc., Lucien Moutet, Inc., Lucmar Corporation, The, Luna Construction Company; L. S. Distributing Company

M. T. Rust, Inc., Mac Millan and Sons Inc., Machine Steel Products Corp. of N. Y., Machinery & Equipment Corporation, Mack-Williamson Mining Company, Mackee Theatres Company, Macon Mining Company, Macwesen Foods, Inc., Madrigal & Company, Inc., Madrus House Publishers, Incorporated, Maesdan Navigation Company, Malatesta, Inc., Malmac Products Corporation, Ma!rock Enterprises, Inc., Management Consultants, Inc., Manhattan Paint Distributors, Inc., Maranatha Publishers, Inc., Marc Frederick Jewelers, Inc., Marche Development Corporation, Marjery Paris Bag Company, Inc., Mark Toys, Inc., Marsalis Construction Company, Martin Marine Transportation Company, Martin Sales Corp., Maryland-Nevada Mining Company, Matchless Mining Inc., Mayflower Accessories and Garage Company, Mazo Chemical Industries, Incorporated, McAfee-Porter Sale Corporation, McDonald Furniture Corp., McKeesport Mining Company, McKeever and Moore, Inc., McMahon Distributors, Inc., Meadow Incorporated, Mediterranean House Italy, Inc., Melvin Construction Co., Merchantile Corporation of the Americas, Merle Norman Studio, Inc., Metal Spinning Engineers, Inc., Metals Products Manufacturing Corporation, Metropolitan Import & Export Corp., Metropolitan Parcel Delivery, Inc., Metropolitan Racing Association Inc., Mexican Gas & Development Corporation, Michael & Company, Inc., Michael Morris, Inc., Micheaux Pictures Corporation, Michigan Pacific Oil & Gas Company, Mid-Continent Coal and Dock Company, Mid-Continent Tank Cleaning Service, Inc., Mid-West Air Filters, Inc., Midwest National Corporation, Mike's Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, Mike's Poultry, Inc., Mil-Del Motors, Inc., Miller-Wallace Securities Company, Mills Advertising Service, Inc., Milton Associates, Inc., Milwaukee Holding Corporation, Minnesota Quartzite Company, Mississippi Valley Railway and Power Company, Modern Automotive Painters, Inc., Modern Home Builders, Inc., Modern Mode Furniture of Washington, Inc., Monarch Chemical Corporation, Monarch Distributing Company, Monarch Scoop Corporation, Monogram Southern Exchanges, Inc., Monte Pro Set Productions, Inc., Monval Broadcasting Corporation, More Coke Company, Inc., Morey Food Machinery Corporation, Morick & Company, Inc., Morris Plan Securities Corporation, The, Mortgage Investment Co., Mothimune Laboratories Corporation, Moulin Rouge, Inc., Movie Screen Advertising Company of Hollywood, Muhlberger Insul-Crete Corporation, Multi-Brands, Inc., Muntz Car Company, Murray Clover's Hair Culture Products Mfg. Co., Murray-Michael Tobacco Company, Inc., Musicale Corporation of Washington, Mutual Sales Company, Mercury Transport Corporation.

Naftex Chemical Corporation, Nash Floor Service, Inc., National Accordion Manufacturing Co., National City Food Company, Inc., National Corporation Company, National Council of The American People Inc., National Engineering & Sales Co., Inc., National Home Shows, Inc., National Metal Mfg. Company, Inc., National Postal Distributing Company, The, National Safety Equipment Company, National Self Shaded House Corporation, National Skyway Freight Corp., National Tank Truck Association, Inc., National Terminal Displays, Inc., National Trading Corporation, National Trading & Export Corporation, National Transportation Advertising Corporation, National Wholesale Garment Association, National Wonder Foods Sales Corporation, Natural Filler Corporation, Nebraska Orpheum Theatre Corporation, Nekot, Inc., Neppco Hatchery Division, Inc., Network Affiliates, Inc., New Castle Industries, Inc., New Deal Realty, Co., New England Beryllium Company Inc., The, New Entertainment Workshop, Inc., New Hardware News Publishing Co., New Horizons, Incorporated, New Jersey Machinery Corporation, New Way Company, The, New York International Theatrical and Television Co., Inc., The, Newark Consumers Co-Operative Society, Newsprint Corporation, Norbud Hosiery Shops, Inc., North American Mills, Inc., North Eastern Lime Cola Company, Incorporated, North Hills Homes, Inc., North and South Trading Corporation, Nory Export Corporation, Nostaw, Inc., "Nova" Company, Noyack Oil Corporation, Ny-Baco Corporation.

