Delaware General Assembly





Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1: That Chapter 10 of the Revised Code of Delaware, 1935, as amended, be and the same is hereby further amended by striking out and repealing all of 344. Sec. 8. and 345. Sec. 9. thereof, and by substituting and enacting in lieu thereof two new sections as follows:

344. Sec. 8. LEGISLATIVE JOURNALS; COMPILING; PRINTING AND DISPOSAL OF:--The Legislative Journals shall be printed in octavo, in eight point type on ten point slug, set solid, face to approximate century in appearance; page to be forty-five picas deep from page number to foot of page inclusive, and twenty-nine picas wide, set double column, each column fourteen ems in width, rule in center dividing columns. All paragraph headings shall be in capital letters, bold face type. All bills and resolutions shall be designated by initial letters only and by number and set in bold face type; viz. HB 210, SB 25, HCR 10, SR 5, SJR 3, HS for JIB 20.

The full title of any bill or resolution shall be printed in the consolidated Journal no more than five times: once when introduced or presented in either house, once when voted upon in either house, and once in the consolidated Index.

The yeas and nays which are required to be published, shall be in line, in compact form. The certificate of election of no more than one member from each county shall be printed in full. A brief record that certificates of election of all other members where duly received and found to be correct, shall

suffice. Not more than one member's constitutional oath of office, and not more than one attache's or employee's constitutional oath shall be printed in full. A brief record that all the other oaths were administered shall suffice.

Committee action on bills and resolutions shall be briefly noted in the Journal without the signatures of committee members; but the signatures shall appear on the initial backer of an original bill or resolution whereon shall be printed the form of a committee report on which entries shall be made to indicate the committee action.

The rules of each House shall be 'printed in full in the Journal in order that they may be readily available to subsequent sessions when rules are considered.

The Journals of both Houses of the General Assembly shall be printed in one volume to which shall be added one consolidated index. The index shall be in two sections: the first section being a general index by name, subject, etc.; the second section containing the titles of all bills and resolutions introduced in either House, together with references to any action taken by either House in respect to them.

In general, the compilation of the text and the specifications for printing of Journals shall be governed by the principle of elimination of unessential wording, conservation of space, and reduction of printing costs to a maximum degree consistent with a record of the proceedings of the Houses in a compact form.

The Journal texts shall be prepared by the Clerks of the respective Houses of the General Assembly immediately after each session. The consolidated index shall be prepared under the direction of the Secretary of State. Three hundred copies of the consolidated Journal, of which one hundred fifty shall be bound, shall be printed, under contract made by the Secretary of State, in accordance with specifications furnished by said Secretary, and under the superintendence of the clerks of the respective Houses. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House, so soon as their respective Journals shall have been printed and published, to deliver the originals, together with all communications, petitions, and other related

papers not otherwise provided for, to the Public Archives Commission for proper disposition by the State Archivist.

345. Sec. 9. LEGISLATIVE JOURNALS; DISTRIBUTION OF:--The printed Journals shall be distributed as follows: One bound copy each to: the Secretary of State, the Attorneys, Secretary of the Senate, Chief Clerk of the House and all members of the session of the General Assembly of which said Journal is a record; one bound copy each to the members-elect ten days after election day; one bound copy each to the University of Delaware, Wilmington Institute Free Library, New Castle County Law Library, Judges Library at Georgetown, the Legislative Reference Bureau; two bound copies to the Library of Congress; fifty paper backed copies to the Prothonotary of New Castle County; ten paper backed copies to each of the Prothonotaries of Kent and Sussex Counties, for free distribution by Prothonotaries to citizens who may apply for same. The remainder shall be retained for subsequent sale by the State Librarian at a price fixed by the Secretary of State; with discretion left to the State Librarian to send out a reasonable number of free copies on an exchange basis.

Due to the revisions of composition of Journals herein provided for no part of this Act including the repeal of existing laws, shall be applicable to the Journals of the regular biennial session of the 115th General Assembly.

Approved June 3, 1949.