Delaware General Assembly



WHEREAS, the Joint Education Committee, the Joint Budget Committee, and the Joint Post-War Planning Committee in their contacts with the public school system of the State have found conditions existing which might be improved by certain changes and mergers; and

WHEREAS, under the present special school district plan the special districts have wide latitude in the handling of state money allotted to them which has resulted in bidding for the services of the teachers among the various districts due to the fact that some have more funds available than others; and

WHEREAS, by the present taxation system, certain metropolitan areas by raising a tax locally, have added to the state appropriations allotted so that they are able to make their selection of teaching personnel due to higher salaries paid; *and

WHEREAS, due to lack of uniformity in the cost accounting methods employed in the various school districts there is a wide variance in statistics furnished by the districts hence it is highly desirable that a standardized method of accounting be devised and improved; and

WHEREAS, as a result of the studies of the various Joint Committees named, it appears that it might be feasible to completely abolish special school districts and place all the public schools in the State under a Commissioner of Education; and

WHEREAS, any major changes in the public school system in the State should be based upon most competent study and upon exact facts regarding education in the State; and

WHEREAS, such a study as is contemplated will require the services of persons familiar with school affairs and will require more time than is possible for committees of the General Assembly; NOW THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that the Governor be authorized and directed to appoint a bipartisan Commission to study the public school educational system in the State, said system now being comprised of the State Board of Education, the Wilmington Board of Education and the fourteen special school districts of the State;

That the Commission be composed of ten competent persons of the State including some members who have had experience with the framing or administration of school laws;

That the Commission so appointed be authorized to make a most comprehensive study of the schools of the State of Delaware, to determine what changes might be made to improve the system and to raise the standards of education offered to the school children of the State;

That the Commission shall meet soon after the appointment of its members and organize by the election of a Chairman and a Secretary and that hearings be held from time to time in any part of the State;

That the Commission so appointed is authorized to appoint competent and unbiased accountants, investigators, professional and secretarial assistants to aid the work which it is to undertake and as outlined herein, and to fix the compensation to be paid for such services, which compensation shall be paid by the State Treasurer upon warrants approved as hereinafter provided;

That the Commission from time to time release accounts of its findings to the Governor of the State of Delaware and that a full report of its findings and recommendations be made to the Governor three months before the convening of the General Assembly in 1947 and that a like report be made to the General Assembly on the first day of the 1947 Session;

That the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) be and the same is hereby appropriated to the Commission herein provided out of any funds in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated for the purpose of enabling it to complete the study of the public school system of the State;

That the members of the Commission shall be reimbursed for all necessary traveling and other expenses incurred in carrying out the duties herein authorized, such expenses to be paid by the State Treasurer upon warrants approved by the Chairman and the Secretary of the Commission;

That this Resolution shall be considered in the nature of a Supplementary Appropriation Bill and that the funds hereby appropriated be paid by the State Treasurer out of the General Fund of the State.

Approved April 24, 1945.