O'Connor Marine Contracting Company of Virginia, Inc., O'Donovan & Co., Inc., O'Reilly College of Aretism & Science, Inc., The, Oak Grove Company, Ocean, Inc., Oilfield-Industrial Export, Inc., Old Yorkville Brewery, Inc., The, Omohundro, Incorporated, 1423-1425 F. Street Corporation, Ontario Holding Company, Opinion, Inc., Or-Co Patent Holding Corporation, Order of American Patriots (Incorporated), Orlob Productions, Inc., Orsyn Corporation, Osiris Realty Inc., Otto R. Nemeth, Inc., Overseas Air Transportation Company, Overseas Trading Corporation, Oaks, Inc., The, Oxford Tool Company, Oxygen Products Corporation.

P & C Realty Corp., P. and G. Company, P. H. Self Triple Explosion Engine Corporation, P & L Enterprise Corporation, P. M. A. Morris, Inc., Pacific Asiatic Transito Limited, Pacific Books, Incorporated, Pacific National Corporation, Package Meat Distributors, Inc., Palace Laundry Realty Corp., of Delaware, The, Palisade Corporation, Pan American Greyhound Lines, Inc., Pan-American Pineapple Company, Incorporated, Panelox Inc., Paper Converters, Incorporated, Parkway Cafe, Inc., Pearplan Manufacturing Co., Inc., Pen-O-Matic Corporation, Pen Razor Sales Company, The, Penn Carriers, Inc., Penn-Harris Bond and Mortgage Company, Penn-Union Steel Corporation, Pennant Company, Penn Vue Delicatessen, Inc., Pennsylvania Fund For Aiding General and Religious Education Incorporated, The, Peoples' Political Action Committee, Inc., Perfection Metal Container Company, The, Permalite Corporation, Petromine Corporation, Photo Finishes, Inc., Pine Mountain Fuel Gas Corporation, Pine Realty Company, Pine Town Inn, Inc., Pittsburgh Courier Charities Fund, Inc., Plastic Distributors, Inc., Plaza Corporation, Pointer's Meat Market, Inc., "Pop" Corn Sez Inc. of Chicago, Ill., Poplar Social Club, The, Potash Soap Association, Potomac Corporation, Pow-Lin and Company, Inc., Powder River Oil Company, The, Power Transmission Company, Incorporated, Pratt Steamship Line, Inc., Prefabricated Home Builders, Inc., Press Dispatch Corporation, Press Wireless Manufacturing Corporation, Presto Record Case, Inc., Prevan Shops, Inc., Prillaman Enterprises, Incorporated, Prince Georges Supply Corp., Prince Hall Craftsman, Inc., The, Progressive Publishers, Inc., Promotional Corporation of America, Pronto Pups of Maryland, Inc., Property Development Co., Prospect Drilling Company, Protecto Sales and Service, Incorporated, Proven Productions, Inc., Public Service Holding Corporation, Publishers' Reciprocal Program, Inc., Purebred Livestock Corporation, Purepac Corporation, Puritan Corporation, The, Purple Blade Corporation, Pythian Hall Association of N. A., S. A., E., A., A. & A., Potomac Hydrocarbon Process Corporation.

Quaker City Airmotive Co., Quaker Equipment Sales Corporation, Queen Club, The, Quick Realty Corporation, Quinby Jones, Inc.

R. A. Lewis, Inc., R. D. Publishing Company, Inc., Radar Corporation of America, Radio Capitol Services, Inc., Radio Devices, Inc., Rafmex International Corporation, Railroad Book Plan, Inc., The, Ramie Mills of Florida, Inc., Ramon Rios Company, Inc., Ranger Lodge, Inc., Ratio Structures, Inc., Rayvel Inc., Readex Microprint Corporation, Realty Associates, Incorporated, Realty Exchange, Inc., Record Realty Co., Inc., Recreation Development Corporation, Red Ball Games, Inc., Red Book Bottling Company of Cleveland, Red Rover Copper Company, Refrigerated Cargoes, Inc., Refrigerated Cargoes Terminals, Inc., Regal Steel Products Corp., Regarde, Ltd., Rehoboth Athletic Association, Rehousing Corporation of America in Delaware, The, Reiber Indian Sales, Inc., Reliable Oil Development Corp., Reno Foods Corporation, Research Foundation, Inc., Ricard Corporation, Ring Grip Corporation, Ringwood Mines, Inc., Ritz Camera Center of Atlantic City, Inc., Riverdale, Inc., Roberts, Ambrose & Depue, Incorporated, Roberts Research Laboratories, Inc., Robin Hood School, Inc., Rock River Bentonite Company, Rockcrest Realty Corporation, Rodd Industries, Inc., Rogers-Lamb Chemical Corporation, Romer Advertising, Inc., Rookie Ball Game, Inc., Rosewin Products Company, Rotoids Manufacturing Corporation, Roy Colbert, Incorporated, Roy Stanley Textile Corporation, Royal Investment Corporation, The, Royle Products, Inc., Rulon Laboratories, Inc., Rural Equipment Corp., The, Rurban Housing Enterprises, Limited, Russell J. Carroll, Inc., Ruth, Incorporated, Rutlee Chemical Company, Inc., Ryford Pipe Line Company, Rayner Publishing Company.

S & D Machine Products Corp., Saffells Laboratories, Incorporated, Sagua Line, Inc., St. James Corporation, Samuel P. Townsend Lawn Mower Co., Samuel Scott, Incorporated, Sandia Oil & Gas Company, Sands Enterprises, Inc., Scandinavian Trade Development Corporation, Schenley Stores, Inc., Schneider Construction Co., Schooner Columbia Co., The, Serv-Ice Inc., Service Sales Affiliate, Incorporated, Seventh Street Washington Corp., Shadowland, Ltd., Shamrock Products Company, Shave-Rite Products, Inc., Shaw-Best Realty Co., Shawley Manufacturing Co., Inc., Sheridan Products Company, Inc., Sidan Realty, Inc., Sidney Food Market, Inc., Sinter-Lite Corporation, Six States Coal Corporation, Sky Way Foods, Inc., Skyway Advertising, Inc., Skyway Theater Inc., Skywriting Corporation of America, The, Small Business Reports, Inc., Small Estates Development Corporation, Smith's Incorporated, Snack Shops, Inc., Sodium Corporation of America, Solar Battery Corporation, Somerset Importers & Distributors, Inc., Soren Corporation, Sosee Mfg. Co., South Associates, Inc., Southern Construction Company, Inc., Southern Liquors, Inc., Southern Venetian Blind Company of Harrisburg, Inc., Southwest Builders Supply, Inc., Southwest Express, Inc., Southwest Sporting Goods, Inc., Spade-Lyster Iron Works, Inc., Spanish Development Corporation, Sparkton Products Company, Inc., Specialty Trading Corporation, Spencer Bros. Inc., Spengrey Cap International Company, Spigo Oil Co., Inc., Sportsmen Service, Inc., Spray Basted Foods, Inc., Spray Drying Equipment Corporation, Spuncraft Sportswear Corp., Spund's Market, Inc.

Stamford Incorporated, Standard Fabrication, Inc., Standard Syrup Corporation, Stanley Oil Company, Star Construction Company, Star Dust Restaurant, Inc., Stebbing Engineering and Salvage Company, Inc., Stem International Corporation, Stepping Stones Salon Inc., Sterling Syndicate, Inc., Stiles-Anstee International, Inc., Stover Lock Nut and Machinery Corporation, Strand-Cassidy, Inc., Strickland Aircraft Corporation, The, Style Cleaners, Inc., Sucana Corporation, Summit-Meadows, Inc., Sundstrom-Gray, Inc., Superior Investment Company, Surprise Packages, Inc., Sussex Airport, Inc., Sydon, Ltd., Sylvan Woodcarver, Inc., Sylvester Land Co., Inc., Self Serve Stores, Inc.

T D & S, Inc., Tabler, Inc., Tarrytown Frocks, Inc., Tate-Jones International Export Corporation, Tax Service Institute of America, Inc., Taylo Products, Inc., Taylor Coal Corporation, Technical Products, Inc., Television Hall, Inc., Tempo Distributors, Inc., Tex's Grill, Inc., Thermocrete Panel Construction Co., Inc., Thomas F. Joyce Corporation, Thomas Garrett Kindergarten, Inc., The, Thomascolor 'Corporation of California, Thomas-color Incorporated, Tibbits Contractors Inc., Tile Craft, Inc., Today's Homes, Inc., Toggery, Inc., Tom Brown, Inc., Tom Dwyer, Inc., Top Hat Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Tour-Aid, Inc., Touraine Food Delivery, Inc., Toyloc, Inc., Trabnel, Inc., Tractor Trailer Service Corporation, Trans-Atlantic Corporation, Trans-Atlantic Export Import Co., Trans-Globe Commodities, Inc., Trans-Pacific Associates, Inc., Transatlantic Trading Company, Incorporated, Transcontinental General Export Corporation, Transfluential Drive Corporation, Transpan Overseas, Inc., Transport Research, Inc., Transport Statistics, Inc., Transportation Analysts, Inc., Traylor Crafts, Inc., Triple "S" Appliance Service, Inc., Tu-Way Metal Rolling Co., Tulsa Industrial Corporation, Tung-0 Paint and Varnish Corporation, Twelfth Ward Billiard Association, Twin City Land Company, Twinkle Signs, Inc., Ty Properties, Inc., Tanlac Company Inc., The.

U.S. Manufacturers' Bureau, Inc., U. S. Variable Transmission Company, U. S. Vegetable Oil Corporation, Ubuild Corporation, Ullrich & Company, Underwood and Underwood of Washington, D. C., Inc., Union Ceramic Industry Co., Union Inter-Continental, Inc., United Cotton Gin-Compress Inc., United Home Equipment Co., Inc., United Overseas Corporation, United Raceways, Inc., United Salvage and Scrap Company, United States Copper Mining Company, United States Supply Company, Inc., United Subscription Literary Service, Inc., United Youth Foundation, Inc., Universal African Coptic Church, and St. Adorkor's Commercial League, Inc., Universal Aircraft Corporation, Universal Building Supply Co., Inc., Universal Dairy Products Company, Universal Investment Co., Universal Investment & Finance Corporation, University Foundation, Incorporated, The, Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, Utility Engineering, Inc., U. Di Girolamo, Inc.

Vacon Company, Inc., Van Ginhoven Engineering Co., The Vandalia Coal Corporation, Vatican Memorial Corporation, Venamco, Inc., Vendi-Freeze Distributing Corporation, Vendors Distributors, Inc., Ventilated Awning Manufacturers Association, Inc., Vermont Investment Company, Vet Dinette Corp., Veterans Club Inc., Victor R. Forte Construction Company, Inc., Victoria Company, The, Victory Machinery Movers of N. Y., Inc., Virginia Jockey Club, Incorporated, The, Vita Record Distributing Co. of Minnesota, Inc., Vita Record Distributing Co. of Tennessee, Inc., Voice of The Sky, Inc., The, Valley Supply Company.

W & H Home Builders, Inc., W. H. Valentine & Company, Inc., Wagner's Farms, Inc., Walter Cole Service Station, Inc., Walters, Inc., Ward's Super Market, Inc., Ward & Wilcox Associates, Inc., Warren Webster Interests, Inc., Washington Camp No. 2 Patriotic Order Sons of America, Inc., Washington Chinese Restaurant, Inc., Washington Circle Building, Inc., Washington Examiner Publishing Co., Washington International Corporation, Washington Lime-Cola Bottling Company, The, Washington Restaurant Corporation, Washington Tavern, Inc., The, Watson Alonso & Co., Inc., Watson, Inc., Watson Woolens, Inc., Weiner Realty Company, Welding Fittings, Inc., Weltman and Rose, Inc., Werner Gabler Co., Inc., Western Pacific Railroad Corporation, Western Plains Oil and Gas Company, Western University Cor
poration, Westmoreland Chrome Mfg. co., Westmoreland Manufacturing Corporation, Whaleship Tea Room, Inc., The., White Acceptance Co., White Cross Pharmacy, Inc., White House, Inc., The, White-Oak Construction Co., Inc., Whitney Laboratories, Inc., Wicomico, Inc., The, Wilcut Corporation, Wildcat Prospecting Corporation, Willard Services, Inc., William Ryle & Co., Inc., Wm. Schwartz & Co., Willow Grille & Cafe, Inc., Wilmington Chapter, Delaware #1 of Spebsqsa, Inc., Wilmington Concert Band Association, Inc., Wilmington Marconi Club, Wilmington Rifle and Pistol Club, Wilmington Social Club, Winkin, Blinkin & Nod, Incorporated, Wisconsin Realty Corporation, Wolf Creek Mills, Inc., Woodside Motors, Incorporated, World At Home Shows, Inc., World Travel, Incorporated, World Wide Corporation, World-Wide Importing & Exporting Co., Inc., Wyngate Corporation, W. E. Welch Company, White & Jackson Corporation.

Z-Ro Transportation Corporation, Zatso Food Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this Twenty-fifth day of January, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the One Hundred and Seventy-fifth.


By the Governor:


HARRIS B. McDOWELL, Jr., Secretary of State.